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Rubber Slave

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

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I am a devoted rubber fan, have been as far back as I can remember. I never got married, being painfully shy and thinking that it was impossible to find a woman who would share my love for rubber. At the time this story begins I lived alone, renting a small, detached house. I had not seen the landlord in ten years, which suited me fine. Not that I didn't like women, in fact I fantasized constantly about having sex with a woman in rubber. In my daydreams (and quite often at night too) my rubber women varied over a wide range: a willing slave, a skillful prostitute, an insatiable lover, a cruel mistress.

I didn't have much of a profession; I was a bank clerk. It was a boring 9‑to‑5 job, but I didn't mind. My life started after I got home. There I dressed in rubber, lots of it. Over the years I had acquired a large collection of rubber garments, more than 200 of them. I would lounge around, read, watch television or even sleep in it. Also, I loved to tie myself up, wearing twenty or even thirty layers of rubber.  I had also built myself a lockbox. There was a timer inside the lockbox, which could be set to between 1 and 48 hours. The lockbox was plugged into a power receptacle and, once the lid was closed, it could not be opened until the timer expired. After I had dressed in massive rubber I would put on one of several harnesses I had made myself, securing it with several padlocks. I had just enough freedom with my hands to place the keys in the lockbox and close the cover. Quite often I locked myself in rubber for the whole night; on weekends I sometimes set the timer for 24 hours. Once I started on Friday night and didn't get out of rubber until late on Sunday.

Everything went smoothly until one Friday morning. The people at the bank were generally dull and I was not inclined to foster friendships. However, there was one woman I found strangely attractive. Her name was Asa. She was not particularly beautiful, but she had a very shapely body and there was something magnetic about her. Asa had joined the bank about a year earlier and we had exchanged a few pleasantries, nothing more.

That Friday morning Asa arrived wearing a black rubber raincoat. I am afraid I gave myself away; I became flustered and stuttered something I don't remember.  Asa just smiled. At lunchtime she came over and asked me if I would like to have dinner at her place that evening. My face became deep red and I stuttered that dinner would be very nice. She lived quite far out of town, she said, could I take the train? She wrote down the departure time and said she would pick me up at the station.

I can tell you that I was rather nervous as I boarded the train and during the half‑hour ride. When I got out, I saw her waiting in her car; she was still wearing the black rubber raincoat. I said hello and sat beside her. Asa didn't say a word and took off. I suddenly realized that she was now completely dressed in rubber:  shiny black rubberboots, a black rubbersuit and black rubber gloves. My pulse went sky‑high.
After a few minutes she broke the silence. "I noticed you like rubber," she said.

"I do," I said with a red face.

"Well, let's see what we can do about it this weekend. You don't have any plans, do you?" I shook my head.

After a ten‑minute drive we arrived at her house. It was a large and rather deserted place. The garage door opened automatically and there was a black van parked next to the spot were she stopped. The garage door closed again and the lights came on.

"Follow me," she said after we got out of the car. I followed her, my eyes riveted to the swishing raincoat. We went through a long hallway and into a room with a large, rubber-covered bed and mirrors everywhere, even on the ceiling.  "Take off your clothes," she commanded. I looked at her stunned. "Let's get one thing clear," she said sternly, "you do what I tell you or I'll take you back to the station right now." I took my clothes off.

She walked around me and inspected me. Then she took my penis into her rubber-gloved hands; it became hard immediately. "Everything seems to be in working order," she said. She opened a mirrored closet door, took out a pair of long red rubber gloves and handed them to me. "Put these on." Next came a tight red latex hood, a red latex penis sheath that also enclosed the balls and then a tight‑fitting red rubbersuit. She helped me, pulling my penis and balls through a tiny opening. Then she produced a pair of shiny red rubberboots, which laced up on the side.

Asa motioned me to stand before one of the mirrors and opened two of the mirrored doors just enough so that I could see myself from many angles. She then pulled a black latex hood over her head. Still wearing her black rubber raincoat she stood behind me and grabbed my penis, rubbing it hard. Slowly she opened the bottom buttons of her raincoat and took my hands to feel between her legs. There was an opening in her rubbersuit. I inserted a finger and started rubbing. Suddenly she jumped onto the bed and stretched out on her back. "I want you to fuck me now, but you are not allowed to come," she said. I mounted her and inserted my penis. She grabbed my behind and I could hardly contain myself. I came almost immediately.

"Couldn't hold it," she commented. "I'll have to teach you to delay your orgasm until I have come, several times. But first let's put some more rubber on you." Out of the closets came three pairs of rubber overalls, each with a penis slit, and five rubber raincoats with hoods. She pulled a gas mask over my head and tied the coat‑hoods over it until I could hardly see anything. Then she handcuffed me behind my back, put me face down on the bed and tied my legs together. "I am going to make dinner now, have a nice rest," she said.

What I had been dreaming about had finally come true: fucked and tied up in rubber by a rubber‑clad woman. I wondered what else was going to happen. How lucky can you get?

When she reappeared she turned me around and opened my bottom raincoat buttons. Without saying a word she pulled my penis and balls through the slits in the rubber overalls and sat on top of me, inserting my penis into her. This time I was not going to come, I said to myself. I heard her moaning and after a few minutes she came. Then she sat still for a while, massaging my balls. When she started moving again, I came almost immediately. The image of being tied up in rubber with a rubber‑clad woman fucking me was just too much. She dismounted, untied me and removed the hoods and the gasmask. Only now I realized that she had changed into a green rubbersuit, with matching latex gloves, a painted latex hood, and rubberboots, which came almost up to her crotch. She led me down the hallway to the dining room. We ate in silence. I wondered what was going to be next but didn't dare to ask.

We had coffee in the living room. Finally she broke the silence. "You are going to spend the entire weekend in rubber," she said, "I am sure you don't mind." I looked at her and shook my head. "Good. First you are going to lick me until I come." Without waiting for a response, she handcuffed me behind my back again and put on a pair of short rubber pants. There was a bag attached to the crotch of the pants. She sat in an easy chair and held the bag. "Kneel between my legs! I am going to put this over your head. You won't have any air until you give me an orgasm." She pulled the bag over my head and fastened a strap around my neck. In complete darkness, I started licking her cunt. I heard her moan and after a while she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it deeper between her legs. Desperate for air, I licked as hard as I could to make her come.

As soon as the orgasm was over Asa went out of the room and came back with a pole, mounted on a platform with rollers. Still breathing hard I followed her signals to step onto the platform, with my back against the pole. She proceeded to tie me to the pole with rubber straps. Suddenly she pulled a heavy rubber hood over my head and a gag was in my mouth. I could not see anything and hear very little. The gag began to grow until it filled my entire mouth. She rolled me across the room.  I heard a faint sound of rustling rubber, then a television set or radio. I felt her hand reach underneath my raincoats and massage my rubbered penis gently. As I came close to having an orgasm, she stopped the massage. Then she started again, slowly and gently. For the next two hours I experienced exquisite torture.

Without letting me have an orgasm she removed the rubber straps and led me to a different room. "Before sleeping you get the heat treatment," she said. "I find that I can sleep much better after a heat treatment, don't you?" Handcuffing me in front, she added several rubber capes and a heavy rubber bag. The bag seemed to have a multitude of straps and a hood, all of which she proceeded to pull tight. Then she opened a door, put me down on a soft bed, closed the door and left. As I began to masturbate the heat started to penetrate my cocoon. I felt like I was in rubber heaven.

After about half an she released me. "Ready to sleep now?", she asked. I nodded, I was glad to get out of my cocoon. "Good," she said. My mummified body was put on some sort of cart and moved. She unloaded me onto a bed. I heard a zipper. "You are now in a heavy, stuffed rubber sleeping bag," she explained. "This thing is about 2 inches thick and will keep the heat in nicely." Then she pulled a heavy rubber blanket over me. "Sleep well," she said. The light‑switch snapped and the door closed.

Tired and very hot, I slept a little and had the craziest rubber dream. I woke up, feeling nothing but hot rubber and masturbated. Then I fell asleep again. Every time I woke up I hoped it was morning, but heard nothing. So I kept on masturbating. I lay there for hours, wide-awake and anxious to get out of my hot rubber cocoon.

Finally she burst into the room. "Good morning," she said cheerfully, "did you sleep well? I guess you want a bath now." With that she pulled back the blanket, unzipped the sleeping bag and dragged me to the bathroom. There she dumped me into what felt like a very long and deep bathtub, still inside the heavy rubber bag. She turned on the shower. "Isn't that refreshing?" she laughed. The water was very hot. "We'll have a little steam too," she chuckled. When the bathtub was full she turned off the water and closed the glass doors. The steam was left on.

I had been hot all night, but nothing compared to what I was experiencing now. Hot water slowly seeped through the rubber garments and I was breathing hot steam. After about half an hour the glass door moved and I heard the drain being opened. The glass doors closed again.
Another half hour passed, the steam turned off and the glass doors opened. She stepped in, put me upright and turned on the shower. Slowly and carefully she removed the rubber bag, the capes, the raincoats, the overalls, the hoods and gloves and boots and, finally, the rubbersuit.  She was dressed in a heavy black rubbersuit, wearing a gasmask, long rubberboots and heavy black rubber gauntlets. She soaped my entire body, spending an inordinate amount of time massaging my penis. I came again.

After drying, I was allowed to rest for a while. I noticed by the wall clock that it was past noon. Asa changed costumes again and then pranced around the bedroom, laying out a new outfit for me: latex underpants with a molded penis sheath, two tight‑fitting rubbersuits without hoods but penis slits, two pairs of rubber gloves and a pair of tight fitting black rubberboots. She motioned me to get up. "You can get dressed now. Join me for breakfast when you're ready."

Wearing a cute little rubber apron over her rubbersuit, she served breakfast. We ate and then washed the dishes together. Afterwards I had to sit in a chair in front of a mirror. She pulled a flesh‑colored latex hood over my head. After she glued the eye and nose openings to the skin it was impossible now to tell that I was wearing a hood. She helped me into two rubber raincoats and covered them with a cloth raincoat. The pockets of all three raincoats were mere slits; she pulled my hands through the slits and cuffed them. After she covered my rubbered head with a wig I looked at myself in the mirror: There was a stranger standing in front of me, with shiny black rubberboots sticking out under the long raincoat. He had his hands strangely in his pocket.

We got into the black van and drove downtown, where she parked it. It was difficult for me to get out of the van, because of my cuffed hands. Asa told me to follow her wherever she went. Here I was, walking through the Saturday‑afternoon shopping crowds, completely rubbered underneath, holding my rubbered penis in my hands. Nobody could see any rubber, unless I pulled my hands out of the pockets and revealed the shiny black gloves. I was terrified that the wind might blow my wig off, that the rustling of the rubber underneath my clothes could be heard, or that someone would talk to me; I couldn't have answered because the mouth of the rubber mask was closed. All I could do was walk behind her through the crowds, through shops, galleries and back streets and finally, after several hours, back to the van, greatly relieved. This was the first time I had ever worn rubber in public.

After we arrived back at her house, she un-cuffed me, removed my outer garments and made a quick supper. "Big plans for tonight," she said. I had to put on a rubber apron after the meal and wash the dishes, while she disappeared. As I was finishing drying the dishes, she came back, dressed in a heavy rubbersuit, wearing a heavy rubber hood, rubberboots and shoulder length rubber gauntlets. "Time for you to get dressed too," she said. She took off my apron and boots and put me into two more rubbersuits, the second of which was extremely thick. Then I had to wear long, heavy rubberboots, a pair of long and thick rubber gauntlets and a second rubber hood. Over this she put a gasmask, a rubber raincoat with a hood, which she pulled tight, and a heavy rubber cape.

She, too, put on a gasmask, a raincoat and cape. Then she said: "Let's go for a walk." We left the house by the rear exit, walking up a narrow path into the woods.  It wasn't quite dark yet and I was wondering what would happen if someone saw us. The two of us were surely a strange sight, with our rubber capes and hoods and gasmasks. And it wasn't even raining. We walked through the woods for a long time. The sweat was running inside my rubbersuits I and could only breathe through small nose holes in my rubber hood.

We came to a muddy area and walked right through it. My rubberboots sank in and I had trouble pulling them out. The mud got deeper and we got stuck in a trench in which the mud came up to my waist. We tried to climb up on the far end but slid back repeatedly, sinking into the mud up to our neck. Helping each other, we finally managed to get all the way up, covered head to toe in thick mud. We walked on and came to a small lake. Asa walked right in and I followed her. Standing in the water up to our chests, she turned around and started washing me, reaching under the cape and coat. She pushed my head under water, seeing how long I could hold my breath. When I came up, gasping for air, she went under, pushing her head up between. She lasted a lot longer than I had.

Back on shore she pulled a pair of handcuffs and a chain out of a pocket, cuffed me behind my back underneath the cape. Then she strapped the chain to my ankles. I now could take only small steps. But at least I was cool. Not for long. The walk back to the house took almost two hours. I hobbled along as fast as I could, falling over roots and finding it very difficult to get up. The rustling and creaking of the rubber drove me wild and I had a huge erection inside my rubbersuits.

Sweating profusely and breathing hard, I finally stumbled through the back door. In her bedroom she put me into a heavy rubber bag, without taking off any of the garments. The rubber bag had a harness built into it. After she pulled the straps tight, she fastened a pulley between the straps and a hook in the ceiling and winched me up. Very casually she undressed, took a shower and put on a pair of red rubber pajamas. She slipped under the rubber covers, turned off the light and said: "Good night."

To my surprise I fell asleep after about an hour. There was little else I could do, I was unable to move and it was actually quite comfortable inside the massive rubber. And I was very tired. When I awoke, she was already out of bed. After a while she let me down, removed the straps, the rubber bag, handcuffs and chain. She told me to take a bath, wash the rubber garments and hang them up to dry in the bathroom. In the bathtub I peeled layer after layer of rubber and hung them up. After I had dried myself she gave me a tight‑fitting rubbersuit to wear, with rubberboots, latex gloves and a latex hood. The rubbersuit had a molded penis sheath. We had breakfast and she told me that my job this morning was to clean and powder all the rubber garments we had been wearing. In addition I was to clean the bedroom. She was going to make an inspection in three hours and, if I had done a good job, there would be a pleasant surprise for me. She added a rubber raincoat to my outfit, tied a heavy rubber apron on and gave me a pair of rubber work gloves.

The next three hours were enjoyable. I first cleaned and powdered all the rubber garments and put them away. While I was doing that I inspected her rubber wardrobe. It was huge. Closet after closet was filled with delicious smelling rubber. There was a second room off her bedroom, which contained even more rubber garments. I vacuumed, dusted and polished until everything was perfect.

She obviously liked my work. Dressed in a very tight blue rubbersuit with yellow mask and gloves, she took off my work gloves and apron, reached under my raincoat and grabbed my rubber‑sheathed penis. "You can now tie me up now and screw me,' she said. My penis almost burst and she smiled. "I knew you would like that. But I'll tell you how to do it. I am going to lie on the bed, spread-eagled. You are to tie my hands and feet to the four posts, play with my cunt and then stick your penis inside me. After I have come twice, you are to release me."

I nodded and she stretched herself out on the bed. After I found padded cuffs in a drawer, I secured her hands and feet. Then I got a rubber dildo. At first I massaged her clitoris with my rubber‑gloved hands, then I inserted the dildo and made her come. I waited a while, playing with her breasts and cunt and then I mounted her. She came two more times until I exploded into her. "I said only twice," she yelled. I ignored her, got a latex hood with an inflatable gag out of a drawer, put it on her head and pumped up the gag. That shut her up. Then I lay beside her, fingering her breasts and cunt and later mounted her again. This time I hadn't quite recovered; she came three times before I had my second orgasm.

When I released her, she was furious. "You'll pay for this," she screamed, "I am going to punish you." I figured it had been well worth it. She ordered me to put on a second rubbersuit and a second pair of rubber gloves. Explaining that she was going to make it difficult for me to masturbate, she stuffed a folded‑up rubber sheet inside the second rubbersuit around my penis. Then came a third rubbersuit, very heavy, with attached heavy gauntlets and hood. The rubbersuit and hood were laced up in the back and she put a pair of lace‑up rubberboots on my feet. I was only able to see through small eye openings and the mouth was closed.

Now she led me into a large room, which I had not seen before. Apparently it was the room in which I had received the heat treatment before; there was a door to a sauna. But she led me to a different part of the room. There was a narrow enclosure with a door, which had an opening at the top. She opened the door and I saw that the enclosure was completely lined inside with heavy black rubber. I stepped in, there was just enough room to stand upright, facing the door. She closed the door, locked it and operated a lever. Air hissed into the rubber and it started bulging, pressing against me. The inflated rubber filled the entire chamber, including the sides of my head. Only the front of my face toward the opening was left free.

The air continued to hiss and the pressure became unbearable. Finally it was all quiet. I could not move a muscle. Then the chamber started to rotate. First I was on my side, then upside down, then on my other side, a few minutes in each position. The chamber continued to rotate until I was lying on my back, then face down. She watched me for a while, but soon turned the lights off and left. As before, the chamber continued to change positions every few minutes and I became completely disoriented. I tried to masturbate, but didn't have any success. I could hardly move my hands and there was far too much rubber between hands and my penis.

I was inside the pressure chamber for about an hour when the light suddenly turned on and she released me. She roughly pushed me over to another contraption, put a heavy rubber raincoat on me and strapped me down. My upper body was now horizontal and my legs far apart. My hands were tied together in front. I could see her walk to the wall, wearing a heavy rubber raincoat and getting a whip. "I am going to whip you until you come," she stated, while cracking the whip. It didn't hurt all that much, my behind was covered by several layers of rubber. But it made me extremely sexy. I came after about 100 lashes.

I was quickly untied and the heavy raincoat, rubberboots and two outer rubbersuits were removed. Instead I had to wear another rubbersuit, an extremely tight and heavy one which had an opening for my penis.  She pulled the rubber‑clad penis through, put a pair of rubberboots on my feet and a gasmask on my head. She led me to her bedroom and pulled some padded cuffs out of a drawer. Quickly she put them on my hands and feet and tied all four of them together behind my back. I was now lying on her bed, arched. She hooked a winch into a ring in the ceiling, fastened the other end to the cuffs and pulled me up. My tied up, rubber‑clad body was now swinging from the ceiling, about a foot off the bed.

Casually she put on some 15 layers of rubber: Overalls, dresses and raincoats. Then she lay down on the bed and started playing with my penis. She massaged it and sucked it, but not enough so I would come. Then she slept a little and started again. This went on for several hours. Finally, she sucked so hard that I came.

There was one more punishment I had to undergo, she stated. She let me down and untied me. On top of all the rubber I was already wearing she pulled on an inflatable rubbersuit. She inflated it just enough so I could barely walk. "You are going to make and serve me dinner now," she proclaimed.

In the kitchen I was shown some TV dinners and left alone. Warming up the food was an arduous task, my movements were severely constrained. I served it in the dining room, where she was sitting, still dressed in her massive rubber. She removed my hoods so I could eat, but it was extremely difficult. After dinner I had to wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen, still encased in the inflated rubbersuit. I was then allowed to get out of the rubber, take a shower and relax for a while. I assumed the weekend was over, but she had something else in mind.

"You are going to sleep with your head between my legs," she said as she led me into her bedroom, wearing a large number of rubber dresses and raincoats. There she had laid out a new outfit for me. First I had to put on a pair of elbow‑length rubber gloves, followed by a rubbersuit. Then came a heavy rubber facemask with a large dildo. The mask had a long rubber tube attached, which was plugged into the wall. Air was pumped through the tube and escaped through a valve in the mask. I was now in complete darkness as she handcuffed me behind my back, tied my feet together and put me underneath a heavy rubber blanket. Getting into bed, she lifted her dresses and raincoats and moved my head between her legs, inserting the dildo into her. Through all her rubber she held the back of my head and started fucking herself with my face. She came, but continued. I was hot and my head was clamped tightly between her thighs. This went on for about an hour, when she fell asleep. I nodded off, but was awakened when she started fucking again. And so it went all night. She must have come at least 20 times. I got very little sleep.

She released me in the morning after a final, deep orgasm. I was soaked in sweat. Pulling the dildo mask off my head, she told me to take a shower and come naked to the dining room. Still wearing her massive rubber, she had prepared breakfast when I entered. We ate in silence, I was too tired to talk. I noticed by the clock that it was only 7 a.m., too early to leave for work. After we had eaten, she put the dishes in the kitchen sink, stood behind me and grabbed my penis. "We can do it one more time," she said, "I have something special in mind." I had no idea what she was talking about, but I followed her willingly when she pulled me, by my penis, back to the bedroom.

She handed me garment after garment, which I had to put on. Three pairs of soft latex underpants, a comfortable latex hood and long latex gloves. Two rubbersuits, a pair of rubberboots, a gas mask, several loose‑fitting rubber overalls and six large rubber raincoats. I wondered how she was going to fuck me in this outfit. She asked me to lie down on the bed, tied my rubberboots together, handcuffed me and locked a chain between the handcuffs and ankles. Then she got a heavy rubber bag, which she pulled on and zippered shut. The rubber bag had several rings on each side and she tied them to the bed frame with bungee cords. She went to the bathroom. I heard rubber rustling and then the shower. When she came back into the bedroom, she was wearing her regular clothes. Pulling a heavy rubber blanket over me, she said: "I am going to work now, but you are going to stay here. Have a nice rubber time." She dimmed the light a bit, closed the door and, a little while later, I heard her car leave.

I tried to unzip the rubber bag, but the chain prevented me from moving my hands. There was no way to get out of the rubber, she had seen to that. I was worried; I had never missed a day's work. What would they think at the bank? Would they try to reach me at my house? Would somebody go there and try to get in? What if they found the rubber? What did she have in mind?
I saw myself in the ceiling mirror and I masturbated. Then I fell asleep. I passed the time with masturbation and sleep. So what if I missed a day of work, this was better than working. At 6 p.m. I heard her car in the garage. I waited. Nothing happened. Then the door opened quietly and, suddenly she tore off my gasmask and held something over my nose and I passed out.

When I came to I was in a different room, lying naked on a rubber-covered bed, dressed in a red rubbersuit. She was sitting on the bed, looking at me, wearing a brown rubbersuit with rubberboots, rubber gloves and a severe rubber hood. I sat up and looked around. It was a small room with three doors and mirrors everywhere, including the entire ceiling. There were no windows. Puzzled, I looked at her.

"Look at your scrotum," she said. I looked. There was a plastic band with a small plastic box around it. "This little box," she explained, fingering my balls, "contains an explosive. Should you leave this room without my permission, it will take off you cock. If you try to remove the band, it will go off too. You see, you are now my rubber slave. I am going to keep you in here for as long as it pleases me."

"What about my job?", I stuttered.

"Come with me," she said. She opened one of the doors and we entered a large room, filled with rubber garments. Some looked familiar and I examined them more closely. Here was my own rubber collection, mixed in with many other rubber garments. "Saturday night, while you were tied up in rubber, I took your keys and went to your place. I cleaned out your entire house. It took two trips with the van." I burned your street clothes and everything else that didn't have to do with rubber. The room was neatly organized, starting with hangers for undergarments, followed by pants, rubbersuits, skirts, dresses, raincoats, capes and bags. There were drawers for gloves, masks, gasmasks, handcuffs, ties and harnesses, as well as a dressing chair and a full‑length mirror.

She grabbed my penis and led me back to the bed. I lay down, my mind whirring. She sat on the bed, gently massaging my penis and balls with her rubber‑gloved hands. "Something else you have to know," she said. "There is a large shortage in your accounts. The police came today, raided your place and found you gone. They are looking for you."

"You did this," I stammered. She nodded.

"Nobody will ever find out. My accounts are in order and they can't trace the shortage to me. You see, you have no choice but to hide out here."  With that she sat on top of me and inserted my penis into her.  "If you cooperate," she said while fucking me slowly, "I promise you some great sex. But it is going to have to be my way." She started moaning but continued talking. "You are going to be tied up in rubber while I'm at work. When I come home we will have great time together if you are a good rubber slave. If you don't obey, you are going to be punished." She turned around and grabbed my balls, squeezing them until I was in pain. She inserted my penis into her again, kept the pressure on the balls and moaned louder. We exploded into each other.

After we both had recovered, she opened the second door. "Let me show you this," she said. I followed her. It was a bathroom and then some. There was a sink, toilet and large shower stall. The bathtub was very large and, as she explained, had steam. Both the steam and hot and cold water flow could be timed automatically. I would be spending a lot of time in here, tied up in rubber, she said. The tub had a glass enclosure and there was a heavy ring attached to the drain. Asa showed me a sauna with both a tie‑up bench and a tie‑up chair. It too, she explained, could be operated automatically and had steam. Next to it was a pressure cell, lined with rubber. I had to lie in it and she inflated it, putting my body under enormous pressure; there was a narrow opening just large enough for my nose. She could also use hot water to inflate it, she said ominously.

Following along the wall I saw a narrow steel cage, in which a person could only stand upright. In many places on the walls and in the ceiling there were rings and hooks. For punishment, I thought. There was no window again. She went to the wardrobe and got a heavy red rubbersuit and a rubber bag and helped me put them on. The rubbersuit had gauntlets and a hood attached and the whole thing was zipped up in the back. The rubber bag was confining and its zipper was locked with a chain around my neck. She laid me onto the bed, pulled a heavy rubber blanket over me and attached it to the large inflatable rubber pillow. 

"This is your standard outfit for sleeping," she proclaimed, "only sometimes you are going to wear a lot more rubber underneath. I am going to leave now. The door is going to be locked and remember to think about the thing around your scrotum."

The light was turned off and I heard the door being bolted. What had I gotten myself into? I thought of the police searching my empty house. I wondered what the people at the bank thought about me. My life was at an end. Maybe it was best just to give in. At least I was in rubber. In fact, I would be in rubber all the time now, didn't have to go to this boring job anymore. And I was with her, my rubber woman. I fell asleep.

The next morning she brought me breakfast and released me. After I took a shower and ate breakfast, I waited for her to return. She laid out a massive outfit for me to wear. I counted some 25 rubber garments, the last of which was a heavy bag. After I had dressed, she dumped me into the bathtub and chained my legs to the ring. Then she closed the glass doors and turned off the lights so that I was in complete darkness. Soon the shower came on, spraying hot water on me. Then it changed to steam. I was getting extremely hot and I masturbated. After what seemed to be about an hour the bathtub emptied automatically and filled with cold water. And so it went, very hot to very cold in hourly intervals. As I became hot I masturbated. By the time she came back from work I was completely exhausted.

She untied me. I peeled off the rubber, took a long shower and drank a lot of water. A little later she brought me dinner. I ate alone and then relaxed on the bed. Later that evening she put me into the tight rubbersuit with the penis mask, adding a rubber straight jacket, which clamped my arms tightly to my body. She sat in an easy chair in the living room, dressed in massive rubber. I had to kneel in front of her, stick my head underneath her rubber garments and fuck her with my mask. She watched TV. It was a very uncomfortable position and, when I got tired, she whipped my behind. Asa was obviously dissatisfied with my performance and when she put me to bed I had to wear some 20 layers of rubber inside the tight rubber bag.

We settled into a routine. She would always lay out the rubber outfit I was to wear during the day as she brought breakfast and released me from my cocoon after she returned from work. Occasionally I was allowed to roam around my room freely and change my rubber attire as I pleased. Most often I was tied up in massive rubber in the bathtub or in the sauna. When she felt like punishing me I was either chained inside the cage wearing massive and heavy rubber, or was simply hung up on one of the hooks or rings in a rubber bag. Sometimes she would come home late or not appear until the following morning, which meant I was left in that situation for up to 24 hours.

After dinner the entertainment varied. She obviously liked to have me tied up during sex, which she did in ever‑varying positions and always different rubber outfits. I never knew what would happen to me after she came home from work, she varied it almost every day. Once or twice a week it would be a long session in the torture room, always ending with a whipping. The sauna and pressure chamber were her favorites, but there were many other gadgets. She had a chair, for example, into which I was strapped with the legs far apart. She then sat between my legs and worked on my penis for long periods of time, alternately putting it under pressure, stroking it softly with rubber, encasing it tightly, sucking it, stretching it and massaging it. After an hour or so she would spread a rubber sheet over me, turn off the light and leave me tied up for a long time. Then she would come back and start all over again.

There was also a hammock in the sauna. It was made of heavy black rubber and I was strapped into it so only my head would stick out. The flip of a switch caused the ropes to stretch until there was no more slack. This tightened the hammock until I was unable to move even a finger. Then she turned on the heat.

Some evenings she made me wear two tight rubbersuits, completed with a thin latex hood, two pairs of latex gloves and rubberboots. Then she put me into a thick and very tight rubber bag, laced up in the back and exposed the penis through a hole. My arms were clamped to my sides and my head was covered by a second rubber hood, which was part of the bag. Both hoods had large mouth openings, nothing else. Then she put a wide rubber strap around my ankles, attached a rope and winched me up over her bed. Hanging upside down, encased in incredibly tight rubber and totally blind, my head was now just touching the bed. She lay down on the bed, taking my head between her legs and told me to lick her. Occasionally she would clamp my head between her rubber‑clad legs. Whenever she was close to an orgasm, she grabbed the back of my rubbered head and pushed it deep between her legs. Before her final orgasm she would winch me up a bit more, kneel on the bed, suck my exposed penis and push my head between her legs until we both came. Then I was let down, but I usually spent another hour in the tight rubber bag, lying beside her while she took a nap.

Spending the entire night between her legs wearing tight rubber and the dildo mask happened regularly once a week. Or she would decide to go for a walk in the woods. For this I was always dressed in many layers of heavy rubber and more than once she tied me to a tree and left me there until early in the morning. But she also wanted me to tie her up occasionally, which worked better for her now that I couldn't leave the room and was afraid of receiving punishment. Quite often she brought in my timed lock‑box. She would tie me up in massive rubber and then tie herself to my body, having set the timer to as long as four hours.

Some evenings we would spend watching videotapes. She had a special room with a large TV set and two video-tape players. I noticed that the installation was quite old; there was no DVD equipment. But there were many tapes, perhaps 300 of them, arranged on shelves on three of the walls.  In one section the tapes had blue cases, in a second green ones.  The third section, the red one, was by far the largest. At first she only played tapes from the blue section.  They were the standard video tapes which you can buy, and their quality varied.  She would tie me to a pole in the middle of the room, sit down in a rubber-covered easy-chair next to it and play with my rubbered penis and balls while we were both watching the action.  I was always gagged and she never let me have an orgasm.

A few weeks later she started playing tapes from the green section and I was astonished to see that I was the subject in them.  Apparently there were cameras in some of the rooms and she had been recording me. Then one day she grabbed a tape from the red section and played it.  A woman was tied up in a spread-eagle position on a rubber-covered bed.  She was wearing a rubber suit, was blind-folded and gagged.  A man, also dressed head-to-toe in rubber teased her with a dildo and then fucked her repeatedly.

"This was my husband," she said quietly after a while.  "On our wedding night he put me into a rubber suit, tied me up and raped me all night.  I was his rubber slave for ten years.  He wouldn't let me leave the house; when he was not in the house I was always tied up in rubber and locked in a room.  When he died I swore I would do the same thing to a man some day."

While she was talking she had gripped my balls and squeezed them hard with one hand until the pain became almost unbearable while she masturbated with the other.  She had several orgasms but gave me none. From then on it was mostly tapes from the red section she played.  She let me watch part of them, the suddenly untied me, cuffed my hand behind my back and put the dildo mask over my head.  Then I had to kneel between her legs, stick the dildo inside her and give her several orgasms.

On the weekends I always had to clean the house, dressed in a heavy rubbersuit, with a heavy rubber hood, gauntlets and rubberboots, a rubber raincoat and an apron. Some rooms were locked and off‑limits. In the others I not only had to clean the entire room but all rubber garments. After the house came the garden. For this task I had to wear a different outfit: first came a rubbersuit, rubber gloves and a thin, tight‑fitting latex hood. Over this I wore three rubber jumpsuits. Then I put on heavy green rubber overalls with attached rubberboots and rubber gauntlets. Lastly I pulled over my head a heavy molded rubber hood with features of an old man. I looked like an old, overweight gardener. Before going outside I had to present myself for inspection. She locked the overalls to the hood in the back and put a hat on my rubbered face. My task was to weed and rake. On hot days it became unbearable inside the rubber.

On Sundays we would go on drives with the van. She always dressed me in massive rubber with several capes. Most of the time I was tied into a large swivel chair in the back of the van and I was able to look outside through the large black glass windows. Often she would park the van in a heavily populated area where people walked within a few feet of me, but couldn't see me. But she also had a rubber‑covered bed and a rubber‑hammock in the van and many of the drives I spent strapped to the bed or into the hammock.

She also continued the walks through town, and the rubber outfits I had to wear became more and more outrageous. On several occasions I had to wear a motorcycle helmet. While this helmet looked quite ordinary from the outside with its black glass front, on the inside it was not: it was filled with an inflatable rubber hood. Once inflated my entire head was under pressure and I could see only straight ahead. Over my several rubbersuits I then had to wear a rubber‑lined raincoat with the collar buttoned high. A while later she added another outfit to the town‑walking garments: after I put on two or three rubbersuits and up to six rubber overalls and four rubber raincoats, she put a latex hood on my head which the features of an old woman. She finished the attire with an enormous cloth cape. The outfit was so heavy that the walk matched the appearance.

In all this there was one theme, which came up every day: she trained me to prolong my orgasm indefinitely. When we watched rubber movies she massaged my penis and I was not allowed to come. When she fucked me, she would count the orgasms she had before I came; gradually they increased from two to over ten. When I was strapped in the chair she set a timer and then rubbed my penis as hard as she could; the time I lasted without an orgasm increased from 2 minutes to half an hour.

This training began to also take place while I was tied up in rubber. She first used a thin rubber garment, folded up and stuffed inside my rubber pants. In this way it took me longer to have an orgasm. Then she came up with the idea of stuffing rubber balloons with just a little air in them around my penis inside a pair of latex briefs. This felt terrific, but it took me now more than an hour to come. Finally she produced double‑ walled latex bloomers, the inside of which had been stuffed with a mass of very soft surgical rubber gloves. No matter how hard I tried, I simply could not have an orgasm while wearing them.

After about four months we went to a rubber party. I was dressed in a tight fitting black rubbersuit and wore black lace‑up rubberboots, black latex gloves and a tight‑fitting black latex hood. My penis was sticking through the rubbersuit and was covered in red latex. Asa handcuffed me behind my back and left the key at home. She led me with a collar strapped around the base of my penis, wearing a green rubbersuit, boots, gloves and hood, and a short red rubber dress. In the car she instructed me not to talk to anyone.

There were more than a hundred people in attendance, all wearing rubber. Some of the men had female rubber slaves and almost all of the women had rubber slaves in tow, male and female. A few of the women grabbed my rubber‑clad penis and said what an attractive slave I was and could they rent me; several tried to make me come, none of them could.

There were several bedrooms and couples constantly went into them; they didn't even bother closing the doors. There was fucking right on the floor and a lot of grabbing of penises and vaginas. A contest was announced and I was selected as the male contender. A dildo-mask was pulled over my head and female rubber slave and I were tied together on the floor so that my dildo was inside her and her mouth sucked my penis. Who could make the other come first? I won easily, but I had to stay tied up until she had come three times. Every time she had an orgasm the crowed cheered.

Later, with the dildo-mask removed, one of the women with a female rubber slave started kissing me through my latex hood.  Her female rubber slave kneeled between our legs and started sucking my penis.  The woman pressed her lips against my hood and held my head tightly with her rubber‑gloved hands. A crowd gathered around us, cheering us on. The two of them tried for 30 minutes to make me come, without success. We didn't leave until early in the morning. In the car Asa said: "You were a big success, I am very proud of you." She grabbed my penis and massaged it. At home she removed my handcuffs. On her bed we slipped into a double rubber sleeping bag and slept this way for a few hours. She was holding my penis and, whenever she woke up, rubbed it.

From then on we had frequent visitors. Margo and Ellie were a delight to have. Both were bisexual and they took turns being rubber mistress and rubber slave. At the first visit Margo was the mistress and Ellie and I spent an hour pressed together in the pressure cell. I liked her slim body. Afterward we received the heat treatment, squeezed together in a rubber bag. Being behind her, I moved my hands all over her rubber‑clad body and found that she had a dildo inserted into her. I started moving it in and out. She reached behind her and grabbed my penis. I managed to make her come five times before she was able to give me an orgasm.

Later I had to wear a rubbersuit in which my penis was squeezed hard between my legs. We both were put into rubber straight jackets. We then were moved onto a large four‑poster bed. Ellie's legs were tied to the two head posts with strong rubber straps. Then my legs were pulled through Ellie's, so that our crotches were together, and stretched and tied to the two-foot posts with equally strong rubber straps. As we moved, our crotches rubbed against each other. Ellie was easily aroused and came constantly. I played the man of steel, in rubber.

One of the women who came visiting I didn't like at all. Gloria was an extremely aggressive woman and had a rubber slave, Mimi, who clearly didn't like her role. Mimi was always tied and gagged and I suspected that she was a captive against her will. Gloria had witnessed my performance at the party and decided to challenge Asa. So Mimi and I were tied up in rubber, with my face between her legs and her mouth sucking my penis. They stakes were high: If I could make Mimi come three times before I had an orgasm, both Mimi and Gloria would be Asa's rubber slaves for the rest of the night. If I came first, Asa and I would be Gloria's rubber slaves.

It was no contest; Mimi had three orgasms in quick succession. Gloria was furious, but had no choice to accept the outcome. Asa handcuffed Gloria behind her back and tied her feet together. Then she pulled the ominous dildo mask over her head. I knew what was in store for her, but Gloria had no idea yet.

Mimi's head was covered with a mask, which also had a long air tube, but there was a large mouth opening. Asa and I now helped each other putting on a massive amount of rubber, while Gloria and Mimi were standing around helplessly, unable to see what was going on. Then Asa put me down on the right‑hand side of the bed and shoved Mimi underneath my rubber garments; she started sucking immediately. Asa now lay down on the left‑hand side of the bed and pulled Gloria between her legs under her rubber garments, pushing the dildo inside her and clamping Gloria's head tightly with her thighs. I watched her grabbing the back of Gloria's head through the many layers of rubber and pushing it deep into her crotch. I had been in Gloria's position many times and knew how she felt. Gloria obviously hated it, she grunted, moaned and wiggled. This seemed to turn Asa on, she came repeatedly, moaning and shrieking.

I had my hands full with my own rubber slave. Mimi sucked my penis with abandon. This was a new situation for me. Between watching Asa having tremendous orgasms and feeling Mimi underneath all my rubber, my willpower didn't last. Pushing Mimi's head hard between my legs, I had a shuddering orgasm. I loved it.

But there were visits by women with male rubber slaves too. Generally the mistresses simply exchanged rubber slaves and I learned some new ways of being tied up and fucked in rubber. To all of these mistresses the dildo‑mask treatment was something new and I always ended up spending the night tied up in rubber between some strange woman's rubber‑clad legs.

Sometimes there were visits by unattached women. On these occasions Asa always dressed me up as a woman. I had to serve dinner wearing high‑heeled rubberboots, while the two of them would take turns fondling my penis underneath my short rubber skirt. Still dressed as a woman but now tied up, I was then used by the visitor. Asa always bet them that I could make them come ten times without having an orgasm myself. She always won the bet. Later I almost always ended up tied up in rubber between the visitor's legs, wearing the dildo mask.

However, there was a worrying change taking place inside Asa's head. She was obviously proud to show off her "iron man" rubber slave. As word got around, the frequency of visitors increased. Even Gloria came back with Mimi, repeatedly. But Asa became more and more short‑tempered and angry with me. Then she gave up her job at the bank. During the day I was now tied up constantly, wearing as much as 30 layers of rubber. On evenings and weekends I found myself in very constrictive rubber, spending an increased amount of time in the pressure chamber and in the sauna; the whippings became hard and long. I believe Asa simply became jealous.

I decided to get back at her. When Gloria and Mimi came back for yet another contest, I lost on purpose. Gloria was ecstatic. She immediately tied up Asa and put the dildo mask on her. Then she whispered to me. "I'm very grateful to you, I have been waiting for this for a long time. You can fuck Mimi." She put us in a double rubber bag on one side of the bed, put on a massive amount of Asa's rubber and lay down on the other side of the bed with Asa between her legs. "I am going to enjoy this," she said as she grabbed Asa's head and started fucking herself with it. Asa struggled and swore, the sound being muffled by the many rubber layers. I fucked Mimi hard and she moaned loudly. This made Asa struggle even harder, but Gloria didn't let up. Both Gloria and Mimi now moaned and had one orgasm after another.

After this, life with Asa became unbearable. No more visitors came. I was now spending most of the time tied up in heavy and massive rubber and I was no longer allowed to leave my room. In the evenings she would often tie me up in heavy, constricting rubber in the sauna, turn the temperature on high and then watch me suffer through the glass door. I had to wear at least 20 layers of rubber every night, inside a tight, heavy rubber bag. She often appeared in the middle of the night, always wearing massive rubber. She lay down on top of me and masturbated. Sometimes, after I had spent the entire day tied up in many layers of rubber, she would appear only to announce that she was going out. She would then simply leave me tied up in the same outfit until the middle of the night. On two occasions she didn't come home until the following morning.

I had been her rubber slave for almost a year when, one Saturday night, she did not appear at all. I had been in the bathtub the entire day, wearing some 30 layers of rubber, inside one of the heaviest rubber bags she had. My hands were in rubber cuffs and there were six strong rubber straps around the bag. The strap around the ankles went through the ring in the tub. The shower alternated between hot and cold and the steam came on frequently. She had left on the light dimly and I could see the clock through the glass enclosure.

By morning I was exhausted and very thirsty. At about noon I could stand it no longer. I managed to pull my arms out of the rubber bag and open the glass doors. Rubbing the rubber cuffs against the guide rail of the door, they tore after about ten minutes.  I un-strapped the bag and peeled out of the rubber. And then I saw it: The little plastic box was lying in the tub, with the plastic strap broken, and nothing had happened. It turned out to be nothing but a piece of plastic. I took a shower and drank a lot of water. Then I rested for a while, put on a black rubbersuit, latex gloves, a latex hood and rubberboots. After breaking the door open, I started searching through the house.

I found Asa in her bedroom, masturbating furiously with a dildo. She was wearing a red rubbersuit. Her feet were tied far apart and her hands were cuffed. She had put herself into that position, using padlocks. The keys for the padlocks were in my timed lockbox, but she had accidentally pulled the plug out of the socket. I went to the foot of the bed so she could see me. "Untie me!" she commanded. I silently pulled my penis through the hole in the rubbersuit and pointed at the missing plastic box. Then I tied her cuffed hands to the bed frame above her head, removed the dildo and fucked her as hard as I could.

I plugged in the lockbox and went to the kitchen. I hadn't eaten for 30 hours and I was famished. While the food was on the stove I went to put on a rubber jumpsuit. I brought Asa a glass of orange juice and ate my meal. It was now 3 p.m. Sunday. I checked the lockbox; the lid was still closed. After washing the dishes, I decided to explore the house. I found her keys and started on the ground floor. Most of the rooms I had seen before, but one had been off‑limits. It contained an office with eight file drawers filled with rubber correspondence.  Some of the files looked very interesting, but there would be plenty of time to go through them later.

I found that my own quarters had four one‑way mirrors. I wondered how often she had stood there watching me. I went to the basement, and found it to be a workroom. There were rolls of rubber along the walls, two long work tables and rubber dipping tank. Apparently she had been making some of the rubber garments herself. I went to the upper level. I was familiar with the room in which the video equipment was kept, but two others had always been locked. I unlocked the first door. It was a guest bedroom with a large walk‑in closet and a bathroom. The double‑bed was covered with rubber sheets and the closet contained a few rubber garments.

The next locked room turned out to be another bedroom, only this one was outfitted as a dungeon, with four‑poster bed and a multitude of rings and rubber straps. There were a whipping horse, a tie‑up chair, a pole and a mechanical fucking machine. The closet contained a large assortment of rubber bondage garments. In the bathroom there were a large bathtub and a sauna, apart from the usual toilet, basin and shower.  The sauna contained a narrow rubber‑covered bed with a multitude of straps.

I went downstairs again. The timer box had expired.  I untied Asa. "You can take a shower now." She went quickly to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom she was naked and looked meek. Without a word I dressed her: two tight‑fitting rubbersuits with open crotches, a pair of tight‑ fitting rubberboots, two pairs of latex gloves, a thin latex hood and a heavier one with a gag. Then I strapped her into a rubber straightjacket and led her to the torture room, where I put her into the Sauna.  An hour later I had her inside a rubber bag on the bed.

By Monday morning my fury had ebbed.  I released Asa and we both took showers.  I made breakfast and we sat down.
"You know you can't do this forever," Asa said after a long while. I told her I didn't understand. "You can't go outside," she replied, "you are a wanted man and you don't have any street clothes.  We'll need money from the bank and I am the only one who can get it. Besides, people will wonder what happened to me."

"What do you propose?" I asked.

"A compromise," she said.  "I'll be your rubber slave for two days a week, if you are my slave for three.  The rest of the time you can do whatever you want.  Without leaving the house, of course."

"Why do I have to be a slave longer than you?"

"Because you like it more than I do.  And besides, it's my house."

"Using the money I'm accused of having stolen."

"Ok, OK, we are slaves two days each.  And during the three remaining days you give me 20 orgasms each day."

"How many do I get?"



And so we compromised.  On Mondays and Thursdays I am her rubber slave, on Tuesdays and Fridays she is mine.  Wednesdays she does her shopping and I do the household chores.

My life is very pleasant now. We now go to rubber parties again and have frequent visitors.  Even Gloria and Mimi come to visit us and we take turns being master or mistresses and rubber slaves. I spend two days a week being tied up in rubber, and I love every minute of it.  And for two glorious days every week I have a willing rubber slave.  On the weekends we either go for long walks or drives in the van, entirely dressed in rubber, or walk through town, rubbered underneath regular street clothes. If you ever see a man and two women walking close together, listen to the rustling of rubber; perhaps it will be us.



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