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Latex Statue

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; captive; drug; catsuits; hoods; mask; bond; susp; cuffs; display; revenge; torment; cons/reluct; X

Breathing softly as the drugs faded from my system, I started to return to the land of the living. I had been been partying the night before and this sleepiness was solely from that. A couple of minutes later the drugs had left my blood stream and I started to come round. I flicked my eyes open and was met by a wall size mirror. Through what little vision I had I could just about make out the shape of a person. The penny was not dropping as he tried moving and speaking. Then all of a sudden what I was seeing hit me. The mirror was showing me a image of myself. And oh god I have never seen anything like it.

My manly body had been pushed and forced inside the tightest rubber gimps suits. I could see two different colours of rubber in the mirror. The inner suit looked to be a soft red and the outer layer was smooth white colour. I could see the red gimp suit though the white layer, but not my own skin. Metal cuffs cut across my limbs and body I can see the lines of stainless steel as the light hits them. I could just about make out the metal sheet behind me that the metal cuffs are bound to.

And right out the corner of my vision I can see the brick wall the metal sheet and I have been tied against. My body has been wrapped in the metal cuffs and I can feel them dig into my skin. My hands have been pinned down by my side and to stop me using my fingers, they had been locked inside heavy rubber mittens. I was still surprisingly calm despite what had happened to me. Maybe the images I saw of myself seemed false or fake. As if anything like this could happen to me. Maybe the gravity of my situation had not fully hit me. As my vision got back to normal I started seeing bits and pieces which looked odd. 

First off was a huge rubber looking bag which was hanging down from my spread open legs. It vanished in between my leg where my ass should be. Next was the area around my cock and balls. The white and red rubber looked different to that of the rest of the suit. A silver or metallic object looked to be in the middle of the two rubber layers. Plus a number of tubes and wires slid through the rubber and into my groin area. I had no idea what was going on down there. I then spent some time looking at my rubber bondage hood. My new face was made up of thick looking black rubber in the shape of a gas mask at the front and bondage hood around the sides. I could see added rubber padding over my ear and thought about the fact I couldn’t hear anything. Ear plugs must have been placed inside my head with added padding to cut out all sound. It was working well as I could hear nothing. 

The huge lens of the gas mask let me see inside the hood. I could see the area around my eyes had been covered in a red rubber hood with small holes for my eyes.  I could also make out some wires and tubes entering the front of the gas mask. The next thing I noticed was the lines of black tape under the red hood which were running around my head and between my eyes. I could feel something squeezing my whole head and the tape was the key suspect. 

I had been too busy processing all the information about my new appearance for anything to sink in. Which was why I was still breathing normal and not panicking. One thing I had overlooked was my sense of smell. Unsurprisingly the stink of rubber filled each intake of air. But there was another smell in the background which I could not make out. As the air entered my gas mask I could see how my head was bound to the metal sheet behind me. The rubber hood had grooves running down each, round the ear pads. It also had grooves along the top of the hood. To my eyes it looked like a three point vice keeping my head completely still. It also looked like a four grooves worked it’s way under my chin. But I could not see clearly enough to be sure it was there.

I continued seeing more and more small details of my bondage. One of those was the d-rings at the end of my rubber mittens, which had been padlocked to the metal sheet to stop me moving my hands. I could also see my toes if I stretched against the cuffs which keep me in place. It was just a few inches I moved and thanks to the mirror I saw my individual toes had been cuffed to the floor. Just like the back wall the floor had been covered in a smooth metal sheet. My toes and feet had been anchored to the floor. Through the lens of the gas mask it was very hard to see anything other than the wall sized mirror. Which just reflected an image of me. But by straining every muscle and joint in my body. I could see a small bit of the other two walls. I could see they had been made from brick.

Fear had just started revealing itself in the back of my brain. I was feeling sweaty and hot under the rubber suits and bondage. I tried to take my mind off it by looking at the rubber suits. I had no real intrest in the fetish world or doing anything kinky. But each to their only was my thought process on that. Having said that I also wanted my girlfriend to wear a latex catsuit. Like the ones on TV or in films. The idea of wearing one myself was a bit exciting. So I used the mirror to showcase how I looked.

It was then I spotted reflections from the super shinny white rubber suit in the mirror. I could not see the objects clearly or make out a lot of detail. But they looked like a long table running along the sides of the room. On what I thought to be tables was a mix of machinery and computers. It was hard to see them in the reflections and impossible to see them with my own eyes. I had accepted the situation in a calm and almost laid back manner. This was down to the fact I had forced myself not to panic and try to find something to help me. Plus I had no idea why I was so heavily bound. At the same time I was in no pain so keeping a positive outcome was easer. Just waiting to find out more information was my best way of escaping.

The light in the room seemed to be coming from overhead light hanging just out of eye line. The room had to be small and tight with stuff on all sides. I was becoming transfixed by my own image as the light highlighted how amazing the tight fitting rubber suits were. I was starting to feel sexy and I was now somewhat enjoying it. As the hours passed me by and with no sign of anyone helping me. I could feel my heart rate becoming quicker and I had started to breath deeper. Maybe someone had left me like this and forgotten about me. I was never going to break any of the metal cuffs and I had almost no movement. I could hear almost nothing and the only words to come out my mouth were mmmppphhh. Not that any one would hear them, including myself.

I had been bound for hours now and needed to release my filled bladder. The relief was amazing as the piss poured out my body. It was then I noticed the smell inside my gas mask. I could smell piss now. The throught hit me that my gas mask and air supply were linked to the same place as my piss. Maybe I had missed something in the mirror. So I started following the tubes and wires. But before I could find anything out. I started moving away to my right. The mirror stayed still it was 100% me moving. Oh god the door to the room was built behind me. I moved about 60 degrees away from the far wall. I finally got to see what was on the table. 

I almost wished I hadn’t as I could see nothing but fetish equipment like whips. Plus some medical stuff as well. A couple of machines had been put on the table, but I had no idea what they did as I start moving backwards. Soon I was back in place and the metal sheet looked to be a perfect fit. I could not believe the metal sheet was the door. The metal sheet must hide the hinges and locks. I did not feeling anything when the door was first unlocked so the system was very smooth and well built. There was a reason for thinking about this stuff now. I was trying to take my mind off the fact someone was now inside the room with me. I was looking away from them out the corners of her eyes. Trying to think about what was on the table. Trying not to look them in the eye, as doing so would let them in to my world.

Sadly my plan last all of 30 seconds before a finger tapped on the lens of my gas mask. My eyes instantly moved towards the sound. A black latex covered index finger was quickly hitting the plastic windows of the gas mask. It stopped the moment they knew I was looking forward. They followed the latex covered finger to the hand and arm which was also wrapped in high black latex. The shoulder was in latex as well as I got to their face. I found a white bunny mask looking back at me. I looked down as the mask was not what I was expecting. I saw a pair of black latex covered tits and knew it was a women in front of me. I also saw she was wearing a full latex catsuit and high heels. 

She then removed the scary bunny mask and to my horror it was ex-girlfriend. They had broken up a couple of weeks ago after vicious and anger shouting match. Oh god was the thought running through my head as I remembered what the argument was about. She had wanted to put me in endless fetish and bondage stuff. Adding some kinky kicks to our sex life. I was just too vanilla for it and then one thing lead to another and soon we had broken up. Clearly she had won the argument in the end as I could not move for rubber bondage. She then turned away and moved over to the table on the left hand side. I had a great view as she bent over and showed off her latex covered ass. Maybe I should love this stuff as her body looks stunning. When she turned back round, she was playing around with a headset. She then put it on and started talking and I was almost deafened as her voice exploited through the ear plugs. She notices from my reaction it was too loud and turned it down. 

“Sorry about that this bluetooth headset thing is rubbish and not easy to get working. But it does let me speak to you without removing any equipment and that’s cool right. So heavy rubber bondage is not your thing and something you would hate to do. But look at you now, you look so sexy and I just want to start running my hands all over your body. Now maybe putting you in this suit against your will and keeping you tied up is a bit illegal. Plus I did drug and kidnap you which is also against the law. But after a week or so of torture and sex, I think you will love this stuff. And if you don’t I have a friend who is willing to keep you as a rubber pet for years and completely break you. She is a goddess with all the time and money to make your life a living hell. So you should stay with me and we can be boyfriend and girlfriend again. I will give you all night to think about it and then we will start our kinky journey”


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