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The Latex Prisoner

by Gwendoline

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© Copyright 2007 - Gwendoline - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; latex; bond; kidnap; nc; X

Kate was 22 years old, who had just completed her degree in Biology at Durham University in England. Kate had been accepted onto the prestigious GSK graduate scheme, and she had high hopes of pursuing a career in Metabolic Diseases. In the mean time, Kate and her two good friends - Sarah and Sophie had decided to go back packing across Europe.

The threesome excitedly planned their trip. Cheap airfares had made continental travel easy for even skint graduates. The initial plan was to start in Eastern Europe, and work their way westwards, visiting wherever took their fancy on their way back home, to a career and a future. Kate had a feeling this would be the last taste of freedom she would ever really have. She knew what commitment would be required in her new job, and in a few years she was determined to start a family, a big one like her own. So Kate was determined to be adventurous, and she managed to convince her friends that Europe, with it culture and history, was more daring than the safer, more predictable destinations of North America and Australia/New Zealand.

The group could not decide on their initial destination - but when Sarah saw an advert for £39 one-way flights to Budapest , the decision was made for them.

The three of them sat in the airport departure lounge. Kate was wearing a tight, black, sleeveless turtleneck and a long comfy white cotton skirt and was carrying a fashionable Donna Karan soft nappa leather jacket. The other 2 were dressed in vests and shorts as it was 23 degrees outside, but Kate had always felt the cold, especially on planes. They climbed aboard the plane and their adventure began.

When they landed, Kate was glad she had her jacket as Budapest was suprisingly chilly. Their coach transfer to the Hotel Michelak took them through some barren landscapes. Kate smiled, as she zipped her jacket up to her throat - if she had wanted easy, she would have travelled to Australia, like every other graduate.

The Hotel Michelak was basic, but ideal for the shoestring traveller. Wooden floors and bunk beds gave the place a dorm atmosphere. And there was no privacy, with fellow travellers popping their heads in to welcome the new guests. Kate liked it, and their first night went swimmingly.

The next day the girls decided to explore. They caught a taxi to the city centre, but were slightly disappointed with the familiarity of it all. They could have been in London, or Newcastle - it all felt so westernised. Sure, the shop names were different, but the feel of the place was sanitized with huge shopping centres and multi-storey car parks. There was even a giant Tesco Supermarket for heaven's sake! The group felt like they should head off the beaten track. Sophie purchased a map from a newsagents, and when combined with the tour guide they had brought from home they decided to head for the district of Vaci, situated in the Bohemian quarter. A five minute cab ride and they arrived. "This is more like it," thought Kate, as she looked around at the small shops, the looming gothic cathedral and the colourful clothing of passers-by.

The three girls wandered around, and eventually came across the soho area of Budapest. Seedy clubs, all-day strip bars and knick-knack shops were the order of the day. "Hey!" yelped Sarah, "let's go in here!" she said as she gestured to a gloomy shop on the corner. Kate focused on the shop fascia, the name was indecipherable but the words 'sex' and 'bondage' were splashed across the windows. This was typical of Sarah, she was obsessed with sex and was definitely the kinky one in the group - as shown by the knee high leather boots and velvet choker that she always seemed to wear.

"Not there!" exclaimed Kate, "Why don't we try the markets instead?".

"Oh you are such a prude Kate! I thought you wanted adventure?". Sarah was right, Kate was somewhat of a prude. She always covered up her body, despite her 'assets'. She never liked talking about sex either, whereas Sarah was the opposite - she was the university slut. Sophie was in-between, without the slutiness but also completely without fear of men. She knew she was good-looking and never felt the need to flaunt herself like Sarah. Sophie convinced Kate to enter the sex shop.

They went through the door and entered a practically pitch-black room. Behind the counter was a strapping woman wearing a corset and leather pencil skirt. "Welcome Girls!" the woman said, "We love Americans here!".

"Actually, we're English!" Sarah snapped back.

"Oh forgive me," said the woman, "We get so many American tourists, I just assumed... Please, take a look around".

The lights flickered on and the girls gasped at what they saw. Bondage hoods, whips and chains hung from the wall in front of them.

Sarah giggled, "So this is where Steve get his clothes!" Steve was an ex of Sarah's, who was kicked out of university for arranging a bondage night during freshers week.

Kate felt uncomfortable. She looked around, and freaked out when she saw a coffin in the corner.

"Ah yes," said the shop owner, "These are an acquired taste. Perhaps I can interest you in some clothing instead?" She gestured towards some rails with clothing.

Sophie pulled out an item, it was a shiny pvc turtleneck leotard, "Here you go Kate, you like turtlenecks".

Kate did like turtlenecks, but only because she didn't like showing her cleavage. "Fuck off Sophie!" Kate joked, she felt a bit more relaxed following the joke. The shop phone rang and the woman answered. The three continued to browse the merchandise.

"We have more downstairs," the woman said, gesturing towards a staircase toward the back of the shop.

"What's down there?" asked Kate.

"Books, dvds, magazines etc".

"C'mon," said Sarah, "There could be some comedy souvenirs down there!".

Kate felt mildly uncomfortable, where were the other customers? Determined to shed her prudish reputation Kate strode towards the staircase. "Last one down's a square!".

They entered a room and saw the racks of DVDs' Kate picked one up "Slaves of Castle Mendon", the case was covered in pictures of manacled women hanging in dungeons. "Nice" thought Kate. She picked out another, "Gagged Cheerleaders". This was disturbing, these were nasty dvds.

"Let's leave," said Sophie , "Who was holding a magazine with a picture of a gagged woman with a noose around her neck. "This is too creepy!". They turned towards the door, then suddenly the lights went out! Kate was about to scream when a strong arm came from behind and clasped her mouth. She tried to look around but could see nothing. Then she went to sleep.

Kate awoke in a bright room. She went to rub her eyes but couldn't move her arms. As she focused forwards, she made out the a dark seated figure. She tried to speak but only let out a muffle. She realised she had been gagged with tape, and she struggled again without success. As she came around she realised that she was sitting in front of a giant mirror, and the figure was actually her reflection. She looked down and noticed that the was wearing some kind of shiny black outfit and her arms were bound behind her back. She looked around and saw Sophie and Sarah seated to either side.

Sophie was just coming round. They were both gagged and wearing the same outfits as Kate - some kind of latex catsuit that went right up to the chin. A figure emerged fom the shadows, "Ah just in time to witness the masking!" The figure stood behind Kate with something in his hand. He raised it up and lowered it over Kate's head. Kate tried to scream but couldn't. Everything went dark for a second, then Kate's head jerked back. The man was placing a hood on Kates head. She felt pressure against her mouth and forehead as the mask was pulled back. She could feel the mask getting tighter as it was laced up from behind. The man's hand reached around the front and adjusted the opening of the mask and pulled it below Kate's nose, "don't want you suffocating, not on your first night!"

The mask was so tight now, Kate felt like her head was being crushed. Kate could barely breathe through her nose and she felt panic begin to set in and her breathing got faster. She turned her head and saw the man placing an identical hood over Sophie's head, then Sarah's, who was just coming round.

"Nearly done," said the man, as he reached down. The man then fixed a collar around Kates neck. She felt a padlock digging into her neck then the sound of it clicking into the locked position. The man did the same to Sarah and Sophie. The collar was so tight, Kate was struggling to breathe.

"Breathe with me," said the man as he stood in front of the trio. "Deep breaths," he said calmly, "or you'll be no good to anyone".

Kate shut her eyes, "This must be a nightmare" she thought - "Sarah must have bought one of those filthy DVDs and forced us to watch it, and now i'm having nightmares".

After a few seconds Kate opened her eyes and saw her reflection in the mirror. "This was no nightmare - this was real!". Kate started to panic, she tried to stand but couldn't.

"What's the rush," said the man, "Anyway, we're leaving now". He moved in front and undid the belts across their laps. Kate then felt a tugging at her neck. "Just one last finishing touch for you!" said the man as he fixed a big red bow to the top of Kate's mask "I'm going to call you Gwendoline. I have big plans for you."

Kate then felt herself dragged by her neck into a standing position. The man had affixed leashes to their collars. "Out that door, or else!" the man said as he pointed towards a door in the corner. The three girls tried to walk but were unable to move easily. Sophie stumbled and the three girls collapsed in a heap of muffled latex. They were attached by the collars and Sophie falling dragged Kate and Sarah with her.

"Get up you sluts, you'll have to hop".

The girls were dragged up, and began to hop towards the door, their ankles bound and their legs held together by the catsuit. Despite their muffled protests, the girls were bundled out the door and into what appeared to be a van waiting outside. Kate noticed that it was dark now, they must have been unconscious for hours. In the van the three girls were forced to sit and chains were attached to their collars forcing them to sit uncomfortably upright. "Get used to it girls, you have a long journey ahead!"



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