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Latex Pet

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lisa sat on the couch rubbing her latex covered body thinking how lucky she had been to find a Master that loved her and shared her passion for latex, ever since she was young and saw latex in the movies she was fascinated by the look of it and how the actresses seemed to have perfect bodies when they were wrapped in the tight material. When she was in high school she had finally been able to get her first piece of latex clothing, a long skirt for a Halloween costume, and had been hooked ever since.

Early on she got into to comics so she could go to the meetings and trade shows just to see women dress up as the characters in the comics and later dress up herself using it as an excuse to dress in latex, her favorite was cat woman, and every time she dressed up like her, in her skin tight latex suit with a matching corset laced as tight as she could still breathe in, knee high 5 inch heeled boots she was the hit of the show. In college she added Salina from the vampire movies to her costume closet and every Halloween and comic convention she wore the latex catsuits, corsets and high heeled boots.

Now she wears latex that was made especially for her, her Master and husband had the suits made per his special requests, making them triple the thickness, with formed breast cups that supported her full breasts while still allowing them to appear natural with the formed seat that cradled her perfect ass and followed the deep crevice in it perfectly, the rest of the suit tailored to fit her wonderful body exactly holding her waist in firmly giving her the appearance of having a much smaller waist even without her normal corsets.

As she continues to stroke her body with the tips of her fingers, the only part of her besides her face not covered in thick rubber, she touches the metal belt around her waist, this chastity belt along with its matching wrist and ankle cuffs and wide collar keep her from removing any part of her latex without ruining it, Lisa used to be able to remove it but piece by piece her Master had taken that ability away.

Not that she wanted out of it but sometimes she wanted to go out and didn’t always want to go to a fetish club or store and would remove the latex, each time she got caught another piece of steel was added to her body to keep her from being able to remove the rubber. When she wanted to try ballet boots and quickly Mastered them her Master started locking the boots on with the ankle cuffs so now she wears the thick latex, ballet boots and the steel belt and cuffs twenty four seven, only allowed to remove them for one hour a week to shower and shave before he assists her back into another suit and locks her up.

Lisa thinks about her life before and how exciting it was to never know what he had planned and what he would do to or with her next and now it seems she is stuck doing the same thing every day and he was too busy with the outside world to notice her restlessness. Lisa had devised a plan to be able to go out again and be able to cover up the latex and boots and had planned to go out one day while he was at work, all it took was for her to alter a pair of his pants to fit her waist but leave the length and a long sleeve sweater and some gloves, she could pull the hood down around her neck covering the collar and wadded up hood with the neck of the sweater.

Her only worry was the last time she got caught going out without him she was chained by her collar to the wall in their dungeon while her cinched her arm sleeve extremely tight and left her there for three days, allowing her to drink only what she could suck up through the breathing tube of the gag and then spent another two days wearing the arm sleeve and being gagged constantly while he waited for the belt and cuffs to arrive.

When the steel set arrived she spent another two weeks with her hands chained together behind her back and her ankles chained very close together before he forgave her and released her hands and ankles but since then every night at six o’clock she has been waiting by the front door sitting on her knees, her ankles locked together, her wrists clipped to the D-ring on the back of the chastity belt and a large o-ring gag in place and waits for him to arrive home from work, not that he gets home at six, but he has ordered her to wait in that position until he gets home.

The longest she has had to stay like that was twenty four hours and that was only once when he spent the night at his office, being unable to unclip her hands once the spring clip has been closed she had no choice but to sit and wait for him to arrive. Once he got home he did apologize and promised if he would call before six to let her know he wouldn’t be coming home but after putting his coat and briefcase away he made her service him before releasing her wrists only and making her clean up the old dinner and fix him a new one and crawl under the table and service him while he ate just like nothing had happened.

Now she yearned for something different, every night she would service him by the front door and crawl on her knees under the table and suck him gently while he ate, making sure she didn’t make him cum until he was done eating then sucking his growing cock until he came in her mouth, then he would release her hands so she could clean him and the kitchen up then she would reclip her hands behind her and kneel on the floor next to him where ever he went in the house until bed time then if she was lucky he would remove the front shield of the belt and fuck her in her rubber coated pussy, not allowing her to climax before relocking it closed and allowing her to sleep on the bed, if not she would spend the night kneeling next to his bed so she could service him once again before he showered and left in the morning.

Her list of chores were the same everyday and for months he hadn’t challenged her or even been around enough to discipline her, she learned early in their relationship not to challenge him so she didn’t dare act out and never having the opportunity to truly speak to him so now she was growing bored and wanted something new. Figuring out his password one day she found out he had ordered her several more catsuits but reading the specs she realized that the new suits would now cover her face and her fingers as well and knew she wouldn’t be able to sneak out anymore once he had them on her, but when the package arrived that had the new gags and harnesses in it she wondered what he had planned and tried to figure out what to do.

For the next two weeks he would put a gag on her locking it every day before leaving for work, the last few were particularly uncomfortable and made it impossible for her to breathe through her mouth. Lisa resisted one morning when he tried to change her gag and spent the next two weeks not only gagged tightly but with her hands locked to her belt and punished every night for not completing her chores. Finally one morning he released her hands and told her if she completed her chores he would only gag her three days a week, it was difficult to complete her chores with her ankles chained close together and the large ball trapped behind the leather panel made breathing difficult but she got them done hoping her would release her ankles and remove her gag and she could go out the next day.

The next morning she awoke, still kneeling next to the bed only to find him gone, her hands still locked to the belt and the gag still in place, she moaned and fought the steel holding her until finally giving up and used the bed to get to her pointed toes and carefully moved around the house instinctively doing what chores she could before he came home. About four thirty he called leaving a message that he would not be home tonight leaving Lisa still gagged and bound for another night, Lisa was dejected and now wished she hadn’t yearned for something different to happen as her situation was worse now than before. She slept in the bed waiting for daybreak only to find she couldn’t sleep and lay awake all night, arising the next afternoon and like a robot completed what chores she could before collapsing on the bed, her exhaustion and food deprivation making her weak as she slept deeply dreaming of large dinners and rough sex with massive orgasms.

Awaking the next day she was free of the gag and her wrists and ankles were also free, she found a tray of food on the table next to the bed and wolfed it down as she read his note:

I apologize for leaving you unattended for so long I have been extremely busy at work and absent minded in your care, this will change shortly as I am taking on less responsibility at work leaving me more time to spend with my dearest slave, in the meantime I have hired someone to look after you and give you what you crave, your new Mistress will start visiting you tomorrow so get your strength back and be prepared to serve her as well as you have always served me, Master.

Lisa swelled with pride after reading the note and decided to go out today before her new Mistress started and get her Master something special. Getting dressed Lisa checked herself in the mirror and said it would have to do and quickly went to the garage and climbed in to her small car and went out for the first time in months.

The anxiety and frustration caused by leaving the house aroused her as she carefully drove to their old favorite fetish store first and shopped for something special, knowing she would have to explain how she got it but knowing he would appreciate her getting him something to show her love for him even more. Finding a new paddle and some leather slippers for him seemed perfect so she purchased them and left the store to go wander around the area shops before needing to get back home. Feeling much better about herself and their relationship she quickly cleaned the house and made dinner before slipping her gag into her mouth and sitting the slippers on the floor in front of her bended knees and clipping her hands behind her back.

Arriving home Jim saw the new slippers and could tell his slave was smiling behind the gag as he kicked his shoes off and slid his feet into the slippers saying "Very comfortable" and walking off to remove his coat and put away his briefcase. Lisa waited for him to return and sucked his firm cock well making him cum quickly before he turned and went to the table seeing his second gift as he sat down inspecteding it carefully as Lisa eased under the table and took his softened cock into her mouth and began messaging it with her tongue.

After eating his meal he slid his chair back holding her head on his cock until she had crawled completely out from under the table and began paddling her latex covered ass as she sucked and stroked his cock, Lisa’s ass was very sore by the time she was sucking his cum from him but she was very aroused and was loving the attention he was giving her despite the pain. When he was finished he unclipped her hands and allowed her to clean the kitchen before leading her to the bedroom, he covered her eyes with a thick blindfold and replaced the o-ring gag with a large ball and strapped her spread eagle to the bed.

Jim teased her for several hours with various implements even clamping her nipples through the thick latex, something he hadn’t done in months, before slipping his dick into her just as she was about to come and fucking her to a wonderful orgasm. Lisa was in heaven again as he continued to pump her while she was coming, screaming into her gag as she pulled at the restraints keeping her pinned to the bed until she felt him stiffen and could feel his cum flow into her latex covered pussy. Lisa was left lying on the bed while Jim went to clean himself up and quickly fell asleep.

Awaking during the night she could feel her beloved Master asleep next to her bound body and wished she could roll over and sleep lying on his shoulder before drifting off again. The next morning she felt him leave the bed and waited for him to release her as she heard him move around the room getting ready for work before telling her that he would inform her new Mistress of her infractions and let her decide the best punishments for Lisa and would let her put Lisa into her new catsuit and explain the rules and how it worked.

Lisa whined as she heard him leave the room and then could hear him talking to someone knowing it was her new Mistress and wondered why he felt she needed someone else. Lisa heard the clicking of high heels enter the room before hearing, "I am your new Mistress, you will obey me as you obey your Master but quicker, you have no sexual power over me, I am here to train you and discipline you as needed so you might serve your Master and myself properly".

Lisa shuddered at her words and pulled at the straps holding her to the bed as she felt her new Mistress climb onto the mattress and say quietly, "Look at you, you’re a mess, let’s get you cleaned up and changed so we can get on with our day". With that Lisa felt her wrists being released and her Mistress say, "Finish releasing yourself and get undressed, well get you into something acceptable before we go out, you are not to speak and never look me in the eye, understand?" Lisa nodded as she untied her ankles from the bed and lifted her blindfold to see her new Mistress for the first time.

Lisa was in awe of what she saw, her new Mistress was covered in latex from her neck to her toes, the knee high boots must have had an 8 inch heel on them and laced tight, the latex skirt was stretched tightly across her thighs ending just above her knees, as Lisa continued up she could see her waist being held firmly by a strict leather corset that went from just above her hips over her enormous breasts smashing them into some incredible cleavage left exposed though an opening in the top of the latex dress. The dress and corset seemed to be straining to keep her massive tits enclosed but somehow they were staying where they were supposed to as Lisa looked at the thick leather collar attached with straps to the top of the corset before looking at the face of her new Mistress and seeing very full red lips with dark eyes and black hair flowing all around her face before looking down quickly from the intimidating image that stood before her.

"Very good, that was the last time you will look at me that way", Mistress said as she unlocked Lisa’s belt and handed her the keys to the cuffs and said, "Now go get cleaned up so I can see what I have to work with" and shooed Lisa away with a wave of her hand.

Lisa had never been allowed to touch the keys and took them with shaking hands as she went to the bathroom and unlocked herself setting all her restraints neatly on the counter before peeling the latex from her body. Lisa quickly flushed herself then showered and shaved before exiting the bathroom brushing her long red hair and standing before her Mistress completely nude.

Mistress circled the girl, who now without her boots on, was over a foot shorter than the older woman, as she stood looking at the floor Mistress said, "Not much definition in your figure, we’ll have to work on that, and you’re in need of some sun to darken your skin some," as Mistress continued to pace around Lisa she reached out and felt Lisa’s breasts one at a time and said, "We’ll firm these up some as well as with that little ass of yours, now put your belt on first then the suit I have laid out for you with the new boots that are waiting, when you’re finished I’ll be ready to go, now hurry up!"

Lisa jumped at Mistress’s yell and grabbed her chastity belt and quickly locked it around her waist noticing that it fit her much tighter than it had, grabbing the strap and lifting it up she found Mistress had also attached two phalluses to it and both were larger than any she had seen for it before, they were made of the same stainless steel as the belt and obviously made to work with the belt but the front dildo must have been three inches in diameter and 8 inches long and the plug for the rear looked to be at least 3 inches around above its base which extended another six inches out from that tapering to a narrow end, Lisa cringed knowing this was Mistress’s idea because Jim would never make her take this much.

Considering her options she gritted her teeth and slid the lubed phalluses into her waiting holes whining as she had to force herself to sit down to drive the plug into herself and gasping loudly as the huge base popped past her sphincter. Lisa quickly closed the crotch strap locking it before she even tried to stand so she would not back out and ruin her first day with her Mistress. Walking carefully she went back into the bedroom and grunted as she pulled the latex catsuit up her legs and sat down to force her feet into her new toe boots, these looked similar to what she normally wore but seemed much tighter and had small heels sticking out from the sole nearer to her toes than from her heels, having to actually stand up in them to get her feet to slowly slide fully into the toes before she could begin to lace them up, each time she bent over the belt pulled the intruders deep into her causing her to gasp and each time she straightened herself up she would gasp again as the phalluses were pulled back out a little.

Once her boots were laced she stood up wincing both from the intruders and now also from the tight boots crushing her toes, pulling the rubber up she noticed how thick it was and began to get excited at the new rubber, when Lisa had the rubber up to her breasts she found she had to literally stuff her breasts past the tight bands that were at the bases of the cups, trying twice before finally lubing up her breasts and forcing them into the cups. Resting for a moment before reaching her arms into the long sleeves she wrestled her hands into the thick gloves and pulled the rubber up over her shoulders, just as the rubber popped past her shoulders she realized the her hands were now held in mitten type gloves, even though she could see each finger they were attached to each other not allowing her to separate them from one another.

With the rubber now past her shoulders she tried to reach behind her and pull the zipper but found she could not grasp it and turned a few circles, like a dog chasing its tail before she stopped and tried to figure out what to do. When Lisa looked up Mistress was standing in the now open door and said, "I see you’re ready for some help."

Lisa quickly looked down and said, "Yes Mistress, I am sorry I could not reach the zipper".

Mistress came closer and told her to lie face down on the bed and climbed onto Lisa’s back sitting on her firm ass as she leaned forward and began pulling the thick rubber together as she worked the zipper up to Lisa’s neck. The rubber pulled tighter than Lisa thought possible across her stomach and chest causing Lisa to gasp as she felt the constriction. When Mistress finally reached her neck she pulled something down in front of Lisa’s face and shoved it brutally into her mouth, Lisa grunted as she opened her mouth wide but had her mouth forced open even more before the large bulb popped behind her teeth. Lisa struggled some but the Mistress’s weight on her back kept her from being able to do much but accept the gag and try not to choke on it as Mistress pulled the straps tight for the large panel that now sealed her mouth completely. "I’m very glad Master got you the sinus implants so we don’t have to worry about your nose getting blocked"

Lisa had closed her eyes as she panted through her nose and felt Mistress pulling the hood over her head and stuffing her long red pony tail through the narrow opening before stretching the thick latex over her head and closing the zipper. Mistress took a much wider steel collar and let it snap closed over the locked zippers making sure they could not be tampered with before rolling the girl over and aligning the breathing holes over her nose perfectly. Lisa opened her eyes and didn’t understand why everything was distorted until Mistress ordered her to stand and she could see herself in the large mirror and gasped at what she saw.

The fire engine red being in front of her couldn’t be her, the thick rubber compressing her head and body making her breasts seem like they were twice the size, her neck looked much longer and her face, her face was gone! Only two small tinted lenses where her eyes should have been, no other facial features could be seen, Lisa moved closer as she reached up and could barely feel her head through the thick rubber and rubbed it all over desperately trying to find something under the rubber to tell her she was inside the tight casing.

While Lisa had been staring at herself Mistress had locked wider and much tighter steel cuffs around her ankles that were linked together by three inches of chain, Lisa still hadn’t noticed anything until she felt the tight steel bite into her thighs and she looked down to see Mistress locking the thigh cuffs. Each cuff was three inches wide and linked together with even shorter chains and caused Lisa's red coated skin to bulge over them from the tightness, as Lisa whined she felt Mistress take each arm and lock cuffs around her upper arms then below her elbows then each wrist, Lisa whined again as she could feel the skin bulging around the new cuffs and tried to pull away only to have Mistress yank her arms behind her and connect all the cuffs to each other drawing her arms together until each touched and were locked directly to the other cuff giving Lisa no movement at all and forcing her shoulders back making her breasts push further into the restricting cups of the suit.

Lisa was now whining and twisting in her new restraints as the Mistress sat back and watched her wobble around the room while she struggled against the steel. Lisa struggled for a few minutes before stopping in front of her new Mistress and stood looking her in the eyes, even though Mistress couldn’t see Lisa’s eyes she knew she was staring at her and said, "Just wait, it gets worse, I am a firm believer that Pets should be caged at all times and never have any freedoms."

Mistress connected a leash to Lisa’s collar and pulled it hard almost yanking Lisa off her feet and led her outside to her car, walking her as fast as Lisa could go to the trunk and forcing her into the small space face down before folding her legs on top of themselves and slamming the trunk hard trapping Lisa’s legs behind her. Mistress climbed in and drove off leaving the helpless girl to wonder why her Master would allow her to be treated this way and fight back the tears as she rode quietly in the cramped trunk and awaited her fate.

For the next few weeks Lisa was continuously left bound being fed and evacuated through the small hoses in the suit and belt, Master would inspect her nightly but never released her allowing her new Mistress to continue her training not realizing Lisa was not being trained only getting acclimated to her new life and would soon disappear forever, her new Mistress taking over her life to get closer to Lisa’s Master and that this was only the beginning of Lisa becoming her Pet forever.

The two would go out often "Pet" would have bags of new gear strapped around her neck and used by all at the various shops and stores as a demonstrator for any new whips or gear that could be applied over her current restraints, as she desperately tried to keep up with her Mistress as she fought her bonds, only to be punished for making Mistress look bad from her lack of training in front of her friends before being stuffed back into the trunk for the trip home and sometimes being left there over night as Mistress serviced her Master.

Pet was stuffed into the trunk again for what she thought was another shopping trip but Mistress was smiling knowing that the new suit she was to be fitted for would seal the Mistress’s deal making it to where her and Jim could finally be together full time and have a beautiful slave to serve them for the rest of their lives, making sure Jim would never know it was really his beloved slave and wife under in her new body. Lisa would no longer exist, just "Pet" would remain and even though she was a Mistress she had come to love having Jim dominate her and would serve him well and still have a slave to dominate and take her frustrations out on of her own.

The Fitting

When the car stopped Mistress opened the trunk and dragged Lisa’s limp rubber covered body out and forced her to keep up with her pace as she drug her by the collar into the stone building. Lisa’s eyes were covered as soon as she entered the building but she could hear her Mistress talking about what she wanted and tried to moan and twist away in protest only to have her leash yanked on then tied off to something high that kept her stretching to keep from being choked. After a few minutes Lisa was untied and led into another room were her arm and leg restraints were disconnected from each other only to be attached to other objects holding her arms straight out from her body and her legs held wide apart. Lisa heard a man ask, "Her waist is a 20 are you sure about the 16 you asked for?" Lisa heard no response as the hands continued exploring her body as he measured her. Once she had been measured she felt her someone pulling at her breasts then suddenly she could feel cool air on them as the man continued to measure and fondle them roughly.

The man could be heard asking, "Are you sure?" before Lisa felt her nipple rings being removed and screamed as something much larger was forced through the holes, she could feel her skin tearing as the large bars were forced into the much smaller holes. Lisa was crying loudly as the man said, "There, that will be enough to use for the enlargement" and stopped holding her tits letting them droop slightly from the extra weight of the insertions.

Lisa was whining again as she felt the belt being removed and the suit being opened near her pussy and could feel the cool air as the hot rubber was parted, she did not know what was going on as she felt something being inserted into her pussy and continue deeper until she felt like she had to pee and all movement stopped. Feeling the man at her backside she could feel the same sensation happening to her ass before he said, "All set no need to remove the belt again until the new suit is ready" and patted her on her ass cheek. Lisa was struggling hard and screaming as she felt the rubber being closed again but could nothing to stop it as Mistress covered her nostrils opening them only after the struggling girl blacked out.

Lisa remained unconscious during the rest of the fitting procedure and did not feel the thick posture collar that would over time lengthen her neck preparing it for the permanent collar designed to extend it further nor did she feel the first enlargement injection that once it was finished would leave her with obscenely large breasts that would be extremely sensitive and a favorite torture area for her new Mistress, nor did she feel the injection in her ass cheeks that like her breasts when finished would leave her with a much larger ass being shaped perfectly by the tight suit being created for her, the rubber phallus in her mouth had also been enlarged making her jaw almost dislocate as muscle relaxers were injected into her jaw to ease her transition into never being able to close her mouth again.

Once all these things were finished the man wrapped a corset around her waist and laced it down until Lisa now had a 16 inch waist and asked Mistress where she would like the keys left, Mistress said, "You keep them here, she won’t be needing them". The man shook his head knowing that the young girl would not be released for the entire time her new suit was being produced and almost felt sorry for her. Lisa was restrained again with her arms behind her back then her arms were encased by a thick rubber arm sleeve that was strapped over her shoulders with a single tether coming from her finger tips running through her steel covered crotch and ass and drawn tightly to the cross strap on her shoulders locking her arms to her back making any movement impossible.

As Lisa was awakening she could feel her long red hair being pulled down and attached to her arm sleeve keeping her head tilted back in the extreme posture collar and gasped at the new tension around her waist and chest knowing she had been laced into a corset and tried to control her breathing. Lisa tried to move and found that other than being able to wiggle her body she had no movement left in her as she was packed into the trunk again screaming from the pain in her breasts but unable to ease it as she felt the trunk lid close on her folded legs.

The ride home was excruciating for Lisa as she felt every bump in the road in her sore tits and was unconscious when they reached the house. Mistress left her in the trunk and went inside to change before checking on her new slave and hauling her out of the trunk and forcing her to walk into the house. Lisa had not been able to see since the measuring started so after being locked in the steel collar attached to the wall her Mistress rolled a large mirror in to let her see her new body. Lisa began crying as soon as she saw her swollen breasts and cried harder when she was told that they would be double that size in a month, she strained to see the rest of her body noticing how small her waist had gotten from the corset and constant compression of the thick rubber, and even with her head bent back she could tell her neck was longer.

Mistress told her that by the time her permanent suit was ready she would have a 15 inch waist and her neck would be two inches longer and unable to support her head without the collar in place, the new suit was going to be able to give her either wonderful orgasm’s or incredible punishments depending on her Mistress’s mood, so if she ever wanted to feel pleasure again she should start being nice now. "I was in one of those suits for two years before three Masters agreed I had learned enough to be released, the suit is amazing and I will wear one similar for our Master whenever he asks me too just to prove how much I love him".

Lisa stopped crying when she heard this and tried to look at her new tormentor, her new Mistress saw her and said, "Oh don’t think I’ll ever release you my dear, by the time I’m done with your modifications you won’t have a choice but to remain here with us as our slave, no one else will want you and I will make sure Jim never wants you again!"

Lisa spent the next two months chained to the wall never being released from the collar or latex, her new Mistress kept her blindfolded at all times and fed her irregularly so she couldn’t figure out a schedule, during this time Mistress played with her installed devices giving Lisa shocks to her pussy and ass and filling her insides and making Lisa hold the cleaning solutions for hours while she watched the chained girl cramp and cry before letting her expel the fluids. Mistress also had begun her corset training pumping up the bladders in her corset crushing her waist down to 16 inches the first day and by the end of the second week had reduced her waist down to 14 inches and reduced her chest by three inches, Lisa couldn’t breathe well enough to resist and since she had never heard her Master by the end of the first month she had given up all hope of him freeing her and started to accept that she was now their Pet and began to think of it as a privilege to be able to serve them.

One day "Pet" was released from the wall and pulled out to the car and stuffed back into the trunk, her huge breasts were now completely healed had large bars through the enlarged nipples with chains dangling from them, after the brief ride she was pulled into the building again and the final fitment of her permanent suit began. Pet stood and compliantly did as she was told while her body’s restraints were removed and a cream was applied to her body to remove and stop all hair growth, Pet did nothing to stop the procedure, never even opening her eyes even though she was free of the blindfold, the main part of the gag was removed leaving only the large o-ring in her gapping mouth and the straps were cut from it since her jaw muscles were locked into the position and if someone were to remove the o-ring it would take many painful weeks for her to be able to close her mouth again.

By the end of the second day she was ready to be installed in her new skin. Pet spent one last night free of any rubber as she lay restrained on the table making no movements even though her now enlarged ass made lying flat impossible, her inserts were now as much a part of her as her large breasts and gag and would be inside her until her Mistress said to remove them.

The next morning she was awakened by her feet being stuffed into her new even tighter toe boots, these boots were made of the thick Kevlar and steel thread reinforced rubber the entire suit was made up of, it had stretch but very little and once sealed would take considerable effort to remove her from it. Once her feet were settled into the boots the thick rubber was slowly worked up her body by three large men that pulled and tugged in unison to get the rubber up her legs, once at her knees her ankles were wrapped in leather cuffs and attached to the floor allowing more effort from the men to be used as they work the rubber up her body literally stuffing her inside the suit.

Reaching her plump ass they stopped and used a winch that was attached to her wrists to raise her up from the table and stopped when she was held perfectly erect and taunt. They began pulling the rubber away from her body all three pulling out at once then snapping the rubber up and over her ass and hips, when the men released the rubber the air could be heard being forced from her lungs as the wide band of extremely tight rubber tightened around her waist.

Shortly the men began pulling the rubber upwards as another was forcing her ass to settle into the formed shape of the suit and guiding the connection for her inserts though the formed holes until the rubber filled her ass crack and formed perfectly over her filled pussy. When the men reached below her huge tits they stopped pulling leaving the rubber gathered around her chest making it even harder for Pet to breathe as she panted causing her huge breasts to rise and fall jingling the chains attached.

When the men had rested the other man removed her nipple chains and attached two long lines to her nipples, wrestling with the rubber around her chest he found the two holes and fed the lines though them and said he was ready. The three larger men pulled the rubber away from her chest and straightened it out before pulling it up and over her breasts, as they did this the lead man pulled the chord tugging her nipples into the narrow bands of the cups, Pet finally showed signs of life when she screamed loudly as her breasts were stuffed into the cups while they were being pulled on until finally the men pulled the rubber up to her chest and stopped pulling on her nipples.

Each arm was released and stuffed into the thick rubber each hand forced into the same mitten type glove then resecured over her head before her head was forced down and the three men pulled the rubber open as the other pulled her red hair through the narrow opening and stuffed her head deep into the rubber pulling it over and down her neck until it settled onto her shoulders and allowed the chest piece to pop over and meet itself in the back leaving just a small slit across her shoulders uncovered for now. Pet's head was now held firmly erect by the taller collar built into the rubber, it had no openings and would continue to squeeze and lengthen her neck until it was removed. Then mouth of the suit was forced through the o-ring and fitted inside her gapping mouth before another gag was inserted and wrapped around her head, being made of the same material it almost disappeared once the strap was closed and then the man started pumping the gag until her could see her face swelling under the rubber and stopped.

Pet was almost done, as the three men started to seal the seam in the back the other wrapped a wide flat belt around her narrow waist, attached to this was a crotch strap, all of the belt was carbon fibre and Kevlar, the belt was very wide and pulled her waist in further and the crotch strap fit snugly against her body and attached to her inserts and once the two were connected they were permanently closed, there was no locks or releases, cutting the belt was the only way to remove it. The belt had been treated in the same color as the suit and blended in perfectly as did the wrist, ankle, leg and arm cuffs that were placed on her all needing to be cut off to be removed and all squeezed her very tightly.

As the opening was sealed Pet was lowered onto her new pointed toes for final inspection, these shoes had no heels at all and were rigid enough to hold her feet en-point with no other support, her feet had been forced into ever tightening shoes for two months and were now in even tighter shoes that made her feet look incredibly thin and literally held her on her toes, the tight rubber flowed smoothly up her legs, the smoothness only being interrupted by the lines of the cuffs that had been squeezed around her ankles and legs, when he inspected her crotch even he was impressed by the smoothness of her chastity belt amd how well it matched the suit and how smooth it made her pussy look, her ass was perfect, looking like she had been dipped in the rubber, inspecting her ass crack seeing how deep the rubber was imbedded and held firmly by the strap that was seamlessly connected to the waist belt and would remain there unless someone cut it off of her and it would forever hold her ass in the perfect shape.

He ran his hands all over her lower body finding no imperfections or folds in the thick rubber anywhere, he continued up over her hips, rubbing the waist belt and smiling when he placed his large hands around her waist and could touch his fingers in the front, the other men smiled as well when they saw him do it and he continued to rub her torso feeling the rigid supports inside the rubber and continued his inspection. Groping her huge breasts he could feel the tight bands around the bases giving them a good squeeze making sure her tits were fully seated inside the rubber before fondling the large rubber covered nipples and detaching the chords that had been used to pull her huge tits into the cups, then slipping two covers over her nipples and snapping them closed, these covers were made exactly like every other piece and once closed were not removable and would insulate the area from any stimuli.

Grasping her neck he could feel the rigid inserts under the rubber just like around her waist and knew she would be feeling like she was being strangled probably forever but now had absolutely no choice in the matter. After checking her hands he made sure the rear seam was closed and had blended into the suit and could barely been seen, he looked into the two small lenses over her eyes and said, "It’s ok if you want to open your eyes, it’s all over now."

Pet didn’t want to open her eyes, she was feeling pain in her feet and breasts and could barely inhale and knew she was trapped forever inside her new rubber skin and was fighting her body because it was still aroused at the idea of giving her freedom away and being a slave encased in rubber for the rest of her life and deep down she knew this is what she truly wanted.

Pet was left alone standing by the table her hands were free of the chains that had been holding them but her pointed feet were still chained to the floor, she finally opened her eyes and stared at the freakishly tall figure in the mirror that had a tiny waist and huge tits and began rubbing herself with her gloved hands, immediately she found she could not feel her touching herself with her numbed hands nor could she feel anything on her body as she stroked harder and harder finally hitting herself in several areas before beginning to sob realizing she would never again feel the touch of her Master or Mistress and would live out her days unable to satisfy any sexual urges or service anyone again.

The rubber was much stiffer that she was used to snapping her arms back to her sides whenever she relaxed, it also made breathing difficult as she tried to get her rubber covered fingers under the collar and finding out there was no seam and no way to get anything in between her skin and the rubber, it was stretched too tight and formed to well to her body. Bending her waist was impossible, she threw herself forwards and almost fell just catching the edge of the table before falling over. She scanned down her body with her eyes as far as she could and could see her smooth pussy and reached for it feeling only a hard surface and unable to discern any details or feel anything even when she pounded on it.

Trying to reach her ankles proved to be impossible as well, the suit and built in corset held her to firmly so she could not unlock her ankles and stood moaning as she twisted to see around the bare room. After a few minutes someone walked in and released her from the table and said let’s see how you move in your new shoes, Pet stood not wanting to walk when she felt a quick shock to her pussy and ass, after her muffled yelp the man said, "It gets worse so move!" Pet started walking carefully around in small circles before being told, "Raise your knees higher, and speed it up!" As soon as she heard the words she was shocked again but this time it felt like she had been hit with a bullwhip across her ass and yelped again and fought to raise her knees higher.

After a few minutes of walking she stopped, holding her hands to her neck and panting through her nose as the voice said, "I didn’t say stop", and her breasts and pussy were shocked, the pulses increased their intensity until Pet had no choice but to continue to walk and slowly the pulses died out leaving her gasping for air and walking in a circle. After an hour of this she was ordered to stop and to lie on the table. Pet gladly complied as she was very close to blacking out.

Once on the table she felt her pussy and ass begin to tingle, then vibrate as her tits felt like something was kneading them. As the vibrations increased the phalluses began to rotate and move inside her and quickly had her gasping again as her climax neared, Pet was thrashing on the table desperately trying to remove the gag or pull the collar away from her neck as she felt like she was being suffocated while someone strangled her and just as the orgasm washed over her convulsing body she blacked out and lay twitching on the steel table.

Waking sometime later feeling very satisfied and much more content knowing that she could still be forced to orgasm she tried to move but found her arms were once again secured tightly behind her back and her legs were welded together by the cuffs clamped on her body. Pet wiggled and moaned before the lights were turned out and she was told to try and get some rest, your Mistress will be here in the morning to take her new Pet home.

Pet was able to sleep out of pure exhaustion and was jerked awake as she was being lifted to her toes and told to keep up, her Mistress already had a leash attached and pulled her new rubber toy along behind her. Pet was kicking her feet quickly being they were the only part of her that wasn’t attached to something and trying not to fall the whole time, her Mistress had not unhooked any of the cuffs so Pet was forced to walk entirely with her pointed toes and maintaining her balance without the use of her arms proved more than she could do as she squealed as she felt herself falling sideways grunting when her body hit the hard floor.

Mistress was not happy and kept yanking on the leash telling the incapacitated girl to get up, the man from the room grabbed Pet and lifted her to her toes saying, "Mistress perhaps you would be better served if you removed or lengthened her legs restraints."

"Why would I do that she has to learn to maneuver in them because they are never to be removed again", Mistress continued, "If she falls again she will be punished while she is dragged to our destination!"

Pet heard this and redoubled her efforts to keep up and made it to the Mistresses car and was once again stuffed into the small trunk, her legs folded on top of her and the lid slammed closed. Pet no longer struggled as she fought for air on the ride home and was able to keep from blacking out the entire ride. Pet felt the car stop and heard Mistress get out but lay in the compressed trunk for hours before Mistress returned and opened it and began yanking on her rubber toy until Pet was on her toes again and being pulled towards the house. Pet was getting better at toe walking and had no issues until they reached the steps and Mistress just kept pulling on her collar, Pet could not see a way to climb the stairs and stood looking at her Mistress until Mistress pulled a small remote from her bag and pressed it and Pet started receiving shocks to her pussy and ass.

Mistress was now yelling at her Pet to climb the stairs and Pet was grunting, her body jerking with each pulse and could do nothing to stop the increasing power until finally she bent her knees and hopped up the first step, Mistress kept the tension on the leash taught as her Pet jumped up to the next step regaining her balance before jumping a third and fourth time quickly, stopping once more as Mistress was yelling, "Come on! You can do it!" and leapt onto the last step looking her Mistress in the eye before whining loudly as the shocks continued to increase and her tormentor stood watching her twist and writhe for several minutes before turning off the shocks and yanking on the leash.

Once inside Pet was led to her new living quarters, a small closet had been converted into a kennel, Pet would not be able to lie down but would be allowed to lean against the wall. As Mistress chained her new toy tightly against the wall she explained the rules to her. "You will never be released from your current suit or the bonds holding your arms and legs and that orgasm you had in the shop will be your last, they only did that to measure your tolerances and to have a base line to program different levels of pain and pleasure, the second you will never feel again."

"You will complete all tasks assigned to you each day, your suit will warn you if you leave a room or try to enter a room to which I do not want you in, if you continue to get nearer the shocks to your body will increase and will quickly make you regret not backing away and can even render you unconscious if you continue, you will not know which rooms are off limits and they can change daily if I choose to make them, also I can remove the warning and let the shocks hit you full force any time I wish, just like a Pet fence, you know the ones for dogs who won’t stay away from things like, their Masters."

Mistress continued, "If you don’t fight me and don’t return any advances Master might make towards you then someday I might let you cum or even release you all together, remember I told you I spent two years in a very similar suit and emerged a Mistress maybe when I grow tired of tormenting you I’ll release you as well." With that Mistress left the shocks on stimulate causing her to feel like something was crawling all over her body and turned out the light leaving Pet standing on her pointed toes trapped inside her rubber skin.

Over the next few months Pet fell into her routine, no release and constantly tortured whenever Mistress was in the mood, she would be shocked into unconsciousness awaking to still being trapped and chained, her life was to serve and her torment to be enjoyed by her Mistress without ever seeing her Master.

One evening Pet had been left out longer than normal while she was "dusting" with the feather duster attached to her gag and was moving around the house gently rubbing the feathers against anything she could reach when she walked into the main living room, a room she was normally not allowed in, she saw her Mistress stretched tightly across the fireplace, her pointed toes just touching the floor and her waist pulled in dramatically by a thin corset laced tight.

Pet stopped and stared at her tormentor hanging from her wrists facing the mantel and a roaring fire raging between her spread legs inside the fireplace causing her body to be covered with a sheen of sweat and a small puddle of it forming on the floor. Her neck was held firmly by a neck corset laced tight over a leather hood keeping her moans muffled as she twisted in her bonds. As Pet stood staring she started thrashing in her bonds desperately wanting her hands free so she could torture her tormentor, stopping when she realized she could tickle her with the duster and slowly moved forward until she could just reach the stretched body directly in front of her face and began working the duster all over the captured woman’s exposed body making her wiggle and twist harder in her bonds as she giggled and moaned under her hood.

Pet was starting to sweat from the fire being so close but continued to tickle her Mistress and could hear her gasping for air as she laughed harder and could tell she was struggling much harder when her body went limp and she stopped struggling. Pet stopped tickling and backed away from the heat only to hear the phone ringing and hear her Master’s voice for the first time in almost a year saying her wouldn’t be home tonight and hoped she would understand.

Pet finally realized that her Master had not put her Mistress in her current position and immediately she began looking for her release knowing that she was performing self bondage and knew she had to have a back up release somewhere. Pet’s limited vision hampered her search so she found the light switch and pushed it on with her shoulder and returned to her captive. After a brief search she found the ice timer Mistress had used to secure the ropes holding her leather wrapped wrists and tried to figure a way to tangle it up to make it useless. After moving a small chair next to the fireplace she was able to reach the timer with her bound hands and pulled the rope from the weights that had been used to pull her body upwards back up to the top of the timer and looped them over it and pulled it tight bypassing the timer.

Pet turned and looked at her handy work and smiled under her hood as she realized that if she stepped off the mantle holding the rope she might increase the tension on her Mistress’s body making her more uncomfortable and locking the rope in place, her only concern was it might make her loose her balance and fall and she still hadn’t Mastered getting up on her own yet but decided the risk would be worth it and hopped off the step.

The rope pulled taunt causing Pet to fall forward as she had expected, Pet held on to the rope tightly as she fell pulling it hard as she twisted and landed on her shoulder with a loud grunt as the air was forced out of her lungs. Once on the floor she twisted and turned over to see her Mistress pulled tight between her wrists and secured ankles, her muscles pulled tightly against the ropes stretching her. Pet smiled again while she struggled to find a way to her pointed toes, rolling onto her huge breasts then back onto her back until she reached the couch and wiggled her bound and rubber covered body up on it until she could pull her knees under her then lean back rising to her toes as she regained her balance.

Mistress was waking as her Pet was stabilizing herself behind her and knew something was wrong as she tried to pull and twist and could feel she had no movement available and could feel a lot more strain on her wrists and ankles. Pet had eased back behind the stretched woman’s body and began tickling her again, both women fighting the heat as each struggled against their bonds.

Pet would stop when she could hear her Mistress gasping not wanting her to black out and letting her catch her breath before starting on her again, both women were sweating profusely as the gas fed fire maintained its heat output and soon both were exhausted. Pet wiggled her way to a stool near the bar and watched her Mistress struggle and sweat while she rested. The rest of the night was filled with Mistress’s moans and muffled laughing as Pet continued her assault on her sweating body, as the sun began to rise Pet had leaned against the stool and bar a fell asleep only awakened by her Masters voice saying, "What do we have here?"

Pet could hear Mistress whining but could see Master walking towards his Pet with a stunned look on his face asking, "Lisa is that you?"

Pet responded by tilting her body while whining behind her gag, as Master got closer she wiggled her way to him and leaned her body against his even though she couldn’t feel it she knew he was hugging her. Master held her out looking at her as he walked around her bound body he asked, "When did you get back?"

Pet grunted while he asked, "I never did understand why you left. But how did you end up like this?" Pet moved towards Mistress and nudged her leg, "She did this to you?" Pet moaned as she acknowledged yes.

Mistress could hear the conversation and had been moaning and whining since it started trying to get his attention but he was mesmerized by the red figure in front of him, studying her and her bonds before reaching up and releasing the latches holding her arms together causing Pet to grunt and drop to her knees in pain. As her arms slowly pulled down to her sides, Master helped her to her pointed toes and sat her on the couch as he released her legs allowing her to separate them for the first time in almost a year eliciting another long low groan from her gagged mouth.

Master was still studying her restraints as Pet worked her cramping arms in front of her still moaning from the pain as she felt the large phallus being removed from her mouth and could actually mumble a word, "Master", from behind the large ring still holding her mouth open. Mistress was struggling harder and louder when Master got up and took the whip hanging near her and began whipping her brutally while saying, "You told me she had moved out, that I wasn’t what she wanted anymore and left me!" Mistress was screaming in her hood as he continued to whip her until her gasps stopped and she hung limply from her wrists.

Master returned to Pet and tried to find an opening in the thick rubber and asked how she had gotten in to it, Pet took her limp hands and tried to make a stuffing motion and she muttered, "Uffed"

"You were stuffed into it"

"Esh" Pet responded.

"I’ll get some scissors and cut you out of it" he said as he started to rise, Pet reached out and stopped him, "U cat"

"I can’t? why?"

Pet held out her hand so he could feel the rubber over it, as he inspected it he could feel how thick it was and could swear he could feel something else inside it. "Reinforced?" he asked.


"Well there has to be something that could cut it."

Pet shrugged her shoulders. Master inspected the bands around her arms and legs and pulled at the belt around her narrow waist trying to figure out how to open it as Pet stood on her toes while Master watched amazed at her walking on her toes with no heels, she picked up the whip and began lashing the unconscious woman hanging by the fire until Master stopped her pulling her away and towards the bedroom, as she was being pulled to the room she felt her body getting shocked and tried to pull away from him as the shocks increased as she screamed and pulled away until her let go. She stepped a few steps away and stopped being shocked and waved him to her and tried to explain, "Ocked"

He looked at her strangely then said, "Shocked!"

"Esh" Pet said as she grabbed onto him and led him to her room showing him where she had been kept.

Master was very upset as he found Pet had been prepared and held captive in the Mistress’s bedroom and that Mistress had been lying to him the whole time. Pet stood outside the small room trying to flex her arms as Master entered and looked around finding that Pet had been standing for almost a year and couldn’t believe that Mistress was as cruel as it seemed she was. Master turned and looked at his wife as she stood flexing her arms and bending her legs and decided that her Mistress should now become a slave and only his wife would be able to say for how long.

Pet stared at her Master as he paced in Mistress’s room looking for the control unit for Pet’s shock system. Pet watched him search with teary eyes realizing he hadn’t abandoned her and did still want her as his Pet. He searched the house and finally found a control box and turned it off. Finding Pet staring at herself in the mirror he said, "You look wonderful in that suit but I will find a way to cut you out of it".

Pet turned and held her hands under her huge breasts and slurred "ese"

Master took a moment then said, "Are they real, or part of the suit?"

"El" was her response.

Master took her hands and said, "If they are a part of you I love them too"

Pet started crying as he held her rubber coated body tight letting her finally believe he did love her.

Pet tried to sleep in his bed but found out quickly she couldn’t and picked up her gag and handed it to him while she led him to her room and stepped back against the wall handing him her gag and the ends to a chain. He understood and replaced the gag and began chaining her to the wall. Once she was restrained he touched her face and said, "Don’t worry we’ll get you back to normal."

He stepped out and closed the door, passing by the still unconscious Mistress he muttered to himself, "I guess I have two Pets now!" leaving her hanging by the leather cuffs until morning. He called into the office first thing and said he would not be in for a few days and went to get Pet from her room. Finding her still awake and whining he quickly released her and helped her to walk into the living room and sat her down. Pet wouldn’t let him remove her gag and kept pushing her arms and legs together until he said, "You want to have them put back?" She grunted and he slowly closed all the latches holding her legs together and then pulled her arms back and connected the bands on them as well. Pet felt much better as she leaned back and watched the woman hanging in front of the still raging fire struggle in her bonds.

Master began whipping her again explaining how disappointed he was and that she would be severely disciplined for her misdeeds. Mistress moaned and whined until she blacked out again. Master left the room returning with several items and began to lower Mistress onto the floor while Pet watched from the couch. After removing the toe shoes Master began to pull Mistress’s rubber suit up her body slowly forcing the black rubber to swallow her until her reached her pussy, he stuffed a huge vibrating dildo into her pussy and a large hollow plug in her ass the continued to struggle with the rubber until her had it up to her tits. Before pulling the rubber over them he placed two tight rubber nooses around each nipple and wrapped a thick collar around her neck then pulled the rubber up over her shoulders stuffing her hands into the gloves before forcing her leather covered head into the hood.

Mistress now looked like Pet, her body encased in thick rubber as Master struggled to close the large zipper across her shoulders and slipped a lock through its keeper before pulling the black leather arm binder up Mistress’s arms and lacing it until her arms and hands were crushed together muttering, "See how you like it, dear."

Pet watched the whole process and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her former captor knowing the tight corset and hood now trapped under the rubber and would be increasingly more painful until her body adapted. Pet wriggled her way to her toes while Master locked the steel chastity belt extra tight around her former Mistress and made her way out of the room, returning as Master was locking the thigh cuffs together with a pair of knee high ballet boots that Pet used to wear and dropped them next to Master.

He looked up and smiled as he shoved Mistress’s feet into the very tight boots and laced them even tighter then cuffing them together. Now Mistress was fully restrained, her body covered in thick rubber over a tight leather corset and hood, neither knew or really cared that under the hood Mistress had strapped a penis gag that with the added pressure of the rubber was shoved deeper into her throat. Her arms were encased by a leather arm sleeve laced exceedingly tight and her legs were held closed by wide steel thigh bands attached to the chastity belt that held two large phalluses in place, her feet were encased in leather toe boots that were actually two sizes too small with leather cuffs around her ankles locked close together.

Master sat back to rest and inspect his newest slave, while he rested Pet noticed even through her small tinted lenses he had a raging hard on. Pet moved towards him kneeling in front of him and assumed her old position hoping he would understand. Master looked at her and thought for a moment then stood up and dropped his pants, after removing her gag he slipped his cock into her mouth that was held open wide by the remaining o-ring gag and immediately remembered why he had missed her so much.

During her entire ordeal she had been suckling on the large phallus that had been inserted into her mouth and had improved her abilities to perform well and within a few minutes had Master cuming hard down her throat. He had not cum that well since she had left and staggered back to the couch on weakened legs as Pet knelt in place humming slightly as she watched him sit down. "Damn girl, you’re even better now!" She giggled a little as she relaxed onto her bound legs.

Master took his new slave, now called number 2, and chained her to where Pet had been kept, number 2 had fought and screamed behind her gag the whole way as Master forced her to walk on her crushed toes to the small room and chained her still standing against the wall telling her he knew what she had done and when he was ready he would talk to her about it. Number 2 stood hanging in the chains she had set up to forever trap Pet and moaned loudly as she heard the door close and knew she was trapped and only hoped Master would release her soon. Pet followed behind Master watching number 2 struggle then watched her hang limply in her bonds when she was told what was happening.

Master took Pet into the kitchen and fed her some of her health drink mixture and told her he was going to go buy some cutters and remove the rubber she had been trapped in, Pet moved her pinioned arms towards him, "Are you asking for them to be released?" Master asked, she grunted once for yes and he quickly unlatched her arms, leaving her legs together for her to undo if she wanted, Master knew this was going to be a long process, making her feel comfortable out of her bonds might take awhile but her wanted his Lisa back and would do whatever he needed to do.

Pet sat in the kitchen flexing her arms and rubbing her trapped body, still unable to look down she could only vaguely make out her true shape and was torn between the feelings of being free and being truly trapped. She thought about being free and tormenting Mistress but already was missing the safe feeling she had when she was fully bound, knowing that her Master or Mistress would take care of her and the pride she had taken completing the tasks she had been given even though there had been no other awards given she had still felt very happy when Mistress would congratulate her on something she had done well.

To be continued?

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