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Latex Living

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuits; pants; glue; multi-layer; boots; corset; cuffs; club; drive; caught; police; hum; toys; insert; hobble; gag; climax; cons; X

Jewel struts down the long drive towards her car, the day has been a long one and she is glad to be going home for the weekend after a tough week of working nine hour days. Jewel feels the small pockets of sweat moving under her latex and smiles thinking “If they only knew”. Thankful that the new anti perspirant body spray worked as well as the company had advertized since she has been wearing the clear latex cat suit for three days and is just now feeling the sweat pockets. The five inch heels that she wears to work make a satisfying click as she walks on the concrete towards her car that she deliberately parks as far away from the building as possible. Jewel likes the feeling of her toned legs pulling at the tight hem of the snug pencil skirt she is wearing. Her noosed and pierced nipples that are poking thru the openings in the latex bra that is currently supporting her large C cup breasts continued rubbing the inside of her silk blouse and had been keeping her mind in the gutter all day.

Her co-workers know her as a confident business woman, always completing her tasks on time and in budget no matter how long it takes her. They consider her a nice person unless something goes wrong or someone crosses her then she becomes a different person that can make anyone feel like they are useless. Most of the women in her building would love to be able to wear clothes like her, sexy but still professional. Many have tried but none could master the attitude needed to pull the look off without coming off slutty. Jewel always wears tight skirts, seamed stockings held up by garters with minimum five inch heels and blouses that show her incredible figure sometimes augmented by a corset but always underneath there is the latex. The rest is just a cover up for her love of latex and the layers she is almost always encasing her body in.

Three days ago she slipped into her latex panties with a small dildo in front and a medium plug for her firm rear. Using a nonpermanent glue made for use on skin she securely glued the panties and bra on making sure the holes for evacuation were lined up and clear before applying heat and setting the items in place. Once the glue set she slipped into the high waisted leggings, as with all her items she normally wears to work, these were made of clear latex. She lined up and glued them into place allowing her to wrestle the cat suit up her body. The wet glue covering her body letting the cat suit slip over her previous latex items easily until only her head and hands remain uncovered by the tight rubber. Lining up everything Jewel warmed her body sealing the latex to it as she rubbed out any winkles and bubbles of her new rubber skin taking extreme care to make sure it was perfectly smooth. Jewel had been dressing this way since she was in college and since finding the body glue she had worn latex every day since she no longer had to worry about winkles and puckers raising questions from onlookers, and there were a lot of lookers.

In the past her sweat would mix with the glue softening it within hours and every night she would have to remove her latex and clean and dry her puckered skin. Now that she has found the body spray she can wear it for days at a time without removing it or being water logged. The manufacturer even claims that if used over time it will almost stop all perspiration, Jewel is excited at the possibility of wearing latex twenty four seven without any need to remove it. A side effect of gluing the latex that also appealed to Jewel was it made it much harder to snag and when it did get ripped it didn’t “pop” like a balloon around her. The “popping” had happened on two different occasions, both making a loud noise and causing Jewel to jump and squeal as it happened. Now the tear would very slowly expand causing her very strange sensations as it crawled around her body as it released the tension it had of her.

Still walking Jewel was thinking of the next few days off and what she was going to do with the time, imagining herself sealed into multiple layers of latex covering her entire body. The small plugs currently inside her would be replaced by the monsters she used so often. Unlike the inert ones she has been trapped with the monsters worked together to tease and torment her before allowing her to have multiple massive climaxes. Even though she lived alone in a nice subdivision if she didn’t have her mouth filled and covered by rubber her screams of ecstasy would bring the fire department and police she was sure of that. An added bonus was she loved being completely sealed and couldn’t wait to try the glue with the new body spray for an extended period.

Arriving home Jewel stripped her street clothes off hanging them up before climbing into the shower and letting the hot water loosen the glue not exposed to her body fluids and peeled the latex from herself. Cleaning each item as she removed it and hanging them up to dry took her almost an hour but finally she was nude. Applying the hair removal foam to her entire body removing any stubble that had started to grow she rinsed off and was finally ready to seal herself in tight rubber for the weekend.

For the weekend she wouldn’t need to conceal the latex so her first layer would be a black full body cat suit. This suit was special, she had ordered it much smaller than normal and asked for it to be made from latex twice as thick as normal making it very tight and giving her the feeling of getting an all over body hug. The hood had an opening for her mouth and nose with clear lenses covering her eyes. The hands and feet like the rest of this suit had been molded and fit her extremely tight. The opening in the back was also specially ordered and placed near her waist with a sort of zip lock seal that once closed had no protrusions to damage her other layers and literally sealed her inside it. Jewel’s plans for tonight were to go out to a club she frequented that catered to fetish enthusiasts then upon arriving home she would seal herself in a few more layers for the remaining time she has off.

Before wrestling the thick latex onto her body Jewel quickly slid the monsters into her pussy and ass making sure the small curved tube connecting them was placed correctly. The battery pack was fully charged and she knew from past experiences the program she had chosen would allow the plugs to torture her for at least three days. Pushing her breasts into the cups of another even tighter bra soon had her noosed and pierced nipples fighting the small holes they were trying to escape through. Jewel changed the piercings using short dumbbells that when tightened up would pinch her nipples firmly between the balls making them ache for the duration of her encasement. Combined with the nooses keeping her little buds engorged would start to become painful at some point, she wasn’t sure when but liked the unknown and the challenge.

Pulling her hair into the swim cap she rubbed the glue all over herself before forcing her body into the opening Jewel had learned that putting her feet in then her head before standing up and stretching was the best way to get inside the suit. Even with practice she still had difficulty getting her hands in correctly on the first try making her have to quickly find the right finger holes so she could line up the mouth and nose holes before starting to panic from her face being sealed closed. This time everything lined up correctly the first try and her head popped into the rubber hood almost perfectly.

Sealing the opening Jewel smoothed out the suit while she applied the heat making sure she was perfectly smooth and all the tubes lined up and waited for the glue to dry completely before finishing getting dressed. Taking more of the glue she covered her rubber coated body with it then pulled another cat suit onto herself, this suit was red with clear panels and over the black suit looked perfect. It did not have a hood, gloves or feet so gluing it was much easier with the already smooth surface under it.

Jewel immediately wrapped her boned latex corset around her waist and hooked the laces to the two hooks she had placed in the door frame and pulled them tight until she could no longer feel a gap in the back. Keeping the corset closed while forcing the glue under it to ooze out from top and bottom. Jewel stood gasping still keeping tension on the laces as she wiped the overflow from her suit and tried to adjust her breathing. Finally easing the tension on the laces before tying them off and cutting the excess from them, the first two suits and corset were now glued onto her making her feel completely comfortable inside it.

Jewel stared at the image in the mirror, the black and red latex shined, her waist was pulled down to her limit of seventeen inches making her firm breasts heave with each breath. Tearing herself from the mirror she sat on the bed releasing a small moan as the large plug shifted deeper inside of her and stuffed her feet into the crotch high rubber pony boots. She wasn’t into pony play but really enjoyed the position these boots held her feet in and the noise they made when she walked and besides they matched her current outfit perfectly. After lacing the boots tightly up her legs she closed the multiple straps on each boot locking them then stood to get used to them.

Staring at herself again only stopping to lock her wrist and ankle cuffs on then wrapped the wide collar around her throat locking each and placing the keys on her night stand before packing a gag and some short chains with open locks in a small bag and heading towards the garage. Tonight she was going to be brave and not wear anything on top of her outfit, reaching the car she was panting hard from the tight corset and slipped into the driver’s seat.

Resetting the seat she checked her pedals and started the car. Trying to look backwards Jewel found turning her head more difficult with the suits glued on and the wide collar than she thought it would be and slowly backed out of the garage. Watching the door close gave her a rush of excitement knowing she was dressed in all fetish gear and unable to cover herself if something happened. Driving carefully to the club Jewel was tempted to lower the roof on the car but when three guys pulled up next to her at a light and started whooping and yelling at her she was glad she hadn’t. The guys followed her for a few miles then turned off before she got to the club. Jewel parked and slowly made her way to the door stopping to talk to the door men telling them about the guys following her. They all laughed when the doorman said it was too bad they hadn’t followed her all the way to the club, they could have used a quick workout. Jewel patted the men on their large chests and said she would liked to have seen that and walked inside.

Jewel spent the next few hours dancing and chatting with friends. She received many compliments on her outfit and more than a few involuntary shine touch ups but to her that was all part of the fun of being where she was. A few men and women gave her their phone numbers asking the faceless girl to call them. Jewel wasn’t looking for any dates or masters she just liked to come and hang out in her fetish attire someplace where she was accepted even though no one had ever seen her face or knew her real name.

Before leaving the club Jewel went into a bathroom stall, after relieving herself she locked a short chain between her ankles. She wrapped the panel gag around her head stuffing her mouth with the huge cock attached to it before locking the harness tightly to her head. The gag’s panel was made of thick red latex and covered her lower face, the straps wrapped under her chin and around her head attaching in the back. The strap that went up each side of her nose and between her eyes connected to the main strap holding the gag deep into her mouth. Jewel pulled them so tight that the latex was bulging around the straps then locked them all and quickly locked her wrists together with another short chain.

Even though the vibrators were still inert when Jewel closed the last lock she almost climaxed as she realized she now had to drive home bound and gagged with nothing to cover herself and no way to remove any of the locks. Standing again Jewel found out that with her mouth forced open and because of the wide collar she now had to look up slightly. She also had almost no movement in her neck as the gag anchored her head in place. Jewel walked out of the club taking short steps waving at the doormen as she waddled to her car.

Once inside she sat gasping through the small holes over her nose thankful she didn’t have to walk any further. After catching her breath she started her car and carefully drove off. At the first red light Jewel lowered the top letting the wind blow across her latex encased body while she drove. The night air felt wonderful and Jewel was becoming more aroused as she drove in full public display of her latex covered body. While stopped at a red light a police car pulled up next to her and she could feel the officers staring at her even though she could not turn to see them.

The flashing red lights told her she was in trouble, she wasn’t drunk or speeding so the latex had to be a reason she was being pulled over. Finding a dark parking lot she pulled into it and waited until the officer came to her window before shutting the car off. The officer asked her for her license like nothing was wrong. Jewel quickly handed him her license with her bound hands having to lean back to look up at him making her pant harder in the tight corset. The officer returned to his car for a few minutes, leaving Jewel now very self conscious sitting it the bright spotlight in her fetish attire.

Another officer returned and asked if she was alright, Jewel nodded she was, he asked if she could remove the hood and she shook her head no. He asked why Jewel turned her hands like she was unlocking something then pointed to her license. “Keys at home?” the officer asked. She nodded again, “You do know this is dangerous?” the cop asked, Jewel just shrugged her shoulders. The cop asked her to get out of the car and forced her to do several sobriety tests. The other officer joined them and she could feel them staring at her ass as they made her walk in a straight line several times commenting on her shoes before handing her back her license and said, “Go home, do not ever let me catch you out like this again, you understand?” Jewel nodded she did.

Driving off Jewel found herself even more aroused by the experience of being ordered around and humiliated and thought maybe she might rethink the whole master/mistress idea. Reaching her house she parked the car letting the garage door close completely before exiting the car and going inside. Being very tired but knowing if she didn’t finish her preparations for the rest of the weekend she would be mad at herself later, Jewel forced herself to remove the boots, cuffs and collar and prepare the next suit. This was another full body suit but with no mouth hole and only small perforations for her eyes and once glued on would seal her into the gag and corset for the duration.

Zipping the final suit closed Jewel warmed up the glue again smoothing out the latex. Deciding at the last minute to wear the boots again she quickly laced them up, the extra layer of rubber making them extremely tight. Pulling the long hobble dress over her head was difficult, this dress would hold her tightly down to her ankles making separating her legs almost impossible and forcing her to take even smaller steps. Once the dress was on and she had forced her hands through the long sleeves she locked her wrist cuffs back on with the collar making access to the rear zipper impossible. Jewel took the keys to the cuffs and collar with the remote for the monsters, turning it on before placing it into her time lock safe set to open late Monday night.

Gasping from the short walk Jewel knew she had out done herself and was going to truly enjoy herself imposed rubber prison sentence this weekend. Even as she gasped for air she thought about that she hoped she wouldn’t have to cut herself out if she panicked and ruin her rubber clothes. Pushing the thoughts from her mind she laid down on the bed locking her wrists together with locks she still had the keys too and quickly fell asleep. Jewel was awakened less than an hour later by the monsters trapped deep inside her coming to life and as she fought for air she thought to herself, “This is really latex living”. The vibrations died out leaving her panting and very horny as she tried to go back to sleep knowing this was going to be a long weekend.

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