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Latexed Pony

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2003 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; latex; catsuit; ponygirl; harness; bond; toys; cons; X

Jenny stepped out of the limo and onto the cold pavement of the sidewalk to stand beside Graham before they entered the restaurant.  One year ago to the day they had begun dating and had been faithful to each other ever since.  Tonight was their night to celebrate the occasion and the Limo ride that Graham had surprised Jenny with was just the start.  Soon they would be dining from the menu of the top chef in the western hemisphere, how Graham scored a reservation Jenny had no idea.  Diners at the ‘Le’ Rubberene’ had to book at least two years in advance if they wished to eat at the world famous restaurant and even then you had to be someone of importance to get inside.  Jenny was glad that she had decided to wear her best silk dress rather than her usual ‘casual’ clothes that she found so comfortable.

“How did you manage to get us a table?”  Jenny asked.  “I thought only the rich and famous were able to eat here?”

“Well, I’m not rich, nor am I famous, but I can pull a few tricks now and then if I really want.”  He replied.

“How many other surprises do you have planned for tonight?” 

“If I told you then they wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?”  He smiled back at her. 

“Shall we?”  Graham asked as he took her hand and led her inside.

The maitre de took Grahams name and had them follow him down a softly lit corridor to the rear of the restaurant.  Soon they were both seated in a secluded part of the restaurant with perhaps the best view of the majestic fireplace in the whole place.  The nearest table to them was over 10 feet away and was occupied by an elderly couple that Jenny recognized were the owners of the office tower were she worked.  Besides them they were almost alone.

As she looked around the immaculate surroundings she was amazed at the size of everything.  The tables were large, the chairs were massive, even the artwork on the walls made a person feel small.  The huge paintings, which hung down from the heavy beams of the roof, depicted ancient battle scenes where humans pulled the carts of the warriors in the chariots, swords drawn.  Some were set in large arenas, much like the Romans used, while others on open land with massive armies on both sides.  Painting after painting a common theme began to emerge, every one of them had a warrior or a monarch on a cart pulled by humans.  Horses were never shown, only the men and women attached to their burden, diligently pulling with all they were worth.  The paintings tied in very nicely with the vast arrays of leather harnesses that dotted the wooden walls.  Jenny thought they seemed a smaller than the harnesses they had used on the ranch for their horses, but figured that with enormity of everything else in the room it was an optical illusion and nothing else.

“This place sure is something isn’t it?”  Graham asked, attempting to make conversation.  “I heard that the chef owns a pony ranch just outside the city.”

“Oh really?”  Jenny replied.  “I was noticing all the harnesses on the walls and was wondering about that myself.  I’ve never seen a harness quite like these though.  I was thinking that they were a little small for horses, but if he’s running ponies then that might explain it.”

The conversation continued on about various things including the paintings and harnesses as they dined on perhaps the best tasting meal Jenny had ever eaten.  The waiter came and went without words except to check if everything was okay and to fill their wine glasses.  No one else bothered them, it was almost as if they were the only ones in the room. 

Managing to find room in her now well-stuffed belly to finish the last bit of desert Jenny set her fork down and looked Graham in the eyes.

“That was amazing, I wish I could send my compliments the chef on perhaps the best meal I’ve ever had!”  Jenny exclaimed.

“That might be arranged.”  Graham replied.  “It just so happens that I know him.  He’s an old friend of mine and that was how I got this table.  He said he would come out and talk to me anyways after we had finished and meet my girlfriend that I had been talking about so much.” 

“You can’t be serious, you actually know Phillip Richards?” she asked.  “Where did you meet him?”

“Yes as a matter of fact I do know him and I met him at a club that I belong to.”  He replied. 

“What club is this?”  Jenny asked.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself?”  Graham said as he nodded that he was approaching behind her.

Jenny turned in her massive seat to look around and spotted a large well built man walking towards them from the kitchen area.  His hair was short and clean cut and set off his ruggedly handsome face.  He had wide shoulders and a thin waist and must have stood just over six feet tall.  To say he was an impressive site was an understatement, but what occupied Jenny’s attention the most was his outfit.  The soft light of the restaurant dimmed her vision a bit but the unmistakeable pure white outfit walking towards her seemed a little different.  No marks or stains could be seen on either the jacket or pants and when he passed one of the small lamps, they seemed to reflect the light slightly.  The nearer he got the closer the look she was granted, until finally, when he had almost arrived, she realized that he was wearing latex!  She had heard of people wearing as clothes, but thought it was a fetish thing, not something that people would wear in public. 

His coat and pants were of the same material, well tailored to fit him, and absolutely spotless.  As he stopped at the table and said hello she realized she was still staring at his jacket and ignoring him.  Blushing slightly she returned his greeting and complimented him on the fine cuisine. 

“It was nothing.”  The chef replied in a soothing deep voice.  “Only the best for my good friend Graham and his special lady.  But if it’s all the same, thank you.”

“We’ve been talking about the paintings on the wall, Jenny was very curious about them.” Graham said to his friend.

“Oh really?  I can see that you’re also interested in my cooking attire as well!” He replied. 

Not realizing that she had been gazing at his jacket again Jenny blushed deeply and quickly looked away, unsure what to say. 

“Don’t worry,” the chef laughed when he saw her embarrassment. “I get those looks all the time when I greet my diners.  If you haven’t figured it out, it is latex.  I wear it when I am planning on entering the dining area to talk to my guests.  Nothing sticks to it and it is very sanitary, I like to keep the appearance that I am very clean, which I am, and besides, a master chef of my stature can’t be see as an ordinary cook.  I have to make a grand presence, and what better way than by wearing this outfit?  It has a beautiful shine and when people see me they know they are in the presence of a master!”

Jenny couldn’t help but notice his emphasis on his last word.  Twice he had mentioned that he was a master and was beginning to wonder if he was a little full of himself.  But then again, he was rated the top chef in the world at one time, and he did deserve the title.

“I’m sorry for staring, and thank you for the explanation.  I was wondering about it, but didn’t want to ask.  Don’t you find it hot?”  She asked.

“Actually it’s not that bad.  The kitchen area is air-conditioned and at times can be quite chilly.  Sometimes I’m glad that I have the rubber to keep me warm.”  He laughed.

They continued to make small talk and Jenny heard the story about how Chef Richards was a fan of medieval lore and explained how a friend of his had painted the majestic pieces of artwork that adorned his restaurant.  He told her of how some countries had so few horses that the slaves would be forced to pull the chariots of the kings and queens, or the carts of the fiercest knights as they entered battles.  Jenny became fascinated as he detailed how the humans were hitched to the carts and began to wonder to herself what it would have been like pulling the cart of a majesty through the streets of their kingdom. 

“I’m sorry that I can’t stay longer, but my presence is required back in the kitchen.”  The chef said after a short while.  “Perhaps later, if you don’t have plans you would like to come to my ranch?  I’m having a small party, if you would like to call it that, and you are more than welcome to come.” 

Jenny looked at Graham and nodded slightly that she would like to go.  She had found the chef’s conversation stimulating and wanted the chance to continue chatting with him.  Graham told him that would be fine and Jenny watched as the man in the white latex chefs outfit nodded and told them the time to meet him.  Jenny smiled and watched the shiny chef return to the kitchen before turning back to Graham.

“Is that okay with you?”  She asked.

“Of course, I didn’t have to much planned for the rest of the night actually, so this works out quite well!” He said with a smile.

Jenny looked at her watch on her wrist and noted the time.  ‘8:30, and we’re to meet him at 10:00’ she thought to herself. 

For the next half hour Jenny and Graham chatted idly and sipped at their wine, the crackle from the fireplace adding a soothing background noise.  At 9:00 they left the restaurant and returned to the Limo, which was still waiting outside.  When she asked how much diner cost, Graham told her that Chef Phillip had covered the tab and it was a gift to them from him. 

“Just how well do you know him?” she asked, surprised at the gesture from the chef.

“We’re pals, that’s all.  Let’s go for a ride before we head to the party.”  Graham replied as they got into the stretched out car.

They toured around the city taking in many of the sights.  The impressive lights of the towering office towers and the parks were breathtaking, but Jenny couldn’t seem to focus on the tour.  The sight of the chef covered in latex and they way that he talked about how the slaves pulled the carts for their masters seemed to occupy her thoughts.  He had been a definite sight to behold when he stood at their table.  His shiny rubber outfit, pure white like the snow, made it clear-cut exactly who he was.  Perhaps there was pure innocence behind his reasoning for the outfit, but Jenny suspected there was something more.  He looked so commanding in the uniform, and she was beginning to wonder what it was like to wear it.  She dreamt of what it would feel like against her skin.  Would it be tight like the rubber gloves she wore when doing the dishes?  Did it smell like her gloves?  What would it be like to wear a dress and sit atop one of the chariots being pulled by slaves of her own?  What if she was one of the slaves, being commanded by the chef in his rubber cook’s attire?  The thoughts piled up one on top of the other until she found that the time to head to the party had come.  She couldn’t help but noticed that she was becoming a little excited at the prospects of the get together.  Perhaps later she could talk more with the mysterious master chef and find out a little more about him.

After leaving the city for the chef’s ranch Jenny felt her excitement growing with each passing mile.  The nearer they got, the more she wanted to hurry.  For the past hour her mind had been filled with thoughts and dreams and she couldn’t wait any longer to get to the ranch.  Finally the driver of the limo pulled off the main highway at Graham’s command and they travelled down a small paved road screened by large elm trees.  Even though the sky was dark Jenny could tell that anyone driving down this road would not be able to see past the trees into what lay beyond. 

“It must be nice to live out here.” She remarked to Graham.  “All of these trees give the owners absolute privacy.  The only way you could see into their yards is by plane or helicopter.”

“Yes, that was one of the reasons why Phillip chose to buy his ranch out here.  Actually, this is his private drive.  All of this that you see is his.  I can only imagine that by being the top chef in the free world has a few dollars attached to the title.”  Graham replied.

After a few minutes of driving down the winding lane they drove into a large opening where the house sat.  Only the front yard and the house could be seen, but it was quite a spectacle in itself.  The house was more like a mansion, built with large diameter logs and stones.  Large windows covered the front, but they seemed tinted so that it was difficult to see in.  The driver pulled around the drive to the front of the house and let them out.  A dozen or so other vehicles lined the drive, all high priced luxuries.  Graham went around to the driver’s window and talked with the chauffeur for a minute before returning back to Jenny.  As they started to climb the steps to the rubber chef’s house Jenny saw the long black limousine pull out of the drive and head back to the city. 

“Where is he going?”  She asked.

“Well, I figured we would be here for a while so I told him to take the rest of the night off and we would call a cab when ready to go home.” He replied.

Jenny thought it was a little strange that Graham would do that; she didn’t think the party would last all night, even though it was a weekend and most likely no one here would have to work tomorrow. 

They rang the doorbell and were quickly greeted by a woman wearing a long majestic blue dress.  Jenny wouldn’t have thought anything of it; after all, she herself was wearing a black silk cocktail dress.  Yes, she wouldn’t have thought anything at all, except that the dress was made of latex! 

“What was that my dear?”  The woman in the shiny blue rubber dress asked.

Jenny hadn’t realized she squeaked when she saw the woman.  All Jenny’s fantasizing during the trip after dinner had seemed to become reality as soon as the lady in the latex dress opened the door.  Jenny had wondered what it would be like to see and wear a dress made of rubber, and now, here she was standing face to face with a lady wearing something out of her dreams.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say hello.” Jenny scrambled to cover her outburst.

“Hello to you too.  You must be Jenny.  It is good that you both were able to make it.” The lady said.  “Graham, the guys are in the pool room.  Would you mind if I took Jenny and introduced her to the other ladies?”

“It’s okay with me if it’s okay with Jenny.”  He replied.

“Of course it’s okay with Jenny.” The latexed lady replied, not allowing Jenny to say anything.  “Come darling, there are so many of us who are dying to meet you.  By the way, my name is Patricia Richards, Phillip is my husband.”

Perplexed, Jenny gave Graham a questioning look and the smile and nod that he gave her told her that everything was all right.  Allowing the lady to take her arm she followed her to the living room area, wondering to herself how on earth this lady knew her name.  She had only just met the famous chef yet somehow his wife seemed to know exactly who she was. 

‘Perhaps Graham has been talking to them about me.’  She thought to herself as she followed the woman in the blue rubber dress through the vast greeting hallway to the side of the house. 

As they passed through the large, spacious kitchen Jenny began to hear the sounds of women’s voices talking and laughing.  With each step that Jenny took the voices grew louder until, finally, they entered a living room that Jenny thought was bigger than her whole apartment.  As Jenny entered she could not believe her eyes.  Everyone, every single lady in the room was dressed in either a fancy latex dress or a body hugging catsuit.  Most of the outfits were mirror shine black, but a few opted for more colourful attire.  Aside from her host, there were two other ladies dressed in blue, one a short simple dress, the other a full body catsuit.  One lady wore a pink catsuit while another wore a green.  One dress had flames coming from her breasts and crotch area while another wore wedding day white.  All of the females were in fantastic shape and Jenny was glad that she took the time to work out.  Everyone had a large smile on their faces yet Jenny couldn’t help feeling as though she didn’t belong in her silk dress.

“If I could have everyone’s attention just for a minute!”  She heard the rubber chef’s wife announce.  “I would like you to meet Jenny, she is Graham’s girlfriend!”

Everyone in the room turned to look as Patricia spoke.  If Jenny was feeling a little uncomfortable before it wasn’t so bad compared to what she felt now.  Everyone stopped talking and looked her up and down.  She felt as though she was being inspected and wondered if she would meet their expectations. 

“Don’t worry,” Patricia said to her, “everyone is very nice, and they just want to have a good look since they have heard so much about you.”

‘Heard so much about me?’ she asked herself.  ‘Just what has Graham been saying?’

One of the women stood up from one of the large leather couches and welcomed her to the party.  Soon after every single woman in the room had likewise said hello and welcome.  By the end Jenny was starting to feel better about being at the party and had even taken a wine that had been offered to her by a lady wearing a latex maid’s outfit.  The lady was very nice and had called her Maam before making her way back towards the bar in the back of the room. 

“That’s Leah,” Patricia told her after she had accepted her drink.  “At every party we have we draw names to see who serves for the night.  If your name is picked you have to wear the maid’s dress and ensure that everyone else gets what they want.  Once your name is picked you don’t have to do it again until everyone else has had their turn.  We’ve found this works much better than twenty or so women fighting to get a drink and snacks.  Hopefully we will add your name to the list of eligible candidates after tonight.”

“Err, how many parties like this do you have?”  Jenny asked.

“Oh usually twice a month I would have to say.”  The latexed lady smiled at her.

Jenny wasn’t sure what to think.  Here she had just arrived and now she was being told that her turn to wear the maid’s outfit could be next month!  But even as she was confused about what exactly was going on she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be the one in the tight black dress with the white apron serving these rubber ladies whatever they wished.  Shivers ran up her spine as she contemplated the idea. 

After Patricia had taken her around the room introducing each of the women she had begun to feel quite comfortable in her new surroundings.  It was true what Patricia had said, every one of the latex ladies was indeed very nice and all of them had welcomed her to the group.  Only one thing troubled her at the end though, aside from being the only one not dressed in rubber, was that everyone seemed to know who she was.  They seemed to know details about her that even her own sister might not have known.  Graham had certainly been talking about her a lot, and she would have to have a talk with him herself when this night was through. 

“Okay, that’s everybody!” she heard Patricia say.  And louder so that everyone could hear, “It’s getting close to time ladies!  Is everyone ready?”

An emphatic yes roared through the room, startling Jenny as all of the rubber women spoke as one.  Their seemed to be a great rush as soon Patricia made her announcement.  Each of the women drank back their last gulp of wine and hastily finished their conversations.  Apparently there was something special planned that nobody wanted to be late for.  Jenny couldn’t help but wonder if the same flurry of activity was happening where Graham had gone to. 

“I guess we should get you ready as well!” Patricia said to Jenny as she took her hand and started to walk towards the rear of the house. 

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked, starting to get a little scared about what was happening.

“I mean that it’s time to get you dressed.  You can’t be wearing that beautiful dress during the ride silly!”  Patricia laughed as they passed through various rooms in the house.

‘The ride?’ Jenny asked herself. ‘What does that got to do with what I’m wearing?’

As they entered what Jenny thought must be Patricia and Phillip’s bedroom she couldn’t help but smell the powerful aroma of latex.  And it was no wonder why!  Everything, the bedding, the chairs, the curtains, even the carpet, was made of latex!  As she walked across the room with Patricia towards the closet she couldn’t help but feel the cool slick touch of the latex on her bare feet.  Tingles of excitement shot up from her toes throughout her body with each step.  Immediately she sensed that this latex was completely different than her rubber gloves she had for doing the dishes.  This latex was so soft, so flexible that it moulded to her foot and tickled between her toes. 

“Okay,” Patricia said as she opened the closet doors and looked at the wall of latex clothing hidden inside. “You and I are pretty close to the same size” 

She watched as Patricia searched through the sea of rubber clothes hanging in the closet.  Almost any colour that one could imagine had been made into an article of rubber attire.  Dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, vests, jackets, catsuits, shoes, hats, any possible item of clothing that one might wear was in there.  And all, every single garment was latex. 

“Ah, here we go!”  Patricia said excitedly as she pulled a fire red catsuit from the vast array of rubber.  “This should fit you quite nicely!”

“I, I can’t wear that!” Jenny said quietly, beginning to feel a little afraid of what was happening.

“Of course you can!  Here take it, it won’t bite you!  Haven’t you worn latex before?” Patricia asked.

“I, um, I… well, no I haven’t” she said sheepishly.

“Oh, I see.” Patricia replied as she realized Jenny’s embarrassment. “Well don’t you worry.  I was afraid the first time I wore it myself, but then I realized that if I didn’t try it I would always wonder what it would be like.  I came to the realization that it wouldn’t hurt me to try, and you know something, I’m glad that I did!  It’s perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me!  The feeling I get when I wear it, well, I would have to describe it as magic!  Nothing has ever given me the pleasure that latex has, and I’m glad that at the time it was offered to me, I didn’t walk away.  The choice is up to you, I can’t make you wear this, but please, don’t refuse simply because you’re scared, have the courage to give it a try, maybe you’ll have the same pleasant surprise that I had.”

Jenny couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  It was true though, she was indeed scared, but could it also be true about what Patricia had said about the intense pleasure of the rubber?  Could this red rubber catsuit being held out to her provide her with the same feelings?  Jenny didn’t know what to do.

“Okay!  I’ll try it.”  Jenny suddenly spoke.  She didn’t know where the sudden boost of confidence came from but was sure that she had made the right decision after seeing the look of praise on Patricia’s face.

“Great!  Now since this is your first time I’d better help you get dressed.  Why don’t you start by taking off you clothes and I’ll get some powder from the bathroom.”  Patricia said as she put the catsuit on the bed and showed Jenny were to put her clothes.

Jenny quickly stripped from her dress as soon as Patricia had entered the bathroom and picked up the catsuit from the bed.  She didn’t feel to comfortable about standing in her underwear in the rubber bedroom in front of a lady she had only just met.  But just as she was undoing the zipper on the back of the rubber garment she saw Patricia come back into the bedroom. 

“A little shy are we?” Patricia laughed as Jenny tried to cover up by holding the catsuit against her body.  Jenny tried to laugh back but grew even more uncomfortable as Patricia reached out and gently pulled the latex away. 

“You’ve still got a little more undressing to do before you put this on anyways.” Patricia said gently, indicating that the bra and panties would have to go.  “Hurry now, we can’t be late for your big entrance!”

Resigned to her fate Jenny tugged off her underwear from her body and laid them with her dress.  She couldn’t help but feel the rosy glow burning through her cheeks when she turned back towards Patricia. 

“Very nice!  Graham is a very lucky man!”  Patricia said as she examined Jenny.  Noticing the uncomfortable shift in Jenny’s feet, she turned and picked up a bottle of powder that she had set on the dresser beside her. 

“This is talcum powder,” she explained, “we use this to help put on the latex.  It makes it slide over the skin better so that it is easier to get dressed.  Take it and rub it all over your entire body and I will get the catsuit ready for you.”

Jenny took the bottle from Patricia and did as she was told.  Unsure of how much to use she went a little overboard and in the end had a cloud of white dust whirling around her.  Patricia took the bottle from her when she had finished and set it back on the dresser.  Once done, she turned back to Jenny and asked her to stick one of her legs in the air.  Jenny did as she was told and soon was rewarded with the latex legging sliding over her foot.  As more of the leg opening passed over her skin the tightness began to increase until she found herself struggling to keep her balance and still allow the catsuit legging to slide into place.  Finally she felt an unmistakeable plop as her foot slipped into place.  As she lifted her second leg the same struggle ensued until it, as well, plopped into place. 

Now that she could stand on both feet again she began to realize just what the pleasure Patricia had been taking about meant.  She let out a small gasp as the latex was pulled up her legs.  Inch by ever-increasing inch the latex seemed to rise up her body, encapsulating it.  The latex was forming a second layer of skin, one that seemed to make her own skin much more sensitive.  She had never been this aware of the erotic spots hidden throughout her legs that the latex seemed to find and stimulate.  Higher and higher the rubber climbed up her thighs, reaching towards her sex.  Soon her pussy was sheathed in the tight latex and Jenny couldn’t help but moan as it grasped her mound.  Instantly Jenny could feel her body react to the touch of the rubber, her lips widening, inviting the latex to enter her body.  Her buttocks had never felt so tight as the rubber squeezed her cheeks together.  As it passed over her belly and lower back she felt her body being gently moulded to a more feminine shape.  Soon her breasts as well were pushed together and upwards by the figure hugging latex, her cleavage accentuated by the insistent pull.  Her arms seemed to glide through the sleeves of the catsuit and she welcomed its embrace.  Everything that Patricia had said about the latex was true.  It was like nothing she had ever felt before.  Her whole body tingled with pleasure as the latex hugged her skin, tighter than she could have ever dreamed. 

“I see you like it!”  Patricia whispered in her ear as she pulled the long zipper closed.  The moan that escaped from Jenny’s lips confirmed that it was true.  “I have a little surprise for you, I think you might enjoy it.”

Reaching into the dresser that she had set the talcum powder bottle on she asked Jenny to turn around and face the bed.  Soon she found what she was looking for and Jenny couldn’t help but wonder what was happening when she heard some plastic being torn.  She almost jumped out of her second skin when she felt Patricia’s hand just above her pussy grab the second zipper and expose her mound. 

“Don’t turn around.” She heard Patricia say when she tried to look behind her. “It’s alright, you’ll like it!”

As soon as she felt the pressure begin to mount between her legs she knew what the surprise was.  The tip of the rubber dildo slid quickly past her outer lips and found its way to the now well-soaked opening of her vagina.  Jenny wasn’t quite sure if she wanted this to continue, but as the rubber intruder nudged against her inner lips she couldn’t stop herself from trying to push back against it.  Bending her legs slightly to make more room for the dildo she cried out in delight as the head entered her.  Further and further she felt the rubber prosthetic fill her burning pussy until, when she thought she could take no more, she felt the base of the shaft bump against her clitoris.  The simple touch on her swollen nub was enough to send bolts of electricity shooting throughout her body.  Bolt after bolt her body rocked with the intense orgasm provided by the latex intruder.  She had never experienced an orgasm quite like this; her whole body seemed to be climaxing at once.  Each erogenous spot throughout her body being stimulated by the rubber, until finally she half collapsed on the bed, exhausted by her powerful ascent to ecstasy. 

“That was pretty much the same thing that happened to me.” She heard Patricia say as she felt her zip the latex between her thighs closed.  “I think you made a little more noise though!”

Jenny turned towards her rubber host and started to laugh when she saw that Patricia was making a joke.  She hadn’t realized that she was making noises, screams, as Patricia would describe it. 

“Is it always like this?” Jenny asked.

“Pretty much, only it gets better as time goes on!”  Patricia replied.  “I think we’d better hurry if we’re to make the ride.  You stay here while I get my riding attire on.”

Jenny wanted to ask her what she meant by this mysterious ride but before she could say anything Patricia darted towards the closet and grabbed a second catsuit for herself. 

“I think I’ll go with the red myself as well I think.  We’re going to be riding together so it should look really good if we match!”  Patricia spoke, as she got dressed.

“What is this ride business that you keep talking about?”  Jenny asked as Patricia stepped back into the room, dressed in a matching skintight fire red catsuit exactly the same as Jenny’s. 

“You’ll see when we get to the stables out back.  Graham asked me not to tell you too much because he wanted it to be a surprise.”

“And this isn’t?” She asked as she lounged on the bed enjoying the feel of the latex hugging her body.

Patricia laughed as she came over to Jenny and grabbed her hand. 

“Don’t worry, the pleasure don’t stop here!” she said as she patted the base of the dildo buried between Jenny’s thighs.  “Come, we must hurry, most of the girls are probably already harnessed!”

Jenny tried to comprehend what she had just heard, but had little time to question Patricia further as they raced from the bedroom and out of the house towards the giant barn in the back. 

‘Did she say harnessed?’ Jenny asked herself.  Surely she must have heard wrong.  But as they entered the doors to the stables Jenny realized exactly what the word ‘harnessed’ meant.

All of the women that she had met earlier were now wearing latex catsuits much like hers.  Again, most of them were black, but a few white and red ones could be seen.  The only thing different between them and her was that they were wearing full hoods that exposed only their faces and had ponytails at the tops of their heads.  That, and the fact that they wearing leather harnesses just like at the restaurant which were attached to the pony carts that the men were standing beside. 

Jenny stopped as soon as she saw what Patricia meant by going for a ‘ride’.  Surely Patricia couldn’t be serious about them being harnessed up the same way.  She had wondered what it would be like to be the one pulling the chariots and like throughout their drive after diner, but this was just too much. 

Patricia noticed that Jenny had stopped and turned back towards her to see what was wrong.

“They can’t be serious about this!  I thought we would be riding some horses or something, I didn’t expect that we were to be the ponies ourselves!”  Jenny complained.

“Don’t worry, this month it is our turn to pull the carts for the men.  Next month they have to pull for us.  It’s not as bad as you think, actually, its quite erotic.  Graham said you might stop at this point, but I believe in you.  You can do this.  You’ve come so far already.  Please, don’t stop now.  You tried the latex and found that you love it; perhaps you might find that you love this as well.  All I’m asking is that you try.” 

Jenny stared at the lady in the red catsuit.  It was true; all of what she said was true.  She had been frightened to try the latex, yet now she could truly say she was glad she had.  Could it be that Patricia will be right about the pony harness as well?  Had she come this far to give up? 

Patricia reached out her hand towards Jenny imploring her to take it.  As Jenny looked past her towards the ring of pony girls standing by their carts she spied Graham watching her.  He gave a nod of encouragement and digging deep inside for a boost of courage she managed to reach out and take a step forward.  Soon she found that each step was growing easier and in no time they were standing next to Graham and Phillip and the cart she would soon be harnessed to.

Grahams eyes just about popped out of his head when she turned towards him and said hello.  Tentatively he reached out and touched her shoulder, feeling her body through the latex. 

“You look good!” He said quietly as he leaned forward and kissed her lips.  “Do you like it?”

“Oh yes!”  Jenny replied.  “I’ve never felt anything like it ever before!” 

“I’m glad that this is working out.  I’m sorry for bringing you out here under false pretences but I wasn’t quite sure how you would react if I asked you before hand.  I was pretty sure that you wouldn’t come if you knew what was going on here, and I’m sorry that I tricked you.”  He apologized.

“Oh it’s okay.  Next month I hear that you get to be hitched to the cart and we get to ride!”  She said as she gave Patricia a sideways glance.

Graham laughed when he realized that Patricia had filled her in on some of the details. 

“Yeah, I guess.  But for now you’re my pony and it’s time to get you hitched.” He smiled.

Jenny wasn’t quite sure what to expect as Graham started pulling leather straps and metal chains from a stand next to the cart.  She managed to get a good look at Patricia being fitted with a latex hood much like the ones the other women were wearing and was surprised when she felt the latex of her own hood being pulled over the top of her head.  Soon the hood was in place and her hair was fed up through a small ring at the top.  Her jaw was held tightly by the bottom part of the hood but she could speak quite comfortably and wasn’t scared by it.  She felt leather cuffs being attached to her wrists and ankles and heard the distinct snap of a lock being closed on each one.  Each metal clink of the locks closing seemed to reverberate through her body. 

With the cuffs in place it was time to fit the chest harness to her.  She watched as Graham placed the wide polished black leather straps over her shoulders and around her chest.  The straps formed an X-pattern across her chest where they crossed and met at her back.  Carefully Graham tugged at the leather straps until they were tight yet still comfortable.  A second harness covered her lower chest and her hips and it too was likewise tightened to the desired fit.  A third wide band of leather was wrapped around each thigh and tightened with laces to ensure they stayed in place.  A short chain secured her thighs together and a second longer one was fastened to her ankles.  Another chain was added from the middle of the thigh chain to the middle of the ankle chain so that the ankle chain wouldn’t drag on the ground. 

Jenny felt the leather pull straps being attached to the D-rings that were mounted on her shoulder and hip harnesses.  When she looked over her shoulder she could see that these attached to the front of the cart and were used as the pulling straps.  She felt Graham grab each wrist gently and attach a small chain from each cuff to another D-ring in the small of her back, effectively binding her hands behind her.  Helpless now she watched as he came around to her front and cupped her breasts.  She could feel his strong hands massaging her mounds through the latex and became excited by his touch.  She gasped when he reached down and found the rubber intruder buried in her sopping pussy. 

“I see Patricia was able to give you the special treat!  I guess I lost twenty bucks on that one!  I didn’t think you would let her go that far!”

“Only a couple more pieces to fit and we’ll be ready to go!” He said, as he looked deep into her eyes, seeing the desire building inside her as he bumped the base of the latex dildo.  “As a rule, first time ponies need a little help from getting distracted and looking around.”

Confused, she started to ask him what he meant, but a finger across her lips told her that ponies weren’t allowed to talk.  She watched silently as he produced a large leather collar from behind his back and positioned it under her chin.  As he began to fit the collar she found her ability to move her head lessened with each tightening of the laces that secured it at the rear.  Once the collar was tightly laced she could no longer turn her head side to side and her chin was forced up so that she could only look straight ahead.  She heard the chef say that that was a good idea and decided to fit Patricia with one as well.

“Since they look so nice together with matching rubber catsuits, then perhaps they should match in everything else as well.”  The chef laughed as he tightened the collar around Patricia’s neck.

Thinking that there couldn’t be any more, Jenny was again surprised when the rubber pony bit was forced between her teeth.  She felt straps being tightened across her forehead and in back as well.  Out of the corner of her eye she could see Graham attaching the leather reigns to the rings on the sides of the bit and felt them being fed through a ring on top of each shoulder. 

Finally satisfied with the fit of the harnesses and ensuring that everything was comfortable, Jenny finally felt what it was like to be harnessed to a cart much like the slaves in the painting were.  She had wondered what it would be like to be a pony, wearing latex, pulling a cart with her master in control.  She had dreamed of it during the ride in the limo.  And now she was living it.  She, in her red latex catsuit with leather straps running over her body, helpless and unable to resist, was living out her wildest fantasy that she had only dreamed of hours before. 

She couldn’t help but ask herself as she felt the reigns being jiggled, telling them to be off.  “Just what other surprises does he have up his sleeve?”

The End.


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