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Latex Cubed

by ZTVFemdomtales

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© Copyright 2015 - ZTVFemdomtales - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; date; party; dungeon; latex; cube; vacuum; encased; stuck; tease; denial; cons; X

I always thought working on television would be a glamorous affair. I was wrong. I started working for our local news station in an entry level position. I came to learn later that this meant ‘gofer’. I spent my days getting coffees and running papers everywhere. The only bright spot in my day was Ashely. Ashley Ryanes was our weather girl. About twenty like I was she was a long legged blonde always wearing nice short shorts to show off her slender legs and perfect little ass. Her belly shirts always gave everyone a good view of her firm round cleavage.  I loved doing things for her not only because so was so beautiful but also because she was the only person at the station who had bothered to learn my name.

“Hello Ronnie,” she would say each time I came into the room.

She would always make sure to touch my hand when I handed her something or rub my shoulder affectionately. I never wanted that time together to end. Then one day …


I was on my way out the door when she called to me.


“Tomorrow night the station’s holding its annual fundraiser dinner. Sleazy Larry from sports will be there harassing me all night if I don’t have a date. Can you go with me?”


“Yeah you, who else would I go with?”

“Yeah, of course, I mean sure I’ll go with you.”

“Great, thank you so much, remember it’s black tie so you’ll need to rent a tux. Meet me at my place tomorrow at six. Here’s my address.”

Let’s just say it was a long twenty four hours. I arrived at her home in a rented tux that I was desperately trying not to the sweat through. That became infinitely harder when she answered the door. Her little black dress was a very little black dress. It ended just short of her knees, had no sleeves and gave a good view of her cleavage. I was suddenly very weak in the knees.

“Hi,” was all I could think to say.

“Hey Ronnie,” she said, “You clean up good.”

She gave me a quick peck on the lips and grabbed my hand.

“Ready to go?”


The party was nothing special. Just a bunch of dressed up people getting drunk, talking loud, kissing butts and hitting people up for money. Well at least it went to charity. I couldn’t care less about any of that stuff however because Ashley had a firm grip on my hand and seemed unwilling to let me go, and I was ok with that.

But when nature called she had to let me go for a minute. When I came back out there was Sleazy Larry. I could tell you what he looks like but I think you already have a good idea.

“Come on baby, let’s you and me get out of here.”

Original, aint he?

“There you are Ronnie, let’s go, I’m done here.”

“You can’t really be here with this little runt,” Larry said.

I was about to say something, stupid if I’m honest, when Ashley answered for me. She grabbed me by my shirt pulling in for a long passionate kiss. After a minute she let go and turned to Larry.

“I am and we’re leaving.”

I had only planned to walk her to her door but she pulled me on in after her.

“Thank you, I had a great time tonight,” she said.

“Me too.”

She pulled me onto the couch with her. She then nuzzled against me and lay there for a little while, smiling sweetly. Nervous I looked around the room. On her coffee table I spotted a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. Before I could stop myself I grabbed it and asked, “You don’t actually read these things do you?”

“Oh I do more than just read them, I built my very own dungeon.”


“I converted my basement into a sex dungeon.”

“You’re joking, right.”

“Come on I’ll show you.”

Grabbing my hand again she drug me through one of the doors down her hallway. I had no idea what to expect as we descended her old wooden stairs. There was no way this girl had a sex dungeon, was there? She flicked on the lights revealing a traditional basement. The walls had been padded and the floor had thick carpeting but it still looked like a basement.

Then I noticed the X-Cross, a swinging harness of some kind, a bondage horse, dear god she did have a sex dungeon.

“You actually use all this stuff?”

“When I can find a cute boy willing to be tied up.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, or seeing. I came to a large blue box.

“What’s this?”

“It’s better if I show you.”


“Trust me it’ll be fun.”

Not wanting to ruin a perfectly good evening with my dream girl I decided to play along. How weird could it be?

“Climb in,” she said lifting up a flap in the latex.

I took a deep breath I did just that. She proceeded to seal it behind me.

“Poke your head out the hole.”

It was a tight fit but I obliged. I was now squatting with my head poking out the top. What was going on here? Then she rolled out the vacuum.

“What’s that for?”  I asked, suddenly nervous.

“It’s OK, it’s for the box.”

She took the vacuum hose and hooked it to a port on the bottom of the box and turned it on. I waited minute to see what would happen. I could feel the air rushing into the tube. It was then I noticed the latex starting to contract. This didn’t seem to bother Ashley so I said nothing. It continued to tighten around me. When she turned it off there was no more air inside the cube. The cube was now a frame supporting the latex which had shrunk sealing around my body trapping me in place.

“Ashley,” I said uncertainly.

“It’s alright Baby,” she said soothingly stroking my hair, “I’m right here with you. I’m not going anywhere.”

Being trapped like that was terrifying but I didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Ashley so I tried to keep my voice neutral.

“What do you usually do now?”

“Oh that,” she teased, “Well it depends on the guy. Some like to be scolded like bad little boys, some like to be spanked, some like to completely sealed up and lose all sense of time.”

“What do you like to do?”

“Me? Well I like to do this.”

She sashayed over to me and bent down until we were eye level. She then kissed me. It wasn’t a sweet little I like you kiss. This was long, passionate and very heavy on the tongue.

“That, I like to do that.”

“Me too.”

She began rubbing her hands over my body. I had to admit it felt good. She took extra time to caress my butt and between my legs.

“God I want to sleep with you,” she said.

“You … you do?”

Was I dreaming? It certainly felt real enough.

“Well of course I do, I mean I couldn’t be more obvious. For crying out loud boy I can’t keep my hands off you at work. But we won’t be doing it tonight.”

“We won’t?”

“I want to keep you all sealed up here until Sunday night.”


“I like to think of it as unwrapping a Christmas present. The anticipation makes it so much better.”

“You want to leave me in here all weekend?”

“We’re both off until Monday, so I thought we’d stay down here together until then.”

“You expect me to stay sealed in this box until then?”

“I’ll let you out to use the bathroom and stretch every few hours but yeah, you’d be in there.”

“And I say no?”

“I won’t force you to Robbie; anytime you want to stop we’ll stop.”

What should I do? I didn’t really like the idea of being stuck in this box for two days but I knew how much it seemed to matter to Ashley.

“No, I’ll do it.”


She then leaned in, kissing me long and hard for hours. Checking the clock she smiled down at me.

“It’s getting late; we’d better get to bed.”

“Can you leave the light on? Being stuck in the dark might be a little much for me.”

“I can’t sleep with the lights on.”

“You’re staying down here too?”

“I have a little cot I like to sleep on down here to keep an eye on my guests.”

“That’s good.”

“There’s also a working bathroom and a stocked kitchenette. I’m not leaving your side at any time this weekend.”

“Thank you”

“No thank you.”

With that she shed her dress revealing her splendid body in all its naked glory. Then she turned off the lights and crawled into bed.

“Good night, Robbie.”

“Good night, Ashley.”

I hadn’t even realized I’d dozed off until I felt the box release me. I awoke with a start then climbed out of the flap.

“Alright off with the tux,” Ashley told me.


“So I can clean the sweat out of it before you have to return it, Silly.”

That made sense. So I stripped off the tuxedo and she led me to the bathroom. Coming back out she stopped me.

“Underwear too.”

She was still naked so it only seemed fair. After handing them over to her she pulled me in for a long hot kiss during which she grabbed a good chunk of my butt.

“Alright back in the box,” she said.

Once I was sealed away again she went and fixed me a bowl of cereal and spoon fed me for a bit. True to her word Ashley never left my side over the next two days. She lounged on her bed teasing me with her incredible body and talking up a storm.

“How’d you get started in all this?” I asked her.

“Well my senior year there was this cute guy I really liked who was dating this nasty little shrew. So I lured him home and tied him up with furniture straps. I kept him in my room all day pleading my case to him.”

“What happened?”

“He went back to the shrew.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m not, I got to meet you.”

That night as we lay, or sat in my case, down for bed a thought came to me.

“Have you ever locked anyone down here against their will?”



“My roommate at the time Brenda. She had this toxic relationship with a biker. I led her down here during his annual poker run and locked her in the X-Cross till he left town.”

“How did she take it?”

“She got over him but she moved out shortly after.”

By noon Sunday it was clear Ashley was running out of patience. She pulled my head deep into her cleavage and held me there.

“God I love the way you’re breath feels in there. Just a few more hours and we’ll get to work.”

Letting go she tipped the box onto its side so I was facing the ground.

“What are we doing here?”

“You’ll see.”

She slid under me throwing her legs around my neck.

“I have something for you to do to hold me over.”

After doing that she flipped me back up right and got onto her computer and began typing away.

“What are you doing?”


“About this?”

“Of course about this, don’t worry I just call you the boy. The others love to hear about these things.”


“The rest of us in the dungeon community.”

“There’s a community?”

“Of course there is. We love to talk to each other about what we do and what we build.”

“How many of you are there?”

“Oh I’d say hundreds. There are the ones like me who do it as a hobby, the hardcore professionals and the ones just dabbling. It takes all kinds.”

An alarm sounded on Ashley’s phone.

“It’s time.”

The cube was unsealed and she led me up the stairs to her bedroom for the first of many nights to come.

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