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Latex and Chains

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; cuffs; breast; toys; insert; chain; stuck; M/f; tease; denial; cons; X

(This story is dedicated to one of the most beautiful bondage models I have ever seen and the first bondage beauty I ever watched, I would like to thank her for her performances, her exquisite body and dedication to the positions she allowed herself to be put into, Thanks “Brandy” )

Krystal felt horny and a little bored she hadn’t had any shoots all week and missed the tight bondage she craved so much and decided to treat herself to some self bondage. She stood in her closet deciding what to wear noticing her catsuit that would leave her breasts uncovered and smiled as it fit her mood and gave her an idea to add some breast bondage to her game time. Pulling the suit from the hanger she took the matching hood and the box of chains with her collars and clamps and dropped them on the bed.

Before slipping into the catsuit she stuffed her damp pussy with the largest vibrating egg she had and set the remote on the table near her bed. Having to stop herself from playing with her pussy she slid her legs into the thick rubber stretching it up over her toned legs enjoying the feeling of the cool rubber starting to warm to her skin and give her the tingle in her pussy she had been missing. When the rubber stretched past her hips she smiled and continued to stretch the rubber up her flat stomach covering her perfectly tanned skin up over her shoulders leaving her large breasts exposed and her nipples hard.

Krystal smoothed out rubber as she stroked her petite body, with her eyes now closed she was panting as she felt the egg moving inside her pussy and continued to stroke her rubber covered body until she was moaning and wiggling on her bed. Krystal snapped out of her trance grunting at herself and jumped up and ran back to her closet. Slipping her tiny feet into her six inch heeled pumps, forcing her feet into a steep arch and making her walk almost on her cramped toes. Krystal wrapped the small straps around her ankles buckling them tightly before grabbing the rigid cuffs. Krystal held the cuffs tightly as she walked back to the bed smiling, having completed her bondage plan in her head and knew she would have fun tonight.

Krystal pulled the long latex gloves up her arms and smoothed them out and stood in front of the mirror admiring her toned body and large breasts as she stroked them. Next she took the two steel collars and wrapped them around the bases of her breasts squeezing them tightly around each. Locking them closed made her breasts pucker over the bands of steel and immediately start to throb from the tension.

Smiling again Krystal locked a short chain in the center of the steel bands letting it hang between them then took another length of chain and wrapped it tightly around her waist. Krystal slipped a lock through the ends then locked the rigid cuffs to the chain leaving them hanging at her lower back. With the cuffs rattling when she moved she walked back towards the bed taking several more lengths of chain with her. She wrapped the chain around her ankles, locking them before squatting and continuing to wrap the heavy chain around her shins and thighs pulling her legs together. Locking the last loop of the chain around the chain at her waist making sure the chains wouldn’t slide down her legs.

Feeling the chain dig deeper into her waist made her wish she had laced a corset on before wrapping the chain around herself to ease the ache already starting from the tight chain as it was pulled by the weight on the chains around her legs. Balancing on the tall heels Krystal was really starting to feel the heat from the latex and her arousal. Smiling as she reached for the latex hood with her shaky hands she pulled the hood down over her blonde hair. Krystal lined up the holes under her nose before zipping the hood closed leaving her beautiful blue eyes peering out from the small holes in the hood.

Already panting Krystal took the panel gag head harness and stuffed the ball into her rubber covered mouth stretching the latex as the ball was shoved past her teeth. Krystal buckled it around her rubber coated head cinching each strap tight and making it impossible to breath except through her nose. The large panel was pulled tight across her mouth sealing her lips to the ball, Krystal tightened the straps under her chin making her moan slightly as she gasped under the tight rubber.

Krystal was panting harder as her arousal continued to grow driving her to continue with her incarceration even as her legs began to cramp. Taking the wide steel collar she locked it around her neck trapping the rubber hood and lower straps of the head harness under it and locked it closed. When the lock clicked closed Krystal felt a little shudder in her pussy knowing the keys were in a small plastic bottle about ten feet away frozen solid. Krystal also knew once the collar was locked she would be stuck waiting in her rubber and steel even if she didn’t finish her bondage.

Krystal sat on her heels moaning as she stroked her breasts, feeling the steel around them then stroking the chains digging into her thighs. Her hands were desperately trying to reach her rubber covered pussy being stopped by her own thighs being held so tightly together making her moan louder as her frustration grew. Krystal was already trapped for the next few hours in her latex and chains but her growing need to cum urged her on. Taking the short chain locked between the bands of steel around her breasts she pulled it taunt and locked it to the d-ring on her collar putting even more strain on her bugling breasts.

Krystal could feel her pussy leaking into the tight rubber covering her and caught herself moaning as she panted for air through the small holes in the hood. Krystal reached up to her nose and realigned the holes making sure they were straight then quickly she reached behind her and slipped her left wrist into the cuffs and stopped. That nagging feeling she was forgetting something came over her and she sat trying to figure out what it was she had forgotten.

Krystal’s beautiful eyes darting under the rubber, the latex creaking as she twisted her body while she looked for something she might have forgotten. Confident she hadn’t forgotten anything Krystal slipped her right wrist into the cuffs and struggled to close them. She fought to close the cuffs wondering why she was having problems since she had never had to struggle this much before. Turning her wrists while she pushed against the chain she heard the cuffs snap closed trapping her hands close to her back.

1The wide steel cuffs were being held very tightly against her back by the chain that was being pulled tighter with every move. Krystal twisted and pulled on the cuffs testing the chains finding she had secured herself properly and was now stuck squatting in her high heels, latex and steel.

Krystal continued to struggle when she realized she had not put the nipple clamps on and moaned loudly and cursed herself for forgetting them but had no choice now. Krystal was feeling her building orgasm and thought about the remote and realized she had left it lying on the table a few feet behind her. Cursing again she struggled to back her bound body to the table only finding once she had bumped into it that with her hands held so tightly to her back she could only reach a few inches away from her body.

Krystal started moaning and thrashing knowing she had very little chance of achieving an orgasm without the vibrator or nipple clamps. Slumping slightly, her head hanging in the high collar as her hands flailed behind her as she thought about the oncoming hours of being bound tightly unable to orgasm. The frustration she would be feeling would be intense and whined as she started to shuffle forward towards the frozen keys dejected that she had ruined her chance of truly enjoying her bondage.

Krystal was gasping for air, the rubber expanding and contracting tightly over her face as she panted and noticed she had only moved a few inches on her aching feet and groaned loudly. Krystal continued to drag her feet forward each step taking more effort as the sweat began running under the rubber and she continued to fight the steel holding her wrists behind her.

Each small step made the chains across her thighs slip forward pulling the chain around her waist tighter and pulling her hands harder into her back giving her less distance to move her hands. The slipping chains were pulling her waist in more making it increasingly difficult to take a deep breath making her breaths quicker. The more she struggled the more the latex pulled against her face making her panic and struggle harder to free herself. As she fought the chains her wobbling increased making her begin to feel like she was falling over.

Krystal knew if she did fall over she would not be able to right herself. The thought being totally helpless made her squeal and whine as she calmed herself and regained her composure and steadied herself on top of the thin heels. Two hours later Krystal was weeping from the frustration as she slowly shuffled closer to the frozen keys. Krystal was now unsure if she would be able to reach them even if she got there because her hands where now pulled tightly to her back. The tension was forcing her arms to twist in the rigid cuffs making her wrists hurt adding to the pain in her breasts and feet.

The feelings of arousal were fading as the pain increased and her breathing became more difficult. Her sweat soaked face made the hot rubber stick to it forcing her to slow her breathing so she wouldn’t inhale the sweat dripping from her nose. Stopping to rest Krystal peered through the small holes over her eyes and could just see her erect nipples and watched the sweat drip off them. Noticing how red her breasts had become she felt a twinge in her pussy as she sat thinking about how well she had bound herself and how helpless she really was.

Another hour passed and Krystal was getting close to the frozen keys, her feelings of frustration was making her arousal increase giving her the energy to keep shuffling towards the keys. Krystal was thinking about uncuffing her hands and dragging herself back to the table and vibrating herself to a wonderful orgasm, or waiting for Mark to show up knowing he would keep her trapped while he teased her for hours.

Mark was supposed to return today and she now regretted not waiting for him to start this adventure then at least she would know he would be there to release her sooner or later. Krystal thought as it was right now she didn’t know for sure if or when he would be coming over. Krystal had been struggling on her aching feet for almost four hours when she reached the bottle and squatted next to it and tried to reach for it. Finding out she would not be able to reach it Krystal squealing loudly her piercing blue eyes scanned the room in desperation trying to find a way out. Krystal knew she would have to fall to her side just to have a hope of reaching the keys.

2After squirming and stretching her hands she finally resolved herself to having to fall over. Krystal shuffled sideways so she could fall next to the bottle and leaned backwards and rolled onto her trapped hands before rolling onto her side squealing the whole time.

When Krystal opened her eyes again she could see she had landed right next to where the bottle should be. Krystal began stretching her hands out and still couldn’t reach the bottle and started screaming into the gag and hood and kicking her bound and cramping legs as she pulled on her waist chain.

After resting and catching her breath Krystal could feel her hands moving further away from her back. She continued to pull on the cuffs and flex her legs and could feel the chains around her legs tighten as they slid further up them. Krystal was finally able to touch the bottle and struggled to grasp it.

Her numb rubber covered hands were not able to fish the keys out of the bottle so pouring the cold water out was the only option. Moaning as it puddled around her helping to cool her latex covered body some.

Reaching for the key hole Krystal couldn’t find it with her numb fingers and fought to flex her hands to increase the blood flow to them. The next twenty minutes was very long as she fought the cuffs still unable to find the key hole not realizing she had locked them upside down and the key hole was now out of reach.

Krystal had been bound and gagged for almost six hours and lay on her side in a puddle of warming water struggling in her latex and chains whining from frustration at her helplessness and wishing Mark would show up. Standing in the doorway was Mark, he had been there for almost thirty minutes quietly watching her struggle before reaching down and grabbing her bound breasts making her squeal loudly and flail about in her bonds. Mark lifted her to her aching feet helping her get her balance as she whined and struggled desperately trying to get him to understand she wanted out but only making him want to watch her struggle more.

Mark really loved Krystal and loved her even more when she wore her latex and was going to make her work for her freedom before he released her. Mark stroked her breasts and head before playing with her bound hands quickly yanking the keys from them and saying “You won’t be needing these for awhile”. Listening to Krystal whine for several minutes then pushed her over listening to her squeal again as she rolled onto her side.

Mark found the nipple clamps lying on the bed and noticed the remote smiling knowing she had forgotten both. Mark was going to have fun with his bound beauty for a few hours before he would release her legs and fuck her while her arms and breasts remained bound. He was going to keep her helpless and unable to breathe easily under the latex hood until he made her orgasm. Krystal lay on her side panting glad Mark was here but wishing she had been able to free herself because she knew he would tease her for hours.

Krystal knew she could do nothing to stop him and really didn’t really want to, as she felt the bite of the first clamp she moaned loudly and smiled broadly under the hood as it was now truly going to be a long exciting night.

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