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Number 2.

Walking past the store, his eye is caught by a black satin corset segmenting a dummy with a pump up latex gag next to it on the floor. Smiling, he enters, wondering how her first day was. "Ding Ding" marks his entrance to the very quiet store, he expected a "Mmmmpffff" rather than a ding, it sort of seemed more appropriate. Looking around it is empty but various sumtuous latex & leather equipment was spread around. A leather armbinder for male & female hang in one corner, it felt so soft between his fingers as he caressed it contrasting starkly with the rather severe leather buckle straps at wrists, elbow and top. Mmmmm. Looked rather inviting. The smell of leather combined with the smell of latex and quickly tongued his nostrils making him gasp. Mmmmm, how nice to feel it being cinched firm with such a wonderful smell enveloping him, soft latex-glad fingers caressing his now captive biceps and taut pectoral muscles.

Walking around he spied long shoulder length latex gloves which he loved and even more so on a woman, following and hugging her arms to her shoulders framing her mounds encased in shiny latex. Various plugs and gags were under another counter, a pump-up latex gag like that in the window along with ball gags, and a fiendish looking head harness with a firm latex ball enwrapped in a soft leather bag. Plugs made him feel uneasy but for the right delicious person he'd submit, although enjoyed working plugs into that teaser of perfection, a feminine butt. His last girlfriend used to tease him by crawling around the bed tilting with her impossibly perfect ass in the air, such a torment and she knew she had a tight pert ass. Along another wall ran various high-heels, in surprisingly large sizes and even inflatable latex bras and vibrating male briefs. He wondered what she had in mind, her web site pictures had been fantastic and her choice of stories, passionate and erotic in the extreme.

His arousal became intoxicating waves as the sudden sounds coming from the curtains behind the counter wafted through the aroma of latex & leather. Walking closer past coils of soft cotton rope, his puzzled expression soon turned into a wide grin. "mmMMPPPHHHFFF... Mmmmmm-MMMMmm" were sounds he recognised, the sound of a woman in deep shuddering pleasure muffled by tight penetrating latex. Pushing the curtain aside slightly, his eyes widened at the stunning sight before him. Her long hair was strewn across her face, as she bucked her hips in the air twisting and grinding against relentless buzzing in her groin. From the beads of sweat on her face she has clearly been busy and tormented for some time! With her eyes tightly shut he watches her as the last (for the moment) orgasm racks her body. Her hips were high in the air, with sensual long stilleto heels struggling against the ground and head back straining against the back of the oh so snug posture collar. She looked absolutely fantastic, and probably felt it too!

Eyes flickering open she pantted in desperate recovery before the next orgasm welled up inside her, only to find her new friend smiling broadly back at her. "Hello, ... I, er see you have been quite busy today, - you are selling more than you test out though!".

Despite the pumped up latex gag rounding her cheeks he could still hear her giggles, and see them through a wonderfully cinched tight waist. MMMmmmmm, that looked soooo goood. Her mittened hands struggled against the straps of the gag but to no avail. Walking over and struggling to mask her effect on him, he knelt down and lifted her cinched back leaned her against his knee.

"You want out?" he asked

"Mmmmmfffff!" came her delicious reply.

"I guess that's a yes" he replied grinning widely holding her body gently pampering her.

He reached down to the bulb leading to the gag, as it brushed her voluptuous chest exquisite in it's latex cocoon. Mischievously he gave the pump a quick pump, the pst, made her eyes bigger distracting her from the buzzing within her briefly. Feigning puzzlement, "Oh, it's this one!" he teased as he released the pressure forcing the gag deep into her mouth sealing it. The latex creaked, or was it her jaw, as it shrunk in size revealing her crimson red lips to him. As soon as it was deflated, an embarrassed grin spread across her face.

"Er Hi!... I was put in this to entice customers to buy things!", she replied blushing redder than the numbingly-sexy hobble dress she was wearing.

"Hmmm, I see, glad they didn't buy this one," he replied with eyes smiling back at her.

She looked incredible, the latex dress hugged every curve of her outrageously erotic body. Her eyes were becoming more distant again as the buzzing within her shapely ass and beneath That Corset took hold of her again.

"I-I.. I need to get out of this" she stammered as her head began to flop & spasm about her shoulders fighting against the posture collar and the new waves of pleasure reaming through her. Gently squeezing her waist between the very strong corset-boning he really wasn't sure.

"Oh, I don't know, you look fantastic in it..."

Her waist did look fantastic she grinned to herself! Sliding his arm under her knees his eyes rolled at the gorgeous calves and very long stilleto heels, moaning very softly to himself, she was torment personified, or latexfied!

"What are you doing?" she suddenly manages to blurt out grinning, in between the pants against her invaders and the strain of the corset. Her ribs ached but it felt SOOO good!

She soon found out as he rocked her onto her ass, grinding the plug slowly in & out of her ass in a tortuous motion which soon had her legs straining against the wonderful squeezing of the hobble skirt and her head back against the collar. With the gag deflated in her mouth she stared into his eyes as finally another orgasm rushed through her body, her legs snapped apart briefly only to be brought back together by their rubbery confines, the cry of sheer ecstacy from her mouth erupted free this time helped by the heavily boned corset.

"Hmmm, can see why someone gagged you!" he teased her, her giggling shook the corset against him. Wow she looked great particularly with a freshly-fk'd glow covering her.

"The remotes are in the ankles, it unzips..." she panted as her head flops against his shoulder, finding a rather nice thick pectoral to nuzzle against.

"I'm knackered! Will you remove this gag, it sort of gets in the way". The gag still penetrating her mouth with it's latex phallus was unbuckled and he wiped some of her drool from her mouth, as her mittened hands struggle she gives him a teasing wide sick-cow-eyed look.

Smiling and laughing still head-scrambled by the sight before him, he unzips her skirt to the knees and removes the remote. Her attempts at bending against the corset were completely futile and exhausting. What a wonderful predicament! Bet it felt so horny too!

"What are YOU grinning at?" she suddenly asks, frowning, seeing his face take on a decidedly teasing grin, "BZZZZZZZZZ!!!" came the reply from deep within her as he flicked the remotes onto full speed.

"Nnnngggnnn, ... that's... that's not fair!" she panted out against the corset, as her shapely chest heaved passionately and above it. Switching them slowly off she would have felt slightly deflated at their loss had it not been for the relentless squeezing of the corset against her gorgeous body.

Coming more to her senses she really looked great in it, her shapely breasts curved out stretching the latex tight and were forced upwards by the corset beneath. What an incredible figure and what an outfit! The hood framed her face better than that on the television rain woman, - now that always made rainy days something to look forward to! Mmmm, he couldn't resist, he placed a gentle caring kiss on her cheek, her mittened hand searching across his chest as he did.

Getting up with the combination of the heels and corset proved to be a feat in itself, she ended up rolling onto all fours which only served to bury his jaw in the ground as the tight corset framed her shapely ass. Twisting against the rigid confines of the posture collar she looked up and laughed "These boots aren't made for walking!"

"Hmmm, they look a little bit precipitous," his eyes still admiring her figure.

Noting this, she wiggled her ass... just for effect, giggling at his distinctly guttural moan in reply. Thinking he might need to lie down, or be tied down to prevent him shining with sweet caresses all the latex curving erotically in front of him, he helped her to her feet, or rather her toes.

"Hey, shorty! Think we need to find you some heels!" she laughed, noting that at least in these shoes she was able to quite definately look down on him.

Her cute nostrils and full lips looked sensational, "Oh that's ok" he replied caressing her lips with his finger tips, teasing at their softness, "you've got to *walk* in them with the plugs in you!".

This was true, walking round the store had been more of a controlled tottering as she constantly made short steps to balance herself. With the plugs in her the constant movement simply served to tease at her well screwed ass and sex all the more.

"There's an upstairs, I can get changed and we can get something to eat, I take it you found us without much difficulty?"

"Yes, the items in the window meant I couldn't walk by".

Grinning to herself as she remembered the other corset in the window cinched nothing like as tight as the one around her. 'Us' reminded him that she was already very much attached to her lover LC who would be joining them shortly. He wasn't quite sure how he was going to cope with two mischievous women so quite frankly Horny in Latex, rather than Sleepless in Seattle.

Helping her across the room, he held her securely round the waist so she couldn't slip or fall. On reaching the stairs, she rested half against the wall and half against him. Suddenly remembering a few scenes in Richard & Jennifer (now there was a week of mind-screwing if ever there was one!). She realised how Jennifer must have felt. The dampness down below was getting worse again from the tortuously slow screwing of the plugs.

"What's in the bag?" she asked, pawing at it through her mittens,

"Oh just some toys" I replied rattling the mixture of latex-folds & leather.

"MMmmmm - I LIKE toys!"

"Yes, so it would appear" I replied nudging her ass and looking at her so tight waist. She just smiled, freshly screwed, remaining panting. The top of the corset just flexing slightly as she breathed against it. Quite a spectacle.

"You ok there?" he asked looking at her half closed eyes as she rested her forehead against the wall. Brushing the matted hair from her face he couldn't help but laugh, the plugs must have been creating some interesting sensations. "Yessss... stop laughing and help me up the stairs!".

Teasingly he reached down and unzipped the skirt a little higher, "Can't see you doing the penguin up the stairs can we". It would be bad enough with the heels on, as her attempts at bending in the corset only met with moans.

"Oh, can you get these mittens off?", she asked rubbing her little paws together. Untying the tight laces released a pair of sensual fingers which she brushed his chest with gently. Hmmm, nice gentle touch he thought, her eyebrow flick hid her mischievous in sweet innocence.

Slowly she tottered her way up the stairs, twisting her shapely latex covered ass as she balanced to make each step. Couldn't unzip the skirt too far, would spoil the effect he thought. Her panting and moaning against the restriction of the corset was sheer music.

"Well, we... - we made it" she sighed with relief at the top, "I need a rest".

Flopping down on a sofa she relaxed back abandoning her fight against the corsets erotic boning, and uncerimonially placed her latex covered legs on the table.

"Those heels look a little... dangerous." I said eyeing the long stilleto points.

Laughing wickedly, "Heh, yes, they do a bit, my 5-1/2" ones are easier to walk in but combined with the hobble skirt they are remarkably effective". Her eyebrows stressed the word effective, her teasing was making sitting uncomfortable.

"Do you want help getting them off?", I asked, "yes" came a still panting reply as she tossed her head back... wish she wouldn't pant so, it makes that corset come alive. Unlacing each boot took some time but eventually a luscious pair of feet were revealed, a very tired pair of feet!

"Mmmmm-mmmmmMmmmm..!" that feels soooo good she purred stretching herself down the sofa as her feet were massaged into a warm relaxed bliss. Having received a good pampering-to, she swung her corsetted hips athethletically off the sofa. "Fancy a drink?", she asked walking to the cupboard and showing him a bottle, "-that's fine". Clinking some ice-cubes into the glass, she placed them on the table, only to start sucking her ice-cube intimately, tonguing its rough edges whilst purring as the cool water trickled down her tongue.

Eyeing the bag for a few seconds whilst in mid suck, "What's in the bag?"

"Ooo, just some things I and a girl used to play with - a while back, she emigrated I'm afraid"

"Wait I-..." his voice trailed off as he was surprised at how quick she managed to run forward to grab the bag.

"Heh-heee!" she giggled as she turned round, pushed him back with her ass and quickly having it open despite his efforts.

"Pwoooaargh! These look nice!" she said staring in at what was actually a plastic bag on the top, just to tease!

Inside she quickly found a bundle of latex, leather and a few coils of soft white cotton rope. Slowly she eased the jumbled bundles out and examined each one closely, all were shiny and spotless despite their jostling confines. Black latex stockings and shoulder length gloves, sheathed pants, and one of her favourites, a pump-up latex gag. There was something rather erotic about having a mouth full of latex gag, pumped up relentlessly to it's penetrating limits. There was a tall black satin corset with heavy steel boning, which she held up to compare with her own.

"Er, ummm, well why should a woman get all the fun toys! Tight things can feel really good, although that will not close fully", he said trying to hide his redness behind the glass which was proving too small to be particularly effective.

"You're cute - bet *I* can get it to fasten!" she grinned wickedly.

A long latex T-shirt completed the list, just reaching to his ass & groin. The final latex item was an inflatable latex bra which "she" had decided he should have one night, taking delight at the way his pec's moved them around to his acute embarrassment. A large red ball gag and complex soft leather ball gag in chin/head leather harness completed the ensemble of "Mmmmfing!" devices. She toyed with the soft leather wrapped latex ball with her fingers, would be quite fetching she thought to herself hiding a half-smirk.

Other items range from leather ankle & wrist cuffs, to bicep cuffs and multi-buckle knee binder which could be combined with rope to make an arm binder. A 6" wide leather bondage belt with integral rear locking cuffs unfurled itself across the table with a chinking of buckles, and a high leather posture collar popped out. Her slender neck was still snugly buckled in hers.

Her attention was now focused on a vibrating plug and what looked like a normal vibrator but in a leather ring harness which attached to the male member so as to torment it and segment it mind-numbingly, preventing any chance of it deflating.

"What an interesting selection..." she said in an inquisitive but decidedly wicked voice, "I'm off to get changed, and THEN we can start on YOU! Put on the shorts & umm T-shirt. Then we'll try some things and I'm hungry, LC will be here shortly - careful or she may want to use some of her toys on you if you're not ready!"

At that she nimbly got up and and slipped the hobble skirt finally undone, treating him to a sight her of corset extentuated hips and great legs, slicked under the catsuit by her physical exertions downstairs. Slipping away she slightly frowned at the still clamping tightness of her hard boned corset as it jossled her breasts.

Whilst away he quickly changed into the shorts and struggled to get the T-shirt down, feeling a little uneasy at first he slips them on. Walking into the room her face flushes at the image before her, her latex hood is slick with sweat, as is her bra forced upwards by the wonderfully tight corset. She quickly begins to release her corset, enjoying the last aches from her ribs. As the busk is unclipped revealing her waist and letting her breasts adjust in her bra, her fingers follow the line of her breasts outwards. Her fingers tease her tender nipples whilst her other hand slips down pushing against the inwards curve of her stomach making her moan even before it reaches her sex. Touching the big vibrator in her only serves to make her buck involuntarily against her hand. Smiling, but frowning as her mind regains control of her far too horny body, she stops, reminding herself of her visitor and starts to change.

As her latex bra is removed her breasts bounce free, glistening with the effort of the day, the sensations made her giggle as she grasped her globes and massaged their curvaceous form. Bending over the made perfect inverted tear-drops as they jostled for her attention as she struggled to slip the stockings off her sexy hairless legs. There was no shower at the shop so she washed herself with a bottle of water, rubbing a sponge over her body and drying herself with a large fluffy towel.

Hunting through her bag for something interesting she pulls out some long coils of rope, some leather cuffs, another corset and a black bra with sleeve down to her ribs, black shoulder length gloves, stockings, and suspender belt. Her 5-1/2" black stilleto pumps should finish things off quite nicely. Ooo. No, can't forget another pair of pants with plug sleeves, only this time she was going to avoid that buzzing if she could.

She rolled the stockings up her legs, stretching the latex tight and testing the wonderful firmness, the pants and suspenders were next and always "interesting", the sleeves she had to tease into place with a small but invasive dildo after lubing them. It was her girlfriends strap-on - funny how those things can come in handy! Bending over she stretched her back, that corset had been SOOOO tight. Whilst bent over she caught the sight of her breasts swinging gently, smiling she gently massaged them... she was becoming horny again. Slipping them into the shaped latex bra they looked fantastic and her figure... it reminded her of the girl in similar on Latex Lover. No wonder he was having difficulty focusing on anything. A posture collar soon followed, with shoulder length gloves setting off her firm curvy arms as they rolled slightly back from her shoulders. Clipping the stockings into the latex suspenders she admired herself in the mirror. Standing with her legs slightly apart, showing the full height of her heels her eyes followed the stunning image staring back at her up to her neck. Her hair needed a little attention belying her empassioned activies down below in both senses, but that was soon fixed.

His concentration at tightening the corset was interupted by the sound of her heels clicking along the floor torwards him, the sight made the ache in his groin return with a passion. She liked the reaction in his face, giggling as he swallowed hard. "Come on! Get that corset on!" she teased.

Moving behind him to take his wrists from the laces and squeeze affectionately his biceps in their black latex confines she suddenly pulled his elbows tight behind him making him moan and sending a shudder through his body. He was going to be fun she thought, as she tested the tightness of his firm pectorals poking above the corset.

"Mmmmmmm, can see why she bought you a bra!" she joked at his visible expense.

His latexed hands gently slipped around her waist, it looked fantastic without a corset as he gently caressed the area where her bra underwrap stopped just above her ribs. The small of her back was firm, he couldn't resist he reached forward to kiss her gently on the cheek and move on to her neck. She pulled him close squashing her breasts into his chest and he responding, pulling her tight and teasing her rapidly becoming pert nipples by tensing his chest. He felt her hands slip down his back to the corset around his waist and suddenly cinch the laces at the top.

"I'll tell LC!" she grinned.

Moving behind him she reached round his ankles and placed the cuffs on them leaving them loose for the moment. Working her soft latex hands up his legs she pushed his legs apart, he didn't argue but complied quite happily. She massaged his thick quadraceps, they felt great through the latex. The stockings were the largest he could find but still gripped mind-screwingly tight. The rolled down slightly from his groin, until they reached the bulge at the top of his thighs.

As her hands reached up to his groin she suddenly gripped tightly around his latex sheath firmly at the base, squeezing it and pumping it. Rolling his head backwards, a soft moan escaped his lips which were soon sucking and tonguing her latex fingers as they pushed into his mouth. Leaning forward she brushed ler latex'd spheres into his back sending his eyebrows into tight orgasming spasms.

Suddenly they heard a bag drop on the floor, it was LC! She had been stood there watching!

Making her jump with a start he hungrily chased at her fingers as she pulled them out of his mouth, slicked with his caresses.

"So he made it I see... almost with you too!".

"I - I, I was just helping him get ready!" she replied with face reddening as LC planted a deep kiss on her mouth.

"You get something ready to eat, whilst *I* work on him". LC looked stunning, she was wearing black skin-tight pants, with a soft baggy white cotton shirt loosely belted over them and her long curls flowing about her shoulders. Walking around him she bent down to snap the ankle cuffs together.

"Can't have you running" she said looking up at him, her figure was almost as good as her partners from the curves and white cotton flowing over her tight thighs. The ache in his groin was returning. Behind him she began to work on the laces, starting at the top and then the bottom and then repeating until he was panting heavily at the effort and she was busy ramming a knee into his latex covered ass in effort.

"You two having a good time?" joked her partner as she bent down to the cupboard, flashing them both a fantastic view of her ass & thighs. Her breasts bounced in their latex confines. The corset he hoped masked the reason for his moan, but LC cinched the ties round his waist very tightly in response. "Nnnnnngggnnn" came his reply as the corset now fastened shut sent waves of pleasure through him with every breath. Why should women have all the fun he thought.

Walking over to the table, she pushed chocolates aside he had brought only to bite into one hungrily, chasing chocolate crumbs with her thick pink tongue. Picking up the coils of white rope she moved back over to him. "Arms behind my little pet!" she voice hissed cynically.

"Told you she would do you!" grinned her lover with hands on her firm looking athletic waist.

With his hands behind him she began to snake the white rope round and round his wrists, slowly, enjoying the sight of it contrasting against the black latex beneath. Cinching them firmly together, she winched at his response, how she loved watching the response. The coils begged to be wound up to his elbows, but first she bound them round and round his biceps, snugly constricting the firm latex'd flesh.

"Mmmmm", she purred as she tongued the back of his neck teasingly before pulling his elbows together, working them closer and closer. He groaned deeply at the sensation of them being drawn closer, being totally bound by the woman behind him whilst her partner in front was grinning from ear to ear, so much she hadn't noticed her fingers were teasing her nipples again. His head was swimming again, two women who would not behave.

"BONDAGE collar!" she pouted, signalling to the table, with his eyes focused on hers as she walked towards him, grinning back with the collar opened ready to slip round his neck. The bones in her face were as shapely as her body, her teeth white and sharp as she grinned brushing her cheek against his as she reached behind to buckle it tightly. As he kissed her again with his lips brushing against her soft flesh she pulled the buckle firm pulling his head back as the posture collar gripped him snugly. Behind the second buckle was tightened with the rope from his arms looped through it to ensure the elbow ropes didn't slip. He squirmed his arms & hands through the bondage as she stood admirring her handiwork and the erotic sight before him. Bound & corsetted very securely his squirms were futile serving only to make him pant hard against the grip of the corset forcing his ribs smaller.

LCs partner worked her hands around his waist, her eyes widening and she pouted as waist she found it just as tight as her own had been, squeezing him firmly, with flesh rigidly gripped between the boning by the soft black satin. Kneading him and smoothing the material he was caught off guard by LCs hand slipping up and pushing the leather ball into his mouth, almost in he pushed it back.

"Oooooo! No way!" cried LCs partner, as she playfully thumped the smallest part of his strictly corsetted waist. Bucking backwards more from surprise as it couldn't get through the corset he gasped a bit too widely in surprise at their mischief, and the leather covered ball was soon thrust between his lips and pushed deep into his mouth behind his teeth.

"That's not fair!" he cried squirming his latex'd arms against their tight bondage to no avail.

"Too late! Got you!" they cried as they both worked to quickly secure the buckle behind his head. He couldn't move his head much due to the posture collar and so it wasn't long before the gag was pulled deep into his mouth and the strap over his head and under his chin was tight. His mouth was very full of gag and he couldn't open his mouth at all!

"Hmmm, even more effective than a latex gag and a nice big ball!".

"nnnmmnngmmmfff!" came his reply. The sound of his panting against the corset was loud through the room as they listened grinning widely.

"Off to get ready!" LC said to her partner as she popped a chocolate into her mouth, only to have her finger sucked lovingly with eyes closed.

"MMMmmmmmpppffff!" came his reply, he obviously wasn't going to get any chocolates or food tonight. Little did he know.

Slipping away LC gave his member a hard squeeze, before her short but perfectly appropriate stilletos click across the floor as she wiggles her ass at him cupped by the white shirt tails flowing from the black leather belt hanging teasingly loose around her waist. With only the ability to move his fingers there is little else he can do to relieve the torment.

"Awww, thank you for the chocolates. They taste SOOO nice!" she *purred* as her firm pink tongue pulled at the textured underside of one, closing her eyes in ecstacy before biting it whole into her mouth with white teeth snapping shut.

Swishing in her black latex stockings closer she wipes another across the black leather pad in front of his gag, tortuously close to his nostrils and tightly gagged lips. He is being tormented by her sight, and the smell of her latex, the leather and now chocolate. A whimper escapes the gag only to turn into a moan as she grips his member and slowly stretches along it just teasing under the head with her finger nails through the latex.

"MMmMMMMMMmmmMMMMMMPPPPPFFF!" came the tormented reply.

Her eyes move from one pectoral to another as they are stretched tight by the bonds her lover put on him, "mmmm" she thought as she teases the firm taut muscles with her latex fingers and squeezes each nipple in turn before staring deep into his eyes to squeeze her own.

Moving downwards, her soft latex'd hands pad his corsetted waist, how he longed to be unbound so he could let his hands caress her lithe voluptuous form. Kneeling with those fantastic heels pointing erotically behind her, she takes his member in her mouth, right to the back of her throat before she gags on it, before tonguing it rapidly around his head and pushing and pulling on his shaft with her lips. The bonds binding him so snugly and the grip of the corset suddenly vanish as he arches even more at her toying, until the grip of corset springs him back into their bondaged form.

Gasping he emits a long moan, "shhhh!" she says pushing him out of her mouth with her tongue. Moving towards her he is suddenly reminded of the ankle-cuffs.

"Steady! You're nearly as bad as me", referring to the time when she could barely stand up only a short time earlier. Getting up she drew her hands slowly up her body from her latex'd thighs to her tightly latex'd breasts, pouting at him.

"**MMMMMPPPFFF!**" came his reply as he rubbed his legs together, making her roar with giggles shaking her body delightfully. Reaching back to the table she snapped a leash onto his collar, and put a slightly wider chain between his cuffed ankles. "Time to do some after hours shopping".

Leading him downstairs he panted heavily against the corset and gag, his mouth was so full of gag! Her grin was delicious, watching his struggles. In the shop she led him round, his waist so tightly corsetted and his shoulders pulled back by the white ropes against his latex'd arms. Quite a sight. Pulling him over to a counter she picked up a pair of very high stilleto heels, they were black with a platform and a thin 7" heel. Squeezing his hamstring she guided his foot into them.

"NNNNgggg!" came his gagged no. Soon she had the heels bound with more ropes to his feet, making him totter wide-eyed in them, resting his hands against the counter against him, thrusting his chest out towards her.

"Now you're a better height!" she grinned wickedly at him, his cheeks were tinged slightly red at how he must have looked. She also picked up a pair of long black thick-latex boots, these too had a very high heel put the lacings looked quite severe - they would act like corsets on her legs.

"I, er, earned these earlier" she said flicking her eyebrows at him. So it would appear from her escapades or rather lack of earlier. From how she looked he was a little surprised she hadn't managed to sell the entire shop. A red ball gag hung on the wall, how pretty it would look bound tightly behind her teeth! Moving him round the store she picked up a strap-on harness which made his eyes grow very wide, as she slowly buckled it around her waist and hips, proceeding to walk gyrating her hips around the room teasing him as her stilettos scratched erotically at the floor. Tugging him back upstairs, with him panting against the corset sending his chest heaving and strangely, having exactly the same effect on her, he finally clacked across the floor.

LC was busy sitting on the sofa with her latex'd legs crossed lazily sucking on a chocolate. She was dressed in a black latex catsuit, with a latex corset tight rouhg her waist pushing her tight round breasts high. On her feet were a pair of of stillettos and round her waist he noticed was another strap-on harness like her partners, only this one had a very large black dildo in it!

"Glad you found him something for his feet!" she grinned flicked her eyebrows in amused agreement with her choice.

"Gnnnn!" came his reply, still eyeing the large dildo.

Watching him she slowly teased it's head, as her partner crawled across the floor to her and slowly took it deep into her mouth as she bucked her hips upwards. Torment, sheer torment. They proceeding to deeply kiss one another, massaging one anothers very attractive bodies and deeply fondling the opposites hair. He was left to squirm his legs and so tightly bound arms.

Grinning, LC got off and moving behind him kicking his cuffed ankles apart before pushing her phallus against his ass directing him towards the table. Bending him over the table her whimpered through his gag, as she pulled his wrists firmly high behind him to a hook and rope she had positioned. Moving round to the table she was handed the vibrating plug by her partner, grinning evily and proceeded to grease it liberally.

Shaking his head and "MMmmmfffing" she massaged his ass and cock firmly before holding at the entrance to his anus and pushing it. With arms so bound and calves aching from the heels, mouth full of gag he had little choice but to take the plug into his ass. She worked it slowly into him until it slid home with a plop and his ass gripped hungrily about it's base. Now his ass felt quite full too. Untying his wrists from the hook she turned him round to massage his aching jaw from the gag buried in his mouth. Her partner now reached round and he felt she too had now a dildo fitted tightly into her strap-on harness. He fortunately had run out of places for them penetrate him deeply with things, but the black latex fingers now wrapped the leather harness around his latex enwrapped member.

First she buckled it tight behind his balls so it and the long vibrator it carried along his shaft couldn've fall off. More straps then held it tight against his shaft, and tightly segmented his cock until it was pulsing large and very hungry for either of their voluptuous bodies. When finished they stood back to admire their handiwork, his eyes were heavy now his body now saturated with male hormones begging for release and his desire to drive either of them straight through orgasm & beyond.

"BZzzzzzzzz" came the noise as the plug started in his ass and the one under his now very engorged head. He almost dropped to the floor as the sensations snapped his head back. They both had to hold him up around his trussed-up elbows and aching waist until they turned both vibrators to their lowest setting. His eyes were no longer coherent, and his mind was somewhere in his body trying to get away from the ecstacy that far too slowly tormented it.

LC then turned her attention to her partner, and proceeding to bind her arms tightly together in front of him, ropes curled round her wrists and cinched them tight, making her grunt and breasts jump delightfully. Soon her elbows were in tight bondage and on cinching them until they met the grunt that accompanied was purely guttural. Her stomach looked fantastic as her arms were pulled so tight behind her thrusting her breasts and chest out. The same distant look was appearing in her eyes he noticed, his own member pulsing at her body making her grin deliciously.

Soon a pump-up gag was pushed deep into her mouth and buckled tight behind it making her frown, pushing her back onto the table LC gripped and squeezed her thighs tightly before ravishing her face and neck with her tongue. Her fingers pulled and teased at her nipples, making her "MMMMpppfff!" loudly into her gag with wild abandon. Unbuckling her strap-on and slapping her gorgeous pert ass LC sat on a chair and pulled her over by the bulb on her gag, pst-pst-pst-ing it bigger until her cheeks and eyes bulged with mouth achingly full of gag.

Guiding her down onto her lap LC penetrated her, making her shudder with pleasure as the big thick phallus worked through the folds until it was very deep within her. She squirmed her bound elbows and wrists teasingly, jiggling her breasts just inches from LCs face who proceeded to lash each nipple with her tongue, sending her partners head rolling about her neck with each wave of electricity through her breasts.

He squeezed his legs together trying to get off but the plug deep in his ass and the vibrator agonisingly slowly screwing his cock were set too low. With LC grinning wickedly at him, her partner began to work herself up and down on the strap-on, LCs hands wrapping round her delicious ass, oooo how good that must feel. Slowly she was being fucked by the phallous as the grunts became deeper and more guttural "nnnggnnn!" they came in faster and faster succession, closer and closer she was getting to orgasm.

LC herself had changed her wicked composed grin to one of coming climax as the base of the strap-on ground into her clitoris relentlessly. Soon they were pumping one another until LC stood up and pushed her over to the table still bucking into her where her partner lay back pushing her bound arms to one side and sending a glass crashing to the floor. He saw the glass fall in slow motion as his mind was now pre-occupied by the plug and vibrator slowly fucking him, and the sight of LC now reaming into her partner whose legs had wrapped themselves around LCs ass, long thin stilletos pointing erotically at him.

Harder and harder LC fucked her until even the table was moving from her thrusts. Both of them were arched backwards, one gasping through the gag and LC screaming in pleasure as they drove one another over the edge to orgasm which racked their bodies making LC fuck her all the more. On they drove, LC now grinding her hips relently against her and squeezing and pulling her nipples only to move to doing her own, thrashing her head about until one final orgasm rips through her partner sending her legs up and wide shaking with spasms as wave after wave of pleasure flows through them. LC just grunts with raw feminine desire as she has her way with her partner.

He is so close, nearly, slowly his ass is beginning to burn now he can feel the plug beginning to fuck back at him as he ground his hips. The one on his cock now takes the lead with the two of them reaming his brains out, slowly he feels the longest orgasm he has felt making him shudder uncontrollably and grunt against the gag. The two very wet horny latex clad bodies in front of him hearing him, laugh between panting uncontrollably and unwind their intertwined sensual limbs.

LC quickly unbinds her partner, squeezing and massaging her firm upper arms and chest, before flopping to the floor herself, panting. Walking over to him, LCs partner squeezes his elbows behind him kissing his cheek deeply making his chest ache mingle with his orgasm still causing his cock to bob as it spurts several large loads of cum. Denying a guy an orgasm is one sure way to fill his sheath to overflowing!

As he shudders as a short male orgasm leaves him, she plays with the plug in his ass to keep the burning sensation alive grinning wickedly into his eyes. LC meanwhile is still sat on the floor, leaning back on her hands, knees bent and stilletos scrapping exhausted against the floor slippery from the sweat dripped from their well fucked bodies! Eyes remain closed as she sits panting, with tight little sport-bra-look chest heaving.

LCs partner less tired pulls him towards the table and pushes him over it. "MMMppFF!" he grunts through the gag, as LC crawls on all fours along the floor only to roll on her bag and grin deviously up at him. Her partners finger meanwhile sucks longingly on some drool they have made him spill from his gag, oh how his mouth felt so full of gag! With his arms bound so tight and waist corsetted he can only squirm and grunt hopelessly against his bonds. When he has finished panting LC walks round and takes a greedy long drink of the iced water, not quite melted by the goings on in the room although they definately tried. Reaching behind him her partner pulled the plug out of him rather firmly making him arch and grunt loudly as his full ass reacted to it's release with undeniable pleasure. His pleasure was short lived as LC was quickly binding his ankles to the table and playing with his soft, clean if now rather damp hair. Behind him her partner was lubing her newly replaced strap-on until it was well greased-up, before placing it at the entrance to his ass.

LC unbuckled the straps to the gag under his chin making him gasp at the easily gulped air, if it were not for the corset she trussed him into earlier. With the straps removed the soft leather ball was plopped from his mouth, and her partners push against his ass hole rather more urgent. As he panted she suddenly pushed more seeing him accommodate around her phallus making her grin widely as she slowly worked it's length into him and then slowly withdrew it nearly entire all out before pushing it back more firmly. The grunt from his lips this time was not gagged, but his ass was even more full this time.

Laughing LC suddenly pushed her strap-on and dildo into his mouth, the posture collar preventing him moving it away. "Gnnn!" came his reply as the two of them worked into him, LC made him gag at first before saying "SUCK!" as her partner slowly but surely reamed his ass as his again distant eyes confirmed. Closing them, LC pulled out of his mouth and then unbuckled her strap-on to reveal the soft pink folds of her sex beneath the latex layer of her catsuit. With her partner pulling out of his ass, she untied his ankles and re-penetrated him to the hilt plus a quick buck more, she pulled him impaled on her dildo round until he was bent up the length of the table.

LC meanwhile was sat in front of him, and with his elbows bound so tight behind him he was just at the right height to work on her with his tongue. The slower he went the harder LCs partner fucked him, so he struck a comfortable (if that's the right word) balance. Lashing LC with his tongue, she ground his face into her groin squeezing him between her firm thighs as her back arched and she again entered the world of orgasm as they racked her body. Her partner meanwhile began to work her dildo into him, *reaming* his poor ass! With the burning sensation building again in his ass she turned the vibrator on his cock onto full, making him buck hard against the table and corset as it gripped him bouncing waves of muscular orgasmic contractions back down to his pelvis and thighs which, strained against the stilleto heels as he came again. LC meanwhile had almost screamed her head off as she arched backwards thrusting her hot steamy breasts into the air to her partners obvious delight as she too now bucked uncontrollably against him, with deep guttural grunts.

Finally she flopped forward over him onto the table, panting hard and squashing her now very sensitive breasts either side of his arms. The three lay slumped there for a several minutes until LC got off and her partner pulled out of his ass, relieving him of that overly full feeling and untying his arms until they are free and he stretches his chest and hugs her tightly and long. His thighs squirmed inside the wet slicked latex, feeling still horny against their erotic tight grip. Panting into the corset he move down to kiss her nipples, breasts and bare naked waist.

Leaning back against the table she enjoyed his tonguing and kissing of her waist moving up again to feed his fingers through her hair, teasing it away from her head as they looked longing into one another eyes. Panting but giggling at one anothers latex covered chest still heaving.

"That was wonderful!" he replied, "but my poor ass!".

Her reply was her now delicious wicked laugh. LC lay panting similarly on the table, her latex clad mounds rising and falling rapidly as her limbs flopped around. The high stilletos set her calves off fantastically.

"Shhh, let's get LC - she still needs a damn good seeing to!" she murmured quietly to him, keeping her head down as she firmly rubbed his waist. Still panting he managed a breathless "ok!" before he suddenly ran and half fell in the heels to grab LCs wrists.

Flashing her partner a frown he looked down at his heels "Sorry! we couldn't have you left out - or short!".

With LC stood now feigning squirms and doing her best to rub her sweet ass against his groin her partner stuffed a large red ball gag into her mouth despite her protests and buckled it tightly behind her teeth. "That should keep your protests QUIET!" she grinned as she cinched it firm.

"MMMmmmm gnngnn-mmff!" came the unintelligible reply. Squeezing her nipples firmly until she arched and twisted for release, she helped push her to the floor. With her partner kneeling astride her head holding her shoulders down, he worked her arms into a very fetching black leather armbinder. Slowly but surely the laces were worked up to well above her elbows as it cinched her tighter and tighter, her moans were becoming more erotic as it became more and more snug, having a visibly erotic effect on them both as they kissed over her deeply and mischievously!

With her arms tightly in the armbinder, the buckles at her wrist, elbows and shoulders were pulled tight and secured. "Now... what shall we do?" I asked with her stood squirming sensuously against their armbinding with big red rubber ball forcing her mouth wide against her lips.

Playing with her still slicked strap-on as she ground her hips futilely to get her arms free he unbuckled it. Her partner had an extremely tight corset waiting which she slipped around her waist, and proceeded to work the laces tight with him holding her arms just enough out of the way. Struggling to close it LC was looking very aroused, but this was only the beginning. Greasing up a large vibrating butt-plug and very large dildo they worked both into her simultaneously, teasing them into her until they were finally pushed home. The butt-plug help itself quite nicely between her flushed firm cheeks, receiving a teasing tap from his hand. The vibrating dildo had a secret, at it's base was a valve which he used a pump to inflate it to it's maximum size. Psst-psst-psst it went sending LCs eyes wide as she accommodated to the enlarging penetrative invader.

Finally it was fully inflated and LC had spread her legs in a vain attempt to accommodate it's length and thick size deep within her. A red hobble skirt was soon to follow the corset and it took both of them to roll it up her body, stretching from her ankles to the top of her corset and over her firm tight heaving breasts squeezing them tightly against her body. She could barely manage to spread her legs with all her effort.

Sitting her upright he slipped the leather knee binder around above her knees, buckling firmly each of the five buckles until her thighs were secured tightly her figure swelling out above them and above her corsetted waist. Her heels were bound tightly to her feet and a 6" wide bondage belt with rear cuffs was wrapped around her waist and arms cinching them tight. The armbinder and knee binder alone prevented her standing up, the corset made bending a deeply erotic experience!

Her mouth was full of big-red ball-gag, her arms bound tightly in the leather armbinder, her waist constricted making her moan by the corset fully closed, her breasts squeezed back down by the hobble skirt, as well as squeezing her thighs and calves. The knee binder made it hard to squirm her thighs enough to move the plugs in her. Her ass was full of plug, her pussy felt *very* full with the inflated vibrator deep inside her.

"Shall we do it?" her partner grinned at him as they stood over her, watching her squirm so hornily below them.

"Why not!" he said as he flicked the remote on both the plug and vibrator buried deep within her. The "*MMMPPFFF!!*" was loud if totally indistinguisable as she suddenly began to squirm all the more on the floor.

Wriggling only moved the plugs within her, but he quickly turned the speed down so she would be subjected to a deliciously long and very slow screw. Her eyes soon became distant, if freed she'd have them both trussed up so tight and more, but for now it was her turn to have her brains fucked out by the plugs deep within her. As she lay squirming on the floor, her partner and he moved over to the sofa where loosening his corset a little her stilletos were soon to be found wrapped round his ass as he penetrated her deeply and fully just in sight of CL and definately in earshot.

After their first climax they moved over to CL to turn the ass plug a little higher, her cheeks flushed redder than even the red ball penetrating deep between her lips. Returning to the sofa she pulled him to the floor and with CL watching rode his cock hard and deep into her hole until she was slick with sweat. After she collapsed on him again, she slid up to clamp his head between her thighs... was definately turning out to be a good evening and it was still only young. CL meanwhile didn't care whether it was evening or not...



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