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by Latex Suzie

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© Copyright 2007 - Latex Suzie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; slave; toys; cons; X

I thought you might like to hear one of my fantasies, I'm having at the moment. Well, what I imagine is that I have taken up a part time job at a fetish shop, to help pay for all my clothes. What this entails is being dressed up in all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits, and then model them around the shop.

So one day I have arranged to meet someone from the internet at the shop, so I decide to get especially dressed up for them. As there is so much to put on, I have to get the owner of the shop, who is a really sexy women, to help me get dressed. This is what I wear; First I slide into a tight pair of red latex panties, but ones which have two vibrators in them. One for my arse, and one for my pussy. I make sure they are really well lubricated and slide them into me. MMhhhhh, buy now I'm really turned on.

Next comes long shoulder length rubber gloves, also in red latex, and after that I slip into a red latex catsuit, complete with attached feet - I don't want any of my body open to the outside. Before I pull up the top of the suit, I take out a red latex hood, which has a really long collar that comes down to the base of my throat. This is to make sure that once the suit is done up, no-one an pull the hood out and take it off. Then I zip up the back of the suit - sealing myself in rubber.

Next, the store owner helps me put on a PVC corset, which has really strong boning. This she does up bit by bit, until my normal 21in waist is crushed down to 17 inches. This really shows off by size D boobs well. Once I'm into the corset, the owner (Jane) pulls on long red latex gloves. Except these have no finger or thumb holes, and are re-inforced in the palm, so that I can't move my fingers at all. She then helps me put on some red patent leather ballet boots which come to mid calf, and which have 7 inch heels. Not content with that she gets out a long red rubber hobble dress, which has had it's waist line shaped, so that it can only fit me when I have the corset on. So it's a very tight fit. It has a high neck and long sleeves, so sealing my bondage mittens underneath. Then before she pulls the zipper down, she secures the remote control for the vibrators to the bottom of my legs, around my calves.

Then she draws the zip down, so pressing my legs together firmly. Just to finish the oufit off, she takes out a stiff red leather posture collar which she does up and secures with a padlock around my neck. Forcing me to hold my head up high. Like this she then forces me to hobble around the store, showing people various garments, all the while the vibrators inside me slowly slip in and out with each step. Turning me on more and more. Then later when my friend from the internet shows up, who I have never met before, all they do is find me writhing around on the floor with both vibrators buzzing away loundly inside me, and me moaning and thrashing my way to a climax.

Oblivious to their conversation I am suddenly forced to notice their presence when they both bend down and pick me up off the floor, sitting me on a stool. Jane holds my arms behind my back as the woman I only know from her online nick, deftly inserts them into a red rubber arm binder. As the laces are pulled tight my shoulders are pulled back and my breasts are thrust even more to the fore. Jane continues to hold me steady on the stool as her accomplice does up the straps that hold the arm binder in place.

Once secured, she unlocks and removes the collar, not to remove the hood but so she can put on another. This hood, while also bright red latex, has plastic lenses rather than holes for the eyes, two short tubes are inserted physically into the nostrils and an inflatable gag is placed in the mouth. It is zipped tight about my head, the gag quickly inflated until it fills my mouth and the tall collar is replaced tight about my throat. The lock click affirms my helplessness in total rubber bondage as my breath hisses through the small tubes in my nose. My bondage complete my captors seem to temporarily loose interest in me.

They move to the other side of the shop floor, leaving me teetering on the stool the vibrators still churning inside me. I watch as my internet date hands over a briefcase to Jane, who quickly inspects the contents but I am unable to see what is inside it or hear what is said through two layers of shiny red latex. As they talk I take the opportunity to examine Rubbergirl as I had known her. She was not living up to her nick as she was dressed totally in black PVC. Ankle boots, jeans and quarter length mac were all made from black glossy plastic. Nothing was visible under the mac but about her throat was a band of chrome bright steel, about and inch broad and totally smooth it fitted flush to her skin and no fastener was visible at the front. Her hair was jet black, long and glossy like a native American Indian though her complexion was pale but not white. Her eyes I could not see but later I learned they were a brilliant green. She was slim and quite beautiful.

I had no more than taken that in, than their transaction over they turned the attention on me once more. Striding over to me and taking a lead out of her coat pocket my new Mistress fastened the lead to a ring on the front of my collar. Jane stood to the side and smiled like the cat whos got the canary. Without a word but a jerk on my leash Rubbergirl pulls me from the stool and signals that were leaving the shop. Helpless I wobble after her in frantic small steps least she pulls me over as we make our way to the shop door. Once outside I am helpless to do anything about the stares of strangers as I am lead across the road to the long black limousine parked on the other side. A car door is held open, and as I bend to get in, a rough shove sends me toppling onto the floor of the car. My captor follows me in and, with a foot on my leash near my throat, holds me down on the floor as the car sets off.

The journey is long, two hours at least. But I have much to contemplate, the vibrators keep up their infernal torture, I climax twice on the trip. My Mistress simply smirks at me from her lofty seat, as I writhe on the floor of the car. Towards the end of the ride she bends down and fastens a blindfold to the hood, thus severing my last contact with the outside world and shutting me in my latex prison. Finally the car stops, the zip on the hobble dress is raised and the vibrators stop. The zip is pulled down again and I am lifted from the car and placed on what feels like a stretcher or trolley. Straps are passed over me holding me down and I sense motion as I am wheeled to who knows where. Eventually the trolley stops, the straps are released and I am lifted onto a bed. Foot steps walk away. A heavy door is slammed. After a short period of silence I try to sit up, only to discover I am still leashed, and it is fastened to the bed. I flop back down on the bed, I am going nowhere. In total darkness, held by rubber, exhausted and impotent I fall asleep.

I awake as the arm binder is removed, stiff over stressed muscles in my shoulders cramp as they are released. Firm but gentle hands knead out the knots in tendons and blood into tired limbs. Still blind and gagged, my hands held in stiff mittens, I lay impassive and wait for my captors next move. The collar is unlocked, the outer hood is removed, I am dazzled by the light, as my eyes adjust the dress is unzipped. The first hood is removed, my eyes recovered I examine the person undressing me. It is a man, tall, thin with pale skin, short dark brown hair, stubble on the chin. He is dressed in black latex jeans and T shirt. Depositing the removed items in a laundry trolley he turns to me again. He picks up a steel band and walks around the bed behind me, the collar to the dress is unzipped and the band placed around my throat. It fits tight. As he fastens it, I involuntarily swallow as a snap indicates that this steel collar is now locked about my throat. The dress is removed, then the ballet boots and finally the corset. I sit passive and silent throughout the ritual undressing, watching the man as he methodically removes my rubber bonds. He then attaches a length of chain to the back of the collar and utters his first words to me, "Stand and follow me, slave." He turns and walks away still holding the chain, I leap from the bed and follow before the leash can pull at my throat.

He leads me out of the room into a long corridor, I am in a large building. Four doors down he takes me into a room on the left, it is a large communal wash room with many open shower cubicles. Locking my leash to a ring in one of these he then removes my bondage mittens, unzips the catsuit and walks to the far end of the room. "Strip," he commands. Chained by the throat and helpless I comply, peeling off the catsuit is hard as the chain will not let me bend very far down. He stares at me throughout, even as I ease off the latex gloves, pants and remove the vibrators. Once naked he approaches and removes the clothes, produces some handcuffs and locks my hands behind my back. He turns on the water which is thankfully warm and leaves the room. I stand, head bowed, helpless as the water soaks me.

The water stops. I look up and see he has returned, I have no idea how long he has been there. He is holding a leash, Rubbergirl is on the other end. She is holding a small pile of rubber items. "Prepare her, and bring her to me in one hour, slave," he says addressing Rubbergirl. He then removes her leash and leaves. As she approaches I examine her new outfit. She is dressed in a gloss black rubber cat suit with a plunging neckline showing a cleavage almost as good as mine. This is helped by a red and black rubber corset that looked as if it had reduced her waist to 17 at least. Her legs are sheathed in tall thigh boots of red patent leather with 7 heels.

"My name is Sadie, you will address me as Mistress, slave," she says as she puts down her pile of rubber goods.

"Yes, Mistress," I reply. Wondering what I've got myself into.

Almost as if she could read my mind she interrupts. "You are to be my Masters slave for the next week, she continues, I am the head slave, you are the lower slave. You will address him as Master. If you speak out of turn, or utter a single sentence without the words Master or Mistress in them you will be punished. You will do as you are told, you will dress as you're told, you will eat shit and breath as you are told. Do you understand slave?"

" Yes Mistress," I replied.

"Any questions, slave?"

"Mistress, my job?"

"Your employer has been recompensed for the inconvenience of you abrupt absence. She will also explain away your absence to any that come looking for you. So relax in your bondage slave, you are ours now."

" Yes Mistress."

Sadie takes a towel from a rail and sets about drying my hair, however, when it is no longer sopping but far from dry she stops rubbing and returns to her pile of rubber goods. Lifting out a small black bag she removes from it a set of electric shears. "Kneel slave," she commands. Helpless to stop what I know is coming I do as I am told, the chain only just lets me kneel. Sadie plugs in the shears to a shaver socket and sets about reducing my hair to a short crew cut. When she has finished she steps out and replaces the shears before turning on the water again to wash away what was left of my hair. Sadie then returns and dries me properly from head to toe, she seems to linger around my crotch teasing me before quickly kissing me on the cheek and returning to her pile of latex items.

What she returns with this time is talc, which she takes time to stroke slowly over my entire body, once again lingering over my pussy before moving up to my breasts. Satisfied that I am dry and covered in talc Sadie unlocks the cuffs and returns to the pile. She turns around holding a black catsuit which she helps me to put on.

It has feet and hands built in and zips up the back, I soon realize it has a hood built in too. The hood is just like the second hood Sadie put on me before, with lenses and nostril tubes. She zips it down to the steel collar where both zips meet and a click confirms I am locked in once again. The gag is then pumped up really high, I can feel myself starting to get wet again.

Next she produces a bright red heavy rubber corset, as she laces it up it is soon apparent that this is the most severe corset I have ever worn. I dread to think how small my waist is, I can hardly breath, my breath coming in short shallow gasps. Sadie then produces the same ballet boots I had worn before, once on I have to keep one hand on the wall to maintain my balance. Sadie does not leave my hands free for long though, locking a chrome bright posture collar over the catsuit and the first collar under that, she then attaches chains to the collar which end in rubber lined manacles, into which I inevitably have my wrists secured. They do not let me lower my hands below my waist.

Sadie then starts to polish the rubber up to a glossy shine, she works methodically covering every part of me with a fine mist of cool polish before gently stroking my new skin of rubber to a beautiful shine. Finally satisfied she unlocks my lead from the ring on the wall and leads me out of the shower. "Lets see what Master thinks of you now, slave," she says.



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