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The Latex Sorceress 4

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; magic; transform; latex; slave; object; cons; X

Marissa was bored again. After a year of creating wonderful rubber and latex slaves out of people, she was bored of their mindless state. Every time she created something new, she had to absorb some of the victim's life-energy to enslave them. That same process also robbed the victim of their will and creativity. She wanted someone who would willingly give herself (for Marissa had grown to like women more than men) to her to become a rubber slave, someone who she wouldn't have to enslave, someone whose imagination could be set free to send her to new heights of pleasure.

The latex sorceress lay on her bed, thinking. her shiny, black rubber skin reflected the dim light coming from her bathroom. She didn't even know why she kept it. She hadn't needed to use the bathroom or shower in months. Indeed, she hadn't gotten out of her living catsuit in two months. It was to much a part of her to want to take it off. She had long forgotten what she looked like without it on, but she really didn't care. Latex and rubber were her life and joy. She sighed as the numerous shiny black latex hands caressed and massaged her body, and other arms ending in dildo hands filled all her holes. A few weeks ago, she found out her pussy could stretch farther than it ever had, and she delighted in sticking arms and heads in her silt and feeling shrink back to its normal size. In fact, she had become tighter, as she had been before she lost her virginity. Her anus was the same way, able to stretch outrageously, and return to her pre-sex tightness. She loved being filled with large dildos.

As the hands and dildos slowly pleasured her, she thought about which one of her clients would make the best slave. Tiffani acted submissive, but she was very domineering with her boyfriend Mark. Candace was a nymphomaniac. She only came to Marissa for the mind-blowing orgasms she could give. She wasn't a true latex lover. And then there was Andrea. She came alone, unwilling to express her sexual nature outside of Mistress Marissa's condo. And what a submissive nature is was, she thought. Yes, Andrea would be perfect. The wheels started to turn as her body shuddered from its first orgasm of the day.

That night, Andrea showed up for her weekly session with Marissa. As always, she greeted her mistress by kissing and licking her latex toes.

"Rise, Andrea," she said smiling.

The girl, who was really no more than 18 or 19, stood up with her eyes cast down in submission.

"You may look at me, slave Andrea."

Marissa looked into her eyes and saw the sexual hunger and love for tight, black, shiny rubber in them.

"Andrea, how would you like to become my slave on a full-time basis? You may speak your mind."

"I....I don't know, mistress. My work...."

"You would never again have to work. All your needs would be taken care of. All I require is that you become my slave totally."

Andrea looked away and thought for a moment.

"I know this would be a big decision, Andrea. You don't have to answer now."

She turned back and looked Marissa straight in the eyes.

"Yes, mistress. I want to become you slave totally. Take me and mold me into your perfect slave."

Marissa smiled. "Thank you, Andrea. I must prepare you. Follow me."

The women went into the bathroom. Marissa pulled out a small black latex bag, filled it with warm water, and attached a long rubber tube to it.

"Lie down on your side, Andrea," she said as she lubed the end of the tube. She knelt down in front of Andrea's round ass.

"Just relax, Andrea."

Marissa pushed the tube into Andrea's ass. It made a sucking sound as her muscles drew the tube inside her body. Marissa slowly squeezed the bag, filling Andrea with the warm water.

"How do you feel, Andrea."

The girl smiled. "Warm and full. I feel like I really need to go," she giggled. Marissa laughed too.

"You must hold it in as long as you can."

Andrea nodded and closed her eyes tight. There were a few minutes of silence.

"Mistress, I can't hold it anymore. Please, let me go."

Marissa knew Andrea would hold it until she commanded her to release. Since the first day, thus had been their relationship. Marissa lifted her onto the toilet.

"You may go, Andrea."

A look of utter relief spread over Andrea's face as her bowels expunged their contents. Marissa cleaned her and repeated the scene twice more, until the water ran clear.

"Now that I have cleansed you, we will move on to the next step."

In Marissa's bedroom, hanging from the ceiling, was a shiny rubber mummy bag created from a rather arrogant male latex lover. Marissa lowered the bag and commanded it to open. Inside were three dildos, one for each hole, pointing into the bag. The breast cups had little warts of rubber in the nipples, and the area around the clitoris, just above the pussy dildo, also had the same warts.

"In you must go, Andrea."

Andrea took a deep breath, and wiggled her leg into the bag. It was a very tight squeeze, and there was an audible plop when her foot was seated properly. She worked her other leg in, and stood up. Marissa worked the two lower dildos into her pussy and anus as Andrea slid her arms into the tight rubber sleeves. The fingers at the end of each sleeve were splayed out and incredibly tight, so Andrea could no more move her fingers than she could the rubber statues across the room. Marissa gave her a quick kiss, and slipped the tight, form-fitting hood over Andrea's head and slipped the dildo in her mouth. She made sure she could breath and, with Andrea moaning contentedly inside, sealed the mummy bag closed and hoisted it back above her bedroom. Every so often, the bag would squirm and wiggle as Andrea came inside it. The mistress's next clients show up just as she finished hoisting the bag. Two couples who loved latex and love sharing each other. Marissa knew exactly what she would do with them.

A few hours later, the two men were now mindless rubber zombies, and the women were a living rubber frame for Marissa's new slave to rest in. Marissa took her slave down and fished her out of the bag. Her eyes were glazed over and the biggest smile was on her face.

"Mistress? Can I go home now, Mommy?"

Marissa laughed. Her mind had been melted by sex.

"Andrea, it's Marissa, your mistress."

"We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto," she replied dreamily.

Marissa leaned over and kissed her slave deeply. The life began to return to her eyes.

"Oh, mistress....I've never felt so good before in my life."

She smiled. "It only gets better from here. Come. I must finish your preparations to become my perfect slave."

She commanded the black rubber zombies to take Andrea, one in her pussy and one in her anus. Andrea moaned and writhed as Marissa pushed the two zombies together, the thick latex flowing around Andrea's body and engulfing her. Soon she was completely encased, and Marissa began to shape her new slave. She made the latex flow deep into her soaking pussy, replicating each fold of her flower in perfect detail. She formed a hollow butt plug, and drove it deep into her ass. The latex flowed up her nose and in her ears and into every crevice. Slowly, her face became apparent again, growing more and more detailed as the latex shifted and adjusted. Marissa stopped her molding and stood back to admire her new rubber woman.

"You can look at yourself, Andrea."

She slowly walked toward the wall mirror and gazed at herself in total excitement. Her entire body was a gleaming, black puddle of rubber. She grinned, and the rubber stretched and pulled at her face. Only her deep brown eyes were apparent. Even her teeth and tongue had been coved by the liquid latex.

"I'm....I'm prefect...a perfect rubber woman.....a perfect slave."

Marissa walked up behind her and started to pinch her rubber nipples. She soon stood proudly at attention, and Andrea shuddered in delight.

"And now, my new slave....pleasure me."

"Yes, my mistress. I love only you," she said as she got on her knees and licked a black rubber pussy with her black rubber tongue.




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