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The Latex Sorceress 3

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; magic; transform; latex; mannequin; object; cons; X

Mistress Marissa was quite pleased with her new, black rubber toy. A handsome, well-built young man had come in desiring to be subjugated by her. He had heard about the wonderful things she did with latex, and was prepared to become her rubber slave. He had no idea what she would do with him, though. She had him dress in her tightest male catsuit with penis sleeve. She pulled a black hood over his head that left only his mouth open. He stood motionless, feet slightly apart, and Marissa changed him. She pushed his black, latex arms into his sides, obliterating them, then erased his eyes , nose, and ears. She left his mouth open, and created latex lips and a tongue for her pleasures. Finally, she slipped a hollow, black rubber sleeve over his cock and melded it to his cock, adding three inches to its length and doubling its circumference. The boy had become the ultimate female pleasure toy. She absorbed enough life-energy to enslave him, but left enough to let him think only on how to best pleasure her, and had just walked him into her chambers beside the white latex mannequin.

Marissa stood and admired her room for a moment. She had made several improvements in the past few months. The posts of her bed were now tall, black rubber slave girls, each with a black rubber dildo hand deep inside their pussies. Marissa had made sure each would feel unending and unbearable pleasure. No doubt they had already lost all conscious thought. She had a few male, black rubber statues, each with their own spotlight, against one wall. All were permanently erect, ready for Marissa to pleasure herself on them whenever she wished. Her pillow had gained some decidedly female curves, as Marissa had taken to sleeping on a well-endowing woman's chest. Her pillow also had arms and legs, each ending in a dildo molded from her hands and feet. But, her masterpiece was a rubber sculpture she was so proud of.

A latex-loving couple had come to her and asked her to make them into a work of art. Marissa was only to happy to oblige. She had made the husband enter his wife from behind, and left their genitals bare, so they could enjoy their eternity as art. She melded their bodies together, creating a four-armed, four-legged creature of black latex. She erased the man's features, and moved his latex mouth down just above his wife's pussy. She took his head and shaped it into a long, thick, solid rubber dildo and placed it just under the rubber mouth in the woman's crotch.

The husband's hands she molded into dildoes, as she did the wife's feet, pressing them together to form one dildo. She turned her legs up and around, so that the feet dildo was pointing up and inward, so Marissa could sit on it and be butt fucked and have her pussy eaten at the same time. She took a swipe of latex and covered the couple's genitals, so they could continue to pleasure themselves without making a mess of Marissa's artwork. She thought the wife was rather pretty, so she left her black latex face alone, as well as her hands, in case Marissa wished to be fondled. She drained some of their life-energy, enslaving them and subjecting them to eternal pleasure, and placed her new work with the doll and mannequin.

Marissa wanted ever more. She wanted to be surrounded by living latex at all times. She had already taken to wearing her husband/catsuit all the time, taking it off only to bathe. She even slept in it, and wore other latex garments on top of that. One day, a gay couple came in and professed to her that they wished to become latex men forever. She agreed to help them, smiling. She dressed one in a one-piece, total coverage catsuit of heavy, black rubber, and the other in a thinner catsuit with a hood with open eyes.

She told the first man to wait outside, while she worked with the second in her chambers. She told the man to lie down on her bed and she got on top of him and stroked his cock stiff. She then impaled herself, and began to ride her rubber slave. He's certainly enjoying this for being gay, she thought. Midway through her ride, she started to change him. Slowly, she started to push his chest into the rubber sheet, until he was halfway buried in it. He started to climax, and she pushed him the rest of the way in. Now his head, arms, and bottom half were sticking out of the rubber sheet. She reworked his face, ridding him of his nose, mouth and ears. She watched with glee as the stricken look in his eyes turned to amazing pleasure as she pushed his head under. His bottom half responded, pumping Marissa fast and hard, and she too had a wonderful orgasm. She finished by pushing his feet into the sheet, so that two bent legs and a waist stuck out of the lower half of her sheet, and two glossy black arms out of the top. She collected herself, and went back outside.

The other man could not see or hear, so he could not have known of his lover's predicament. Marissa ran her hands all over the man's rubber body and slipped her lips over his erect manhood. He shuddered and started to pump her face. He came quickly, too quickly for Marissa, and she decided he should be punished.

She went around behind him and, still wearing her husband/catsuit, pressed herself into the gay man, turned him into a catsuit as well. The rubber of the two suits flowed together, and compressed Marissa's body ever more. The black rubber flowed inside her pussy, forming a perfect latex replica of her flower, and deep inside her ass, like a hollow butt plug. By her command, it flowed deep up her nose, into her ears, and around her mouth and tongue and down her throat. She was becoming the perfect rubber woman. She increased her bust, and thickened the latex around her waist, forming a seamless corset.

The transformation ended, and Marissa was now the ultimate rubber mistress.

She was beautiful.

She was rubber.




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