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The Latex Sorceress Strikes Again

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; magic; transform; latex; doll; mannequin; object; cons/reluct; X

Marissa had been living well on the insurance money brought by the supposed death of her husband Don. Only she knew he had become a fetish latex catsuit by her new, magical powers. She had set herself up as a mistress, catering to the latex fetish community in the city. Marissa had a vast collection of latex clothing, but only one living catsuit. She wanted more.

There was a young, quiet couple who came infrequently but regularly to visit Mistress Marissa and indulge in their latex fetish. The young woman, Tammi, liked to dress as a latex mannequin and let her husband have his way with her, and the male, Carson, liked to become a white latex slave doll for his wife to use and peruse. Both fantasies were possible because of Marissa's magic, and the two fit her plans perfectly.

That night, the couple returned to Marissa's condominium of latex. The woman's husband requested that he become the latex doll to satisfy his horny wife. Marissa was more than happy to oblige, and handed him a pure white latex catsuit, complete with closed hood, gloves, feet, and penis sheath. The man put on the catsuit and zipped it up, then allowed the mistress to change him into his wife's favorite toy. Marissa placed her hands on his head, and the latex seemed to come alive and flow around his face, becoming tighter and tighter until his face seemed to be made of white latex. She swiftly ran her hands over the rest of his body, and the latex shrank on his form.

"He's your to command, child."

"Thank you, my mistress."

The woman began to pleasure herself with her latex doll, and Marissa went to her private room. The entire room was done in shiny black latex. She had taken her old, antique, queen-size post bed and, using her powers and some latex sheeting, coated the entire thing into a Victorian-style rubber bed, complete with thick rubber sheets and a long, firm rubber pillow. She had taken up the carpet and replaced it with soft foam padding covered with black latex. The walls were all covered in black latex sheets, permanently bonded to the walls by her magic. She went over to the closet and stepped inside. She had taken the door off and replaced it with a thick, black, rubber sheet split down the middle.

She took from the closet a long, tight, black rubber mistress dress and her catsuit/husband. She could feeling it getting warmer, as if what life-force remained in the suit anticipated her. She lay down on her rubber bed, breathing in the wonderful smell of the latex, and started to slip the catsuit over her feet. It went on as if it were lubricated, and she was soon coated from head to toe in wonderfully tight black latex. She took the mistress dress and slipped it over her head, and it too went on smoothly, the shiny catsuit underneath being perfectly frictionless. It only compressed her lithe body even more, and she felt wonderful. She stood up on her three-inch heels and slowly walked back into the playroom, where Tammi was riding her doll husband to climax.


Tammi looked up, worried.

"Have I done something to displease my mistress?"

"No. I want to play a new game. Stand."

Tammi released herself from her husband's white latex cock with a wet pop and stood up.

"Doll, stand behind Tammi and enter her."

A look of happiness crossed her face, and she tried to keep herself under control. The doll stood up and walked around behind Tammi, then thrust slowly into her soaking pussy from behind. Tammi shuddered with delight and barely could remain standing. She lowered her hands to her crotch.

"I didn't say you could move, Tammi!"

Tammi froze and looked pleadingly at Marissa. The black latex face smiled and placed her latex hands on Tammi's face.

"You will become like a mannequin until you come."

A blank stare came over Tammi, and her limbs froze as the doll continued to pump her. Love juices ran down the inside of Tammi's leg.

"Doll, move closer."

The doll pressed its body as close as it could to Tammi and kept on fucking her.

"Closer, doll."

The doll move closer, and the latex began to ooze around Tammi's body, slowly at first. The doll kept moving, and more latex encased Tammi, until she could no longer be seen inside her husband's larger form. His penis had disappeared, and he seemed to be pumping backwards, as if his cock faced inward into Tammi's pussy. Marissa laughed and started to run her hands over the doll's body. The white latex shrank, and started to hug Tammi's stiff body. It grew tighter and tighter, until she really was a white latex mannequin, covered by her own husband/catsuit. She felt the mannequin shudder and slowly come out of the trance. Her eyes opened, and were instantly coated with latex, leaving her sightless. She tried to form words with her mouth, but it too was sealed closed by the white latex. Even her nose was sealed by the catsuit, and she was kept alive by its magic.

"You are now mine, my dear. My own toy mannequin."

Tammi shook her head, and the rubber squeaked as she moved. Marissa took Tammi's arms and slowly pressed them into her sides, melding them into the latex catsuit. She could no longer move them. Tammi screamed in her throat.

"Quiet, my dear. I think you'll enjoy your new life. I know your husband does."

Marissa grabbed Tammi's ass with both hands, and opened a hole around her hole in the latex. She picked up the mannequin stand Tammi loved using, and spread k-y jelly over the butt plug at the end. She positioned it under her hole, and slowly jacked it up. It pressed against Tammi's ass, and slowly went inside her. Marissa jacked it up more, and Tammi was forced to stand on her toes to maintain her balance. Marissa stopped jacking and tightened the stand so it wouldn't slip back down. She found a pair of white 5-inch heels and slipped them on Tammi's feet. The latex flowed over the shoes, making them a seamless part of the suit.

"And now, my new toy...become a mannequin."

Tammi stopped squirming around and froze stiff, her arms melted partially into her sides and wrapped around her body. Marissa put her hand on the mannequin's crotch, and a long, white rubber dildo appeared just above Tammi's crotch. Little warts formed on the underside of the dildo over her clit. Marissa opened her crotch and slid down the dildo, wet with her own juices. She smiled when she noticed Tammi had also become wet again. Marissa rode the mannequin until the orgasms washed over her. She got down and caught her breath, then carried the mannequin into her room and admired her new functional decoration.




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