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The Latex Sorceress

by Dollmaster

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© Copyright 2007 - Dollmaster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; magic; transform; latex; doll; object; cons/nc; X

Marissa searched through the old bookstore, hoping she would find a marital guide. Her marriage was in shambles. She had just found out her husband Don had been cheating on her with his secretary. Marissa didn't want to admit it, but secretly she knew she wasn't as pretty as that slut. Marissa loved Don, and she didn't want to believe he had married her a year ago just because she gave good head.

She couldn't find what she was looking for, and she headed for the door. She was stopped by the store's owner, a hunched old woman covered in a black shroud.

"I have what you are looking for, my child."

"Really? I didn't see it."

"You're eyes can deceive you...don't trust them."

She motioned for Marissa to follow her. They went to the back of the store, and the old woman handed her a dusty book.

"This has everything you need to fix your problems."

Marissa looked down at it. It was very old, but she figured it couldn't hurt.

"How much?"

She smiled. "Consider it a gift, from one woman to another."

"Thank you so much."

Marissa smiled and raced back to her apartment. She plopped on her bed and began to read, trying to find a way to save her marriage. Her husband wouldn't be home for several more hours, so she wouldn't be disturbed.

After a few hours of reading, Marissa sat up and rubbed her eyes. What sort of book is this, she thought. Runes and lines of force? Incantations? She thought a moment. Wait....this is a book of magic. She closed the book and started to cry. How was a magic book going to help her with her marriage. The phone rang, and the machine picked it up before she could get to it.

"Honey, it's is going to keep me here all night. Sorry."

Yeah right, she thought. That slut is keeping you there all night. They're probably going to fuck on the boss's desk. Her mind went back to the book. Wait a minute...if I can learn to do it, I can magic Don back to me.

She ran back into her room and opened the magic book. She read more thoroughly, and began to understand what she had to do.

* * * *

Marissa sat in the middle a secluded wood, surrounded by red and purple candles, the book open in front of her. She was nude, as the book suggested she be, the soft candlelight playing off her smooth skin. She wasn't as unattractive as she thought she was, just not super-gorgeous. Her long hair was smooth and shiny, and her skin was perfectly clear. Her body was well-proportioned, with a layer of womanly fat in the right places. She was quite cute, but she didn't want to be cute.

Marissa picked up the book and stood in the circle of candles She began to chant in an alien language, and the air started to move around her. She got further into the spell, and the air created a vortex around her, spinning leaves into the air. She could feel the earth's power being drawn into her feet and legs. She yelled the last of the spell over the whirling wind, and the magical power exploded into her body. Marissa screamed with ecstasy as the energy filled her and caused an orgasm.

Marissa woke up the next morning as the sun was coming up, naked and cold. She found the book lying beside her and grabbed it. She went back to her car and drove back into town, hoping no one would see her. She got back to her apartment and sprinted inside. She shut the door and found her husband standing naked staring blankly at the wall.


"Yes, Mistress..." he said rather monotonously.

She thought for a moment. Mistress?

"Get on your knees, Don."

He silently kneels in front of Marissa, awaiting her command. She noticed her was only inches from her furry crotch. She smiled.

"Slave, lick my pussy."

His tongue reached out and grazed her flesh. She smiled and shuddered as pleasure ripples up her spine.

"Keep going, my pussy."

Don latched himself onto her sex, mouth pulsating wildly. Marissa's legs slowly turned to jelly, and she lowered herself to the floor. Don positioned himself between her legs and pressed his face into her sex, his only thought on making her come. And she did with a great moan. She lied on the floor for a moment, basking in the glow of her orgasm.

"Slave, go put on a catsuit and hood."

Don got up and silently did as he was told. A few minutes later, he returned a glistening latex slave. The catsuit was her favorite. It had attached feet and gloves and penis sheath. The hood covered his entire head except for his eyes, and had short tubes in his nose. Marissa walked over and, with a big smile, impaled herself on her slave's erect rubber cock. She rocked her hips back and forth, and felt another orgasm building. She exploded, squeezing her slave's cock tight with her muscles. Don's face was impassionate, like a doll's.

" I what I am going to do with you,'ve been a bad boy lately."

She ran her hands over his body, and the rubber seemed to become even shinier, almost wet-looking. She pressed against his crotch, and felt it give ever so slightly. Curious, she pressed again, and watched as part of Don's rubber sheathed penis was absorbed into the rubber suit. She giggled and sculpted his manly crotch into something smooth and featureless. She moved up to his face and pushed his facial features into his head, creating a blank, black rubber globe. She laughed at her husband's predicament, an androgynous, black rubber statue.

"And now for the final touch."

Marissa walked around behind the black doll and placed herself firmly against his backside. She reached around, and slowly pulled his body toward her. The black rubber oozed around her body, forming a shiny coating. She pushed Don's legs against her's, and the catsuit began to form around her body. She smoothed the latex along her arms and breasts, leaving only her head uncoated. She could feel her husband's rage as he became the catsuit. She silenced him and absorbed his life-energy, leaving him a mindless slave catsuit. She pressed the head to her face, and coated her head in rubber. She smoothed it over her face, and the rubber became tighter and tighter, creating a perfect replica of her face. She did the same with the rest of her body, causing the catsuit to shrink and hug her form. Her nipples stood proudly out from her breasts, and the folds of her sex were well defined. She finished with her feet, each toe perfectly separated in shiny black latex. Marissa looked in the mirror and smiled with black rubber lips. She looked shrink-wrapped in black latex.

" need something."

She went into her room and grabbed her only pair of heels, and put them on. The latex flowed around the 3-inch shoes, making them a seamless part of the catsuit.


Her hands went down to her crotch, and she began to caress it. The latex shifted, forming a solid rubber dildo. The dildo grew into her wet pussy as she fondled herself, and she felt herself getting weak in the knees again. She smiled when she felt the dildo throb inside her, as if her husband's cock were trying to come to life. She dropped to the floor and massaged her sex until she came, thrashing around the living room. Marissa took a few moments to regain her senses, then stood up and ran her finger down the middle of her back. The catsuit came apart, starting at the top of her head and going down to the top of her round butt. She reached up and pulled the hood from her head, and the catsuit sort of slipped off her body into a pool of shiny latex on the floor. Not a trace of sweat was inside the rubber. She stepped out of the suit and carefully folded it and put it in her dresser, then called the police to report her husband missing.

* * * *

After three months, the police declared Don dead. For all intents and purposes, he was. He now only existed as a latex catsuit to pleasure Marissa. The life insurance check came, and Marissa fell to her knees, crying. $6.2 million. I'll never have to work again, she thought happily. She moved out of the apartment and bought a condo, and began her new life as a latex sorceress.



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