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The Adventures of The Latex Nun 3

by The Latex Nun

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© Copyright 2007 - The Latex Nun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; doll; enema; magic; reluct/cons; X

Sister Livvy was up with the Lark, bright and early. She lifted her head from the latex pillow and then threw off the latex sheet from the Iron framed bed. Fastening the latex robe around her fit, lithe body she strolled into the large modern kitchen and made herself some breakfast. She drank her 'breakfast' tea and munched on toast and marmalade thinking about what she wanted to wear in the shop today.

She went into the large ensuite bathroom and opened a large cupboard on the wall. Some of the contents she laid out on the marble counter. She filled a rubber bag with warm soapy water and and set it up high on a bracket. She snapped a pair of surgical latex gloves on. She smeared a generous amount of lubrication onto the fingers of the flesh toned gloves and then carressed her anus with them, working the unction deep into her anus, eliciting a smile from her lips. Into her tight, well lubricated anus she inserter a stainless steel catheter. The cold feel made her flinch, slightly. Both bulbs were fully inflated bringing a broad smile to her face.

The steel tube vibrated as liquid flowed through it. She sat on the rubber covered toilet seat as she began to fill up. The valve was tightened. She sat examing her large, firm breasts with her gloved hands. One hand strayed away and found itself gently stroking her pussy. The touch of the glove on her clitoris caused a sharp intake of breath. She sighed and then deflated the catheter at the same time as peeing. Her face lit up. She repeated the excercise. Now cleansed she jumped into the shower and as the water cascaded over her firm, lithe, naked body she sang a joyful tune.

Today, she thought, I shall take a vow of silence. She walked into her bedroom and opened the huge walk in closet and ran her fingers over the myriad latex and leather garments neatly stored within. From out of the back she retreived what she was after. Talc or lubricating gel, she wondered. Talc. After applying it all over her flawless skin with a powder puff she stepped into and pulled on the suit. It's only entrance and exit a stretchable hole on the back of the head hidden by the long black hair of the integral wig.

It was a perfect fit and perfect in every detail. Now she was cocooned in a second skin right down to the matching labia and pubic hairs. Of course it made her figure more comic creation than reality. Something from an Eric Stanton illustration, jet black hair, ruby red lips, large firm breasts, erect nipples, slim waist and pert rounded bottom like a ripe peach. The make up was air brushed smooth and even her toe and finger nails were the same colour as her lipstick. She could see through the perspex eye coverings quite well. The effect set off by eyelids which blinked when she did, fluttering huge eye lashes. There were nostril holes to breathe through but no way for her to speak as this suit featured a rubber gag which she hungrily inserted into her mouth.

In front of the mirror she twirled and posed, running her latex covered hands over her smooth flawless latex clad form. From the wardrode she produced a long skirted, long sleeved habit which was slashed up the side to her waist and which was very low cut at the front and back. The head piece just sat perkily on the top of her head, black hair billowing behind her. Onto her feet went a pair of seven inch high platform sandals from which her polished nails peeked through. She admired her altered form in the mirror and smiled to herself.

The shop was fairly quiet. Sisters Annie and Catherine were working today, resplendant in short skirted Nun's habits. Livvy explained by means of a paper and pencil that today she had taken a vow of silence. They smiled and asked when there turn would be. 'Perhaps tomorrow' was Livvy's scribbled reply. Just then the double doors opened and in walked a small, young woman with short highlighted blonde hair and wearing an expensive suit and slingbacks.

She strode up to the counter and said, "I don't know what brought me here but I'd like something, for a party, that will make me the most perfect woman in the world."

Sister Livvy's eyes blinked once but she continued to stare blankly at the woman. On a piece of paper in front of her she wrote, 'Anthea, follow me please.'

The woman said, "Don't be so formal with me. Can't you speak?"

Back came the answer with a florish of pencil scrawl, 'I have taken a vow of silence.'

"Oh," said Anthea looking sheepish.

Livvy emerged from the behind the counter to be greeted by a silent 'Oh' as Anthea looked her up and down and gawped at the perfect figure before her. Her eyes followed her, drilling into her back as she walked behind Livvy towards the changing rooms that had once been confessional booths. She was talking, spelling out the ideas she had and wanted to try. On the way, Sister Livvy picked up some items of clothing and some shoes which she handed to Anthea as she walked into the changing room.

She looked at the clothing, some latex underwear, a skirt, ankle high stiletto boots, stockings, gloves and played with them. She shed her outer garments and stroked the smooth latex of the gloves against her cheek. She smiled and then opening the door of the changing room and putting her head round the door said, "Can I have some talc?".

She shut the door and then a few seconds later heard a knock on the same door. She opened it slightly expecting to be handed a container. Instead there was wasn't a hand reaching in. She opened the door a bit more and looked out. Bright white nothingness. She opened the door fully and walked out into, nothing. She looked around, staring. She advanced a few tentative steps. She turned around saying, "What is going here? Am I so tired I've dozed off?" She went to go back into the changing room but couldn't find the door. She panicked.

Sister Livvy appeared as if by magic and took her by the hand, gently stroking it, leading her towards something. It was an operating table. The panic rose within Anthea. Livvy's grip tightened. Anthea struggled to break free. Sister Livvy just looked at her and brought her other hand to her rubber lips as to say, "Ssshh." Anthea calmed down and allowed Livvy to remove her underwear. She hopped onto the table and Livvy strapped her in and administered an anaesthetic via a rubber mask which put over Anthea's mouth and from which she took deep breaths. She soon went under.

Anthea awoke but had no idea how long she had been unconscious. She was still in that strange white room. Perhaps she was in hospital or maybe heaven. Where? I must get up, must get out. She got off the table and put her foot onto the ground. Only her toes touched the cold floor. She looked at her legs. They were much longer in the thigh and calf than she remembered them. She tried putting her feet flat on the floor. She could not. She stared at them. They were small and arched, more like dolls feet. A dread thought came over her clouding her brain. She looked at the rest of her naked body but could not bend her head fowards. She tried blinking and talking but no dice.

She stood on her tip toes, feeling somewhat taller. She swivelled her around and then saw what looked like a mirror. She minced over towards it and gasped and gawped in her head as she looked at refelection. A long blond, blue eyed living doll. Pert little bottom, no hair on her body, massive unmoving breasts, long neck, slender manicured hands, large smiling mouth and unblinking eyes which stared mournfully back at her. I certainly have a perfect figure now she thought to herself. I am the most perfect woman in the world. Every girl's dream of perfection.

She turned her head to see if there was an exit, a way out of where, exactly. She saw a chair with some articles of clothing drapped over it. She strode over towards to it and picked them up with her little hands. She felt the material and then her face. The same. She put it on and pulled up the zip, buttons would not have been possible. It clung to every curve on her perfect body. Black. Black and shiny. The catsuit emphasized her perfect figure. She put on the shoes, black and high heeled. Seven inch stiletto heels. She walked back to the mirror like a model. She liked what she saw.

Anthea turned round and saw Sister Livvy appear. A bulge spoiling the line of her long split skirt. She took her by the hand and led her to the table. She strapped her in, ankles and wrists, both spread apart. She tilted the table up and wheeled it towards the mirror. Anthea saw herself in bondage, smiling and helpless. Livvy unzipped the suit at the crotch and breasts. She stroked Anthea's hairless pussy. Anthea moaned, in her head. Livvy's tongue probed her vagina, teasing her clitoris. Her fingers tweaked and pinched Andrea's large nipples. Her hand dissapeared inside Andrea's vagina penetrating her up Livvy's wrist. Andrea bucked and thrashed on the table, staring at her defenseless self, writhing with pleasure.

From nowhere, or so it seemed, Sister Livvy, produced some snooker balls connected by a wire. These were inserted one by one into Anthea's anus. Each one producing a thrill in her body and a shudder in her mind. Sister Livvy pulled her split skirt aside to reveal a large phallus which she thrust into Anthea's ever so willing vagina. On her seven inch sandals, Livvy thrust in and out of Anthea. Breasts squashing breasts, face looming into face, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, groin to pulsating groin. To Anthea's surprise Livvy started pulling the balls from her anus. The balls were being set free. They popped one by one out of Anthea's ass as she built towards an orgasm. When the last one came free, she screamed and moaned, or thought she did and then lay like a rag doll on the table.

Anthea awoke not sure where she was. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her. It was white but she could see a door handle. She tried to stand but felt wobbly and fell, her hand reaching out to the handle. She caught it and the door opened outwards. She stumbled forwards out into the shop, naked and laying on the floor. Sister Livvy helped her to her feet and back into the changing room. She looked at her reflection and felt herself all over. Anthea dressed herself and hurried out into the shop, bundle of clothes in her hand. She looked at herself in one of the full length mirrors in the shop and just gazed. She hurried out of the shop, after paying, muttering, "I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect. I'm just lucky, right place, right time"

Sister Livvy went into the changing room to check that everything was back in it's place as she was shutting up shop. She picked up a white snooker ball and smiled, to herself.

Keep the faith. They'll be more adventures of The Latex Nun.



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