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The Adventures of The Latex Nun 2

by The Latex Nun

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© Copyright 2007 - The Latex Nun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; enclosure; bond; magic; reluct/nc; X

It was a beautiful sunny but cold day when Sister Livvy decided to go for a walk during her lunch hour. As it was such a bright day, the thin Northern light doing it's best to lighten the spirits of the city, Sister Livvy had felt that a life affirming walk was in order rather than spend her lunch time in the shop. Besides, honourary Sisters, Annie and Angelina could look after the shop. They were just employees, full time admittedly, but not inducted fully into the erotic world inhabited by Sister Lacivious of the Salacious Passions. She was just walking, she didn't know and didn't care where. Her mind was wandering, lost in thought, sailing the sea of dreams. She thought of all the people that worked in the shop full time and part time, all such lovely people and so dedicated to the calling or perhaps it was the good rates of pay and the excellent conditions. Whatever it was she loved being in her element, latex and all the other good things that went with that.

So as not to attract to much attention to herself, without the added burden of being a beautiful woman, she was wearing her heavy cotton habit. Underneath was a different story. The red latex bloomers were very comfortable indeed as was the long line bra and the long garter. These felt smooth and sensuous next to her flawless white skin. She was in a buoyant mood so all her undergarments today would be red. The shoulder length gloves she wore under her black leather gloves were a vibrant shade of red which matched the stockings which came up to her crotch. Around her waist was a red latex corset and on her neck she wore another corset which gave her an elegant air. The open face hood made putting on the wimple so much easier. It was, as were her other items of clothing, wrinkle free. A perfectly smooth fit. Just barely visible under the sweeping hem of the habit were her sturdy, low heeled, big black shiny knee high lace up boots. Around her neck was her large silver cross.

When she came out of her reverie she found herself in the park. It was deserted apart from the birds in the trees and the distant sound of the traffic's constant rumble. Down a tree lined path she strode and was just passing a toilet block when a large, bull necked, angry faced young man accosted her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the cold gray room marked "Ladies". From the pocket on his short zip up jacket he produced a long bladed knife which he then held up to Sister Livvy's throat.

"Do as I say and you won't get harmed, right." He barked, pressing the point of the knife a little harder into Livvy's throat for added emphasis of his threat. Keeping hold of Livvy with one hand over her mouth and the other with the knife held to her throat, he moved her over to an empty, smashed, cubicle where from out of a small holdall he produced a roll of thick, black tape. As he went to pull of a length of tape, Livvy pounced, grabbing his knife arm and twisting it behind his back in one swift movement.

"Ouch!" he uttered as Livvy then violently smashed his wrist into the wall. The knife fell with a clatter to the floor and Livvy kicked it away with the toe of her big right boot. She then spun him round and aimed her left knee into his soft crotch. The big man crumbled to his knees on the dirt covered floor. Livvy's piercing blue eyes looked deep into the man's eyes.

"Now listen carefully to me." Livvy said quietly but firmly. "Don't do as I say and a lot of harm will come to you. Do as I say and not quite so much harm will come to. If you've understood what I've just said then blink once." He blinked once. "Good," said Sister Livvy smiling.

The large, powerfully built man shuffled back into the main vestibule and then removed his clothing. She looked in his small bag while he stood naked in the middle of the room, shivering. She found what she was looking for, a rubber band.

"Put this around your pathetic willie," she said disdainfully.

As soon as it was on, the rubber started to stretch over his penis and cover it. Then over his balls, groin, legs and feet. Then it went up his body, chest, neck, arms, hands and finally his head. It turned black. It fitted better than a second skin. It revealed every mark and blemish on his body. The only uncovered parts of his large body were his eyes and nostrils. Suddenly his cheeks began to swell out as a hard rubber gag inflated in his mouth. Then he could no longer hear the outside world as his ears were plugged. Then tubes appeared from his nostrils and snaked down to his chest ending in a small rebreather bag.

Livvy watched her captive succumb to entombment in rubber. She moulded and controlled the rubber from the band, concentrating hard while her both her hands held tightly to her silver cross. A corset appeared around the mans chest, laced tightly and fitted with severe thick rubber boning. Then a similar one around his neck. Large rubber breasts appeared and swelled on his torso. Rubber ballet boots which appeared welded to his feet thrust him upwards and made him wobble as he tried to keep his balance. The covering over his hands fused into mittens. A rubber arm binder materialised crushing his arms together behind him. His blank, black face rearranged itself into the features of a woman with large pouting lips and long eyelashes. His eyes became wider as into his rectum charged an inflating, vibrating dildo. She pushed him roughly to the litter strewn floor.

She dragged him into one of the cubicles and taped his ankles to the bowl, spreading them with her boots. Then she sat on the bowl, removed her leather gloves and then pulled over her habit, draping it over the cubicle's wall. His eyes almost popped out of his thick skull.

"Shall I have some fun with you?" She asked him mischievously. She started to massage his cock and balls with the toe of her boot. Then she stopped and started using her red, latex gloved hands. Her long slim fingers soon got the man's penis rock hard.

"Do you want to cum?" She asked quietly. "Do you?" She said again. He nodded his head. "Do you?" She asked again.

"Sure you do?" She whispered. Then from out of the end of the penis a small tube snaked up and back and popped into the suit into his anus. His eyes stared as a catheter reached down his urethra. She picked up the rebreather bag popped it into her mouth cutting his air supply.

"You can still hear me." He heard in his head. "Do you still want to come?" She said in his thoughts. She stroked his penis again. He blinked. She massaged his penis while the dildo throbbed and vibrated and his oxygen decreased. She kept going then stopped just as he was about to come. She spat the rebreather out. His member became flaccid. She picked up the bag and this time slipped it into her vagina as she bent down over his face with her back to him. Then she sat down. On his face. She started to play with his penis but that already started to get hard the moment she had sat down. She could see the throbbing veins in great detail, outlined as they were by the skin tight latex covering. He could smell her, filling his nostrils and senses. Livvy could feel his cock tensing up, about to explode so she stopped again. She removed the rebreather.

She started again, rebreather in place and this time caressed his latex swathed balls delicately. Then he exploded as his precious air ran out. It seemed as though pints of semen escaped, causing the tube to throb and vibrate as it forced its way into his rectum. She got up off him, grabbed her habit and gloves which she put back on and walked out of the cubicle, closing the door behind her. She rummaged in his holdall again and found a mobile phone. She made a single phone call but was back in her office in the shop before puzzled police found a rubber garbed man babbling incoherently.

Keep the faith. They'll be more adventures of The Latex Nun.



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