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Latex Future Perfect

by RubbermanBD

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Dan loved his job. After getting his college degree, he quickly turned his two month work trial at a company into a permanent job. Based on his chemistry degree, he had applied for an open position as lab assistant, hoping to make it to a full fledged lab chemist within a year or two. The company did some low profile material research and development, improving the resistance of work clothes materials against different causes of damage, like abrasive forces, cuts, or chemicals. Their goal was to improve worker safety by providing better protection.

Through hard work and some pretty helpful input (some of which were based on his knowledge, a few were pure luck), he actually managed to get not only several raises, but also a promotion, not even 9 months after he started working there. Which meant not only another, this time substantial, raise, but also a change in his work.

What he originally did not know was that the company he worked for was just the low-profile front of a multi-billion defense contractor. During the first 6 months, unbeknownst to him, he had been screened and investigated, observed and was finally approved to go to work in their main development labs. His new work contract, containing a “slightly” longer version of an NDA, took him a full two hours to read through (which he was required to do - he wondered whether he’d get a quiz at the end to confirm he had read it). He even had to sign an NDA before he was even handed the new contract. Dan was elated considering the new possibilities and challenges he’d be facing, happily signing the contract.

While the actual goal of the development team didn’t differ much on paper, the area of “clothing” was quite different. Battle gear, environmental protection suits, and similar were now the target of his development work. Their products were so top secret and amazing that even high level brass in the forces didn’t have any idea of the possibilities. He would be working for the real-life equivalent of Q branch from James Bond, supplying the real-life equivalents of James Bond with their equipment.

Over the next few years, Dan made a name for himself, gradually getting into all sorts of weird development projects. One of their successful developments put Kevlar to shame, allowing for essentially a fiber as thin as silk, interwoven to something that could pass as a silk blouse or shirt, to stop a .45 bullet (apart from the physical force, which would still be passed on the wearer - you can’t fool physics). Another made any material as good as impervious to any chemical acid or base for a minimum of an hour, almost no matter how strong it was.

Of course there were also failures, or rather, ideas that were stopped after some time as development was slow and did not have any promising outlook, as they seemed just not feasible with their current technological level. Those were shelved, but typically not completely abandoned, as the company regularly revisited old development projects (unless their goals had otherwise been achieved) to see if new research could salvage and revitalize them.

These were the projects that bugged Dan. Especially if he thought his superiors were wrong in stopping them when he felt he was just so close to a break-through. But while he had advanced a bit in the ranks, he was still just one of the “regular” technicians, and as such all he could do was provide a detailed report on his findings and assumptions, while others would decide on the future of the projects.

After changing to the “actual” part of the company, Dan had finally allowed himself a bit of a social life. Seeing that he had achieved a pretty secure job, he felt he could finally do more than the occasional but rare lunch at a restaurant. After having moved to a nice 2-bedroom place relatively close to the company labs, he befriended his neighbors (all of which at least couples, some with kids), and extended his social circles to some of their friends, several of which were single and therefore a good source for nights out in the city.

After some time, one of the women he met progressed into a couple dates, and within a few months to her moving in with him. Like him, Jenna had a college degree, hers was in economics. She was smart and pleasing to the eye. 5’5, slender, amber hair slightly down to her shoulder blades, - if you really want to know - C-cup breasts, and definitely was fun to be around - both in normal life as well as the bedroom. Over a couple months, they did a lot of exploring, and as neither he nor her were brought up with some ancient, conservative innuendos, they quickly built up a wide variety of fetishy things they both enjoyed. They typically came up with something that one of them was at least curious about, and then did some “scientific research” to see whether it would be interesting and arousing for their time together. They even converted their second bedroom to their “playpen”, with closets full of fetish clothing and equipment, and a nice solid four-poster bed that allowed for lots of interesting games.

Some of their fetish experiments bled into their everyday life. Dan had always loved seeing women wearing tight clothes made from spandex or leather. That had been expanded to also include latex. They originally were both rather active, but Jenna hadn’t been too much involved in the “professionally” looking clothes, until they had come to the topic. Jenna quickly felt that their semi-regular runs and fitness exercises were even more fun with Dan having to ogle her taut body barely hidden by the form-fitting lycra clothes. Especially afterwards. Seeing him try to hide his excitement in the equally body-conforming running tights when they ran by other people on the street also often made her giggle.

For their nights out, she also adopted wearing latex pieces. Sometimes more or less hidden, like a underwear set or body, sometimes more visible like a tube or halter top, mini skirt or mini dress. More than once Dan turned the car around before even getting to the place they had planned to go out to, unable to contain himself with the sexy woman on the passenger seat, wearing nothing but a thin layer of latex and a pair of high heels. Literally nothing else.

Their fetish variety was pretty big, but over time they agreed that tight clothes on either or both of them just matched with most of their activities, leading to a growing assortment of different clothing items, from the aforementioned underwear to pretty extreme full body suits from latex or leather. To some extent, both latex and spandex pieces became their normal “house clothes”, which over time several of their friends also had been carefully introduced and then accepted as being nothing extraordinary. Luckily, their combined income allowed them to both save up money for bad times (or bigger investments), as well as still being able to purchase quality “leisure equipment” and clothing.

Apart from Jenna, Dan’s second most interest in his spare time was fiddling around with both new ideas, as well as continuing work on some of his shelved developments. While the latter didn’t promise much success (given usually several months or even years of combined work of several technicians and chemists not getting anywhere), they were also not only a bit illegal. His “private inventions” did lead to the occasional interesting development. He’d come across some problem he wanted to fix, leading to several weeks or months of experiments. And, if he was lucky, he actually managed to find a genius solution.

One of those problems stemmed from their latex fetish. While of course he loved the looks of fine latex on himself but even more so Jenna, both putting it on and giving it a lasting shine was a pain. Well, not the “polishing Jenna” part as such, he loved that, as did she. But keeping the material shiny throughout the night while they were out at a dance or party just sucked.

Through a couple weeks of many different chemical compounds, he rather quickly managed to create a polishing liquid that was similar to a combination of “Rain-X” for car windows, and teflon. You’d wipe a thin layer onto the material, resulting in a near mirror reflectiveness, while the “teflon” part of the chemicals was both hydrophobic and lipophobic, more or less keeping any oily compounds and water from sticking to the surface at all. It would wear off over time, mostly through mechanical wear, but any latex surface treated with it typically would remain shiny for being worn multiple times. The only problem that remained was that with its slick surface, it made the items even harder put on. And as he did not have the means to test for side effects from long-term exposure, given some of the chemicals he used in the compound, he didn’t feel it was a good idea to treat the inside with it and then have several hours of skin contact, though he did expect pulling those items on once treated on the inside would be a lot easier (he tried with a leggings, and it worked wonders).

So he continued his private research into how to get the same results with potentially less harmful ingredients. While having a slick inside to put a garment on was helpful, he didn’t like the effects to remain once they were finished dressing - the material sliding around through sweat was already bad enough, but e.g. Jenna’s mini dress sliding up to her waist because it was too slippery, or leggings sliding down could cause some unwanted “attention”. So his goal was developing something that would stay slippery and slick for a short time, then either just dissolve or even slightly “stick” like a mild glue, keeping the latex in place as sort of a real second skin. Regrettably, he wasn’t able to find a solution to that.

During that time, his job had him involved in yet another project that was sort of “close to his heart” - improving the durability of hazmat suits. While in general, hazmat suits are pretty durable, and will protect the wearers from many dangers, they are still quite susceptible to mechanical damage, like from knives, or sharp and pointy objects. Or they might be less easily damaged, but so bulky it is hard to work or just wear them. The research grant they received from the government (with many zeroes behind the leading digit) aimed at finding a solution. The goal was to enforce something as sensitive for the wearer like a vinyl or latex glove so that it could withstand the typical accidental damage from a shard of glass, scalpel or similar. It didn’t “need” to be completely undamageable, but should come somewhere close to that. The hope was to be able to make light-weight suits and equipment that would protect operatives - and medical personnel - from typical risks in their missions. Given the increase in biological and chemical threats from terrorist organizations, the urgency was pretty far up there.

The company had a total of three teams working on the research. While they kept each other up to speed as to what general directions they were going and which ideas they had, they made sure to go different paths, broadening the chances of success. Both advances and failures of one team would be forwarded to the other teams, allowing for progress on all fronts. Finally, after many months of hard work, it was Dan’s team that managed to create a mostly successful solution.

Dan and his colleagues had succeeded to a certain degree, modifying the surface structure of latex sufficiently that while it kept its pliability, the top several microns of the material became relatively tough. The molecule interaction was strengthened to the point that not even a really thin hypodermic needle was able to penetrate the thin latex. A normal scalpel quickly dulled, as did any ceramic blades. Given enough force - like a bullet - the materials’ inner adhesion could still be overcome. Also, extreme heat could still break down the latex, of course, but given the amount necessary, a breach of the material was the smaller issue, as the wearer would have a high degree of burns before the latex got damaged.

Overall, the team was able to score a significant success. The only downside was the reduced stretching ability of the latex. While a decent latex material can easily be stretched by several times its dimension, once treated the material’s ability to stretch was reduced to something like 10% at most. This wasn’t seen as a terrible downside, as hazmat suits usually weren’t exactly “form fitting”, allowing for a wide range of body types and sizes to fit. As long as the material was still pliable and most of all durable, everything else was negligible. And, amazingly, the final solution was even pretty easy to manufacture even on a large scale - often, new research resulted in hard to make compounds that need complicated processes, high pressure and the likes, but their solution consisted of almost off-the-shelve chemicals, added together in a specific sequence, heated and cooled at certain steps, et voila, finished was the “magic compound”.

After finishing all the reports and technical descriptions, Dan and the rest of the team, as well as the other two teams, received a commendation from both the company’s bosses, as well as the army chiefs involved. The bonus on top of their regular pay also didn’t hurt, given that they had managed to find a solution with barely half the allotted budget having been spent. Dan expected they wouldn’t actually stop there yet, but rather build on the success to research the durability or long-term effects on the material, as well as possibly even optimize the manufacturing process more than already possible (it was, after all, still pretty time-consuming), but was disappointed when it was announced that the development teams would be reassigned to other existing or new projects.

Even with the generous bonus, Dan was still somewhat pissed coming home that evening. And even with the sight of his gorgeous Jenna sporting her latest latex suit, and a great supper, he still was in a bad mood. Jenna knew how bad Dan felt when he wasn’t able to really finish a project. He was a perfectionist when it came to his work. Well, and other things, too. Not that she could complain about that. They talked about the project (to the level of detail he could justify without breaching the NDA), what he thought he could improve, and the likes. Jenna knew that he’d quickly have enough steam out of his system that he’d soon be fine. And she knew he’d be even finer after a nice run with her, followed by an hour of fun in their “special room”. After supper, he loaded the dishwasher while she put on a full length spandex suit, waiting for Dan to also get changed.

They headed out into the cool evening air, enjoying their time together. Dan even got to enjoy it even more when he suddenly saw her ankles, covered in a red, shiny surface, and realized that she hadn’t bothered to take off the latex suit, compressing and shaping her beautiful body more than the running suit would have. And he knew she’d figuratively be “swimming” in the suit from sweating by the time they got back home. Jenna grinned when she noticed his bulge, which came close to indecent exposure. Luckily, the sun had already started setting, so less chances of being seen.

Coming home, Jenna just extracted herself out of the spandex suit and headed to their game room, a sight in her mirrored red suit. By the time Dan had taken off his clothes and showered quickly (not too much more than jumping under the shower head and back out), she had already prepared herself. Dan found her on the bed, ankles locked to the bottom posts, head fully covered in a red hood that only had a mouth opening, and hands in ball gloves and locked into the self-fastening wrist restraints. He knew how frisky she was when she locked herself up tightly…

Rubbing her crotch made her buck quite quickly. He ran his other hand over her breasts, her nipples already strongly engorged even underneath the tight, compressing material. She moaned rather loudly from his touch, which Dan decided needed muffling. Which he did with an extended kiss, which not only excited her, but also cut off her already quick breathing. By the time their mouths parted, she was literally shaking, almost vibrating under him. He continued stroking her crotch, finally opening the zipper, and pushing his fingers into her, provoking more bucking of her hips. Smiling, he slowly pushed in and out, brushing by her clit, causing yet more moaning, which he quickly extinguished by re-sealing her mouth with his. This time keeping their kiss longer, he continued until he felt her gasping for air more and more violently, but still not releasing. Instead he increased the pace of his hand, while moving the other back to her breasts, pinching her nipples almost violently. Only seconds later Jenna’s body stiffened, only her hips still moving up and down, her attempt at drawing in air almost fading. Dan removed his mouth from her lips, while still continuing his stroking of her sensitive parts, while Jenna rode out yet another fantastic orgasm, her senses overwhelmed, not able to take in anything but her sexual excitement.

After she stopped moving, and with her almost frantic breathing slowing down, Jenna turned her head to where she felt Dan was, a wide smile on her face. “I knew you’d really do me after noticing I still wore the suit during our run… you didn’t disappoint…”. Dan had to laugh, “yeah, you know how to push my buttons…” he replied, while repositioning himself to finally insert his dick into her hot snatch, knowing her “other exercises” would really get him off now, too. He didn’t know how she trained her muscles, but loving her felt almost like getting a hand-job, just a lot more intense, so strong was her tunnel.

Well into the new project, even several months later Dan couldn’t let the perceived “failure” of the previous discovery go. He knew he could improve, knew he’d be able to iron out the wrinkles in their initial discovery. At some point, he picked up the necessary chemicals for the base formula and spent many evenings and weekends in his basement lab working on different approaches. While some minor improvements were reached, they came with drawbacks in other areas. Once he managed to keep the stretchiness of the latex, but after a couple days the latex turned hard as stone. Another time the latex literally soaked up the solution instead of just the outer molecule layers, something Dan had a hard time understanding. When he looked at the beaker the next day, the latex had completely vanished - or so it seemed. Comparisons of latex treated with the initial formula solution and re-applied newer formulas showed that in most cases, the treated latex didn’t accept any of the new formulae, confirming the original research as to the resilience of treated latex.

At some point, months later, Dan finally gave up. It turned out that either he wasn’t the smart prodigy he thought he was, or that based on the chemical properties, they had already reached the optimum solution. He knew the government officials that had gotten the presentation almost a year ago were more than happy with their development, though he didn’t know how far their invention had progressed in government labs yet.

Just a couple days later, Dan got a call from Jenna one Friday afternoon. He was always happy to at least hear her voice when he wasn’t around her, but the tone of her voice told him he’d be in for a treat that evening. She told him she had received a “surprise” for him in the mail, but was looking for the polishing liquid, the one in their game room had run out. Dan thought for a moment, then told her “There should be some in the basement, I think I had a batch prepared in the black spray bottle over the workbench. Make sure you shake it well, it’s been sitting a while…”

“Thanks, lover, can’t wait to see you!” she replied.

Dan grinned when she hung up, thinking about whether he could somehow get out of work quicker. But it being 2 P.M. already, there was no real point in rushing it. He wanted Jenna to have enough time to prepare whatever she had planned… he knew it would be worth the wait.

In their home, Jenna had successfully discovered the bottle Dan had been speaking of. She was already wearing her new purchase - a graphite-colored latex suit. Footed, with detached gloves and hood. She had already polished the hood earlier on a mannequin head using what was left in the other bottle, and now went to work on the rest of the suit. Jenna felt amazing in the suit. For one, it was special as it did not have any zippers apart from the crotch area. One got in through the neck, which was an ordeal, especially putting it on by herself. Luckily, she’d have help to take it off once she wanted out. In a day. Or two.

She had prepared the inside with one of Dan’s inventions, which made it way more slippery than using oil on her skin or talcum powder. Once the solution had dried on the inside, it stayed like that for an hour or so, or until her sweat broke it down. She loved how the latex then felt on her body, not sliding around much anymore. Jenna had the suit tailored to her body measures, ensuring that it would be a perfect fit. It cost extra, but it was worth every penny. The suit also had sort of a built-in corset, chinching in her already small waist even more. It wasn’t as strict as a regular corset, as the material still stretched, but the increased thickness made it less yielding than the rather thin rest of the suit. More reinforcements and preformed cups helped her more than modest C-cup breasts appear even larger. It worked almost like a built-in push-up-bra, holding her orbs up and together, forming a nice decollete, one Dan might like to use for a boob fuck (which she normally wasn’t quite large enough for).

Jenna hurried with the application of the polishing spray, using a small rack with an applicator that Dan had built to allow her to cover all of her back which would otherwise be out of reach, then continuing with the rest of her body. She shortly hesitated, wondering about the slight warm feeling she noticed everywhere she applied the liquid, but assumed it was just something Dan had changed on the new batch. Polishing down the suit with a cotton rag finally got the material to shine perfectly. The dark material had turned into the usual mirrored surface she could see her reflection in.

To get into the mood she had inserted butt and vagina plugs/vibrators when she originally put on the suit, and locked the crotch zippers with a small padlock only Dan had the key to on his keyring. Depending on her movement, as well as some random factors, one or both would occasionally turn on, though she knew from experience all it would do is increase her horniness, as it would either vibrate on low for longer, or high for short intervals, never putting her over the edge. She knew it wouldn’t take Dan long to make her really cum once they’d get started.

Checking her mobile, she noticed his beacon on the map app had already moved to the parking lot, so she’d only have another 5 minutes or so… she grinned, quickly put on a tight full-body spandex biking suit and headed to the garage. With that suit on top, there was nearly no indication of anything “unusual”, except for her dark, shiny gloved hands and about an inch or so of latex that went all the way up her neck, further than the brightly colored biking suit’s collar.

When Dan turned into the driveway, Jenna already waited for him, both their bikes beside her and ready for a quick 20 mile or so ride, if they took the usual route. Dan was ever so shortly puzzled, but quickly understood she was just teasing him. “Better get upstairs, dress and get back out here. The faster we get this done,…” She didn’t complete the sentence, but Dan knew what she meant, having already noticed the shiny thin strip of latex on her neck, and the dark fingers extending beneath the bike gloves she wore.

He got undressed and re-dressed in near record time, donning only his shiny short sleeve, short legged biketard and headed back to Jenna, ready for a slightly exhausting, but very exhilarating and exciting ride with her. He had no doubt she’d be teasing him the whole time by wiggling her nice ass in front of his face, trying to “get away” from him, while knowing he’d fall back slightly just for the view. Dan knew she also got pretty turned on herself, but with the latex suit she obviously wore, at least the danger of causing a very prominent dark spot in her crotch area was easily prevented.

Jenna indeed did tease, or rather torture, Dan the whole ride. Even more than she was by the two intruders that occasionally helped push her buttons. He quickly noticed how more pronounced her figure was, clearly showing a more visible hourglass shape. And he did notice how her breasts appeared larger, no doubt also thanks to the suit he surmised. And his suit did a pretty bad job at hiding his boner the whole time. He loved it. And loved what would be happening when they arrived back home.

Dan suspected they had beaten their previous best time by quite a bit, both of them turned on so much they didn’t feel any exhaustion when they almost ran into the house after just putting the bikes in the garage and closing the door. Dan was naked by the time he reached their playroom, allowing Jenna a slight head start to prepare whatever she had planned on doing to - or with - him. Or herself. He heard some slight comotion inside, gave her another quarter of a minute until he went inside.

There she was, the most beautiful woman he could imagine - wearing a very amazing suit. The grey, almost black latex shone like a dark sun, reflecting anything that wasn’t black. He could see himself on the mirrored surface. And as he had previously suspected, the suit clearly had a very tight waist line, reducing her already model-like waist by another couple inches. Her breasts stood out proud. Now, her breasts didn’t really sag any even without a bra, but the way the suit made them look took his breath away. A slight light reflection from her crotch also told him she had locked herself up - he knew that probably meant she was most likely filled up, so he quickly retrieved the little key, unlocked the padlock, and opened up the zipper enough so he got access to what she was “hiding”. Seeing it was her favorite set of vibrators, he decided he’d let them in for the time being. Why spoil a good thing…

Dan slowly walked around the bed, looking in her eyes (which he couldn’t actually see, because the shiny hood only had a perforated hole pattern where her eyes were, allowing for some limited visibility out, but nearly none from the outside in). There were two holes for her nostrils, and also a perforated area allowing her to breath through her mouth, but not allowing for any access in or out. Still he pressed his lips to hers and ran his tongue over the smooth, slick surface, feeling her doing the same from the inside. From the heat he felt in her crotch he knew she was more than ready for more than just kissing. “Fuck my tits, Dan” he heard her almost moan while she slowly slid herself down from a sitting pose to lying down. Taking in the view of her seamingly enhanced breasts, he happily did as he was told.

Given their near constant arousal over the last 40 minutes or so, it didn’t take him long, nor did she last any longer, with Dan reaching back and finger-fucking her asshole with the dildo-vibrator still buried deep inside it. He wanted to save her snatch for round #2. And possibly #3. After their initial bout, and cleaning his cum off her upper body and face mask, he laid down beside her, one hand lazily teasing her clit, the other drawing invisible circles on her breasts. “That suit looks amazing on you. You look even more amazing in it!”

“Thank you,” she breathed in reply.

“It wasn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. I’ll probably need some help getting out, though. Tomorrow or Sunday. Or Monday morning. It feels so amazing I feel like I could wear it forever and not want to wear anything else.”

“I wouldn’t complain, though I guess it would make for some weird situation at your company, given their usual dress code. Hard to explain the dark latex legs, or the high colar… not really easy to hide…” he grinned.

“True. Not sure who my superiors would react, though it would be a pretty hot situation to be in” she laughed in reply.

“Well, then maybe I shouldn’t help you out… why is it so hard to get out?”

“The zipperless entry is a bitch to use. Especially without anybody helping you. Needed to use a generous helping of your lubricant, still took me an hour to get into it. Not exactly sure if anybody can even get out of this type of suit without help - stretching the collar wide enough to go over the shoulders…” - she inhaled sharply at Dan’s combined attack at a nipple and her clit, while at the same time both vibrators decided to turn on - “…and get it pulled down… the suit is almost like a straight jacket, keeping you from moving your arms.”

“Wow. Didn’t even notice it doesn’t have a rear zipper. That’s pretty hot… got to take a look later on. But first…”

Dan decided to go for round #2, rolling over onto Jenna carefully, removing just the one vibrator that was in his way, and inserting himself into her now welcoming love tunnel.

Knowing Jenna was sort of stuck in the suit for the time being spiced up their weekend, to say the least. After fucking like bunnies deep into the night, both with and without “toys”, they continued for another hour Saturday morning, then one round in the shower (truth be said, Jenna didn’t really get to clean herself thanks to the tight-fitting latex suit, of course), then out for a morning jog. Dan couldn’t believe his luck having such a wonderful, sexy woman by his side, in two layers of skin-tight material.

While jogging, he didn’t have as much of a chance to adoringly watch her behind sway as with each pedal push on the bike, but this was more than equalized by the view from the side… the latex suit did an excellent job at keeping her breasts full and lifted, with the preformed cups of it not pressing them as flat than a sports bra usually did. The tight lycra suit on top didn’t hurt the view at all, conforming to her exaggerated curves beautifully. With every step, her breasts bounced so deliciously… keeping his hands away from Jenna was an astonishing feat for Dan.

Halfway through their morning run, Dan suddenly heard a very dampened sound from his right. Looking over, the grin and wink from Jenna told him she’d stuffed at least one of her vibrators into herself again, and it had apparently just then activated. Dan was almost out of his mind, but being about at the most distant point of their round, all he could do was somehow keep it together until they made it back home.

Luckily for him, by the time they were back, it only took Jenna about 5 seconds to rid herself of the lycra suit, then literally jumped Dan after having opened the crotch zipper far enough to allow him access. Somehow, Dan didn’t object. He banged her in the hallway, against the wall, while the vibrator still ran in her rear hole.

That evening they decided to go out to some club. As Jenna still didn’t want to take off the suit, she decided on a pair of red patent leather boots, knee-high and 5” heel. She kept the latex gloves, but added a pair of opera-style gloves, together with a black loose short-sleeve blouse that had a high collar, hiding almost all of the suit, except of course her legs, but the look wasn’t that unusual, as it could be some shiny leggings which were at least a regular fashion item for clubbing. She had the zippers moved up her rear as far as they would go, which hid them under the blouse as long as she wasn’t sitting down.

All through that evening, Dan often found his hand roaming over her ass, her thighs or around her waist, fondling and caressing the woman he loved through the thin latex skin. He knew how it felt to be touched while wearing latex, and knew it would drive her nuts as much as just seeing her in the outfit excited him. They usually did not see themselves as exhibitionists, at least not as far as the more fetishy things like latex went, so going out in the latex suit without at least part of it being exposed was a somewhat unusual event, and a turn-on for both.

Finally, after a couple hours, they decided they had reached a breaking point - as the club did not look kindly on people doing anything more than some kissing and touching, they headed back home to do something against their penned up arousal. Jenna already started undressing directly after entering the car, losing both the blouse and gloves immediately, and repositioning the zipper - or rather opening it up. Dan’s eyes got pretty wide when he noticed her taking out a vibrator from her handbag and stuffing it in her hole, from the sound of it - and Jenna’s moans - he suspected it was running on full strength. Using his free hand and demonstrating a superhuman effort of still concentrating on driving, he “helped” her by hand-fucking her with the vibrator.

By the time they pulled into the garage he had veered off the lane at least three times, once almost into oncoming traffic, and she had cum once. Dan had worried whether anybody outside the car might have heard her scream when she came, and suspected there was somebody being abducted or tortured.

He had barely turned off the car when Jenna crawled over the transmission tunnel and positioned herself on his lap. Using one hand behind his head to press their faces together for an intense kiss, the other was free to open his fly and free his dick, then immediately pressed down onto it. They both came within just a few minutes.

When the morning sun flooded their bedroom and Jenna opened her eyes, she saw Dan lying on his side, looking at her. “Damn, I love what that suit has done for you. For us. You’re one hot lady!” he said.

“Thank you. Yes, it’s really amazing. I’m thinking about getting another one maybe, different color. Or maybe a short dress with similar compression configuration. It really gives me a confidence boost the way it shapes my figure.”

“Not that you’d actually need it…” Dan protested.

“Yeah, charmer, I know… But still. Maybe I should also pick up a couple waist cinchers, love that exaggerated hourglass shape…”

After the morning run, breakfast, and some additional time in their playroom, Jenna finally reluctantly decided it was time to get out of the suit, asking Dan to give her a hand with the collar. After spraying in a generous amount of the lubricant through the neck opening of the suit to aid in the removal of the latex, Dan dug his fingers in between the collar and her neck and pulled.

Then he pulled again.

His fingers barely managed to stretch the latex by half an inch.

“How the hell did you get into this suit?”

“What do you mean? It stretched pretty easily, after all, it’s just a .3mm material…”

“What the…”

Dan pulled with all his strength, but the material didn’t give any more. Suddenly he had a horrifying thought.

“The shining solution you used - are you sure you got the right bottle?”

“Of course. You said the black spray bottle on your workbench!”

Dan ran down to his home lab. The black bottle with the shining liquid - was still on the shelf over the workbench. Hand-labeled “liquid mirror”. He ran back up to Jenna, already more than certain she had used the wrong bottle. “Where’s the bottle? Where did you put it?”

“Over there, on the shelf…” Jenna replied.

It only took Dan a look and a sniff. “Jenna, this isn’t the bottle I meant. I said OVER the workbench, not ON the workbench!” he almost pleaded.

“So what, it worked great! It’s really shining, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

Dan was at a loss of words. Jenna looked at him with a questioning expression on her face.

“This isn’t the shining solution. It’s one of my projects, developments. Yes it did make the surface shine, but that was just a side effect. Another side effect is that it massively reduces the amount latex will stretch.”

“So? I’d hate to do that, but then just cut open the suit…” she replied.

“That’s the problem. The main effect of the compound… it’s been designed to make latex near impossible to penetrate or cut. Even with a .1mm medical glove, puncturing it after even the thinnest treatment with the solution is impossible. I’d need a high-powered laser or plasma cutter to damage the latex, which you can imagine would be pretty detrimental to your health. I… I have…” - he didn’t want to speak the words - “I have no way of removing the suit without hurting or maybe even killing you in the process”.

Jenna’s face turned pale when his words sunk in. Sure she had noticed that the gloves had been harder to get in and out after shining them. “Would… would I have gotten out if we tried earlier?”

“No, dear, once the solution cures the material, it’s done. About 10 seconds after applying it, a slightly exothermic reaction alters the top layers of the latex, slightly condensing and altering the molecular structure. You should have noticed the suit feeling warmer. And feeling like it’s tightening a bit on you. When that happens, the stretchability is already gone.”

Jenna sat down, or almost collapsed onto the bed. Dozens of thoughts buzzed through her head. How could she go to work in this suit? What would her friends and colleagues think if they saw her in it? What about their summer vacation plans? What about the summer heat? How would she even keep herself clean?

Jenna broke down and started crying. Dan felt awful with what had happened to her. He went over and hugged her. His mind raced around all the tests and examinations they did of the materials tested with the solution. Mechanically, there wasn’t much he could do. The latex molecules had bonded with the compound and changed, nothing came to his mind that could damage the suit while not harming Jenna at the same time. “We’ll get through this… I’ll fix it, I promise!” he tried comforting her.

Jenna kept sobbing. He just HAD to fix it. “I can’t go to work like this tomorrow! Or ever!”

“Just call in sick for a couple days, or ask about doing home office for a week or so… you can cover up the suit sufficiently for a video conference or the likes, and talking to people on the phone isn’t a problem…”

After a while, Jenna had resigned into her situation and decided to inform her team manager she’d be doing home office work for a week due to some unforeseen repairs at their home she’d have to keep an eye on. Dan was all but sure he’d manage to find a solution within a week, but he wasn’t going to discourage her by telling her the truth. Luckily, his work project was currently at a slow stage, which would allow him to use a large amount of his time at the company lab to do some experiments on how to either dissolve the compound, or weaken the latex chemically. He just had to succeed.

By Wednesday, all of his major ideas about weakening the molecular bonds or structure of the treated latex proved to be hopeless. Thursday evening, though not a real breakthrough, he came across something that would at least alleviate the problem to a small degree. He had combined two agents that he had hoped would counteract the original compound, which it didn’t. But it turned out that within an hour (he had already disposed of the material sample and just out of pure luck noticed it), the latex he had sprayed with the liquid became somewhat translucent, losing part of its coloring. He repeated the process again, and twice more on Friday, resulting in a piece of latex which was almost as clear as glass, and as shiny. But, regrettably, not as fragile or susceptible. But he was at a point where he’d take anything that did something.

He surmised that the solution could quickly be reproduced at his home lab, so he didn’t have to take chances by taking the bottle from the lab. With the trouble he - or mainly Jenna - was in, he couldn’t risk getting fired or worse. After all, using top secret research at home was somewhat frowned upon (to put it mildly).

After swinging by a local pharmacy and getting everything he needed, he hurried home to Jenna, telling her he might have a temporary solution before heading to his lab. He quickly prepared the solution and tested it on a sample before having supper with Jenna. While she wasn’t really happy about her situation, and not exactly aroused by the prospect of wearing her perfect latex suit for the foreseeable future (contrary to what she had said before), she had settled into her situation, and mostly kept her mind off it by working long hours. After finishing their food and cleaning up the kitchen, Dan returned to his experiment to check whether the solution worked as it did at work.

The small latex patch was already a lot less red than it had been, and started being slightly translucent. Otherwise, it seemed unchanged. It still didn’t stretch any further (though, not less eather), and he couldn’t damage it with anything he had on hand. He doused it a second time, just to ensure there weren’t any other effects by multiple applications, then returned to Jenna for a quick talk.

“I have found something that will be sort of a temporary relief. No, don’t get too excited yet. I can not get you out of the suit yet. But I can make it less obvious you’re wearing it. Here, let me show you. Give me the gloves, please.”

Jenna handed him the gloves from the suit. Dan put down a piece of plastic, placed the gloves on it, then sprayed a clear liquid on them.

“It takes some time, just wait…”

It took a good half an hour until the color slightly faded, after an hour the gloves had reached the same state he had seen in his lab. He held up one of the gloves.

“You see? They are becoming transparent. It takes about three to five treatments, but then the latex is completely clear and see-through.”

“So how does that help me?”

“Well, people can’t complain about what they can’t - or just barely - see. Covering up the suit will be a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about the dark color peeking through somewhere. You can wear some tights and the typical business skirt, nobody will notice. A scarf around your neck should take care of anybody being able to see the difference between your regular skin color and the latex you wear. Luckily, the gloves weren’t attached, that would be a lot harder to hide.”

“Or the hood… I treated that with the rest of the old polish… I’d… be starving if I had worn it…”

Terrified by the last thought, Jenna broke down in tears again. Dan rushed to her side, once again hugging her for comfort. Deep down, though, the thought of her possibly remaining in the suit for the rest of her life, did not just worry, but also excited him.

Over the next couple hours, they repeated the treatment of the suit, finally arriving at the point where she looked like she was naked - except that from her neck down, minus her hands, her skin was shining like glass. “You do look hot like that” Dan said carefully; Jenna out of part resignation, part arousal, had to agree. “Still, you need to get me out of this… what if I need some medical procedure? Or… get pregnant? I mean, sure, wearing it will force me not to gain any weight, but…” - “I’ll make sure I find a solution, honey. Just stay strong, we’ll somehow fix this! I’ll be there for you!”

Through the next couple of weeks, Jenna managed to change her clothing style to successfully hide the suit from being noticed, both at work and in her day-to-day life. Around the house, once she had mostly accepted the current situation, she went back to at least enjoying the feeling of wearing the suit, and Dan got to enjoy a lot of “naked” Jenna during their shared time. In fact, she enjoyed teasing him by strutting around wearing just the “invisible” suit. Their sex life also returned to normal, and then some. The only downside was that their summer vacation had suffered a bit - going out in a bikini, or even a one-piece, was out of the question, given her shiny “skin”. They did adapt, switching to diving, and her otherwise wearing full body lycra suits to cover up the shiny latex suit.

Several months later, Dan finally managed to find a chemical that could break down the original compound, with a slight drawback, though. When he came home that evening, greeted by Jenna the usual way - naked and with a very long, deep kiss - he was hesitant to break the news to her. He wasn’t sure he wanted to tell her, or keep it a secret and possibly keep on researching without finding any other solution.

“Jenna, we need to talk. I made some progress. Though I’m not sure if it is progress, or just a different kind of curse.” Jenna looked at him quizzically. “The new formula I finally came up with will change the latex and make it soft again, allowing for cuts, piercing, and the likes.”

“That’s great!” Jenna replied, her eyes lighting up. “But why don’t you sound happy?”

“Well, while it does soften the material, there’s a drawback. In essence, it will melt the latex. And… permanently bond it to your skin. So, you will have a living latex skin, shiny, and forever, from what I currently know. I don’t know what other side effects it might have, but one thing I found out. If applied to the altered latex after a certain time has passed, it doesn’t work anymore. Some of our oldest samples of treated latex aren’t affected by it, while some shortly after you treated your suit still are. So we may not have much time to act - maybe a day, maybe a month, I have no idea. And I can’t say if I’ll ever find another, a different solution.”

Jenna just stared at him, taking in what he had said, and the implications. She could choose to be freed from the danger of the restrictions the suit imposed on her, and by doing that, be forever joined with it. Or keep the suit as it was, and hope Dan could find a different solution, but at the risk of him never being successful, and her dying should any medical emergency require an operation. “So, it’s now… or possibly never?”

Quietly, she continued with a wry smile “I guess there is only one sensible choice. Use your discovery and, sort of, become your everlasting, perfect latex woman. I guess… chances are I’d never get out of this latex skin anyway, so if there is a choice to at least not get killed by wearing an impenetrable suit, it’s what we should do. Will it still feel like I’m wearing the suit?”

“Honestly? I have no idea. All I can say is that touching it still feels like the rubber suit. I couldn’t exactly ask the lab rats…”

They sat there for a couple minutes in silence, her contemplating her choices, him waiting for her decision. Finally, she slowly got up, turning to Dan. “Let’s go upstairs, fuck me silly one last time before we do this. Not sure how it will turn out, but in case I lose the feeling of wearing this wonderful, cursed suit, I at least want to enjoy it one more time.”

Later that evening, Dan lavishly sprayed Jenna’s suit with the new formula, making sure not to miss a single inch - there was no telling what would happen if some part of the material didn’t “dissolve” and turn into her new skin. “Oh, and one thing I didn’t tell you before, but I guess you might not be too unhappy about. I hope.” - Jenna looked at him with eyes wide open - “During the process the material will temporarily turn hard, but that only lasts about an hour… so… please don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry? What the fuck? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Considering how you like to be tied up every now and then, I figured being temporarily turned into a statue would, sort of, be turning you on,” Dan replied sheepishly.

“Dan, the hell… it’s already starting…” she said, then got real quiet.

“Are you OK, dear?” Dan asked with a worried look. It took her a few moments to answer, her voice slightly shaking.

“I’m… fine… I… I… just came…”, her face in a slight smile, winking at him. “Damn. You… just know me… too well…”

While the latex reacted with the new formula, Dan decided he’d clean up a bit, expecting the process to take somewhere around an hour. In his tests, the 0.1mm latex had taken anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to complete, he supposed the three-times thicker latex of her suit would scale the time correspondingly.

As he was still in the process of cleaning up, he heard a soft noise behind him. Turning, his beloved Jenna stood in the door frame. Naked, with the now familiar shine of her latex skin. Only now, it wasn’t a “second” skin anymore, at least he hoped. She walked up to him, her hips swaying seductively. “I believe it worked. And for the record, it still feels amazing! I still feel the compression around my waist, and, well, you can see my boobs are still where they’ve been the whole time since putting on the suit. So, your experiment is a success…”

Dan hugged her, running his hands over her now permanent rubber skin. “Ahh… careful, I’m even more sensitive… now… “. Dan grinned. “And is that positive or negative?”

“You know… damn well… ahh… it’s positive” she moaned in response to Dan grabbing and massaging her breasts and nipples. “Oh, and one thing… you may have overlooked.”

Dan looked at her, head cocked, stopping his ministrations on her body. “Well, you do remember the suit had a crotch zipper?”

“Ah - yes, and?”

“Well, it looks like I have a crotch zipper, now. Not sure it’s because you didn’t open it before you doused me, or if it would have happened that way no matter what… but it’s part of my skin now…”

Dan looked worried for a moment, until he saw her face turn in a smile. “It’s OK, I reckon if - apart from the rather low-maintenance rubber skin - that is all I have to worry about, I’ll definitely manage. And who knows, maybe you want to use this bug as a feature. I mean, what other woman has a permanent chastity belt that’s part of her body, and that she can let somebody lock up?” she laughed. “Guess it will make for an interesting discussion at my next OB-GYN checkup…”


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