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Latex Fantasy

by Jukka

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© Copyright 2006 - Jukka - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; bond; susp; leather; fantasy; outdoors; cons; X

This is a story of a scene that did not come true, but it may become one.

We had known each other for a couple or years. We met at a gay club for people interested in rubber, leather, bondage, military outfit etc. A couple of times he played with me tying me up in different positions, hanging me up from the ceiling from my ankles, torturing my cock and testicles...

So, now you have figured that I am a rubber bottom and he is a top one. Then he sent me this letter. We were living in different cities about 2 hours away on train.

The letter says:

"Take your rubber garments and things and take a train. I will be at the station waiting for you with my motor cycle.

When you arrive, we'll go straight to my place and you will strip naked. Then, under a shower, you will put on rubber clothes. Some of your own, some of my collection, several layers if needed. Rubber shirt, rubber stockings, rubber pants, rubber gloves and a hood until you are completely covered with rubber.

The rubber hood you will be wearing has no holes for eyes, so you can re-experience this scene later by seeing it on the video I am shooting at the moment.

Then you will put a motorcyclists overall over the rubber you are wearing. It may be difficult, but it must be done. After you have dressed up, you put heavy leather mc-gloves on your hands. Then your hands will be secured with handcuffs behind your back. I will put a helmet on your head. The helmet has a visor that can not be seen through. As if it matters, because everything will be video-taped.

Then I will put MC-boots on your feet. There may be some surprises in the boots, but you must accept them. Now you are on my mercy.

OK. Now you are dressed up. Now I will take you to my play room and tie you to a rack. I will immobilise you by tying ropes to your ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, waist, the helmet you are wearing, and other parts of your body that I might think. There you will stay until I will be dressed up and ready for a joy-ride.

When I am ready for it, I will come back and release you, but only to escort you to my motorcycle in the garage of the building. I place you sitting on my motorcycle and secure your feet to the bike. Because your hands are cuffed behind your back, your ride will not be easy. You have to receive every turn and break with your feet because there is no support for your hands.

When we finally get to the destination, I will un-cuff you for a moment, only to secure your arms behind a tree. Then I will use some more rope to tie you to the tree from tip to toe. I know you like it, because it is warm and you are simmering in your rubber bondage.

When I decide, I will release you from your bondage and you will take off your leather layer. Then I will tie you to the same tree - this time the ropes and belts I'm going to use will be even tighter, I don't want to let my rubber slave loose. After your upper body is secured in place, I will take your feet and lift them off the ground and tie them up to the sides of the tree.

Then I will take a look of my achievement, let you simmer there some time, and if I feel to it, I will arouse you and let you come."

I hope this story will come true some day.

With Rubber thoughts



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