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The Latex Body Trap

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; mould; gag; insert; toys; latex; statue; encase; packaged; shipped; cons; X

Jenny moved along the queue in the self service cafe after paying she looked around for a table, the only seat available meant sharing the table with a young man, Jenny walked over carrying her tray, "Do you mind if a share the table?” she asked.

The man just motioned her to the seat with a wave of his hand, Jenny placed her meal and coffee on the table.

As she started her salad she noticed the man sitting her was reading a book on art, he was in his twenties a few years younger than Jenny but quite good looking. As Jenny finished her meal she commented to the young male, “You certainly seem engrossed in your book!”

The man looked up, “Oh yes, its about modern idea's in the art world.”

“Sounds interesting. I used to pose at the local Tech for an art class to make a bit of money to get myself through college!” commented Jenny.

The man now looked at Jenny surveying her body in one glance.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob Robovar. I own a small art shop at the end of town, I produce most of my own work, lately I have started to do quite a bit for export."

Jenny smiled, “That's very interesting, if you ever need anyone to pose for you just let me know as I am always ready to earn a few extra pounds.”

Rob removed his glasses, “Well you may be in luck, just this morning I have received a commission for some new work from a rich Russian businessman, if you are really interested call around this afternoon but you must be prepared to pose in the nude, does that present a problem?”

“Not at all,” said Jenny. “While at the college I did a lot of nude posing so I am quite used to it.”

“Right,” said Rob, “here is my card with my business address on it, as I said before call around this afternoon and see what you think!” At that Rob bid her good day and left.

Jenny was delighted at the thought of being able to make a little extra cash, she took her shopping home to her flat, changed into more casual dress jeans and sweater there was no need for a bra if she was to strip off later. After a quick tidy up of her flat she made her way along the main street, as she neared the end of the block sure enough there was the art shop "Robovar Art Dealer". As she entered the shop an old fashioned bell rang that was attached to the back of the door, she looked around the shop there were quite a few painting on view and for sale most at quite high prices. At that moment Rob appeared from a room at the back of the shop, he was wiping his hands on a paint covered rag.

“Oh I am pleased you decided to take me up on my offer, well what do you think of my work?” he said pointing to the paintings.

Jenny said, “Well they are unusual!”

She looked at the works hanging there, they were slightly abstract as if on a science fiction theme, you could not see the faces of the models, clearly it was as if they were covered by a plastic film, their figures were exaggerated and it was as if they were covered in a transparent covering. Not her thing at all but what the hell she was here to make a few pounds not to like the works of art.

Rod asked her to come through to the studio, Jenny passed into the room it was quite tidy, there was a raised platform where the model stood and posed, there was a smell in the room of chemicals the sort of smell associated with latex, apart from that it all seemed as she had expected. Rob asked her to take a seat, he explained in order to get the results he wanted he would ask her to pose in the nude and he would paint her body and cover her with various bits and pieces till he got the desired effect. Would she be happy having her body painted and bits and pieces stuck on her?

Jenny could see no problem, “The only problem I have is when do we start?”

Rob laughed, “Great I think we could start now, that is providing you do not have to dash to meet anyone as it can take a bit of time.”

Jenny replied "No I do not have to meet anyone I am new in town, in fact no ones knows I am here!”

Rob smiled “That's what I like to hear.”

At that he asked Jenny to strip off so he could look at her body, so he could judge the form and pose he would require. Jenny was soon stripped off she stepped on to the round platform in the centre of the room.

Rob said, “Just stand there, the platform will revolve slowly as I survey you and take a few photo's. I want you to stand with your feet about a foot apart and at the moment hold your arms out to each side.”

At that he pressed a button and the platform started to revolve slowly, he was quite pleased with what he saw, she had no pubic hair at all and her breasts were on the small size but very firm with no trace of sag, she was also a bit on the skinny side but in quite good condition, her nipples were longer than most girls but that would be no problem. Her hip bones protruded with a flat stomach between with no fat, her ribs just showed, the pubic bone was visible, her vagina closed nicely no gaping visible. As she revolved her backside came into view good firm cheeks, the rear rib cage showed through her flesh just right. As she rotated he took about a hundred photos and told her to lower her hands to her sides now and started to take photos again.

He stopped the platform revolving so she faced him, “I just want to take some measurements of you. I would also like to feel the bone structure of your skeletal frame and examine you in detail. Does that worry you? If so we can call it a day.”

Jenny could see no problem with him examining her, he certainly seemed a perfectionist in his work, she replied, “There was no problem and that you should proceed.”

Rob seemed to have a very calming way about him she really was very relaxed in his company and already trusted him. He first held her jaw asking her to open her mouth while he felt around her gums and teeth. “What I want you to do now is not very pleasant, I want you to place this ball of moulding clay into your mouth, I know it is a bit big but once in I want you to close your mouth, holding your mouth closed for a minute so I get a complete mould of the inside of your mouth.”

He handed the ball of clay to Jenny who looked it it, smiled then placed it in her mouth.

Rob said, “Keep your tongue flat on the bottom of your mouth as you close the jaw.”

Jenny now closed her jaw, she felt the clay squeeze out forming a mould of the interior of her mouth, it seemed to expand to the back of her mouth, just as she was about to pull it out it stopped expanding.

Rob smiled, “I know it is not pleasant but just hold it till it sets it will only take a minute.”

Rob looked at his watch, “OK lets have it back.”

Jenny struggled to open her mouth eventually managing to open her jaw, Rob helped her to retrieve the now solid mould of the inside of her mouth, he gave her a drink of water to help get rid of any taste.

He now measured her shoulders then pressing his fingers in and around her clavicle bone, then moving down the sides of the rib cage on reaching the bottom rib he felt the costal cartilage pressing his fingers under the edge and up on the inside towards the lungs till Jenny winced with the discomfort.

"Sorry but its necessary to get to know every inch of your body if I am to make it a work of art of you. Are you all right with that or is it worrying you some how?” Rob had a way of relaxing his subject.

Jenny smiled and said, “Carry on I do not mind.”

Rob now returned to Jenny's breasts. “Now I want to examine your breast is that all right with you?”

Jenny thought to herself most men never bother to ask and this was in the name of art, she nodded and said OK. Rob gently held her right breast with his fingers allowing them to force their way behind the breast then pulled the breast sideways and upward from the chest wall feeling the ribs on the under side, he then examined the left breast.

“I know I am asking a lot but would you be willing to allow me to now make a mould of the inside of the vagina?”

Some how Jenny was not surprised as he seemed to have examined every inch of her and after the breast examination she was a little turned on, again she nodded and said no problem

He now produced what at first glance appeared to be a builders mastic gun but it was made of stainless steel he placed the short nozzle against her vagina, the nozzle hardly entered her he pulled the trigger, immediately she felt the moulding compound working its way into her, he kept his finger on the trigger till the compound started to oze out. He removed the gun looked at his watch and after one minute slid his fingers into her gripping the mould and withdrawing it from its moist home.

“Well,” said Rob, “it has been a trying day for you, tomorrow we will get on with the art work if that's all right with you?”

Jenny smiled and replied, “I will see you in the morning.”

At that she started to get dressed, Rob gave her forty pounds for the days work it was more than Jenny expected.

Next day Jenny turned up at the shop early Rod was delighted to see she had returned. “Right we will start right away if you get undressed and get on the platform we can start.”

At that Jenny slipped out of her clothes and stood on the platform.

"Now Jenny as I told you yesterday I have this commission from a Russian gent who pays quite well, so we want to get things done today is that OK?”

Jenny smiled and nodded.

Rob now explained, “Some of the work today will involve body painting but first I want you to insert this into yourself.”

He handed Jenny what could best be described as a machine made to the measurements of the mould taken from her vagina yesterday.

Rod could see her worried look, “Please do not worry its all part of the commission and it will do you no harm.”

He then handed Jenny a tube of a jelly like solution to lube the machine and help keep it in place once it sets.

Jenny was surprised she was so big inside after covering the machine with the jelly type solution she opened her legs and slid the machine into her it was a perfect fit and felt good as it slid completely in her allowing her lips to just close over it. She smiled at Rob, “Well it certainly fits well!”

Rob said, “I hope you do not mind but I will have to smear some of this gel around the lips.”

With that he knelt down, then holding the labia between his fingers pulling it open he smeared the remainder of the gel around the lips, then very artistically then turning the lips inward and holding then till they set, even through he had done it himself he marvelled at the perfection of his work, the sealed entrance was a work of art.

He now offered Jenny the mould that had been taken of her mouth the day before, Rob explained, “A hole has been drilled through the centre from the front to the back, if you needed a drink of liquid it could be passed in as today will be a long session.”

He now asked her to open her mouth, he lifted her tongue and squirted a little of the gel under the tongue then pressing the tongue gently down and holding it for a minute till the solution set holding her tongue in place. Jenny was a little worried now realising her tongue seemed glued to the base of her mouth, he smeared more of the clear gel around the mould. “Now open wide!”

Jenny opened her mouth and the mould slid in, Rob smeared more gel around the teeth, then asked her to close her mouth for a full minute, after the minute passed he asked her to mount the posing platform. She realised she was unable to open her mouth, it was sealed and she could not talk, at the back of her mind she was a little worried but she was sure she could trust Rob.

He told her how he wanted her to stand and then started to paint her body all over, it was a strange feeling as the thick clear latex dried, he explained as he painted her the solution was a new form of latex, it was clear and when the first coat was finished it would form a super tough shell around her body. At that she tried to move and found the solution had set solid she was incapable of movement, she had now become a human statue in a clear latex shell.

Rob went on to explain the clear gel he had used in her mouth and coated the mould with was a super glue type adhesive and that the two moulds fitted inside you are there forever, the adjustable pleasure machine in her vagina could be switched on by remote control. He pressed a button on a control and instantly she felt a buzzing in her, she was being worked up, it was a great feeling and took away all the worry. Rob now painted more glue in and around the eyes setting them open for eternity, she looked gorgeous, her eyes sparkled and she was happy inside with the love machine working away.

He explained that her body was just what the Russian wanted, she was going to stand in a large entrance hall with other statues, he had thought of enlarging her breasts but after examination there was something attractive about small boobs and he was sure the Russian would like them too.

Several more coats of the clear latex were applied to her body, she was now finished and ready for delivery. Jenny was packed into a large crate for her journey to Russia, as the lid was nailed down Rob felt a little sorry for Jenny as she had been a pleasant soul to work with, a bit gullible like most women but then again she was not a human anymore, as I always say ‘once a female takes off her clothes and allows herself to be immobilised she ceases to be a human but a product to be dealt with’.

And Jenny had become that product that had been dealt with very successfully and willingly on her part


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