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Latex Body Suit

by Anne Raymond

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© Copyright 2001 - Anne Raymond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M+/f; D/s; latex; bdsm; bond; cd; crop; cane; toys; spank; oral; sex; cons; XX

This story was written by Anne Raymond and can be freely distributed in any manner except that resulting in profit.

The latex body suit slid over my lightly powdered body and wrapped itself tightly around my torso. Its bra pushed my breasts up and out, an offering to the demons that haunt this man. I rolled one silky black stocking and pulled it on with a slow loving movement, after I had it secured with the garters of the latex suit I got its mate and prepared to repeat the process. Paul grabbed the stocking from my hand and told me to extend my leg. He bent over me and lightly teased my toes with his tongue before he pulled on my stocking and fastened it. He told me to stand up so that he could get a good look at the outfit before I put the skirt on.

The shiny black skin of the body suit was a perfect medium for showing off the muscular curves of my belly and shoulders. My arms looked strong and powerful in their shiny sleeves. My legs and hips looked great with their whiteness accented by the dark clothing and the frame provided by the garters which stretched toward the high cut sides of the suit. I couldn't see the rear view in my mirror but Paul's sharp gasp as I turned around told me that it looked pretty good, and I guess it would, my muscular round ass probably looked great in the thonged body suit and the black lines of the garter against the white skin was sure to be an eye pleaser, wish I had had a second mirror.

The sleek, powerful lines of my body would have been pretty tempting to anyone who was interested in the form of enjoyment my outfit implied. Paul said he thought it would do. He handed me the short latex mini skirt and helped me balance as I squeezed into it. It hugged the curve of my ass nicely and its hem fell just below the top of my stockings. It wouldn't take much for me to reveal a lot of what this man was after. That was good. I didn't feel like leaving anything to chance.

I put on the high, threatening heels that Paul held out for me and I practiced walikng around in the bedroom. I was a bit wobbly at first and since weakness was the last thing I wanted to convey to this man I worked hard at finding my balance. Once I had managed to walk with a powerful, confident stride I walked to the bathroom to complete my costume. My make up was easy. Pale foundation, black eyeliner and blood red lipstick. The hard part came when I tried to put on the long straight black wig. My own short black hair kept poking through and it made me look pretty silly, and I did not want to look silly that night. Paul came in and tried to help but there was no way we were going to be able to get it right. Without a word he left the bathroom, returning a few minutes later with some hair clippers that he borrowed from our neighbour. I silently bent my head to him and he sheared off all but a quarter inch of my hair. I looked in the mirror and was completely taken a back. The woman looking back at me was not the Anne I knew. The effect was very startling and very scary. It was exactly the look we wanted, certainly the long black wig would have been a step down. I left it by the sink and followed Paul downstairs.

Doug was sitting on the couch waiting for us. His brother, John, was in the kitchen getting himself a beer. I knew Doug fairly well and he has seen my body in a lot less at his cottage. A lot less doesn't always mean a lot more exciting though and this was obvious in his expression. He didn't say anything. He just looked at me with slightly glazed. John return from the kitchen and his exression mimiced that of his brothers. I walked the length of the living room so that the three men could get a good look at me. As I slowly turned around to stand in front of them with my hands on my hips and my legs spread widely apart, Doug whistled and said softly "that should work fine". Then he Paul and John got there coats on and walked to the door. I pulled my leather jacket on and grabbed my dog collar from the table. As I adjusted it Doug told me that I could still back out if I was scared or if I was even uncomfortable.

We headed out to the car.

John drove and Paul and I sat in the back. Doug talked to John about little things but for the most part the drive was silent. We made it to the bar in about forty five minutes. It seemed like hours though, as I began to feel more and more uneasy. We sat in the car after we reached the parking lot. John carefully went over what he had told me before. He described the man, what he was wearing, where he usually stands and what he likes. He asked me if I thought I could manage. I said that I was positive given that I knew so much about him, a seduction would be easy and I was sure I looked like his dream date. The others agreed.

Paul got out of the car and headed into the bar. The man didn't know him so he was an obvious choice. I waited a few minutes before I went in. Before I left Doug once again told me that he really appreciated what I was doing and that they would make sure I didn't get hurt. I walked into the bar with long powerful steps, I stood at the doorway allowing my eyes time to adjust to the dimness and the smoke. I found Paul first and then turned to the spot John said the man would be. He was there dressed exactly as John said he would be, black suit, red tie and a white shirt. We both looked out of place in the place. Most of the patrons looked pretty casual. As I stood in the doorway waiting for him to notice me, I noticed that most of the men in the bar had their eyes on me, I also noticed that most of their women were moving closer to them, talking faster and holding on to them. Good! I looked like a threat.

He was talking to a young woman in a short flowery dress, he still hadn't noticed me. The woman would be easy to get rid of. She was clearly not his type anyway. I pulled my cigarettes out of my purse and just as I had put one to my lips a man appeared from nowhere and held his lighter up for me. I glanced over at Paul and saw him wink. I lit my cigarette and dismissed the man without so much as a thankyou. The other man, my game, had noticed me by this time and I am sure my dismissal was just the kind of thing he would find appealing. I looked toward him and held his gaze. After a while he looked away, good again. He knew who was stronger, this would be easy.

I walked over to him and the woman. I stepped in between them and told him that I was drinking scotch and water (his drink - John had told me). He quickly ordered one from a passing waitress. The other woman must have realized she was being replaced because she left right away. I turned to look at him and as I studied his face I realized that I was expecting someone much uglier. This man was actually very good looking (money probably makes it easier to stay pretty). He was also studying me and I knew he liked what he saw. He was smiling and very animated. After the waitress had returned with our drinks he asked me what my name was. I told him that it couldn't possibly matter. I didn't ask his -I already knew.

He talked to me about the bar, he told me he owned it (I knew already of course). He asked me if I liked it, if I liked the music. I told him that I wasn't interested in music and that it must be obvious to him what I was interested in. He said that it was and asked me how much I wanted. I told him 500 dollars for an hour and there was no sex involved. He said it sounded reasonable and that he would think about it. I knew that he wouldn't take long to think. He chatted about other things, nothing of interest though and I was being careful to let him know that he was boring me. At one point he accidentally stepped on my toe and I scowled at him and told him that he was very fucking clumsy and he was going to have to pay more because of it. Then I told him that he needed someone to make him be a bit more careful with his feet.

That was the right ploy. He said he had a few things to take care of and he would be back in a few minutes then we could go. I looked at my watch and said that would be fine. After he left I ordered another drink from the waitress and told her he was paying. I looked over at Paul and nodded. He walked toward the door, still inside but he was ready to leave when we did. I waited for the man, ignoring the advances of all of the young men who wanted the fantasy that I was presenting. It occurred to me that if I really was into that I could have made a fortune there.

But that wasn't what this was about.

The man returned and guided me toward the door. As we walked toward his big car I saw Paul get into a cab. I told the man to hurry because I was getting cold, I also told him that being cold made me angry and he was going to be in big trouble if I felt any more uncomforatble. He hurried toward the car and quickly opened my door for me. We headed toward his apartment with Paul's taxi following.

I was surprised at how easily things were progressing. I expected more of a challange from this guy. He was certainly more experienced in this kind of thing than I am and I would have thought his frequent trips to New York had made him familiar enough with the idea of hired women that he would have seen through me. I guess desperation makes people a bit blind though. We walked into his apartment building and waited by the elevator. I saw a red glove on the floor just to the left of the elevator door. Doug and John had told me to watch for it and its presence was very reassuring. As we entered the elevator Paul walked in the building. I told the man to hold the door for him. Paul walked in and pushed 11, we were going to 12 so he wouldn't have far to walk. He kept glancing at my legs on the way up. The man was also looking at them so even if Paul had been doing something else it wouldn't have mattered much.

After Paul got out and the doors shut behind him I told the man that I expected he would have what i needed there. He assured me that everything was available. Of course it was, I knew that too.

After we entered his sumptious apartment I told him to go into the bedroom and get everything out while I had a drink and made myself comfortable. He was to get dressed and wait for me. He asked me what he was supposed to wear. I told him that I liked pretty blonds in pink frilly silk babydolls. He liked that idea (I already knew he did) and I thought he would come in his pants he looked so excited. He obediently trotted off to the bedroom after showing me where the drinks were. I poured myself one and walked to the door. Paul, John and Doug silently entered the apartment and moved to the dining room. The sound of my voice hid the noise made by the door as I loudly asked the man if he was ready.

He said he wasn't ready, he still needed a few minutes. I told him it was too bad he was so slow I wasn't prepared to be kept waiting by such a pathetic little creature. I walked toward the bedroom and valiently hid the disgust I was feeling as I looked at the pathetic display. The man was naked except for frilly pink panties and a blond pony tail wig which was on slightly crooked. His grey chest hair was matted with sweat and his flabby belly hung over the top of the panties, already bulging with his feverish excitement. I walked into the room and told him that he was a very bad little girl and I was going to teach him a lesson.

"Good little girls don't let people walk into their rooms when they don't have a shirt on do they? You have to be punished for this or you will turn into a bad little slut. I think I should show you why good little girls keep their shirts on."

I walked over to him and roughly pinched one of his nipples. The feel of his thin, old skin revolted me. I reached behind him and grabbed a short riding crop that was amongst the goodies that he had spread out on the top of his dresser. I hit him sharply across the chest. Three hard, fast blows were enough to get him wimpering.

"Please, stop! I'll be a good little girl, I promise."

"Shut up you little slut, I will decide when to stop. You are bad, and very stupid, I know whats best for stupid little sluts like you."

His erection strained the pink fabric and I could see that he was becoming more and more excited. This had a strange effect on me. I thought back to why I was there, I remembered the reason he was now getting his chest whipped and I grew furious. I hit him harder and harder until thin lines of blood were visible all over his old, ugly chest. He was starting to look pretty scared and i was afraid he would call it off so I stopped.

I sat down in a high winged back black leather chair, I spread my legs wide and told him to come and sit between them. When he sat down I told him to look toward the floor and to keep his head bent until I told him to look up. This had the effect of further humiliating him and allowing me to avoid seeing his ugliness. I told him we were going to play a little game, we were going to talk about what bad girls do.

"Do you think that good girls know how to be good by themselves?'

"yes." he relpied meekly.

"No they don't, they need instructions, they need to know the kinds of things bad girls do so they don't do them." I replied and as he looked up at him I slapped his face with the riding crop. "You keep your eyes looking down until I tell you to move".

"Bad girls meet people in the bars and take them home. You did that so you are a bad girl aren't you?"

"I think that you should be punished for that. You are going to have to be brave about this now, go over to the dresser and get the paddle so that I can spank you, you bad little slut".

He did as he was told and returned to me with his eyes cast downward, he handed me the paddle and laid across my lap as instructed. As I started energetically beating him I began to realize that I was on my way to loosing control of the situation. This was not really what we had intended but it was pretty fun anyway. I heard his pathetic wimpers and that just made me angrier. He begged me to stop, promising to be a good girl. I thought of the one who had probably said the same thing to him years before and my blows matched my increasing rage.

"Shut up you fucking little slug, I'll decide when you've had enough" I told him as I pounded on his ass until my arm tired. "Get off me and get over to the bed, I want you to lie down on your stomach."

He quickly did as he was told and I followed him, tying his trembling body to the bed. I got a gag from the dresser and a blindfold. Soon he was bound, blind, unable to scream. He was completely helpless, my job was done. Except that I wanted to hurt him more. My disgust and hatred for this man had grown into an intense rage and I was going to satisfy myself a bit before the night was over. I grabbed the cane from the dresser and let him feels its sting on his already red ass.

"I don't think you are a little girl at all. I think you are a nasty old man and I bet that nasty old men like you hurt nice little girls don't you?" He shook his head so I hit him harder. "Don't lie to me you filthy pig, you probably hurt lots of little girls, I'll bet you'd hurt your own daughter if you had one."

Once again he denied it, his head shaking vigerously from side to side. "Oh yes you would, I know all about pigs like you. I'll bet you made her dress up in clothes like mine and I bet you made her do all kinds of things. I'll bet you even shoved huge dildos up her ass just to see how much they'd hurt her. I think I'll do that to you now and we'll see just how much it hurts you".

I took the biggest one I could find in his huge collection, moved his pretty pink panties to one side and brutally shoved it up his ass.

"I wonder how much that hurts, I don't think it hurts enough, I think you want more, don't you you sick old man?"

Once again he shook his head and as he did I lifted my arm high in the air and brought the cane down on his balls. He jolted and then trembled in fear. It seemed to be worth repeating so I did. Again and again until he was ready to faint. Since that would take him away from what was still in store I stopped. I was satisfied, the pretty pink panties were covered in tiny spots of red. His body was tensed with fear and he would have sore balls for days. I was done.

"You are making me sick, you pathetic old pig, I am going to leave the room for a while, just so I don't vomit from the sight of you. When I come back you will get more of this and its going to be even worse so you can think about that for a while. I don't think you are good enough for me to talk to you so I will just say one more thing and then I will not speak to you again."

"Nice little girls do not deserve to be treated like I am treating you now."

I walked out of the room and into the dining room. Doug and John and Paul were there waiting for me. I silently handed Doug my latex gloves and the rest of us left. Just as we were closing the door Doug was entering his father-in-law's bedroom.

Paul, John and I headed out into the night. I was very hot from my exertion so I took off my jacket as I got into the back seat of the car. Neither man seemed to feel much like talking. I guess the moment was pretty serious. We were all concerned that Doug would go to far, and no one would blame him but murder is murder. We had all been careful not to leave finger prints and I was pretty sure that my normal look was different enough from the way I looked that night that no one in the bar would even dream that I was the same person. My hair grows fast too. If Doug did go too far the cops would be looking for a dominating hooker not a sociology professor from a prestigious university. Besides, they probably wouldn't look too hard. They knew all about him. He was just a rich, disgusting pig who preyed off young girls and paid hookers to beat him up. I imagine they would not be at all surprised to find his old, lifeless body tied to the bed of the apartment he kept specifically to play these little games.

Anyway, Doug was smart enough to know when to stop. We didn't have to worry too much.

When we finally made it back to our house Paul asked John in for a beer. I was slightly surprised because I thought that the night had been long enough and also because I was feeling more than a little wound up from my ealier activities and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing night in bed. John accepted quickly. I guess it is easier to be with people if one is very worried.

I should have changed into my normal clothes but I was still pretty high on the feeling of power I had felt. I didn't want it to end just then. I sat on our low couch and my legs were well displayed when Paul and John came into the living room with their beers. Paul sat beside me and John sat in a chair across from us. As they drank their beer they talked about football and baseball. I was half listening and half reliving the events of the evening. While they were talking about RBIs I was remembering the feel of the cane in my hand, the look of the bastards ass with all the big red welts and I was recalling the feeling of power and control that I felt. When I was actually with the man I felt nothing but hatred and revulsion but afterwards it seemed far more erotic.

I gently sqeezed my legs together as the tingle began to get stronger. My movement was noticed, both men were looking at my legs and baseball talk stopped. Paul started to grin a bit. He walked into the kitchen to get more beer. John sat across from me trying to make small talk and keeping his eyes on my face. I could tell he was having trouble and that made me even more excited. I let my legs relax a bit and they parted slightly, just enough for John to be able to see up the front of my tiny latex skirt.

When Paul returned he was pretty quick in assessing the situation. He handed me a glass of wine and with a small wink said that he thought I might be a little thirsty after my workout. He handed John his beer and returned to his place beside me.

"It sounded like she really enjoyed her job tonight didn't it John?" he asked in a casual voice.

John looked a bit embarrassed but replied that it did indeed seem that way. Paul then started talking about how I got him interested back in the bar. He described my entrance and the ease with which I caught the bastard's attention.

"But, it isn't too surprising is it? She sure looks tempting tonight. Stand up Anne, so John can get a good look at you."

I was a bit confused but I stood up and turned around slowly.

John watched closely. Paul said that I looked even better without the skirt. He told me to take it off. By now, the powder was all absorbed into my skin and I was hot and sweaty. It was difficult to take it off and Paul reached over to help. He slowly rolled the top down and pulled the tight band off my hips and down my legs. I was facing John and I could see he really liked the way I looked without the skirt on. Paul told me I should show him the back. I turned my ass toward John and looked into Paul's eyes. He looked back, calming my fears with another wink. I sat down next to him and tried to change the subject. Paul had other ideas.

"John, did you hear her say something about bad girls picking up people in bars?" John nodded and Paul asked if he remembered what happened to bad girls that picked people up in bars. John said it sounded like they got spanked. They were both grining widely by this time and I guessed that I was in for it.

"I think you can probably handle that John. Anne, go lie across Johns knee." I glared at him but it had no effect. Besides I was pretty excited by the evening and it did seem like a reasonable thing to do. As I got into the position I could feel John's hardness against my hip. He lifted his hand and brought it down softly on my ass. Paul told him that it had sounded like bad girls got treated a bit more roughly. He agreed and followed up with several hard slaps on my bare ass, occasinally hitting the latex straps that held up my stockings.

John stopped well before it was necessary for him to do so. It was obvious that he had other things on his mind. He started to rub my burning ass gently and Paul got up and walked toward us. He said he thought that I had learned my lesson but that I should see what bad girls do so I don't do it in the future. He took his cock out of his pants and told me that bad girls would suck it. I took his big cock in my mouth as John continued rubbing my ass.

After a few minutes John said he thought that bad girls probably got fucked while they were giving head. Paul agreed and told me to get off of Johns lap and to stand up and bend over so that John could help out with the lesson. I did as I was told, all the while keeping my mouth around Pauls cock. John moved behind me and, after moving the latex thong out of the way, pushed himself into me. His movements were strong and forceful. He had obviously been taken in by the violence of the evening and he roughly pounded himself into me. It felt great and soon my mouth on Paul's cock was following the same tempo. We were all very excited so it didn't take long for any of us. I was the first to come but John and Paul were quick to follow.

We fell together onto the floor. Paul held my head in his lap and gently stroked my shorn head. John returned his hands to my ass and soothed my sore cheeks with soft feathery touches. We were all feeling relaxed after what had been a very highly charged evening. Sleep was close for all three of us.

The sound of the door opening woke me. Doug walked into the room. His eyes were blazing with the feeling of power and excitement that I had felt just a while before. He assured us that he had kept things reasonable and that the bastard was alive and would just be pretty sore for a while. His knees were ugly anyway so it wouldn't matter that much that they were broken. He said that I should call the police in the morning so that they could go over and release him.

While he spoke to us I could see his gaze going across my body. His eyes told me that he had still more energy and that his sense of power was still at its height. Paul looked at him and nodded and he and John got up from the floor as Doug came over to me with his hands still in the latex gloves and a broken riding crop raised above my ass.


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