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The Last Day

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2010 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; latex; catsuit; wrap; bandage; sleepsack; inflate; cocoon; toys; cons; X

The face of the news reporter fills the television screen.  It takes him a few moments to compose himself and wipe the sweat from his brow.

“Good evening.  It’s been five years since meteor Alvin five six was discovered.  By all accounts, all experts predict that it will impact the earth sometime tonight, approximately around six.  Due to its close proximity to earth, the meteor will be visible for the remainder of the day.”

The newscaster looks at the camera, his skin pale.  Like so many others, months of dread have taken its toll, aging him prematurely.  

“The majority of rioting and mayhem have stopped, as most of humanity appears to have resigned itself to our imminent end.  From reports we have gotten from our reporters who haven’t fled to be with their families, the majority of earth’s people have gathered together with their loved ones.”  

He pauses again, trying to gather himself.  

“We will continue to report on this matter as long as possible.”

You look at the screen quietly, lowering the remote.  You’d turn down the volume, but all you can do is stare at the screen.  By this time tomorrow, you will have ceased to exist.  You will be no more.  Having passed from history, you, and every other human being on planet earth, will have been destroyed, reduced to your most basic elements.

Within twenty four hours, the earth as you know it will come to an end.

You find it ironic that all your senses suddenly feel more acute.  You can feel the air moving across your skin.  You can hear your heart pounding within your chest, continuing its endless quest to keep you alive.  Even now, in the face of imminent doom, it continues on, not caring about what’s going to happen.

Beyond the windows, you can see that the street is empty.  Nobody is out, but that does not surprise you.  Most people are at home, spending the last hours of their lives together with loved ones.

But you’re home alone.  No family, no friends, for you’ve lost all contact with them months ago, when the asteroid was first detected.  You tried finding them, but they were nowhere to be found.

After the riots and the looting, the mass mayhem and death, you lost all hope of ever seeing them again.

And now, here you are, alone, and less then ten hours away from the end.

It’s a sobering thought, but even as you think it, you realize that you don’t want it to end this way.  You don’t want to have it end here, alone in the house.  You start to think.  Where do you want to go?  With most of the people in their homes and with families, where’s your best option for finding anyone?  

The beach, you think.  There’s always people at the beach.  You’ll go there.  

It’s not easy to leave the house you’ve spent so much time in.  But it’s empty now.  There’s no reason to stay.  In light of what’s going to happen, the countless hours you spent paying it off and decorating the place seems like a laughable waste of time.

Going outside, you head to the car and get inside, turn the engine on, and head off down the streets, leaving the house, your home, and the neighborhood behind.

The streets are all but empty.  A few people are scattered here and there, walking about, most hand in hand.  The stores are deserted.  The malls, the post office, all are empty.  The movie theater is playing a few films, all for free for whoever wants to come.  A few restaurants are open, refusing to close in the face of Armageddon.  A few people are inside them, enjoying a last meal.

You continue your drive, heading out of town, leaving the city behind.  There’s nobody on the freeways, save a few vehicles frantically driving somewhere, perhaps people trying to reach their families before the end.

You keep going.

The buildings and the skyscrapers begin to vanish as you head further out into the country.  The mountains and hills become flatter, and the smell of salt is potent in the air.  It isn’t long before you finally see the ocean ahead.  

Pulling into a parking lot, you park the car and leave it unlocked, with the keys still in the ignition.  You walk out of the lot and onto the sand, heading towards the water’s edge.  The beach is surprisingly crowded with people, more then you can ever recall seeing here before.  Apparently, lots of people had the same idea you did.  What better place to see the end of the world then the beach?

As you look at the families, the couples, and the others sitting on towels, standing, and even building a few sandcastles, you glance at the beach houses.  The balconies are full of people watching the sky and the setting sun.  But one of them seems busier then the others.  Curious, you walk towards it to investigate.  As you get closer, you’re surprised and shocked to see two women dangling from a balcony, both in what look like skin tight sleepsacks.  They’re hung from beams, swinging in the breeze, and from the occasional man and woman coming out to playfully swing them around.  But the women don’t seem to mind.  In fact, it looks like they’re enjoying it.

This has gotten your curiosity.  What exactly is going on there?

Quickly leaving the beach, you head around to the front of the house.  There are a few cars parked there, and you can hear the sounds of soft music inside.  From the looks of things, a party is taking place.  But exactly what type of party, you’re not sure.

Walking up the steps, you ring the doorbell.  Several moments pass before it’s opened.  A man stands before you, dressed head to toe in tight, black rubber.  He looks you over curiously.  “Oh hello.  Do you have an invitation?”

It takes you a moment to realize that you know this man.  “Richard?”  

It’s a moment before he recognizes you.  “Oh my gosh!  What are you doing here?!”

You’ve known Richard and his wife Cathy for only a few years, mostly due to the fact that every now and then, the two of them renting out local clubs for their most extravagant parties…some kinkier then others.  They’ve been play partners with you, but in light of the meteor, you had completely forgotten about them.

“That’s just what I was going to ask you.”

“Didn’t Cathy ever tell you we had a beach house?”


“Well now,” he says, smiling.  “Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  Since we know you,” he winks, giving a devious smile.  “You don’t need an invitation.”

“Invitation?” you ask.

“To our end of the world sex party.” 

You hear a woman’s voice calling out from somewhere inside the house.  “Richard!  Who’s there?”

“Come see who showed up!”

A woman comes to the front door, wearing a multi-layered, black rubber dress.  “Well hello there sweetie!”  She says, taking your hand and kissing it.  “I see you’ve come to join our little party!”

“I didn’t even know there was one,” you say sheepishly.  “I just saw those two out back and I…”

“Oh, Jenny and Jackie.  Yeah, they asked to be put like that,” Cathy says with a grin.  “Happy to oblige.  Oh dear, where are my manners?  Come in, come in!”

She holds the door open.  With nothing much else going on, you head inside.

The interior of the beach house is quite a sight.  The walls are covered in black, shiny rubber, with the shag carpet beneath your feet colored solid black.  Even the couches, the pillows, the chairs, all are covered in black rubber.  This is a rubber lovers paradise, no doubt about it.  

But what’s more interesting are the people inside.  There are only about six or so, a few dressed in rubber, others wearing all manner of restraints and cuffs.  A few people are wearing what look like full, armless, body straightjackets.  Two people lie on the couches, wrapped head to toe in bandages like mummies, wiggling and squirming as rubber covered people stroke and hug them, stimulating them sexually.  Out on the back porch, you can see the two women slowly dangling in the breeze.

“We weren’t expecting you, but since it’s the end of the world, who are we to turn others away?  We’ve got plenty of gear that can fit you…let’s see, I think you’re a medium if you’re looking for a straightjacket to wear.”

“Wait, wait, wait, straightjacket?  What are you talking about?”

“This is our end of the world fetish party!  My hubby and I figured that with the end of the world so close, why not share our toys and let other people have some fun?  Or even better, let them experience their most secret desires!  Want to be in bondage for the rest of your life?  We can do it!”  She says with a laugh.  “Jenny and Jackie want to spend the rest of their lives in a sleepsack and suspended outside, so we’ve granted their wish!”


“Oh, don’t be so surprised sweetie.  If you’ve only got a few hours left to live, why not spend it doing what makes you happy?  If I remember right, you were quite the kinky one at some of our parties.  Remember that night with the sleepsack?”

“Uh…yeah,” you say, blushing.  

“You’re welcome to join us if you want, and we’d be more then happy to accommodate you.  Tell me, are there any fantasies you’ve always wanted to have done?”

“Not trying to be offensive or anything, but isn’t this a bit…much?”

“Oh come now!  Let loose!  Have some fun!  Now, if you want to go to a church and sing songs for the last few hours of your life, you’re welcome to.  But Richard and I are going to go out with a bang, doing what we love, and sharing it with everyone else!”

You think for a few moments.  There really isn’t anywhere else you can think of going…and to be truthful, the idea of staying here is actually an interesting one.  The house is giving off an aura of pleasure, warmth, and happiness.  This wouldn’t be such a bad place to stay, all things considered.  And though you blush just thinking about it, the chance to have some of your deepest fantasies fulfilled is incredibly tempting.

With the world coming to an end, what do you have to loose?

“Well…” you say.  “I have always liked the feel of rubber…”

“Perfect!  We’ve got rubber catsuits, straightjackets, hoods, armbinders, and sleepsacks.  What would you like to try?”

You think.  “The catsuit sounds good…”

“Richard, go get one of the spares please.”

Ten minutes later, and your normal clothes lie on the ground in a heap.  You now wear a skin tight rubber catsuit that shines and glistens, even more so with Cathy coating it with a slick lube.

“You really don’t have to do that,” you say, blushing.  From the way she’s moving, you would think Cathy is getting you ready for an orgy.

“Oh, we want this nice and shiny.”  She says, slopping more on and rubbing it around.  “That’s the way rubber is supposed to be!  There!  All shiny!”  

You look down at yourself.  It’s so surreal, seeing your skin replaced with shiny rubber.  From the tips of your toes to your fingers, only your head is uncovered.  You rub a rubber covered finger over your tummy, feeling it slide effortlessly across the rubber, leaving a streak in the lube.

“Do you…uhh…”

“Come on sweetie, no need to be shy.”

“Do you…have anything thicker?”

“Of course we do!”  She reaches into a closet, rummages for a few moments, then pulls out an identical suit, only half an inch thick.  “This what you’re looking for?”

“Y…yeah, that’s it.”

You quickly slip into it, the slick lubricant making it easy to slide the second suit over the first.  When it’s on and zipped up, you can feel the suits squeezing themselves against you, compressing themselves tightly.

It’s an intoxicating feeling, to say the least.

“You like this, don’t you?” Cathy asks with a smile.  “I can see it on your face…it’s that look someone gets when their dreams are coming true.  Learned to recognize it from Richard.”


“What?  I’m just telling the truth!”

You listen, but don’t really care.  They can continue squabbling if they want.  You’re just enjoying the moment.  You feel silly doing this, but even then, those feelings are starting to fade.  You’re enjoying this far too much to feel silly.

“Hmm…you want something more, don’t you?”

Deep down, you know that this is a ridiculous way to spend the last few hours on Earth, but you don’t care.  Lust easily overwhelms you, driving you to focus on nothing but what you feel.  It whispers to you, reminding you of all the other things you’ve wanted to try, but couldn’t, for one reason or another.

Perhaps this is the perfect time to try and fulfill those deepest fantasies, the ones you’ve always wanted, but never even imagined coming true, not in your wildest dreams.

“Yes,” you say, feeling bolder.  “There is something I’ve always wanted to try…”

Ten minutes later, and your hosts are wrapping you up in long, rubber bandages.  You’re standing in the middle of their living room, standing still as they wrap the strips around you, binding you.  The feel is like nothing you’ve ever felt before…rubber being wrapped around rubber, all for the purpose of binding you.

You can’t help but shiver with excitement as your arms are wrapped at your sides, trapping them there.  You look down, see only shiny strips of rubber where your body should be.

The wrapping finishes as your hosts reach your throat, trying the last strips off.  You’re so excited that for a moment, you forget to try out the bondage.  When you start to struggle, it becomes clear that Cathy and Richard know their techniques well.  The stretchy wraps were wrapped around you very tightly, ensuring that they would constrict and bind you even together.  You can wiggle and squirm, but there’s no getting free.

“Well, let’s put you down before you loose your footing.  Don’t want you falling down now, do we?”

Cathy takes your shoulders as Richard takes your feet.  You’re picked up and carried over to the couch, where you are laid down on your back, looking up at the ceiling.  


You nod, wiggling slightly.  “Oh yes.”

Cathy smiles.  She can tell that you’re really enjoying this.  “Feels good to indulge yourself, doesn’t it?”

You nod, continuing to struggle, wiggling in your wrappings, enjoying the feel of the tightness and inescapability, of being a rubber mummy.

“You got this Cathy?” Richard asks.  “There’s a lonely lady who needs some loving in the next room.”

“Sure, go ahead.”  Cathy says.  “I’ll take care of this.”

As Richard leaves (with a huge smile on his face), Cathy looks down at your struggling form.  “Hmm…if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you would want to be bound even more tightly.”

You look up at her, surprised at what she said…yet it’s true.  

“You do want to be bound tighter, don’t you?”  

You hesitate, unsure of what to say.

“Come on now, don’t be shy.  When are you going to get another chance like this?”  She runs a finger over your wrappings.  “A woman who’s ready and willing to bind you however you want.  A chance like that only comes along once in a lifetime.  You’d better use it when it comes.”

You contemplate your words, but Cathy is right.  This is the only time you’ll ever be given an opportunity like this.  Best to use it before it’s too late.

“I do have one,” you say, embarrassed to even talk about it.  But you manage to force the words out.  “I’m wrapped up like this…and then I’m put in a sleep sack and locked in for the rest of my life, never, ever to be released.”  

It feels good to let the words out…even if you are embarrassed by what you’ve just revealed.  

“Normally, I’d say that’s one fantasy that’s just impossible to do,” Cathy remarks.  “Hell, we once tried something with Richard.  He managed about a week before we had to let him out.  But in this case…I think we can make a special exception.  If I remember right, we’ve got a special sleepsack that just might fit you.  I’ll go get it.”

“I’ll stay here,” you say as she walks off.  

When she’s gone, you look around, glancing out the window.  The sun is close to setting on the horizon, setting a warm, golden glow on the clouds in the sky.  From the look son their faces, Jenny and Jacky seem to be enjoying the view…along with the sexual stimulation they keep getting from the other guests.

Cathy comes back, holding up something big and black.  “Here we go!”  She says.  “The last sleepsack we’ve got, and it’s an old favorite.  Black rubber inflatable.  Covers everything except your head, internal sleeves to prevent arm movement, and a triple thick zipper in the back.  Sound good?”

Your eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets just looking at the thing.  Even deflated, it looks huge.  You can’t even imagine what it must be like when inflated.

But then again, there’s only one way to find out.

“Oh yeah,” you say.  “Looks nice...”

“Oh come on, now’s not the time to be shy!  Now’s the time to let all your inhibitions go!”

“You’re awfully chipper about all this.”  You remark.

“Hey, I got nothing to loose,” she says.  “And besides, a positive outlook helps, no matter the situation.  But come on, let’s get this on you.”

She walks over, holding the sack wide open.

Lying on the couch, you do what you can to assist her in getting it on you.  You lift your legs and wiggle, trying to squirm in as she pulls it up and around your wrappings.  It’s a loose fit, but still snug.  When it’s on, she takes the zipper and zips it shut, followed by locking the collar around your neck, creating a tight seal.  It’s a snug fit overall, but not very tight.

Then again, it hasn’t been inflated yet.

Cathy holds up an air compressor, angling it towards the small tube sticking up from near your shoulder.  

“You ready?” She asks.  “Because once this is inflated, you’re never coming out.”  She grins mischievously.  “There’s no turning back.”

You nod.  After all, what else would you do?  The chance to fulfill a fantasy is too great to pass up.  The sexual energy in the air is supercharged, and there’s no denying it.

Leaning over, Cathy presses the nozzle of the compressor onto the tube, pushing it down tightly to ensure a tight fit.  Then with a twist of a nozzle, the compressor starts up with a quiet hum, pressing air into the sack.

It takes a few moments before you feel the rubber start to stretch and press down around your body.  Slowly, inch by inch, you feel your ability to move being taken away as the sack inflates, compressing you, pressing down on your body mercilessly, yet in a way that feels good.  For fun, you struggle and wiggle, but to no avail as the sack continues to inflate, growing tighter and tighter, even starting to lift you off the sofa.

It’s mind blowing.  It’s beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed.  And best of all is the fact that it’s real, and it’s happening.

In less then two minutes, the bag is fully inflated.  And you’re stuck inside, your body completely enclosed and unable to move, outside the faintest vestiges of a wiggle.

You’re trapped.  And yet, you don’t mind at all.  Because it feels absolutely fantastic, more powerful and sensual then you could have even dreamed of.  Squirming, you want to rub your hands all over yourself, to feel the slick rubber, the tightness of it all.

But of course, you can’t.  There’s nothing you can do but lie there and squirm and wiggle to your heart’s content.  

Cathy watches you for a few moments, obviously delighted at seeing you enjoying your bondage.  You don’t mind.  She can watch to her heart’s content.

Richard comes back in, much sweatier and looking quite relaxed, perhaps a bit intoxicated, as he stumbles down and flops down on the couch, not noticing that he’s sitting on your leg.

“Oh, sorry,” He says, getting up.  “Didn’t see you there.”

“No harm done.” You say.

“Oh, I know what this needs!” Cathy says.

“A gag?” Richard says.

“Exactly.  If our guest is going to be in that sack for life, it only makes sense to add a tight gag.”

“And as it turns out, I have a spare,” Richard says, holding one up.  Cathy takes it.

“Goody.”  Then, looking at you, she says, “Open wide.”

This was unexpected.  You hadn’t counted on wearing a gag, especially not one as big as this butterfly gag.  But as it’s lowered towards you, you don’t fight.  In fact, you open your mouth wide open to greet it.  Why not?  There’s never been a better time to experience what it’s like to be gagged and unable to speak.

The black rubber fills your mouth, leaving a thick taste on your tongue as it wiggles in.  Then the straps go around your head and are tied down, ensuring it isn’t going out due to any of your efforts.  For fun though, you try.  But those straps hold tightly, and despite your pushing, the gag isn’t going anywhere.

“Comfy?” Cathy asks.



You continue to struggle, almost unaware of your eyes rolling up in your head from sheer pleasure.  You’ve never, ever felt anything like this.  For the next few minutes, the next few hours, or whatever you have left, it will be heaven.

But then things suddenly go quiet.  

Opening your eyes, you look around.  

Outside, the sky has turned a bright red color.  The sun has started to set on the horizon.  It’ll be night soon.  From the looks of things, you’ll have a beautiful sunset…easily one of the most beautiful you’ve ever seen, either recently, or during your entire life.

High in the sky, you can see a twinkling light, that’s growing bigger by the second.

The others in the house see it too.  Looking out the windows, all activity quietly comes to a stop.  Play partners go still.  Sexual intercourse comes to an end.  Everyone looks to the clock on the wall.  You follow their gaze.  

It’s five fifty.  

From your vantage point on the sofa, all you can do is watch the window, and see the bright light growing larger.  A few of the guests start to move out onto the patio, rubber clothing and all.  Those who can’t walk, are carried by their partners.  You watch as they go, realizing that you’re left to yourself here on the sofa, with nobody to spend the end of the world with.

That is, until Cathy comes up to you.  

“You want to go outside?”  She asks.

You nod.  It would be better then being alone in here.

Enlisting the help of another guest, Cathy lifts you off the couch and carries you to the patio.  You’re put on a small sofa, after which she sits down next to you, Richard at her side.

It’s quiet.  The patio is packed with people watching the sky.  It’s beautiful.

The light is getting bigger.

Next to you, Cathy looks at Richard.  She looks…content.  “Well…I suppose we had a good run, didn’t we?”

Richard put an arm around her, holds her closet.  “Yeah.  We sure did.  I’m so grateful I was glad to share it with you.”

Cathy returns his smile.

There are a few sobs from the others, but then something wonderful begins to happen.  The others get closer to those who are sobbing.  Complete strangers are holding hands, or holding each other.  Even Jenny and Jacky are being held by complete strangers, but they don’t object.  They seem to welcome it.

Someone else (you can’t tell who, for they’re wearing a gasmask), slowly sits next to you, quietly putting their arms around you as they look up to the sky.  You relax under their hold, allowing them to hug you.

Those out on the beach go quiet, standing together, waiting for the end.  A few of them start to sing quietly.  

Cathy and Richard look up to the sky together, looking at the light from the meteor.  With her free arm, Cathy puts it around your shoulder, holding you close.  

The light grows ever brighter.  It won’t be long now.

As is with most people near the end, you think back on your life and how it went.  What you did and accomplished, and what you wish you could have done.  There are some regrets of course, but overall, things weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been.  You did pretty well, all things considered.  And best of all, you get to end life in a way that few can even dream of…bound and restrained, finally living out one of your deepest fantasies.  

Quite a way to go indeed.

But as it turns out, there’s still one more surprise left in store.  You hadn’t noticed it earlier, but there’s a tiny button set in the shoulder of your sleepsack.  Cathy reaches over and presses it.  

There’s a sudden, intense vibration on your groin.  It catches you completely by surprise, but you quickly realize why.  There’s a powerful vibrator sewn into the sack itself, conveniently placed at the groin area.  And you quickly discover that it has enough power to push through layers of bondage, to reach the most sensitive location on the human body.

As far as last gifts go, this one takes the cake.  And it isn’t long before you get a mind blowing orgasm, your entire body involuntarily stretching, every nerve pulled as far as it will go, your eyes rolling back into your head as you strain against your restraints.

You don’t see it, but Cathy’s smile gets bigger.  But you feel her holding you close, along with the other person at your side.  In your euphoria induced haze, you wish you could hug them both back and return the favor.  But you’re grateful that you got to spend the last hours of life experiencing a great gift…not the experience of bondage (but that was fucking awesome too), but of experiencing the gift of human kindness, of how these people welcomed you and accepted you.

A great gift indeed, to know how kind the human heart can be.

Relaxed, calm, and at peace, you join the others in looking to the sky, and the coming of night.




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