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The Lair of Artemis

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/ff; D/s; latex; catsuits; bond; susp; bdsm; electro; denial; mc; toys; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Walking home from work one day Margo, or Mistress Margo to her slaves, had just turned a corner and noticed a new shop. The façade was black, and the windows were blacked out, the only thing she could see was the name. Margo, was wondering what sort of thing a shop called the 'Lair of Artemis' would sell, she crossed over the road for a closer look. All the glass fronted shop had been blacked out and she noticed a closed sign on the door but there was a small gap next to the glass doors, she prepared to look through the gap, but was surprised to see another eye looking out at her! Margo managed to gain some composure, but having an eye staring back at you can be quite unnerving under the circumstances.

The door to the shop opened, a young woman ushered her inside.

"We’re not opening for a few days but……"

"Oh I’m sorry, my names Margo, Margo Saunders I‘ve just saw your shop and it looked so interesting I wondered what it sold?"

"I’m Faye! Mistress Faye, the owner of the Lair."

Once inside the shop, Margo got to see the rest of Faye! Faye looked like a teenager, her black Leather hobble skirt was so tight it looked sprayed on. It had a zip that went from the small of the back to the bottom of the skirt. Her white latex blouse left little to the imagination, her six inch boots disappeared under the hobble skirt and with her Leather tie she looked ready to eat!

It was fairly obvious now that Margo was in the shop what it sold, as the fragrant smell of Leather and Latex was very strong.

"Mmmmmmm, Lovely." As Margo looked around at the racks of fetish clothing.

"I love that smell, Have you err, Toys" Said Margo, dreamily, Mistress Faye released a silent breath, Margo didn’t look the type to be into flower shops anyway!

"Of course! Walk this way."

Faye directed Margo into the back of the shop where there was everything and more a Mistress could want, Margo was transfixed staring at Mistress Faye’s bottom

As Margo wandered around it became very clear that the shop would be a very big name once it opened. Over two thirds of the shop were devoted to things like Dildos, vibrators, handcuffs and pump up toys, to more "specialist" goods such as Mono gloves, helmets, chastity belts, floggers, whips, and Bondage furniture.

"Wow, this is impressive! You’ve got the lot here!"

"Well when the shop opens we expect to take a wide range of people, were you looking for something in particular, something for the submissive in you perhaps?"

Mistress Faye gave Margo a look which unsettled Margo.

"Oh no, Oh I’m a Mistress as well, I have a Female live in Slave, and I have two other women that I see at the weekend,"

"Your strictly Female orientated then?"

"Oh yes, you could say that. There’s no men in my life thank you."

As the pair looked through the glass cases at the wonderful stuff that was there Margo spied something.

"Excuse me but what’s that?" pointing at some sort of gun.

"Oh that’s a new type of piercer. The old type was difficult to keep clean, and was only really designed for ears. The new one’s much better, and it’s big enough to do nipples and outer lips with ease".

"Wow! how much is it?"

"Well would you like to try it?"

"What on me?"

"Well I’m pierced, and I’m a Mistress." Said Mistress Faye squeezing her breast, Mistress Margo was watching intently, as she had a flash of having this beauty as her next slave.

"Well how much. You know nothing’s ever free?"

"Well as you’re my first prospective buyer, I think that we can afford a free trial run."

"Oh, thank you." Said Margo slightly knocked out of her comfort zone.

Mistress Faye took a chain of keys from around her waist and opened the cabinet, she removed the gun and some silver rings and asked Mistress Margo to sit and remove her top. As Mistress Margo undid her blouse and bra Mistress Faye looked at her not unlike that picture of 007 with his arms crossed, gun in hand.

"Ready!" said Mistress Faye

"Ok." Said Mistress Margo.

As Mistress Faye keeled down to use the gun she cupped Margo’s breast and licked the nipple and thumbed it to harden it. Margo was going into overdrive having her nipples licked by a Latex goddess her head shot back and she tensed as a spasm shot through her. Faye licked her nipples in quick succession and Margo melted into the seat.

"OH that feels good." Said Margo, dreamily.

"Yes it’s much better to have erect nipples and your already turned on by the look of it, the gun’s a much kinder way of piercing, trying to push needles through skin seems like torture don’t you think?"

"Yeeesss." Said Margo, missing the obvious pun. But fast being turned on by Mistress Faye’s attentions, as Mistress Faye wiped Margo’s nipple with sterilzing solution.


The deed was done. "Is that all there is to it?" Asked Mistress Margo.

"Yes , why did you expect more?"

"Well, I was expecting more pain!" with that Mistress Faye playfully squeezed Margo’s nipple.

"AAAAAhhhhhhggg." Margo mouthed, Looking up at Mistress.

Mistress Faye wiped the other nipple and, SNAP!

"The other thing you might have noticed is that this gun takes rings as well as bars, the old model only did bars.. Did you want to go the whole hog and let me do your clit as well?"

"Well have you done it?"

"Oh yes, and a few more than that."


"Oh I’ve got four hoops on my Inner lips and four in my outer lips."

"That I would like to see!"

Faye looked into Margo’s eyes and saw her going at her dreamily.

"Promises, promises!" said Mistress Faye grinning. Margo stood up and removed her blouse, bra and undid her trousers, and knickers.

As Mistress Faye looked as Margo’s shaven pussy it became very clear that Margo was turned on. As Mistress Faye kneeled down Margo opened her legs and gently rubbed her pussy. Mistress Faye fingered her pussy pulling the clitoral hood out from it’s hiding place, the gun was readied and….. SNAP!

"OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH." Said Margo, "That smarts!"

Trying to stifle a laugh. Margo noticed that the ring in her hood was different to the others, which by comparison were much thinner and smaller.

"Why’s that ring bigger than the others?"

"You’ll see!"

Mistress Faye Loaded another ring into the gun and lowered herself again…….



"Oh now that Smarts" said Margo now streaming from her pussy.

"I had better put three a side in your inner lips as they're a bit bigger than mine."

"OK". Said Margo

"If you don’t mind me asking how old are you?"

"Me I’m forty six, how old are you?"

"Me I’m nineteen."

Numbed into silence Margo opened her legs to allow Mistress Faye access.


"Oooooowwwww! I could get used to this, I didn’t know I liked pain so much!"

"Mmmmm". Said Mistress Faye.

Mistress finished Margo’s Piercings and played with them, stimulating Margo to the point of coming, and just at the vital moment Mistress Faye stood up and walked off. Margo sat there for a moment deprived of climax, she thought for a second of finishing herself off but she remembered where she was and grit her teeth as it subsided.

As Mistress Faye came back she smiled and asked, "What do you like doing to your slaves."

"Mmmmmm, I like restraining them, putting them in Latex bondage, gagging them, clamping their breasts and pussy and just playing with them keeping them on edge for as long as I wish it and toy with them until they realize who allows them to come!"

"Well we have the new Latex range from the states which are the best ever! And a new range of restraints from Germany. there is no way they will get out of them!"

"I might well buy them I’m getting fed up with them getting out of my rope work, they are all pretty good at slipping out of restraints unless they’re good and tight."

"I’ll be a minute! Oh, what size are you?"

"I’m a fourteen, but sometimes I’m a sixteen top! Depends on who’s made it."

"I don’t think it matters with Latex much!"

Mistress Faye walked off in search of rubber and stuff.

"Here try these on , they’re all from the new range!"

Mistress Faye helped Margo on with a pair of gloves and Stockings, then Mistress Faye held up a Cat suit with a few "features!"

"Here try this on, I think you’ll love this. This is called the Pleasure suit!"

As Margo pulled the cat suit on it seemed to take forever to get it up to her crutch puffing and panting it came a little at a time. As the zip went up the back she could see the bra area was a bit different, as was the crutch, at least it felt different. As Margo pulled the sleeves up she felt something cold touch her clit, her arse and her pussy her nipples were next as the latex encased her, It was a delicious feeling. As the suit was pulled into place, it became apparent that this was no ordinary cat suit. There were zippers over the breasts but Margo could not see anything else, as she wondered Mistress Faye was smiling at her.

"Worked it out yet?"

"No! what’s different!"

"I’ll finish you off first, then you’ll see!"

Mistress Faye pulled Margo’s hair back and slipped over her head a open face helmet, as she sorted the neck the next thing Margo knew another helmet was being done up round her head, It had a blow up gag with a breather which Margo graciously opened her mouth for. Mistress walked round to Margo’s front and carefully placed the two breathers carefully into her nose. Thankfully the new helmet had eye holes but because the mouth breather had a bull dog clip on, Margo found she had no choice but to breath through her nose!

"Sit on the stool!" Said Mistress Faye, zipping up the helmet. Working like a demon, Margo felt for the stool and sat. The moment she sat Mistress Faye slid a posture collar around her neck.

A blind fold was strapped on, Margo found darkness an almost pleasurable experience. Mistress noticed the bull dog clip and thankfully removed it! Normal service was resumed!

"Left foot up!" Said Mistress, as she started to pull a pair of boots on Margo’s feet. Margo was wondering how Mistress knew her size when she remembered she was wearing almost new shoes So that was probably still stamped into the sole!

"Lift your hands!"

Margo lifted her hands and it felt like Mistress was pulling sleeves up her arms until both arms were done and Margo could feel the restraining certainty of full length mittens, as they laced up and had straps there was no way she could escape as they were strapped across her back.

"Here, stand up, let me chain you up."

As Margo stood up Mistress Faye clipped chains to the D rings on the ends of the Mittens


"Now I’ll show you what’s different about this suit!"


"Yes I thought you would say that."

Laughing, Margo had a couple of seconds of stimulation and It had that effect on her!

She didn’t know what to do she tried to rug her left leg up her right, that just felt as if someone was rubbing her clit between their thumb and forefinger. Margo felt no hand, in fact no one was interfering with her it was the suit!

Mistress Faye removed the blindfold and smiled at Margo.

"Oh I just have to get some more things. I’ll be back in a minute."

Mistress Faye walked off into the maze which was the shop. After a few minutes she came back. With a spreader bar and a very special electric pump. Mistress knelt down and put the spreader bar onto the ankles of Margo. Who realised too late the significance of the new kit. Mistress picked up the pump and plugged them in to the tubes that Margo had missed coming from the suit.

"Last but not least I have to lube you up Margo!"

Mistress Faye unzipped both breasts zips to reveal four small air bags covered in small teats, or knobs once lubricated the pump blew up one and three and let down two and four then blew up two and four and let down one and three. The bags interacted with each other slipping and jostling for the space, because once the suit was zipped up the only space available was round the nipple! For the person wearing the suit once the pump was turned on it was like having ten cats licking each nipple at the same time!

"The same things going on round your crutch, except their more like little fingers and you have three different areas, can you guess where they are?"

Now the breasts were lubricated Mistress Faye worked on the crutch, not touching Margo just lubricating the knobs so they could do their work.

"Phew I’m getting hot, I think I’ll change into something less comfortable."


Mistress stood with a remote in front of Margo.

"Now do I turn you on and walk away and change, or do I wait until I come back?"

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

"I’m afraid you might prove to be a slut, I think if I was to turn it on you might have come by the time I get back!"


"Oh I beg to differ, you have been sopping wet since you walked into my shop. I didn’t know I had that effect on older women."

With that Mistress strapped the blindfold over Margo’s eyes, Margo tried to shake it off but no chance!

Mistress Started the pump, stood back and folded her arms, As the suit started to move Margo started to move as well!


Mistress watched as Margo twisted and tried to turn to avoid the suit but the more she twisted the more the suit did to her, after just shy of one minute forty Margo screamed as she came.

The suit just kept going, doing it’s thing and Margo just had to go along with it!

After ten minutes Mistress Faye counted seventeen climaxes, true Margo could have made it up but in the present circumstances Mistress thought it highly unlikely.

Mistress unbuckled the Blindfold and stood back, looking at the glazed eyes of Margo.

"I suppose you want to get out of the suit don’t you?"

Margo barely registered the words being said to her.

"Oh well I’ll do you up again and set you off again."


Mistress pretended not to hear Margo’s scream and restarted the pump again replacing the blindfold, Margo’s eyes now said it all! The desperation as she felt the torment of being sucked alive. Within thirty seconds, Margo was screaming as she exploded, she had stopped having constructive thoughts the moment the pump restarted…

Mistress smiled her little smile she decided to leave the suit on for fifteen minutes, in part to see for herself the consequences of the suit and moreover the effects on Margo, another Mistress. She knew Margo wanted her, and she guessed the way Margo wanted her, well that wasn’t going to happen! She just wanted to see how much Margo wanted her and to what depths she would go to.

After fifteen minutes Mistress Faye turned the pump off and unbuckled Margo, wisely she removed the spreader bar and pushed a wheelchair behind Margo. The wheelchair was a favourite for moving those that were bound from one place to another, in this instance Mistress thought it was necessary, owing to the fact Margo would not be able to stand let alone walk for a while!

As Mistress unclipped Margo from the chains she fell into the wheelchair almost unconscious!

"How about trying another new cat suit Margo?"

Margo just sat in the wheelchair looking vacant.

Mistress pulled the thing off of Margo after a while Margo started to react to what Mistress was trying to do, it all had to be removed to replace the suit with…

The Chastity Suit

Mistress Faye had just about finished getting the Latex onto Margo by the time she said something coherent she was helmeted and blinded again and Mistress was just about to fit the gag back in her mouth.

"So what was it like?"

"Fuck… fuck… fucking brilliant."

"Open up and say ah!"


The gag slipped in no problem.

Mistress wheeled Margo back to the back rooms where they started, it was a shop after all.

Mistress unbuckled the blindfold to see if anyone was at home, Margo looked dreamily at her.

"You feel up to standing Margo?"


"I’ll take that as a yes!"

Now in position Mistress Faye helped Margo up where she stood still a bit shaky, Mistress got Margo to raise her hands so she could clip the Mittens back on the chains. As Margo got used to the position again Mistress buckled the spreader bar around the legs.

"Now Margo, this cat suit is called the Chastity suit, I’ll just plug it in and pretty soon You’ll be in heaven."

Margo was still coming down from the fuck fest of a lifetime she found that as before she could hardly move and she was enclosed in latex. The suit felt a little different to the previous one, she guessed it was electrical judging by the cold contacts against her skin. They quickly warmed and just as she was starting the sleep she thought it was only electro stimulation and nothing new in that! It started, and the familiar throb of muscles jerking to electricity!

"Now just let the computer get it’s readings and you’ll be the perfect slave to the suit !"

The electrodes inside the suit started making Margo’s eyes pop open. She thought at first it was just electro stimulation and that she would come pretty soon. As Margo was well on the way to a thunderous climax… It stopped dead! Exhausted after the last session, she realized to her horror why it was called the chastity suit. After about a minute it started again! Again it started her climbing to a huge climax but just at the crucial moment it stopped! Unknown to Margo the suit was plugged into a computer, and some of the electrodes she felt were actually sensors recording her pulse and heartbeat the more times it happened the more readings the computer took making it more perfect each time.

Mistress went to make herself a cup of tea, this could take some time and there was no point in being thirsty! She also filled a few cc’s of water in a straw and dropped it into Margo’s breather pipe, holding it up so it would drain into her mouth.

A few hours later and Mistress turned the suit off.

Margo was limp in the suit, which didn’t bode well for Mistress. She unbuckled the blindfold, and stepped back to look at Margo, the same glazed eyes looked back at her.

"The lights are on but there’s no one home!"

Mistress unbuckled the Gag and held Margo’s head in her hands.

"Margo? Can you hear me?"

"Yes Mistress." Margo said in a quiet voice.

"You are who’s slave?"

"I am your slave Mistress."

"Yes you are my slave! And to prove to you that this is so you will continue to be processed until you remember that fact!"

"No Mistress, Please Mistress!"

"Open your mouth!"

Margo opened her mouth only to find her constant companion, the blow up gag had found it’s way home, only a few pumps later it started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

"Silence slut who gave you permission to mumble? Good! We understand one another!" With that the suit started up and resumed where it left off

Margo was nearly brought to orgasm only to be denied, time and time and time again! Hours past and still the suit denied her a climax, driven to despair the whole process took her and removed her will slowly but surely when Mistress shut the computer off in the early morning, Margo was putty in Mistresses hands.

"Right slave! In your former life you mentioned you had a live in slave, what was her name?"

"Melanie, Mistress."

"Well slut, I have something I want you to do!"

Having removed the latex from Margo and redressed her she sent her on her way.

A couple of hours later Margo tapped on the shop door with another woman in tow!

"Mistress Faye, my slave, Melanie."

"Mistress Faye." Said the woman, Mistress looked at her she was older than her perhaps mid twenties, but delightfully submissive.

"Slave! Your mistress and I wish to try out a new suit on you."

"Of course Mistress!"

Melanie was full of enthusiasm as Mistress Faye walked her into the back of the shop where her mistress was hours earlier. Mel was suited up with the Pleasure suit, helmeted, gagged, blindfolded, chained up and as before was lubricated and the pump was turned on! As before almost exactly the same thing happened to Mel as happened to Margo, without the gag Mel would have screamed the place down, coming time and time again!

Mistress Faye forgot to start counting the number of climaxes Mel had, so just left her to it switching the pump off after twenty minutes. Mistress Faye unbuckled the blindfold to find Mel in the dream state that she found Margo hours before. With Margo’s help the pair of them removed the Pleasure suit and replaced it with the Chastity suit. Not touching the helmet the suit was swapped and Mel was chained back in position. The Chastity suit was plugged into the computer, and turned on.

In about twenty seconds Mel was squealing into her gag as the Suit did it’s stuff. At one minute twenty five the scream was loud! Mistress Faye made a mental note to get someone in to soundproof the back of the shop. As her attention changed to Margo, "Strip slave!" Was her only words to Margo, and Margo started to remove her clothes.

"Here put these on!" Handing Margo a pile of black Latex with a tin on top

Margo sat on a stool and dusted herself with talc, then pulled the latex up her legs. The cool Latex felt so good as Margo was putting the original Chastity suit on, the one that had her only hours earlier! Mel had almost finished her twenty minutes in the pleasure suit by the time Margo had finished getting into her suit.

"Help me with her slut!" Said Mistress Faye, Mainly because Mel had collapsed when Mistress had unclipped her from the chains. Mistress wasn’t large and Mel’s weight almost took her as well. Mistress Faye and Margo Stripped Mel of the Pleasure suit and replaced it with the other chastity suit, The pair got Mel ready and chained ready to go, when Mistress told Margo to hold her arms up to the chains. Margo was also chained facing Mel, they both were hooded and both had their gags in but this time neither had blindfolds. Mistress hooked both of them up to computers Mel had the one with the software but Margo just needed to be connected to the net.

"Right we’ll see what ten hours can do for you two!"

Mistress glanced at her watch it was ten to two, she had a long wait but she was hoping it was worth it! Margo looked at Mel who was opening her eyes, she gazed lazily at Margo as Mistress turned both suits on and they started their torture. Margo could only manage a grunt before the suits cut in. Mistress stood watching the pair for a while, they would contort and bend as they were coming and they would whine when the suit denied them, occasionally a scream could just be heard.

Mistress picked up the phone and read a long number, carefully typing it on the keypad of her phone holding the phone to her ear she waited for the phone to connect.

A man answered.

"John! How are you!"

"Yes a complete success!"

"No, I’m still evaluating."

"Well you would know exactly how long, as you would know from your website."

"Yes, Yes, I know! Yeah you should have called them the Thing!

"What both of them!"

"You too!"

"Talk to you later John!"


Mistress Faye sat with the receiver in her hand as she looked at the pair writhing in their bonds, Mistress decided that maybe It would be better to blindfold her new slaves rather than allow them the luxury of looking into each other’s eyes. She blindfolded the pair and got on with more mundane things, But keeping one eye on the unfolding spectacle! As she walked into the front of the shop someone was tapping on the shop door, this wasn’t suprising as she still had orders that had not been delivered to the shop yet!

Mistress Faye opened the shop door, there was a woman around her age with a clip board in her hands, a cap and overalls.

"Delivery!" The woman said, chewing her gum like it was going out of fashion, she thrust the clip board into Mistress Faye’s arms and as she was about to write her name a puff of obnoxious smelling spray was squirted into her face! The lights just went out as she fell to the floor…

When she woke she was shackled, she could not see and she had a large gag in her mouth. Wherever she was smelt of sweat, some else’s sweat!

"Oh we haven’t been introduced, have we? I’m Christina, Margo’s daughter! And lets just say the shits hit the fan!"

Mistress Faye tried to say something, but it came out like a grunt and stopped. She realized where she probably was and desperately tried to get herself loose!

"No chance my dear! I must admit you have the very best from around the world in your shop and I’m curious as to why you had my mum and her girlfriend strapped into these. My mum left a strange message for her slaves , to come to the shop, strange because she was due round my house for dinner last night and I bumped into her as she was on the way home from here. So it was easy to work out something had happened to her! Now I have read up on the suits and understand what they can do the question can wait until you have had a few days of torture, I’ve sent them both home to recover, so it’s just you and me sweetie! I must admit you could have chosen a better password, something other than the name of the shop! So I’ll let you stew for a few days and we’ll see if that’s done the trick. Then I’ll have to decide what to do with you. But at the moment things are not looking good for you! I could do with another little slut, My mum’s gone a bit soft in her old age, but I’m not going the same way! Oh and you had another Email from John, He wants to know if you want the intensity turned up a notch? So I answered him and told him to turn it up several notches So sweet dreams slave!"

Christina pushed the enter button on the computer!

Faye realized it was going to be no fun at all!

Just for those that want to Google the new piercer, and the New Latex suits, I’m afraid they are a figment of my twisted imagination Sorry! But if theirs someone willing to make one……..


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