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The Lady Bella

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; latex; bond; sleepsack; catsuits; bdsm; electro; tease; denial; cells; slaves; reluct; nc; XX

The click clack of high heels could be heard as the maid walked into the Den, off the main hall. The maid, dressed, head to toe black latex stooped to offer the ladies their drinks. The ladies didn’t acknowledge the maid, but continued their conversation regardless. The ladies were sat on a half moon sofa that measured fifteen feet across. They were all talking to one Lady in particular, the Lady sat on the lounger across from the half moon sofa, the Ladies round her were dressed in latex, as were the Lady herself. The Lady Bella was holding court, as was her way.

The ladies around her were Mistresses, each of them married into money, divorced into money or widowed into money, the only one that had been born into money was the Lady Bella. The family home, deep in the countryside set in a hundred and seventy acres of land was refined elegance. Privacy was never an issue in such a place, The Lady Bella was queen of all she surveyed.

As she adjourned the meeting, a maid handed the Lady Bella a note, crawling across the floor in front of the ladies to hand her the note.

The Lady Bella read the note and rolled it into a ball and threw the ball on the floor.

"Oh how tiresome! Why is it the slaves can’t control themselves, I wish Domino could just deal with the slaves herself!"

Domino her trusted number two kept the place ticking over, keeping the slaves in their place and generally making life difficult for any slave who put a foot out of line!

The Lady Bella stood up finally and ended the Session with a wave of her hand, as she walked off a maid, again dressed entirely in black latex walk in her wake and swept up the offending ball of discarded paper, such was the regime in the home of The Lady Bella.

The Lady Bella walked into the punishment chambers looking for Domino, find Domino, find the problem, fix problem, fuck Domino!

Domino was leaning over a figure in a punishment sack and was zipping it up finally. The slave inside had gave Domino a hard time, just trying to helmet her, and gag her had been a trial but with a bit of persuasion with a cattle prod Domino had got her into the full body suit the gag, the helmet, the ballet boots and the blow, up mittens and now as The Lady Bella walked through the door she had just zipped up the punishment sack, and padlocked it. She wouldn’t be coming out for a few days! The Lady Bella looked down at the hapless slave.

"Problems Domino?

"No My Lady no one takes the persuader lightly!"

The mewing from the slave was getting louder, Domino finished with the breather pipe and clipped on the hooks which lifted the slave off the bench and winched the sack off into another part of the punishment chamber.

"Do we have a supply of lambs Domino?"

"Yes My Lady, do you want one delivered to your dungeon?"

"Yes, I crave a workout!"

"If it pleases you My Lady, to abuse my body once more?"

"No Domino, you must be strong, your chastity belt is there for a reason, even you might suffer my anger if I ever caught you playing with yourself. When I feel the time is right I shall take you at my convenience!"

Domino beaten again wept a tear as The Lady Bella walked away to her dungeon to taunt, torture, and arse fuck the straight girl that was brought in from one of the nightclubs across the country. Domino still had the humiliation of having catheter in her and a piss bag dangling from her thighs, she and the others that worked below stairs. Mercifully the maids which served upstairs were free of such things. The piss bag needed to be empted every few hours because they were a lot of weight to carry around plus the fact that if The Lady Bella saw a bag which she saw as full she would see to it that the owner be bound to a bench and made to drink the contents and if a word of dissent was heard then the owner had to drink from everyone’s Piss bag!

The Lady Bella had changed from her purple full length latex dress to a more Dominatrix like black catsuit and boots, she opened her private dungeon and could see a figure struggling helplessly in the heavy latex and leather bondage that she found herself in. Without talking The Lady Bella let it be known that someone else was now in the room, the moment the figure realized this she started squealing.

"Stop that detestable noise, now!" The squealing stopped momentarily and restarted almost straight away, The Lady Bella walked over to a bench to one side of the hapless girl and put a sizeable DC charge through her outer lips! The girl screamed and high pitched agonizing pained scream, until The Lady Bella removed her finger from the button on the triggering device. The noise stopped!

"I’m glad we have an understanding!"

The Lady Bella smirked. Softly at first barely touching the girl, caressing her, touching her letting her know she can touch any part of her body and do whatever she wished to her. More importantly the wishes of the girl were unimportant. The Lady Bella, brushed her long black mane back with a flick of her hand, the unfortunate in bondage would have been shaved of all hair, hair being considered a privilege most slaves never regained.

She removed the latex and leather that bound the girl’s crutch and lubed a contact ridden probe which she carefully pushed home, the contacts not only provided pleasure but far more importantly measured heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure. The girl would be fooled into thinking that she was being given pleasure, when, in fact it was the start of months of denial and training. The girl who was just waking up to the fact that she was there for life had no aspirations other than to find her boyfriend, was in for a rude awakening, as there was no chance of ever seeing him again!

She. If she was very lucky would stay on at the house, but more likely she would be sold on to a new mistress anywhere in the world.

Once the girl was wired into the computer The Lady Bella switch on, and recovered the girl. The only sign the girl was being pleasured was the wiring coming out of her crutch.

"There you are my dear, take your pleasure whilst you can, It might be a very long time before you receive pleasure again!"

The Lady Bella sometimes had them bound in her bed chamber, Maybe with a dildo gag, which she would love to slip into herself, watching the eyes of the straight girl underneath her. Terrified in the realization of what was about to happen to them! The Lady Bella was never interested in the those that had proved themselves to her, the unfortunate fact was the chase was better than the catch, although in truth she was never involved in that side of the business. There was a group of experienced kidnappers, snatch squads which went round the clubs and festivals picking up girls and packing them off to be processed. Girls were sent around the world, boxed up for their new Mistresses to open., but their new Mistresses would have had to pay handsomely for the privilege. Sometime later The Lady Bella was relaxing when a maid groveled and crawled to her to pass a note to her, the maid never looked up at her, preferring to study the floor.

"Go!" That was all she needed to say and the maid, still looking at the floor reversed her path and left her to her music and wine.

Another maid was showing someone into the room, It was Lady Warwick, the only person she ever had to show her submissive side to.

"Bella! How good to see you!"

"Lady Warwick, are you back from the states for a little while?"

"Yes , but only for a short while, I have a two or three week break from it all."

"And how’s business?"

"Oh fantastic, we’re selling England by the pound!"

"Come, sit with me! I’ll get some more wine!"

The Lady Bella put her arm through Lady Warwick’s and the pair sat together.

"So, Bella how’s your business going?"

"Oh it’s good, I think you have taken all the good girls though!"

"Yes, but that means you get all the bad girls then!"

As the Ladies were talking a maid showed two more into the room, it was Mistress Dana and Mistress Sarah.

"Evening you two!"’

"Evening, Lady Bella! Evening Lady Warwick". They both chimed.

"How’s your day been?" Said Mistress Dana.

"Oh, it’s just so good to work from one’s home!"

"Tell me Lady Warwick, do you ever have problems with your Slaves?" Asked Dana.

"No of course not! What a strange question!"

"Well the reason is, we have been arguing about the best punishment suit! Lady Bella thinks is best to put the slave in a punishment sack and leave them to stew for a couple of days, but I have found a punishment suit that could revolutionize our world, it’s still in the development stage but I think it could be the next big thing!"

"Like rope?"

Dana ignored the comment.

"Or whips!"

"Would you like to put you money where your mouth should be?"

Lady Bella looked shocked, then her eyes narrowed.

"I’ve a better idea! Forget the money! When I win you’ll be my slave for a week!"

"And what if I win? Will you be my slave for a week?"

"Well I’m afraid that’s just not going to happen is it?"

"The usual answer is yes! If your willing to wager!"

"Yes, but your going to lose!"

"We’ll see!"

Lady Warwick intervened, "Ladies! If your serious about this then I propose to take it one stage further, The loser spends a week here as one of my slaves as well as a week as the victors slave!"

"Fine with me!" Declared Lady Bella, staring at Dana.

"An excellent idea I hope The Lady Warwick will treat you like any other slave after I win!" Said Dana smugly.

"We’ll see!"

"And you Sarah who would you side with? Would you wish to bet with, one way or the other?"

"Mmmm! I don’t know!"

"And how do we test one against the other, anyway?"

‘I think I have the solution!" Said Lady Warwick.

Several days later the group had traveled to Lady Warwick’s Estate. It wasn’t measured in acres it was measured in counties!

The test was simple the slaves were twins and they had been told nothing of the test, they were told to beg for release when they had enough, but the first to crack would be sold to a sadist, an old fat male sadist! The twins arrived totally nude, but for their steel collars, and Lady Warwick’s brand on both their buttocks!

The Ladies looked on as the twins were prepared for the test Lady Warwick wrote ‘A’ on the forehead of the first and "B" On the forehead of the other.

"Just so there’s no misunderstanding about who’s in what suit!"

The Lady Bella sat across from the punishment benches. For the group were in Lady Warwick’s punishment house, well away from ciivilization and prying eyes, Mistress Dana and Mistress Sarah stood behind her watching the precedings unfold.

Lady Warwick instructed the slaves to dress in the appropriate latex, Slave "A" was dressed in a latex cat suit, boots, open face helmet and blow up mittens, a breather blow up gag was put in her open mouth and a final helmet was pulled over her head and a blindfold was added. Slave "A" was helped into a punishment sack, which was zipped up from her feet to the top of her head, with only the breather pipe sticking out of the bag.

"There!" said Lady Warwick. "That’s slave "A" prepared!" Slave "B" had a slightly different dress code to follow, Slave "B" Was dressed in the new cat suit, impregnated with steel contacts and sensors, a small latex lump in the small of the back was the only outside sign that the suit was in any way different to a 'normal' cat suit. Her head was treated exactly the same as slave "A" and she was helped into another punishment suit.

The pair were clipped to hooks attached to steel cables and hoisted a couple of inches above the floor.

Dana lifted a bag and walked over to Lady Warwick.

"May I !" Smiling at Lady Warwick.

Dana fished out of the bag a small laptop which she fired up .

"This should take seconds, Lady Warwick."

"I was hoping to see this thing in Action!"

"There, done! If I may could I leave my laptop within a few feet of the victim. It should work up to two hundred meters. Once the victim’s known by the computer, the information’s uploaded to a central website. And stored, the software needs a password to get in and the wearer will get a shock not unlike a tazer!"

"Sounds fairly bulletproof to me my dear."

"So, I push the magic button and… There she goes!"

The bag with slave "B" in started twisting around in the punishment sack, after a few seconds she calmed down and started moaning. Lady Warwick was going to say something but Mistress Dana put her finger to her lips trying not to laugh. As the moaning got louder and louder until suddenly it stopped and the slave shreked when she realized there was no orgasm!

"There! The perfect tease and denial system the slave could in theory never having an orgasm again!"

"What!" Screamed The Lady Bella.

"You didn’t tell me it could do that!" The Lady Bella had been stung!

"I’m afraid you never gave me a chance to tell you what it could do, you were so quick to shoot me down in flames, I decided not to bother!"

Lady Warwick stepped in between them. "Ladies, let us retire to the main house and come back in say… Four hours!"

A howl was heard from slave "B!"

Four hours later the ladies returned to the punishment house, The Lady Bella, very apprehensive now of what was unfolding, climbed out of the discovery to join two others already going in. Lady Warwick waved at the guards and the guards unzipped the heads of the sacks and removed the blindfolds.

Slave "A" looked at the guards, blinked a bit, because of the fact she had been in total darkness for the last four hours.

Slave "B" Looked at the guards, blinked an bit for the same reason but, shut one eye after the other signifying she had had enough!

Lady Warwick Smiled at Mistress Dana, "We have a winner! Mistress Dana!"

Mistress Dana just felt relief, she had been worried, really worried that something would go wrong, after all it was still in the development stage and perhaps it would have been wiser to have kept quiet a little longer. The thing was she had won, and everyone was clapping except The Lady Bella who was trying to put a brave face on what would be the worst day of her life!

"And!" Said Lady Warwick triumphantly! "We have a loser!"

The Lady Bella was suddenly the centre of attention and unlike all of her experiences to date, for the wrong reason!

"You bet Mistress Dana that your method of punishment was better than hers but, as we have tested both methods and we have proved without a shadow of a doubt, that Mistress Dana’s Is the better! Which means you lose the bet!"

The Lady Bella was mortified, they could not seriously consider expecting HER to consent to being a Slave!

"The Lady Bella!" Lady Warwick bellowed! "A bet is a bet! Is it not?"

The Lady Bella, for the first time in her life was being humiliated in front of her own friends.

"Oh, where do you want me?"

The Lady Bella was frozen with the realization that she had become what she had loved to hate, A slave! The guards slipped a hand under The Lady Bella’s armpits and carried her away for preparation!

"I have given the guards instructions which will be followed to the letter, any outburst will be dealt with most seriously, and you will be treated just like any other slave in my care! And believe me when I tell you, you will be under MY care!"

The guards carried The Lady Bella off, her latex dress, which had seemed the perfect choice this morning just hobbled her legs and made her fall, only to be hauled off by the guards regardless.

"Champagne anyone!" Lady Warwick said jovially, "Shall we reconvene at the gardens ladies?"

The Ladies walked off leaving The Lady Bella to her fate, the guards stopped dragging her along and expertly twisted her arms around and slipped a pair of mittens over her hands and padlocked them on. Then clipping them to chains by their sides hit a button which pulled the chain until The Lady Bella was about to take off!

"What do you think your doing!" The Lady Bella screamed at the guards.

The guard in front of her picked up a pair of sissors and smirking started cutting her Latex dress.

"Have you any idea how much this dress cost?"

"Do you think I seriously give a shit!" Said the guard! The dress cut to ribbons fell of The Lady Bella, but the guard grabbed her nipples and violently twisted them, The Lady Bella screamed but the guard just held her grip.

"Let go of me!" The Lady Bella screamed.

The guard still holding her grip, in a quiet voice said, "Please, Let go of me Mistress."

The guard smiled at The Lady Bella inches away from her face, The Lady Bella was shocked into silence as she realized that indeed, the guard in front of her might as well be her… MISTRESS! The guard, still smiling still with both her hands tightly holding her nipples.

"What do you say then?"

The Lady Bella‘s eyes fell, the instruction was crystal clear, "Please Let me go Mistress?"

Just then the other guard grabbed her thighs and pushed her crutch into her arse. As the second guard felt around feeling her mound, her clit, her fur and then her thighs, The Lady Bella was on the verge of bursting into tears!

"We’ll have to pierce her and shave her!"

"We don’t bother with names here, you’re a slave like every one else, if you don’t follow commands instantly you’ll find your stay very, very uncomfortable."

The Lady Bella suddenly realized what was meant by shave her.

"Please ,er Mistress, you mean to shave my crutch?"

"Well, slave! I will answer this question only! We were told by Lady Warwick to treat you like any other slave, which means total hair removal, complete piercing, branding, and tattooing and if you put a foot wrong complete punishment!"

The Lady Bella’s thought processes ground to a halt as she was coming to terms with what she had just heard! Her stomach turned over as it dawned on her the consequences of the bet had taken her down a road that there was no return from. She was unclipped from the chains and dragged in her latex stockings and heels, she was unceremoniously sat on a bench and the remainder of her previous life was removed forever. Her mittens were removed and she was dragged towards a open shower, "Wash yourself!" The guard barked and threw The Lady Bella into the shower.

The shower water hit her face and she pushed the top of a soap dispenser and washed as much as she could, trying to avoid getting soap in her hair, Her makeup ran down the drain and she suddenly felt lost because of it’s loss, she remembered her grand bed chamber, walk-in wardrobe, and seventeenth century dressing table, her channel no 5 sat on top.

"Wash your hair!"

Her dream was rudely interrupted by one of the guards, Almost without thought she pushed the soap dispenser and started washing her hair, she had got it all washed when she screamed great clumps of hair fell out of her head, she hadn’t realized it but, the soap was impregnated with hair removal cream, she looked down at her pussy and that was hairless. She looked at her guards and they were smirking, her beautiful long black hair was falling off her head leaving a bald and frightened slave! There was no mirror so the one thing she wanted to do was denied her, she walked out of the shower, dripping, bald, and naked.

"This way!"

Her guards pushed her along, still stunned that she had been tricked into losing all her hair, which had been one of her best features.

The guards pushed her into what looked like an operating theatre, but with a birthing chair, she had no choice but to drop into the chair, the guards had done this to thousands before her, in seconds had her feet locked to the birthing cups and her wrists strapped above her head. The guard to her left picked up a long needle and plunged in into her spotless breast, she screamed and the guard on her right stuffed her mouth with a blow up gag. Once the gag was in Lady Warwick walked into the room. Entirely ignoring The Lady Bella she spoke to the two guards.

"Going to plan?"

"No problem at all Lady Warwick."

The others walked into the room and they all sat back to watch. The Lady Bella started wailing but another prick with the long needle sorted that out!

The guards did some measuring up and The Lady Bella quivered with pain as the needle for the first of her slave rings went through her clitoral hood, four rings were put in her outer lips and two in her nipples. The guard looked up at Lady Warwick who nodded and the last piercing was through her septum! She screamed with the pain, and screamed again when the ring was introduced to her nose. The group clapped and the guards bowed, the applause was for the guards, not for The Lady Bella!

She was left on the chair, quietly sobbing to herself when the guards came back. She was unstrapped and dragged out of the room her new piercings creating new pain for her, the guards stopped and rubbed a cream over the piercings which soothed them a bit. There was no sign of Lady Warwick or the others so there was no one to complain to. She felt if she could speak to Lady Warwick she could make her understand she wasn’t meant to be a slave. The guards dragged her to a wall, the type of wall she had build in her punishment chambers, designed to look old, cobwebbed, and from a dungeon. Obviously the wall wasn’t going to work on her, no she could see right through the whole façade!

The guards started on dressing The Lady Bella, latex opera gloves were handed to her, which she gingerly pulled on, and in the same vein a pair of latex stockings were handed to her, The guards had said nothing to her, just a look was enough. She didn’t realize it but she had already started down the road to submission.

A black latex cat suit was draped across a bench beside her, and the guards poured a liberal amount of baby oil on their hands and started to rub it on her skin. As she stood experiencing the hard rubbing on of the oil she felt for the first time like she was being turned on she, of course had maids that oiled her before she dressed in her latex collection, but had never experienced the hard rub herself. The guards pulled the cat suit open and without invitation pulled each leg into the suit, leaving her to sort out the creases.

"If your seen with creases you’ll be whipped, and whipped hard! You’ve got ten minutes!"

Both guards walked away leaving her on her own, she thought about taking the blowup gag out of her mouth but she remembered what the guards had said about punishment! She perhaps wisely left it alone and worked the latex up over her breasts, her new rings were silver in colour and she thought that was not a good sign as she only ever had gold! Her clit pained her as the ring was trapped by the latex, as she pulled the suit up she realized that there was no zip to do up, her Pussy and arsehole would be on show as would her nipples as she had two zippers over them!

The guards came back, again with a smirk on their faces, she wondered if they knew something, or whether they were pretending to know something, either way she knew the score. One of the guards pulled a open faced helmet over her head pulling the bulb of the gag through first. The blow up gag was then removed and a new helmet with a tube instead of a gag was inserted into her mouth. The tube was no better than the gag, at least she could still see, the other guard was pulling mittens over her hands the mittens were supplemented with wrist cuffs. Both were padlocked on ballet boots were slipped over her feet and padlocked on her guards lifted her up to walk, she had tried ballet shoes on before but to determine how difficult it was to walk in them. As before, it was very difficult and as her guards helped her along they had a long walk in mind.

The Lady Bella’s toes were getting very painful as she just was not used to walking in such boots six inch heels were nothing, she would walk around all day in those, but ten inch heels? The guards were surprisingly patient and walked with her supporting her if she lost her balance, the three walked through a door and the demeanor of her surroundings totally changed. The darkened dungeon like walls of the hall was replaced with a clean white tiled room. The only feature in the room was a set of stocks and a tethering bar over the stocks. The guards stopped her there and she dropped on her knees and locked the stocks over her ankles, her arms were locked to the tethering bar. Her eyes were blindfolded and something was pushed onto her tube and around her head, the guards started playing with her pussy, there was nothing she could have done to stop it, so didn’t even try, something rubbery was pushed into her, if she could have, she would have gritted her teeth. A blob of something cold touched her anus she jumped at the touch, as a gloved finger forced it’s way inside. She pulled her buttocks upwards to take whatever was going inside. Sure enough another rubbery dildo slid into her, she felt something being maneuvered through her legs and realized she was being locked in a chastity belt. The guards walked off and left her to dwell on what had happened to her.

Then it started! A throbbing in her pussy starting as almost nothing gently pulsing, building, she wondered what it could be it started so softly as it increased in power, she tried to shift to get in a better position, a total impossibility! She just sat and enjoyed the ride! The dildos were giving her the ride of her life so powerful were the pulses, as she felt herself about to come…

It stopped!

She let out a squeal as she came down, then to her horror realized what it probably was! It started again almost discernibly, creeping, quietly, this time it seemed in her back door, the power slowly increasing, building until when she was on the verge of coming…

It stopped!

The Lady Bella was left to be tortured for what seemed a never ending drill of starting, building, and stopping, and starting again. Whilst in her torment she was unhearing of the footsteps around her. The Lady Bella was surprised as her blindfold was removed and the Ladies were all in front of her! Lady Warwick bent over to talk!

"Well how are you my dear?


"That’s very good my dear!"


"We have an old friend that wanted to see you!" The Lady Bella looked to see who it could be, suddenly she recognized Domino!

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!"

Domino, dressed in a Latex trench coat bent down next to Lady Warwick.

"Good evening my Mistress!"


"I have something you will love Mistress."

Domino took off the coat to reveal a schoolgirl uniform. The same uniform that Domino used to be bound in when Mistress had her in her bed.

"Do you remember it Mistress?"


"You chose it for me Mistress."


"And look Mistress I still have no knickers Mistress!"

See my pussy Mistress, See my pussy free of your chastity belt Mistress!"

The subtle change of tone unsettled The Lady Bella.

The guards held her head as domino pissed into a funnel attached to her helmet, the tube in her mouth filled with Domino’s urine, she was forced to swallow as Domino filled the funnel, desperately trying to breath through her nose and swallow at the same time, the laughter and hysterics echoed round the room.

Hurt by the treason of her former friend she looked daggers at Domino!

Domino, without a glance just walked away. Picking her coat up and disappearing into the crowd.

Lady Warwick smiled at her and kneeled in front of her.

"I know we said you had to be in here for two weeks because you lost the bet. But what you didn’t know was the twins that tested the suits were told what to do, and were in on the joke!"


"The moment you walked out of your home the only place you were going to end up was here beneath my feet. I have you, I have your business, I have Domino and I have all the time in the world to torture you! The problem is I can’t decide what to do with you, I have had lots of offers for you, mostly from large, fat, sadistic, men! And, I’m sorely tempted… Well anyway you know how long it takes to process slaves don’t you?"


"Well I personally think you’ll need a lot more than that so I have given you to Domino for training! I know she will do an excellent job of training you and in a couple of years, who knows! But I’ll tell you what you won’t be the arrogant conceited bitch who now will be trained as a cock slave!"

The terror for a woman who had never been touched by a man let alone fucked by one was clear to see. She slumped back as far as she was able her eyes shut in despair.

"Or, I might have you trained as a pony, that’s usually saved for the pain sluts of this world, but I might make an exception with you!"


The blindfold went back on and that was that! She didn’t see daylight for a week, when the blindfold finally came off she was across a bench having another enema, the blow-up butt plug used to great effect having opened her up no end!

No one called her The Lady Bella, no one called her anything, she just existed, she couldn’t believe her business had been taken from her so easily, and her life had been reduced to that of a slave. She had seen hundreds of slaves go through her books, each one trained and sold on.

Her plugs were put back in and she started another pounding session of arousal and denial she was made to drink a gallon of water a day, the only problem was she had to piss with the plug still inside her. The plug still doing what it was designed to do. There was no night and day, there was only the hum of the plugs inside her, she only ate pills, no food! Washed down with more water.

When all thought processes have run there course there is no return the person’s mind, or what’s left of it is numb from being focused on an orgasm which never comes. For hour after hour, day after day, week after week the training continued, until…

The slave woke up unbound, lying on the floor of a cell naked. She felt her scalp, she was still bald, no eye lashes, no fur between her legs, working by instinct rather than by processed thought. She realized she could see for the first time in weeks. Her muscles had shrunk to next to nothing, she looked at her arms and looked at her body she was wasting away!. The room’s low lighting was broken by the cell door being opened. Domino walked in a little apprehensively and stood over the figure slumped on the floor, she looked at the guards at the door and they walked in and lifted the figure out into the cold light of day.

As slave was carried out it would have been the first natural light she would have had seen for months. Domino parted company with the guards and the slave and slave was prepared. No one had ever been subjected to the torture for the length of time slave had. Although the guards washed her there was no strength in her body, for months she had been strapped down and getting virtually no protein would result in muscle wasting.

In the main house Lady Warwick and Domino were discussing the slave.

Lady Warwick taking tea looked at Domino with a suspicious eye.

"So The Lady Bella has wasted away, I would have thought you would be pleased!"

"No Lady Warwick, I am not!"

"Why is it you slaves find it necessary to cling to friendship."

"It is not the issue here, she must have lost a quarter of her body weight and as she was only a size ten to begin with, in my opinion she is close to death!"

"Why has it taken you till now to tell me this?"

"Because you have given me two opposing jobs to do, firstly look after the Lady Bella’s business, which I am doing, but also to look after The Lady Bella as well! I am not equipped to do both! I have to travel over two hundred miles to get here, check on the Lady Bella and go back to continue running the business and anyway you gave me instructions on her isolation which gave me no chance to monitor her health. As much as I wanted to see her arse kicked I’m afraid I won’t be party to murder."

"Murder! I don’t want her murdered! She is my niece!"

"Well Lady Warwick, I would suggest you see your niece as quickly as you can, because as far as I could see, you haven’t got a niece anymore! You’ve got a vegetable!"

Lady Warwick looked at Domino, "Just what do you mean?"

I saw her in the nude for the first time, she wasn’t really conscious. She was so terribly thin and she was shaking, She didn’t recognize me!

Lady Warwick looked grave, she picked up a phone and rang Ssomeone, after a couple of seconds someone answered.

"I want my niece up here NOW!"

Twenty minutes later slave was carried in to the room, now back in latex Lady Warwick stared at the guards.

"I don’t want her covered up like this! I want to see my niece!"

The guards reluctantly removed the latex from her body, the damage became only too apparent.

The Lady Bella lay on the carpet staring into nothing in particular, her soul broken from months in constant tease and denial.

Lady Warwick kneeled down and cupped her head.


The Lady Bella did not flinch, no reaction, nothing!


Lady Warwick screamed!

The lack of reaction frightened Lady Warwick, The Lady Bella was the only heir to her fortune, which should have made Lady Warwick think carefully about what she did to The Lady Bella.

"Oh god! What have I done!"

The Lady Warwick employed a doctor to look after The Lady Bella, and her rehabilitation took months. Lady Warwick took her niece’s fall very seriously as she could see now it was indeed her fault. So It did not help that The Lady Bella knew full well the involvement of her aunt. As she recovered she remembered everything! The torture, the faces, the suffering, the torment, she remembered it all and in her head the one thing that had kept her alive was that one day she would revenge herself of these people that had laughed at her in that room, that day. She knew she should keep quiet until she was strong enough to get the hell out of there.

Lady Warwick came to see her frequently. Hoping that the mistakes of the past stayed there!!

"I came to talk to you about the accusation’s made in the press about me in my younger years I…"

"I Know !"

"How do you know?"

"Well put it like this, In spite of your obvious disregard for me you forget I have friends that you cannot find. That I know that you do not and if, as I believe I have disappeared off the face of the earth they will have guessed who is responsible. I am quite sure that as your prison walls have me your whole sordid, lesbian sluttish behaviour will be unleashed to the public and will only stop if and when I am released. In short release me or they can and will release your diaries to the newspapers sooner rather than later!"

"My diaries, which diaries?"

"Oh the good ones auntie!"

"Oh crap!"

"Oh I’ve got a good mind just to stay here just so I can see you and your reputation get the good arse fucking you so honestly deserve!"

"What do you want?"

"I want you to try the regime I had to endure, I want Mistress Dana to try the regime I had to endure, and I want Domino to endure the regime I had to endure!"

"But I’m your Aunt!"

"And I’m your niece, but that fact obviously didn’t stop you did it?"

"No, I am sorry!"

"Oh I think you’ll be Oh so Sorry, soon enough!" Lady Warwick’s bravado had withered, realizing what was being asked of her.

"Oh and I don’t expect you to say anything other than what you think I want to hear, well before you start thinking of ways to wiggle out, think on this! I have copies of ALL the pictures and they will be sent after the diaries! Isn’t that nice!"

"But how! I’ve had them in a bank vault for years!"

"Oh you know, there’s ways and means to aquire what ever My heart desires!"

"You little bitch!"

"Now, now Auntie! You always liked seeing your pictures in the papers didn’t you! I Loved that picture of you and Rosalind Samwell Saunders doing the plank race!"

"OH God!"

"You know, with half the ladies of the conservative party in the background! How big was that last dildo? Ten inches, twelve, you won so I assume you took the whole thing!"

"I, I, don’t remember."

"And you’d better make your mind up because I don’t know what’s been handed over to the media."

"Oh god!"

"Tick, tock, Tick, Tock!"

"I will announce it!"

"Thank you Auntie!"

Lady Warwick and The Lady Bella walked over to a door and walked through, Lady Warwick switched the light on in the small room, which had a small supermarket PA and Mic.

Lady Warwick clicked on the Mic.

"Good afternoon! This is Lady Warwick, I have an announcement to make! As some of you know I have made plans to step down and retire, this I have done today! The business will be taken over by my niece The Lady Bella! Please take your orders from her and only her, Thank you!"

Lady Warwick switched the mic off.

"There, It’s done! You know I often wondered what it was like being a slave!"

"Oh you won’t be a slave auntie!"

"Oh! I was rather hoping I might experience what a slave goes through for once in my life!"

"Trust me auntie you don’t want to go there, at your age you wouldn’t last more than a couple of days!"

"Oh, Is it that bad!"

"Well number one where’s all my thick black lovely hair gone, Auntie, and my eye lashes, where are they?"

"I didn’t know they would do that to you!"

"Well that’s exactly what you asked them to do! Your exact words were 'treat her like any other slave!' So they stuck me in the shower with the hair remover in the soap!"

"I’m really sorry!"

"So, auntie when can I expect my hair to start to grow again? My beautiful hair, why did you tell them that auntie! Do you think it’s funny to lose your hair, I’m not even thirty And I’ve got no hair AUNTIE!"

The Lady Bella walked over to the intercom, "Lady Warwick wants to start her retirement today, she wishes to be a slave, so the first thing I would ask you to do is take Lady Warwick to processing!

Lady Warwick looked up at The Lady Bella , "I am really sorry Bella!"

"I know auntie!

The Lady Bella picked up a ball gag off the table and walked over to Lady Warwick, "Open!"

Lady Warwick now looking meek opened her mouth excepting the gag and excepting her fate.

Two guards knocked and walked into the room.

"Strip her, cuff her and prep her, like any other slave!"

The Lady Bella went through the business papers for the company she had just taken over, she read and understood all the business dealings and, for the mean time kept everything working normally.

The Lady Bella sent out two snatch squads to pick up Mistress Dana and Domino. She waited for her revenge, for months she had endured the pain of slavery, unjustly because of three women. She sent for a respected wig maker, he made her a wig identical to her hair, or how her hair used to be. She didn’t want to have to ask the guard how long it took to grow again because it just undermined her authority. She told the wig maker she had been diagnosed with cancer, that’s why no hair pointing to her non-existent eye lashes Kimo and all! The three were prepped and enrolled, she quite deliberately did not go to see her aunt, but let her stew. As the wig was delivered she saw her hair starting to grow again!

The three had not seen each other being in their own private hell, and finally they met although blindfolded in exactly the same latex that The Lady Bella was in not so long ago.

"Well what do we have here?"

The three slaves had three guards watching them The Lady Bella gave them a signal to remove the blindfolds! As they had not seen the light of day for days and blinked trying to re-acustom themselves to the light.

"Well Lady Warwick, what’s it like being a slave?"


"Not your cup of tea then?"


"Oh that’s a pity auntie!" I notice you are all impaled front and rear "You see I have never been given a satisfactory explanation as to why I was kept as a slave for so long and as you three were ultimately responsible, until I get a straight answer you will stay right there and suffer."

Suddenly the three were treated to a Electro stimulation the power of which shook them uncontrollably after thirty seconds the power stopped. Unable to move the women howled through their gags, The Lady Bella ignored their cries. Rather lit a cigarette and stood over them impassively. After thirty seconds the electro stimulation started again. The Lady Bella still stood over them, now with a little smile. Their agony was obvious.

After several minutes of this torture, The Lady Bella signaled the guards to kill it.

"OK you have one chance to redeem yourselves tell me who’s idea it was and I’ll consider a reprieve!"

Both Domino and Mistress Dana started mumbling and looking at Lady Warwick who sat there trying to keep the noise out of her ears.

"Mistress Dana, you tricked me into this bet, you set me up, that’s why you’re here! Personally I don’t give a shit who said what to whom, that’s why you’re here! Domino, my trusted slave, you turned on your Mistress and hurt me! Hurt me badly, that’s why you’re here. Urinating on your Mistress is the ultimate sin, that’s why you’re here!"

"Lady Warwick, my aunt! You know why you’re here! You made this prison, you set up the regime, and now finally you get to try it out! I don’t think I’m likely to get a reasonable answer as to why I found myself here, but now you’re in the system I see no reason not to sell you off like those you looked down on! I’m afraid you’ve used up my patience so I have already sold you all to a Thai business woman, you’ll be working the brothels. I’ve told her she could have you cheap as you all seek out humiliation and servitude and she would need to whip you all hard to make you do any work! Package them up they go tomorrow!"


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