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Lady Mistral

by Devin

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© Copyright 2007 - Devin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex fdom; cons; X

I put the telephone receiver back on the phone.

I had called Pearson Airport to check on my flight out and sure enough my flight was canceled due to snow. Stuck in Toronto for another night, I hate winter. It was December 16, and I was to leave for home after spending two grueling business weeks in Toronto. I figured that since I wasn't going home tonight, I would go downstairs for a few drinks. I was staying at the Royal York and was familiar with a quaint little bar downstairs from the lobby. Where a few nights earlier a couple of colleagues and I had a few drinks. I grabbed my wallet, away I went. I walked into the bar and sure enough nobody was their except for me and the bartender, or it seemed.

I said to the bartender. “So you are the lucky-one that gets to work on such a lovely day”.

He smiled and said. “What can I get you”.

“Give me a shoot of rum and put a little coke in it.” I replied.

Before I could finished my sentence, I notice the bartender looking past me over my shoulder. I turned to see what he was looking at. There sat an estranged woman, in a long trench coat and hat, all in black, in a dimly lit corner of the bar, sipping on her drink, wearing dark glasses, believe it or not in the middle of December.

I turned back to the bartender and said. “Are they making an Alfred Hitchcock movie in town”.

“Well if they are maybe the lady in black can get you a part. I am sure it pays well, she must have money to spend, she has just bought you a drink.” The bartender replied.

Looking back at lady, I raised my glass as a sign of thanks. She made no attempt to acknowledge my gesture, but I could tell she was looking right at me.

After a few seconds of no response, I turned back to the bartender and asked him. “Are you sure she wants to buy me a drink”.

The bartender replied. “She walked in here about a half-hour before you did. She put ten bucks on the bar and said that there will be a man coming in here, fitting your description, and will ask for a rum and coke. The money is to cover it”.

“How can you be sure I am the guy”.

The bartender went on. “She said that I was to look her way when you ordered and she would touch the brim of her hat if you were the right fellow. I guess you are the lucky guy”.

I was stunned, I sat there confused, wondering who is this person, thinking should I introduce myself or not. I could feel my body tense up, I was nervous and could hardly believe the anxieties I was feeling. In a period of ten minutes, I went from intrigued and excitement, to nervousness and being intimidated and back to intrigued and excitement.

I finally convinced myself to go over and introduce myself. Before I could turn and approach her, I felt someone brush-up against me. It was her as she was walking out of the bar. I turned to say something, what, I don’t know and before I knew it she was gone. I turned back to finish my drink, I couldn’t get her off my mind. How did she know I would be here, do I know her, why was she here and what, if anything, did she want. All I know is that I could not get her off my mind, this mysterious and intriguing lady.

I looked over to the bartender and said. “Thanks buddy, see you later”.

Leaving the bar I headed for the elevator. I found myself looking almost desperately down the corridor, in shops, in hopes off finding this mystery lady. She was no where to be found. As I stood in front of the elevator doors, I reached into my blazer to retrieve my room key, to discover a second one that had a note attached. It read; Simple are the anxieties we create, but true is the fantasy.

Ones courage is the test, to make everything a reality.

Lady Mistral Room 1708, 7:30 p.m.

I clinched the key in my hand and looked around to see if anyone was looking my way. I was paranoid and yet filled with anxiety, intrigue and was aroused. I looked at my watch, it was 6:04 p.m., I said to myself. I had almost an hour and a half to wait. Shaking my head I said. “You’re nuts Devin, you’re not going to meet this lady”.

It felt like the elevator was taking hours to come. Finally, the doors opened, I walked in, turned facing the lobby, I was the only one in the elevator. Then looking out, there she was, I am sure my mouth dropped to the floor, I froze. She stood, facing me, her trench coat fully opened her hands on her hips. This was no ordinary lady, she was breathtaking, a vision of power and strength. This vision of perfection, encased in black shiny latex from head to toe. My eyes opened wide, I wanted to capture every detail of this Goddess’s beauty.

Then the elevator doors closed, I was left with only the image that was now planted in memory. I closed my eyes to visualize, the dim light that reflect off the shinny latex fabric, accentuating every curve of her body. She had a body that, I am sure, most women would die for. The latex extended high on her neck and was studded, accentuated by a silver and black, very exotic necklace, that came down to a point drawing attention to her breasts. The roundness and firmness of her breasts was evident as the dim light shinned on the black latex that encased them. She was wearing a wide belt, accented by a stunning, large, silver belt buckle, that surrounded her small waist. The shine of the black latex continued to her strong and defined upper thighs. Her hands on her perfectly rounded hips, as the dim light and shinny latex capture the exquisite V of her crotch.

My cock was now throbbing, as this vision had exposed a hidden desire to worship the ground she walked on. Which brings me to the reason the black latex stopped at her upper thighs. As my eyes were moving up and down her legs I wanted to drop to my knees and caress her feet. They were encased in a soft black leather that laced up to the thigh. The boots had 5” stiletto heels, the laces crisscrossing through the silver studs from her feet to her upper thigh and was trimmed in a shinny black patent leather. The doors of the elevator opened, I was on the floor of my room.

After I spent the next hour and a half deciding if I would dare meet this lady, I knew I had to, she was in control, so what was left for me to do, but meet her.

It was 7:26, time to leave, I went to the elevator and took what seemed like the longest elevator ride ever. I stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall to her room. I pulled out the key, and slowly opened the door.

Before the door was fully opened, a soft voice in a British accent said, “Come on in Devin, nice of you to come”.

I walked in, the room was dimly lit. The room was large and must of been the lounge of a suite, since there was no bed and had French doors to the right that appeared to be leading to another room. The suite was refined and she stood several feet in front of me, she was wearing the same outfit, except for a few changes. The trench coat was gone, so was the hat, exposing her long dark wavy hair, but she still had on her sunglasses. There were two changes to her outfit. Over her black latex outfit, she had on a shiny red latex thong, that accentuated her crotch even more, and most of all when she turned around this strip of red latex accented the black latex of her perfectly shaped buttocks. Secondly, the black boots were exactly the same, except that now the trim was of red patent leather instead of black. In her hand she held an English riding crop.

“So my dear Devin, I guess you felt a need to come and honor Lady Mistral.” She said in a firm voice.

“ I guess, I don’t know, I just thought, I am not sure why I am here”. I replied.

“Well I am sure by the end of the evening you will be more then sure of why you are here and you will be a changed man. Now down on your knees and crawl this way.” She demanded.

I crawled a couple of feet behind her watching her buttocks and hips move with every strut of her walk. Oh what a vision of perfection, I was
getting so hard. She sat down on a high back burgundy leather chair, crossed her legs and told me to caress her boots with my tongue. I licked her boots, sucked the heels, my cock was getting harder, in my mind I was making love to her boots. This went on for several minutes, until she said. “Devin so far you have pleased me, but the night is still young.”

As I knelt in front of her, she took her crop and with the tip, rubbed the crotch of my pants and said. “It appears you have a little problem, but I am sure you know that you are not allowed to touch or stroke your cock unless you are given permission, is that clear.”

Now knowing that she was in control and I was now her submissive, with no previous experience, I replied, “Yes your Lady.”

She got up and opened the French doors, which led to the bedroom and said, “On the bed you will find instructions and the clothing you are to wear this evening.”

I crawled into the room and she shut the doors behind me. I stood up and looked around the room, which had a similar style as the other room. An elegant four poster bed centered on the far wall, dominated the room. I walked over to the bed. Laying there was a pair of latex chaps, ankle and wrist straps, latex gloves and a thigh-high pair of black leather boots exactly like hers. I put everything on and then tried to walk around the room on the 5” stiletto boots, which was very difficult, as I found out. Sitting back on the bed, I started reading my instructions which was hard since they were written in a unique style.

In my honor you will serve,,, my demands you must please.

To return to my beauty,,, the finest grapes you will need.

In crystal so clear,,, with finest scent as you near.

Pure is the taste so defined,,, to quench a thirst so refined.

My servant that you become, will be rewarded in time, if you are good to your Maitresse no limits will be found.

In my presence you will worship,,, the lady I have become.

You will honor my beauty,,, by shining my latex with more then your tongue.

For my appearance to be whole,,, a shine of perfection will apply.

In the form of a liquid on firm hands,,, slowly rubbing it in so fine.

My servant that you become, will be rewarded in time, if you are good to your Maitresse your relief will be found.

Lady Mistral

At this point I was confused, I read the poem several times, then started looking around the room for possible clues. Finally, on the desk, near the window, was a bottle of wine being chilled on ice and one crystal wine glass. That solved the first part of the poem, I was to serve her a glass of wine. At that point I realized that the next clue was somewhere in the room. I looked over, there it was on the night table, a spray bottle that had a picture of a woman in a latex outfit. Beside it was a hand towel with Lady Mistral embroidered on it. I Picked up the hand towel and folded it over my forearm, grabbed the spray bottle in my other hand, went over and picked up the glass of wine I had poured earlier.

I walked in the other room, as best I could in the heeled boots, trying not to spill any wine. She was sitting in her chair, as I walked over to her, she said. “Not so easy to walk in those boots, but your outfit pleases me.”

“Yes your lady.” I replied. I handed her the glass of wine and she took a sip.

She put the glass down on the table beside her, then stood up turned away from me, arching her back, her hands on the arm of the chair, her buttocks clearly in view, turned her head towards me and said. “Remove your right glove, spray some of the liquid on my ass and rub it with your bare hand.” Which I did, thinking how does she know I am right-handed . Now you can imagine the shape I was in, rubbing this beautiful ass, my now fully exposed erect eight inch cock, ready to explode and I couldn’t relieve myself.

Things continued well into the night, I was kept hard for hours and then finally she let me come. After, when I was changing back into my clothes, we talked for a few minutes and she showed me a more softer side. She was a beautiful women in every sense, I had the experience of a lifetime, as Lady Mistral’s slave. I went back to my room, I couldn’t sleep.

The next morning, I got up, showered, packed my bags and went down to the lobby to checkout. As I was standing in line, paying no attention to the person in front of me. Suddenly, she turns and says. “Well good morning Devin, your flight yesterday was canceled also.”

I said with a smile, “Yes it was, Danielle.” Danielle is a French Canadian coworker from Montreal, that was in Toronto working on the same project I was. We became good friends, she was blonde and always professional looking in her suits. We had very little words, since she was the next person to be served.

When she was done she turned, grabbed her bags and said with British accent. “Have a Merry Christmas Devin, I hope it is memorable.”



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