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The Cocoon

by LukaTheBoundHero

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© Copyright 2015 - LukaTheBoundHero - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; bodysuit; hood; gag; cocoon; outdoors; susp; encased; stuck; trapped; capture; transport; insert; mc; cond; enslave; rubberdoll; cons/nc; X

It was the beginning of summer, and Ilia was watching through her window, anxiously waiting for her package to arrive. It had all started about 6 months ago, you see, Ilia had a Bondage fetish, she loved everything about being wrapped up in leather, latex or even just bound by ropes, sadly she had yet to find someone that shared her entusiasm for it, so she lived alone in the house her parents left to her before they passed away. It was a nice house in the suburbs, the neighbors were really quiet and never actually made contact with her, she thought maybe they had something against her, since she worked as an ´entertainer´ at a club downtown, since she looked amazing, (having blonde hair and DD cups, accompanied by a very well endowed ass) and the people in the suburbs don´t really find those acts very... elegant. 

So, Ilia had tried many different types of selfbondage, and quite enjoyed it, but she always felt like something was missing, she wanted that feeling of complete disconnection from the world. So she searched everywhere for something that could fulfill her deep desires. Eventually, while she was browsing a fetish website on the internet, she came by an ad: 

¨We will fulfill your every wish. Latexic, by S, for M¨

Curious, she clicked on it, and found the website of this so-called ´Latexic´ company, after some digging she found out they were able to make custom-made bondage suits or devices and decided that if she couldn´t find something to satisfy her, she would make her own. She contacted the company and through emails she designed and explained exactly what she wanted.

She wanted to feel completely hopeless and enclosed, so she got the perfect idea from nature, she thought about how caterpillars enclosed themselves in a cocoon, and decided she would make her own latex cocoon, with a big zipper that could only be opened from the outside, but closed from the inside. It would have to be made of really thick latex, and also inflatable, to create the crushing feeling while inside it.

The weeks passed as she conveyed her ideas to the company, but eventually they finished everything, at the end she thought it was extremely cheap, and insisted in paying them more for making her wishes true, but they declined, saying that that was their goal, making peoples wishes come true. After finishing everything and paying them, they told her that sadly she would only receive it in some months, she was very disappointed but the sole feeling that it was real made her happy enough to survive through those months. 

And that brings us to this day, Ilia still waiting by her window, watching for the delivery truck to bring her new toy, like a little child on christmas eve. After a couple hours, she spotted the black truck with the words ´Latexia´ written on the side. Quickly she got up and ran to the driveway, waiting for it. As it drew closer she found that the whole truck and even the driver, were coated in black latex. She couldn´t even imagine how the driver was able to drive like that, but soon the truck stopped in front of her house, a latex-clad figure getting out of it and leaving a 2x1 box in front of her before leaving.

She wondered why they acted like she wasn´t even there, not even looking at her amazing figure. She was so used to having people notice her she for a small fraction of a second forgot that ´it´ had finally arrived.

Quickly, she grabbed the box and brought it into her living room. She grabbed a pair of scissors and got rid of the tape, opening the box. Inside she found exactly what she had imagined, a perfect latex cocoon. It was made of incredibly thick and resistant, industrial grade, black latex, and had a perfect gloss to it she couldn´t even describe. On the side there was a small paper with what looked like instructions and also a latex leotard as well as a cream and a latex hood. She wondered what those were for since she had not ordered them.

She picked up the sheet of paper and started reading it.

¨First of all, thank you for choosing us for your specific ´desires´, as you probably already seen, we have sent you a latex bodysuit with a matching gag and hood for your enjoyment, as we here at Latexic understand your struggle, Ilia, and hope you can enjoy your new cocoon. Below you will find the instructions for how to set it up and use it.¨

Ilia smiled after reading it, feeling really good about herself, and turned the paper around, finding the instructions for its use. First, she had to hang it on her backyard, on a tree, then she would have to undress, apply the cream, which she assumed was some kind of lubrificant, and tight fit her new body suit, hood and gag.

After all those things were done, she walked over to the Cocoon and started inflating it with her inflator, the one she had used for balloons and sorts, after she thought it was full enough, she stopped to appreciate how beautiful it was for her dream finally becoming true. 

She slowly stepped into it, amazed at how good the squeaking of the brand new latex felt, even though it was a little hot from being outside on the sun a couple hours, she finally inserted herself inside and as soon as she did, she found a pair of dildos pushing their way into her pussy and ass, surprised by these, she let go of the sides of the cocoon and dropped inside, inserting both dildos deep inside her. She moaned a little onto the gag from the sudden pleasure, but soon continued to finish her fitting.

She pulled on a red wire hanging from the top of the cocoon and the zipper was pulled all the way over her, starting to constrict her legs and feet together as they were tightly enveloped by the black latex cocoon, the pressure from the air inside making it even better. As she pulled the zipper over her large breasts she felt them squeak and rub against the hot latex as they were pushed against her from the tightness. Still she continued pulling until she could no longer see anything inside the cocoon, only a little of the zipper still unzipped, she pulled a bit more, almost by reflex, as she felt the amazing warmth and restriction of her cocoon. 

Her beautiful body was burning under the hot  sun, but she couldn´t care, she was basking in the glorious pleasure that her cocoon provided, until suddenly, she felt a cold metal piece fall on her breasts, she couldn´t really move her arms or legs in order to grab it to see what it was, but after trying to pull on the wire more, she realized it. The cold metal piece was the zipper! It must´ve broken off when she pulled too hard on the wire.

¨Mmph!!¨ realizing she was trapped, she tried to yell for help, but the gag and latex around her body muffled the sound completely, not even being heard from 2 feet away from the cocoon. Just as she started panicking, the heat started hitting her as well, realizing she was sealed inside this cocoon.

From the outside, a rubber flap could be seen extending from the latex next to the zipper, covering it before connecting to the other side, effectively sealing the zipper beneath it, before the heat of the sun melted the rubber over the zipper.

Ilia didn´t know this, so she still tried to wriggle out, using all the strength she had left to try to break out of it as the helpless feeling she wanted, but feared, rushed through her. What she did feel was her gag melt into the rubber in front of her face, creating a mask of sorts and also a way for her to get air, as it was starting to lack inside the cocoon, a little more calm after realizing she could breathe through her gag, she continued trying to struggle against her own toy, but her arms had melted into her bodysuit, her legs had also melted together.

She had no way of moving and even if she did move, her slight movements were countered by the air inside the folds of the cocoon. Even though she was able to breathe, she was only able to breathe a slight amount of air with each inhalation, also tiring her out more as the temperature inside the cocoon continued to rise. ¨MMPH!!¨ She continued trying to yell but to no avail. Her backyard was really well isolated, having lots of plants all the way around, so no neighbours could actually see or hear her.

Suddenly, she felt the dildos inside her start to expand slowly, ¨MMPHH!!¨ She wriggled and twitched as much as she could, which was almost nothing, trying to push them out from inside her, but they continued to expand slowly but surely, until they were about double their original size.

¨Mmmmph..¨ She moaned as the stuffed feeling, combined with the heat and the pressure from the tightness of both the suit and the cocoon made her drown in pleasure. Even though she had no idea how she was going to get out of this, she just succumbed to the pleasure, ¨MMPH!¨ she came in a glorious flood of ecstasy as the pleasure washed over her like the waves in the beach, each time stronger and fiercer.

She stayed there, cumming and moaning for a couple hours, until she finally heard something. ¨A truck?¨ What would a truck be doing near her house? As all those questions flooded her mind she heard someone jump over her garden fence. ¨No! I can´t let anyone see me like this!¨

The being was now in her garden, there was no way she was gonna be missed, she was in a big, 2m tall black latex cocoon. She felt something grab her feet, or the lower part of the cocoon and pull it up, it must´ve been someone strong to be able to pick her up with such ease, The top of the cocoon was released and she fell to the floor, barely feeling the blow thanks to the cushion of air around the cocoon.

¨MMPH!!¨ She tried to plead for help, thinking whoever it was would help her out of her situation, but her pleads were unanswered and she felt herself being dragged through her yard all the way out of her house, the grass and cobblestone on her garden bumping on the dildos giving her even more pleasure, even though she fought it, trying to stay focused as she continued pleading for help.

After about a minute of dragging, she was raised and dropped nonchantely into something, a box of sorts, she heard a lock and the noise of the truck engine again. After feeling the acceleration she realized she was inside the truck! Someone had found her and, instead of helping, had abducted her!

¨MMPH!!¨ She wriggled with all her strength, trying to do as much noise as possible inside whatever she was, only able to roll to the sides. Where was she going?

After about 4 hours of driving, or at least that´s what Ilia thought, drowning in pleasure inside her latex ´cocoon´, although the vibrators had stopped after relentlessly pleasuring her for the whole ride, she felt the truck finally slow down to a halt. Suddenly, she barely heard someone unlock the box and pull her out.

She was being dragged into a really big, old-looking factory.It had a small billboard on the front saying ¨Latexic inc.¨, the old factory was situated in an abandoned industrial park, not really even noticed as a working building, most people thought it was just another bankrupt business.

¨MMMPH!! MMPHH!!¨ She wriggled, trying to move as much as she could, which was virtually nothing inside all those layers of thick latex. She was dragged for at least 10 minutes, feeling some bumps as she was dragged down a long series of stairs, she relentlessly moaned and wriggled. Although she knew it was to no avail, she had to continue in order to keep herself sane through the pleasure surging through her body, having reached climax at least 10 times during the ride, she felt the vibrators spring back to life, causing her moans to change from panic to pleasurable moans ¨Mmmph~ Mmmph~¨.

Then suddenly she was turned upside down, her cocoon being hooked into a hanger of sorts. As she hung upside down, she felt something being connected to her gag as some strange slimy liquid began pouring down her throat through the tip of the penis-shaped gag.

¨MMPH!? MMPH!!!¨ She tried to scream, releasing only a small moan. As the liquid continued being pumped into her, she began feeling more and more restless, her body burning everywhere, she needed some kind of relief. At the same time, 2 speakers hidden inside the layers of her cocoon sprung to life, as she heard someone talking.

¨Hello, Miss Ilia. I am talking to you to inform you that you have just been acquired as a new asset by Latexic inc. We hope you enjoy every last bit of your miserable life as a pleasure doll.¨

As the voice stopped, the speakers started repeating the words ´Fuck´,´latex´, ´Doll´ and ´Rubber´ over and over, she couldn´t take it anymore, she wanted to cum! As if they had read her mind, she felt the vibrators suddenly spring to life, starting to fill her body with pleasure, making her almost instantly cum. More things followed the tube in her gag, having one connected to one of the dildos inside her anus and another one inside her pussy. She started feeling suction around those parts, which just enhanced the pleasure she was feeling, not worrying about anything else but the pleasure as the voice continued repeating those words every second she was hanging there.

As she came for the second time, a foul tasting liquid filled her mouth, then she realized it was her own fluids being pumped back into her, mixed with some kind of energetic drink and aphrodisiacs. ¨MMPHH!¨ she tried to spit it out, but the gag prevented her from even moving her tongue. She twisted and wriggled as much as she could but the force of gravity and the pump was too strong to resist and continued filling her up. She hung there for 2 days, not even given the relief of sleep, since everytime she passed out she would feel a shock on her vagina, waking her up again to the voices filling her mind.

After the 2 days, someone grabbed her, taking her off the hanger and dropping her to the ground, with the hoses still attached and pumping more and more liquid inside her. Suddenly the voices stopped, giving way for the same female voice that explained her fate 2 days ago.

¨You have been living off your own cum and aphrodisiacs for 2 days. Are you happy, slave?~¨

Ilia, who had cum just from being dropped on the ground at that moment, had no reply.

¨Good, because today we are moving you to the pit, where you will stay for at least a year in order to complete your training as a latex doll.~¨

With those words, she felt someone drag her off down a good amount of stairs until she stopped, being held vertically as she felt someone cut 2 holes through the latex covering her face, before sliding 2 small tubes down her nostrils.

¨We are sliding you down the pit right now, We hope you will enjoy this year of complete sensory depravation, the only thing you will feel is pleasure, slave.¨

And with those final words, she stopped talking, being replaced with the voices repeating over and over. She slid down a tube-like hole on the ground, and just as she touched the bottom of the hole, the dildoes released a big shock of electricity before starting to vibrate on the maximum setting. On the outside, as the slave was lowered, 2 latex-clad figures dropped a lid over her, letting the tubes pass through the middle of the lid before sealing it with liquid latex. Then she began to feel slightly cold as liquid latex was being pumped into the tube, sealing her inside completely. She barely felt this though, the pleasure given by the vibrators and the aphrodisiacs being poured in her mouth leaving her almost in a permanent state of ecstasy.

During the year, she was forced to live off completely off just her own cum, mixed with aphrodisiacs and an energetic liquid she was forced to swallow through the gag in her mouth. She was only allowed to sleep once every 3 days, being shocked to stay awake until then. Every day the voices repeated the same words over and over ´Latex´ ´Rubber´ ´Fuck´ ´Doll´. Eventually she began to respond to these words, since everytime they were uttered, the dildos would spring to life, in her mind she linked those words to pleasure, and began to expect it every time she heard them, completely forgeting about who she was, or why she was there. And that´s how the months passed, Ilia completely enclosed in that little hole, forcefed her own fluids as she came over and over again.

After the year was over, she couldn´t even remember how to speak, her mind filled with only the words she heard and pleasure. She was dragged out of the ´pit´ and cut out of all the liquid latex that had solidified around her, before also cutting her out of the cocoon, removing both her gag and the dildos inside of her she fell on the ground. Her body was completely limp after all that time without any movement, she could barely move as she looked up, her eyes not used to the light anymore as she struggled to look at whoever it was that freed her.

¨Welcome, Slave number 21.~¨ A female voice exclaimed.

As her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she looked up at where the voice came from, since she didn´t understand what she said and found a gorgeous-looking, 1.90m tall woman. She had red hair and was wearing a tight latex catsuit. As Ilia tried to move, she collapsed on the ground, her latex suit making a loud thump on the floor as she fell.

¨You are to begin the final stage of you- Why am i even talking to you anymore? You can´t even understand anything i say now can you?¨

She grabbed Ilia by her neck, dragging her like a ragdoll out of the room and into a washroom of sorts where Ilia was sprayed down with a hose, being the first time she was out of the cocoon, her body was smelling really bad from the sweat that had built up over the long time. As they finished she was put into a new latex suit with the words Latex Doll 21 written on it, and as she was zipped into it the zipper came off the top of her neck, effectively sealing her in it. The military grade latex it was made off couldn´t even be pierced by a bullet.

After the bath and change of clothes, she was thrown into a latex-coated cell, having heavy latex-covered padding all over the room.She failed to notice that someone else was inside as she collapsed on the ground, passing out again into the cold, latex floor.

What will happen to the young Ilia as she finished her training to become the perfect latex doll?

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