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The Box

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; arousal; desire; box; latex; catsuit; boots; hood; gag; multi-layer; encase; stuck; M/f; collection; transport; forest; container; buried; cell; enslave; stuck; cons; X

Carol was having second or even third thoughts about what she had done. She had let her wildest fantasies and kinks control her way of thinking. Her desire had led to serious trouble with no hope of escape or release. She sat there shaking in her full body bondage as the sun kissed her thick latex suit. She moaned quietly behind the massive gag she had given herself. She had just ended her life in many ways. All because her pussy was turned on by bondage, latex, gags, isolation, sensory deprivation and other sick and twisted ideas. Even going over it now was making her wet. For fuck sake why was she so disgusting and inhuman. As a tear rolled over her tightly rubberised face. 

Carol had never got to act out her kinks and fetishes. Until now. She was a very good looking 22 who lived by herself. Luckily the cost of owning a flat in her area was shockingly cheap. Still she didn’t have the bottle to order the sex stuff online. She wanted it to be a secret for the time being. She had gotten herself into tattoos and was covered in them. She pulled off the rock chick look very well. She had just left her job as a retail worker and with free time and money. She had been looking for something to take her mind off the search for a new one. As it happens the stars aligned and it this small opening in her life. An almost random comment she posted on a website, had come back to her. She had been looking at fetish artwork and linked stories. One had driven her to orgasm time and time again. It had everything she ever wanted. The stories were illustrated by a number of pictures throughout. Which looked almost real with the level of detail and design. 

The story was about a woman that finds a clear hard plastic box in her bedroom in the middle of the night. She had been sound asleep and was horrified to find it there. Like Carol this woman had been a big fan of bondage and after discovering the box was meant for self-bondage she had tried it out. Once locked inside she found no way out and the next morning a man arrive to take her away as his full time slave. By entering the box she had effectively signed a contact saying she wanted this.

No normal person would bind themselves in a box that turned up out the blue. Carol loved the story and happened to comment about how much she wanted this to be her. She had done this to countless other bondage media before this. However this time was different. She got an email back the next day saying thank you for the feedback. The email was from the writer of the story.

She didn’t let her email be known on that website and had never message anyone from it in private. How on earth had they found out about it? Still maybe she was forgetting something. The email in question was a straight forward to start with. Thanking her for the support and talking about the ideas behind the story. However as she had continued reading it. It sounded like an invitation to having this happen to her in real life. The story was very clear about the outcome of being in the box. A lifetime of slavery and bondage. Still given how much she enjoyed it and playing devil’s advocate with her own mind. 

She still replied to the email with some very provocative wording and was leading him on. She was hoping to find out more information about the writer and how he had her email. She received a new email almost right out. Giving her the time and date of the box’s arrival. Plus details of the outfit she would be wearing. Once again it was the detail that put the fear of god in her. Every bit of her outfit was made to measure. It was completely spot on from head to toe. She would be covered in layers of latex and totally under control with rigid bondage. 

She was then sent another new email with a collection of photos of said bondage box. Her first thought was ‘oh my god this thing is real’ and ‘oh good god this could happen to me’. She was at the edge of a cliff. Prolonged imprisonment would be waiting for her the other side. She should have to email him and stop this right then and there. But she was in subspace with her pussy dominating her mind.  She wanted to rub herself silly at the very idea of that being her life from now on. Carol emailed him back for the last time and agreed to the situation. 

Her heart was racing as she waited for a reply. Every other email or message she had sent had been returned to her in the blink of an eye. She got nothing for days. Until she opened her eyes after a great night’s sleep. The bright morning sun was breaking through the gaps in her curtains. She slowly got herself upright and saw the plastic bondage box in her bedroom. She almost jumped out of bed in fear. How did it get there? She had been home all day and nothing would have gotten past her.

The light kissed the clear plastic as it almost welcomed her towards it. On top of the plastic cage was a full rubber prisoner outfit. She had dreamed about wearing the outfit and upon seeing it, she buried her face in the latex to give it a long deep sniff. Her hand slipped under her panties and she started to rub her pussy. This was going to become her life. If she locked herself in this box. She had a gut feeling that what happened in the story would become true. 

Instead of jumping straight into the box. Carol did the unthinkable and started to stop her life for this. She cancelled her phone, internet, heating, water, electric and Sky. She then packed up her clothes and belonging and started to almost move out of the flat. After a couple of days the house looked like no one lived there. She had left her job and removed herself from social media. She had been fucking herself daily as the thoughts of being a sex slave as prisoner filled her mind. 

She was now ready for the box as she had gotten everything in order. She laid out the full outfit on the floor around the box. She had already lubed her body and the latex. First up was a full body latex suit with a latex piss bag built into the crotch area. The thick latex suit had built-in gloves and feet and used a back zip. The suit was a smooth light blue colour and was going to be a perfect fit. Without the lube she would never be able to get the suit on.

The light blue suit was amazing to wear as it tightly pressed against her body. The piss bag was dangling between her legs as she shinned her second skin. It was not the only full body latex suit she needed to get into. The second suit was transparent with a slight cream colour. What made Carol’s heart race was the writing all over it. On the top back of her back was the word “Slave” in massive letters. On both her upper arms and legs she had her prisoner number on them. 066601 would be her name from now on. Above her pussy and on both feet was written “smell zone” Which made her feel somewhat humiliated. The last bit of writing was across her chest in-between her neck and breasts.

“I am in this suit willingly and I will actively try and remain locked inside it” The message was there if anyone saw her before she was taken. She closed the shoulder zip and padlocked it shut. Once again she shinned the suit until it was free of any dirt or dust. The morning sun was bleeding through the windows and beaming against the suit. Carol felt sexy as hell wearing this outfit. It was tight and perfectly mirrored her own body. She continued adding to her bondage with a pair of high heel leather boots. The tightly laced knee high boots would make walking round very difficult. The black boots were also padlocked on to her feet. 

A huge reinforced latex corset was next and this thing put the fear of god into Carol. It was split in half so her breasts would be on show. One part would be around her stomach and thanks to some straps the second part would cover her shoulders and neck. They would keep her body in line and controlled. Lacing the two parts was extremely hard work as getting her lubed hands to pull hard enough was all about force and focus. She needed to work her body and strain herself to get it closed. She felt her back was well supported and her breathing was a little shallow.

The corsets acted like a glove and matched the latex suits. With the corset halfway up her neck it was somewhat shocking for the next item to be a thick latex hood. This was one of three she would be using. The hood was a simple design with holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. Carol quickly zipped the hood shut and found it was level with the neck corset. Clearly a well-planned out outfit. 

She followed the first hood with a second. This time it would gag her, remove her hearing and limit her sight, it was thick and heavy and would crush her head. She felt wet just picking it up. She had lubed the inside of the hood with almost a whole bottle. Even then it was a struggle getting on. It compressed every inch of her face as she finally felt in pop into place. The latex hood had an unbelievable rubber smell to it as she zipped it shut. Her head now enclosed by two layers of latex. Just like her body.

The hood had soundproof padding within the latex that covered her ears. Her vision was now just a thin horizontal window. The hood had a massive rubber plug for her mouth. The gag was big enough to fill her mouth and puff her cheeks out. It pinning her tongue to the bottom of her jaw and kept her teeth and lips apart. The hood had a couple of rubber straps in order to reinforce itself. One under the chin that continued around the top of her head, the other was around the neck. Both straps had been built into the hood and both were padlocked shut. The last hood will need to wait until Carol was almost totally bound. 

She was now ready to take a seat in the box. As she walked over to it, her suits were making all types of squeaking sounds. That audio put a right smile in Carol’s face. She had already opened the box and moved the straps to one side. Her suits creaked loudly as she sat down on the rubber pad in the bottom of the box. The box was just about wide enough for her to fit into. She got herself comfortable and then started strapping herself. Four straps across her chest going above and below her breasts. Then a couple of strap over her stomach. This pinned her to the back of the box.

Built in to the base of the box were a set of metal cuffs for her ankles.  As she needed to fold her legs over in order to get them in the box. Reaching the cuffs meant she needed to squeeze her hand between her legs and feel around. She blindly restrained both legs and then had to cuff her upper leg to the wall of the box. The metal cuff was well padded with rubber as she struggled to close it around her latex covered legs. Having enough space to open to cuff and then close it was the biggest headache. She needed to point the cuff skywards in the end and finally her legs had been bound. She then closed the last metal cuff around her neck to complete whatever bondage she could do herself.

The front half of the bondage box was already pulled away from the part that Carol was bound to. The two half of the box had four metal arms linking them together. Hydraulic fluid would push the two parts together. In a slow and careful manner. Carol just need to press a bottom on the underside of her neck cuff to close the box. The bottom would have its power cut off the second the box was closed. She would be unable to reach it anyway.

As for her hands they needed to be pointing away from her body as the box shut. She would need to feel for a big hole in the front of the box. Her hands would fit through the gap. 30 seconds after the box shut a signal would be sent to the onboard computer. The computer would inflate plastic bulb on all sides of the hole. The pressures used would force her wrists together and keep her hands on the outside of the box. If she failed to put her hands through the gap it was not the end of the world. She couldn’t remove any cuffs. She would be punished for not following orders.

But before she completed her self-bondage. She needed the third hood. Again failing to put in on would lead to punishment. The hood was a mix of a gas mask and breath control mask. Over Carol’s face a transplant latex bag with a small hole in the centre. The bag made a circle around her face where it linked to the straps. Between the two sides was a hard plastic ring that looped around her head from her chin upwards along the top. This was airtight and joined the straps and latex bag. Carol strapped this thing to her head as tight as she could. She felt the straps dig into her skin even though she was wearing two layers of latex around her head. 

She was slowly breathing through the small hole as she got used to it. Being gagged was not very helpful in aiding her intake of air. She was getting used to it. But she would need to breathe slowly and deeply to keep on top of it. If she panicked she would run out of air and pass out. Her heart rate had returned to normal as she pressed the button to close the box. Which made it jump straight back up. With the second hood covering her ears the sounds of the box enclosing her was somewhat muted.

The hydraulic system was pushing the front section towards Carol and it would complete its job in around one minute. Carol was there slowly breathing through her nose and the latex bag lifted off her face and then dropped back down. Sweat was starting to build all over her body and was dripping down her neck. As the hoods overlapped the bondage suits. The sweat from her head was pouring down the front of her body. Because the second suit was a shoulder zip in would trap the sweat within its walls. You would still be able to see it. You could also see the piss bag between her legs. 

Finally the two sides of the box became one and the hydraulic system shut itself off. She was now stuck in the box and was unable to get out without help. She quickly found the gap for her hands and slid them through. She positioned her hands so her palm’s were touching. 30 seconds later the plastic bulb inflated around her hands. She could feel the bulb forcing her hands tightly together. She tried fighting against the restraints in a playful way. It was only when nothing moved did she have a slight panic attack. This made her latex hood move up and down rapidly. Her air ran out almost immediately. She let out a pathetic wimpier as she finally found out how hard this was going to be. 

She was waiting there in this sweat box for hours. Breathing was her main focus as she tried to stay calm. Her body was sore and the straps had been biting into her. She was sweating buckets inside the latex suits. She had used the piss bags as well and found it to be a horrible ordeal. Finding that it pushed against her body as well as the outer suit. She had no idea how long she had been in the box for. Only having a small window on the now dark room was not great for finding out any information. She could hear nothing as she moaned into her massive gag. She cracked her back as she tried to move about in her bondage. Good the feeling was amazing as she tried to do the same with her neck. But it felt like it was set in stone. 

Carol thought about going to sleep and what risks that could lead to. Still she had nothing better to do with her time. She had missed some key lines of thought. Mainly what happens if no one turns up and takes her? She couldn’t get out of the box. She has no food or water near her. Even if there was she would be unable to put it in her mouth. Would the straps and cuffs cut off blood flow if she was like this for too long? She should have thought about these questions instead of playing with her pussy endlessly. 

Just then she saw a figure enter her room. This made her heart almost break through the latex suits and her own body. It shocked her so much. Again she needed to control her breathing as her body went crazy. Sweat was pouring down her back as her pussy started to get very wet. This was the moment. He was holding a black bag that he placed next to Carol. He pulled out two large wheels and a suitcase handle. He then screwed the parts to the box and easily wheeled her away to his van. Carol was shocked at how simple it was to move her. She could do nothing about it as hee latex covered body could not move. 

She was placed in the back of the van and a couple of straps tied the box to the floor. So she would not move about on the drive. She was left in darkness for the long drive to where ever the hell she was being taken. Maybe this was more serious than she thought. She had ruined her life and for what. She knew the answer as her pussy tricked and some juice dripped into the piss bag. Which was now starting to get a bit full.

She had been testing the straps the whole journey and nothing was even giving an inch. She had picked up the fact that the road was miles bumpier than before. Country lines maybe. Suddenly the van stopped and light filled the back again. She had been in darkness for hours and even through her limited vision it was blinding. The straps were undone and the box wheeled off the back of the van. It landed with a thud. It was the early morning and the sun was just poking above the horizon. The fresh air was great for Carol as she took a couple of long deep breaths. The latex bag only let her enjoy the clean air so much. 

She was wheeled away from the van and over somewhat muddy ground. Carol could see nothing around her for miles. In fairness she was almost blind and half asleep. She was so weak inside the suits now and the sweating and struggling. She was broken in mind and body. Carol was then wheeled towards a forest as the trees towered over her. She saw her new home for the first time. She had made a horrendous mistake and wanted to return to her old life. She let out an inhuman cry and started to panic for real. She was trying to rip the straps away from her body. Her fingers twitching madly inside of the box. Her breath control hood was inflating and deflating almost every second. The end result was her passing out. 

What Carol had seen was her new home, a steel pit in the ground with a heavy duty metal door to shut her in. The door was covered with locks. It had been a shipping container in a past life. Having buried it and then built the cage inside its walls. The cage was place in the far corner of the container with the entrance in the centre. The space around it was used for heating, power, air-fliter, food, water and waste. All the systems to control Carol’s well-being had been placed inside the container. With the being brand new, it was in great condition. With the equipment being placed inside the steel container it was safe from the weather and dirt. So it was less likely to go wrong.

In order to get to the equipment a second entrance was built from where the doors on the shipping container used to be. The old doors had been welded shut and replaced with a normal metal door. A steel cylinder was used to keep the entrance free from soil. Metal handlebars had been welded to the walls of the cylinder like a ladder. The doorway was once again covered in locks.

He had been very happy with how everything had turned out. Some of the work looked unskilled, but it did the job. Hanging from a nearby tree was her new long term bondage outfit. Mixed in with the branches of the tree was pulley system. That would lower her in or lift her out of the pit. The pulley system was bolted to the large trees so it would not give way. To keep Carol out of it a chloroform soaked cloth was held over her face. 

With her now completely out of it. It was safe to put her in the designed outfit and lock her away. 

Carol slowly started to wake up as the fear of what had happened built within her. A soft blue light was the welcoming she got to her nightmare. She remembered the bright red neoprene rubber bondage suit. It was super thick and designed to be lived in. The suit was unbelievable shinny and smooth. With only a neck entrance and no other zips. It would be been hard work getting her limp body inside it. The neck was not the only gap. Her pussy and ass would be free of rubber. To keep her restrained was a full body bondage system. To start with a metal spreader yoke was locked against her neck and wrists. Keeping them lined up with each other. To stop her hands playing with the locks, her hands had been put into latex mittens that made her fingers pointless. The neck part of the spreader also doubled as a massive collar to stop her moving her head too much. A pair of large metal cuffs kept her ankles chained close together. 

The cage was big enough for her to lay down in any direction as it was long and wide. She was only able to sit up as the ceiling was shockingly low. The entrance had two doors to stop her escaping. One at ground level and the other level with the ceiling of the cage. Giving her a bit more space length ways. Her face was free of any bondage equipment and she could see, talk and hear fine. Air was being pumped in and that was very welcome after the hoods. The cage was empty apart from a plastic red bucket that was her toilet. Next to it was a very small door that lead to the equipment area. Just big enough for the bucket to fit through. Her food and drink would enter through the same door. 

This was her new life. 




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