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The Drip

by Stavros Lambri

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© Copyright 2009 - Stavros Lambri - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; vacbed; torment; water; bdsm; crop; climax; reluct/cons; X

The vacuum’s high-pitched whine roared to life and the air was sucked out from between the two layers of latex. Paige’s breath caught in her chest as she felt the smooth fabric press in on her naked flesh, trapping her in place. Flexing her bicep, she tried to raise her arm, but it was no use. That thin layer of black latex was holding her captive better than a pair of handcuffs. She tried to move her other arm, her legs, her head, even her hips, but she could not move an inch. The most she could accomplish was a series of isometric exercises.

Overcoming the initial shock of her complete immobilization, Paige started to breath once again through the small hole above her mouth. She felt her body start to drift away on the tranquil sea of sub-space. For the briefest of moments, she forgot not only where she was, but even her name. There was nothing but the black void, and the whine of the vacuum.

Suddenly, the noise stopped, and Paige found herself yanked back to reality. Jimmy had turned the machine off, and this particular bed did not require the vacuum’s constant use. The latex still continued with its gentle embrace; an embrace that left her completely helpless.

Jimmy laughed with pleasure, but his voice, filtered through the latex, sounded as if it were far away. That laugh seemed to be filled with mischievous glee. If she were prone to such thoughts, Paige might have even considered it evil. Without conscious thought, she flexed her muscles again, but it was to no avail. She was a prisoner.

Had she ever been this helpless before? Ignoring her baby years, Paige decided that she had not. Sure, she had experienced handcuffs and chains, leather restraints and even rope, but all those other things allowed some movement. Hell, Jimmy’s nickname for her was “Houdini” because of her skill at wiggling out of her bondage, but this was different. How could she wiggle out of this confinement when she could not even move an inch?

It was then that the fear came. She could not escape. She was completely helpless. She was… at his mercy. Maybe she actually did believe in evil; perhaps his laugh actually was the voice of Lucifer. Paige’s mind wandered, and she imagined what she must look like to him.

At that moment, she was nothing but a three dimensional image of a young, human female. How could Jimmy see her as nothing more than a sculpture? The image of what he must be seeing was burned in her mind: her long, athletic legs spread slightly, exposing her pussy as if it were inviting attention; her arms down at her sides in a location that could not protect any part of her body from his ministrations; and the two round globes of her tits, a little on the small side, but still feminine enough to gain the attention of any straight man. And all of this wrapped up like a Christmas present in glossy black.

Yes, she could definitely feel the fear coursing through her veins. There were so many possibilities of what he might do to her. The thoughts sifted through her brain with rapid fire precision. Would he play it nice and caress her? Not likely, not with such a captive audience. He could flog her. He could cane her. Maybe he would tweak her nipples over and over again. Oh, could she feel the fear! The anxiety! Oh, what sweet fruit it was!

Paige savored the feeling as if it were a French pastry. Despite her attempts to stay focused on the here and now, she found herself drifting once again. She hardly noticed when Jimmy knelt beside her, but his presence was still sensed; at once both reassuring and frightening. Off she drifted into the farthest reaches of her mind, where the fire between her legs intermingled with the icy apprehension in her gut. She floated in the darkness as her breath quickened and her pussy lips tingled with anticipation. His touch was coming soon.

His touch? Where the hell was his touch? The sweet torment should have started already, she should be feeling someth…

It was a dull thud that exploded on her forehead. What the hell? Paige was just about to voice her question when a second thud pounded on the center of her forehead, just above eye level. It was not painful at all, it was just… annoying.

A third … a fourth … a fifth. Water! Damn it! That bastard finally gets her in a state where he can do anything he wants to her, and he plays a silly little game of Chinese water torture! This wasn’t even torture! It was just a series of drips on her head.

Opening her mouth wider, Paige took a breath in preparation for the imminent tirade. Jimmy was going to have a new asshole when she was done with him!

A single drop of water fell into her mouth and struck her tongue before falling to the back of her throat, effectively silencing her for the moment. She was already exhaling when it landed, so nothing went into her lungs, but the shock forced her to cough anyway.

Drip. Another thud on her forehead! Paige took another preparatory breath to give a tongue lashing, and as she started to exhale, another drop of water landed in her mouth. What did he have, a dropper full of water poised above her mouth? This was not funny.

Drip. Was it her imagination, or was the sound of the water’s impact growing louder? Sound? What sound? It was water dripping on her head, and her only sensation was what she felt. But even still, the “sound” seemed to be growing in intensity, as if boulders were crashing to the floor of a vast canyon. It was echoing in her head, bouncing off the different sides of her skull.

Drip. Damn it, this was not funny. Out of nowhere, Paige felt something strike her exposed pussy. It was not hard, but it startled her enough to force a “yelp” from her lungs. Another drop of water in her throat silenced her cry, and then another…

Drip. Damn it, this was not fu…

Slap. It was on her pussy again, and she was pretty sure it was a riding crop. Her heart was pounding in her ears, and her breath was quickening. Paige really needed to say someth…

Drip. Ow! That kind of hurt. It was loud, like thunder in her head. But drops of water can’t hurt a pers…

Slap. Double Ow!!! That bastard. If he thinks he can get away with …

Drip. Louder still.


Drip. Paige tried to move, but she could not. She was helpless.

Slap. This had to stop. It was maddening. She tried to squirm this way and that, just to avoid the impact of either the water or the crop. Her breath was rapid now as she suffered from the incessant attacks on her now swollen sex and on her forehead. Nothing hurt. The drip was just water, and the slaps were mere love taps, but they were sending her to the edge anyway.

Paige found herself drifting once again into sub-space, but this time it was like riding a barrel down Niagara Falls. The world fell away from her, and the assaults on both ends of her body seemed to blend together into a single haze of sexual bliss.

On and on they pounded. Her sex muscles began to contract and release, contract and release. It was a perfect rhythm, completely in-step with the water and the crop. She could not take much more of this torture. Her mind was a frenzy of emotion, and she just wanted it to stop.

Without warning, she felt her vaginal muscles contract one final, powerful time, and the blissful haze in her mind suddenly turned white hot. The orgasm burned through her body, turning her mind momentarily into a blank slate.

-- # --

When she returned to consciousness, the first thing Paige noticed was that the dripping had stopped. Thank Heaven! Another drop of water landed in her mouth, and it tasted cool and refreshing. And then another. Her love for Jimmy swelled as he continued to slake her thirst. He was so kind and caring.

Paige still felt as if she were floating, but it was that calm, peaceful drifting that she had felt when the vacuum had first broke the silence of their bedroom. It was a wonderful feeling, and she was now ready to be released from this bondage.

Drip… drip… drip. Jimmy did not seem to be in any hurry to break the seal and disrupt the vacuum that was between the two layers of latex. He was just giving her more water to taste.

Drip … drip … drip. Suddenly, the fear returned. Its frosty tendrils were taking root in her stomach. Paige tried to flex her bicep, but she could not even move an inch. Jimmy, her lover, was not done tormenting her. The possibilities started to fly into her brain.

Would he use the crop on her sensitive nipples? Maybe he would tickle her feet.

Drip … drip … drip. The water kept pouring into her mouth, and a horrifying thought came to her mind. She quickly smacked her lips as she focused on the taste. It was still water, and she could taste no salt. Could he be so evil as to replace it with something else?

Paige tested her bondage once again, but the result was still the same. She was completely at his mercy. Her sex started to tingle, and the possibilities continued to shoot through her brain.

Maybe he would …


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