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The Cruise

by LeahBMe

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© Copyright 2003 - LeahBMe - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; clothing; desire; public; mast; cons; X

“No peeking!” Nikki was scolded when she slipped into the bedroom and went to the luggage sitting on the bed.  “You’ll find out what I packed when we get on the boat.”

Never quite sure what her husband was up to, and wondering how he knew she had snuck in, Nikki hung her head and gave him the biggest frown that she could. 

“Why won’t you tell me?”  She asked Dave.

“Because I don’t want to.”  Was all that he was willing to offer as a reply.  “Besides, won’t it be more exciting for you if it’s a surprise?”

“I don’t know, you’ve got that evil look in your eyes that tells me you’re up to no good.  I think that I should pack my own clothes, that way I can be sure that everything is going to fit.  I don’t need you packing anything that is to small, I’m not as skinny as when I married you.”  She pleaded.

“Don’t worry, everything I’ve packed for you will fit.  I guarantee it!”  He replied with a wink of his eye. 

“Now, if you don’t mind I would like to finish up or we will be late.”  Sternly pointing to the door to emphasize his point.

Still not sure that this was a good idea Nikki thought about pleading one more time to help pack for the trip.  A luxurious 7 day cruise through the tropical islands as Dave had put it, but seeing the look on his face she knew that any more attempts from her would be futile.  Resigned to her fate, praying that he wouldn’t pick some dreadful outfits that didn’t fit properly, she turned to the door and began to leave.

“Don’t trip over your lip on the way out!”  She heard him laugh as she closed the door to their bedroom behind her.

When he had first told her that he would be taking her on a vacation Nikki was elated.  She listened with all attention as he described the 7 day cruise aboard a private 400 foot yacht, how they would relax and soak up the pampering on the luxurious boat cruising through the Caribbean.  She drooled when he talked about the spas and other amenities that would be available to them during their entire stay.  They would be treated to the finest foods and wines, daily massages, mud baths, health classes, private retreats on secluded islands, dancing, and almost anything else that one would like to pamper themselves with.  There would even be workshops of which they would partake.  But when she tried to probe further into the details he had told her that it would spoil the excitement if he told her too much.  Of course she had pressed him to find out more, but he was steadfast that he would not tell, and she learned nothing more.  What had truly been the biggest surprise so far was when Dave told her that he would be packing for her and that she should just relax and dream about the trip.

Her curiosity still getting the better of her she strained to listen as best she could what was going on inside the bedroom.  She heard metal clothes hangars banging together but that didn’t shed any light on what he had grabbed.  They hung everything in their closet.  Pants, skirts, dresses, shirts; they were all in there.  She had to get a better clue as to what he was adding to their bags.  Remembering that you could see through the keyhole in the door she began to bend over.

“I know you’re still there.”  Dave suddenly spoke.  “You know as well as I do that the top few stairs squeak when you step on them.  Quit trying to find out what I’m doing, otherwise you’ll ruin the whole trip.  Now scoot!” 

 She made sure to give the stairs an extra hard stomp as she went down towards the kitchen.  ‘Nothing else I can do.’ She thought to herself and poured the remaining coffee from the pot into her cup.  They had to leave soon and she decided it would be best to put the dishes away from breakfast.  Filling the sink with soapy water she began to wash the few pots and dishes.  When she had dried the last pan and put it away she heard Dave behind her.

“All set!” he spoke with a smile.  The luggage cases sitting on the floor beside him.  “I added some extra things to the bag to make sure that you wouldn’t get to curious.”  He said as he pointed at the small locks on the zippers.

“Okay, I just have to go pee.  I’ll be right back.”  She replied trying to slip past him and get to their bedrooms bathroom. 

“Not so fast.”  He said as he grabbed her by the waist.  “Why don’t you use the one down the hall?  Don’t think that you can go up and snoop through the closet to see what I took.”

‘Damn him’ she thought to herself.  That was her last chance to find out what he had taken. 

Sticking her bottom lip out as far as it would go, she turned the other way and went to the indicated washroom.  When she finished she found him waiting by the front door, luggage in hand.

“Ok, put your shoes on and let’s go.  I don’t want to be late and miss the boat.” He said as he opened the door.

Nikki grabbed her shoes and plodded out to the car, not bothering to look behind her.  If she had she would have seen the large grin on her husbands face, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.  She simply hopped into the car and waited.  Soon everything was loaded and they started the short trek to the marina where the boat was moored.

The trip went quickly and as they drove into the parking lot Nikki spied the most beautiful ship she had ever seen.  Perhaps it was the way the sun was shining, but when she looked it seemed to glow.  It was the brightest and cleanest of any in the docks, and, it was huge! 

Dave quickly parked the car and got the bags.  As Nikki waited she spied one of the ship’s crew walking across the front deck.  She was wearing a white sailing outfit just like in the movies; only there was something a little different, it seemed to shine much like the yacht did.  But she was to far off to tell for sure.

‘Must just be the light.’  She thought to herself. 

“Okay, let’s get this trip started.”  Dave said after he unloaded the bags and started to walk towards the ship.

Quickly catching up to him, Nikki could hardly believe that this was going to happen.  Perhaps Dave was right she asked herself, the excitement of not knowing was adding to the experience, and she was beginning to dream of what it would be like. 

As they boarded the ship Nikki didn’t see the lady from the crew anymore.  Actually she didn’t see any of the crew at all.  ‘That’s Strange,’ She thought to herself, “you would think the crew would be there to greet us?’  But Dave seemed to know exactly where to go when he started walking down towards the middle of the ship.  He turned into a hallway and opened a door that led to into another hall.  On both sides there were doors with numbers and Nikki surmised that this must be the cabin area for the passengers.  Stopping in front of a door numbered 3, Dave set the bags on the floor and produced a key from his pocket, which he promptly inserted into the door’s lock and turned it.  As the door swung open Nikki was able to get a glimpse of their sleeping quarters for the next three days.  To say that the room was large would be an understatement.  As she entered she took note of everything inside.  She was expecting a hotel room type deal but instead walked into something similar to a dream.  There was a king sized bed in the middle of the room with ornately carved posts that resembled mermaids.  In the far corner sat a large hot tub, next to which sliding doors that led to a private balcony.  Large doors concealed a spacious bathroom with gold plated fixtures; a wide screen television filled a sidewall and the leather couch sitting before it looked absolutely inviting. 

“Oh Dave, it’s beautiful.” She breathed.  “I can’t believe that we are staying here!”

“This is just the beginning.”  He replied as he set the luggage along a porthole filled wall.  “Don’t get too comfy, we have to check in with the Captain to let him know we are here.”

Grabbing her hand he led her out of the room and down the hall they had just come through.  She thought she could hear a woman giggling from one of the rooms as they passed but just smiled to herself, ‘I feel like giggling too!’ she thought.  As they made their way to the front of the ship she was able to get passing glimpses of some of the features that the boat provided.  They passed a large swimming pool in the middle of the deck, a hair salon, steam rooms, and many other treats she would have to explore over the next seven days. 

Dave led her up some stairs and they were soon outside the control room of the vessel.  Telling her to wait outside he entered the cockpit and closed the door.  Through the glass on the top of the door Nikki could see him shaking hands with the Captain and heard them laughing as they spoke.  Trying to get a better look she could see that the Captain was wearing a bright white dress uniform much like the one that she had seen the woman earlier wearing.  His seemed to reflect the light as well, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was made of.  The captain himself was a ruggedly handsome man, mid thirties, and had well groomed hair.  Other than the fact that his uniform stood out so, she would have found him to be an ordinary man, attractive for sure, but not somebody that would stand out in a crowd.  She saw him look at her and suddenly felt embarrassed when she realized that she was straining so to see into the cabin and felt her cheeks start to glow.  Soon after Dave turned and opened the door, inviting her inside. 

“Captain Robinson, I would like you to meet my wife Nikki.”  Dave introduced them.

The Captain reached out his hand to shake hers but she paused for a second still trying to make out what it was he was wearing.  Unable to place the fabric she shook his hand and said hello. 

“Well Nikki, please let me be the first to welcome you aboard the Latexia.  May your stay here be nothing but an enjoyment.” Spoke the Captain,  “Our crew, which you will meet later at dinner time, is here to serve you, if you have any requests please feel free to ask.  As you two are the last of our guests to arrive I have a special treat for you.  It would be my honour if you could take us out of port!  Don’t worry about having to steer or anything, all you have to do is start the engines and give it some gas.”

Surprised at the kind offer Nikki asked what should she do.  Captain Robinson pointed to the key and told her to turn it.  She could feel the ship come to life as the engines fired.  Next, taking her hand he guided her to the throttle and indicated that she should pull it back to the 25 percent mark.

“Can’t go speeding out of port!” he laughed, “The coast guard hates it when you do that!”

Gently pulling on the silver handled throttle she slipped the lever back until the indicator pointed to the desired mark. 

“Very good,” he congratulated her as he patted her shoulder.  “If I’m not careful I might lose my job.”

But Nikki wasn’t focusing on what he said, rather, when he had patted her his cuff of the jacket had dragged across her arm and captivated her.  It had felt slippery and cool on her skin.  Goosebumps popped up instantly as the cuff slid across her arm.  It was definitely not like any she had felt before.  It was different, yet it felt nice.

“Okay honey, it’s time we left the good Captain to his duties.”  Dave said, snapping her from her thoughts. 

As they left the cabin saying their thanks Nikki wasn’t quite sure what to make of the experience.  She knew that she wanted a closer look at the garment, that was for sure, yet there was something else that she felt.  Something that she couldn’t quite place yet, but it was definitely electric. 

When they entered their cabin again Nikki had regained much of her composure.  Later tonight, when they met the crew, she would be sure to ask the Captain what exactly he was wearing.  Hopefully he would tell her, but even better would be the chance to touch it again.  Excited about the prospects of feeling the garment again she found that time seemed to drag on until dinnertime.  She had to find out what it was, dreams of it filled her thoughts for the next two hours as they lounged in the hot tub. 

Finally as the dinner hour approached she got out from the tub and began to dry herself off, asking Dave if he could open the luggage cases so that she could get a new outfit for dinner.

“Why don’t you just wear what you have out?” he asked.

“Because I want to look nice for dinner is why.  Besides, I’ve been wearing these clothes all day.” She replied.

“I’ll tell you what, I’m enjoying this tub at the moment, so wear what you have out.  Later tonight there is a meet and greet dance in the ballroom and when we go to that I’ll get you a new outfit.  Sound fair?”

“I guess,” Nikki replied picking up her clothes from the chair she had set them on. “I’m going to get ready, you had better start getting ready to.  I want to get a good seat and maybe ask the Captain a question.” 

“What question is that?” he asked wryly, “could it have to do with his uniform by chance?”

“How did you know?!”

“It’s not that hard, I saw the way that you were staring at it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you were thinking about it since then.  You’re not exactly the best at hiding your interests you know.  Don’t worry, I’m sure that he will be more than willing to tell you all about it, I’m sure he noticed your interest as well.”

Surprised and a little embarrassed about her actions Nikki dropped her towel after she was dry on the floor and headed to the spacious washroom to get dressed.  She could hear the water splashing in the hot tub as Dave got out.  Soon they would be at the welcome dinner and she could ask Captain Robinson about the strange outfit he was wearing.  Had she really been that obvious?  She hoped that the Captain wouldn’t be offended by her query, but she just had to ask.  She had to feel that fabric just one more time.  Thoughts of the garment filled her mind as she dressed, and she was surprised at herself when she finished.  ‘I’ve got to get a grip on myself.  I don’t even remember dressing myself.’ She scolded herself.  Giving her head a quick shake she forced herself to focus on smoothing out any wrinkles, but when she wriggled around to get her shorts straight she noticed that her pussy was still damp.  ‘Still?  Or was it a new wetness?’  She wondered.

“Are you ready yet?” Dave asked as he knocked gently on the door. 

“Yeah, just give me a quick second and I’ll be right out.”  She replied giving her hair a quick rake with her fingers.

Soon Nikki and Dave were on their way towards the rear of the ship.  The sun was beginning to fall from the sky and it cast a beautiful shade of red upon the sea.  Sounds of voices and laughter could be heard as they approached the large windowed banquet room.  At the door a stunningly beautiful woman who was wearing a bright white tailored dress that had the emblem of the Latexia just above her left breast greeted them and gave them their table number.  Nikki could hardly believe her eyes when she realized that her dress was made of the same fabric that the Captain had been wearing.  Unlike the Captain’s though, this outfit was made to fit tighter and accentuate the lady’s curves.  There were black shiny buttons down the front even though there was no flap for them to hold closed.  The dress ran across her shoulders with short sleeves and all the way down to her thighs, ending just above her knees.  Her feet were enclosed in shiny white ankle boots with a short stiletto heel.  Shiny gloves, again made of the same material as the dress, seemed moulded around each hand.  As the lady in white gave her welcomes to Nikki, she gave a slight wink of her eye.  Almost as if to signal that she knew what Nikki was thinking.

Dave’s gentle tug on her hand told her it was time to move inside, and Nikki dejectedly followed.  Once Nikki was able to pry her eyes away from the woman and look around she found the banquet room to hold 40 or so people.  There appeared to be an equal number of men and women and all seem to be couples.  There was some soft music playing in the background and a large bar set up on one side of the walls.  Around it most of the couples were gathered making idle talk and meeting one another.  Behind the bar were two more female crewmembers serving drinks.  And they too were wearing outfits similar to the woman at the door.  As Dave led her nearer to the bar she noticed that some of the guests were wearing outfits of similar fabrics, though in different colours and styles.  Some of the ladies were wearing long gowns in vibrant shades of colours and decorations, while some of the men wore what appeared to be casual style shorts and pants with loose fitting tops. 

“What would you like to drink?”  Dave asked.

“I’m, I’m not sure.” She replied as she scanned the crowd.  Unsure of how she should be acting. “What is this?  What is going on here?” 

“Don’t worry Hon, all of your questions will be answered shortly.  I’ll get you a Caesar, if that’s okay?” 

“Yes, that would be fine.” She replied. 

Nikki was so transfixed by the sites of the woman and men dressed in this strange fabric.  It resembled the pleather fashions that were the latest craze these days, but there was something definitely different about them.  These fit much closer to the body and seemed to move with the person as they shuffled around the room. 

“Here you go,” Dave said as he handed her the drink, “you know that it is rude to stare don’t you?”  He smiled.

“It’s just that, I mean, It’s just that…” unsure what to say along with what she was feeling she simply trailed off.

“Would you like to elaborate a little more?” Dave asked.

“Well, it’s just that when the Captain touched me with the cuff of his jacket my skin seemed to want to leap out and grab it.  I don’t know why, I don’t know how, it was like something electric dragged across my arm and it excited me a little.  My god, Dave, I don’t even know what it was made of and here I am just utterly transfixed with the sensation that I felt.  And now, standing here, I am surrounded by people that appear to be wearing garments of the same material and I don’t know what to do.” She admitted. “I’m sorry if I am embarrassing you.  This was supposed to be a trip for us and all I am doing is staring at these people.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry.”  He consoled her.  “I understand that this might be a bit overwhelming, but please trust me, all of your fears and desires will be put to rest shortly.”

Just as she was about to ask him what he meant by that she heard a loud voice from the far of the room.  When she looked to see who it was she saw Captain Robinson in his shiny dress uniform asking everyone to take their seats, as dinner would be served shortly.

When they found their table there were two other couple seated already.  Both appeared to be in their mid thirties and relatively good looking.  The men were wearing silk shirts and tan coloured shorts.  One woman was wearing a summer dress with brightly splayed flowers across it, while the other happened to be one of the women who were wearing a shiny tight fitting dress.  Unfortunately, however, the lady in the tight aqua coloured dress was seated on the other side of the table from Nikki.  She wanted so much to ask the woman about her clothes but by doing so the whole table would hear her and she didn’t want to humiliate herself or Dave in front of the whole table.  The lady in the aqua dress noticed Nikki staring at her clothes and gave her a quick smile.  Nikki was able to manage a return smile and a polite hello. 

“You’re curious about my clothes?  Yes?” The lady asked Nikki with a slight Scottish accent.  “You have never worn latex have you?”

‘Latex!  That is what it is!’  Nikki exclaimed to herself, excited that she was now able to place the mysterious material. 

“Err, uh, no, no I haven’t.”  Nikki sheepishly replied.  She could feel the glow burning hard through her cheeks.  But now that the ice was broken she gained a little confidence. 

“Uh, what’s it like?”  Nikki asked.

“It is hard to explain, it’s like wearing something you’ve never dreamed of.”  The lady in the latex dress replied.  “It’s tight, but very comfortable.  It’s a second skin almost that hugs your body and holds you close, never wanting to let you go.  When I first put it on it is like a bolt of electricity shoots through my body.  My skin becomes extremely sensitive to touch.  If I had to put it all into one word I would have to say it is ecstasy.”

Nikki could hardly believe what the woman was saying.  She felt her jaw was open and quickly closed it before the drool ran from it.  ‘Electric,’ she thought to herself, ‘just like what I felt from the Captain’s sleeve.’ 

“What was that?”  Dave asked.

“What was what?”  Nikki replied.

“You said something, it sounded like you said electric, or something like that.”

Nikki blushed yet again when she realised that she must have been whispering to herself.  ‘Why am I so enthralled with this?’ she thought, ‘I’m losing control, I’ve got to keep it together before I make a really big fool of myself and have to hide in the cabin for the rest of the trip.’  She felt a small bead of sweat forming on her eyebrow and wiped it clean with her napkin.

As Nikki silently scolded herself for losing control a voice came from behind her that snapped her back to reality.

“Tossed or Caesar salad, Maam?”  A woman’s voice asked.

Turning to look at the lady Nikki let out a squeak.  This lady was dressed exactly the same as the other female crewmembers.  The same form hugging white latex dress, tight gloves, fitted ankle boots complete with stiletto heels, and the insignia of the Latexia above her left breast. 

“Maam?”  The latexed crewmember asked again, “Which salad would you like?  Tossed or Caesar?”

“She have the tossed with a ranch dressing please.”  Dave answered for Nikki, “You’ll have to excuse her, this is her first time.”

The serving lady gave Dave an understanding look as though she understood exactly what Nikki was feeling.  “Don’t worry, I was shocked at first as well.”  She told Nikki as she went to the next table.

Nikki gave Dave a questioning glance as she turned back towards the table. 

“What does she mean?” she asked him in front of the whole table.

“Perhaps it would be best if we first enjoyed our meal and talked later.” He replied as he gave his head a slight nod indicating that everyone at the table was looking at her.

‘My god, I’ve made a fool of myself yet again.’ She thought as she hung her head so that she didn’t have to look at anyone.  But as she squirmed slightly in her chair she was startled to find that the wetness between her legs was growing and her breathing rate had increased.  Panic started to set in when she realized that all of these women wearing latex were turning her on.  ‘What’s getting in to me?’ she asked herself, ‘I can’t do this now, it’s just a simple material, but why does it excite me so?’

She was aware that idle conversation had developed between her husband and the rest of the people at the table, but she was to lost in her own thoughts to listen to what was being said.  Only as a plate with her salad was placed in front of her did she start to listen to the conversation.  While she picked at her salad she heard the lady in the aqua rubber dress talking about her first trip on board the Latexia and that she too had acted much the same way as Nikki.  Daring to raise her head to look at the lady she was rewarded with the warmest smile and a kind word saying that everything is okay and that she should not be embarrassed.  Still unsure of herself she glanced at the others at the table and they in turn repeated the words with the same smile.

Confident now that everything was going to be okay they continued to chat idly as they finished the rest of the meal.  Each course was delivered by latex covered serving women, they’re shiny white gloves passing the plates to each of the guests on board the boat.  Slight creaks emitted from their bodies as they bent and filled the glasses and Nikki felt her excitement grow with each visit from the shiny crewmembers.  She could feel the moisture between her legs slowly creeping down to her buttocks and was sure that if the meal didn’t end soon she would have to change her pants. 

Finally as the last course was finished and the dishes were removed she heard Captain Robinson’s voice and a hush fall upon the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please, if I could just have your attention for a minute.” She heard him say.  “I just want to officially welcome you on board the Latexia.  As most of you are repeat guests I will keep my speech short, but since some of you are new to this ship I have a bit of explaining to do.  By now I am sure that everyone has noticed that things are a little different here.  And by different I mean in the manner of which our staff and crew are dressed.  I am also sure that by now everyone knows what we are wearing, but in case there is someone who is still unsure I must tell you that we are wearing latex!  I know that the new ones are probably confused as to the reasoning why.  To answer this I must bring out the yacht owner, would you please welcome the lady who has brought the Latexia to life, Mrs. Hill!”

A small applause rose from the crowd as the most beautiful woman Nikki had ever seen entered the room from the rear.  She was accompanied by two of the dressed in their now familiar shiny white outfits, but the woman herself did not share the same uniform.  Her outfit was nothing short of breathtaking.  She was wearing a floor length mermaid style ball gown with alternating stripes of shiny black and red running the length of the dress.  The dress itself tightly moulded to the curves of her body and a solid black rubber corset squeezed her waist into an hourglass figure.  Long red gloves started at her fingers and ran to just below shoulders.  Her feet were coated in the like complete with six inch platinum heels.  But the part that attracted Nikki’s attention the most was the hood covering her head.  The mirror finished of the latex reflected the soft lighting in the room and accentuated the smooth features of her exposed face.  On the top of the hood a long red ponytail was formed where her hair had been pulled through.  As she walked towards the front she gave Nikki a warm smile and a knowing wink when she passed by her.  A trail of bright red rose petals followed her as the two crewmembers dropped them at their boss’s feet.  Daring to pick one up Nikki was astounded to realize that these too were made of latex and showed it to Dave who smiled and turned back to watch the procession.  The mysterious ship owner nodded at people she seemed to know and a quiet hush fell upon the room as she turned towards the crowd.

“My friends, I welcome you on my ship.  I see many faces that I know and a few I am sure that I will meet.  This boat was the creation of a dream that I had just 2 years ago.  I dreamt of a luxurious yacht that I could enjoy the sensations of the sea along with the sensations of latex.  At first my plan was to build a ship that I could enjoy my two passions privately.  But as you can tell, my dream grew.  It blossomed into what you see now, a place that I can share my fantasies with people of like minds.  A place where everyone can enjoy the pleasures of latex and freedom of the open water.  This dream, this ship, is now a reality.  I have searched far and wide for a crew that could provide the finest of services and yet had the same passion that I have for wearing rubber.  These people who wear the white uniforms are those whom I found.  They are here to serve you, to fulfill your needs.  Every person who works on this ship wears these uniforms and this is how they are identified.”

As the owner of the ship explained how the ship worked Nikki found herself dreaming of what it would be like to actually wear the dress that the beautiful woman had on.  She was still aware of the wetness in her pussy and didn’t care any more if she left a spot on the chair.  Her mind drifted as she imagined herself covered in the slippery material.  Her body being hugged and her waist held by the rubber corset.  She would run her gloved hands over her body and relish in the heightened sensitivity fired by the latex covering her.  Her breathing becoming heavier as she passed her hands slowly down her stomach and hips, rubbing gently at the front of her mound through the material.  She knew that she had to try it, that somehow she would have to find some latex that she could wear.  Perhaps the lady at their table might be willing to let her borrow something, surely she would have more than just her aqua dress?

“And now, for something that I am sure everyone is looking forward to, it’s time to begin the dance!”  The ships owner exclaimed.

Cheers rose from the small group as music started to play over the sound system.  The sudden rush of noise jolting Nikki back to reality, she watched as Mrs. Hill stepped off to the side and was quickly surrounded by people that obviously knew her.

“Well, what do you think?” Dave asked.

“What do you mean?” Nikki replied.

“I mean, what do you think about all this?  Is this going to be okay, or did I make a big mistake about booking this trip?”

“Oh, I don’t think you made a mistake.  I am really intrigued by all this, is there a chance that maybe I could try something like this out?” she asked.

“I don’t know.”  He said. “Maybe they have a store or something like that on the ship.  But at the moment I would imagine everything is closed up for the night, perhaps tomorrow we can ask around.”

Nikki felt as though she were going to burst.  Tomorrow?  With the fire going on in her pussy she wasn’t sure that she could wait till tomorrow.  She had to find something now!  Shifting around in her seat so that she could see if the lady they had eaten with was still at the table she saw her off to the side.  As she stood to go talk to her Dave noticed the wet spot she had left on the fabric.

“Jeez, I didn’t know that you were that intrigued!” He exclaimed.

Looking at the dark patch she left on the chair she quickly tried to hide her buttocks with her hands so that people wouldn’t see the wet spot that was surely prominent on her pants.

“I think we had better get you some clean clothes.” Dave said as he took her by the hand and led her out of the room.  Once outside the slight breeze in the dark sky chilled the spot on her pants and she welcomed the coolness to calm the fire in her loins.  They quickly made their way to the room and Dave opened the door.  Nikki reached out and picked up one of the bags and nearly fell backwards as it easily lifted off the floor. 

“It’s empty!” she cried out, “they’re all empty!” as she tried each bag in turn.

”We’ve been robbed!  Quick, dial the Captain, he should be able to do something!”  Nikki shrieked.

In a frenzy she tried to reach the phone but stopped when she realized that Dave was leaning against the wall laughing.

“Why are you laughing?  This isn’t funny!  Somebody has taken all of our clothes and you sit there laughing.  Why won’t you help me?  Why won’t you….”  Her voice trailing off as she realized that the locks Dave had placed on the bags were still in place.

“You did this?  I mean, you didn’t pack us any clothes?” she asked confusedly.  “Now what am I going to do?  I can’t go back to the party like this!  Everybody will laugh at me.”

“Why?” Dave managed to reply between laughs.

“Duh!  I have a big wet spot on my butt you idiot!  I don’t have anything to wear!”

“Sure you do.” He replied.

“The bags are empty, you didn’t pack anything, and there are none of my clothes here except for what I’m wearing!”

“You have clothes here, you’re just looking in the wrong places!”

Confused as to what he meant, Nikki looked around the room.  She couldn’t see any clothes set out anywhere.  Getting off the bed she walked to the bathroom and still didn’t find any clothes. 

“All right wise guy.  If I have clothes here then would you mind telling me where?” 

“Did you happen to look in the closet?  Maybe that might be a place where people could keep clothes?”

Puzzled, Nikki approached the closet.  ‘He didn’t have any time to unpack the bags and put stuff in the closet.  I was with him the whole time?’ she thought to herself.  Giving him a bewildered look she tentatively reached out to the closet and pulled the door open, half expecting him to be playing a joke on her and there would be nothing there.  Instead, the unmistakeable odour of rubber filled her nostrils and she found a closet full of latex clothing staring back at her.

As she peered inside she saw all sorts of dresses in different colours and styles.  Shirts and pants and stockings all of equally different colours also filled the hangers.  Folded bras and panties filled the shelves and what looked like a full body suit hung on one side.  Various styles of boots with different lengths and heel heights covered the floor.  Looking inside Nikki began to feel her body shake.  It was happening, the dreaming that she had been doing since arriving on this boat was coming true.  Unsure if it was real she reached out and touched one of the dresses hanging in front of her.  As soon as her fingers caressed the material she felt the same electricity course through her body as when the Captain had touched her.  Instantly she began to feel the wetness between her legs as her juices flowed from her pussy.  Her dream was definitely a reality.

“Is it really okay?  I mean, it’s okay if I try them on?” Nikki asked quietly.

“Yes.” He replied as he slipped in behind her and held her hips.  “All of this is ours.  I had to make like I was packing clothes so that you wouldn’t be suspicious if I simply put empty bags into the car.  We need the bags to take all of this home, but if I you had packed your stuff we wouldn’t have had enough room.”

“But what am I going to wear?  Surely I can’t wear this all the time we are on this trip?”

“Actually, you have too.  One stipulation while being on board Mrs. Hill’s yacht is that after the first day all guests must be dressed in latex.  No other material is permitted.  When we leave we will be able to put normal clothes on so as not to attract suspicion, but at all other times we must be clothed in latex, no exceptions.”

Nikki could hardly believe what she was hearing.  Here she was, just arrived on a yacht that enforced a dress code of a material that up until today she had never dreamed of wearing, standing in front of a closet so full of latex clothing that it would be almost impossible to choose which she wore first. 

“I can’t believe it!” she shouted, “All this is for us?  How did you know?  I mean, how did you know that I would be attracted to the latex?  I’ve never worn it before and we’ve never talked about it!”

“That I would have to say was a definite risk that I took.  I wasn’t sure exactly how you would react.  You see, I have been attracted to latex since I was a child, and I wanted it to be something that we could share ever since we got married, so I decided to take a chance and see if it worked out.”  Dave replied.  “By the look on your face I think it just might!”

“We’ll see,” she teased turning round to face him. “I have only seen it so far.  I can’t say for sure that I will like it until I actually try it on.”

“I think that we can remedy that situation real quick, don’t you?” Dave replied.  “Which outfit would you like first?”

“There’s just to many.” Nikki said as she once again looked into the closet.  “Is there something in there that is similar to what the woman at our table was wearing?”

“As a matter of fact there is!” He replied. “It’s even the same cut but in a different colour.”

Nikki watched as Dave reached into the closet and pulled a scarlet red latex dress out.  It appeared much to small for her body and when she questioned Dave about it he said that they were made to fit snugly against the skin and would stretch to the proper fit. 

“Why don’t you go into the bathroom and get undressed?” Dave asked. “Under the counter you’ll find a bottle of talcum powder.  Once you dry yourself off, take the powder and sprinkle it over your body.  You don’t need too much, just a thin coat will suffice.”

Nikki did as she was told and went to the bathroom to strip.  Once her clothes were in a pile on the floor she grabbed a towel and dried the wetness that steadily grew from between her thighs.  Once finished, she dropped the towel on the bathroom counter and found the talcum bottle exactly where Dave said it would be. 

“Do you need a hand?”  Nikki heard him ask.

“Yeah, I’ve got my chest and legs covered, would you be able to do my back?” she asked.

Dave entered the bathroom to a ghost like image of his naked wife standing in the middle of the floor.  Stifling a laugh at the site he took the bottle of powder and started to cover her back.  As he sprinkled the powder Nikki felt the tickle of his touch when he smoothed it against her skin.  Goosebumps rose from her arms as she shied away from his touch.

“Almost done.” Dave said when he noticed her dancing from his ticklish touch.  “There!  That should do it.”

Setting the bottle on the counter he told Nikki to stay put and left the bathroom.  He returned shortly carrying the dress and some other articles of clothing in his arms.  The dress was laid over the shower curtain rod and he sorted out the other latex garments on the counter.  Nikki’s heart rate grew as each item was straightened and sorted. 

‘This is really happening!’ she thought to herself.  She could feel her body start to tremble and the once dried moisture from her pussy renew with a fierce vengeance.

“Are you ready to get dressed?” He asked when he had sorted everything and picked up a pair of shiny black panties. 

“Yes.” She breathed quietly.  She had been ready since they had entered the banquet room and were greeted by the white latex uniformed lady. 

Dave noticed the excitement in her voice even though she had only spoken one word.  He had never heard his wife speak quite like that.  Her voice was quiet, desirous, and needing no further prodding her bent over and lifted one of her legs.

Nikki felt the first shock of electricity jolt through her body as the latex panty touched her foot and started to slide up her leg.  The excitement seemed to shoot straight up her leg and head straight for her pussy.  When her second foot was fed through the leg openings she started to quiver at the sensations from the garment.  She felt the slight grip of the latex panty grab her legs as Dave gently pulled the garment up her legs.  Every inch that the panty neared her pussy caused an increased excitement.  She wondered if she would be able to contain herself throughout the process of getting dressed.  A warmth was now forming in her crotch that she was sure would spread to an all out fire quickly.  The panty was now being pulled over her buttocks and pussy.  The tightness increased until finally the panty was pulled into place holding the escalating heat and moisture inside.  The once coolness of the latex was quickly subdued as the panty warmed to her temperature.  Dave gave a quick rub of his hands over the latex to smooth it out and Nikki involuntarily flinched when he removed a wrinkle from her rubber-coated mound.

“Oops, sorry about that.” He apologized when he realized that his touch had almost sent her into orgasm.  “Or, maybe not.”  He joked.

“Alright, time for the boobs.”  He smiled as he picked up a latex brassiere in the same colour from the counter.

Nikki held out her arms so that Dave could position it correctly.  Once in place over each breast he had her feed each arm through the shoulder straps and then fastened it at back.  Once again he set about smoothing the garment so that no wrinkles could be found.  He made sure to take some extra time at each breast, claiming that her erect nipples caused all sorts of wrinkles and they were hard to get out.  Nikki’s rapid breathing at his touch was unmistakeable and he took great pleasure in making her moan with each stroke.

When he had decided that she was getting close to orgasm he took the dress from the curtain rod and unzipped the back.  Nikki placed each foot through the opening at the bottom of the dress and stood as Dave started to slide it up her legs.  As the dress unfurled over her body she first passed one arm through its designated opening and then the other.  As Dave pulled the garment across her body she shuddered at the coldness of the latex as it began to hug her skin.  Finally satisfied with the positioning of the shiny red dress Dave started to tug at the zipper.  As each tooth closed the dressed pulled itself tighter across her body.  Nikki felt the dress gently compress her torso as the zipper climbed towards closure.  As it passed across her lower back the dress seemed to pull at her belly and accentuate her curves.  Her breasts were gently squished and forced upwards increasing the cleavage that was exposed below her neckline.

Inch by inch her body was being constricted until finally she felt the zipper reach its top.  Her breasts felt constrained yet comfortable, her stomach tightened, her hips hugged and her legs pulled slightly together to further accentuate her shape.  Daring to take a look in the mirror she gasped at the woman who stood looking back at her.  Was this really her body?  This tight, voluptuous, curvy body hers?  The contrast between her pale skin and the brightness of the red accentuated each other.  Clean lines were formed between latex and skin, one soft and subtle while the other bright and shiny.  The erotic form standing in the mirror couldn’t surely be her, yet it was.

“You still have the gloves and shoes to put on.”  Dave said as she stared at herself.  “It’s easier for you to do these.  I have to get dressed myself, so I’ll meet you by the door in a few minutes.”

Nikki watched as Dave scooped up the talcum powder and left the bathroom, closing the door behind him. 

“I’m actually wearing it!” she said to herself once she heard the click of the door.  “Can you believe it?”  She asked the image in the mirror.

Picking up the gloves from the counter Nikki held them against the side of her face.  Slowly sliding them up and down her cheek, savouring the aroma at each breath she took.  She had been right before, the warmth in her pussy had grown to a raging fire and she knew that it wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge.  She wanted so much to cum at that instant but wanted to be completely dressed before doing so.  Quickly she unfolded one of the gloves and slid her hand inside.  The red latex quickly gripped each finger as they popped into place.  The glove reached to her elbow and she made sure that it was free from wrinkles before sliding the other one on.  Now that she was finished with her hands she grabbed the 4-inch heeled latex shoes and slid her feet into place. She was dressed, but she wanted it to be perfect before she allowed the ache in her pussy to be satisfied.  Taking just a few seconds to quickly erase any of the creases that had developed from her movements she stood and looked back into the mirror. 

She watched as the reflection in the mirror slowly raised its hands towards its face and slid the rubber-gloved fingers across its lips.  When the reflection breathed so did she and was rewarded with the sweet smell of the latex beneath her nose. 

“Please hurry.” She begged the woman in the mirror to allow her to cum.

The image seemed to understand and slipped one of its hands across its shiny red breasts, caressing each mound that was covered by the latex.  Nikki felt the sensations created by the image’s motions and panted with desire at the sight of her reflection.  The image’s other hand slipped past the one massaging the breasts and began to feel at the latex covering its pussy.  Gently prodding and poking at the rubber until it seemed to find the right spot.  Nikki shuddered as she too felt the hand of the image dig into the latex and part the lips that protected her sensitive clitoris.  Slow circular motions produced a spasm for each pass of the finger.  The fire intensified and Nikki could feel the pressure of her impending orgasm building.  Her breasts seemed to expand to her gentle massaging touch, her nipples craving for attention.  The circular motions of her fingers across her rubber mound increasing until finally the dam burst and wave after wave of orgasm ran through her body.  She thought the first wave of pleasure that washed through her would be the most powerful but she soon found that after each passed a new, stronger wave would form and crash over her.  There was no escaping the torrents that smashed through her rubber-covered body and she lost track of time.  Wave after wave; crash after crash her body jolted with pleasure.  Moans escaped from her lips and she was sure that everyone on the ship could hear her cum, but she didn’t care.  This was pure ecstasy, unlike anything that she had felt before. 

Finally the waves subsided and she removed her fingers from between her thighs.  Her legs felt weak and she was light-headed.  Sweat from the intense pleasure had formed between her skin and the latex allowing the second layer to slide over the first.  Slowly she regained her senses and her breathing slowed.

“That was sure something!”  Dave said as he stood in the bathroom door.

Nikki squealed when she realized that he had been watching her.  She hadn’t heard him open the door as she was so wrapped up in the pleasure of the moment. 

“We’re going to have to smooth you out again.”  He joked as he approached her.  “You made a mess of yourself.”

Nikki looked into the mirror and saw the image that had given her the most intense orgasm she had ever had.  Wrinkles had formed all the red dress, the colour of her flushed cheeks almost matching the brightness of the dress.  She watched as Dave stood next to her, a vision in latex himself.  Black loose fitting shorts covered his waist and a tan coloured long sleeve shirt his upper body. 

She stood still as he ran his hands over the dress and removed the wrinkles.  Soon he was satisfied with the result and they stood looking at each other through the mirror. 

“I think we make quite a nice rubber couple don’t you?”  She asked him.

“I think that you could say that.” He smiled back at her.  “I could stand here all night admiring the scenery.”

“Don’t we have a party to get to?” She replied. 

“I guess we do, don’t we!” he laughed as he turned to hold her.  “I’m glad that this worked out.  I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t like it.”

“I’m glad too.” She replied, dreaming of what their new life with latex would bring.  “Thank you for giving this to me.” She said as she hugged him.

As they held each other Nikki watched the couple in the mirror do the same.  She couldn’t help but wonder if they had a party to go to as well. 

She reminded herself that she would have to thank the Captain for the brush of his jacket against her skin.  He had ignited the first spark with his slip. 

‘Or was it an accident at all?’ She wondered to herself as they turned out the light and headed for the party.

The End



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