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The Club

by Steff

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I had graduated college in 5 years with a master’s degree in History and English. I was took a job teaching overseas for the Department of Defense School. I was working in Japan and on the side I learned to speech fluent Japanese. After I was in Japan for 2 years I took a part time job teaching English to local Japanese people. After my second 6 week course I was offered a job teaching a major international company employs English. The job paid almost $250,000 per year plus benefit. I moved to Tokyo and began working for them.

One of the benefits was I could get free admission into all the companies clubs and resorts. I decided to just pick a club at random. When I checked out the club I found out that it was a fetish club and the night I wanted to go was latex night. The night before I went out and found several stores that sold all kind of latex outfits. I bought a red top that showed a lot of cleavage, a black mini skirt and red thigh high tights. Before I left I also bought a pair of latex panties, powder and a shining kit.

The following night after work I powdered myself up and got dressed. It took me a while to get everything on and adjusted correctly. The latex was cool going on but warmed up quickly. It was tight and form fitting, it moved with me. I liked the way it felt. The latex panties felt really good. I enjoyed the way it rubbed the tender parted between my legs. Once I was dressed I polished everything up. Looking at myself in the mirror I liked what I saw. My breast were squeezed together and pushed up. It looked like my top was straining to hold them in. My narrow waist and midriff was exposed and the mini skirt was smaller than I thought it would be and it barely went far enough down to cover my ass checks. When I put on my heels I realized they really didn’t look right so I decided to go to a store and get something more appropriate.

Next to the club were several stores that sold all kinds of fetish wear. I went into one and told the sales associate my problem. When I opened my coat and showed him outfit she said she would go into the back and pick out a few choices. When she went into the back I looked around the store. There was all kinds of things made from latex, most of them were sexual in nature but looked like they might be fun to try out. I was looking a pair of latex panties that had 2 built in dildos when the sales associate returned with 3 boot boxes. She just asked me to sit down and remove my shoes. After trying all three pair of boots I settled for a black pair of shinny knee high boots with 4 inch heels. Once they were zipped up they felt really comfortable and fit tightly all the way up. When I went to pay she asked me if I wanted to wear the panties out. I blushed because I had even realized that I had picked them up. I said no thanks so she just put batteries in both of the dildos to make sure they both vibrated and that the remote worked.

She included a few samples of lubes and a ticket to the “Upper Level” of the club next door. She said normally it was a member’s only club but since the club's owner owned this place she was allowed to give out a few one day only passes. I thanked her and went to the club. They had lockers at the entrance for personnel things so I put my purse and my newly purchased panties in it. The main room of the club had a large dance floor in the middle and a stage on the far side. Around the dance floor were tables and along the walls were booths. There were 3 bars serving drinks and servers taking orders also. There was a second level that was a balcony and there was a bar up there to. The place had a lot of people but not so much as to make it crowded and they were all wearing latex. There were people dressed in every color imaginable and in some strange looking outfit. There were also people in restraints being led around like dogs and some of them were also performing oral sex or being teased sexually.

I went to a bar, got a drink and watched. Once I started watching I noticed more people in some form of restraints. I asked the bartender about it. Once he got over how well I could speak the language he told me that was common here. The only rule for that was that it had to be consensual, no blood, sex had to happen in the booths only and the Dom had to pay to clean up the messes. The entire booth got completely sterilized after they were through. After I danced a few times I decided to check out the “Upper Level.”

There was an elevator on the first floor that went to the upper level. I gave my pass to the guy at the door and he let me into the elevator. It was a short ride and when the doors opened I was really surprised. Just like below there was a dance floor, a bar off to the side and all the people wore several different color and type of latex. The stage is what surprised me on it where several different machines all of them looked like they were designed to restrain a woman and fuck their brains out.

After talking and dancing with a few people a guy came up to me and introduced himself to me. Masao was his name and he was the only person not wearing latex. He told me that since he owned the club he would wear whatever he wanted. I was surprised he knew who I was and we talked about my job and how I like the country. After a couple of hours I asked him about the machines. He told me that they were prototypes of things part of the company was working on. They were going to be used this weekend because it was a bondage weekend. Everyone that came in had to be either restrained or have someone that was. Signups were this week for a drawing to see who would get to tryout the machines and then who would get to take them home. The drawings were from the bunch of names so in order to take one home you had to risk experiencing them in front of all the people there.

He could tell I had never tried bondage before so he asked if I wanted to try it. He promised nothing too intense and he would stop if I asked him to. I said yes and then he pulled out locking latex cuffs and locked my hands behind my back. I struggled a little bit and realized that I was getting a little bit excited. He then pulled out another pair and this time he put them on just above my elbows and then locked them together. My elbows were pulled so they were only about 4-6 inches apart. I blushed when I realized how having my elbow tied like that forced my breasts to stick out.

He gave me a few minutes to get used to my situation then he moved in and kissed me deeply. After a few minutes of that he reached up and began move his hands all over my exposed midriff. He worked his way up to my breasts, rubbed and squeezed them. I almost jumped out of the booth in surprise when one of his hands went between my legs and began massaging my latex covered crotch. I pulled on my restraints but they held me and all I could do was sit and let him have his way with me. He brought me to my first bondage orgasm and it was a big one. When the waves of ecstasy stopped and I recovered Masao had some water and a straw so I drank some and then he asked what I thought. I had to admit it was fun and being helpless really added to the intensity of the orgasm.

Masao pulled me out of the booth and then attached a collar and leash to my neck. When I asked him why, he told me that I would have to wear one when I came this weekend so I might as well get used to it. He laughed at me when I told him I might not come here on the weekend. He told me he could tell I was intrigued and since I would be his guest I would figure “why not.” We went to the stage and he told me about what a couple of the machines would do. Like I thought, they would restrain a woman and then bring her to several forced orgasms. They were all computer controlled and most of them could be used is self-bondage so the woman could play by herself.

While I was looking at the machines Masao walked behind me, reached around and began to play with my breasts again. He continued to explain the machines as he teased my breast and got me really worked up. In the middle of his “presentation” he began to suck and nibble on my neck. Again I tried to use my arms but the damned cuffs held me and all I could do was let him have his way with me. After less than a minute I had another orgasm. This was the first orgasm I had without anyone messing with my crotch.

I recovered and when I could stand on my own he led me to the signup box and then he released my arms. He told me he had to leave because he had an early meeting. He gave me tickets to the weekend event and warned me that if I put my name in the box it was binding. If my name was drawn I would have to on stage to demonstrate a machine. He kissed me again and left. I thought about it for several minutes and then put my name in the box. Since it was late I decided to go home.

I spent the next 2 days going about my normal routine of teaching, studying (I started going to school again) and just checking out the town. Friday as I was leaving work I got a message from Masao that told me to go to the shop next to the club at 4pm Saturday to get ready. That night and Saturday morning and afternoon dragged on and on. The time seemed like a week went by but it was finally time and I showed up a few minutes early to the store.

Hikari, the sales associate that helped me last time was waiting. We chatted for a few minutes before we went into the back room. She told me I had 2 choices for the night I could go mild or intense. Since she wouldn’t even give me hint about the differences and I was excited I said make it intense. She then asked me do I want to go American or Japanese style. The Japanese style is more comfortable but more restricting. The American looked sexier but was more uncomfortable. I told her to surprise me. She grinned, winked at me and walked back into main store after she told me to strip.

Hikari returned with her arms full of latex stuff that she set on a table. She handed me a bottle of gel and told me to spread it all over. When I was done she handed a transparent latex catsuit. She had to help me get into it because it was so tight. There were openings for each of my breasts but since the holes was so small each of my breasts was squeezed at the base making them almost ball up. There was also an opening in the crotch so both of my holes were exposed. Next leather cuffs were places around my wrists that were then attached to a bar and raised over my head. My arms were pulled up until I was standing on my tip toes. Hikari then wrapped a blue latex corset around my waist and began to lace it up. She just got the laces started then stepped away and the corset began to tighten on its own. She told me it was an automatic lacing system and to just relax.

As the corset tightened Hikari and I just talked. “I hope you enjoy yourself tonight. You were all father could talk about the last couple of days. Well you and work.”

“Masao is you father?” I asked in shock.

“Yes he is. He gave me this shop and a couple more like it to see if I could run them. My brothers get the big companies.”

“How much tighter is this thing going to get? I can barely breathe,” I asked about the corset.

She got up and after the tightening finally stopped, “The corset took 6 inches from your waist. Nice! Now to continue.”

My arms were lowered and the cuffs removed. Hikari gave me a couple minutes to relax then she told me to put my arms behind my back with my palms together. When I did she slid my hands into a latex single arm sleeve. Once she got my hands inside it like she wanted she wrapped straps that when from the top of it around my chest over me shoulders and connected them to the opposite side of the top of the armbinder. When she was done with the straps she slowly zipped the armbinder closed from the bottom up. As the zipper went up the latex tightened forcing my arms together. By the time the zipper was all the way closed my forearms were pressed together and my elbows were touching behind my back. I struggled a little when she asked me how it felt and I knew I was not getting out of it without help.

“It is really tight and not going to let me go without help,” I said.

She laughed and said, “Well that IS the point. This is the American armbinder. I like the way it forces the wear’s tits out.”

She hand me sit down and then she put me into thigh high blue latex boots with 6 inch heels. The next item was a blue posture collar. The collar went from my shoulders to just below my chin forcing me to keep my neck straight. Once the collar was on she shoved a ball gag, also blue, into my mouth. Once the straps were tightened and locked behind my head she told me to stand up.

Hikari walked around me a couple of times stopping behind me. She reached around from behind me and grabbed my nipples. I moaned as she played with them then she said, “I hope I get a chance to play with you. If you ever get bored or horny come by the store I will make it worth the trip I promise.” She played with my nipples for a few minutes then I felt something pinch them both really hard. I yelped into the gag and shook my chests but was not able to get my nipples loose. “Just relax. The nipple clips are not going to fall off. Give it a few minutes and the pain will subside.” She was right. After a minute the pain subsided to a dull ache.

She gave me a couple minutes to get used to the nipple clips before she knelt down in front of me. Hikari spread my legs and then started to suck and lick my pussy and clit. She really knew what she was doing because in just a couple minutes I was rocked by my first orgasm of the day. She continued to suck my clit until I had a second orgasm. Just as I was coming down something cold tightly pinched my clit. The pain was so intense I screamed into my gag and fought for all I was worth to get out of the armbinder so I could remove the thing on my clit. Whoever invented the monoglove armbinder was an evil genus because despite my wiggling, bending, squirming and just plain strength attempts I was not able to even start getting loose from it. Just like the nipple clips the pain in my clit dulled also.

“There is a leash chain attached to your clit clip. This is the intense you asked for. The mild would have had you lead by your nipples and not your clit,” she said. “Personally I like my women on clit leashes.” She helped me up and gave me a few steps to get used to the heels and the clit clip. Every step caused me to pull or rub the clip. It didn’t hurt but I defiantly wanted to be careful. I felt a gentle but firm pull on my clit clip so I turned and followed the direction of the pull. I was guided to a table where Hikari cleaned my face and fixed my hair. Hikari then guided me by my clit leash into the main part of the store.

I didn’t have a chance to get worried about being in public dressed like I was before Masao walked in the front door. He walked up, kissed his daughter, looked me over and said “You did well Hikari. She looks as good as I thought she would.”

“Thank you Father,” She replied and then handed him the thin gold chain that was the leash attached to my clit. “Please don’t break her. I would like to keep her for myself.”

Masao laughed and said, “That would be up to her when I am finished with her.” He looked at me then said, “Sara you look amazing. I believe you will have a good time even if you don’t get to try out the machines.” He kissed my forehead and then led me outside by my clit. I was really worried about going outside but that damned golden chain going between my legs gave me no choice because Masao just tugged a little harder when I hesitated and I was force to follow. “Relax we only have a short distance besides with a body like yours you should not worry about showing it off.” I blushed and followed behind him.

Like he said we didn’t have far to go. We walked right to the door ignoring the line of people waiting to get in. The inside of the club was packed with people. Everyone was wearing latex or in bondage. In fact ALL the women there were restrained in one form or another. Masao guided me up to the “Upper Level.” This part of the club was full but not as bad as the lower level. Just like the lower level all the women here were restrained. Masao led me over to a chair and told me to sit. When I looked there was a large dildo sticking out of the middle of it. He took my shoulders and helped me lower myself onto it and he made sure my monogloved arms went behind the seat back. The dildo was not too fat but it was long. When I was finally seated on the chair the clit leash was pulled through a ring at the base of the chair and then the ring closed around the chain. There was enough slack that I could move a little bit but nowhere near enough for me to get off the dildo deep inside me.

Once I was seated he sat next to me and removed my gag. “You know Hikari must really like you. I must admit I like the way she dressed you,” Masao said. He then leaned in and kissed me deeply. After he kissed me he offered me a drink. Just as the drink arrived the dildo inside my started to vibrate and move. It wiggled in all directions and it expanded and contracted. The activity felt really good and I was slowly building my excitement up and I know I was going to be force to orgasm. During the build-up we talked, actually he did most of the talking because I was too distracted. When the orgasm hit it was a big one. I twitched, wiggled and squirmed as the orgasm rolled over me.

Finally the activity stopped and I was permitted to recover. After a short rest he fed me some food that had arrived and helped me drink. I was told that since my name was not drawn to use any of the machines Masao would keep me up here all to himself. “So you are a greedy man,” I said.

I saw a twinkle in his eyes as he asked me, “Would you prefer I share you with all the people here?” He knew he had called my bluff so he continued, “I thought so but the offer is always open.” Then the vibrator started it activity again. Masao slid my chair away from the table and stood in front of me with his cock sticking out. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock into it. As he started to fuck my mouth the vibrator deep inside began to increase intensity. “If you cum before I do you will be punished.” As he began to fuck my mouth the vibrator intensity increased and I knew I was in trouble. I fought the orgasm as long as I could but between the depth it was buried inside me and the activity my body betrayed me and I was soon cumming like a mad woman. The orgasm was long and intense. I didn’t even realize that Masao had shot his load all over my face.

He just put his cock back into his pants and walked away leaving me sitting on that evil vibrator. The activity continued and again I was rocked by another massive orgasm. When I recovered Masao was back in front of me.

“My dear you have 3 choices for your punishment,” he said. “I will leave you on the chair, gag you, and watch you cum for the rest of the night. Your second choice I will put you into the wall and everyone will have a chance to play with you. I will warn you, you being a gorgeous American you will be the center of attention and will not be given a break. Lastly you agree to be entertainment at my party Sunday and I will only make you spend a shorter amount of time in the chair.”

I had to wait to give my reply because I was again rocked by another orgasm. I knew I could not handle many more orgasms like that so I asked, “How about I only spend part of the night on the wall. This chair is going to kill me.”

He grinned and said, “You ride the chair until you get me off again and then you go to the wall. When I feel you have had enough I will get you. That is of course if you agree to the party request.”

I managed to say yes just before I was pushed over the edge again by the evil vibrator between my legs. I had 2 more orgasms before Masao shoved his cock into my mouth. This time he came really quickly but didn’t pull out so I was forced to swallow his load. He kept his cock inside my mouth until he was certain I had swallowed all of his cum before he pulled out. I was made to ride out another orgasm before the activity stopped and the dildo deflated. The ring holding my clit leash was released and he helped me off the chair and reinserted my gag. As he guided me to the wall he told me my name didn’t get drawn to use of take one of the machines. Just then he blindfolded me and led me the rest of the way blindfolded.

I was guided around for a few minutes and by the time he stopped I had no idea where in the club I was. He told me not to remove my blindfold then he removed all of my restraint starting with my clit clip. I screamed into my gag because of the pain. After he removed my restrains he told me to get naked but leave the blindfold on. Once I was naked I was made to kneel down and then lean forward. Something was lowered over my back so I could not straighten up or get off my knees. A pad was raised to support my upper body, a strapped wrapped around my chest securing me to the pad and then my arms were pulled behind me then secured there. Lastly a ring gag was forced into my mouth. Finally the blindfold was removed and I could see.

My front have was sticking out of a wall and secured the way I was my face was at the perfect height to give blow jobs. I could feel that my ass was equally exposed and waiting. Masao kissed me on my forehead and told me to have fun. He had barely turned to walk away when I felt a cock slide into my pussy. Before the cock behind me even really got started a guy walked in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. The guy fucking my pussy pulled out before he cam and shot his load all over my back. Just when he finished another cock entered my pussy. When the guy just fucking my face came he too pulled out and came all over my face.

This continued for 3 hours during which time I came at least 5 times. When I was finally released I was literally covered in cum and exhausted. Masao left me naked but zipped me back into my armbinder, gagged me and put the clit clip/leash back onto me. As I was guided out of the club I got lots of applause. He drove me to my house and guided me still naked inside. He bent me over a table, tied a rope collar around my neck and tied the other end to the table so I could not get up. He then showed his cock into my ass and fucked me until he came. He left me there and as he left he left the front door opened so I could be seen from the outside.

About 45 minutes later I was woken up by the people living next to me talking over me. They were Americans and asked if the note was for real. They showed it to me and it said they could fuck me all they wanted until 12 but they had to leave the door opened and share me if others joined in. I said yes and then they each fucked me. By the time they were done another person had come in and he too took his turn. Be they time 12 had rolled around and I was released I had cum leaking out of both my crotch holes and I was again covered in wet cum.

I got cleaned up and went to sleep. I knew my life here had just change. The people living near me knew about my submissive slut side and I still had that party Sunday. I decided not to worry about it then and just fell asleep.

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