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The Cage

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f; latex; catsuit; club; capture; cage; susp; electro; torment; cons/nc; XX

A short story of revenge

Sondra and Saffron Stone were twins, their dark raven hair always made them different. Their hair was long and had a soft curl. Their tall curvy figures were in their eyes perfect! The girls grew up wanting for nothing, as children their parents owned a hundred and twenty acre estate in Oxfordshire and as teenagers they finished their education at Oxford.

They worked on many levels, using their bodies to gain control of men and women, either one could talk their way around other people, they honed the art from an early age jousting for control with their mother and father. Together they just got what they wanted! In there teens they discovered Lesbianism, they caught their mother in bed with her very female personal trainer. Their silence gained them much leverage, but they discovered their father was going to a Mistress, and were very interested in her when they discovered the Mistress had a dungeon! The twins seduced Mistress Maxine and within days had reduced her to little more than their sexual plaything. The twin gained much
from Mistress Maxine, namely a keen interest in Latex!

They caught their father in the dungeon and managed to extract more leverage on him. With his help London was looming, he bought them a flat in docklands, now they were in the right place. The girls had no plans as such, they were only interested in fun!

They decided that being dominant was much more fun than working and set their course to that end. Within a month of moving to London they had a sizable clientele, all women! All mature all well connected, by now their only interest in men was what they could get out of them. After a while, the twins were a fixture in the clubs helped by the rumours that a female cabinet minister was part of their clientele. it boosted business even more. A few of the dommes that came across them found them arrogant, self centred, and a touch naive.

Mistress Raven knew the twins since they moved into London, she was of the opinion live and let live, she didn’t interfere with them and (so far) they hadn’t interfered with her. At least she talked to them which is more then could be said for many Mistresses which had dealt with the twins socially or professionally, but she kept a wary eye on them as she had heard of their sadistic streak for pain and humiliation!

"Ah The Mistress stones!"

"Mistress Raven."

"How are you both?"

"Oh, we’re fine!"

"Oh, you haven’t got Harriet down there have you?" Looking down at their two slaves, crawling along behind them.

"Oh no we couldn’t possibly comment!"

"Oh I’ll just have to put it down to the rumour mongers amongst us!"

"What plans have you for the weekend?"

"Oh I don’t have a full calendar like yourselves, I think I might sit down with a good book and a good glass of wine."

"Well it’s just that we were having a little get together tomorrow night, You’ll come of course?"

"Well, Well Ok, you’ve twisted my arm, I suppose everyone will be rubbered up!"

"Oh for sure, around eight till late."

"I’ll leave Jasmine chained up at home for a change!"

"Absolutely leave your slave chained to a wall pegs all over her body, treat them mean, keep them keen!"

"I’ll have to try that one on her!"

Mistress Raven gazed at the pair walking away, their latex arses were absolute perfection. She wondered how she might persuade them onto their knees, in latex licking and sucking her pussy and sphincter, then gagged, in bondage, and chained to her bed. As they parted company Mistress raven felt a warm feeling inside, she looked at her drink, and thought better of it Pernod and grapefruit wasn’t known for keeping you warm!

The following evening Mistress Raven and her sub Jasmine sat by her wardrobe, Jasmine was gagged and so offered no advice as to what Mistress might like to wear. Jasmine pulled out a cat suit and offered it to Mistress, Mistress Raven dusted herself and squeezed into it. After a few minutes of pulling and smoothing she looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh that’ll do for a start!"

She pulled her knee length boots on and stood taller, Jasmine clapped her hands in approval. The four inch heels took her to a staggering five-eight. Her B cup breasts could have been bigger, she was going to have them done but watched a documentary about botched boob jobs and quickly forgot about it! The downside was she still had little tits, a name that haunted her from school. She had rose above the playground idiots and carved herself a lifestyle which suited her. Mistress picked up Jasmine’s leash and clipped it it her collar and took her down to the dungeon and locked her into her cage, this was were Jasmine stayed overnight when she visited Mistress, she got off on being locked in the cage, she didn’t really need Mistress, except to give her some dried oats in the morning, and order her to eat it in front of Mistress. Just before Mistress gave the bowl she had to piss on the oats and hand it to Jasmine who ate it!

The toxic twins usually had great parties!

She took a coat hanger out of the wardrobe and took the white blouse and put it on. It hugged her as she did it up, she looked at herself in the mirror, she looked good but, it needed more! She looked around the wardrobe and pulled out a hobble skirt. The zip down the back always looked sexy, she wrapped it round her and zipped it to the knees, allowing her to walk. On the back of a chair was her nipple to hips corset, all latex, and all woman she thought. She grabbed her clutch bag and walked out the door!

Mistress Raven arrived, by taxi at around quarter to nine As usual the warehouse looked dead, she pushed the doors and they opened, revealing a glass door and bouncers! The women were over six foot two and looked down on Mistress Raven.

"Hi I’m here for the party!"

"And you are?"

"Mistress Raven!"

"Your not down here!"

"Well the twins told me about the party last night, perhaps they haven’t updated the list?"

"Well they told me, if anyone’s no on the list they don’t get in alright!"

"No it not… Alright! go and ask them!"

The first Bouncer looked at the second!

"Looks like we’ve got trouble!"

The next thing she remembered was some sort of gun was thrust into her side and zap! Goodnight Vienna!

As Mistress Raven came to she realised that she was hanging, her clothes had gone. As she came round she was in the middle of the party, The heavy drum and bass seemed to pound into her skull! Her hands were hand cuffed above her head and she seemed to be in a dancing cage. There was a gag in her mouth and she had a helmet zipped over her head. As she got moving, one of the twins walked through the crowd, she had on a latex catsuit and corset, as she gazed up at Mistress Raven a wry smile came over her. There had to be some terrible mistake, she tried to speak through the gag but because of the music nothing but a gurgle came out!


The twin had a remote control in her hand, she pressed a button .


Mistress Raven had a torture chastity belt on, and she had just been zapped! Right in the clit!

She started dancing, the other twin joined her sister, they both smiled at Mistress Raven, with a knowing look, then disappeared into the crowd. She kept dancing for twenty minutes, when a man grabbed her cage and swung it around! She looked at him and noticed he had some sort of cattle prod in his hands! She realised she was his brand new toy! The cage was designed so that hands could not get in (or out) of the cage, but electro prods and wands were smaller than hands and slipped easily between the steel of the cage.



She looked for him but he could move the cage she was in, and kept her facing the other way, finally she saw him again and she recognised him! He was a slave of a friend of hers! Mistress Isabel, she would find him later, but where was Mistress Isabel, maybe she could get her out of here!



The twins were back!

Mistress Raven tried to indicate this slave was up to no good and needed his cock bitten off but one of them screamed at her , "DANCE BITCH, I’VE TOLD YOU ONCE!"


She started dancing again, she just couldn’t tell which one was which, not that it was important at the moment! This was going to be a long night!

The twins left, just as the slave thought it OK to come out of hiding Mistress Isabel came looking.

"immmmmmmmm!" "IMmmmmmmmmmm!" "IMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Isabel looked at her, as they made eye contact she glared at her, Isabel looked again and suddenly she recognised her

"Karen, is that you?

Mistress Raven nodded franticly

"What the hell are you doing in there?"

Mistress Raven tried to raise her arms.

"OK the cage is padlocked Karen, I’ll try to find out who’s got the key!"

"iiifff dddaaa mmiiiinnnnn!"

Magically Isabel not only understood, she wasn’t very surprised either

"Right I’ll find them!

A couple of minutes later Isabel and the twins walked up to the cage.

"We just thought it would be a bit of fun!"

One of the twins unlocked the cage, whilst the other unlocked the cuffs Mistress Raven finally was released from the cage. The cage had not even been lowered, she jumped down trying to get the gag out of her mouth!
As she ripped the helmet off Isabel gasped


"One of the twins, with a smirk on her face said. "We thought you could do with a trim!"

SMACK! The flat of Mistress Raven’s hand connected with tweedle dum !

"We didn’t mean SMACK!

Tweedle dummer flew through the air, as Mistress Raven tried to get the chastity belt off she noticed her antagonist hiding behind the cage.

"The moment I lose this belt you lose your balls you sick shit!"

Isabel looked at the terrified slave.

"He thinks it’s fun to stick a cattle prod up my arse!"

Isabel glared at him!

"You rotten fucking bastard your CB’s going on tonight till further notice!"

Mistress Raven was a well respected Domme a lot of people had put two and two together and decided to leave quickly. In ten minutes the dance floor had emptied and Mistress Raven had got out of the torture chastity with the help of the keys!.

The bouncers that zapped her at the door walked over to them.

"Oi you!" SMACK One swing kick later, the bouncer that had zapped Mistress Raven was out cold lying flat on her back on the dance floor

The other one looked a bit worried Mistress Raven looked her in the eyes

"I’m sorry I wasn’t privy to all this!" As she looked at her colleague, "And I think she was only following instructions!"

Mistress Raven looked her square in the eyes! "I want my clothes, I want my bag and I want some scissors!"

"Yes Mistress!"

The bouncer came back with Mistress Raven’s clothes, bag and a large pair of scissors.

"Perfect! Thank you!"

She handed the clothes to Mistress Isabel and made short work of cutting the hair off the twins.

"Not so pretty now!"

Mistress Raven smirked, as they started to come round. she pick one of them up and dragged the twin towards the cage, Isabel realised what she had in mind and helped her by lifting the legs into the cage. By the time the pair of them got them both in the cage they were showing signs of waking, they were gagged and both had their hands cuffed at the top of the cage. She had dressed herself by the time they were conscious .

One looked at the other and screamed, the other looked at the first and screamed!

"Ooh! There’s not much room in there, is there!" Said Isabel trying hard not to laugh.

"You gave me a trim I gave you a trim, That’s fair isn’t it! You put me in a cage, I put you in a cage, only you don’t get out I hope your listening, I so hate to repeat myself!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" "Mmmmmmmnnnn!"

"Nnnnnnoooooppphhhh!" "Pppplllleeeffff!"

Mistress Raven took her mobile out of her bag.

"You see I have friends that would love to keep you exactly where I’ve got you. All I have to do is ring them and they’ll have you taken away. And once your in you will never get out! So Isabel what do you reckon highest bidder wins?"

Mistress Raven pushed some buttons and walked away to have a private conversation. She stood at the other end of the dance hall, the guests and DJ long gone!

Finally she popped her phone back in her bag.

"Well, we’ll find out in ten minutes, the bids will start coming in."

'Beep, beep'

Mistress Raven took her mobile out of her bag again and looked.

"Well twenty two grand for two tarts without much hair! Not bad for an opening bid!"

In a few minutes Mistress Raven’s mobile sounded more like an old telephone exchange, every couple of seconds the mobile bleeped.

"Well, well, well, I think we just might have a winner! Thirty eight grand! Oh I know she hates the ground you two walk on!"

"Do you like ponies?"

The twins look blankly at her.

"Oh I hope so! Where your going I think you’ll need to!"

The deal was done! And twenty minutes later a large van pulled up outside the warehouse. Two very big men came and collected the cage, with the twins still inside. Lambs to the slaughter.

A few weeks later Mistress was sent an invite to a farm in Oxfordshire. The invite was for her and friends to view Mistress Victoria’s newest ponies. So Mistress Raven, Mistress Isabel and slaves went to visit the farm, where they were met Mistress Victoria after a relaxing lunch. The Mistresses were shown the stables and Mistress Victoria shown them her latest ponies.

Gone was the air of arrogance, shaven bald, head and pussy. They were covered in whip marks from their backs to below their knees and they were pierced from their noses to their inner and outer labia, and everything in between. Their arms were strapped behind them in a mono-glove, their feet were had clumpy pony boots and their head harnesses deprived them of speech. with large painful bits forced in their mouths!

"You know," Said Mistress Victoria, "Who owns that all of that side of the valley!"

The Mistresses looked at each other.

"No, no idea!"

"Their father! I saw him and his wife a week ago and told him I had them! And you know what they did? They paid me double to keep them !"


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