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The Bed

by K

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© Copyright 2011 - K - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; bed; sheets; vacuum; transform; bodymod; climax; cons; X

I had got myself a job to document an old tenement flat that had been empty for years over a legal argument, but now it had been sorted out. They wanted me to photograph it before the building was pulled down due to its historical nature. This particular flat had not been altered or even touched for about 50 years. I had been given a day to finish the job. They gave me the key and I let myself in. I got straight down to it and thought that I could get it done in half a day and still be paid for the day.

The job was quite interesting as the place was so old but it was very dusty. All was going well and I only had 2 rooms to go. The bedroom and the back room. The bedroom was much the same as the other rooms apart from a heavy dustsheet over the bed. It had not been touched as it was covered in dust. I pulled it off the bed and to my amazement found that the bed was made up with still glossy black latex sheets and pillowcases.

I couldn't believe my eyes I had fantasized about a bed exactly like this one. Before I knew what I was doing I was stripping off my clothes and getting ready to slip between the cool latex sheets. At that point I stopped to try and think why the bed was made up this way and why it looked like brand new. I decided to figure it out later on and to make the most of it now. I climbed on the bed and was so turned on by the slick feel of the latex. So smooth and sexy. The musky smell was overpowering and it made me feel light headed. I lay on top of it rubbing my body up and down the smooth cold material. I was so turned on by it. I tried to pull back the top sheet but it seemed to be stuck to the bottom one. So I sat on the pillow and pushed my toes between the sheets.

I was trembling with excitement as my feet went under the sheet. As I sat there enjoying the situation my feet seemed to be drawn down into the bed then my legs and my bum. It was as if I was being sucked into the bed. It was happening very slowly but soon I was in up to my waist. I should have pulled myself out but the feeling was overwhelming and I couldn't wait to be swallowed up by the bed. My head became dizzy and I fell back on the padded latex headboard, this made it easer for me to be sucked further down into the bed. It was like I was being slowly consumed - sinking into a warming latex pit. 

My head was spinning, as I was sucked further and further down. Feeling the latex slowly moving over my body was unbelievable. When my nose was the only thing above the sheets I passed out.

I was dreaming about living in an elegant Victorian house where everything was latex. The walls and the floor everything was shiny latex. The wardrobe was full of latex clothes of every color imaginable as were the drawers. I was also dreaming about being in this bed and how it was turning me on more and more until I exploded into an a massive orgasm. This woke me up and I found that the latex had shrunk all around my body. I couldn't move at all I was trapped in it! This only had the affect of making me come again, and soon after that again. I was out of control! I was in heaven! I just lay there, as the latex seemed to move and stroke my whole body. It went on and on as I drifted in and out of a heavenly dream like state. I never wanted it to stop.

I must have passed out again because I woke up shivering and I found myself on top of the sheets instead of inside of them. It was at this point that I know that I had to somehow to have this bed. I got dressed and tried to take the sheets off the bed. I then found that the sheets were part of the bed itself. This was going to make it more difficult to get it out of this place. I went down to the van (That I had borrowed to get all my lights and things in) and got a dust cover and some sticky tape to wrap the bed in. There were some workmen working next door and I asked them if they would help me to get the bed into the van. After a lot of trouble we got the bed into the van, but I am sure the men had seen that it was made of latex. As they kept giving me funny looks.

When I got home I asked the woman next door to help me in with it. I then went back to photograph the room without the bed and finish the job. I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. I could only think about the bed and how I longed to be back in it.

I then took the key back had a quick bit to eat and raced back to my wonderful bed. I was taking my clothes off as I walked in the door. As I passed the mirror in the bedroom I notes that my skin looked shiny and blemish free. I went back to it and not only was I shiny but my skin was getting darker. Although this was frightening it didn't stop me from pushing my feet between the latex sheets again. The bed seemed to have power over me and nothing could have stopped me from slipping between the sheets again. It flashed through my mind that maybe this is what had happened to the people that had lived in the flat. It was then that the bed took control and an orgasm was building inside of me. It wasn't long before I was in heaven again. My head was spinning I could feel the latex caressing my body all over. Taking me over the top again and again until I passed out exploding in bliss.

When I woke I couldn't move and the sheet now covered my head as well. I was totally sealed inside of it as if vacuum packed in latex. I couldn't move a muscle. As I lay there it felt as if hands were massaging me all over and concentrating on the area between my legs and my breasts. This went on and on until I fell asleep completely tired out. When I woke the bed was pulsating tightening and then relaxing. I wondered what was happening to me and how silly I was to have put myself in this position. At the same time I wanted to be here inside this my wonderful bed.

I tried to move but as I did the sheets tightened and the more I moved the tighter it got. It seemed that it had given me what I wanted and now it was its turn to get what it wanted. It was too late for me now I was frightened that I would never get out of it again! At the same time I didn't want to get out - ever. This sudden realization scared and thrilled me in equal extreme measures. 

Did I want to give up my life? 

I decided that if I got out I would not do this again. If I didn't get out then this is what I had dreamed of so why was I bothered. The other thing was if I did get out could I stop myself getting back in again. It was at this point that my head started spinning again and the feeling of being turned into latex took me over. That was it - I was being slowly turned into latex. I passed out.

When I woke I was on top of the sheet and free. I jumped up and looked in the mirror. My whole body was shiny black latex! My long hair now like some sort of molded foam latex in a permanant doo like a mannequin. My first thought was to get back into the bed. NO! I must stop this now. I will not get in the bed again, but I couldn't stop myself from climbing back on the bed and started to push my feet back under the sheet.

There was a knock at the door and it stopped me. I got up and looked out of the window. It was the woman next door. I put a dressing gown on and went down stairs. I spoke to her through the door. She said that she hadn't seen me since she helped me with the bed, which was nearly a week ago. Without thinking I opened the door and said, "A week! What are you talking about?"

She said, "What has happened to you?" I had forgotten that my face was latex. Eyes wide at my appearance she came in and I told her what had happened.

She didn't know what to say but she wanted to see the bed. I took her upstairs and as soon as she saw it I know that she wanted to try it out. She smelt the latex and it seemed to take control of her. "Can I try it?" she said.

"Do you really want to become latex?" I replied.

"No but I have the overpowering need to get in it".

Before I could stop her she had taken off her clothes and was trying to get in the bed, but no matter how hard she tried the sheets would not part and she couldn't get in it. In the end she had to give up.

She then apologised and got dressed. She said that the only thing that she thought I could do was get back in it, as I couldn't live with black latex skin now could I? After a long chat she wished me luck with a hug and a kiss and left. I stood looking in the mirror for a while marveling at my sheer slick glossy skin and how it had also shaped me so my waist was so much smaller, my ass rounder and breasts just fuller. An idealized version of myself dipped in tight black gloss. 

A wave of deep need built up in me while standing there taking in what I had become, what the bed had made me into. I stared and stared as I looked and I swore I saw my statuesque figure in the mirror move on her own. She pointed to herself and then up towards my bedroom. I snapped out of it and went back upstairs and slipped back between the sheets into my lovely latex prison.



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