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The Barn

by Celeste

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© Copyright 2004 - Celeste - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Liz stared out of the caravan window. Through the streaks of rain, she could just make out the figure of her boyfriend Gary standing chatting to the postman. Knee deep in mud the pair laughed and joked as Gary signed for yet another package. Liz watched the post van bump and jolt it's way down the dirt road that lead off the property and wondered why the hell she didn't just jump aboard it and get back to civilisation, but she knew why and turned to watch Gary trudge off through mud up to the barn in the distance. 

She was here because of a promise and for once she was actually going to keep her word, Liz knew that this was her last chance to prove to Gary that she could be faithful. It had sounded a simple enough arrangement, start a new life out in the sticks, Liz hadn't counted on the six months living in a caravan whilst the barn conversion was finished but at least she was trying! 

Steadily the relationship had gone from bad to worse Gary worked all hours in the barn and Liz was thoroughly fed up of never going out seeing her friends, she just wanted to dress up for once .........and of course there's nothing can kill the passion more than spending your evenings wrapped in blankets in a damp caravan!

Liz dug deep in her pocket searching for her mobile... Dave’s number, she knew she could have a great night with Dave, no signal!!! No bloody signal.

Liz slumped back onto the couch, she tried her hardest to ignore where she was and visualise exactly what she and Dave would be doing if she had got a signal. She imagined opening the big oak chest that sat at the bottom of his bed pulling out each slick black garment in turn and deciding what to wear, she imagined pulling up latex stockings, fastening her corset and laying on the bed waiting for Dave. The caravan door slammed open shocking Liz from her daydream, she threw Gary a look that could kill. She desperately tried to hold her temper but no more!!!! 

"I've had it Gary! Months of cold damp boredom, the caravans cold and damp" she spat and adding that cold edge of venom only a woman can give she screamed "and your boring" she flounced into the bedroom and tried to slam the flimsy door.

Calmly Gary bent down and picked up Liz's phone, he gave a resigned sigh "Dave" he wasn't surprised. He walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed next to the sobbing Liz, "I've got a surprise for you" he said calmly.

Liz sat up and glared at him "Let me guess, some exciting bit of plumbing, a really thrilling floor board I just HAVE to see." 

A long cold silence descended as the two just sat, Liz fuming, Gary doing his best to keep his temper. He stood up to leave the room then said what almost seemed like an after thought, " Actually I wanted to tell you that the place is fit to move into but......." 

Liz bounded out of the bedroom "REALLY you mean we can move out of this awful van" 

Gary grinned and Liz flung her arms round him. 

Gary held out a door key, " I figure after having waited so long you should get to have some fun, go and unlock I'll give you two hours to yourself then join you" 

Liz looked puzzled Gary smiled "go on, I think you'll like what you find" 

Liz didn't really know what to say but Gary's smile set her wondering and she headed off up to the barn or to be precise what she could now call home.

The house smelt of fresh paint, as she stepped inside candlelight flickered across the whitewashed walls. The main room with it's high vaulted ceiling was bare of furniture except for a mattress draped in a white sheet, a package sat beside it with a bottle of champagne on ice. 

"Ok Gary I get the hint" she said to herself, "I suppose you deserve it." Liz picked up a candle and went off to explore. The only other room with any lighting was the bathroom. A huge cast iron bath sat squarely in the middle of the floor full to the brim with hot water, Liz almost squealed she was so excited. She lay back in the tub and imagined her life in the big beautiful new house; maybe Gary wouldn't be so bad, for now anyway. 

Meanwhile Gary sat back in the caravan and looked at Liz’s phone, "no signal, now that is handy".

Liz sat on the mattress wrapped in a towel and threw a third glass of champagne down her neck. She lifted the package onto her lap, she tore open the anonymous wrapping, she pulled the shiny black garment from its wrapping and stood holding it against her. The mermaid gown, how could Gary have known? The number of times she'd pleaded with Dave to buy it for her! 

Unable to contain her excitement Liz pulled the gown on, sliding her hand over her hips and breasts, smoothing out each inch of latex until it clung to her body like a sheer shining second skin. She wished she had a mirror to see how good she knew she looked, her slender arms encased from hand to elbow in shiny latex gloves, her full peach ass covered in the tightest layer of latex. She was so entranced by the gown turning this way and that she didn't notice Gary step up beside her. 

She let out a small scream as Gary put his arms tight around her waist "JESUS GARY!!!" she yelled getting her breath back, "You scared the hell out of me!!!" 

Liz squirmed trying to get out of his grip but Gary held firm, "I take it you like the dress?" Liz tried to relax but there was something in Gary's tone that told her to keep struggling. 


Gary pulled his grip tighter pinning Liz's arms to her side, "and the house you like the house?" Gary's voice remained relaxed and calm.

"Ok Gary this isn't funny...yes, yes I love the house now please let me go!"

"Well I'm glad you like it because, lets just say your not going to leave any time soon." 

Liz panicked and began screaming she kicked desperately at Gary, but her tiny frame was nothing against him.

He lay her face down on the mattress, moving to sit astride her back, Liz's struggling subsided into sobs and it didn't take much for Gary to push the ball gag deep into her mouth. Cuffs placed on wrists and fastened behind her back. Gary pulled Liz to her feet " I bet there’s one bit of the house you didn't check out!" 

Gary hoisted Liz onto his shoulder and headed to the corner of the room opening a small door he descended a steep set of stairs. Liz became aware of the lighting getting stronger. Liz desperately looked around the room they reached but from her position over Gary's shoulder all she could see was flashes of black and chrome, the bright flourescent light hurting her eyes.

Gary lay Liz face down on the rooms tiled floor and walked away for a few brief seconds. All Liz could do was strain to lift her head to try and make out where she was, but before she could see more than black walls Gary returned, "Just a couple of things to help you pass the time." 

Liz whined into the ball gag so effectively silencing her as Gary slid the dildo deep inside her wet pussy. Still reeling from this intrusion there was nothing Liz could do as she was pulled tight back into the tightest of hogties. Gary sat back and looked at the helpless bound female lying in front of him, the sound of her sobbing and pitiful whines gave Gary an amazing hard on, ‘not just yet’ he thought to himself and walked off to collect some more packages.

He unwrapped the hood slowly in front of Liz's face it's red latex shone in the light, the attached ball gag hanging. 

"Only the finest for my little latex slut" he smiled making sure Liz could see just how restricting the deprivation hood was. 

"Erosboutique? I believe that’s where Dave got his stuff from?" 

Liz tried to beg but all she managed we're muffled grunts. 

"Don't bother,” snapped Gary, "it's too late! You’ve fucked around on me for too long, each one of those parcels you saw delivered contained something to help turn you into my rubber toy." 

Liz tried to struggle and scream but she was going nowhere, Gary unbuckled the ball gag and began pulling the tight latex hood over her head, the hoods gag silenced Liz's last garbled pleading as it sunk deeply into her mouth the strap digging into her tear stained cheeks.

Gary watched the latex covered woman rock gently, finishing off her restraint by pulling a thick latex band around her knees clamping them tightly together. Defined muscles tensing against their taught latex covering. 

"12 hours like that should do her." laughed Gary. "I've got stuff to do, call Dave he's gona love seeing Liz like this.... and of course the post’s due"




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