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Dressing for a Latex Party

by Tightlatextights

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We had been planning the outfit for months, and finally the day was upon us.

The outfit was for me, not my wife

I have been a latex fetishist for years and I have slowly been able to bring my wife round to my way of thinking, although she is not as out there as me.

We live in South Africa, where latex is scarce and expensive and really hard core fetish parties are few and far between. However I was determined to design an outfit for myself that would stun the small South African fetish world if I ever got the chance.

So I started planning and thinking, often with a racing pulse and a raging hard on.

I sent sketches and descriptions backwards and forwards to various top European latex designers and finally we had agreed on a design.

Now all we needed was an event to showcase it.

At last it was announced that a moderate fetish club in Cape Town would be hosting a latex evening and I took my chance. I will never forget my excitement when I placed the order for my outfit. We also decided that in order for my wife to fit in she would need something appropriate.

After a few months of waiting a package arrived at the post office. I could not contain my excitement  but my wife would not let me open the package until the morning of the party. However she did force me to masturbate twice a day for a week before the party, the reasons for which will become apparent shortly.

Shortly after lunch it was time to start preparing. We decided that my wife would dress first, for two main reasons. When I saw her dressed up in her tight shiny ensemble it would keep me on edge for the rest of the afternoon but both her and my bodies would be off limits during the duration of the dressing so it would drive me WILD. Secondly, there is little chance that I would be able to contain myself at the house if I had dressed first.

After she had got out of the shower, clean, freshly shaven all over and naked, she opened her latex box of magic.

She was to be dressed in a classic manner, with a couple of twists, while I was to be the daring one…

Her first item was a pair of black latex tights, complete with feet and built in vaginal dildo. My wife absolutely loves to do anal, but we though for an entire evening a pair of tights with both vaginal and anal dildos may be a bit much. It took her a while to get her tights on and to get the dildo aligned and fitting snugly. Once we had smoothed out the creases in the tights I liberally applied some silicone spray and buffed the tights up to a sheen. I must confess that I was naked while doing this and half way through the exercise I was unable to control myself and spontaneously ejaculated. My wife pretended to be angry, but deep down I could see she was turned on. She abruptly fitted by CB1000 chastity device before I had a chance to get hard again.

Once she had her tights on, it was time for the corset. We had selected a boned PVC overbust one and it took me a while to lace her up tightly, something I was really looking forward to as it was my chance next.  Over the corset she slipped on a white chiffon long sleeved fitted top. The corset was plainly visible under the top. Next she slipped on a black knee length latex pencil skirt, and I got to work polishing it with silicone spray. I managed to contain myself this time.

Next she donned a pair of 6 inch black high heels. My wife is tall a 5 foot 10 so she now towered over me. I am a big heels fan so by now my manhood was struggling somewhat in the chastity device

That was her done for now. Accessories would follow later. She did mention to me that she was rather enjoying the latex dildo inside of her…

Right, now it was my chance

The first item of my transformation was a full body black latex catsuit. It had feet, long sleeves and came up to my neck. It also contained a penis sheath and an anal opening. In order not to mess in the sheath later, I put on a condom and then began the lengthy process of squeezing into the catsuit. This took the better part of 15 minutes and due to the hard work and concentration involved I had by that stage lost my erection even though I was encased in a condom and a latex sheath. My wife took the opportunity to put the chastity device on over the catsuit sheath, which both frustrated and excited me immensely.  She then polished me up nicely

Next my wife tightlaced me into a very stiff black PVC underbust corset. I had tried tightlacing before and my body was getting used to corsets so achieving the desired hourglass shape came reasonably easily.

After that I pulled on a pair of black latex stockings, over the catsuit. These were kept in place by 10 suspender clasps that were attached to the bottom of the corset. It was all starting to come together and my head was buzzing…

Next came a complete black latex head mask, with cutouts for eyes, nostrils and mouth. The feeling of my wife polishing my smooth latex head with silicone spray is hard to describe.

After the mask my wife decided it was time for the custom made skirt. This was a clear latex hobble skirt, reaching down to mid calf level. It had a cut out for my bum (spanking skirt style) as well as a cutout in the front for my penis sheath to protrude. It was lace up at the back from the bottom of the cutout to the bottom of the skirt. I slipped it on, aligned my penis through the sheath (the chastity was by now removed so I was fully erect) and smoothed it out. Lacing up the skirt to restrict my movement would wait for later.

Next I slipped my arms into a pair of black shoulder length latex gloves. So now my entire body was covered in latex, although my very erect penis was visible to all, albeit covered by a black latex sheath.

But that was not all. I needed shoes. My wife had bought me the same 6 inch high heels that she was wearing, so I slipped those on and instantly felt a new sense of power. High heels do that to you…

It was almost time for the finishing touches. A neck corset followed, to ensure that I remained fully erect throughout my body

By now it was nearly time to go, so my wife unpacked a huge black plastic anal vibrator that was operated via a 1.5m long cord with the controls on the end. She ordered me to spread my legs (the hobble skirt was not yet laced up) and slowly inserted the plug into my butt after liberally coating it in lubricant. Once that was done she laced up the bottom of the skirt rather tightly, so I could only walk in tiny steps.

Finally, she applied some bright red lipstick to my lips and I was ready to go.

She still had the finishing touches to put to her outfit. She also slipped on a full head latex mask and shoulder length gloves. I was in no state to help so she polished these herself. Lipstick also completed her outfit.

She had ordered a limo to take us to the party. The driver was literally speechless when he saw us. She has a great body, and the tight shiny latex combined with the high heels, shiny stockings and corset made her a sight to behold. The driver must have been a bit more than bewildered with me, as I was dressed in the most hard core feminine clothes imaginable (corset, stockings, hobble skirt, high heels, lipstick etc) yet I had a large erection protruding from the opening in my hobble skirt.

Part 2: The Party

Only once we were in limo and on our way, did I notice that my wife had brought along a little PVC backpack. I was curious to learn what was in it, but she advised that I need to be patient and it will be well worth the wait

My wife also whispered in my ear that seeing me dressed up like a latex slut that had got her extremely turned on and that combined with the fact that she was wearing a dildo that she could not remove due to the complication of her outfit had her buzzing and squirming. That in turn got me more worked up and my erection got even harder (if that was possible!)

As we got closer to the club where the party was to be held I became more and more nervous. I had never been to a fetish party like this before and my main concern was whether I would be a little “overdressed.”

I needn’t have worried. We were dropped right at the door and were inside in a flash. I certainly was overdressed, and was about to become even more overdressed, thanks to what my wife had in the backpack. However from the minute we walked in, people came over to us to admire by outfit and my wife’s curves that she had poured into her tight latex. In order to let everybody know that I belonged to her, she had threaded the cord from my anal plug through the spanking hole in my skirt and was using it as a leash to keep me in check! She also alternated between turning it on and off, which kept me in a constant state of arousal and anticipation.

Next she took me into the bathroom (thank goodness they were unisex) and asked me if I was ready to see what was in the bag. Of course I was! She pulled out not one, but two, giant dildos. One had straps attached so it would fit me like a g-string. She threaded this through my spanking skirt, folded the front of the skirt down ever so slightly so that the dildo would sit about 10cm above my own penis and then strapped it up firmly so I now had two penises.     

The other one I saw had a ball gag and straps attached to it. She placed the ball gag firmly in my mouth and tied the straps around my smooth latex clad head. The gag was therefore in my mouth and the dildo stuck out straight in front of me. These additions  naturally created even more interest and several curious ladies requested my wife if they could run their hands over my smooth, tight, latex clad body. My wife made it clear that only my “real” penis was off limits. Anything else was free for all to explore. At one stage I had three gorgeous leather, latex and PVC clad girls rubbing their hands all over me…

My wife told me to explore a bit as soon I would find it a lot more difficult to move around. This piqued my curiosity but I was also keen to see what the party had to offer, so my wife let me carry my own anal vibrator cord and go for a wander. By now my feet were getting a little sore as I was not used to walking around for lengthy periods of time in 6 inch heels. However the thrill it gave me was well worth it.

Almost all of the people at the party were wearing black of some sort, however a girl wearing all white caught my eye. I tried to get a bit closer to have a look at her. Upon closer inspection I could see that she was wearing an all white catsuit, including gloves, a tightlaced white leather corset, a white tutu, and instead of wearing pointe shoes she was wearing a pair of ankle high ballet boots. Her hair was tied back into a tight bun. The perfect fetish ballerina. And best of all, she was able to walk in the ballet boots – a feat that is not accomplished with ease by many people.

She was small, petite and carried herself really well, even though she was walking in ballet boots. I had only seen the back of her, so was pleasantly surprised when she turned around after being called by a friend. My heart skipped a beat. I was face to face with my PA from the office.

I managed to compose myself and then remembered that I was covered from head to toe in latex and she would not recognise me. I also remembered that she was a ballerina, hence her ability to walk in those delicious ballet boots. In the office she had always seemed so innocent, but then again, I doubt whether she would have guessed it to be me under all my layers of latex either.

As per my wife’s suggestion I spent a bit more time exploring. Most people were dressed appropriately for a fetish party, but none had gone all out like I had. I loved the attention as well as the fact that I knew I may climax at any time and nobody would know, provided I could stay composed. However I wanted to stay on the edge for as long as possible.

Another party goer caught my eye. She was a girl of medium height, but like most people at the party was wearing heels that looked at least 5 inches in height. They appeared to be in black patent leather and had no platform whatsoever. They were closed toe shoes and the heel was tapered down to a spike. Art. Her legs were encased in what appeared to be either black latex stockings or black latex tights. It was impossible to see because she was wearing a mid calf length fitted shiny gunmetal grey latex dress. It was long sleeve and had gloves built into it.

But what made it really unique is that it had a high neck and a full face mask attached as well, so the dress and the mask were one. There were cutouts for her mouth, nostrils and eyes. The whole dress was extremely tight and this girl could only walk with very small steps, which she did with extreme care, deliberation and grace. Due to the tightness of the dress and the height of her heels, her hips swayed rather seductively with each step she took. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

I spent a while walking around and got cornered by two rather pretty girls who were wearing remote control vibrators and had each other’s remotes. It was rather exciting to watch them stimulate each other and they took great pleasure out of turning my vibrator on and off while sucking on my strategically placed dildos.

Finally I retired to the bar and to a seat, although dressed in my attire it was rather difficult to sit so I managed to sort of lean against a bar stool. Due to the fact that I couldn’t remove any of my clothing easily meant I wasn’t’ drinking alcohol as going to the toilet would be a problem. My wife found me there and by her amorous mood I could tell that the inaccessible dildo inside of her was working its magic.

However she soon snapped out of that and informed me that it was now time to see what the final item in the backpack was. She opened it up and to my amazement presented me with a pair of knee length black ballet boots. I had been almost envious of my PA and her ballet boots and now I had my own, although I was terrified about how painful they would be and whether I would be able to walk in them.  As previously mentioned, I have experience walking in high heels but not for long periods of time and certainly not in ballet heels. However I couldn’t wait to get them on.

My wife helped me onto a comfortable sofa (at least as comfortable as could be considering I had a 6 inch vibrator in my anus) and took my stilettoes off. She then slowly started lacing me into my ballet boots. I found that I needed to keep my feet relaxed for them not to hurt, but the pain was overshadowed by my intense thrill at seeing my very own feet and legs being encased in a tight pair of ballet boots, where they would be immovable.  After what seemed like an eternity she was finally done and only then did I realise that a small crowd had gathered, including both my PA and the girl in the gunmetal latex dress.

My wife helped me up and my PA came over to offer advice on how to stand and walk in the ballet boots, seeing as she was quote the expert. I was too busy trying to ensure that she didn’t recognise me to take in what she was saying, but I think I did okay because I was able to walk all of 10 steps to a private room that my wife had organised. I now must have been a real sight, dressed in a latex catsuit, latex stockings with 10 clasp suspenders, a tight corset, latex face mask, neck corset, long latex gloves, clear latex hobble skirt, penis sheath, ballet boots, a strap on dildo and and ball gag with another strap on dildo attached. It doesn’t get much more hard core than that, and I was in heaven. The ultimate latex object of desire.

I made it to a large bed in the private room, where my wife instructed me to lie down on my back. I did as I was told and she abruptly locked me to each of the 4 bedposts with sets of handcuffs. Once I was secured she turned my anal vibrator onto maximum speed and told me to relax and enjoy myself. She then told me that she had been watching me and that she could see I had a thing for the ballerina and the girl in the gunmetal dress.  Before I could respond both of them appeared in front of me and started admiring my outfit. My wife gave them a can of silicone spray each and they sprayed me and rubbed me up until I was gleaming once again. My wife asked if there was anything they would like to do to me and they just looked at each other and smiled. 

The girl with the latex gunmetal dress hiked the dress up as much as she could. This was no easy feat as it was extremely tight. I had been wondering all night whether she was wearing tights or stockings and the answer revealed itself. She was wearing a pair of crotchless tights. By now my mind was racing and I couldn’t wait to see what happened next

My PA ballerina pulled off a white pair of latex panties that she had been wearing over her catsuit to reveal the opening in her catsuit. She kept her tutu and ballet heels on. The ballerina took a liberal amount of lube and coated the dildo attached to my ballgag. Gunmetal girl did the same to my strap on. By now I knew what was to follow. Gunmetal girl was first. She hiked her tight dress up even more, kept her heels on like any fetishist would, and mounted my strap on. She must have been extremely wet because she slid on in one movement and then stopped there and groaned. I was going crazy. She was facing me and I could feel my real penis touching her latex covered arse.

Next it was my PA’s chance. She opened her white latex covered legs and mounted the strap on attached to my mouth. She was facing Gunmetal Girl and she too slid down easily after which she also let off a loud moan. I was straining to see but due to my restraints, corsets and the fact that the ballerina was wearing her tutu I couldn’t see much. However I did see them lean towards each other and embrace in a passionate kiss. This set them off and they both started riding their dildos.

All I wanted to do was wrap my arms around my PA’s latex clad thighs but of course I was bound to the bed. I was forced to keep my head upright so that the ballerina could satisfy herself properly.  They were obviously really enjoying themselves because after a few minutes they both crumpled into a heap moaning and kissing each other and finally they climbed off me. Both of them were spent.

I, in the meantime, was about to explode. I had just had two very sexy women dressed in very sexy outfits, using me as a screwing machine. Neither of them had touched my cock and it was throbbing. My wife asked me if I was enjoying myself and all I could do was nod my head vigorously. She asked me if I wanted to cum and once again I nodded.  She reminded me that it would be rather tricky for her to fuck me because of her latex tights and dildo. However she pulled up her latex skirt as much as she could and rubbed her crotch up against my latex clad penis.

As she did this she reminded me that she had a large latex cock inside her and that she was incredibly horny. That was enough for me and I had a wild, violent climax into my penis sheath.  However I was still tied down and gagged, so I am not sure if too many of the onlookers noticed right away. My wife let me calm down, then looked at her watch and told me that it was still early so there was time for more fun…

Part 3 to follow 


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