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Dressing for the Party

by LatexCat

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© Copyright 2006 - LatexCat - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; slaves; cons; XX

I guess before I begin, I ought to introduce myself. I'm know by my friends as the LatexCat due to my liking of dressing in tight latex clothing. I'm a 26 year old lesbian who likes to share the responsibility of being dominate and submissive in her scenes. I'm attractive, 5"7, weigh 120lbs and have a 36c-24-36 figure. My chestnut hair flows down to cover my ass and I have hazel eyes. I have a nice tanned body as I spend much of my time in the Canary Islands and I work out often to keep my body firm and in shape. I love to act and look like a cat - but definitely a dominant cat.

My GF, know here as Alex but not her real name (and before you ask, neither is it Alexandra or Alexandretta or anything remotely similar), and I have been seeing each other for over two years now. She is 5"3, weighs 100lbs and has a 32b-21-32 figure. She has flowing blonde hair that reaches about halfway down her back and a pert little ass which has an exceptionally loose asshole. Her pussy's blonde hair is shaved and is always moist.

I should also say that although the events in this story never happened in this particular linear form, they are all based on fact - but some facts may have been altered for erotic effect. Names have been changed to protect the innocent or, maybe more appropriately, to avoid incriminating the guilty.

And so, the story began . . . . .

It was late, so was she. The parcel had arrived some days before but we had resisted the temptation to try out the goodies held within until tonight - for tonight was the night of our first party in the new house. But she was late. I'd had my shower and been ready to get dressed for at least an hour but we always helped each other get dress for these events. So I was naked as I wandered around the house - naked that is except for my black silk kimono the waist tie for which had been discarded long ago. As I walked around checking that the caterers had brought everything that was needed, my breasts pushed the fabric aside exposing my naked body to the world - good job the house was miles from anywhere.

Finally, I heard a key in the door. "Sorry I'm late. I had some wo..." she tried to gasp as I pulled her to my naked breasts, pushing my tongue into her waiting mouth.

"You're late" I yelled angrily, "And I'll have none of your excuses. The guests will be arriving in half and hour and neither of us are ready. You will be punished for this."

At that moment, I heard a van pull up and then the door bell rang.

"Stand there and get undressed" I told Alex before going to open the door. There standing on the door step were 5 LatexSluts of almost indeterminate sex, dressed ready to serve my guests. The LatexSluts had been sent by their Mistresses and Masters at my request and had been dressed as per my instruction which I had sent to several of my close acquaintances.

Dear friend.

As you may know, I am holding a party on the 25th and will therefore be requiring several serving maids to keep my guests happy. I am writing to ask the possibility of you supplying one (or more) submissive sluts who are hard working and uncomplaining. I require each slut to be dressed as follows - if you have problems getting anything please ask.

The slut will wear black stockings, locked to their constrictive corset which will be locked around their waists - reducing them by at least 4 inches. Their crotches will be covered in a pair of rubber panties (which I will supply) which will have either a pair of inflatable dildos or an inflatable dildo and sheath all of which will be un-inflated for their arrival. Their panties will be locked to their corsets.

At the top, they are required to wear shoulder length black gloves which should be locked together across the shoulders to restricting their arm movements. The female sluts will wear two bras, the first should have a pair of metal rings fastened around their breasts to push them upwards and outwards, the second would be a tighter all latex bra which will push their breasts back in towards their bodies. Their nipples should have weighted chains hanging down from beneath their bras.

The shemales should have pierced nipples which should have their weighted silicone implants hung on. On top they should wear a ring bra pushing the implants away from their body - pulling on there piercings. I shouldn't need to say that their bras should all be locked into place.

Over their latex underwear covered body, they should be wearing black latex maids outfit which I will supply. It will have a loose, very short, skirt section and a skin tight upper body which showed off all of their lines to perfection. They will be gagged with an inflatable dildo harnessed partially in and partially out of their mouths, and it should be held in place by a full face mask (with eye, nose and mouth holes) and any long hair should protrude through a pony tail cut-out and flow down their back.

Finally, to ensure no-one forgot who each slut belongs, to your slut should wear a posture collar to holding their head up. Attached to the collar should be a tag saying "If lost please contact my owner ...." and giving your name and phone number. To make the removal of their own identity complete, a number is painted to the shoulder of the outfits I will supply.

Keys to all the padlocks should be labelled and hung on a chain around the maids neck - to allow access for any guest who so desires it.

I will send a van round for the sluts and they should be ready dressed for its arrival - my driver should not be kept waiting.

Rubber Huggles

Mistress LatexCat

As I showed the LatexMaidSluts to the kitchen and bar area I checked that each was dressed in accordance with my instructions and inflated their crotch toys to apply mild pressure on and in their bodies. I quickly explained that their job for the evening was to give service to the guests in an way that they please but that the guests must see me or their own mistress/master to get their panties removed.

I then left them to go and deal with my own LatexSlut - tonight she was not to serve although we have both served at other peoples parties in the past.

I returned to the front room and there she was - my naked slut standing there wearing just her rubber thong panties - the ones she'd been wearing all day and which were sticky with her juices. I walked up to her and grasped one of her ass cheeks and pull her close to me - her naked body pulled against mine. I move my other hand down towards her crotch and push a finger in - testing how wet and sexy she was. I withdraw my now wet finger and gave it to her to lick clean before repeating with each of my other fingers until she had dirtied and cleaned all of them. I then pushed a finger of my other hand between her ass cheek and up into her asshole. As my finger entered her anus, I kissed down her body until my tongue was able to circle her nipples. They instantly began to grow erect as I sucked and nibbled at first her left nipple and then her right.

As it grew to full hardness, I took Alex's left nipple between my teeth and pulled it sharply away from her body. I could see the pain on her face as she fought the urge to cry out - a sign of weakness that she knew she would be punished for. I released the nipple and as I tightened a clamp down onto it I moved my finger around, massaging her warm ass hole. Once the nipple was tightened to my satisfaction, I move my attention the her right nipple biting it hard and pulling it away from her body. Again she fought her natural urge to cry out either in pleasure or pain until I release the nipple and began to tighten a clamp down onto it. As I tightened the clamp, I pushed a second finger along side the first in her ass - in doing so, I caused her to drop her guard and a noise sounding like a cross between a moan and a cry escaped from her mouth.

Before she knew what was happening or even realised what she had done, Alex was over my knee and a large dildo was in my hand - if she wanted to skate along the fine line between pain and pleasure, I would ensure she got what she deserved.

Her wet pussy accepted the large dildo with ease and was soon filled by its 8 inches. I place a blindfold over her eyes and begin to work the dildo around in her pussy, soon bringing her to the edge of an orgasm.

Thwack . . . . Thwack . . . . Thwack

Without warning, I pick up a paddle and spank her bare ass smartly three times, at the same time twisting and withdrawing the dildo.

"One, Thank you Mistress. Two, Thank you Mistress. Three, Thank you Mistress." Un-prompted Alex thanks me for the spanking she is given as she knows I require.

Again I raise the paddle and spank her again. All the time playing the dildo in and out of her sopping pussy - expertly keeping her on the edge of an orgasm but stopping her from passing over the edge.


"Why are you being punished my Slut?" I ask her as I spank her bare ass.

"Four, Thank you Mistress. I am being punished because I was late and have messed up your plans for getting us dressed Mistress. I am also being punished because I cried out when my kind Mistress was pleasuring me with pain Mistress."

Thwack . . . . Thwack . . . . . Thwack

"And what are you? What will your role be at our party tonight?"

"Five, Thank you Mistress. Six, Thank you Mistress. Seven, Thank you Mistress. I am a LatexSlut Mistress. Tonight I will be used by you to keep our guests entertained Mistress."

Thwack . . . . Thwack

"And what will I do to you to entertain our guests? Why will I do what I do to you?"

"Eight, Thank you Mistress. Nine, Thank you Mistress. You will do to me whatever you see fit to do Mistress. You will do those things to me because I am a LatexSlut - I am your LatexSlut Mistress."


"And how will you be dressed for our guests? How will you act and be treated?"

"Ten, Thank you Mistress. I will be your LatexCat for tonight Mistress. I will be dressed like and act like a naughty cat and therefore be treated like a naughty cat Mistress.

Thwack . . . . Thwack . . . . Thwack . . . . Thwack . . . . Thwack

"And why will I dress you like a naughty cat and treat you like a naughty cat? Why will you act like a naughty cat?"

"Eleven, Thank you Mistress. Twelve, Thank you Mistress. Thirteen, Thank you Mistress. Fourteen, Thank you Mistress. Fifteen, Thank you Mistress. You will dress me and treat me like a naughty cat because you love me Mistress. I will act like a naughty cat because I love you Mistress. You give me what I want and I give you what you want because I am your LatexCat and your are my LatexMistress Mistress.

Her punishment was, for now, finished. I quickly removed the dildo, which had been played in and out of her pussy as she was spanked, and her latex thong. Then quickly as I could, I placed a chastity belt round her waist and, making sure the anal and clitoral stimulators were correctly in place I locked it round her waist. Making sure that the belt was programmed to give her stimulation but not let her cum, I turned the belt on and sent her for a shower.

While she was in the shower, I waited and played with myself. Plotting the continuation of Alex's punishment for being late on such a special occasion. While I was waiting, I heard the guests start to arrive. Imagining what they were be wearing was getting me even hotter and wetter while a cooling breeze blowing across my still naked body was keeping me under control. I could hear the guests talking down below and knew that there would already be some submissives with there leashes tied to the rail installed for that purpose. The guests all knew the house rule "There is to be no play before (a) all the guests have arrived and (b) the Mistress has decreed that play can begin." This suited everyone as it meant that there was time to get acquainted with everyone before the party really began.

Eventually Alex returned dry after her shower and wearing just the chastity belt, a pair of nipple clamps and a look of frustration brought on by the stimulation from the belt. She then began to dress me.

First, she took great handfuls of talc and smoothed it into every crevice of my damp body - drying sweat off everywhere leaving me dry except for my soaking pussy. I stood there and waited for my slut to dress me in the way we had decided some night previous while looking at the mail order catalogue. She opened the box and removed its contents.

First out came a pair of white latex stockings. These she gently rolled up my legs, the right one first and then the left as she had been previously instructed. Alex returned to the box and removes a latex corset which she placed round my waist before threading up - pulling the laces so that the corset reduced my waistline down to 20 inches. The stockings were then attached to the suspender straps of the corset. Moving to my breasts she sucked each nipple to hardness before placing a latex bra with nipple cut-outs on me, fastening the straps tight behind my back. A pair of white latex gloves followed, with each being rolled from my fingers up to my shoulders.

Once the stockings, corset, bra and gloves were hugging my body, Alex took out the new cat suit. This was make of shiny black latex and was made with cut-outs for my crotch. She gently placed my left foot into the suit before returning to the right. Alex then very gently eased the suit up my legs, making sure that it was stretched and pulled tight as it went. Once the suit had reached my crotch, I felt Alex slowly moving upwards to cover my bare ass cheeks before I felt her placing my right hand inside the sleeve, quickly followed by the left hand. Soon, the suit was covering my arms, again pulled and stretched very tight. The remainder of the suit was pulled across my body and was zipped up the front - covering me in black latex from my ankles up to my neck with just my white latex clad hands and feet contrasting with it.

Alex then picked up the cat woman mask and gently used it to cover my head. She pulled my long chestnut hair out through the pony tail cut-out and allowing it to flow down my back and cover the cut-out giving access my asshole before zipping the mask into place. She then laid me gently down of the bed and pushed an inflatable dildo deep inside my pussy and strapped the harness round my waist and crotch. Finally, she picked up the dildo with the attached tail and lubricated it with her saliva before bending me over the dresser and sliding it inside my ass - fastening it to the same harness as the inflatable dildo.

I stood up and admired myself in the mirror, my tail flowing down between my legs. "How do I look?" I asked Alex.

"Mistress Cat" was the only reply that was needed.

While I had been being dressed, the guests had all arrived and were, I was sure, now as horny as hell. All those maids milling around serving them drinks must have tested their resolve to keep to the rules to the limit.

"Well," I said to Alex, "We can't very keep everyone waiting any longer can we. But you're not dressed yet, what are we to do?"

"Anything you see fit Mistress Cat."

Without saying another word, I gazed over at Alex wearing just the chastity belt and a pair of nipple clamps. I wonder. . . .

"Stand there and open wide" I ordered. Knowing better than to argue, she stood still with her mouth wide open.

I walked to the toybox and began to rummage. It wasn't long before I found everything I required (for the time being). I walked back over to Alex and placed the items behind her on the dresser.

Reaching in front of her, I pushed the gag deep inside her mouth and pulled the straps tight behind her head before locking it in place. I roll her hair into a bun on top of her head and cover her whole face with a black rubber mask, pulling the pump for the gag through the mouth piece, leaving it dangling. I then zipped the mask up tight and locked it shut with another padlock.

"Close your eyes" I tell her. She complies and I then place a rubber blindfold over her eyes - again locking it tightly in place. I then pull a pair of skin tight latex shorts up over the chastity belt and a tight latex bra over her nipple clamps.

"The final item is about to come. You know what it is don't you?" I ask her. Not waiting for her reply I continue "As you know, while this is locked in place I own you. You are mine and I'll may do anything I wish to you. You also know that I'll take good care of you while you are wearing this. If you agree, nod three times."

She bows her head once, straightens it and bows it again before straightening it. A moment, that seems like hours passes, as if she's thinking of the true significance of wearing this last thing, before she bows her head and leaves it bowed in submission.

I pick the collar up of the dresser and read the tag silently to myself. "If lost, please return to Mistress LatexCat" and then both my phone number and address were printed. I placed the collar tightly round her neck and then a padlock thro' the d-rings.

"Is that too tight my Slut?" I ask her, guiding her hands to the padlock. By way of an answer she snaps the lock shut.

"I think we're ready now my Slut." I clip a leash onto the collar and lead Alex to the front room where I earlier set up the equipment I imagined someone else would use - but then Alex was late and things had changed.

I first attached rubber cuffs around each of Alex's feet. These I could then attach to the two rings sunk into the floor. These were separated from each other by about 4 foot. I then lowered the ropes from the ceiling and attached the latex cuffs to Alex's wrists before pulling them, and her wrists, tight up towards the ceiling. Before leaving her, I replaced the batteries in her chastity stimulator and turned it up to full - causing her to cum almost instantly. I also knew that she'd of had a lot to drink during the day and that she had not yet been to the toilet.

"Oh Alex, what do you look like?" I asked rhetorically. "You're such a LatexSlut held there blindfolded and gagged wearing you chastity belt, latex shorts, nipples clamps and latex bra. And to top it all proudly wearing the tag telling the world that you belong to me. By the way - here's the key to your chastity belt. Don't worry it's only the key for the belt - I'm keeping good care of the rest."

I hang a chain holding a single key round her neck and walk way.

To be continued . . . . .

What did happen to those gorgeous latex maids?

How did my LatexSlut enjoy that evening?

Did LatexCat get what she deserved?

"The Party" cuming soon (if I ever get the chance).


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