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Dressing Mistress

by Lucifer in Latex

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© Copyright 2006 - Lucifer in Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; cons; X

It had been a long day of boring work, he was glad to get home, so the weekend could begin.

The light was blinking on the answer machine, 1 missed call.

He clicked the button; he knew it would be a call from her.

“Hello slave, the package has arrived!  Come here now!”

He had arrived home later than usual that night; he would normally have been home to receive his Mistress’ command in person.  He would be paying the penalty for this later, he felt sure of this.

He went to his bedroom, lifted down his bag from the top of the wardrobe; he sighed heavily, lifted the bag on to his shoulders and went back down stairs to get his keys.  He knew he wouldn’t be back home this weekend.

He not known this Mistress very long, but when she had found out she also liked rubber as much as he did his fate was sealed.

The drive across town was a blur; he wasn’t sure what would be in the package as he had not been party to the ordering process.

He parked the car out side her house, lifted his bag from the seat, pulled his collar from the side pocket and clicked it around his neck.

He walked to the door, and rang the bell.

The door was buzzed open and he walked inside.

Just inside the door was a small downstairs toilet, this is where he had to change and leave his street clothes, as once inside the house he was her property and could only wear what she allowed him.

He emptied his cuffs and rubber shorts onto the shelf ready to get dressed.

He stripped naked, put his clothes and bag in the hamper and clicked the locked shut.  He would not get the key till she was ready to let him go.

He’d been told to keep himself free of hair since there first meeting and he shaved daily to comply with her wishes, he rubbed the slick lube onto his skin before pulling the thick rubber shorts up his legs.  As the rubber trapped his hardening cock it gave a little spasm before being sealed away.  He clicked the ankles cuffs on and then the wrist cuffs.  He was now presentable to his Mistress.

He left the little room and made his way to the lounge; he knelt on the rug and awaited her arrival.  From his cowed position he heard the approaching sound of heels on the hard wood floor.  As she entered the room, he closed his eyes so as not to catch her eye before she was ready. 

Her hand clips a leather lead on to his collar,   “Follow me slave!” she commanded, as if he had any option attached as he was to the lead in her hand.  He rose from his kneeling position, mindful not to look her in the face, as he has not be granted the privilege as yet today.

She led him up the stairs to the playroom, where their sessions usually begin. Sat in the middle of room was a parcel the size of tea-chest.   “Open it.”, she whispered to him letting him off the lead.  He approached the parcel, hands trembling, not knowing if it was something devilish for him to suffer or something delicious for her to wear.  He peeled back the parcel tape and opened the top of the box; a sea of packing chips greeted him.  He begins to fish around in the packing chips, his hand feels some paper and hauls out a neatly wrapped but floppy package, he fishes around and is soon pulling out boxes and packets with each successive delving.  She looks at him, “One more” she said and smiles. He reaches deep into the chips and pulls out a black holdall, about 3 feet long, he wonders how he missed it. “That ones for you later! So put it down.” She smirked evilly.  His heart sank, but yet he was happy to wait and find out what his fate would be.

They started with the smallest packet, a set of small silver padlocks. The pair of them undid the locks and put them to one side.  Next came the first packet of latex, she tore the paper off eagerly.  She savoured the smell and the texture before laying out the item on the bed, there other items were unwrapped with much reverence.  Soon her complete outfit was lying there ready to be fitted to her body, a small pile of essentials was piled to one side. “Do you like my choices slave?” she asked, he nodded his agreement.

“I will go and make myself ready, so you can dress me!” she commanded.

He stood watching her leave the playroom, he then looked at her choice of outfit he was amazed at what she had chosen for her first latex dressing experience.

A few minutes later she returned wearing her silk kimono, she had changed her hair so it was now piled up on her head, rather that hanging down her back, her make up had been reapplied, her lips were redder, her skin paler and her eyes were now shaded in purple and black.

She lets the kimono slip from her shoulders, “Dress me!”

He gazed at her as she stood there in all her glory; her pert breasts and full curves were a sight to behold.

“Yes my Mistress, at once!” he stammered.

He looks at the outfit laid out on the bed, where to start, “Bottom up I guess.” he thought to himself.  He picked up the semi-trans fishnets from the bed and rolls them down in his hands.

“Mistress, would you prefer talc or lube?” he asked.

“Lube, slave it’s more sensual!” she oozed.

He picked up the bottle of lube and squirted a little on to his hands, warming it up before rubbing it the full length of her leg. He lifted her right foot and began to guide it into the waiting stocking. The lube instantly makes the semi trans more clear highlighting the fine black latex lines printed on it, he worked the stocking up her leg, smoothing out the wrinkles as he went.  At the top of the stocking he paused, his nose scant inches from her sex, he could smell she was already moist.  He placed her foot back down, and began the process again with the other leg, this time when he was smoothing out the wrinkles at the top, he feigned a slip and gently brushed his hand over her mons, she trembled at his touch. He placed her foot back down and then picked up the 8-strap garter belt, the metallic purple and black latex shimmering in his lube slicked hands; he opened the belt and fastened it around her waist. “A perfect fit”, he began to suspect that all of her outfit had been made to measure.  He pulled the straps down and attached them to the garter band at the top of the stockings, the little clips snagging the latex and preventing them from rolling back down.  He looked at the outfit on the bed once more, and picked up the purple high cut panties. He lubed their insides and then stooped down by her feet.

“Lift your feet please, Mistress?” he asks subserviently.  She put a hand on his shoulder to steady herself and stepped one foot at a time into the waiting garment.  He guided the panties up her legs to her crotch, stretching them slightly so they would not rub on her legs or skin till the very last moment.  He gently lets the panties contract onto her skin, the thin latex conformed to her curves pressing a little lube into her waiting sex as they did so, she shuddered as they began to settle against her skin.

He stood back up and admired what she had already become, her skin was slightly pinker and her breathing slightly faster and breathy.  He lifted the matching bra from the bed and held it open for her; she placed her arms into the straps and let him pull it onto her body.  He walked around behind her and did up the strap; she adjusted herself so that the fit was perfect, her restrained bosom heaved in the latex.

He returned to the bed to retrieve the high-necked, long sleeved and ankle length dress, it was heavy gauge black rubber; the skirt had a long slit to mid thigh. He opened the long zip in the back of the dress and held it open for her to step into.  She steadied herself once more and stepped into the dress, he lifts the dress up her body, hiding the lovely lingerie he so lovingly had applied moments before, she slipped her arms into the sleeves and allowed him to pull the dress onto her shoulders, as he pulled the zipper up, the black rubber hugged her tightly controlling and conforming her body.  The zipper reached her neck; he was astonished to find a metal ring above the end of the zip.

“Mistress?” he asked.

“Yes, slave!” she snapped.

“I don’t understand this zip?” he stammered.

She bent forward, took a lock from the packet, and thrust it into his hand.

“Do you understand it now?” she snapped once more.

“Yes, Mistress.  But why?” he ventured.

“Because I don’t want to be able to be undressed without assistance either!!” she bellowed.

“Yes, Mistress” he stammered once more, clicking the little lock closed as he said it.

The last purple and black item on the bed was a metallic purple and black panelled rubber corset, he set about undoing the laces and the front busk. He notice the back lacing had flap that could be locked in place with more lock and that 3 of the pins on the front busk were longer than the rest and holes drilled through them. He wrapped the corset around her waist and did up the front busk, whilst holding the corset in place, he made his way behind her and began to pull the slack from the centre of the lacings.  The corset began to close, trapping her inside, squeezing her flesh into even more delicious curves. She began to pant slightly as he began to grunt, he could not get the corset any tighter. The lacing edges were almost touching, he quickly tied a double bow in the laces.  He returned to the bed to retrieve the rest of the locks, as this was what they were intended for, he arranged the laces behind the flap and locked it middle, bottom and then top.

Making his way round to her front once more, he looked her in the eyes, as he clicked each lock home on the front busk.

“Now slave, my gloves and shoes.” she panted at him, her breathing being curtailed by the tight corset.

He selected her black patent 6” high heel shoes from the rack and a pair of black latex wrist gloves from the pile of extras on the bed. He placed the shoes on the floor and guided each foot into them, he dutifully did up each strap before standing before her once again.  He rubbed a little lube on each hand before sliding the gloves onto her; they fitted like a second skin, the ends of wrists just disappearing inside the loose sleeve ends of the dress.

“Well done slave!” she panted, “you have pleased me greatly!”

She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, a vision in black and metallic purple latex rubber.

“Well slave, open your present!” she commanded him.

He opened the bag and emptied it on the floor, PVC pipes and fittings spilled out, quickly followed by a pool of black latex, it took him all of 30 seconds to realise it was a vac bed.


But that will be another story……..


If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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