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Dressing Her

by NorthernWolf

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© Copyright 2021 - NorthernWolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; gloves; latex; mittens; hood; gag; ring-gag; armbinder; collar; buttplug; inflatable; cons; X


“Darling, if you don’t get that promotion you have been chasing I think it would be unfair, and we’ll do fine without it but, if on the other hand, if you do get it and I can go shopping, you can dress me in anything you like tonight.”

Later, Mary wondered why she had ever made such an offer. Of course, Doug had got the promotion to a very senior position at his major bank and now she was waiting for him to arrive home. He had called with the news and mentioned he would be a bit late as he was ‘shopping’. Mary was well aware of Doug’s love of all things fetish and if pressed, she would have had to admit she shared many of his tastes, but to provide him with a carte blanche was way beyond her normal limits. She was a little bit nervous.


Not too much later she received a text message simply saying. ‘For tonight, please, 1) no body hair except on your head. 2) hair pulled back into a ponytail. 3) make up with very red lipstick 4) no underwear. Home in an hour, be ready.’

Is this going to be worse than I imagined Mary pondered? She had shaved her pussy before so that was no big deal, but eyebrows? But what the hell, why not be a little more unusual so she carefully clipped her eyelashes as well. Strange looking, she thought, looking in the mirror, but not bad, just kind of Goth. After some rather heavy makeup and wildly red lip gloss had been added she thought, not bad at all, if you like things sort of German trashy.

Doug had always liked her hair either up or straight back so Mary spent some time getting the pony tail right pulling her hair straight back and flat to her head before securing it with an elastic. Having little idea of what Doug was up to, Mary pulled on a tight pair of jeans and a button up shirt and poured herself a glass of wine. Just to be playful she also pulled on her black pumps with the 5 inch heels he had bought her but she almost never wore.


Twenty minutes later, on her third glass of wine, she heard Doug’s car pull into the driveway. He came through the door moments later carrying several large black shopping bags that Mary was pretty sure had not come from Macey’s.

Setting the bags on the floor Doug gave her a quick kiss, told her he loved the look and the shoes, unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off her arms exposing her 36D breasts and reached into the first of his bags bringing out a pair of black elbow length latex gloves. Holding out Mary’s arms he slid one on each hand settling her finger properly. Mary held her hands up examining the innocent looking gloves.

“Great aren’t they,” laughed Doug, “Watch this.”

Mary watched as Doug produced a small key fob and pressed a button. Mary’s fingers suddenly glued themselves together and folded into fist. Startled, Mary tried to flex her hands but could not.

“No sense in struggling love, the next time you have use of your hands is when I push the button again, which I don’t intend to do for a few hours yet. Do you believe they were free after I bought all this other really cool stuff?”

Doug pulled a latex piece out of the bag. Stepping behind Mary he placed it over Mary’s head as she started to protest. Zipping up the back he arranged the hood over Mary’s face and neck. Pulling her ponytail out through a back opening he stepped back to look.

“Perfect size and your eyes, nose and mouth just all peek through. Those red lips look just like I thought they would, squeezing through the latex. You can take it off if you wish but I’m not helping,” he said, as he poured a liquid on his hands and smoothed the latex hood over Mary’s head and face. When contacted by the liquid the latex quickly shrunk and molded itself to Mary’s features squeezing her lips out just a little more.

Mary tried to grasp the zipper at the back but without the use of her hands and fingers quickly found it was impossible. Doug took the opportunity to pull a latex halter top over Mary’s arms and head and fit it into place over her breasts which obligingly popped through the cut-out openings. Smearing a little of the liquid on the latex surrounding her breasts it pulled tighter causing the opening to tighten around her breasts further pushing them out.

“How long am I going to be in this,” Mary gasped, more than a bit apprehensive?

“Honestly Darling, I’m not sure because we have just started,” responded Doug, slipping Mary’s shoes off, undoing her jeans and pulling them down and off her legs. “You did say it was whatever I wanted.”

From behind, Doug lifted Mary’s legs one by one and slid thigh-high latex stocking onto each leg and then replacing the shoes. A little more liquid caused the stockings to squeeze Mary’s thighs pulling then slightly apart exposing her shaved pussy.

Mary began to explain that Doug might be going too far but in response Doug held her nose until she opened her mouth to breath and then pushed a latex ring gag behind her teeth and pushed up on her chin. Mary’s teeth sank into the mouthpiece and stuck, silencing her although she quickly discovered that she could breathe well but there was no way to close her red lipped mouth.


Drawing Mary’s arms behind her, Doug fastened a strap to hold her wrists together and another to bind her arms just above the elbow. From the shopping bag he picked a latex single arm binder which he pulled over Mary’s hands and up above her elbows. Fastening the zipper he again lathered the material with the liquid and watched smiling as the latex tightened forcing her elbows together and shoulders back causing her breasts to thrust out even further.

“There, that is just about a perfect start,” stated Doug leaving Mary to think, ‘If this is only the start I wonder where we go from here.’

Doug gently teased Mary’s very long and now hard nipples and asked her to move into the middle of the room near the fireplace. Mary squeaked and started to make her way across the room until she was prevented from going further as Doug pinched her nipple and turned her around facing the fire.

The heat will help with this next part he stated as reached into one of his shopping bags and retrieved a ball of ¼ inch hemp twine.

“I am sure this will begin to itch in a bit but please don’t squirm as I really am enjoying myself,” he said gently as he began to wrap the base of one breast with the twine making the first coils tight against the latex already pushing her breasts out.

After six wraps Doug clipped the string and, cinching it firmly tied it off to the starting end leaving a short length hanging from the inside of the breast. He wrapped Mary’s second breast the same way and stood back to admire his work. Reaching forward he loosely tied the hanging ends together.

“Soon my Dear, we will get a little deeper colour as your tits swell and then we can have even more fun. First let’s make sure your posture is perfect.”

Doug led Mary to a wooden ladder-back chair gently pushing her back until she was sitting. As she sat, he thread her shrouded arms through the back of the chair and clipped the ends of the latex arm binder to the chair’s lower rung. Around her neck he wrapped a five inch wide latex collar which he fastened with two small buckles. Mary’s eyes opened wide with fear as he poured a small amount of the liquid into his hand and smoothed it onto the collar.

“Just a little to snug things up but not enough to make breathing too difficult,” he laughed as the collar contracted forcing Mary’s chin upward. He pulled each of Mary’s legs back along the side of the chair and tied them to the back legs. Reaching between her legs and under the seat he pulled a small lever and part of the seat dropped down leaving Mary’s shaved pussy and asshole exposed. Running his finger through her glistening cunt and using her wetness as lubricant he pushed a large plug against her ass and slowly pushed it in until her anus clamped around the plug’s neck. A bulb and hose hung from the bottom of the plug. Doug squeezed the bulb several times expanding the plug inside her causing her to whimper into her gag.

“I think I’ll have a scotch while we are waiting for our guests to arrive,” Doug announced settling into the comfy chair facing Mary. ‘You have been a naughty girl so I have invited my new boss and several others to celebrate with us.”


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