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Dreams Can Become True

by Latexia

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexia - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/ff; latex; bond; oral; anal; bdsm; toys; cons; X

Sharon stepped into the house. The house was large and Victorian like from the outside. The interior however was bright and modern as well as very spacious. There were frosted windows so people on the outside could not see in but people on the inside could see out. There was an end table with a light stand on it. Across the room was a large television. There was a magazine rack also present with several magazines inside of it. 

"Would you like me to take your coat?" The rubber slave girl asked Sharon? 

"Ummm... okay", Sharon says.

The rubber slave girl was dressed in a black rubber cat suit with black leather high heel shoes that were locked onto each of her ankles with small padlocks. Her hair was a lovely blonde that was pulled back into a clip that kept her hair out of her face. The slave girl also wore a black leather chastity belt, which was also locked on to her by a padlock.

"You can have a seat here if you like. When mistress is ready for you I will come and get you." The rubber slave girl exclaimed.

"Thank you", Sharon says as she takes a seat on the comfy leather couch. She then reaches for a magazine. The magazine is titled, "rubber life". Sharon begins to thumb through the magazine. Inside there are pictures of men and women wearing rubber as well as articles on how to keep the rubber clean and polished. Sharon had never worn latex of rubber before but was curious as to what it would feel like against her skin. She then picked up another magazine called, "Domination". This magazine was clearly for masters and mistresses assisting to help punish and explore the limits of slaves. There were pictures of men and women in the magazine who were being tickled my dominants. Sharon had never really been in bondage before except one time when an ex-boyfriend had tied her up. She let him tie her up because she was curious as to what it would feel like and she felt that she had a bit of a submissive side that she wanted to explore. 

Sharon however had liked women as well as men. But she has never had a relationship with woman just men. This was the reason of why she was here at Mistress Laura's. Sharon got horny at seeing another woman in rubber or latex or by seeing another woman get tied up. Sharon masturbated to pictures of women in bondage and latex on her computer for about a year now. At the age of 22 and now out on her own and finished with college she decided that she was ready to experience lesbianism and BDSM So she finally made the plunge. She had seen Mistress Laura's advertisement in the telephone book and she now was here for an interview.

"Mistress, is ready for you now." Said the rubber slave girl. "Come with me," she said. 

"Ahhhhh Sharon nice to meet you. How are you today? Have a seat please. You can leave us alone now Rachel", mistress Laura said referring to the rubber slave girl. 

Sharon exchanged pleasantries and took a seat.

"I see that you are interested in becoming a slave?" Mistress Laura said.

"Yes mis..." Sharon began to say but was cut off by Mistress Laura who said, "I'm not your mistress yet so you can just call me Laura."

"Yes Laura, I want to be a slave girl." Sharon said.

"Have you ever been in bondage before Sharon?"

"Ye...yes", Sharon stammered. "I was once with an ex boyfriend."

"Did you enjoy it Sharon?" Mistress Laura asks.

"Yes I did." Sharon replies.

"Good, I'm glad because if you become my slave girl you will be in bondage a lot you know. Do you masturbate yourself often Sharon?" Mistress Laura asks.

Sharon blushes at being asked that question. "Yes", she says sheepishly. "Almost everyday Laura."

"Wow, quite the masturbator we have here." Laura says with a bit of a laugh. "If you become my slave Sharon you will not be allowed to masturbate when you are in this house unless I give you permission. Do you understand that Sharon?"

"I understand." Sharon says. 

"Tell me", Laura begins, "Do you ever kissed or fondled a woman?"

"No", Sharon replies.

"Would you like to experience the best kind of pleasure that only two women can give each other?" Laura asks.

"I think so..." Sharon says.

"You think so Sharon? You have to be 100% sure this is what you want or you cannot become my slave. You have to want to become a lesbian here. It is an expectation of all my slave girls." Laura explains.

"I really want to become your slave Laura" Sharon says.

"Do you fanaticize about women when you masturbate Sharon?" Laura asks her?

"Yes", Sharon answers with a red face.

"Okay," mistress Laura begins, "Why are you here? What is your ambition of why you want to become a slave girl?" Laura enquires.

"I'm sick of men they don't treat me well. They only want me just for one thing." Sharon explains.

"Hmmmm you certainly are an attractive girl Sharon, that's for sure. Do you workout Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Yes, I do three times a week." Sharon tells.

"Do you have any sex toys Sharon?"

"No, I don't." Sharon says

"That will be changing soon enough", Laura says with a smile.

"Since you have passed the interview and medical examination Sharon you can be one of my weekend slaves. You are to report here no later then 7:00pm sharp on Friday to begin your training as a slave girl. Do not be late because if you are I may not train you. You will also be staying the weekend until 5:00pm on Sunday so bring a toothbrush and a hairbrush. You won't need anything else other then that and the clothes on your back since I will supply everything else. Oh yes, take the bus and not your car. The police do not take kindly to cars being left out on the street for a couple of days. Do you understand Sharon?" Laura says after explaining the conditions. 

"Yes, Laura I do. Thank you very much," says Sharon smiling from ear to ear. 

"Good I shall see you Friday afternoon at 7:00pm. I am looking forward to it as well. See you then Sharon." Laura says

"Bye Mistress", Sharon says while going out the office door. 

Sharon was jumping for joy in her mind. She could hardly wait for Friday to come. On the way home she stopped by a pizza shop to get a slice. When she arrived home she quickly ate the pizza it tasted so good. After eating she busied herself on the Internet looking at pictures of women in bondage and being forced to service their mistresses. She felt her sex getting hot and wet as she quickly jumped out of her chair and shed her clothes. After stripping naked she drove her hand into her now dripping wet snatch and rubbed herself all the way to orgasm. 

After masturbating herself she cleaned herself up and went to bed. She was all nice and warm under the covers and still sexually excited about thinking about Friday. Sharon soon drifted off into a slumberous sleep. When she awoke the next morning she realised that she had slept in and would be late for work if she were not careful with her time. She slowly rose from her bed and began to peel off her night gown that she had slept in. She showered quickly and grabbed an apple for breakfast and made it to work on time. 

Sharon sat at her desk but all she could think about was Friday evening when she finally would get to experience what rubber and bondage was like. She couldn't concentrate on her work all day long. Visions of the girl that was Mistress Laura's maid danced in her head. The girl had turned Sharon on and she hoped that Mistress Laura would dress her in the same manner. Since the day at work was rather slow, Sharon checked out some bondage, latex and rubber websites on the Internet. She knew the access codes, which would enable her to surf without the IT guys seeing where she went on the Internet thanks to her friend Jason, who worked in IT.

Sharon, had found one website called, "Rubber and Fun for You." To Sharon's amazement she discovered that this was a store that was located only three blocks away from her apartment. Sharon decided that she could not wait until Friday and decided that she would find out the feel of rubber or latex before then. She made a mental note to visit the store after work. Finally 4:00 had arrived and Sharon was off to 'Rubber Fun for You'. Sharon came upon the store, which was in the historic properties area of the city. The store resembled an old style general store like what you saw in the movies. The store looked normal enough from the outside with green trim around the large display windows and a red antique style door. 

"Okay", Sharon thought, "In I go." Sharon told herself as she opened the door and heard little bells ring to let the staff know that a customer had entered the store. A moment later Sharon saw a lovely blonde woman emerges wearing a skintight black cat suit. The suit was so tight that Sharon could see the imprint of the woman's nipples through the latex as well as the "V" of where the legs ended at the pubic area. The woman also wore black high heels but these were not locked on her feet like the rubber slave girls had been. The store clerk also had her hair pulled back into a tight bun and had a piercing through her left nostril. The piercing was a very small stuff however. Sharon could also see that the clerk had on some make-up but not an eccentric amount. Just a bit of lipstick, some blush, eye shadow was all she wore. Sharon was now getting aroused and came back to reality when the clerk asked her if there was anything that she could help her with.

"Yes, ummmmm yeah", Sharon stammered. This was her very first time in a store that sold goods such as these and she felt a bit overwhelmed as well as a bit nervous. 

"What did you have in mind?" The store girl asked.

"Ummmmmmmm some latex I think." Replied Sharon.

"Okay, what kind were you looking for? Do you have any particular colour in mind or style?" The store girl enquired.

"I think I would like to see a latex thing." Sharon blurted out.

"Ahhh a thong", Sharon thought to herself. "I could wear that and people would never know that I had it on. This is good." Sharon said to herself now getting excited.

"Hmmm", the store girl said. "We have thongs in crotch less and with a crotch. The also come in red, blue, green, and black." You can also get them with a dildo or a butt plug inside of them." 

"Dildo...butt plug...scary," Sharon thought to herself. She didn't think she was ready for that so she just went with a plain blue thong.

"Would you like to try it on first to make sure it fits properly?" The clerk asked Sharon. "Oh and what is your waist size?"

"I'm a 27," Sharon replied. She had given her waist size to women before when getting clothes but never for underwear. Buying this thing made her embarrassed as well as horny and aroused all at the same time. It was a pleasant feeling for her.

The shop girl had directed Sharon over to the fitting area where Sharon closed the door and removed her shoes and khaki pants then her lovely bikini underwear. She noticed that the bikini was a little wet since seeing the shop girl in latex and then thought about buying her first piece of fetish clothing. Her pussy was moist and she took a moment to rub her pubic area before pulling the thong up.

"All okay in there?" The shop girl asked.

"Yeah, I'm good," Sharon, replied.

"Do you mind if I have a look when you are done?" The shop girl asks Sharon.

"No, I don't mind." Why did I just say that???!!!! Sharon said to herself.

Even though she was aroused and found the other woman attractive especially women dressed in rubber or latex she had never let other store clerks see her in her underwear in the past when she shopped. But then Sharon thought this was okay so she steeped out for the shop girl's inspection.

"That looks really nice on you!" The shop girl remarked. "It suits you perfectly. Nice colour blue to match your skin colour as well as it hugs your butt and pubic area very nicely. Are you happy with it?" 

"Yeah it's good." Sharon relied.

"Okay you can go back in and change unless you want to wear it home. I will go and ring in the sale on the cash register." The shop girl explains.

"How much will this cost?" Sharon enquires.

"$18.00 plus taxes so it will come to a total of $21.70." Says the shop girl.

Sharon decides to go back in and change back into her bikini underwear and hands the thong to the shop girl so she can bag it for her. 

"Is there anything else that I can help you with?" The shop girl asks.

"No, I think I'm good for now." Sharon replies.

"Here is our business card as well as a catalogue in case you are interested in anything else here in the future. Have a nice evening now and enjoy your purchase." Remarks the shop girl while handing Sharon the bag containing her thong. 

"You have a nice evening as well," Sharon responds.

Sharon gets into her car and heads back to her apartment. She was so horny because she loved the way that the thong felt against her pussy and ass. Sharon was very wet as she opened the door to her apartment. As soon as she entered she stripped off her clothes and rubbed her clitoris into ecstasy. She felt so relieved to have a cum. Her body shook as she came again and again. After pleasuring herself to orgasm three times she wiped the pussy juice off her hands and pussy and made supper for herself. After supper Sharon tried on the thong and stood and looked at herself in the mirror.

At 22, Sharon was an attractive girl. She had graduated from high school with honours and had gone to community college for two years to study Business Information Technology as well as accounting. She had graduated and became employed almost immediately with a company that paid her $35,000 a year plus full benefits. 

Sharon was still a bit of a shy girl but was still well liked and thought of by her family, friends and co-workers. Sharon had moved out of her parent's house upon getting her job even though she lived only ten minutes away from them by car. She loved her parents but she was on a roll. She was young and successful and entering a new stage in her life. All of that made Sharon want to have her own place.

Sharon had long brown hair down just past her shoulders. Her eyes were a lovely light ice blue and she had a beautiful smile. She dressed herself well but was by no means a snob. She enjoyed her job and the personal freedoms that if offered her. Sharon was also involved in her community. She volunteered at soup kitchens and the boys and girls club.

Sharon's breasts were a lovely 34C, with medium sized pink nipples. Her tummy was flat and tight. Her pussy was also lovely with a slender pink opening that allowed people to see her inner labia when she was aroused. Her pubic hair was unshaven Sharon had shaved her pubic hair once for an ex boyfriend because he complained about getting hair in his mouth when he went down on her. 

Her asshole was nice and tight and a virgin. Sharon had never engaged in anal sex before but was a bit curious about it.

Sharon spun around and looked at her thong. She loved the look that it gave her and how it made her feel. The thong tightly hugged her hips and pussy lips as well as rides up her ass a little. "Nice", Sharon thought to herself. She decided to remove the thing and go to bed sleeping naked. That way she could play with her breasts and pussy a bit since she was still a little bit aroused.

The sun shone into the window and into Sharon's eyes. She awoke and realised that she was naked. She then remembered that she had forgotten to change last night and decided to sleep naked instead. Sharon rarely slept naked unless she was with a man. Lately, she had been in bed with any guys even though she had many male friends. 

Sharon was a smart girl who used protection and was on the pill when she was sexually active. She certainly didn't want any nasty surprises at twenty-two.

As Sharon walked towards the shower she fondled her breasts and pussy. "Mmmmmmmmmm," she sighed to herself as she ran her fingers through her pussy hair. 

After showering Sharon made herself some toast and drank some orange juice. She then did her hair, make-up and got ready to go to work. Passing the calendar she saw that today was Friday!!! This is the day that she had been waiting for. She then locked her apartment and headed to her car to go to work.

Work was just another restless day for Sharon. She could hardly wait for 7:00pm to come about so she could go to Mistress Laura's. Sharon was so not in tune with her job that she had to be asked three times by her friend Monique, if she wanted to go out to lunch with her. Finally 4:00 o'clock came and she went home.

At home Sharon made supper, which consisted off spaghetti and sauce as well as some pepsi. Sharon then cleaned up her apartment a bit. She made her bed and vacuumed her bedroom and living room and washed a few dishes that needed to be cleaned. She did not want to come back to a messy apartment on Sunday evening. Sharon then relaxed a little by watching some television until about 6:30 when she gathered up her toothbrush, toothpaste and a hair brush and placed them in a bag. She grabbed her keys, put on her shoes and jacket, locked the apartment and then was off to the bus stop.

The bus did not take long to arrive, and now Sharon was feeling a few things at the same time. She was happy because she was going to be with women all weekend, which is a fantasy of Sharon since she always felt a sexual tendency towards women. Sharon, also felt a bit sacred she did not really know what to suspect. She knew from the Internet that slave girls were subjected to bondage and sometimes pain. Sharon's bondage experience was very limited and she had never experienced pain in a sexual way before. But she thought that maybe having her nipples clamped wouldn't be too bad if Mistress Laura decided to do that to her. She certainly would give it a try but she may not have much of a choice either.

Sharon arrived at Mistress Laura's Victorian house again. She walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell. Soon Rachel the rubber slave girl/ maid appeared and was wearing a black rubber French maids latex suit with of course black high heels locked onto her feet. 

"Ahhhh Sharon, come in, nice to see you. You are a little early but that is good since Mistress likes to see that. Come with me please." Rachel instructed.

Sharon follows Rachel in to Mistress Laura's study. 

Mistress asks, "Are you ready to become my slave girl for the weekend Sharon?"

"Yes, Mistress Laura."

"Good slave. I'm sure you will get to experience pain and pleasure on many different levels this weekend. In time you will you will learn that they are both much the same. Rachel, take her to be shaven and waxed." Mistress Laura directed.

With that Sharon and Rachel were off to the, "dungeon". When they arrived in the dungeon Rachel asked Sharon to remove all of her clothes. 

"Huh..." Sharon says.

"Everything slut. Take everything off." Rachel told her. "You are a slave girl now and slave girls do not wear clothes they are naked. You also must have your pubic hair removed as well as your armpit hair. Even the hair around your asshole must go."

"Uhhhh ok", says Sharon sheepishly as she removes her shirt and bra. She had never really undressed in front of another woman before except when she was in the locker room at the gym. This time it was different because another girl would not only see her most private places, but another girl would touch her.

Now that Sharon had removed her bikini and socks she stood naked in front of Rachel.

"Mmmmmm", says Rachel. "You are really very pretty. Nice tits."

"Come here," Rachel tells Sharon. "Put your hands in these." Rachel had a pair of leather handcuffs that had chains attached to the ceiling.

Sharon complied and Rachel locked the cuffs on her hands. Rachel the flicked a switch and the chains started to move toward the ceiling. Sharon's hands were slowly pulled towards the ceiling over her head. Rachel then took a spreader bar and placed it between Sharon's ankles.

"There, that's done, now you can't close your legs or resist very much when I shave and way your pussy. You do need one more thing however." Rachel says as she roots in a drawer and pulls out a blue rubber ball gag. 

"Open your mouth please." Rachel asks.

Sharon opens her mouth and the gag is pushed in and is bucked at the back of her neck.

"Now you can protest as much as you like and the gag will keep you quiet." Rachel explains to Sharon. 

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmph," Sharon replies.

Rachel then tells Sharon, "Don't be scared. I won't hurt you. This is all part of becoming a slave. In all the girls that I have shaven Sharon, I only nicked one girls pussy because she wouldn't stay still. Just stay still and you will be fine. I will be back in a sec I just need to get the clippers and the wax."

Rachel returns and begins to apply the wax to Sharon's armpits. 

"Mmmmmmppphhhh", Sharon exclaims through her gag as the cloth is pulled away from her armpits. 

"Now I have to shave muffy", Rachel tells Sharon.

Next a buzzing sound is heard. Sharon looks down to see her pubic hair falling to the floor. Once Sharon's pubic hair is cut as short as Rachel can make it, Rachel begins to apply the wax and the cloth. "Rip", and a muffled, "ahhhhh", is heard from Sharon as the roots of her pubic hair are removed from her mons pubis. The waxing was especially painful to Sharon when her labium was waxed. 

"I know it hurts, but Mistress Laura will not be happy until your pussy is completely hairless and smooth. You have a pretty cunt too." Rachel tells Sharon. 

After waxing Sharon's pussy Rachel, begins to wax Sharon's legs as well.

"Their all done Sharon. Just hold on a second. I have some lotion for you that will take any sting or irritation out of your skin as well as give your skin a nice vanilla smell. The lotion will also make your skin really smooth." Rachel explains.

Rachel applies the lotion to Sharon's armpits, pussy and legs. She takes a moment to finger Sharon's pussy, which was a bit wet.

"Mmmmmm," Sharon moans through her ball gag. This moan however was a moan of pleasure. 

Then Rachel says, "Opps, I almost forgot to wax your asshole. Bend over a little please."

Sharon complies again and she feels a stinging sensation on her anus and the wax is applied. Rachel then rubs some of the lotion on Sharon's anus. 

"It's time for mistresses inspection." Rachel says.

Rachel puts a metal collar around Sharon's neck and locks it on her. The spreader bar is then removed as well as the leather cuffs. A pair of police style handcuffs is placed of Sharon's wrists behind her back. A leash is then put on her collar and the ball gag is left in place. 

"Come on Sharon." Rachel says as she leads Sharon down the hall on route to Mistress Laura's office.

"Knock, knock, knock," Rachel raps on the door of Mistress Laura's office.

"Come in," Mistress Laura says. 

Both Sharon and Rachel enter Mistress Laura's large office. There is a couch, an armchair, a large desk, fireplace, and a laptop. There is also some peculiar furniture that you would not find in the normal office setting. There were rings in the walls to attach slaves to as well as a punishment bench used to fuck slaves pussies and asses as well as to discipline them with the whip.

"Kneel," Mistress Laura says. 

"Show our new slave the submissive kneel for inspection please Rachel." Mistress Laura directs.

"Yes mistress," Rachel says as she gets down on her hands and knees and lowers her head so that her chin is resting on the floor. Her rear is then raised high into the air and she places her hand behind her back. 

"Copy Rachel's movements please Sharon." Mistress Laura says.

Sharon gets down on to the floor and copies Rachel. A bit of drool escapes from her mouth onto the carpet due to her ball gag. 

"Stay steady now Sharon, I won't hurt you." Mistress Laura tells Sharon.

Mistress Laura begins to touch Sharon's nicely shaped breasts as well as pinching her nipples a little bit. Laura then works her way to Sharon's rear and holds her sex in her hand while rubbing the labia with her fingers. 

"Very smooth, good job shaving and waxing her." Mistress Laura then slides a finger into Sharon's pussy and rubs her clitoris a bit. "Mmmm, wet pussy. Do you enjoy this Sharon?" Mistress Laura asks her with a smile.

"Mmmmmmm", is all that Sharon can do to reply. Mistress Laura then removes Sharon's ball gag.

"Okay, we will take Sharon on a little tour now around the house. Rachel helps Sharon stand up." Laura remarks.

"What size of shoes do you wear Sharon?" Mistress Laura enquires.

"Size eight mistress." Sharon replies.

Rachel then appears with a pair of black size eight high heels, which were the same as what Rachel wore on her feet. Sharon puts the shoes on and Rachel locks them onto her ankles.

"Slave girls must wear the shoes locked to them. I will remove them at night." Mistress Laura explained.

"Rachel, go back to your cleaning duties because I am going to give Sharon a tour of the house." Mistress Laura says.

"Yes Mistress Laura." Rachel exclaims.

Sharon never really walked around naked before and certainly not in the presence of other girls. She felt a twinge in her pussy as it was getting even more wet. She wished that she could reach her hands down to her pussy and pleasure herself to get rid of the tenseness in her cunt but the handcuffs prevented her from doing so. The handcuffs were a good thing since she remembered that masturbation was prohibited without Mistress Laura's permission. 

"How does your cunt feel?" Mistress asked.

"Different but cool Mistress." Sharon replies.

"Ah yes, it should. A girl's pussy feels nice and cool with the open air hitting it when the hair is removed. Trust me it will feel even more sensual and your pussy will feel even more smooth when I let you wear rubber or latex." Mistress Lara tells Sharon.

"This is what is called the St. Andrew's cross Sharon. A slave is bound to the cross. Weights can be applied to her breasts or pussy lips. A slave's breasts and pussy can also be whipped here." Laura explained to Sharon.

"Will I be bound here?" Sharon asked.

"Yes, you will be. I won't be harsh with you because you are new and lesbian BDSM should be a sensual and loving affair." Laura says.

"This next piece of equipment is what is called the, "pain box." A slave girl sits in the box often with a dildo in her pussy and a butt plug inside her ass. The girl is held at the neck by this wooden collar but not so tight that she cannot breathe. These straps hold the girl's legs and wrists. The slave is usually gagged with a jaw spreader, which I will show to you later. The slave can also be, "nose hooked". This piece of metal goes inside of your nostrils. The metal is then pulled backwards, which in turn pulls the nose up, and the head and neck backwards. And finally the slave's breasts may also have nipple clamps attached to them." Mistress Laura described.

Sharon immediately hoped that she would not be subjected to the pain box but the dildo and butt plug inside of her did intrigue her. Sharon had already seen jaw spreaders before from looking at bondage pictures on the Internet. She liked the look that the jaw spreaders had on girls and she got horny when she saw the bondage models wearing them.

"This my dear Sharon is what is called, "The Wooden Pony."

The wooden pony consisted of a smooth pine board, which was attached to ropes and pulleys leading to the ceiling.

"A slave has her wrists restrained in the cuffs and her arms are raised above her head. Weights are also attached to her ankles. The girl is also gagged and may have a blindfold or a posture collar around her neck. The slave girl is raised up so her pussy bears the weight of her body. Her pussy rests on the board. The girl must balance herself on her toes. The slave's breasts may also be clamped as well as her labia. This is something that slave girls hate at first but in time many often grow to love being subjected to the wooden pony." Mistress Laura explained to Sharon.

Sharon felt another twinge in her pussy and felt herself becoming ever more wet. She wanted to try the pony even if it did hurt her pussy.

"This next excellent piece of bondage equipment Sharon is called a gynaecological table. I am sure that you have been on one similar to this at the doctor's office. This one however has restrains for the head, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet as well as abdomen. It allows me a perfect view of your cunt and asshole." Mistress Laura said.

"This is the kitchen." Mistress Laura explains. "We have lots of food here as well as drinks. When you are hungry and are not in bondage feel free to come in here and help yourself to whatever you want." Mistress Laura offers to Sharon.

"Are you thirsty Sharon?" Mistress enquires.

"Yes, a little mistress." Sharon replied.

Mistress Laura takes a bottle of cola from the fridge and then retrieves two glasses from the cupboard. Next, she produces a handcuff key and unlocks Sharon's handcuffs so she can drink. Once the pop was drunk Mistress Laura locks her cuffs back on her and they continue the tour.

"Thank you for the drink Mistress." Sharon chimed.

"No problem Sharon, my pleasure," Laura returned.

"This is the living room." The living room has a large screen TV with lovely chairs and couches. The room was nice and large. There was also a bench with straps attached to the centre of it sitting in the middle of the room. There was also so e ring bolts in the wall again.

"The bench, is for disciplining naughty slaves, or when I feel like having a bit of fun" Laura tells Sharon.

Laura proceeds to show Sharon the four washrooms in the house, the indoor swimming pool, the five bedrooms, the bondage beds, which were about 70cm in width and just over two meters long. They had lots of straps to bind someone to the bed. 

"Finally Sharon this will be your room tonight." Mistress Laura produces a large key and unlocks a metal door for what looked like a large prison cell on the inside. 

"This is a jail cell Sharon, only larger then real cells." Laura says. The cell had a large queen size bed inside of it. There were pillows and blankets a toilet and a couple of ring bolts attached to the wall. 

"Mistress, may I ask a question?" Sharon asks.

"Yes Sharon, go right a head?" Laura says. 

"What are the rings on the wall for?" Sharon enquires.

"Ahhhhh, they are part of the bondage equipment. You see a collar is locked around a girl's neck and a chain is attached to it. The opposite side of the chain is attached to the ring in the wall." Mistress Laura explains.

"Now come to my office please Sharon." Laura says while gently pulling on Sharon's leash.

Upon arriving in the office mistress Laura walks over to a drawer and pulls out a red ball gag and says, "Open wide". The gag is put into Sharon's mouth. All she can do is say, "mmmmmpppphhhh"

"This Sharon is a discipline bench like you saw in the living room. Kneel down on the bench please Sharon." Laura directs.

Sharon kneels down and is bound to the bench. The straps on her legs and ankles hold her legs apart slightly so mistress can see Sharon's shaven and waxed pussy and anus. Sharon's arms are also bound to the sides of the bench.

"I have seen your wet pussy and I can tell that it is hungry for action Sharon. This is what I do with all of my new slaves. You will get at least one orgasm tonight."

Mistress Laura reaches inside a drawer and pulls out a strap on dildo that resembled a large penis. She then laced the strap around her waist. 

"Have you ever been fucked doggy style Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Mmmmmmpppphhh," is all that Sharon can do to reply.

"If not you are soon going to be." Mistress Laura warns.

Mistress Laura then gently lubricates the dildo then gently slides the dildo inside Sharon's hot and wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmm," Sharon moans through her ball gag.

"You like that don't you Sharon?" Mistress Laura asks. "Soon you will learn the ins and outs of pleasure that only two women can give each other."

The strap on kept moving in and out of Sharon's cunt and it was bushing up against her now enlarged clitoris as well. 

"Mmmmm," Sharon chimed as she was getting close to cumming.

Suddenly a nice moan came from Sharon as her pelvic muscles and sphincter contracted to give her a powerful orgasm.

"Your cumming Sharon, keep going," Mistress Laura said as she kept stimulating Sharon's now sensitive clitoris and labia.

Once Sharon had stopped orgasming mistress Laura undid her restraints and let Sharon stand up. Sharon's ball gag was also removed.

"Did you enjoy that Sharon? Your pussy certainly seemed to." Mistress Laura remarks.

"Yes I did enjoy it mistress! It was a amazing!!!" Sharon exclaimed happily.

"Did you like being bound, gagged, and helpless of the situation Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Yes mistress I did. It was a fantasy come true for me." Sharon replied.

"Good I'm glad that you enjoyed it. There will be much more of that to come believe me. In time I will turn you into a well disciplined slave eager to serve your mistress or whoever your mistress tells you to serve." Laura says.

"Now there is something that you can do for me." Laura says.

"What's that mistress?" Sharon enquires.

"You can service my cunt with your tongue." Laura tells her.

Sharon then becomes quiet. She has never performed oral sex on a woman before, only men. She of course had dreamed of doing this to women but now that the opportunity had arisen she was not sure if she could do it.

"Here, this is a ring gag. This will hold your mouth open and will force you to service my pussy with your tongue and nose." Mistress Laura says as she places the ring gag in Sharon's mouth.

Next Laura places a black sticky rubber thing on the bridge of Sharon's nose. 

"The thing on your nose has raised nubs on it so your nose can stimulate my pussy and clitoris Sharon." Laura informs her.

"Mistress Laura then lays on the bed and spreads her legs widely. She positions herself so that her legs are dangling off the bed to make it easier for Sharon to service her pussy.

"Okay Sharon I will tell you how to bring pleasure to another woman. First, place a finger or two inside of me to see how wet I am." Laura described.

Sharon dips a finger slowly into Mistress Laura's moist cunt and finds it nice and slippery. 

"Mmmmmm", Laura moans. "Now put your tongue in and massage my pussy lips with it slowly Sharon." Laura says.

Sharon does just that and it was a strange feeling to her. Mistress Laura's pussy was a perfectly made twat like you would find on porno girls. Her clitoris was just sneaking out of its little hood. 

"Okay, now put your tongue on my clit." Laura was rubbing her hands over her own breasts as well as teasing and pinching her nipples.

"Get your nose in there now on my clit." Laura tells Sharon.

Sharon's tongue and nose worked away at Laura's pussy until Mistress Laura began to moan with pleasure. Her pelvic muscles contracted and her entire body shook with an explosive orgasm.

"Mmmmmmm that was an awesome cum. Sharon you did a good job for a beginner. You certainly know how to please a girl." Laura said as she congratulated her. 

Mistress Laura then unbuckled the ring gag and removed the black piece of rubber from Sharon's nose. A collar and leash are placed around Sharon's neck. Mistress Laura begins to wipe her pussy of her own love juices. She then hands the Kleenex box to Sharon so that she can wipe her own pussy and face. 

"Come Sharon, we will go wash our hands and then go to the kitchen. Rachel has prepared a snack for us." Laura directed.

In the kitchen Rachel has indeed prepared a snack. The three girls munched on crackers, Caesar salad, apples, oranges, and drank milk.

"We have to keep slim." Laura said jokingly.

The three girls finished eating and then Rachel asked for permission to conclude her workday. Mistress Laura grants permission for the night and Rachel heads off to the living room to watch a movie. 

"Come Sharon I have more to show you." Laura says.

"Mistress leads Sharon all the way down to the dungeon and pulls some drawers open that contain all different kinds of gags, dildo's, and bondage equipment.

"What types of gags are you familiar with Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Well, there is the ball gag, ring gag, penis gag, butterfly gag, harness ball gag, bit gag, and the jaw spreaders. 

"Very good. Very good indeed. How do you know about all of that? Mistress Laura asks?"

"I look at bondage on the internet mistress." Sharon answered.

"I see. Well you seem to like bondage don't you Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Yes mistress I do." Sharon replies.

"Good then you will not have a problem being bound and gagged here for half an hour." Laura says.

"What did I do wrong mistress?" Sharon asked worriedly.

"You didn't do anything wrong dear. You have been a good slave so far. You did a wonderful job at servicing my pussy, but part of being a slave girl is about being placed in bondage. Now put your hands in the restraints please." Laura says.

Sharon puts her hands into the restraints and mistress Laura locks them on to her wrists and raises her arms above her head. Next a red rubber harness ball gag is placed in Sharon's mouth and buckled under her chin and then at the nape of her neck. Mistress Laura removes the collar and leash and attaches a tall posture collar, which is made out of rubber around Sharon's neck. The collar is then padlocked behind her neck. 

"Slave girls must learn that pain and pleasure are much the same. This is a posture collar; it will prevent you from being able to move your head and neck." Mistress Laura explained to Sharon. 

"Mmmmmmmmmmppphhh," is all that Sharon can say through her harness gag.

"I have another delightful treat for you Sharon." Mistress Laura tells Sharon. "I have clamps for your nipples."

Mistress Laura walks over to a wooden dresser in the room and produces a pair of silver nipple clamps. She then rubs Sharon's breasts and nipples and rolls the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, which causes the nipples to become erect. 

"Mmmmmmmm," is all Sharon can do to protest against the nipple clamps as they are placed on each of her nipples. 

"Nipple clamps do not hurt Sharon, it is removing them that hurts the most. In time I think you will enjoy them and even look forward to them. Another good thing about nipple clamps Sharon, is they make a girls twat really hot and wet. I suspect that yours will be as well." Mistress Laura explains as she strokes Sharon's pussy.

"I will see you in half an hour Sharon. Rachel will be in to check on you soon to make sure that you are okay. I look after my slaves." Laura said.

While Sharon stood there in bondage she began to think about how beautiful mistress Laura was. She had long brown hair down past her shoulders, brown eyes and she looked a bit like a Latino with the tanned skin. She had a slender narrow nose, a nice smile and teeth as well. Mistress Laura's breasts looked to be about a "d", cup to Sharon even though she had not seen her mistress topless. 

Mistress Laura wore a black cat suit. Her pussy was soft and warm as well as a lovely shade of pink. Sharon adored how her clitoris protruded from its little hood when it was stimulated. Sharon estimated Laura to be about 180cm tall and about 56 kg. Laura's age Sharon thought was about 25 or so.

"Okay Sharon times up." Mistress Laura came in and un-did the posture collar and harness gag. She then began to remove the spreader bar.

"What do you say Sharon?" Laura asked.

"Thank you Mistress for removing my bondage gear." Sharon squeaked.

"Good, one of a slave girls qualities is her manner's to her mistress and others. You must always be polite when you are here." Mistress Laura warns as she removes Sharon's nipple clamps.

"Ahhhhhhhh." Sharon screams

"Come now Sharon it is time for bed. You and Rachel shall sleep together tonight."

Mistress Laura led Sharon down the hallway to the jail cell that she had been shown earlier. Rachel was standing at the door naked waiting for them.

"Go wash up and brush your teeth girls then we are all going to bed." Laura told them.

Sharon and Rachel went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Mistress Laura entered and attached leather chastity belts around their waists. 

"That will keep you two from playing with each others pussies tonight girls. We can't have you getting off especially when I have not approved it." Mistress Laura tells Sharon and Rachel.

Mistress Laura, then puts a leather collar around each of they're necks and padlocks it from the back. A chain is attached to the front of the collar. The end of the collar is attached to a ringbolt in the wall of the jail cell. 

"Have a good night girls. I will be around to get you up in the morning. You have a full day of slave training tomorrow Sharon. I hope that you are looking forward to it as much as I am." Mistress Laura says with a smile.

With that said Laura closes the cell door and locks Sharon and Rachel inside. Two slave girls locked in a room together with collar around their necks chained to the wall as well as chastity belts locked around they're cunts. 

"How do you like Mistress so far Sharon?" Rachel asks.

"Ummmm she's kind of kinky." Sharon replies.

Rachel laughs and then says, "You have just seen the tip of the iceberg."

"You are very pretty Sharon and I enjoyed shaving your pussy this evening. You have a perfectly shaped cunt." Rachel tells Sharon.

"Well I liked it. It is a whole new feeling to have the open air on my pussy. Your pussy is pretty as well." Sharon says.

"So how come you decided to be a slave girl Sharon? Especially a lesbian slave girl?"

"Well men just didn't do it for me. They liked me just for the sex and I wanted more then that. I also had fantasies of women for a long time so I decided that it was time for a change. " Sharon lamented.

"Did you ever have sex with a woman before?" Rachel asked.

"Not until tonight when Mistress Laura used a strap on in my pussy and when I serviced her orally." Sharon said.

"Wow, that's really good for your first time. You must have impressed mistress." Rachel told Sharon.

"How old is mistress Rachel and is this her house?"

"Mistress is 25 and yes this is her house. Mistress is very wealthy. Her parents own a major oil company as well as a large group of recycling companies. Mistress Laura owns this house." Rachel explains to Sharon.

"How wealthy is she exactly?" Sharon asks.

"Well she is a millionaire. Her parents give her 1/3 of the company profits as well as stock options. So let's say that mistress is loaded". Rachel tells Sharon. "But even though she has a lot of money she is not a snob. She went to university and studied business, which was to help her run the company. She gives money to charities, runs, works out, volunteers at soup kitchens and built several homeless shelters for the city." Rachel explains

"Of course her hobby is dominating women?" Sharon says laughing.

"Yes, this is her hobby. A lot of masters and mistresses charge their slaves a lot of money to be placed in bondage, gagged and whipped but mistress does it for free. She really cares about her slaves as well. Mistress Laura is a good mistress. She will look after you well if you do your best. She will help you out when you are down or need money. Plus you will be rewarded sexually, affectionately and in many other ways that only lesbians can understand." Rachel said.

"What made you want to become a slave girl Rachel?"

"Well a lot of the same reasons as you really. Growing up I didn't really have a good childhood. My parents were always away and I fell into drugs when I was a teen. When I smartened up I went to university. The university that I attended was the same as Mistress Laura. I was studying a Bachelor's of Arts. My ambition was to become a lawyer."

"Mistress Laura was in her third year and I was in my first year when I met her. We lived in the same dorm together but on different floors. One night she invited me to her room. We talked and watch a movie. Before we knew it we were kissing, and touching each other's breasts and pussies. Mistress Laura introduced me to Lesbianism and BDSM." Rachel concluded.

"Wow, quite the story there." Sharon said. "Do you work for mistress?"

"Yes, I do. I am her live in slave girl/maid. I am free to basically do as I wish. Mistress pays me $60,000 a year as well as six weeks paid vacation, full dental, medical, and eye care plan. Like I said Mistress Laura looks after her slaves very well." Rachel explained.

"But what about finishing your degree and being a lawyer?" Sharon asked.

"Well I did finish my degree while mistress and I attended a lesbian mistress together in college. I don't care if I become a lawyer now. I can always leave if I want too but being a lawyer is not as glamorous as people think it is. This way I get $60,000 a year even if it means getting a dildo up my pussy, a butt plug up my ass and having to be whipped, gagged and made to wear latex and rubber sometimes. It is a small price to pay for the money really." Rachel lamented.

"So you are a live in slave/ maid?" Sharon asked?

"Yup, but I am a little higher then a slave girl though I do a lot of the same things. I am mistresses' assistant. I have to shave all the girls' pussies, anuses and armpits. I also assist in the training of the slaves and clean the house and do other things for mistress. Of course I am also available when mistress wants to dominate me." Rachel explains in detail.

"Sounds like a unique position." Sharon says. "You don't see jobs like this posted in the news paper. "Wanted: A slave girl/maid." Sharon says laughing.

Rachel laughing, "I suppose not but I do enjoy my job."

"Mistress never leaves a girl in here alone on her first night so I always spend at least the first night in here with her. Tonight that new girl is you." Rachel tells.

The two girls catch a glimpse of each others eyes and Rachel asked if she has ever sucked a girls tits?

"No I never have." Sharon replies.

"Want to try it? Mistress will be making you do it to her eventually anyway. You might as well get some practice in." Rachel tells Sharon.

"Okay." Sharon says.

The two girls lay down on the bed and Sharon begins to suck Rachel's tits. Rachel gives her instructions like nibble etc.

"Too bad we couldn't cum together but mistress likes to keep our pussy juices stored up. Plus she hates masturbation unless she allows it." Rachel says while tugging at her chastity belt.

With the nipple sucking finished the two girls kiss each other good night and crawl under the covers. They adjust their collars so that they are more comfortable on the neck so they can sleep. Rachel and Sharon fall asleep in each other's arms. They slept warmly and cosily until the morning.

"Wakie wakie girls, time to get up." Mistress Laura tells them as she pulls the blankets off the bed and unlocks their collars.

Rachel and Sharon drowsily saunter out of bed and say, "good morning mistress."

"What do we do now?" Sharon asked Rachel half yawning.

"We get our chastity belts removed to go shower and use the washroom." Rachel answered.

Mistress Laura comes by and unlocks the belts. The shower area has three showers, which are all open. There are no barriers between the showers for privacy. Laura, Rachel and Sharon each wash themselves and brushed their hair. Mistress Laura showed Sharon some perfume. 

"Slave girls must always smell nice for their mistress." Laura said as she sprayed some of the perfume around Sharon's mons pubis.

Once the washing and perfuming had been completed mistress Laura locks on a new chastity belt on Sharon as well as black high heel shoes. Next is a black leather collar for her neck, which is also locked on. Mistress Laura, dresses into a pair of blue latex bikini underwear complete two large dildos inside for her appropriate pleasure slots. Next she puts on a blue latex cat suit with high heels. Rachel pulls Laura's hair back and puts it into a twist. Rachel dresses herself in a plain black chastity belt as per mistress Laura's instructions. 

"Now that that is completed girls we can go have breakfast." Laura says.

"What would you like for breakfast Sharon?" Laura asks.

"Cereal if you have any mistress." Sharon responds.

"Okay what do you want to drink?" Laura says.

"Do you have any orange juice mistress?"

"Certainly I do. Here you go." Mistress Laura says while pouring Sharon a glass or orange juice. 

The three girls eat their breakfasts together and read the newspapers that Mistress Laura receives. The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and the National Post. The scene was like a normal family except one wore latex, and the other two wore a chastity belt. No bra's were worn either as well as collars locked onto their necks and shoes locked onto their feet. After breakfast, Mistress Laura released Sharon and Rachel from their belts so they could pee. The girls then brushed their teeth and put on make up. 

"Come girls it is time to get ready for work." Mistress Laura says. 

Rachel and Sharon follow Laura to the dungeon. Laura opens up a cabinet that is filled with many latex and rubber outfits. Mistress Laura takes two outfits out of the cabinet. Mistress Laura then walks over to a drawer and pulls out two latex thongs and two-rubber bras. Finally she pulls out two black posture collars and two black harness ball gags. Mistress Laura then removes Rachel and Sharon's shoes and collars.

"Ladies, you will both be wearing a latex French maid uniform for your cleaning duties this morning." Mistress Laura begins. "Both of you will wear these black things complete with a dildo and a butt plug inside of them. The dildo also has rubber nubs to stimulate your clitorises."

"Your breasts shall also be stimulated with these bra's. They have little rubber spikes inside if them in the nipple area that will drive your breasts and pussy insane with the stimulation." Laura outlined. "In addition to this you will both wear chastity belts so you cannot remove the thong or pleasure yourself. If you have to go to the bathroom you must find me to unlock your belt." Laura warned.

"Here put the thongs on." Laura directed while handing them each a thong. "Rachel, I would like you to help Sharon get dressed first then you can dress."

"Yes mistress Laura." Rachel said as she takes Sharon's thong and begins to lubricate the dildo and the butt plug with lube. 

"Since you have never had any ass play Sharon you may or may not like the butt plug at first. But, I'm sure you will like the feeling soon enough. You will also be fucked up the ass later in addition to being fucked in your pussy." Laura cautioned.

"You always must lubricate the dildo's and butt plugs Sharon. Your rectum does not produce lubrication on it's own like a cunt does. If you do not lubricate the plug it can hurt your anus when it is inserted." Rachel says.

With the dildo and butt plug thoroughly coated in lube Rachel, hands the thong to Sharon and to put it on. Rachel helps Sharon steer the invaders into they're appropriate ports. Then she pushed the dildo and butt plug further into their orifices. Sharon let's out a sigh of pleasure as she feels the raised bumps moving against her clitoris. The butt plug felt different since she had never had anything inserted in her ass before but it was a pleasant feeling. It was almost as comfortable as the dildo was. 

"Asses have many nerve endings Sharon. Try walking with the thong on and you will feel it even more." Mistress Laura says.

Next Rachel helps Sharon put on black latex slacks then black leather shoes are locked onto her feet. Next comes the bra with the rubber spikes to stimulate her nipples. Sharon really did not need the bra since her nipples were fully at attention after the dildo and butt plug were put on but it went on anyway. Mistress Laura took notice of this and pinched Sharon's nipples.

Next was the chastity belt, which was black in colour. This chastity belt was different then the others she had worn. The belt was made out of metal but was coated in rubber. The belt completely covered her bone area as well as genitals and rear. The belt was locked on her with a padlock. Now comes the top. A black latex top was put on Sharon but it was low cut enough to show her cleavage however with the bra. The top also had sleeves on it that covered her arms in tight fitting latex. Sharon felt so alive. Her sex was on fire. She loved the look and feel of the black latex.

Rachel then pulls Sharon's hair back into a bit of a ponytail and a hair clip in inserted to keep her hair out of her face while she worked. Sharon saw herself in the mirror and she was impressed by what she saw. She looked very sexy. Rachel then did Sharon's make-up. She put on lipstick, eye shadow blush, and eyeliner. Rachel was very good at doing make up too. The colours matched her skin tone and eyes perfectly. Mistress Laura then gave Sharon a pair in black latex gloves to wear.

"Okay Sharon, gag time?" Mistress Laura said. The large black rubber harness ball gag was pressed into Sharon's mouth and buckled underneath her chin and then at the back of her neck.

"Mmmmmpppphhhh", Sharon grunts.

"You seem to accept the gag well Sharon. That is really good to see. I like the look of a girl in bondage wearing a nice gag." Mistress Laura says to Sharon.

"Now this is a posture collar Sharon. This will take a bit to get used to but I know you can do it." Laura encourages.

The posture collar is made from thick black leather and is about six inches tall. The collar also had a,"D" ring on the front of it. One the back there is a hasp and lock so the wearer cannot remove the collar without the mistresses' permission. Mistress Laura was right; the collar did take some getting used to. Sharon found that it held her head erect and she could not move her head from side to side. 

Rachel began to get into her thong. The thong looked really nice around her pubis and the look of pleasure on her face as the dildo and butt plug went home made Sharon's pussy twinge. Rachel finished putting the rest off the outfit on including the skirt and white apron. Mistress Laura then put a large black harness ball gag on her as well. The collar was also locked onto Rachel's neck. 

"Now girls, here are your cleaning duties. Rachel I want you to clean all the dirty dildos, butt plugs and any latex or rubber which needs to be cleaned as well as the gags. After that you are to clean the kitchen and wash my dirty street clothes."

"Sharon, you are to clean all the bathrooms very thoroughly. That means the tub, toilet, sink, floor etc. Once you have finished the bathrooms you are to dust the furniture in the dungeon." Mistress Laura instructs the slaves on their cleaning duties.

"Now here is the penalty for a bad cleaning job sluts. You will be placed in strict bondage and have your arms bound and made to clean with a toothbrush in your gag. After that you will have your breasts and pussy whipped. That is only if you do a bad cleaning job. Now get to work girls!" Mistress Laura orders.

Sharon had never worn anything like this outfit before. She kind of liked the look and feel of it except for the high heels locked onto her feet. The dildo in her moist sex gently stimulated her pussy. She was very aroused especially with the feeling off the thong on her newly shaven pubic area. The thong felt even better then her own with her pussy hair now removed. The butt plug was getting more and more comfortable. It did expand her sphincter muscle on doubt and it made her feel kind of bad at the same time. She had never been stimulated anally but she loved it. Her bra was awesome. She loved how the rubber spikes in the bra were assaulting her nipples. It even made her pussy wet. One other drawback that Sharon found was the posture collar. It was weird having to hold one's head to strait. This was not easy to do when you were cleaning.

Sharon began to clean the toilet starting first with the inside of it. She made sure that she cleaned the toilet so it was spotless on the inside and the outside. She really did not want to get her breasts and pussy whipped. The thought about it did intrigue her however. She felt another twinge in her pussy just thinking about it. She did like the feeling that the nipple clamps had on her last night. She hoped that Mistress Laura would use them on her again soon.

After finishing the bathrooms Sharon headed to the dungeon to dust the furniture. She dusted the pain box, wooden pony; St. Andrew's cross the cravats as well as the punishment benches. It was now 12:00 and both Rachel and Sharon had been working very hard cleaning. Sharon's jaw now ached from the gag and her neck was also stiff from the collar. Her pussy was still very much alive as was her ass but even these orifices were beginning to get tired of the constant stimulation. Mistress Laura called both girls into the kitchen and removed the collars and the gags.

"There you go, both of you have worked very hard so neither of you will punished. We will have lunch now and then you will both be briefed on the afternoon's activities." Mistress Laura said.

The three girls had steak, potatoes, peas, carrots and juice for dinner. The dinner was also followed with some television time. Mistress Laura announced the afternoon itinerary after unlocking the girls so they could go to the bathroom.

"Rachel, you are to wear the thong for the rest of the afternoon as well as the bra. Get into some of your regular clothes because I want you to go and do the grocery shopping. Here is the list of the things that we need. Sharon you will be trained in discipline and bondage for the rest of the afternoon. I want you to strip naked now Sharon." Mistress Laura said.

"Yes mistress", Sharon replied.

Mistress Laura asked Sharon to follow her and they went to the dungeon. Inside the dungeon Mistress Laura opened a cupboard and took out an arm binder, a black inflatable butterfly harness gag, a spreader bar as well as a feather. Of course a tall posture collar was taken out as well. Sharon was still wearing the high heels locked onto her feet. 

"Spread your legs Sharon", Mistress Laura said. The spreader bar was placed between her legs, which were widely spread apart. 

"Mmmmmm nice pussy you have there Sharon." Mistress Laura commented. "It is very lovely. Nice folds."

"Thank you mistress." Sharon replied. "I like your pussy too."

Laura feels her own sex for a moment and then says, "Hands behind your back. This is an arm binder Sharon. This will ensure that you cannot resist or touch yourself. An arm binder will push your breasts forward making your boobs look even bigger. You will also feel some pain in your shoulders since it will be tightly laced."

Once the arm binder was finished being laced up Mistress Laura then pulled Sharon's arms backwards so she was bent over.

"That is a very submissive position Sharon. It is one of my favourites for slaves especially when they are wearing an arm binder." Mistress Laura explains.

Next the rubber butterfly gag was inserted into her mouth. Mistress Laura pumped the gag up in her mouth so that her cheeks bulged. This was not risky or painful since Mistress Laura took care not to pump the gag up too much. The gag pushed Sharon's tongue down and she could not speak. She adjusted to breathing through her lovely nose. Sharon thought that the butterfly gag tasted worse then the ball gags that she had worn.

Mistress Laura now puts the leather posture collar on Sharon's neck and locks it on her.

"Be right back," Mistress Laura says.

Mistress Laura returns wearing a rubber thong and carrying a dildo and a white feather. Mistress Laura is also topless. Laura takes the feather and begins to tickle Sharon's nipples.

"Do you like that Sharon? A girl's nipples are very sensitive. It is like a cable is connected to the pussy that sends it waves of pleasure." Mistress Laura says.

"Mmmmmmmm", Sharon protests through her gag.

"Take it easy Sharon." Mistress Laura says inserting a finger into Sharon's cunt. "You have to get used to tit clamps."

Mistress Laura was now lightly running the feather over Sharon's pussy tickling her outer labia and then her inner lips. She then paused on her clitoral hood that made Sharon's clitoris peek out from its hood. After a few minutes of this Sharon's cunt was drenched. Mistress Laura then grabbed the dildo and began to slowly insert it into Sharon's wet sex.

"Mmmmmm", Sharon says.

"Do you like having your cunt stimulated by the dildo?" Laura asks. 

"mmmmmm," Sharon replies.

"Yeah it feels good doesn't it Sharon? I will take you to kingdom cum with this too." Laura warns.

Mistress Laura did not have to work at Sharon's pussy long to bring her to orgasm. Sharon's pussy exploded into a powerful orgasm that made her vaginal muscles grip the dildo in her sex. Sharon was so wet that some of her love juices dribbled down her leg and onto the floor.

"Now for some discipline." Mistress said as she produces some clamps, which have weights, attached to them.

"These are pussy clamps Sharon, they will be clamped onto your outer labia and will cause some pain and some discomfort in your pussy. They will also make you more wet." Laura said

"Ahhhh", Sharon mutters as the clamps are attached.

Mistress Laura laughs and says, "Don't worry Sharon, I won't leave you too long. Just be glad that you don't have a clamp of your clitoris as well."

With that Mistress Laura leaves the room. Sharon is left bound and gagged to stew.

About thirty minutes later Mistress Laura returns with a smaller thick rubber collar and a leash. Mistress Laura is now wearing a red rubber cat suit, which has a dildo inside with rubber nubs on it to stimulate her clitoris. The suit also has a butt plug that nicely fills her ass. Of course her nipples are stimulated as well with the bra with rubber spikes. To top off her outfit she is wearing a large fake cock strapped onto her pubic area.

Sharon is un-bound and her gag is removed as well as the posture collar. The clamps are also removed from her pussy.

"How did you find the clamps and arm binder Sharon?" Laura asks Sharon.

"Pleasurable mistress." Sharon replies.

"Good, that is how it should be." Laura returns.

The leash is now attached to a new collar and mistress Laura leads Sharon to her bedroom. Mistress Laura's bedroom is very nice indeed with a lovely soft vanilla carpet, a large TV with a stereo and a DVD player as well as a VCR. There is also a computer on a nice oak desk and then there is Mistress Laura's dresser and closet. The bed is a large king size bed with very nice sheets and blankets. One sheet is made out of satin and another is silk. There are five blankets on the bed and one is wool. On the walls there are pictures of naked girls in bondage and pictures or Laura and Rachel naked together. There is an odd piece of furniture on the floor. It is a wooden bench with straps on it. Sharon wonders how it is used. 

"Over here Sharon." Mistress Laura says directing her slave to the odd piece of furniture on the floor. Mistress Laura attaches a chain to the collar, which is short. The chair makes Sharon keep her head down and ass raised high into the air. The straps are then buckled onto her, which kept her arms pulled back. Sharon's legs are also restrained so they kept her pussy exposed. 

"You are going to get fucked up the ass Sharon." Mistress begins.

Sharon felt slightly worried when she heard the words, "fucked up the ass", even though she had wanted anal sex and she enjoyed the butt plug.

"Don't worry Sharon anal sex is very fun and some girls can even cum from only having their asses stimulated. It won't hurt you either I promise." Mistress Laura reassured Sharon while stroking Sharon's breasts. Sharon has a red ball gag placed into her mouth that is tightly strapped in. 

Mistress Laura says tells Sharon that she will feel some cold stuff around her ass as she begins to lubricate Sharon's anus for the cock. 

"Okay time to lose your anal virginity Sharon." Mistress Laura says as she slowly begins to penetrate Sharon's anus. "Take some nice deep breaths Sharon to relax your sphincters." Laura tells Sharon.

"How do you like it so far?" Laura asks. 

"Mmmmmph", Sharon's muffles through her ball gag.

Mistress Laura then starts to feel Sharon's breasts as well as pinching her nipples. She makes her way back to Sharon's pussy and starts to finger it. 

"Pussy is still wet. I like to see that Sharon. Girls are much better lovers then men. We look good in thongs and bikini's plus we can be more nasty." Mistress Laura said as the cock is being rammed into Sharon's asshole. 

"You're close now aren't you Sharon?" Laura asks while gently rubbing Sharon's clitoris.

Sharon burst into another orgasm. Her pussy squirted out the cunt juice, which ran down her legs. During the cum Mistress Laura stopped thrusting and left the cock in Sharon's ass. Sharon's sphincter muscle gripped the cock as she orgasmed. After the cum the cock was removed from Sharon's ass. Sharon was also unbound and had her gag removed. Mistress Laura handed her a box of tissues so she could wipe herself. 

"How did you like anal sex Sharon?" 

"It was awesome mistress. I thought that the butt plug was good but that was ten times better!!!!" Sharon replied.

"I am glad that you enjoyed it. I'm sure you liked the boob and pussy touching as well? That was quite a cum that you just had Sharon. I think that with more practice you could cum with only anal stimulation." Laura tells Sharon.

"Now you can help me." Mistress Laura says while removing her catsuit. "I need you to service me orally. I want you to service my anus too. Don't worry I washed it before putting the catsuit on." Laura explains.

Mistress Laura then removes her bra and thong. "Mmmmmm", she sighs with pleasure as the butt plug and dildo are removed from their orifices. 

"Sharon, in the bottom drawer you will find a latex bikini and a chastity belt as well as a harness ring gag. Go and get them please." Laura orders. 

"Yes Mistress." Sharon says.

"Put them on please." Laura asks.

Mistress Laura closes the lock on Sharon's chastity belt and places the harness gag in her mouth. Next a sticky black piece of studded rubber is placed on Sharon's nose, which will help to stimulate Laura's clitoris. Mistress Laura then lays on her back on the bed and positions herself so her feet hands over the edge. Her pussy and ass are also on the edge of the bed to make it easy for Sharon to pleasure her. 

"Begin." Laura says.

Sharon gingerly sits down on her knees and places her wet tongue on Laura's labia and begins to lick them. 

"Mmmmmm", Laura moans with her eyes closed. While playing with her breasts.

"Clit Sharon," Laura directs.

A little later Laura says, "ass." So Sharon tongued her anus.

"Mmmmmm clit." Laura says again.

Soon a lot of mooning is heard from Laura as Sharon places her nose deeper into Laura's pussy and starts to stimulate Laura's clit with it. Sharon kissed Laura's pussy too as Laura was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. . Laura's kitty erupted into a mighty orgasm.

"Mmmmmmm", Mistress Laura says as she pushed Sharon away from her pussy so she could pleasure herself for a bit. In a moment later Laura had a second orgasm. 

"You did an excellent job pleasuring my pussy Sharon. Pleasuring your mistresses' pussy is a skill that has to be mastered by every slave. You need some more practice but I think you are a natural pussy eater." Laura congratulated Sharon. Mistress Laura removes Sharon's ring gag but the chastity belt, collar and latex bikini remain. 

"Come, Rachel should be back home by now and I'm hungry. The belt has to stay on unless you need to go to the bathroom Sharon. I can't have you getting off during training."

The two girls meet up with Rachel who asks for permission to remove her latex thong with the dildo and putt plug inside. Mistress Laura grants permission and Rachel dresses in normal street clothes. The three girls munch down on some hamburgers, fries as well as some cola for supper. 

After supper the girls relaxed and watched a movie and then some lesbian porn videos. Rachel and Laura used dildos on their pussies but Sharon was denied this pleasure. Mistress Laura told her that she would be pleasured later. Even so, seeing those lesbian girls going down on each other on TV and then seeing her mistress and Rachel sliding dildo's in and out of their snatches just made Sharon hot, wet and frustrated. She could not do anything about it except sit there and watch.

After the lesbian porn Mistress Laura announced that more training was going to be held for Rachel and Sharon. Off to the dungeon the three girls went. Sharon is bound with her arms raised and is wearing a black leather posture collar which is also attached to her waist and chest. The collar is designed so it keeps her back and body perfectly erect. There is no way that she can bend over or move her neck. Sharon is also wearing a large harness ball gag in her mouth. She is perfectly naked except for the gag, posture collar and a spreader bar. 

Rachel is placed into a, "pain box." This looks very painful and it is. Rachel's arms are put into an arm binder that is attached to the box. A wooden collar goes around her neck, which holds her neck straight and stiff. Next Rachel's legs are raised up so that her ankles are put into shackles attached to the wooden collar. This displays her pussy and asshole nicely which Mistress Laura takes full advantage off. Rachel's pussy lips are clamped and then taped so that her lips spread the pussy open. A clip is also attached to her clitoris, which makes Rachel scream. Mistress Laura laughs and says, "It isn't that bad Rachel. I promise I will not leave you in there too long." 

Nipple clamps are also put on each of Rachel's nipples, which have their weights, attached to them.

"Ooooooo", Laura says as she lubricates a large butt plug and pushes it into Rachel's tight anus. The plug has a wire coming from the end of it. This was for electro sex. The feeling that Rachel would get is it would feel like her ass was being continually fucked. To finish Rachel off Laura, inserted a nose hook into her nostrils that pulled her head and neck backwards. Next a dental jaw spreader gag was placed in her mouth spreading her jaws widely. 

"The pain box is for more advanced slaves Sharon. In time you too will be placed in that and other pain boxes. Rachel just loves the box and the clit clamp." Laura says with a smile.

"Now Sharon it is time to experience the whip." Laura says.

Mistress Laura then produces a crop and begins to circle Sharon. Sharon had always wanted to be whipped but now was a bit scared.

Thwack, the crop lands on her ass.

Thwack, on her back.

Thwack, on her ass again.

Thwack, on her breasts.

Thwack, breasts again. 

All Sharon could do is scream into her gag. But the scream was one of pleasure as well as pain. She could feel her sex dampening again. Being whipped by a beautiful mistress and seeing another girl being placed in strict bondage just made Sharon's day.

"Do you like that Sharon?" 

"Mmmmmmm," Sharon says.

"I take that as a yes then." Laura replies.

Thwack, Sharon's other breast was cropped.

Next the insides of her legs were cropped. 

Thwack, the crop now landed on Sharon's inner pussy lips. The labia stung. Thwack, her pussy was whipped again.

"Okay, that's enough off the whip. I just wanted to give you a taste of it Sharon." Mistress Laura said.

Mistress Laura inserted a dildo and a butt plug into Sharon's orifices and then attached a harness to keep the dildo and plug from falling out. Nipple clamps are also placed on her nipples. Rachel meanwhile has all of her nose hook removed. A black studded piece of rubber is placed on her nose. Laura then spreads her legs and straddles Rachel's mouth. Rachel begins to eat Laura's pussy. Sharon is a bit jealous she wishes that she were the slave eating her mistress's pussy and tasting her sweet nectar. Laura tastes really good she thought. Even though she had no other pussies to compare the taste to. Sharon liked the look of Rachel's pussy and hoped that she would be allowed to service her soon. For now Sharon could only watch and fantasize.

Laura now had herself straddling right on Rachel's nose. Laura played with her nipples by pinching them and rubbing her breasts. Laura was also well on the road to cumsville. Once the pussy eating was completed the girls started to get ready to go to bed. Mistress Laura let the girls go to the bathroom and to pee and brush their teeth before she locked them into their chastity belts again. Rachel and Sharon were going to be spending another nigh together in the dungeon. Sharon likes the thoughts of that very much. 

Sharon and Rachel had the leather collars and chains placed around their necks. The chains were bolted to the wall and attached to a "D", ring on the front of the collar. Mistress Laura closed the door and locked the two lesbians into their cell. Rachel and Sharon began to kiss and feel each other's breasts. Rachel tells Sharon about her trip to the grocery store. The two girls also reflect back on the evening's events. Soon the two girls are curled up to each other in the bed sound asleep. 

"Wakie wakie sluts", Mistress Laura says. "You have a full day ahead of you Sharon and so do you Rachel."

The girls were unlocked from the chastity belts to go to the washroom then they showered together. In the kitchen they ate waffles, apples and drank milk. The girls had no papers to read today since this was Sunday. 

"Sunday is a day that is a bit more relaxing Sharon but there will still be cleaning and training." Mistress Laura says.

After breakfast the girls brushed their teeth and their hair. Mistress Laura ten tells them what they will be wearing. 

"Today Sharon will be wearing the same outfit as yesterday. Rachel you will wear a latex swim cap for your hair as well as a blue thong that has a dildo and a butt plug built into it. You will also wear blue shoes, a low cut rubber top with open breast cups so your breasts will be exposed. Finally you will also wear a latex hood which will cover your face." Mistress Laura stipulates.

The hood has eye, mouth and nose holes. Mistress Laura attaches a metal chastity belt around Rachel's waist once she has finished putting on her latex and rubber. A black posture collar made out of thick rubber was placed around Rachel's neck and locked on. An inflatable penis gag was placed in her mouth and pumped up filling her mouth giving her the wonderful taste of rubber in her mouth. Next, shackles were placed around Rachel's ankles. And nipple clamps with a chain connecting the clamps were placed attached to her nipples. 

Sharon put on a black thong, which had a dildo and butt plug. Next she but on tight black latex pants as well as a rubber bra with studded nubs for her nipples. A black latex low cut top with also put on. Mistress Laura locked a chastity belt around her waist as well so she could not masturbate or remove the thong. Sharon's hair was placed in a metal clip and she put on make up and rubber latex gloves. Mistress Laura then pushed a red rubber harness ball gag into Sharon's mouth. 

"Mmmmmph." Sharon squealed with delight. 

To finish off the procedure a tall black posture collar was locked around Sharon's neck and black high heels shoes were locked onto her ankles with small padlocks. 

"Okay sluts here are your cleaning areas." Rachel, you will clean the playroom and my bedroom as well as the kitchen. Sharon, you will clean the cell and dust the living room and vacuum it." Laura said. "If there is any touching between you two then I will punish you both with strict bondage for the entire afternoon. Do you understand sluts?"

"Mmmmpppphhh", Rachel and Sharon both said in unison through the gags to symbolize that they understood.

Sharon felt very aroused in the latex and with the gag in her mouth. The collar made her neck rigid and the butt plug was nestled comfortable in her rectum. The dildo had nubs on it that stimulated her clitoris and worked in unison with the butt plug and bra to fuck her body. 

"This is an amazing feeling", Sharon said to herself. She decided that with her next pay cheque she would buy a gag as well as another thong with a dildo and a butt plug built into it. That way she could wear the thing to work and be stimulated and reminded of the good feelings of latex and bondage all day long and no one would even know. As she cleaned she orgasmed four times. "Wow, she thought, no man could make me cum anymore then two times in a row and when I put this stuff on I can have lots of multiple orgasms!" 

Sharon reflected back on the weekend. Even though she had been nervous originally about coming to see a professional mistress she was glad that she did. Sharon enjoyed all the new experiences here and she was pleasured so many times. Sharon even liked anal sex now. She thought that it was amazing how a girl could bring so much pain and pleasure to another girl. 

"Break time Sharon." Mistress Laura said. 

Mistress Laura began to remove Sharon's collar and gag.

"Did you enjoy the latex and the phalluses inside you Sharon?" Laura enquired.

"Yes mistress a lot!!" Sharon said excitedly.

"How many times did you cum?" Laura asked.

"Four times mistress!" Sharon replied enthusiastically.

"Very good indeed Sharon." Laura replied.

Sharon had all the latex and bondage equipment removed. Including the chastity belt and the latex thong. The dildo was coated in Sharon's pussy nectar. 

"Mistress may I masturbate myself?" Sharon asked.

"No Sharon, even though your pussy is wet you will be pleasured by Rachel shortly. I want to watch you cum." Mistress Laura told Sharon.

Mistress Laura attached a leather 1.5-inch collar around Sharon's neck and locked it on her.

Inside the dungeon Rachel was waiting for her. Rachel was naked except for a collar around her neck, which was the same as the one on Sharon. She was also wearing a harness ring gag and a pair of nipple clamps and pussy clamps with weights attached to them. A clamp was also placed on Rachel's clitoris but it did not have a weight attached. 

Sharon was bound to the same piece of equipment that she was bound to before when she had anal sex. Sharon had a chain attached to her collar that kept her head down and he ass high up into the air. Rachel put the restraints on Sharon's wrists and legs as well as her upper legs, which would spread her legs apart. Next, Rachel placed a nipple clamp with a weight on each of Sharon's nipples. A black penis gag was placed into Sharon's mouth and buckled at the back of her neck.

"Begin Rachel." Mistress Laura instructed.

Rachel placed her mouth on Sharon's pussy and began to tongue fuck her. She let her warm tongue work over Sharon's labia and then she slowly worked her tongue into the labia minora. Sharon was getting ecstatic. Her pussy was on fire and she hoped that relief would be granted soon by Rachel's tongue. 

"Now Sharon, while Rachel is pleasuring you the nipple clamps will stimulate your nipples as well as keeping your pussy wet." Laura said.
Mistress Laura now began to remove her latex bikini and produced a large dildo. Mistress Laura leaned back in her chair and began to push and pull the dildo in and out of her own cunt.

All three of the girls were wet and horny. Rachel wished she had something to stimulate her cunt but mistress Laura decided to deny her of orgasms since she had missed a spot cleaning. This was a small price to pay considering she could have been spending the rest of the day in strict bondage and rubber or on the wooden pony. Rachel kept her tongue moving over Sharon's pussy and now was concentrating on her clitoris. She pushed her nose deeper into Sharon's sex and it brushed up against Sharon's clit. 

"Mmmmmmmm", Rachel thought. She loved the look and smell of Sharon's pussy.

Sharon too was getting close to cumming. She hoped that Mistress Laura would not order Rachel to stop pleasuring her since mistress Laura was watching her while masturbating herself. Suddenly Sharon's body began to shake in the restraints. She screamed into her penis gag as Rachel's tongue and nose had done the trick and had given her a powerful orgasm. Rachel's face was now covered in Sharon's pussy juice. 

Once mistress Laura had cummed the three girls whipped their pussies and faces. Mistress Laura then released Sharon from her bondage and removed her clamps as well as Rachel's clamps and ring gag. 

"Girls, what do you say about going out for dinner?" Mistress Laura asked.

"Yes mistress. Oh can we mistress?" Rachel and Sharon both asked excitedly.

"Go put on blue bikini's which have a butt plug and a dildo inside of them Sharon. Rachel, you will only have a butt plug in your bikini for missing that spot in your cleaning you little slut. Oh, and bring back two chastity belt as well Sharon." Mistress Laura said.

Mistress Laura also wore a latex bikini with a dildo and an oddly shaped butt plug inside of her. The dildo had raised rubber studs to pleasure her clitoris and keep her in an almost constant state of arousal. The butt plug had a pump on it, which Laura pumped up several times once it was nestled comfortably in her rectum. Mistress Laura's ass and pussy were now totally full.

"Get Sharon some clothes Rachel." Laura said.

Sharon was given her clothes back except for her underwear since she did not need to wear that. Mistress did not return Sharon's bra since Laura was making Sharon and Rachel go to the restaurant braless. The girls went to a very expensive restaurant downtown and dinned like the rich. Even though they were in a rich person's restaurant they were not really dressed up and they did not need to be since Mistress Laura was the owner of the restaurant.

At the restaurant Laura gave Sharon a card. "Here is your first slave benefit Sharon? You get a 75% discount on everything when you eat here and use this card. Just show them the card next time." 

"Wow, thank you mistress." Sharon replied.

"You're welcome Sharon." Laura said smiling.

After eating the girls returned to the house. It was now 1:30 and Sharon would be leaving at 5:00.

Mistress announced that some training was in order for Sharon. 

"Strip slave." Mistress Laura said.

Now Sharon was more comfortable with her nakedness in front of other women. She peeled off her clothes quickly and Mistress Laura undid her chastity belt.

"Remove the bikini please Sharon." Laura directed.

Sharon peeled off the bikini and pulled out the dildo and the butt plug reluctantly.

"Come with me please Sharon." Laura said.

Sharon was taken to the dungeon and was made to sit in a different pain box. This pain box did not have an arm binder or restraints to raise the feet to the collar. The box was made out of hardwood. Sharon sat on a dildo and a butt plug that has wires connected to them. Mistress Laura then locked a large wooden collar around Sharon's neck. The collar was attached to the box. Sharon's feet and arms were locked into restraints. After this was done Mistress explained the, "nose hook." 

"This little thing here Sharon is called a nose hook." Laura said as she pulled the wire on the nose hook on the spindle it was attached to. "This will go inside your nostrils which will pull your nose and head backwards into a position that is uncomfortable for you but is just perfect for pussy eating." Laura told Sharon.

With that said the nose hook was inserted into Sharon's nostrils and was pulled back tightly until Sharon screamed. 

"You have a pretty nose Sharon and very nice nostrils." Mistress Laura commented.

Mistress Laura produced a dental gag and placed it inside Sharon's mouth spreading her jaws widely. Finally Mistress Laura placed two nipple clamps on each of Sharon's nipples which also had wires attached to them. 

"Now Sharon let me explain this part of your training. You are in a little bit of a kinder pain box then what you saw Rachel in. The butt plug, dildo and nipple clamps are electric. I can give you either pain or pleasure in your nipples, rectum and vagina. You will service my pussy. If you do a good job you will be pleasured. If you do a bad job then you will receive some painful stimulation to encourage you to do a better job. This is what a bad job means Sharon."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh," Sharon screamed as the electrical current shocked her tits, ass and cunt.

"Don't worry Sharon you will only receive that if you do a bad job. The electricity is set very low so it will not hurt you or do any damage. Now begin slut, I want an orgasm in five minutes." Mistress Laura ordered.

Even though Mistress Laura was tough sometimes she knew that she was just filling her role as a dominant. She was a kind and caring person who went to great pains to ensure that he slaves were properly selected, disciplined as well as looked after financially. As Sharon stared at Mistress Laura's pubic area and licked her twat she felt a love that she had never felt before. A love for another woman and the types of things that only a woman can provide was what made this weekend special for Sharon. Mistress Laura's pussy had a sweet musky odour that drove Sharon crazy. Soon Laura came and a large amount of her pussy juice landed up on Sharon's face as well as in her mouth and nose.

Mistress Laura released Sharon from the box and placed an arm binder on her arms as well as a collar leash and nipple clamps that had a chain connecting each of the clamps together. The jaw spreader was removed from her mouth and this time her sex was left bare with no dildos, clamps, or latex to wear.

"Come Sharon." Mistress Laura said pulling on the leash lightly. Sharon was taken to a room where Rachel was waiting. Rachel was now wearing a Dom outfit and it was clear that Sharon was going to be used to pleasure Rachel as well.

"She is all yours until 4:30 Rachel." Mistress Laura said. "Do what you want with her but go easy on her if you decide to use the whips." Mistress Laura told Rachel. With that Laura left the room.

"Now Sharon I have been waiting all weekend to get my hands on you. I bet you were hoping that you would get to service my pussy as well?" Rachel began.

Rachel places a jaw spreader in Sharon's mouth and says. "I won't be too hard on you. You are only new plus we want to turn you into a lesbian slave not turn you off it."

Rachel, reaches for a butt plug and lubricates it and Sharon's anus. She pushes the plug deeply into Sharon's anus and she moans a little. Rachel squeezes the bulb on the pump and it quickly fills up Sharon's ass. A pump up penis is then placed inside Sharon's vagina, which is pumped up to full capacity.

"Your ass and pussy will soon stretch and expand Sharon. Mistress Laura loves ass and cunt play if you have not noticed already." Rachel says.

With that Rachel lies down on a gynaecological examination table and places her legs into the stirrups. She reaches for Sharon's head and places it in front of her now wet pussy. 

"Eat Sharon." Rachel commands. "I want you to go slow Sharon. Slowly lick my pussy lips and then my inner lips. When you have done that I want you to concentrate on my clit. If you do a good job I will reward you. If you don't then you will be punished."

Sharon's shoulders started to get sore from the arm binder but she was getting used to the pain. She softly began to bring Rachel's kitty to climax. Rachel was certainly enjoying herself since she was moaning and groaning. Her cunt was producing more juice as she pinched her nipples and closed her eyes.

"Servicing pussies is a very important part of a slave's training Sharon. It takes a while to learn how to do a really good job at it but I think you may be a natural Sharon." Rachel told Sharon.

As Rachel came she told Sharon to service her faster. Her clitoris was on fire and she wanted to have her launch button pressed big time.

"Man, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, right there, fuck! awwwwwww" Rachel said as she reached cumsville. 

After cumming Rachel removed the jaw spreaders and the arm binder from Sharon. The nipple clamps and the dildo were removed but not the butt plug. Sharon is placed into restraints again. Her arms are raised above her head and a spreader bar is placed between her legs. Next, a red harness ball gag is pushed into her mouth and a posture collar is locked around her neck. The collar is made out of thick leather that had a bar that ran down her back, which clamped around her waist. This made Sharon stand perfectly straight. Rachel selected a flogger and began to flog Sharon's ass. 

"Mmmmmmmm", Sharon yelled through her gag.

Rachel switched to flogging Sharon's breasts taking the time to get them red. Rachel paused for a moment to feel her own pussy and then she felt Sharon's pussy. Sharon's pussy was nice and wet and she let out a moan when Rachel touched it. Rachel also flogged Sharon's pubic area making sure that the flogger connected perfectly on Sharon's pussy lips. The whipping was now over and Rachel released Sharon from her bondage. The gag was removed as well as the butt plug and the posture collar.

"I really enjoyed dominating you Sharon. You were a great slave girl this weekend and I know that Mistress and I are looking forward to having you here again next weekend. You are very beautiful and I can tell that you really desire a mistress and a woman's touch, especially after this weekend." Rachel tells Sharon.

Mistress Laura now appears with all of Sharon's street clothes. "Here you go Sharon" Laura says handing Sharon her clothes. "You were a great slave girl. I hope that you enjoyed being dominated as much as I enjoyed giving it to you. I think we broke a limit or two of yours. Anal sex is great fun and trust me there will be more ass play." Mistress Laura says.

"Come back here soon and we will have even more fun together Sharon." Mistress Laura says.

"I loved it here. You guys were awesome and it was just what I needed. I have longed to be a slave girl and to be punished. I will be back here again next weekend mistress." Sharon said with a smile.

As Sharon sat on the bus on the way back to her apartment she reflected back on the two days she had spent at Mistress Laura's. She had lost her anal virginity. She had sex with two girls, was whipped, and made to wear rubber, latex, gagged, and bound in many different ways. Once Sharon had gotten home she quickly peeled off her clothes and pleasured her pussy and tits for two hours. She managed to cum five times. 

After word

Sharon bought more dildos and butt plugs, gags, and a latex catsuit so she could have some fun at home when she was not at Mistress Laura's. Although she was an attractive girl and men tried to go out with her she rejected their advances since she was now a lesbian. She attended mistress Laura's slave school, at least twice a month and for two weeks straight when she took vacation. While a slave she was taken to lesbian parties and many rubber and BDSM parties with Rachel, Mistress Laura and some of Mistress Laura's other slave girls. After a year of training as a slave Sharon was given the job of, "hair remover." This job gave her the opportunity to shave the new slave girl's pussies, armpits, leg hair and ass hair.

Sharon was a successful slave girl and eventually became a live in slave girl but maintained her full time job.

The end.


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