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Drake Rubber Products

by Del

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© Copyright 2003 - Del - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; latex; bond; encased; kidnap; crate; shipped; nc; X

Place: The Drake Rubber Products Inc. factory 11:50 PM.

Night shift employee Helen Clark, a 24 years old data processor, catches up on work left over from the previous night. She sits at her desk entering data on her computer. She is an attractive 5’ 8” brunette who also freelances occasionally as a model. She is single and works night shifts at D.R.P.I. four nights a week. She works in her bare feet, relieved that she can relax and work comfortably as if working at home.

With her shift ending in ten minutes Helen is eager to head home and run herself a warm bath before bed. As she double checks her last data entries Helen notices for the second time this month, inventory lot number 134 is active again without her knowledge. Helen cannot understand why she is being denied access from the inventory data concerning lot 134. She feels if she was hired as the manger responsible for all inventory data at Drake Rubber Products Inc, then why shouldn't she have access to lot 134 as well she wonders. Determined not to let anything past her, Helen has taken it upon herself to secretly monitor lot 134 activities. She sees that all entries for lot 134 are processed only by her boss Mr. Drake. Helen notices that every month lot 134 has been shipping 2 items on a regular basis. This has continued for six months now. Helen hasn't a clue what these items are. Her curiosity is growing stronger.

"Just what are the items in lot 134 I wonder? I'd love to find out what Mr. Drake is up to. What am I thinking? Maybe I should just leave well enough alone and mind my own business."

Helen slips her feet back into her pumps, shuts down her computer, then prepares to leave when something catches her attention. Mr. Drake has left his office door slightly ajar. 

"I better lock Mr. Drakes office before I lock up."

As Helen is about to pull the door shut she notices that Mr. Drake's personal laptop computer also has not shut down. 

"Why would Mr. Drake leave his computer on like this. You would think a person would remember to put things away after use."

Helen walks over to the desk and looks at the screen. To her surprise it is the days end inventory report in its entirety. Helen smiles because it includes data on her favorite mystery, lot 134. Helen looks around for a moment then quickly closes her boss's door and hurries back to the desktop.

"Hey, I'll just take a little peek at what's the deal with lot 134. No one will know."

Helen opens the data files on lot 134 and is shocked at the data. 'Lot 134, Specialty items Quantity-2. Shipping Address : to Leonard Gault 564 Filmore St. New York. Lease amount $500,000.00 per item. Paid in full. Lease duration 1 year.'

"My God $5000,000.00 per item is a great deal of money. Incredible. Whatever this item is it's expensive. Whoever this Gault guy is he must be rich."

Helen is even more curious now and searches for more information. She finds the lot 134 packing description. The descriptions are not of any inventory items that she has seen on inventory rosters before.

Lot 134: (1) SP-Item:

Drakebond SERIES 3

Quantity 1 F-Configuration C-Wrap Product #241 

Order approved. M.D. Ready for delivery 
Shipping date Friday 6:00 AM. Rush Delivery. 

"Wait a second, it say the item is scheduled to ship Friday morning. That’s tomorrow. Wow, they are in the storage room right now."

With her curiosity off the scales now, Helen decides to sneak down into the storage room and take a quick look at this secret item. After closing the office for the night, Helen walks down to the storeroom using the stairs. She quietly enters into the huge room. Helen doesn't know where to begin her search for lot 134. She looks around until she comes across a private storeroom separate from the main room. She walks inside and sees a dozen of boxes of different sizes. Helen sees a shipping roster and finds lot 134 over against the wall near some metal racks. Helen sees a crate marked Drakebond 3 un-bonded rubber. Helen opened the box and looks inside.

"Nothing 's here... wait a minute. What's this?"

Helen holds up glass box, with what looks like a black rubber ball about the size of a baseball. 

"This is weird. Paying $500,000.000 for rubber ball is crazy."

Helen hears a pop sound as she opens the seal on the air tight glass box and holds the ball in her hand to examine it. She notices that it is lighter than rubber should be for its size. At first it is cold and hard to the touch but then the heat from her hands begins to warm and softens the ball. Slowly it becomes like a thick black sticky paste in.

"What is this stuff?"

Suddenly the material seems to spread out and cover her hands. Soon it travels upward and begins to stick to Helen's arms. She fights to prevent it's actions, but it seems to have a will of its own. The more she tries to remove the rubber the stickier it becomes. Helen panics when she realizes the black gooey material is slowly engulfing her. She attempts to scream, but before she can utter a sound a portion of the sticky rubber leaps into her mouth. It wraps around her lower face tightly. The rubber fills her mouth forcing her jaw open to hold the substance. She can taste the gooey material in her mouth. It is sweet like syrup. Helen instinctively tries to bite the rubber. But the only means of defense left to her is eliminated, when the rubber solidifies into a dense rubbery plug in her mouth, making any biting useless. Now with the plug forcing her tongue down, speech is impossible. It continues surrounding her slowly, covering her breasts, waist and hips. Helen falls to her knees her arms pinned to her side. Helen looses her balance and tumbles backwards. A muffled scream is heard when she hits the floor. 

Now on her back the black rubber continues downward winding tightly around both Helen's legs quickly reaching her ankles and onward until it covers her feet. She battles the rubber bondage but is defeated as the black rubber quickly creeps up the sides of her face and over the top of her head covering her long hair. She hears a noise to her right and sees Mr. Drake. He’s standing nearby, witnessing Helen’s body becoming covered by the rubber. Except for an opening for her eyes and nostril holes. Helen is baffled when she feels all her clothes including her shoes slowly being dissolved away beneath the strange rubber. In minutes she is totally nude within the tight rubber sheath that sticks to her body like a second skin. Her eyes plead with Mr. Drake for release. Instead of helping her he casually checks his watch to confirm the duration of the rubbers bonding cycle. He calmly walks over to the prone confused girl to speak to her. 

Standing directly above her, Drake says, "Very good, exactly five minutes to completely bind, gag and encase you in rubber Miss Clark. The rubber performed perfectly and looks very sexy on you I might add."

Helen stares at Drake with astonishment.

Mr. Drake kneels down and studies her ensnared body. Her muscles can be clearly seen flexing and straining for freedom through the rubber. Drake runs his hands slowly over her quivering rubberized form. The rubber is warm to the touch after absorbing all of Helen's body heat. Helen, frightened by his touch, attempts to shimmy away, but her immobilized body is unable to prevent his advances. He caresses her trapped breasts and feminine curves. Marveling at how perfectly the rubber has formed over her shapely body. Mr. Drake rudely rolls Helen on to her stomach and continues molesting her. Helen turns her head to the side to watch him from out of the corner of her eye. Perplexed, she sees how he admires her bound body. He runs both hands over her voluptuous curves lingering on and squeezing her round pert buttocks. The muscles there tremble like gelatin. Mr. Drake stands and uses his foot to push Helen onto her back. She cannot believe how completely defenseless this rubber has made her. She feels as helpless as a mummy.

"I see you were in my office this evening. I'm not so sure you are a spy or just unlucky. All I know is that you should not have been in my office or in the storage room. You must understand that you have to face the consequences of your actions." said Drake.

All Helen could do was, " MMMPPH....MMMPPPHH.!"

Drake continued, "Hush, Miss Clark. Let me explain what you are experiencing. The material that binds you is unlike anything ever created by man. It's called Drakebond Rubber. It's a synthetic rubber product created in the labs that has been altered to combine with organic DNA. The result is a rubber that can quickly bond to the skin and form a thin, strong, durable outer layer. More importantly, the rubber assumes a life all its own. It is genetically programmed to attach to a human host and form a symbiotic existence with it." 

Helen cannot believe what she is hearing. How could such a thing even exist she wonders.

"Because it is alive it has to eat to stay alive. In a few minutes, it will begin feeding off of you to nourish itself."

Helen begins screaming through the gag while trying desperately to free herself. She shudders at the thought of being devoured by this rubber thing. Drake senses her fear.

"Miss Clark, please relax. It won’t eat you. It needs you alive so that it can continue to live. The rubber is not hungry for flesh, but for something else your body produces. I've genetically engineered the rubber to nourish itself by drinking female vaginal fluids." he exclaimed.

Helen is awestruck. By meddling in her bosses business she was now in serious trouble.


"You wanted to find out what lot 134 was all about well now you are seconds away from getting your wish."

Helen panics when she begins to feel the rubber reforming. Within the cocoon, many strands of rubber, all varying in length and thickness, begin to form. She looks at the surface of the rubber and sees their well defined snake like shapes, through the rubber. Each one is self lubricated and move with ease against her skin despite the skin tight rubber fit. Like little tentacles, they probe different places on her body, within the cocoon.

"The tendrils you feel are systematically discovering your erogenous zones to cause you to have a natural female chemical response."

The tendrils are everywhere on Helen's body touching and stopping at places that illicit a response on the woman's figure. Much to her surprise, the tendrils eventually end up attaching themselves to her most sensitive regions. Helen squirms when she feels them gently stroking her nipples, breasts, lower back, under the soles of her feet and between her toes. Some stimulate her by touching her ear lobes while others squeezed past her gag and wrap themselves around her tongue. Like an expert masseuse, the tendrils massage the helpless girl’s sexual hot spots. As much as she tries, Helen could not help responding to the sensations the rubber tendrils were causing her to experience. Embarrassed and extremely aroused she shamefully glances over at Drake who sits on a crate nearby enjoying her erotic display.

"Oh no Miss Clark, this is just foreplay, the best is still to come. I've made sure my rubber is fully equipped to service a woman in all her sexual needs."

Helen's eyes widen with dread. Helplessly bound she shuts her eyes and can do nothing but scream into her gag as she feels two more slippery tendrils slowly working their way up her trembling thighs. Soon they are exploring the sensitive lips of her vagina. One tendril quickly coils around the tip of her clitoris and begins to stroke it while another, after first forming itself into rubber facsimile of a 8 inch erect male penis, pushes its way past her vaginal lips and slowly enters deep into her vulnerable pussy. Helen can feel every inch of the penis tendril within her loins. Its width and length enlarge and stiffen sending waves of unavoidable pleasure through her body. She squirms and twist on the floor like a sensual snake. Like clock work the tendril quickens it's pace. Helen ends up rolling onto her stomach undulating erotically. Mr. Drake smiles when he sees the outline through the rubber of another tendril as it quickly slithers its way up the side of Helen's leg towards her round flexing rump. The relentless thick appendage forms into a second identical size penis shape before it locates and slowly penetrates Helen's butt hole. The tendrils that are wrapped around Helen's tongue merge with the plug gag reshaping itself into yet a third penis shaped gag. This new oral intrusion begins its own pumping action in tandem with the others. Helen goes wild. She squirms and twists on the floor like snake. Bombarded with sexual stimulation Helen's body soon becomes rigid.

Helen's bizarre rape escalates as she is quickly brought closer and closer to the climax of an orgasm within the rubber bondage. The material tightens its firm embrace on Helen even more while the tendrils modify their triple penetration by expanding and contracting more rapidly inside her oral, vaginal, and anal orifices. Mr. Drake rolls the convulsing girl on her side, so he can see the hungry tendrils thru the rubber. A bulge in his pants grows as he views the full, blatant pumping action of all three tendrils, as they repeatedly thrust in and out of Helen’s body. Helen is completely overcome by intense sensations. Wave after wave of multiple orgasmic convulsions take hold of her. The rubber shrinks still tighter around her body as she explodes into incredible spasms of orgasmic release like she has never felt before. 

Helen topples back onto her back exhausted as the tremors gradually subside. Then she hears the faint sound of sipping, as the vaginal tendril begins to drink the generous flow of fluid pouring from Helen's extremely wet pussy. She feels it squirming inside her vagina sucking energetically. The tendril penis gag and penis butt plug remain stiff and in place throughout the feeding. Their prolonged penetration combined with the slow vaginal draining causes Helen to have little mini orgasmic aftershocks making her spasm every few minutes. Soon the tendrils have lapped up all of Helen's juices and quickly emerge from her orifices and transform back into their original rubber state around her body. It is then that Mr. Drake realizes that Helen has fainted.

Helen awakens to find herself weakened and still very much rubber bound. She attempts to move but cannot. Silent on the floor in her cocoon, her ordeal is far from over. She hears Mr. Drakes voice. She looks over to her left and sees that he is close to her whispering into her ear.

"Hello Miss Clark. Now that you are acquainted with exactly what I manufacture here at D.R.P.I, I would like you to know that your fate has been decided. You are now item 242, a Drakebond Series 3 Fetish Display Unit that has been added to a client order as a free gift."

"Uuuuhh." Helen grunted.

"That's right, you are his property now, free of charge. You will to be shipped out tomorrow along with the original Drakebond series 3 order, a female spy who tried to cross me. She was rubber Cocoon Wrapped just last evening. You'll see her eventually. The two of you have betrayed me and now you both will spend the next year as bound rubberized captive playthings providing my clients with an energetic erotic show each and every time the Drakebond rubber decides to feed off you. Good-bye Miss Clark."

Helen is too drained of strength for even a gagged reply.

Mr. Drake calls for two of his workers. She lifts her head and sees two men dressed in company lab coats enter the room. Drake orders his workers to weigh Helen. Her eyes dart back and forth between both men as one grabs her ankles and the other grabs her shoulders. They lift the wiggling, rubber bound girl and place her on an industrial size scale.

"Female Configuration Cocoon wrap. Product 242 is 125 pounds Sir." said one of the workers.

"Add her shipping weight to the packing roster. I want her fed, boxed then packed with the other one to be shipped in a few hours." ordered Drake.

"Yes sir."

Drake leaves. The workers lift Helen back on to a cart and wheel her into another room. She is brought into a prep room for Drakebond products. Helen is again lifted and now placed on an examination table. A large mirrored lamp is turned on and shinned into her blinking brown eyes. Helen lays very still studying her rubber encased head and gagged face in the lamp mirror. It is then that she sees how terrified she looks. 

"This one isn't moving much." said one worker.

"They all end up like that after their first tendril feeding. Afterwards, they are too spent from multiple orgasms to move much, let alone try to escape. Besides it doesn't take long for them to realize that there is no way out of that fucking living rubber until the client removes it. If he removes it at all." replied the other.

Helen shudders, thinking about how she is no longer an individual to Drake and his workers. Helen has been forced to become a living expensive erotic fetish toy. Helplessly trapped in living rubber designed to exploit her sexual desires and violate her body whenever it hungers. She is a novelty for rich voyeuristic clients. Helen is startled when one of the workers begins pinching her nipples between his fingers.


"It's dammed exciting knowing a powerless girl is inside this rubber unable to prevent herself from getting three way fucked…or played with by anyone that can reach her." said the first worker.

"You better not let Drake catch you pawing the merchandise. You know how he is about employees sampling the products. Don't forget that the old man has also been designing a Drakebond series 4 C-Wrap unit for men. You could very easily end up as helpless as this bitch is now and with one of those rubber tendril things pushed down your throat, another stuck up your ass, and one more fucker milking your rod like a cow teat. You could be the lab rat that gets to test it for longevity." warned the other.

Quickly removing his hands, the first worker said, "No fucking way! Hey, keep this to yourself. "

" As usual. Listen, roll the feeder over here."

Helen is awestruck watching these men go about this odd work as of it is a normal job. She tries to speak to them to stop but her meaningless moans are simply ignored.

Worker 2 rolls a machine over to the table. It is a feeder machine especially designed feed captives encased in Drakebond products. It has a clear tank filed with a tan colored highly nutritious liquid nutrients connected to a long a feeding tube. The tube is inserted down the captives throat and into the stomach and the mixture is pumped directly into the victim. To allow access to her mouth, a special liquid solution is applied with a cotton swab to the rubber covering Helen's lower face. In the reflection she watches wide-eyed as the rubber begins to react to it liquid. The plug gag softens before her eyes. Reforming itself into a stiff rubber ring. Forcing and keeping Helen’s mouth open. Although her mouth is open she cannot speak. Her only sounds she is able to make through the ring are unrecognizable. Her pink tongue wiggles and touches the firm ring. She even tries using her tongue to dislodge it, but it will not budge.

"EHHSHH..EEHHLLHH..AAHHGGHH." Helen tried to speak.

Worker 2 continues the feeding process again oblivious to her noises. Helen gags and coughs as he, without warning, harshly inserts the feeding tube past her tongue and down her throat into her stomach. Helen begins to struggle. The rubber material quickly constricts around her body making it impossible for her to move. Helen feels terror as she realizes the rubber is actually helping the worker feed her.

"That's right bitch, This stuff wants you to be fed because if you don't eat, you'll die and then it can't eat and it will die."

Inside constricted rubber Helen weeps as she endures the feeding machine. Soon her feeding is complete. She is also fed water in the same manner before the feeding tube is yanked from her stomach. Helen feels bloated and full as the rubber loosens slightly and reforms the rubber plug gag in her mouth. She cries softly while lifted back onto the cart and slowly wheeled to the shipping room. Inside the room she turns her head and sees a long wooden crate being opened by worker 1. Helen’s placed on her back inside the cushioned crate. She is secured to its bottom with wide leather straps securing her forehead, lower face, chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. Breathing tubes are inserted into her nostrils an fed trough holes in the side of the crate. Soft packing is placed around and on top of her obscuring her sight. Then she senses and feels the top of the crate being slid into place and nailed shut. Her heart pounds with fear as each nail is driven. 

The crate containing the packaged girl is moved and placed besides the other similar looking crate. The crates are stacked and marked fragile Drakebond series 3 F.D.U. 241 and 242. The workers shut the lights and leave the two captives alone to wait and be shipped to their new owner.

Helen trembles as she again begins to feel the tendrils form and begin to snake their way across her body to their predetermined destinations. The rubber cocoon is about to feed on Helen again. Strapped and unable to even struggle, Helen experiences renewed sexual stimulation and is brought to multiple orgasmic climaxes. Once again, she is at the mercy of the penis shaped tendrils. She moans loudly as does the occupants of the other crate. Apparently sensing Helen's erotic responses her nearby bound neighbor's cocoon has also come alive and begun to feast on it's own imprisoned female host. 

Later that morning.

The private Estate of Leonard Gault. 

Leonard, Gault's butler signs for the crates delivered from Drake Rubber Products Inc. He has the crates brought down to the mansion's basement. The butler notifies his boss that the crates have arrived.

"Excellent it only took eight hours to get here. How about that for rush service? Have Carla and Roger meet me downstairs." said Leonard Gault.

Minutes later, in a large re-modeled basement, Gault, Carla Strom, and Roger Levine, Gault’s product trainers, watch as servants open the crates.

"Here it is boy and girls, a special delivery from D.R.P.I." Gault smiled.

The crates are opened one at a time and the servants remove the straps and lift to Gault’s surprise not one but two exhausted rubber bound woman out of their crates. Each girl is stood up and supported by a servant, who holds the girl by the shoulders. The two rubber bound prisoners blink rapidly as their eyes adjust to the lights. Weak from several tendril feeding sessions during their ride in the delivery truck, they can barely stand. Their eyes focus and for the first time they see each other. They look almost identical in their twin cocoons. They are even the same height. The only real difference between them is that Helen has brown eyes whereas Linda's eyes are blue. The two examine the taut rubber bondage that surrounds them. Realizing that they look as powerless as they feel.

Gault reads from a cover letter from Drake and pointing to the other girl, "Here we have Cocoon-Wrap 241, Linda Grant, caught hacking the Drakebond encrypted database files and trying to sell them to a rival company. What she didn’t know was that she sold them to a Drakebond undercover personnel."

Now pointing to Helen he continues, "And next we have Cocoon-Wrap 242, Helen Clark, caught nosing around Drakes, office and shipping department after hours. Drake has been on to her for months. He finally pulled this thorn out of his side."

"You never said you were renting two units Gault." said Roger Levine.

Gault overjoyed at this unexpected bonus said, "I only ordered one unit, but Drake sent 242 over as a free gift. How about that. The letter says she was just caught and cocooned early this morning. A two for the price of one sale. I got no complaints."

"Well, a spy, and a snoop." Carla purred.

"What do you rubber bitches have to say for yourselves?" Gault demanded.

Confused, Helen and Linda look at each other. How can they talk while gagged with rubber plugs? Gault gives a signal to Carla who responds by quickly walking over to each woman and slaps them hard in the face. Each shocked woman moans in pain.

Carla screamed at the women, "First lesson. We know you bitches can't speak, but you damn well better make gag sounds and respond when spoken to."

"This better be the last time I have to repeat myself. Now, what do you rubber bitches have to say for yourselves?" Gault said.

Immediately the two terrorized women respond with a symphony of gagged gibberish.



"That's better. Rubber Bitches." Gault gloated.

Roger said, "It is time we prep them. They need much work before we can use them in the show room."

"Good idea. I want them prepped and ready for their two week show room training, starting tomorrow." 

The women wonder what kind of training is possible, while bound and gagged. The servants load the women onto two large hand trucks and roll them to a large room. Helen sees a feeder machine and table like the one at the storage warehouse, in middle of the room. Helen is placed on a side table while Linda is placed on the feeding table. Helen watches them create a ring gag to open Linda's mouth, but instead of inserting the feeding tube, a small pill is deposited into her stomach. The same procedure is done to Helen leaving the girls perplexed as to what drugs they were just given.

Then both women are lifted to a seated position and are fitted with a special head harness and collar. The head harness has three straps one around the forehead, another across the bridge of the nose, and another around the chin. Another strap connects them and runs vertically starting beneath their jaw and closes with a steel ring locking clip at the top of their heads. Each girl's neck is forced into a wide leather ringed collar that prevents them from moving their heads in any direction. The woman stare at each other wide-eyed

A rack is then pushed into the room. Both girls have to turn their entire torsos to see it. It appears to be a heavy meat locker rack with two steel hooks connected to the top bar. Each girl is picked up and her head harness ring is placed through a hook on the rack. The women gasp through their noses as their imprisoned heads take the full weight of their rubber bound bodies. Gagged complaints are heard as the women hang helplessly, their feet some 12 inches off the floor. They sway slightly to and fro as the struggling women are wheeled slowly down a long hall. They pass several other servants in the hall, that laugh and snicker at the plight of the suspended rubber prisoners. The cart is pushed through a door marked shower room. 

Inside they see a large shower stall with a strange bar assembly in the center. This assembly also has hooks on the top beam and has cross beams with eyelet's attached to it. The women are removed from the cart hooks and hooked onto the shower stall assembly beam. The servant ties a rope to Helen’s knees and threads the loose end through a cross beam eyelet and pulls the rope until her legs are at a right angle to her torso. The same is done to Linda and in minutes the women are hanging side by side by their heads and knees in a suspended seated position 12 inches off the floor. Helen and Linda are totally puzzled by this new bondage. The servant leaves two large metal pans beneath each girl. They twitch and squeal on their hooks as the amused servant leaves them in the shower stall.

Fifteen minutes later, Helen begins to feel cramps in her abdomen. She feels an uncontrollable need to relieve herself. Then suddenly, she remembered the small pill that she and Linda were given. It must have been some kind of enema pill. Unable to control her bodily functions, Helen begins to experience a bowel movement. The rubber suit seems to sense this and immediately creates an opening where the rubber is covering her rump.

With her buttocks fully exposed Helen slowly excretes her bodily wastes into the pan below her. Immediately after, her bladder empties and the liquid waste drains into the pan as well. Helen hears Linda weeping and tries to see her from the corner of her eye, but is unable to move while in such strict bondage. Helen hears a similar impact sound of Linda's waste landing and the pouring sound of her urine filling her own pan and knows that Linda is experiencing exactly the same humiliation as she. Soon after the servant returns and removes the filled pans and uses a water hose to wash each woman's unveiled bottom. The embarrassed women quiver, as the cool water touches their unprotected feminine, private parts. After cleaning the cocoons return to normal and the ropes are removed from the woman's knees. They are both re-hooked face to face this time on the rack and wheeled back into the hall. They are wheeled to a room marked rest area and left to wait.

A half hour later Helen and Linda still remain on the rack in the hall hanging like two fish on hooks. They have been staring at each others gagged and harnessed faces ironically hanging so close together but powerless to help other gain her freedom. Suddenly within her cocoon Helen feels the tendrils slowly stir to life again. Both woman stare helplessly into each others eyes as Linda’s cocoon tendrils, also begin to come to life. Now very familiar with each woman's erogenous zones the appendages begin their stimulation phase with out any guess work. Betrayed by their own bodies, both women become sexually aroused in minutes. They soon scream as they feel the sensation of penis tendrils beginning their vaginal, anal, and oral penetration. Helen and Linda fight their bondage, but are utterly powerless to prevent the onslaught of sexual violation each is witnessing and experiencing. Soon the two are engulfed in orgasmic wakes that make them appear to be performing some bizarre erotic dance while suspended on the racks. Their sexual responses cause the rack to vibrate, squeak and inadvertently roll to the center of the hall. Providing a lewd spectacle to servants who stop to watch the penis tendrils rape them. The servants enjoy the show for a moment but suddenly scurry away in fear.

To Helen and Linda's puzzlement they hear footsteps approaching. Their hearts pound with embarrassment and fear when they see from the corner of their eyes it is Carla. Standing with her hands on her hips she laughs heartily observing their pitiful twitching bodies. Carla then turns each woman around so she can get a clear look at their faces. She sees the panting exhausted faces of the orgasmic captives as their penis gags pulsate rapidly within both of their stretched open mouths. Carla is pleased with the knowledge that before her are two powerless, bound and gagged females suspended by their heads being forcibly raped and sodomised by several thick, rubber penis tendrils, and they have absolutely no choice in the matter. She walks around the rack slowly. She savors the view of these shapely females from all angles as they gyrate and jerk on the hooks. Carla stops to stare at their taunt rubber coated asses as the tightly stretched mounds of their buttocks jiggle wildly, as each penis butt tendril continues the assault on the women’s unprotected rectums. She takes advantage of their helplessness. She takes aim and begins spanking each woman with the back of her hand.

Helen and Linda buck madly overwhelmed by the pain and pleasure they are being subjected to. Each received twenty lashes while undergoing back arching multiple orgasms before Carla stops her attack on the defenseless woman. Helen and Linda hang limply, silenced by the penis gags, their bottoms filled, and shuddering as their vaginal tendrils begin drinking. Carla looks at their now tear stained faces and smiles triumphantly before she roughly takes hold of the rack and wheels the woman into the rest area. 

Later, Carla has her servants prepare Helen and Linda for bed. The head harnesses and collars are replaced. Each cocoon face opening is closed with an additional sheet of thin black rubber leaving the woman in total darkness. Their featureless rubber coated faces look like black non descript manikins .They breath easily through tiny nose holes formed by the rubber. The servants apply an oily enzyme coating to the surface of Helen and Linda's skin tight rubber from head to toe. Once applied the two shine like female shaped polished onyx figurines. the head harnesses and collars are replaced. Waist cincher belts and ankle straps are also buckled on to each girl. They are then laid on separate twin beds on their backs. Their harnessed heads are tied off with rope to the head of the beds where an eyelet has been attached, while their ankle straps are secured to the foot of the bed with rope immobilizing their feet. One more rope is tied to their waist cincher and wrapped around the middle of the bed pressing the women into the mattress slightly.

"Tomorrow begins your bondage training. That oil you are coated with will inhibit the cocoons feeding cycle so you can sleep undisturbed until morning. This is the manner in which you are to sleep for the duration of your training. Cocooned, oiled, harnessed, strapped and tied to your bed. The servants will return at 6:00 am to help you out of bed." said Carla.

End of Part one


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