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Dragons Alive

by DeeDee V Iante

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Storycodes: latex; catsuit; layers; cons; X

1 - The First Suit

After showering and drying, I sit on the bed excited with anticipation, caressing my red rubber catsuit, running it along my cheek. Thrilling at the feel of its smooth, sensuous, luscious, erotic, slick surface, I slow my breathing so as not to become too excited. Slowly, slowly, not to increase my excited libido too much, I stretch the neck opening slowly wider. I want to tear it open, but it is tight, and the thin, though red surgical latex will not tear.

Stretching the neck open, the light thin rubber brushed my legs and thighs, and I find I cannot keep my legs still. I love the feel of smooth, slick shiny rubber, and the excitement of dressing into my true red rubber suits. There, it is. The turtleneck entry is wide enough to squeeze my legs through, then sliding each leg down, each tight catsuit leg. Shivering like the untouched virgin I am, the anticipation of firm, loving rubber over my entire body is like constant enduring sex.

Stretching the suit up and over my thin boyish hips, I stop before the rubber wedges between my legs, which at my current level of stimulation, will send me off the edge. I have to regulate my heavy panting or else I will explode prematurely. One-two-three, four-five, I try to think of shopping but it is no use. I draw the latex catsuit up between my legs gently, carefully, then up over my rubber briefs. Sliding along nicely over my oiled body, I draw the surgical red latex catsuit over my flat chest to under my arms. Great-spirit, I am panting like a bitch in heat. Well, yes, I am in a way.

Sitting, trying to think of fairies and butterflies, I close my eyes to cool my libido. Lately, my fairies and butterflies have green and violet eyes. I do not mind those colors but my color is what most people call red. In photos these colors look red but with the extra cones I have in my eyes. Not three like most, or even four like some, I have five cones, two more than most humans, but Mantis Shrimp have 16 color receptors. For me, these ‘red’ suits are each a different color, but I have no name for them. So, my libido has settled and I can continue.

Calmed, my left arm slips down the tight slick rubber sleeves and stretches the suit for my hand and fingers to glide into the glove part. Great-Crow, I am panting already so I slow down with my right arm but this does not help. I do not want to climax until I am fully in the suit and feel the tight turtleneck around my throat. Oh-oh, oh, the rubber turtleneck is on and just some adjusting and WHOSH.

Falling back on my bed, my body arches like a stone bridge over a river, my legs stiffen, my eyes turn up, I hear a rushing sound in my ears, and the green and purple eyes fill my vision. Sigh…

2 - The Second and Final Suit

Catching my breath, I cuddle my second red surgical latex catsuit against my chest. Slowly, my body calms, my thoughts calm, but I know what I am going to do and blood pumping sounds loud in my ears. I slowly stretch the turtleneck entry open, the effort both calming and exciting my thoughts and body. When I have the neck open wide enough, I stand and spray my body with latex glue and glide. Yes, I am slightly mad like my mother.

Stretching the neck entry further open, I gather up the suit like pantyhose and step into the second different red surgical latex catsuit. With the glide-glue I need to hurry a little, but I also need to pace myself. The tight-tight smooth second skin embracing my legs has its effect. Fitting to every molecule of my first suit and body, I stretch the surgical latex up my legs and almost lose it with the feel of latex gliding over my latex covered skin.

Feeling the heat between my legs rising, my knees almost buckle, drawing the rubber sharply up my waist and in between my legs. I sit, calm my thoughts, regulate my breath, but I cannot wait too long. The glide-glue will stop working. Continuing, the rubber over rubber glides smoothly, evenly, sensually, and my breathing speeds up by the time I have the suit under my arms. I have to calm my libido, my breathing, my thoughts. I am the flame. I am at peace. I should have focused on an ice cube, not fire. I am horny as hell. Fuck.

I thrust both my hands into the second rubber suit's sleeves and quickly smooth out the air already falling on the bed gasping for air while the second suit's turtleneck slowly tightens. That tight feeling around my neck, not enough to constrict, but enough to feel. Ahhhhh.

Floating above the bed on a pink cloud, enjoying my one daily guilty pleasure, satisfied, exhausted, I thank my protective red dragon on the ceiling. Red to most people and on videos and photos, but I saw the reddish-green, yellowish-blue, the forbidden colors, then the chimerical colors and infrared and ultraviolet, and magenta. No matter how I distract myself, I cannot stop my left grabbing the third red surgical latex catsuit and hugging it to my chest.

With shaking hands, I sit up, stretch open the turtleneck entry, and stretch, and so. I lift both my legs and slide them through the turtleneck to the suit's legs. I bunch up the top part and stretch the tight and exciting third suit over my legs, hips, and up my body. Shivering from the feel of rubber-on-rubber gliding over my hot and compressed skin, I suppress my trepidation and fear of the consequences of wearing a third suit for the night and the entire day tomorrow.

When I wake up, I will feel compressed, overheated and regretting my decision, unable to take the suits off unless I cut them off with the tungsten-carbide cutters that cut through the tough surgical Latex. Then I will have to start all over again, but I will not survive that. Three such peaks before I go to sleep is a little more than comfortable but Mother-Dragon, what a rush.

Flushed, worn, and overstimulated, the parts of the suit warmed by my heating legs and hips were bonding with the warmth activated glide-glue. Like a lazy cat, I slip from the top of my duvet and walk through my bedroom to the thermostat. Yes, 100F/38C is my ideal bedroom temperature, but I need water. The bathroom is also heavily insulated for my needs so I can go there and remain warm.

3 - The Fourth Suit

Hydrated, relaxed, ready for a night of dreams, as I draw back my duvet, I freeze in a stupor. Where did that red surgical latex come from under my duvet? It stares at me with disdain, with contempt, with pity. I stare back at it, daring it to jump me, to move, to do anything. How long I stood staring at the fourth rubber jumpsuit doesn’t matter. Before I come out of my stupor, the catsuit is climbing up my legs with my hands trembling, my thoughts in disarray, and tears of anticipation in my eyes, as tears of knowing that I will be in terrible pressure aches when I wake up. I cannot stop my hands or the suit from sliding up my legs, body, arms and up around my throat. No, no, and it is over. BOOOOooooom…

It is late; I am drained, and I want to sleep, but I feel the force of rubber pressing on every inch of my skin and body below my chin. I am super sensitized, feeling an erotic burn between my legs like not before. My libido’s heat rises as the fire between my leg’s rages. Trying to regulate my breathing, my thoughts churning wild and uncontrolled, and I lose all control as I feel the ecstasy eclipsing the pain…

Midnight, and I am still high as a kite. Slipping in and out of a wild dream sleep; I would love this were it not that I had to be in the store tomorrow morning. I get up and walk out into the freezing cold of my living room. The thermostat shows 30C/85F, brr. Cold usually dampens my libido and so I pace around trying not to think of what I feel. I have to cut off the suits and redress before I go mad.

My hand will not make the cut. It refuses to bring the scissors to any part of the body, and I have to concede, I do not want to give up. I hate doing this but I take two 3mg Melatonin with warm milk and go back to my warm cushy bed. Great spirit! How could I forget! I cannot sleep unless I am in my red sleep onesie. It all has to do with mummy-dearest, who turned out to be bat-shit-crazy. Stretching the hood entry open, I slip into the footed and mittened thick rubber onesie. I cannot remember a night in my life when I did not wear the red onesie to bed…

It is late and my wet dreams float away like morning mist with small bits and pieces lingering on. A pair of shining green eyes, a red dragon, and a dark shadowy figure that oozed sensuality, and all gone. It is good. The dreams are gone, but the feelings linger. Time to get ready for work.

I get out of bed and struggle out of the onesie. It is a familiar struggle, and part of my morning routine. It is a comforting struggle. I turn my red rubber onesie inside out and put it on my bed, then cover it with the duvet. It will be there waiting for me when I come home. Reverting to my morning routine to distract from the rising heat between my legs and the prickling ache over my body, I turn on the coffee machine and rush back into my warm bedroom. Time to get ready for the cold weather. 27c/80f, brrrr.

Bathroom, gather my day clothes; do you know that black has many shades and that the ultimate black makes you invisible. Aside from red, I like black for my warm woolens. Woolen tights, woolen catsuit, faux gloves, red leather catsuit with high-heel boots, hood, and gloves. Watching the red rubber disappear under my black woolens, I have to time everything just right or else I will peak too soon. Black woolen catsuit, then quickly into my red leather jumpsuit with hood. Zip it closed and put a locking ruby choker around my throat. So, done. Phone with my cards, keycard… yes, that is all I need. Off to open my Dragons Alive shop…


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