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Dorm Mates

by KevBowler300

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© Copyright 2009 - KevBowler300 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; vacbed; discovered; M/f; hum; cons; X

Sarah and Raven were not a pair you would expect to be best friends, but they were roommates their freshman year of college and their friendship grew as the semesters passed. Raven was your typical campus hottie, 5'6”, flowing brunette locks, big breasts, flat stomach, and a belly button ring that she showed off all the time. She was always the center of attention, whether it was being friendly with everyone or getting stares from all the guys... and a few ladies too. Sarah on the other hand was a plain lady. She spent more time with her books than out in public. She wore her blond hair back in a ponytail and often wore her glasses. She had a librarian kind of look to her but underneath all that she had a nice body that would get a few glances if it ever saw the light of day.

That first year they were friendly but not too close until one night after Raven returned early from a party to find Sarah on her bed trying to hurriedly get a big ball gag off. Sarah hung her head and wanted to hide in shame at being found with such an item. Raven however had a little experience in such matters and decided to have some fun.

“Someone is a kinky girl aren't they?” she inquired. Sarah, already blushing turned even redder and tried to bury herself under her blankets and pillows. “It's ok sweety... you don't have to be ashamed. Come on out here and lets talk about it.” she gently said while patting the hiding girl. Sarah just shook her head. “Ok, you leave me no choice...” and she went to her private stash and pulled out a set of handcuffs. She returned to Sarah's bed and asked one last time if she'd come out but Sarah still refused. With that, Raven snapped the cuffs on one of her wrists then searched for Sarah's hand and snapped the other on her. “I'm not going anywhere until we talk.”

The ladies eventually got to talking and shared their experiences. Both were a little turned on being able to freely talk about such matters and decided to help each other out whenever needed. Neither would say they were bisexual, but on more than one occasion they took advantage of their situation.

One Saturday morning, they were up to their usual antics, with Sarah trapped inside a shiny black vacbed with her head poking out. Luckily the pair kept their room quite clean which explained their occasional use of a vacuum to seal one of them in and it had a valve so the vacuum didn't have to run continuously. Raven was teasing her and getting her worked up while discussing guys they thought were cute. They talked about Scott, the senior football star, and Jack, an RA in their dorm. But Sarah was most interested in Peter who was in a couple of her classes. Raven noticed the faraway look in Sarah's eyes as she talked about him but that could also have been from the gentle rubbing she was giving the bound girl.

Raven got up and placed a blindfold on Sarah and told her she was going to take a shower, but she'd leave the door unlocked so she wouldn't need to take her key. Sarah tensed up at the thought of someone being able to walk into the room and see her naked and trapped. “See you in a little while sweety” she teased as she added a small ball gag before leaving the room. Sarah attempted to wiggle and moaned trying to get her to stay but to no avail. Raven however had something more devious in mind for her little helpless one. Because of the blindfold, Sarah couldn't see that instead of showering supplies Raven had only taken her cellphone with her.

Once out of the room, Raven went a short distance down the hall so she could make a call without Sarah hearing her while also being able to keep an eye on the room. “Hello, Peter? It's Raven. Remember that conversation we had? Why don't you come over to our room so you can get what you wanted. Ok, see you in a few minutes.”

When Peter got there Raven told him to not make a single sound. Peter agreed and Raven led the way to the room. Sarah had been alone for almost 15 minutes and was hoping Raven would return soon. She tensed at the sound of the door opening and jumped when Raven talked in a low voice pretending to be a stranger, but she quickly let her know it was just her and Sarah visibly relaxed. Pretending to put stuff away and get comfortable after the shower Raven got the conversation going again.

“So where did we leave off? I believe you were talking about Peter?” Mmmph mmph. “I guess I should take the gag out if I want to understand you. That's better. Now, what were you saying about him?” Sarah started talking about him, about how she would find herself staring at him in class and start daydreaming about him. Then at night she would fantasize about him holding her and tying her to the bed for a night of passionate love. Raven sat down and massaged Sarah through the latex. “Why don't you ask him out so you don't have to fantasize?”

“I don't think he'd go for someone like me. I don't think he even notices me and I'm too shy to ask him.” Peter had to do a little shifting as his pants had become quite tight from the spectacle in front of him. He thought back to how this whole situation started...

* * *

Raven opened the door and invited Peter in for their study session. “Is Sarah going to be joining us?”

“No, she's hanging out in the library.” Peter seemed disappointed which Raven noticed. “I think you like her.” she teased.

“No... I... uh...” he stammered trying to think of something while turning red.

“Uh huh. That's what I thought. You know, I think she's interested in you too. I know she's single and I think she would enjoy a date.”

“I'm not sure” he said while trying to find a way off the subject when he noticed some rope peeking out from under the bed. “What's with the rope?”

“Oh, well, I use that to secure Sarah at night.” she said mentally kicking herself for not properly putting it away “She sometimes sleepwalks and I make sure she can't get up and hurt herself. Care to see?”

He tentatively agreed and laid on the bed while Raven proceeded to secure him spread eagle to the bed. He tested the restraints and commented that the pressure points on the limbs could be relieved by tying her down with a rope harness over the body rather than simply tying the ankles and wrists. Raven raised her eyebrow as she realized Peter knew a thing or two about tying someone up. It turns out that Peter had done a little bit of self bondage. They spent most of the evening discussing various subjects, none of which were related to the study session they had planned on.

* * *

Back in the present, Peter soaked in the sight before him. How lucky was he? Here was the girl he liked but hadn't been able to ask out yet, helpless and trapped by a thin layer of latex at the hand of her roommate and it turns out she wanted him.

“I have to step out for a minute then I'll be back to let you out. Now don't you go anywhere.” Raven teased while miming to Peter that he should remove the blindfold.

With Raven gone it was just Peter and Sarah in the silence of the room. He tried to sneak over but Sarah could sense she wasn't alone.

“Are you trying to trick me Raven? I know you're in here. I'm ready to be let out now.”

Peter stepped over and slowly slid the blindfold off while standing above her head so she couldn't see him right away. As she adjusted to the light she looked around to find her roommate but instead found the man she had fantasized about and turned red.

Peter explained the conversation he'd had and how Raven had orchestrated the whole setup. Sarah smiled demurely but was ready to get out.

“Could you release me then step out for a minute? Just because you've seen me like this, doesn't mean you get to see everything this quick.”

Peter agreed and once Sarah could get out he gave her some privacy to get some clothes on and process what just happened. After a few minutes Sarah let him back in and they began to discuss what the future may hold for them. That evening they had dinner and a movie, at least that's what they say when asked about their first date.



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