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Dog Problems

by Chevron

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© Copyright 2012 - Chevron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; F/f; latex; drug; dogsuits; collar; electro; tease; cage; denial; mast; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

He reread the letter for a fourth time, completely sure it was one of his friends fucking with him:

"Jason Chatham,

I chair a very exclusive group, one I am positive you've never heard of. Once a month, we gather together to indulge
in certain..."guilty pleasures." It has come to my attention that you are somewhat short handed on funds. Your background
information has been thoroughly investigated, and we feel that you would be perfect for our present needs.

For one day of your time, we are prepared to offer you $2000. This is not a ruse, I assure you. If you have any interest
whatsoever in hearing our full offer, please send notice to the email address listed below.

Regardless of your decision, please enjoy the attached debit cardpre-loaded with $100 as a sign of good faith.

-K "

Sure enough, the debit card was completely legit. Jason had gone to the bank to try depositing it in his wilting savings account earlier that afternoon. There's no way one of his dead beat friends would give him a hundred bucks as part of a prank, no matter how elaborate. So was this for real? The letter had no return address, and the email was clearly a throwaway. Two grand would really help him in getting by for the next couple months. He hadn't agreed to anything yet, so what would it hurt to see what they wanted? He could always say no. With that in mind, he sent a one line response to the address: "I'm interested." He didn't have long to wait for a reply:


Excellent! We were hoping you would find our offer tempting.

Please, fill out the attached questionnaire. If we find your answers
acceptable, you will hear back from us with further information.

And do not lie, Jason. We know more than you think.

-K "

He wasn't sure what to make of that last comment. Stalk much? The list of questions was beyond random. The first section seemed to be some kind of psychological profile. Does he think of himself as passive or aggressive? On a scale of 1 to 10, how well does he respond to authority figures? Does he prefer outdoors or indoors? The second section made him do a double take, as there seemed to be fifty questions about his sexual history. What was his orientation? How many partners had he been with? Those were tame compared to ones near the end. Did they really need to know if he had ever stuck anything in his ass before?

He answered truthfully, but he sure as hell wasn't risking this coming back to him. He returned the questionnaire using a throwaway email of his own, signing it "J", just to be a smartass. The reply to this one was a bit slower in coming. It wasn't until the afternoon the next day that he received another message:


We have found your answers acceptable and wish to proceed.

As stated before, you will be contracted for one 24hr period. Upon
receipt of the signed document (attached), $500 will be deposited
into an account of your choosing. You will be delivered a set of
instructions and given a reporting date and location. Upon completion
of your contracted period, the remaining $1500 will be credited to the
account. Rest assured that if you decide to take the initial money
and run, no repercussions will follow.

If you wish to pursue this offer, please review the attached contract,
print it, sign it, and return it to PO Box listed below.

-K "

Jason opened the attached file and found the contract to be more than a little vague. The gist of it seemed to be that he would be agreeing to do whatever this group required of him, with the assumption that he would not be forced to do anything illegal or be exposed to permanent injury. Well, that was comforting. Obviously this was something sexual in nature. Would this group really pay to have sex with him? That seemed unlikely. At 5'10" 140lbs, he's always stayed in decent shape... but his looks have been considered average at best. The only feature of note he could think of might be his eyes, said to be quite the striking shade of blue. So, if not for sex, then what? Maybe they wanted him to serve drinks in the nude or dance around like a stripper? Oh lord, what if it was something more like a gang-bang group that just wants to bend a dude over the barrel and take it out on him?? His mind started running wild with random possibilities.

He pondered what he truly had to lose. The contract stated that none of the 24hrs would be recorded via photo or video for blackmail purposes. But what good was that from stopping some weirdo from posting it on his Facebook page anyway? His landlady had already let him slip this week, but he might really get evicted if he couldn't produce some cash soon. Losing his job a while back had turned Jason's world completely upside down. Was potential rape by a bunch of strangers worth it though? He banged his forehead down on the computer desk out of mental frustration.

Two weeks later

Sitting on his doorstep was a nondescript black package, maybe a little smaller than a shoebox. Jason picked it up... not very heavy. After walking inside, he set it down on the table and stared at it for a while. True to their word, this mysterious group had given him five hundred dollars almost immediately. He had begun to wonder if they were ever going to contact him again. Flicking open his pocket knife, he cut the tape and pulled the top apart. Inside was a small envelope with his name printed in flowing script and what looked like a digital watch. He inspected the watch first. It seemed like it wasn't on, as nothing was being displayed on the face. Jason put it on the table and opened the envelope:


The time has come.

Inside this box you will find a watch. Place it on your wrist, and it
will display the time you have remaining to arrive at the address
listed below. Do not bother arriving any time before or after what
is indicated. Your 24hr contract will begin when the timer reaches 0.

-K "

Jason picked the watch up off the table and swung it over his wrist. The band appeared to be made of two solid pieces that connected with a single clasp. When he pressed the ends together, there was a loud and final-sounding snap. Sure enough, there was no apparent way to get it back off again. He cursed himself for being a genius and inspected the display. As advertised there was a countdown timer... currently at 2:45:05 and ticking away. They wanted him there today!? Google told him the address was for a town house some 150 miles away. With the midday traffic, he was going to have to boogie just to have a chance at getting there on time.

His Civic crunched along the gravel of the private drive after what felt like an eternity on the road, and he checked the watch. 00:05:22 Just made it. The house was a fairly impressive three story deal, not quite a mansion, but clearly belonging to someone with money. He figured if they could afford to pay him two grand for a single day, they must be pretty well off. There were no other cars, and no apparent signs of activity. Briefly Jason thought he might have gotten it wrong, but the address on the card clearly matched the number on the side of the house. 00:04:02 Was he really going through with this? Two thousand bucks might be more than enough to lure some idiot out here for their murder club. So stupid! 00:03:38 He thought briefly that he should just throw the thing into reverse and get the hell out of there... but instead, Jason opened the door to his car and trotted up to the house.

As he climbed the first step, he noticed the watch face begin to glow a bright blue. It startled him enough that he jumped back, and the glow faded. The light returned the moment he hopped back up on the step. Weird. Just as he raised a hand to knock on the door, it swung open. Before him, there stood a striking figure. She was nearly as tall as him in her black heels. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail, somewhat drawing more attention to the piercing eyes she regarded him with. He tried to hold her gaze, but his own eyes were drawn down to her outfit. The keyhole dress seemed to be practically painted onto her curves. It wasn't until the late afternoon sun glinted off of it that he realized the material was shiny, almost glistening.

"I-...uh... am I at the right place?" he stammered. The woman, no more than 30, smirked her ruby-painted lips but said nothing. She seemed to be waiting for something. He continued, "Er... The watch started to glow, so that means this is it, right?" She shifted slightly from her left to right foot, causing her stockings (which he just now noticed) to squeak slightly against the dress.

After another few seconds, she crossed her arms and finally spoke, "Yes. That would be a safety precaution. We wouldn't want it going off while you were doing something dangerous, like driving."

Jason looked at her quizzically. "What do you- OUCH!" Just then, the timer had reached zero. Somewhere on the underside of the watch, a small needle had slid out and pricked him. "Listen here...lady...I don't know"

Jason's world went black.

Several hours later

Warm. He felt really warm, hot even. The fog in his mind finally felt like it was lifting. Slowly his senses started to return, and he tried to gauge the situation. The last thing he remembered was the imposing woman staring down at him, smirking her smirky smirk. He pushed himself up and tried to stand, but he couldn't. His arms felt weak and his legs ached and seemed like they weren't working properly. His eyes opened slowly, and the light hurt them. Blinking rapidly for a few seconds, his watery vision managed to focus on the floor. Hardwood, waxed, unfamiliar. His peripheral vision seemed restricted, as if he was looking through a mask. He brought a hand up to his face, but what he saw wasn't what he was expecting at all. He tried to cry out, but it was then he noticed his mouth was stuffed completely with something. Only after that did Jason catch sight of the mirror, standing up in the middle of the room... like it had been placed there specifically for this moment.

Sensations seemed to come crashing down on him as he laid eyes on the reflection, almost like a cartoon character who finally realized the ground was no longer beneath his feet. There on the floor was a shiny lump. As he shifted himself up onto his hands and knees, he could tell that lump was him. Wondering how he hadn't noticed it before, he became keenly aware of the compressing embrace of the rubber suit covering his body. There wasn't a single inch of pale skin to be seen. The strange white and silver pattern of the suit might have seemed unusual, if not for the face staring back at him in the mirror. The blue eyes were the same, but their human shape clashed with the canine visage they were now paired with. The rubber mask was molded in the shape of a dog’s head and painted to match. A husky.

Jason held up one of his hands and inspected the mitt covering it. It was molded into the shape of a paw and forced his hand into a fist. For all he could tell, it was permanently attached to the suit. A small kindness was perhaps the gel pad on the bottom that took some of the discomfort out of leaning on it. Swinging to the side slightly, it became apparent why he couldn't stand. The suit didn't have legs, so much as it had pouches. His legs were bent back at the knee and held that way, and his feet were similarly useless in their own compartments. Glued to the suit around his knees he could see two more paw molds with pads. The ‘tail’ was probably the biggest insult, bushy and hanging down to the floor behind him. He became all too aware of the attached plug buried in his ass. He tried to push it out with a grunt, just to moan louder as the tight rubber over his rear pushed it back into place.

Now over his initial shock, Jason proceeded to ‘flip out’ and attempted to claw the suit and hood off of him with his useless paws. It must have been quite comical, because laughter broke out from several locations around the room. Other people! Where was she?! He swung from side to side on his hands and knees. He noticed several unfamiliar figures, men and women, seated or standing around him. However, his gaze didn't linger until he found the girl that opened the front door. What he said couldn't be made out around the gag, but it was obviously full of venom. She was only a few feet from where he knelt, and he charged at her best he could manage.


There came an inexplicable pain lancing through his crotch that brought him to a halt. "Down!" she commanded in a loud voice. He growled something behind the gag and tried to leap at her again. The pain was more intense this time and didn't relent for several seconds. Jason's whole body tensed up, and he curled into a ball. Afterwards, he lay on his side panting, not wanting to risk moving again. She strode forward, her heels clicking on the wood floor. "That's better. Good boy." She ran a delicate hand across his rubber covered chest a few times. Her touch then drifted slowly south until it rested on the rock hard bulge outlined against the suit.

“Doggy doth protest... seems like you don’t really hate it all that much” she cooed. Her hand pressed even lower to something solid and unnatural. “I would advise you learn to behave. There’s a special ring wrapped around your boys here... and if I press this button, you’re going to have a bad time.” She held her wrist a few inches from his face to reveal a watch similar to the one he had been given.

She caressed the side of his mask and whispered, “Don’t feel bad, I could turn a navy seal into a baby with this thing.” As she spoke, she began to slowly stroke her hand over the slick surface of his crotch. “This is all part of the show, sweety... the big reveal.” Jason shifted slightly, trying ineffectively to move away from her touch. “We’re going to have our gathering,” she whispered. “and you are just our dog today... a little spice for the proceedings.” He realized he had started to hold his breath, focusing on her attentions. “So just play your part, and who knows... you might even enjoy yourself.” With that her hand was gone, and he let out a disapproving grunt behind the gag.

Moments later, he found himself alone. Apparently the spectacle of his newfound situation had passed, and more entertaining activities were starting up. Jason took a moment to confirm just how helpless his situation was. The suit didn’t appear to have any zipper other than a small one over his crotch. He wasn’t even sure how they had gotten him into it, much less how he could get back out on his own. He must have been in it for a while now, as it was warm and stuck fast to every part of him with a thin sheen of sweat. The mitts rendered his hands useless for just about anything save ‘walking’. The latex was fairly thin, and he could stretch it quite a bit if he flexed his legs... but it wasn’t going to rip. The plug in his ass wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the gag in his mouth, though he didn’t want to admit it. Perhaps it was possible to get out of the house, but where would he go? The driveway alone was half a mile back to the road.

Temporarily resigned to the situation, he made his way out of the room. For the most part, he was ignored by the guests. Occasionally a hand would snake out to pat his head or slap his rump. He would do his best to shrink away and crawl faster, desperate to find a place with no people. Every door of the house seemed to be a portal to some kind of debauchery. In one room he saw people practicing japanese rope bondage, in another a girl suspended from the ceiling was being flogged, in another was a lesbian couple just having a time of it with some strap-ons on top of a dining table, as several spectators looked on..

Eventually, Jason found his way into a seemingly empty sitting room. He visibly cringed when from the far corner a high-pitched voice called out “Here boy! Come’ere fella!” He swung about to see a rather pretty girl dressed as a fetishized version of a cheerleader. She was sitting on a couch by herself, patting the empty space next to her invitingly. He grumbled and turned to leave. “Ah ah ah!” she ticked her finger back and forth... pointing to the watch on her wrist. Cripes. Did everyone get one of those? Not wanting to feel the pain of the shocks again so soon, he reluctantly crawled his way across the floor to her.

“Up up!” she cried, patting the couch again. The thing was rather high up off the ground, so it took him a moment to manage it. Next thing he knew, the girl had pulled him half onto her lap. Her fingernails were long and fake, but the way she ran them across his back sent shivers down his spine. In a way, the latex dulled sensations, but it also enhanced others. There was something inherently sexual about the way it felt when someone put pressure on it. After seeing he was enjoying the attention, she motioned him to shift onto his back. He looked up at her face through the eyeholes of the mask and thought that this kind of girl probably wouldn’t so much as give him the time of the day on the street. Although, she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself at the moment.

At first, the way she ran her hand over his belly was like one might do to a dog. Then her motions seemed to change rather deliberately. Her hand started to circle slowly, starting high on his chest and letting her nails catch on his nipples poking up through the rubber. Jason closed his eyes as she traced patterns across his inner thighs. She was a master of denial, touching him everywhere but the place he wanted the most. Somewhat unaware of it, he even let out a little whine and raised his crotch up slightly. This only made her giggle and renew her efforts. “Does doggie want a treat?” she asked as mockingly as possible. He opened his eyes and glared a little, but soon averted his gaze and nodded slightly.

Slowly, and deliberately, she pulled the small zipper down one tooth at a time. An involuntary twitch finally sprung his cock from it’s confines in one swift motion. He was no porn star, but it still stood proudly at a little more than seven inches. Some of his pride was robbed, if only because the inner sheath encasing his member was a deep red in color. Rather fitting considering the costume however. Jason didn’t have much time to feel embarrassed, because her lithe fingers were at work almost immediately. Her nails danced playfully across the membrane, giving only enough pleasure to stoke his growing frustration. He thought maybe if he played along more, reaching up to paw at her meekly... but she just smiled and continued.

His eyes opened slightly when he felt her hand move from his cock. It wandered in between his legs, and he felt her fingering at the plug in his ass. He grunted in disapproval, but she ignored him. Using two fingers she began to push on the base, moving it in slow circles. His opening was already a little tender and sensitive, and this was an unusual (if not entirely unpleasant) sensation. She pressed the plug against his prostate, eliciting a groan from behind the gag. God he was so close, if only she would just touch his dick one more time.

And then it stopped.

“Oh hey Brittany!” she said, slithering her way out from under him and running to meet a girl who had stopped by to enjoy the show. They erupted into a fit of giggles at Jason’s obvious frustration before wandering off. Not to be deterred from release, he flipped over and began to rub his engorged member back and forth against a silk couch cushion. The connotations didn’t matter to him at this point. The latex sheath was slick on the inside, and he could feel himself about to burst. “No! Bad dog!” The shock seized up his body completely.

Afterward he lay there, breathing labored... his cock so hard it was bouncing in time to his heartbeat. “Under my orders, you don’t get release today... unless I allow it.” Standing in the doorway was the blond girl in the black dress and stockings, her finger poised over the watch button menacingly. “If you want to get off that badly, why don’t you come earn it?” she smirked. With a come-hither motion, she beckoned him follow her into the hall. Jason felt like he was beyond embarrassment at this point. He shuffled along behind her on all fours, his red member bouncing back and forth between his legs. She led him to a rather large gathering near the back of the house, told him to stay, and got everyone’s attention.

“I hope you are all having a grand time!” A cheer went up from the company. “Good good,” she said and settled them down. “Some of you might know that we have a newbie with us today. Ginger, could you come up here?” Another cheer. A smallish girl stepped forward with an adorable smile plastered across her face. She was maybe five feet tall, slim, with soft brown hair and hazel eyes. She was also naked as the day she was born and hairless from the neck down. She embraced the girl in black and thanked her so much for accepting her membership. After exchanging a few hushed words, the blond addressed the crowd once more.

“It’s always great to add another to our ranks! But what is an initiation without a littlehazing, am I right?” More cheers and whistles, some catcalls. She motioned to one of the guys standing near the back and said, “I have something special in mind. Frank? Yea bring it up.” They moved a strange piece of furniture into the center of the room. It looked somewhat like a workout chair for bench pressing, a short seat and a high back tilted at an angle. Ginger was ushered over and placed on it. At the top, they secured her wrists to some manacles that hadn’t been noticeable at first. At the base, they spread her legs apart with more manacles and a bar that extended out to either side. She tested her bonds, and everyone seemed satisfied.

The girl in charge motioned Jason to come closer. She placed a hand on his head and called out, “So this is the deal! Our pooch here is going to do his best to get Ginger off. If he fails, he becomes her bitch for the rest of the night!” A large cheer went up. “If he succeeds, she gets to be HIS!” An even greater cheer followed. Ginger’s eyes went wide, but a ballgag was pulled between her teeth before she could protest. Still a bit dumbfounded, Jason felt the blond fiddling with his mask. She whispered into his ear “If I hear one sound out of you that isn’t dog-like, I promise you’ll regret it.” With that there was a hiss of air, and the rubber bladder in his mouth deflated before being pulled free. He stretched his jaw for the first time in hours, but there was no time to relax. Members of the crowd were already herding him towards the perturbed, writhing girl.

The dog hood was well designed. If he opened his mouth, the dog’s mouth opened. He would have less dexterity than normal, but it would have to do. The look on Ginger’s face was now one of stern resolve. Almost like she was daring him to even try... and warning him about what was going to happen when he failed. Jason’s eyes moved down to confront his true enemy, a perfectly shaved snatch. He figured there were worse problems to have.

The scent of her wafted in through the mask before he got there, mixing with the odor of the rubber he had grown somewhat accustomed to. He was no stranger to eating a girl out, but this was certainly a first. As best as he could, he forced his tongue out of the mouth hole and began to run slow circles around her outer pussy lips. Only four minutes later, his tortured jaw was already screaming. He could feel her finally starting to soften though, so he pressed on (and in). As he focused, the cheers and jeers from the crowd started to fade into the background. It was completely by accident he discovered the rough nose of the mask was perfect for running along her clit. Right around the fourteen minute mark, Ginger was a panting, moaning mess. She was now willingly grinding herself against the rubber mask as Jason worked. His tongue darted in and out of her with unnatural stamina, until her legs finally began to quake. Thankfully for the gag, the crowd was spared the shrill scream following close behind her climax.

Several minutes later, Jason was too thirsty to care that the water (or the honey-granola mash) he was lapping up was in a metal dog dish. He had been quickly escorted away after accomplishing his task and locked inside what looked to be the master bedroom. This day had been utterly exhausting. He glanced at the bed, but then saw a human-sized pillow on the floor and thought better of it. Finding a comfortable position wasn’t entirely impossible, and before he knew it, he passed out.

Sometime later that evening

The sound of the door opening jarred him awake. The windows were dark, so at least an hour or two. The blond girl came through first, but she was tugging on a bright pink leash. Had Jason’s jaw been capable of dropping, it would have. Sheepishly following behind on all fours was someone he could only assume was Ginger. Her body had been wrapped in a suit similar to his, but a soft brown color like her hair. Her face was hidden behind a dog mask as well, a retriever perhaps? There was more defeat in her eyes than embarrassment though.

“Ok Chief. I’m going to leave you and Trixie here to get properly acquainted,” she said squeezing back through the door. “Play nice.” Jason mentally added in the ‘or else’. For a moment, they just sat... staring at each other from opposite sides of the room. He could have sworn he saw her shrug slightly before taking a deep breath. Instantly, her behavior and body posture shifted. She regarded him with a sideways glance and strode out into the room. Her body was perfectly framed by the suit, her modest breasts swinging somewhat freely beneath her. Then, very deliberately, she took a long stretch right in front of him.

She was actually ‘getting into character’. Wow. And it was... hot. Was that weird? Or maybe he had just been surrounded by so much strangeness, he was getting used to it. He regarded her display for another few moments before deciding ‘fuck it’. For the first time that day, Jason slipped into the part. With his snout to the ground, he slowly approached her. She leaned back on her knees and let out a playful growl. He bounded forward and the two spent the next ten minutes chasing each other around the room.

With the pair panting heavily, he finally managed to corner her. The insides of their suits were soaked in sweat, but neither seemed to notice much. Jason playfully leapt on her and the two wrestled for a bit. The slick rubber squeaked and creaked as they pressed against each other. After a brief lull in the action, she shot him a look and stuck her ass up in the air rather provocatively. Although at this point, he didn’t need all that much convincing. He also couldn’t help but notice her sex had been framed by an exaggerated pair of red pussy lips. Careful not to hurt her tiny form, he pulled himself up on her back and wrapped his arms around her body. It took far too many failed attempts, but eventually he was able to guide his aching cock into her. After all the teasing he’d endured, the feeling was so incredible he had to fight from climaxing then and there.

What should have been the most awkward and unusual sex of his life, was possibly some of the best he had ever had. Jason gripped her tightly and started to thrust. Normally, he would have started out slower, but this was borderline violent. Again and again he pounded into her without abandon. He worried briefly about injuring her, but Ginger was braced and thrusting back at him almost just as hard. Their grunts became truly animalistic as the minutes passed. Sweat dripped down his face and out of the dog’s mouth, making it look like he was drooling. Each thrust slapped against the tail-plug buried inside Ginger, and soon the combined onslaught became too much. Her pussy began spasming around him and she moaned deeply... her arms quivering and threatening to give out on her. Jason wasn’t far behind though, and he shot his massive load into the sheath. He felt like she was trying to pull him deeper inside as he came. It wasn’t until he started to jerk almost painfully that she loosed her grip and came down off her own cloud.

He knew that he must be heavy, having more or less collapsed on top of her, but Ginger didn’t seem to care. Jason eventually managed to climb off of her and stagger over to the pillow bed. She followed, and soon the two were cuddling together as best they could manage. Completely satisfied, he nuzzled the back of her neck and nipped her shoulder. She simply made a sound of contentment and eased back into him. Their peace was short lived however, as they suddenly became aware of someone standing over them. She smirked down at them and said “I hope you two haven’t had too much fun, because now it’s momma’s turn.”

Jason and Ginger locked eyes for a moment and let out a half-hearted ‘woof’ in unison..

The next day

The afternoon sun was high in the sky and flooding the room through the open windows. The warm beam of light had made its lazy circuit across the bed, until it finally rested on Jason's face. With a groan of disapproval, he moved his hand up to shield his eyelids. His hand! He shot up from the pillow in an instant and inspected himself. Naked as a baby, and sitting in the middle of a four poster bed beneath a soft comforter. He lifted the sheets and happily wiggled his toes and stretched his legs, which still ached quite a bit. Gone was the dog costume or any obvious evidence he was ever in it, even his skin smelled fresh and felt clean.

His reverie was interrupted by someone exiting the bathroom off to the right. The nimble minx with short brown hair padded her way quickly across the cold hardwood floor. She looked even lovelier in the sunlight, and the room was filled with the scent of lavender. Jason made to speak, but she leaned on the bed and put a finger to his lips. The look she gave him acknowledged the special bond he felt without words, and she placed a kiss on his forehead. With that, she smiled, nodded towards a note on the desk, and vanished.

Ginger.. Would he ever see her again?

Shaking free of his thoughts, Jason picked up the unassuming piece of paper:


I hope you enjoyed your time here as much as we enjoyed having you.

The guests were thoroughly entertained by your presence, a great
success. Your contract does not expire until 5:05 this evening, but I
feel you have earned an early release. Your performance last night
was particularly... satisfying."

He stopped reading for a moment and thought back as far as he could. The blond girl had required each of them to perform a series of tricks for her amusement, doling out 'treats' and shocks in turn. After allowing them a rest and some water, he was put into a cage and made to watch as Ginger serviced her. She was ‘rewarded’ with several back to back orgasms, ripped from her loins with the craziest vibrator he had ever seen. Even when it became too much, she relentlessly held the thing on the girl's crotch. Ginger squirmed and tried to crawl away, but it was no use. After their taxing encounter earlier, Jason didn't think he would want sex again for a month, but her moans and whines got him so hard he couldn't stand it.

Ginger was then made to take the spot in the cage, while Jason was ordered to stay in front of it facing towards her. His handler knelt beside him, but slapped his snout when he tried to turn towards her. “It’s time to see if you’ve learned today’s lesson concerning denial.”

She ordered him to stare straight ahead and not move an inch. He felt her hands fumble with his tail for a brief moment, and he groaned loudly when the plug in his ass expanded to almost twice its original size. He doubled over from the sensation and was rewarded with a quick zap, which brought his posture quickly back in line. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his shaft and stroked slowly along the length. The latex sheath slid unimpeded over his skin on a film of lube, sweat, and cum. Her pace was torturously slow, and he twitched involuntarily each time her hand passed over the tip. He finally felt Ginger's stare locked onto him. Instead of shame, he found himself getting even more excited by her lustful gaze.

In an act of meager rebellion, he tried to resist the sensations. His manipulator had played this game before however, and she knew it was just a matter of time. Slowly, agonizingly she stroked his cock. Her pace never wavered. Before long, he couldn't take it and tried to thrust harder into her hand. She slapped his ass, hard, and said "NO!" Grunting, he returned to his statuesque position and futilely tried to keep his limbs from quaking. "Good boy." His reward was the plug in his ass being deflated, and then inflated once more. The plug expanded and contracted in time to her strokes, and he could feel the unstoppable wave start to build. She leaned down slightly and whispered, "Don't you dare. Not until I say."

Now that he had to hold it back, it became all the more impossible. He started to twitch and shift, eventually whining and begging for release. "Wait... waaaait..."

Jason locked eyes with Ginger, who despite looking exhausted, must have been practically dripping inside her suit at the sight of him.

Just when he thought he couldn't take it for another second, she said, "Now, you have my permission to cum!" She squeezed the base of his dick hard, and the plug felt like it expanded to the bursting point. His frame shook in the only full body orgasm he'd ever experienced. He thrust into her clenched fingers over and over, until his body gradually collapsed into a twitching heap on the floor. The girl ran a hand across his mask and stood up, smirking over him.

Ginger was released from the cage, and the two of them were allowed up on the bed to cuddle with their owner in the afterglow. The blond girl seemed to fall unconscious easily, while they found sleep more elusive (or impossible). Careful not to wake her, the two mated once more in the deep of the night. It was much slower and more tender than earlier. Content with the sleeping Ginger nestled up against him, Jason was on the verge of passing out when he felt a sharp prick from under the ring clamped around his balls. The drugs were no less effective the second time...

Returning from his memories, he finally glanced down to the rest of the letter:

"For successful completion of your contract, the remaining $1500 has
already been credited to your account... with a bonus of an additional
$500 for exemplary service. You will find your clothes, keys, and other
belongings on the chair by the door. Please feel free to see yourself out.

-Mistress K "

That was all? It was more than obvious now that the blond girl was "K". What a mind trip. She had turned him into an animal (literally) and her plaything, and he was only slightly ashamed to say he had enjoyed it. Well, most of it. How many times has she done something like this to some unsuspecting guy or girl? He honestly couldn't comprehend everything that had just happened. It would take some time to digest. He got dressed and tried to find his way back to the front door. The house was completely empty... and normal looking. There wasn't a single trace of anything that had transpired yesterday. Not a solitary carpet fiber appeared out of place.

Jason walked out the front door and heard it lock shut behind him. He tested the handle and smiled, shaking his head. His car was right where he had left it. Flopping down into the seat, he winced a bit at his tender ass and let out a long sigh. When his daydream ended, he finally noticed the small black envelope pinned under his windshield wiper. He retrieved it, tore it open, and smiled deviously as he read the short message:

"Only 30 more days until the next gathering...


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