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Doctor G’s Ultimate Patient

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2009 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; drug; bodymod; shave; catheter; liquid rubber; encase; reluct/nc; XXX

‘BRRRRRAAAPPP’ came the sound behind me. I lay on the steel table. My wrists, elbows, knees and ankles secured in matching steel bands which were bolted down. The pump up penis gag filled my mouth, not quite to the point of cutting off my breathing, but enough to know that HE could do so with just a couple of squeezes of the bulb which lay on my chest.

HIS hand stroked my forehead. I felt the rubber surgical glove caress it as HE took my hair and began using the electric clippers to shave me. Every hair on my head was soon gone. But HE wasn’t finished. HE then started working on the rest of me. My face including my eyebrows; my chest, underarms, my pubes, legs. HE took HIS time, savoring the experience. Every now and then, HE would stroke the insides of my thighs or my cock and balls. Once HE finished clipping, HE took a large orange bottle and poured the thick jelly substance on HIS hands. HE began to coat every inch of my exposed skin with the stuff. I felt a warmth, then a slight burning. I couldn’t cry out as the burning got worse with every second! Finally, HE took a hose and sprayed it off me. The water was icy cold and I shivered as HE took care to get every bit of it off me.

‘Now that was just part of the preparation”, HE chuckled. “I have to get my instruments, so try to relax and watch a little TV.” HE then positioned a flat screen TV that was affixed to the ceiling over my head, so that I could see it. What I saw was me, strapped to what was an autopsy table!  I struggled to get free, but they were too strong and I was still weak from the tranquilizer that HE had used to subdue me.

HE wheeled in a cart with a number of items on it. HE hooked up an IV bag, found the spot on my arm, and inserted the needle. After taping it well in place, HE opened the valve and I saw the liquid flow down the tube and into my arm. In moments, I felt more of the tranquilizer take hold.

HE took a needle and lightly pricked my finger. I flinched, and HE opened up the valve even more. HE tried again and when I no longer moved when HE pricked me, HE smiled. “Good, I wouldn’t want you to give me any trouble during the rest of your prep.” As I lay completely helpless, HE began unbolting the ankle and knee bands. OH! How I wanted to kick HIM in the face as HE began stroking my cock. As I felt my cock getting harder, I soon felt something worse. HE then began inserting a catheter. OH God! STOP, I wanted to cry out! HE kept going until it had made its way completely through, then inflated the retaining bulb and lead the tip to a collection bag.

Next, HE attached a chain to each of my ankles and using a hoist, raised my legs high above the table. I then felt HIS rubber-covered fingers entering my ass! “Pretty tight!” HE said, “But that’s a plus for you. I can use the standard unit.” I then felt something rubber enter my rear and in seconds, HE inflated the balloons which held the anal retention catheter in place. Once secured, HE then removed the inflation bulb, ensuring that it wasn’t going to get in the way. Then HE lowered my legs and reclamped them in place.

‘Now, I’m going to remove the gag, but I want you to cooperate and not try to fight me. “ With that he deflated the penis gag and removed it from my mouth. I tried to speak, but immediately I saw what was in HIS hands and I was too frightened. I tried to keep it out, but HE was too strong and the tranquilizer made sure I didn’t have a chance. The tube went down my throat until the mouthpiece closed around my lips HE pulled the straps tight around my head and I heard the ‘click’ of padlocks that held the device in place.

HE then began affixing a cervical collar around my neck. It held my head in place to the point I could no longer move it in any direction. Like the mouthpiece, the sound of locks closing made me aware that there would be no way to remove it, except by HIM.

HE moved to my ears where ear buds were pushed deep into my canals, then sealed with some sort of wax or putty. I could hear nothing until the buds came to life and I heard HIS voice. “As you can tell, I have taken control of your ability to move, urinate, deficate, breathe and hear. There are ony two other openings to take care of.” With that, HE pushed the putty into each of my nostrils, cutting off my sense of smell and ensuring that the breathing tube was the only way air would get into my lungs.

Finally, he went off to the cart and I heard a metallic clanging. I could only see the TV screen looking at my terrified face. Then HE took a device and clamped each of my eyelids open. But that was only temporary. HE soon brought over a needle and began suturing my eyelids open! First the upper eyelids, and then the lower. The pain was intense and I made every effort to plead and struggle. HE simply increased the IV drip until those pitiful attempts subsided. When HE finished suturing, HE then took what looked two glass bubbles and placed then over my sew-open eyes.  With what looked like a large gaulk gun, HE sealed the bubbles to my face with a black semi-liquid rubber. Then HE went around the seams of the mouthpiece, my ears, and the catheters. When the rubber had solidified enough, he smoothed them over to make sure there were no air pockets and it had an all-over uniform appearance.

Then HE hooked up a camcorder to the TV screen and proceeded to take pictures of HIS handiwork. I watched helplessly as HE slowly scanned every part of my body. “Beautiful.” HE said, ”But there is still much to do.”

HE took the caulk gun in one hand and began filling in the gap between my body and the steel table. Tube after tube of the rubber compound was used until HE was certain that an air-tight and water tight seal existed. HE took the camcorder and set it up on a tripod. He then took another IV and inserted the needle into my other arm. “This is to keep you fed and hydrated. “ HE said “Since you can no longer take anything by mouth, this will be the only means to keep you from starvation and thirst. It’s only temporary until I can develop another means to nourish you.”

“Now, to keep your eyes from drying out, I’m going to use this other IV,” and HE took a third IV  and inserted two needles through the rubber seals, and hooked them to a Y tube. “And I will fill up the openings with this sterile solution. It will sting a bit, but you’ll get used to it.”. Soon the glass bubbles were filled and the stinging on my eyes began but eventually subsided.

I no longer could tell what HE doing, as all there was to see was the image on the screen of me strapped to the table. I lay there for hours as all I could do was to watch myself.

But HE wasn’t finished yet.  From the side of the screen HE appeared with a large paint can. Taking a brush, HE started coating my feet with thick liquid rubber.

“It’s the last phase. Sealing … you … up… completely…and … permanently.” Came the words which made my blood run cold.

With that, HIS voice no longer came from the buds. Instead, white noise entered my ears.

HE painted every bit of exposed skin and the devices which controlled my bodily functions. Everything except the glass bubbles. HE wanted me to watch as he finished one coat, then using a handheld dryer quickly went over my body so he could apply another coat. HE did this nearly a dozen times until I could no longer recognize myself, or even tell if there was a real living person on the table. It was like I was an unfinished rubber doll.

As the last layer completed drying, HE turned the ear buds back on. “You signed all the releases for the experiment, so in the possibility of your release, I am under no threat of liability lawsuits, or criminal prosecution.  What you did not bother to read was that the experiment has an open end date, which means that you are here until I decide it is over. My grant to study psycho-sexual behavior as it relates to isolation, dominance and fetishism will fund me for at least 5 to 10 years. That means that you are very valuable to my research and I’ll be making sure that my little volunteer test subject is kept safe and secure.”

The white noise returned. The TV screen went blank. I saw HIS hand with the paint brush. It went over the glass bubbles until several coats of the rubber ensured that no light would ever penetrate.

All I could do was to breathe and hope that HIS threat to keep me here indefinitely was just part of the experiment. That it was just a psychological ploy as part of the dominance aspect of the experiment…




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