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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; hood; corset; gag; bfold; bond; cuffs; party; toys; insert; stuck; climax; cons; X

Early evening, the sun sitting low in the horizon, a burnt orange orb behind the low rise buildings of the suburban landscape. The first leaves of Autumn added to the colour of the sunset but struggled against the grey facades of the city. She strode through the streets, the bag hanging from her shoulder moving in time with her stride as flat heeled shoes trod on the carpet of seasonal debris. At last, her destination. She walked up the steps to the top, heart beating quickly, mouth dry and hands slightly sticky with sweat.

She rang the door bell, its sound echoing around the concrete stairwell. She rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans and stared at the door in front of her. It opened, slowly and a face appeared and beckoned her inside. She entered and then closed the door behind her. It slammed shut. She walked through the hall and into the lounge, sitting and putting her bag on the floor in one movement. She crossed her legs but that didn't feel comfortable. She was nervous, she knew, so she she stood and walked to the window to peer at the street below.

A voice told her to go and have a shower and then go into the bedroom, leaving her clothes in the bathroom as she wouldn't be needing them again.

The water was hot and refreshing as it washed the grime of the city into the depths of the sewers. She dried her body vigourously with the large towel and then wrapped herself up in it, warm, clean and fresh, scrubbed skin still slightly wet. She walked into the bedroom. The towel dropped to the carpeted floor, in a heap. She stepped over it and stood in front of a full length mirror, admiring her trim, compact body.

A figure walked towards her reflection clad in shiny black latex, leather boots gleaming. It's rubber clad arms were holding an inert black form which was waiting to have life poured into it, to animate the inanimate object.

She took the proffered gift and looked at it intently. She put it on the bed nearby. It looked cold and inhuman while it lay on the bed. She was handed some talcum powder with which she showered herself all over, creating a mist of white powder which settled slowly on the contents of the room. She picked the suit up from the bed. It flopped to one side, like a rag doll, as she shook more talcum powder on the inside of the suit. The top half of the garment fell to the floor as she gingerly lowered her left foot into the dark, forboding interior of the suit's left leg.

Her foot slid easily into the leg, helped by the interior coating of talcum powder. When her foot had reached the end of it's journey, she felt the pressure of the outer covering on her foot, calf and thigh, an overall even pressure which gently pressed her toes together and hugged her heel and instep.

She smoothed the latex on her calf and thigh enjoying the feel of her hands over her second skin. She put her right leg into the unfilled leg of the suit. It took shape before her eyes, snaking uncontrollabloy out in front of her and then resting gently on the floor as she placed her now covered foot on the ground. The second skin had only reached three quarters of the way up her thighs but it was making its slow, eventual progress to cover her entire body.

She looked at the crotch of the garment and saw that there were two dildoes and a patch of spiked rubber on the inside which would cover her pubis. Her eyes widened and she smiled to herself. She eased the material slowly over her thighs, gasping and then holding her breath as first the large rubber dildo slipped slowly into her vagina, followed by the slimmer anal dilator, which probed its way into her anus. She adjusted the suit so that she was properly and comfortably plugged, the rubber spikes rubbing between her lips and pressing onto her clitoris. Her eyes were slightly glassed as she stared wistfully at her half covered form.

She was helped into the top half of the suit, her arms eased in first, followed by the helmet which was slipped over her head as she bent if forward. She adjusted the front of the suit so that the nipple stimulators would press against her nipples. Each was an open ended rubber cylinder into which the nipple was inserted and which would then be gripped tightly as the nipple expanded. She felt a stirring in her loins when her nipples were in place.

She also adjusted the helmet so that the eye pieces were in front of her pupils and the rubber breathing tubes were inserted into ther nostrils. She opened her mouth, eased the rubber gag between her teeth and then closed her mouth around it. The gag was slowly inflated until her mouth was lined with rubber. The inflator tube was then removed and the valve pushed into the cylindrical rubber core of the gag. A rubber plug then covered the valve, forming a flush, smooth exterior to the helmet.

She reached behind her neck and pulled the zip down to the small of her back, the zip moving downwards between two rubber flaps. The zip was then locked into place behind her. Her whole body was now enclosed within the latex catsuit, not a centimetre exposed to the world. She looked at her new glossy image in the mirror and it stood there, defiantly glaring back at her, standing with a haughty pose.

Her left leg was raised and she slipped her rubberised foot into a black patent ankle boot. She put her right foot into the other boot. She stood up straight, her weight now supported by the spindly six inch stilletto heels. A figure kneeled before her and pulled the laces in the boots tightly and then tied the laces in a knot. She relished the feel of the laces pulling the boots tight around her foot. She flexed her toes in the sharp point of the boots. Padlocks were then inserted into the strap above the laces of each boot and clicked shut. She was now locked into the towering boots.

She looked down to her waist but could only just see the top of the rubber corset which was being placed around her stomach, ribs and abdomen. Her sight was limited by the size of the tinted rubber eyepieces. She took a deep breath through the rubber lined nostrils, which rasped and exploded in her ears like a gale force wind through a pipe. She felt the fastenings on the front of the corset pull her stomach in slightly as they were done up one by one and then she felt the metal stays all around her torso, her abdomen, stomach, ribs and chest. She could feel her back straightening up and her breasts being pushed upwards as the laces were pulled tightly behind her, reducing her waist by five inches.

She wondered what was coming next. The sensations she had all over her body made it tingle with antcipation, the sweat starting to trickle under her arms and in her loins. The pressure on her skin was making her feel elated and heady.

A thick rubber covered neck corset was placed around her neck and the busks fastened. Her chin tilted upwards, raising her eyelevel, causing her to look proud and haughty. She laughed beneath the mask, through the gag, restricted by the corsets, to herself. She became aware of the slow building heat in her loins as she turned on her heel to examine her multiple relfections in the strategically placed mirrors. A pair of rubber lined leather cuffs were locked around her wrists as her arms were put behind her. Then darkness descended as a rubber blindfold was put over her eyes and the buckles tightened. She felt a long rubber cape being put over her shoulders and zipped shut at the front and the large deep hood pulled over her head.

She was led out of the room and then out of the flat, the sound of her footsteps changing as she stepped onto the concrete stairwell. Her six inch heels click-clacked across the floor as she strode blindly. She descended the stairs slowly, leaning against the bannister to stop herself from falling over. She felt a blast of cold air against her warm, insulated latex shod body, as she emerged outside. She felt the texture of the ground and the sound of her steps change as she crunched over the gravel at the back of the flats. Her head was ducked down, so she sat down, falling heavily onto a seat. Her legs were moved inside and she heard a door close. She felt a seat belt brush her rubber clad right breast. The short walk had aggravated the rubber which invaded her lower body, inflaming the moist membranes, causing them to produce more lubrication, raising her internal temperature and her lust.

The journey came to an end. She did not know where she was, she had lost track of time. Her arms felt a little tired, trapped as they were behind her back, unable to reach her crotch which was burning with desire for a touch, a stroke, to relieve its ache. She had spent the journey twisting and squirming in her seat, crossing her legs, raising her bottom from the seat in order to generate friction and movement. The seat belt was unbuckled and she stepped out onto gravel again. Was she back where she had started? She hadn't a clue. She was led up a short flight of steps and into a large area which caused the sound of her steps to echo.

She could feel a deep thud in the pit of her stomach and then the sound of intsruments became more distinct. She could hear people too. Then she was stopped and her cape was removed, followed by her cuffs and finally the blindfold. She saw all manner of strangely attired men and women in front of her. There was food on the tables to her left and a large bar straight in front of her.

She noticed people were dancing all around her, so she joined in. Her movements excited her. People were coming up to her and bumping against her breasts, her bottom and her lust hungry crotch. She was getting turned on by the churning movement of the rubber dido in her vagina, the dilator in her anus, the rubbing of the dimples against her clitoris and the pinching of her nipples by the stimulators. She was hot and getting hotter, she knew she was close to erupting. She would have to sit down.

She never made the seat, the walk to sit down saw to that. Her whole body moved convulsively, she shook and reached for her crotch but fell to the floor, writhing in ecstasy and exquisite pleasure. Her fingers stretched as far as they could, encased in their gleaming black covering, her toes pointed and then curled in her patent stiletto heeled ankle boots, her thighs shook and twitched beneath the tight fitting muscle outlining latex, her round fleshy buttocks clenched and contracted, encased within the rubber and her mouth let out a muffled roar. She sank to the floor, elated and fulfilled, her body bathed in sweat which formed a thin slick layer of lubrication between her and the latex catsuit.

She looked around her and noticing the food felt hungry and thirsty. Then she realised, she was on a diet and this was how she was going to lose weight!



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