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Didi's Story

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2004 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bondage; cons; X

Didi's Story by ?
Death and the wind kissed in the treetops and showered me with a golden rain of falling leaves as I hurried down Rue Des Halles for yet another last minute business meeting. At least I was spending a cold, late autumn weekend in Paris. The sun was beginning to set, hunching shouldered people scurrying past me, the light falling fast as I entered my hotel lobby which was basking in a soft velvety glow cast from the magnificent chandeliers above. I had such a chill in my bone as the concierge handed me the key to my suite. I couldn't wait to get to my room and open my 'special' suitcase. In a romantic city like Paris, one must always be prepared. 

As soon as I opened it an earthy, sensuous odor flooded my senses. Just the sight of all that rubber made my chill fade into the warm glow of a fire coursing through my veins, tickling me between my legs. To wank or not to wank? Needing no answer to that question, I found myself standing before a mirror wrapped in my floor-length black rubber dressing gown with a fiercely tight hood zipped on. The bizarre image staring back at me made my heart begin to race. I laid down on the bed and one hand went straight to my soaked pussy and with my other hand I squeezed my nipples. My body responded quickly to my caresses and I had a shuddering orgasm. I licked the juice from my fingers and laid back exhausted. Now for a relaxing hot bath. 

As 8 o' clock approached I got dressed for my meeting downstairs in the restaurant. The man I was meeting was typical of suit and tie types; nice but boring. I watched his lips move but had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and as he excused himself to go to the bathroom, I couldn't help noticing peculiar bulges beneath his trousers. All of a sudden I wasn't bored anymore and ordered a refill of my coffee. What could Mr. Big shot possibly be into? Sissy boy? A fellow rubberist? 

I could not believe my luck as my imagination began to bring out the best in me. The visuals that projected within my mind, if caught on film, would've been a full-length feature porn flick! My juices began to flow and I could feel my rubber knickers sliding up into my warmest recesses.

When he came back I didn't waste anytime and changed our boring business conversation into something alot more interesting. 'Okay, let's have it', I demanded of him. 'Either you tell me what you're wearing under your suit or our deal is off!' You could have cut his discomfort with a butter knife. He could not lift his eyes from his creme brulee. 'Look at me!' 

His eyes finally met mine.

'There's nothing to be afraid nor ashamed of, in fact, all of the men in my life, past and present, had their naughty little secrets, so what's yours?'

'I... I'm into rubber', he blurted.

I could not believe what I was hearing. At that moment, I felt like doing cartwheels across the dining room floor but being the supreme rubber Goddess that I am, I contained by poise and composure and in my most calm, professional business tone I said, ' Well, well...rubber. Isn't that interesting? Come up to my suite, 14B, in 30 minutes. Look at me! 30 minutes. Do you understand?' 

Again, probably out of shame, he looked back down at his creme brulee and like a little box needing instruction the only words he could get out were, 'Yes mistress.'

'I want you to wear this when you come upstairs.' I handed him a special little package I had in my handbag for just such an occasion. The elevator lift to the 14th floor seemed like it took a week and a half. When I finally got off, I burst into my room and headed straight to my catsuit, shedding my business attire like a madwoman and creating a path of Chanel from my door to my closet. After zipping up my catsuit and cinching my corset as much as I could bear, I began snapping on my shoulder-length gloves and worked my stocking up to my crotch, clipping them into place. 

By this time I could barely contain myself, my breathing coming in short, irregular gasps. With special devotion, I slipped my foot into my 6-inch thigh-high rubber boot, slowly drawing the zipper up the inside of my rubber encased leg. Once booted, it was time for my favorite moment, the hood and helmet. I love the way my lips protrude from the mouthpiece of a tightly zipped hood and over this a heavy duty open faced helmet went on, zipped to my shoulders outside the high neck of my catsuit creating a perfect seal. I was now completely encased head to foot in black rubber. I stood before the mirror, transformed and transfixed, caressing myself, stroking my head and breasts waiting for my victim.

A discreet knock on the door made my heart skip and jolted back to reality. I opened the door and there he was. Gray suit, shirt, tie, and rubber hood with zipped up eyes standing there blind and looking absolutely gorgeous! I grabbed him my his tie and pulled him in and right over to a chair facing a full length mirror. By his tie, I guided him down into the seat. 'Time for some fun, rubber pig!'

I stood behind him, towering in my heels and feeling amazingly superior. I knew he must have been experiencing an element of fear not being able to see, so I began to caress his hooded head. He quickly responded to my touch and I felt his trust in me begin to grow. He shivered and moaned, my hands never leaving his head, my tongue licking his hood, touching his lips ever so lightly. When he tried to kiss me I pulled back.

'Not so quick, my love, we've got all the time in the world and it's time now for mommy to undress this dirty little pervert.' 

I began to loosen his tie, unbutton his shirt, making my way down to his belt. I was not disappointed. Not only was he wearing rubber stockings and suspenders but to my surprise he also had on rubber briefs with an attached penis sheath. I couldn't believe my luck! A rubber covered dick and it was all mine! 

'Well, well, my dirty rubber slut, what have we got here?' I tapped the head of his dick and with each tap his cock grew stiffer. I couldn't contain myself. I unzipped my crotch and pulled my shaved lips out, mounted him, and lowered my dripping pussy onto his rubber rod. It slid deeply up into my cunt. He was panting with excitement and squeezing my enormous tits, getting my nipples erect. I could tell he was about to come so I firmly grabbed his wrists, held them at his side and stood up abruptly, leaving his swollen rubber tool glistening from my pussy juice. This excitable little piglet needed to be tied down so I lashed one arm to the side of the chair with his belt and the other with his tie. By this time he was half moaning, half crying and his cock was still in a state of rage.

'Looks like you could use a drink, Pig boy. You just sit there while mommy fixes you a special cocktail.' I went to the bathroom and snapped on my piss pants with attached tube. After all that wine, coffee, and sex my bladder was ready to burst and I couldn't wait to dump my load right down his throat. I walked back over to him. 'Thirsty?' 

'Oh, yes...please Goddess.'

With that I placed my boot right between his pecs and held it there for about 5 seconds enjoying the sight of my gleaming black rubber stiletto against his bare, vulnerable flesh. With all my might I drove my boot into his chest, sending him and the chair over onto his back. I stood over him, straddled his head and took fiendish delight in aiming my tube right at his mouth. 

'Open wide, sweetheart. I've got something very special for you.' 

With that my bladder let loose and a torrent of piss shot out of my tube, hitting him in the face but I quickly found my mark, splashing off his teeth and shooting straight down his gaping throat. The sound of my splashing piss and his choking swallows was perverse music to my ears. I had noticed that my little Pee-Boy had managed to wiggle one of his arms free and was violently wanking himself while gulping down mouthfuls of my hot golden juice. He let out a scream as the come gushed out the end of his sheath. spraying everywhere. A final gulp and he was finished. I looked down at my gasping, spent mess and decided to sit him upright and give him some time to relax before I opened his eye zips. As I did so, I cupped my hands over each eye so he could get accustomed to the light. He couldn't believe what he saw. His beautiful bizarre rubber Goddess stood before him, hands on hips. A towering gleaming black, dream-like apparition; sinister, yet feminine. 

In a soft, sexy voice I asked, 'Do you like what you see?'

'Oh, my God!' His jaw hung open.

'Do you want to please me?'

'I will do anything for you, anything!'

I took three steps backwards to the edge of the bed and sat down.

'Crawl over here on your hands and knees.'

I unsnapped the waistband of my piss pants and pulled them down past my knees, dropping them to the floor around my booted ankles. As I spread my legs, my little doggy-boy appeared, his rubber covered head perfectly positioned. Like a well disciplined hound his nose was inches from my pussy, smelling the aroma of my cunt juice and piss waiting for his next command. 'Lick me.'

His tongue found it's mark just beneath my pussy and he slowly drew it up into my crack, running over my clit and finishing outside the top of my soaking wet vagina. Like a good dog he lapped again and again.

'Harder! Faster!' My trip to the moon was about to begin. 'Now get on my clit and suck it hard!'

I screamed as my body went into uncontrollable convolutions. It was a massive orgasm that drove me onto my back shuddering like the aftershocks of a earthquake. When I opened my eyes again, I momentarily forgot where I was. Some time had passed and the room was in semi-darkness, eerily still. I had landed 
safely to earth, onto a queen-sized fluffy bed right in the heart of Paris. This was a trip I would never forget. 


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