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Diane's Prison

by LatexLord

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© Copyright 2004 - LatexLord - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; liquid; engulfed; cons/nc; X

One day more, here I am. Or may I say night?

I really don’t know. I can’t know what day or time is it. 

Here enclosed in my prison, I just can’t conscience of time.

The hours appear to be days, and the days years.

And everything started that damned day...

I worked in an office. I was a lawyer, a good lawyer. I had solved hundred of cases.

When I arrived home, I had a shower, afterwards I had dinner, and then I went to the Club. It was a "Fetish Club".

I had always fancied latex and rubber. I had my own collection of clothes and sensual items. Gloves and catsuits, High-heel boots and corsets. I hadn’t any problem with my secret fetish, as I lived alone.

I had known that club when I had moved to the city because of the business. I tried it and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t know that many people in the city would enjoy so much the latex and rubber fetish.

As I said I went there quite often, three or four times a week. It was really a good club, until the owner changed.

Since then, some of the girls that went to the club started to disappear. I didn’t worry much about it. I asked the manager about and he told me he didn’t know anything, they had just stopped going to the club, but he didn’t know why.

I knew well the former owner, so I asked the manager if I could talk to the new owner. He told me I couldn’t, as he was away on business.

In the next weeks no more girls disappeared, and the trouble was forgotten. I kept going to the club without thinking more on the matter. I didn’t know what was going to happen later…

One day, I received a card in my home. It was from the club’s manager. The card told me he had a special session arranged for me that night. I went to the club really excited.

When I arrived he was waiting for me. He told me to follow him.

We went upstairs, to the upper rooms of the club. We stopped at the door of one of the biggest rooms of the club. He unlocked the door and we entered. I just couldn’t imaging what was going to happen.

"You have never tried anything like this." The manager said, pointing to a bath filled with a strange, green, shiny liquid.

"It is just liquid latex!" I said a bit annoyed.

"No, it is really much better. Try it!" He replied.

I wasn’t really convinced, but I didn’t think it could harm me.

I started to take off my clothes. First, my favourite latex gloves, which I had taken that night; then the high-heel boots and finally my black latex catsuit. In the end I was just left with my latex briefs and latex bra on (which I of course wasn’t going to take off because of that guy).

I entered in the bath. First one foot, then the other. Until then everything normal…

"It is just liquid latex!" I said annoyed still standing up.

Irritated, I decided to go back. I tried to exit from the bath, but I just wasn't able to. I couldn’t move my legs! They were stuck in that liquid!!

"Hey, what’s happening here?" I asked, starting to get furious.

"Nothing, Diane. Stay calm. This will be fast." He said calmly, with a really weird smile in his face.

I was more nervous each time, but the worst was still to come.

That damned liquid started to climb up on my legs! It went up and up covering them totally. I started to panic and shouted.

"That is futile, Diane. This room is soundproof, and the people outside wouldn’t hear you anyway because of the loud music." Said that bastard mercilessly.

That "mud" kept going up, covering me totally. I was totally panicking.

I kept shouting until it fully covered my head, then I fainted.

When I woke up, I found myself in a strange prison, surely as the other girls that had disappeared.

It was like a green and shiny cocoon...


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