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Deviant Rubber Wife

by Latexx

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The second Thursday every month I take the train to the city and spend a few hours at the Rubber Club.  I like chatting with friends who feel the same way about dressing in rubber.  They are mostly men, a few couples and once in a while a single female; the dress-code is strictly rubber.

It was on such a Thursday that I first saw her.  She had a spectacular body, which was encased in a bright-red rubber suit.  Her legs were in thigh-high rubber boots, her arms in shoulder-length latex gloves and her head was covered by a tight red latex hood.

She was immediately surrounded by half a dozen men.  I kept glancing at her, as did most of the other men.  After a while there was a heated discussion in the group surrounding her and then one of them shouted, "Quiet please, I have an announcement to make."

All discussion stopped.  The man stepped on a chair and said, "Ruby here claims that she can bring any man to orgasm in 30 seconds or less.  I suggest we let her prove that."  There was applause and Ruby stepped out of the group and started inspecting men by standing very close to them and then feeling the crotch with her hand.  The targeted men grunted and the others made lewd remarks.

I was wearing tight latex bicycle pants underneath my rubber suit to keep my penis contained and out of sight.  But by the time she got to me I had a massive erection and my penis had slipped to where its shape was quite visible under the suit.  Ruby stood in front of me, her pronounced breasts touching my chest and her hand stroking my engorged member.  "This is the one," she said, "cuff his hands behind his back and put a  gag in his mouth."

Someone snapped a pair of handcuffs on my wrists and another man pulled a gag out of his pocket and strapped to my head.  "OK, time me," Ruby said and started rubbing my penis hard.  I came in 21 seconds.

Everybody applauded; several men shouted they wanted to be next.  Ruby declined and when things had calmed down she whispered into my ear, "I would like to get to know you;  can we meet privately?"  I nodded and made gestures to point out that I was still cuffed and gagged.  She removed the gag, asked around for the key but nobody seemed to have it.  "They'll find it later," she said.

The club had a private meeting room and I led her toward it.  Inside she took off her latex mask; she was beautiful.  She helped me sit down, with my arms behind the back rest, still cuffed.  "Tell me about yourself," she began.

"Well," I replied, "there is not much to tell.  I'm crazy about rubber and I have a large collection of rubber garments, about 300 of them.  I have my own house, which is almost entirely used for rubber."

"Are you married?" she asked.

"No.  Never have been."

"Are you working?  I mean, do you have a job?"

"No. I don't need to."

She wanted to know more, much more.  She moved her chair next to mine and began to rub my penis again, this time very gently.  I couldn't believe my luck;  here was a gorgeous rubber woman interested in me.  I was near an orgasm, half out of my mind, answering her questions mechanically.  How did I spend my time?  How did I feel about women?   Did I have a girl-friend?  How often did I masturbate?  What kind of rubber clothes did I wear?  Just how well-off was I financially?  Did I like to be tied up in rubber?  Had I considered marriage?  How did I feel about being dominated by a woman?

After more than an hour she let me have an orgasm.  I was exhausted, but I wanted to ask her some questions too.  Then somebody knocked on the door and said, "We are closing up now."

Ruby stood up, went outside and came back with the key for the handcuffs.  When my hands were free she asked me to write down my address.  As we were leaving she said, "I want to see your house.  How about tomorrow evening, about seven."  I nodded.  My mind was in a fog as we left.

*      *      *

The next day I frantically cleaned the entire house and polished all the rubber garments.  I still couldn't believe my luck, that a beautiful young woman like Ruby would be interested in me.  I realized I was head over heels in love with her, but what did she see in me?  I was hardly handsome and I was nearing 50 years of age.

I put on a pair of rubber overalls and waited for her.  She showed up at 7:30, dressed in a green rubber suit with tall black rubber boots and a black rubber raincoat.  She kissed me, took off her raincoat and said, "Show me your house."

It's an old house, three stories with a full basement.  Except for the furnace and the water heater the basement is unused.  The street floor is ordinary, a kitchen, dining room, living room and garage.  On the second floor are three bedrooms and a bathroom.  Quite ordinary too.

The top floor, under the roof, is my rubber domain.  The largest room serves as the rubber wardrobe, 300 garments on racks: bags, capes, coats, overalls, suits, pants, tights, pajamas and aprons.  On shelves are rubber boots and in drawers hoods, briefs, helmets, gags, handcuffs, restraints, blindfolds, gasmasks and gloves.

Ruby took several minutes to examine everything.  "This is wonderful," she said, "let's see the rest of this floor."  We went into my rubber bedroom: a rubber-covered bed and easy chair, a large TV and some 100 video disks.  Next came the bathroom, which contained an oversized tub, a sauna, shower and toilet.  The last room served as my study.

She pulled me back into the rubber bedroom and we made love.  She was an expert, keeping me aroused for a long time, culminating in simultaneous orgasms.  Afterwards she remained on top of me with my dick still inside her; I didn't dare move for fear of breaking the magic spell.

15 minutes later she moved her rubber-gloved hands between our bodies and started to massage my balls.  I felt myself having another erection.  "Let me do all the work this time," she whispered.  I lay still, feeling her hands on my balls and her gentle up and down movement.  I had never been so expertly brought to orgasm and when it came I virtually exploded into her.

She moved off the bed and went to the bathroom.  I heard the shower running and fell asleep.  When I woke up an hour later she was sitting in the easy chair, wearing one of my rubber coats.  "I hung my rubber suit up to dry in the sauna; it should be dry soon.  Why don't you go and take a shower and put on something new, like a real tight rubber suit."  As I got up she added, "Is there anything to eat in the kitchen?"  I told her that I had prepared a midnight snack and that she would find everything in the refrigerator.

When I came downstairs after the shower, wearing my best rubber suit, she had the meal all laid out in the dining room.  We sat, ate and drank and talked.  Thinking back on it I now realize that it was mostly I who talked.  She only revealed that she was reasonably well off, had a maid and had never been married.

By the time daylight started we had made love twice more, once right there in the dining room and once in front of the fireplace in the living room.  She said she needed to go home. I knelt down and blurted out that I was in love with her and would she marry me?

"Sit down," she said after a few seconds of silence.  "Before this goes any further you need to know a few things about me."

I sat opposite her in the living room, shaking with anticipation. 

"I like making love to you," she started, "but I really get turned on by bondage."

"I like bondage too," I interjected.  "I often imagine myself tied up in rubber by a beautiful women like you."

"Well, that's good, but I'm talking about serious bondage.  Hours in heavy rubber, unable to see, hear, talk or move a muscle."

"I would like to try it," I said meekly.

"I doubt that you could tolerate it.  I get a great deal of pleasure from inflicting pain and I have several men who visit me regularly.  They are all masochists and crave torture in rubber.  They stay for several hours and I quite often have sex with them.  I wouldn't want to miss that."

I was dejected.  It was not what I had in mind when I proposed.  But she sat there, incredibly sexy in her rubber suit and I tried to picture her as my wife with outside interests.

"There is more," she said.  I looked at her expectantly.  "I'm bisexual.  I also like to tie up women in rubber.  The maid I mentioned, she is actually my live-in rubber slave.  I also have a number of female friends who visit me for rubber-bondage sessions."

I looked at her in disbelief.  I just couldn't imagine her with another woman.

"I know this is not what you had in mind, but that's the way I am.  I have to get home now, my rubber slave has been tied up all night."  She took a business card out of her purse and handed it to me.  "If you want to discuss a possible relationship, give me a call."

She put on her rubber coat, kissed me and left.


*      *      *

For the next few days I was a mess.  I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.  I missed the incredible sex Ruby had given me, but I was deeply disturbed by what she had revealed.  Gradually I came to the conclusion that I would never meet a woman like her again and that a compromise was far better than not having her at all.  So I called her and she came over that evening.

She didn't wear any rubber and was all business.  "Here are my conditions," she said.  "First we have the basement converted into a sound-proof dungeon.  I will supervise the construction, hire the workmen and buy the equipment.  I want to occupy the second floor with my slave and have a guest bedroom.  You will be on the top floor."

"Second I want to buy a large number of rubber garments for myself and my slave and a large collection of bondage outfits for my victims.  This is going to cost you a great deal of money, but you can afford it, I checked."

"Third, you and I will have sex once a day, unless I feel like more.  We will have sex my way, which means most of the time you will be tied up in rubber.  I can tie you up in rubber anytime I want to and for any length of time."

"Fourth, I can have as many victims visiting as I please.  When I have a visitor or visitors the dungeon is off-limits for you, unless you are specifically invited.  What I do with my victims is not your business."

"Fifth, when I don't require your services or the services of my slave, the two of you can do whatever you want.  She is also bisexual and a trained rubber slave, and I expect you to treat her as a slave, not a wife or a girl-friend."

The last part was a surprise.  I wondered what kind of a woman this slave was.  I agreed and we shook hands in the deal.  "The construction should take about a month," she added, "then will get married and my slave and I will move in."

The very next day three burly men appeared and the work on the dungeon started.  They were efficient and capable.  28 days later the basement contained two prison cells, a steam room, a sauna, a large enclosed bathtub, several winches, a vacuum bed, a whipping contraption, an gynecologist's examination chair, a large rubber bed and a multitude of bondage rings and chains on the walls.

Then the packages started to arrive.  Rubber garments of all descriptions, including a  half-dozen inflatable rubber bags, about 40 heavy rubber helmets and a multitude of whips, handcuffs, straps, gags, re-breathers, blindfolds and electrical gadgets.

We got married in a brief civil ceremony with two of her victims as witnesses.  Then she moved in and a finally met her slave.  She was a very skinny woman, totally encased in rubber.  She knelt in front of me and buried her rubbered head in my crotch.  Her arms were in a binder behind her back and her mouth was gagged.  I felt awkward with my new wife standing next to me, so I pulled her up. 

"What is her name?" I asked Ruby. 

"Slave," she answered.

I removed Slave's armbinder so she could help unload.  There was a truck outside, driven by another one of Ruby's victims.  He, the two witnesses, Ruby, Slave and I started to work, moving Ruby's belongings into her bedrooms and the rubber items and bondage implements into the dungeon.  By 6 p.m. we were done and the three men left with the truck.

I had stocked up the refrigerator and Ruby and the Slave made supper.  "This is our wedding night," Ruby said. "You will be spending it tied up in rubber.  I would say you are going to have about ten orgasms before morning."  She instructed me to go upstairs and start an enema; she would be joining me in half an hour.

I went to the top-floor bathroom, stripped naked and inserted the enema tube.  After 30 minutes Ruby and the Slave came in, wearing black rubber suits, boots, gloves and thick rubber hoods.  Ruby inspected the enema bag and added water to it.  The Slave knelt down in front of me and inserted a catheter into my penis.  I was told to sit on the toilet for another 15 minutes.  When I could hardly stand the pressure any longer, the slave opened the catheter and pulled out the enema plug, draining my insides completely.  Then I was taken to the rubber wardrobe and dressed in a tight-fitting black rubber suit with attached hood, gloves and a thin red penis sheath.  A gag was strapped to my mouth which had a rubber dildo on the outside.  Then they took me to the dungeon.

The two woman strapped me onto a low cot.  Ruby straddled me and inserted my penis into her.  Slave sat on my face, with the dildo inside her, cutting off my air periodically.  Ruby rode me gently, prolonging my orgasm.  After about 10 minutes they switched positions.  Then they waited for a while, playing with my penis and balls.  Later Ruby sat on my penis again and Slave massaged my balls behind her.  They were careful to keep me just below an orgasm, switching positions periodically.  Then suddenly the tempo became frantic and all three of us came at the same time.

Ruby and the Slave got off me and disappeared for a while.  I fell asleep but half an hour later the straps and the mouth dildo were removed, I was lifted upright and put into two additional rubber suits.  The first one was of medium thickness and had a hood without eye openings.  My rubbered penis and balls were bulled through a narrow crotch opening.  The second one was heavy, had attached boots and gauntlets and a thick hood with an inflatable gag.  Again my private parts were pulled through a crotch opening.  I was strapped over the whipping horse and my gag was inflated.  One of the women knelt between my legs and started to massage my penis and balls, while the other one whipped my behind.  Though there was little pain because of my three rubber suits, I felt the sting of the whip.  After a few minutes I was loudly moaning into my gag and had an incredible orgasm.

They unstrapped me, let some air out of the gag and put me into a heavy rubber bag.  I felt my penis and balls being pulled through a hole in the bag and a strap being closed.  Then the bag was being winched up and I was left alone.  I fell asleep again.

The next sensation was that of a mouth sucking my penis and fingers squeezing my balls.  I decided to surprise them by simply not having an orgasm.  I tried to think of other, mundane things and, for a while, it worked.  But I was very hot and the rubber enclosure got to me.  After about 15 minutes I exploded.

I was taken out of the bag and the two outer rubber suits were removed.  I could see and talk again.  Ruby gave me a bottle of water and I drank it down.  Then she led me to her bedroom.  On one side of the rubber-covered bed was a heavy bag.  She helped me to get into it.  The bag had inside sleeves and I ended up holding my rubbered dick.  She pulled the hood over my head and zipped the bag shut.  I could breathe, but I was in complete darkness.  Then the bag started to inflate, the rubber pressing against every inch of my body.  When the inflation was finished I felt her slip into the bed beside me.  I faintly heard her say, "Good night, husband, I hope you sleep well."

I lay there, stunned.  All I could do is massage my dick, which I did.  I had an orgasm, which she ignored.  I was hot, but comfortable.  About ten minutes later I started to masturbate again and had a second orgasm, then two more before I finally fell asleep.

When I woke up Ruby was laying on top of the inflated bag.  "I'll let you do it one more time," she said, "but I'll cut off your air."  I started to masturbate at a frantic pace as she blocked the breathing tube.  I almost passed out but had an orgasm just in time and I could breathe again.  She deflated the bag and let me out.  I went upstairs and took a long shower.

At breakfast Ruby talked about her schedule.  "I'm going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks," she said.  "I'll have at least two victims a day, sometimes three.  The first one comes in at 8 a.m. and stays until noon; in fact there is already one in the dungeon.  The second one has the afternoon from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m. and the third one from 7 p.m. until midnight. 

"I want you to make lunch and dinner for us; we only have an hour for each, so it would be nice if we could just sit down and eat.  The rest of the time is your own but, as I mentioned before, you cannot come down to the basement.  You can go out and do the shopping or stay on your floor.  Sometimes Slave is not needed for the sessions and she can keep you company if you want.  Remember, she is your slave too and you can ask her to do anything you want."

I agreed to be the cook and the two of them disappeared into the basement.  I did the dishes, made the beds and cleaned up the rubber we used.  I heard moans from the basement but tried to ignore them.

At noon the victim left quietly through the front door and the two women came to lunch, encased in their rubber suits.  Ruby grabbed my rubbered penis underneath the apron I wore and kissed me.  "How was your morning?" I asked. 

"Pretty good," she said, "four orgasms for him, two for me and one for Slave."

At 1 p.m. I cleaned the kitchen, changed into street clothes and went shopping.  When I came back I changed into rubber and took a nap, setting the alarm clock for 5 p.m.  Then I made dinner.

At 6 p.m. the two women came out of the basement and brought along a female victim.  "She wanted to meet you," Ruby explained, "and stay the night."  The woman was wearing a heavy rubber coat over two rubber suits, her hands were in the coat slits and cuffed underneath and her head was covered by a severe rubber hood with a gag.  She sat down at the table and began to masturbate.  She must have had a dildo inside her; while we were eating she had a series of frantic orgasms.

"You take her upstairs with you while we take care of the evening victim," Ruby said after dinner.  "You can remove her gag and talk to her, but her handcuffs stay on."  I finished washing the dishes  and putting the food away, while the woman watched me and kept on masturbating.  Then I hung up my rubber apron and told her to get up and follow me.  As we arrived on the top floor, she mumbled into her gag and pushed her chin into my shoulder.  I gathered that she wanted the gag removed, which I did.  She immediately knelt down and started sucking my rubbered cock.  I let her do it and had an almost instantaneous orgasm.

We lay down on the bed and I asked her how often she came to visit Ruby.  "Once a week," she said.  "I love being tied up in rubber, I get the best orgasms that way.  Would you put me into a bondage bag?" 

"Certainly," I replied and went to get one. 

When she was in it she said, "Now tighten the straps real hard."  I tightened all eight straps until she couldn't only move her hands slightly.  "Now put the gag back into my mouth and blindfold me.  If you want me to suck you again, just remove the gag."  I strapped the gag to her mouth and went to get padded blindfolds.  She lay there on my bed and started masturbating again.  I lay next to her and soon fell asleep.

About an hour later I awoke, removed her gag and moved her body between my legs.  She sucked my cock eagerly; I grabbed the back of her head and had another orgasm.  I lay back and relaxed, with my cock still in her mouth and fell asleep again.

"Well, doesn't this look cozy," I heard Ruby say.  She and the Slave were standing over us.  "This is perfect for some rubber bondage."  Together they tied my legs with rubber straps so that the woman's head was trapped in my crotch, with my penis inside her mouth.  Then they put my arms into the sleeves of a heavy rubber straight-jacket, zipped it up in the back and strapped the sleeves tightly.  A heavy blindfold-hood with a gag was pulled over my head and laced up in the back.

The woman masturbated in her rubber bag and sucked my penis.  She couldn't move her head much, so the effect of her lips and tongue was quite ineffective and I wasn't getting close to an orgasm.  In addition the woman had to struggle for air, which made her stop frequently.  

We were released at 6 a.m., cramped and dead tired.  We both took showers and had breakfast with Ruby and the Slave.  As the woman was leaving, she asked, "Can we do this again next week?"

*      *      *

Over the next several weeks a routine developed.  While Ruby and the Slave were busy in the basement I kept to myself on the top floor or went out.  On the days when only one or two victims came to visit we spent the free time together.  Sometimes we went out to dinner or lunch or to the movies, wearing ordinary clothes, but most often we went to her bedroom and had sex in rubber.  She was playful and innovative and could get me to give her five or six orgasm in a row; I was of course always tied up in one way or another.

Sometimes she wanted to be alone and simply turned me over to the Slave, who seemed to be able to have an orgasm only when she was tied up.  And every Thursday evening there was the female victim who now always asked to spend the night with me.

But slowly I began to wonder if I really satisfied Ruby; I wanted to see if I could please her more if I were a victim in the dungeon too.  When I suggested to her that she should try me out she shook her head and said, "You wouldn't make it.  My victims are true masochists, they live for pain.  You are not in their class."

We discussed it for some time and then she suggested that she would tie me up in the dungeon before a victim arrived and I could watch a session.  So, two days later she and the Slave put me into three rubber suits and a bondage bag and hung me up in a dark corner.  My rubbered penis and balls had been pulled through crotch openings in the suits and I could masturbate.  My head was encased in a heavy rubber hood with a gag.

The male victim was brought in and strapped down on a table.  He wore a rubber suit and was gagged and his penis and balls were exposed and then painfully clamped.  He moaned.  Then electrical wires were attached to the clamps and shocks administered at random.  The victim convulsed and screamed into his gag.  Ruby and the Slave observed without emotions, slowly increasing the intensity.  After about ten minutes they turned the electricity off and removed the clamps and the victim's gag.  He begged for more but the two women ignored him.  Then he pleaded for an orgasm, which again was ignored.  A little while later the Slave began to wrap his balls with rubber tubing, while Ruby pushed a steel net over his penis and attached it to rubber tubing, pulling it up until the penis was tightly stretched.  His balls were then also pulled high until they were greatly extended.  The victim moaned.  Then Ruby whipped the underside of his balls and the victim screamed; the Slave put the gag back into his mouth.

The whipping continued for several minutes.  Then the women simply left and turned off the lights.  I heard the victim moan and masturbated in my bag.  After about an hour the lights turned back on and the women appeared again.  They removed the rubber tubing, placed electrical contacts on the victim's balls and penis, unstrapped him and put him into a heavy rubber suit and a rubber bondage bag.  He was winched up at both the shoulders and the feet, so that his body was horizontal.  Then they connected an electrical machine to the dangling wires.

The victim was blindfolded, gagged and tightly strapped.  The Slave turned on the machine while Ruby started to whip him.  He twisted, jerked and moaned every time the whip fell and at random times when he received a shock from the machine.  The whipping stopped after about 20 minutes and the women disappeared again.  Every few seconds the victim moaned and jerked.  I began to masturbate again.

After more than an hour the women came back, disconnected the wires, let the victim down and put him onto a rubber-covered bed.  The Slave massaged his genitals while Ruby watched.  I could see that his penis and balls were black and blue and touching them was clearly painful.  After a few minutes Ruby mounted him; the victim screamed into his gag, but the screams were soon replaced by loud moaning and he had a massive orgasm.

Then the session was over and the victim was released.  I was left hanging in the rubber bag for another hour and managed to have two more orgasms.  The torture had been stimulating to watch, but I wouldn't have wanted to be in the victim's place.  The next day I told Ruby that she was right;  I would never be able to tolerate the pain.  I felt bad about disappointing her, but she just shrugged. 

"I never assumed that you would," she said, "but I have an idea how you can participate.  Suppose we get some video equipment and you record the sessions?  I am sure most of the victims would give me permission to film them.  We could create some great movies."

I was immediately turned on by the idea; I would be able to watch and become part of the team.  So I went shopping and bought two high-definition cameras, tripods and video editing software.

I now spend several hours each day in the dungeon, always dressed in heavy rubber, filming squirming rubber victims, both male and female.  Then I take the disks upstairs to my rubber study and view, select and edit the material.  But at least once a day I take a break for a few hours when Ruby comes upstairs, ties me up in rubber and we have intense sex.  Or when Slave offers her services.  Or when the woman, whose name I never learned, stays the night.

What more could I want?



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