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Debbie's Desire

by RS Sherwood

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© Copyright 2001 - RS Sherwood - Used by permission

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Debbies Desire by R.S. Sherwood

Debbie always desired the taste and the feel of latex. Debbie and her  spouse David got into the latex scene in the mid 80's. The two of them always enjoyed their latex sessions that they had when David was not traveling away on his job. Between the two of them they only had one daughter named Bonnie. Whenever they were having a session they had to do it late at night or when Bonnie was staying over night at a friend's house. Debbie always is turned on more by the feeling of latex than what David was.

Whenever David spent time away from Debbie as a consultant he would always try to bring her something back from his trip that was made out of latex. So over the years Debbie acquired quite a selection of latex clothing and bondage equipment. She has dresses, catsuits, gloves, hoods you name it she has it. Debbie always had the desire to satisfy herself while David was away.

Now that Bonnie was older and away at college Debbie had the house to herself. So Debbie had this desire one time to dress herself up totally in latex. David was going to be away for a week so she had a lot of time to herself.

So this one day she was feeling so horny that she wanted to be into latex. Debbie goes to her closet and gets out a catsuit with feet a long pair of gloves and her favorite hood. She then goes over to her dresser and got out a pair of latex underwear with a built in dildo and butt plug.

Next she pull's out her bondage equipment. A pair of wrist cuffs, ankle restraints, thigh restraints and a 5 inch neck collar. She lays all this equipment out on the bed and just can not wait to get into it. Debbie starts to sprinkle powder over her body so she can slip into the latex out easier. After rubbing the powder all over she takes the latex underwear with the dildo and butt plug and lubes them up with k-y jelly and inserts them into the proper places . Once Debbie gets the underwear on she now starts to step into the catsuit. Debbie takes her time pulling the catsuit on making sure there are no wrinkles in it. After she gets her arms into the suit she reaches behind and zips up the back. Debbie is now enclosed in the catsuit. Now she takes the gloves and slides them on making sure that they are not wrinkled.

Debbie always liked how she looked in the smooth latex. Once these are on she now started to strap on the wrist restraints and one of the ankle restraints. ( The ankle restraints are locked together) and the thigh restraints. (These are locked together also). Just thinking about what she is going to get herself into is starting to make her juices flow. Plus the feeling of both plugs being in.

Debbie now climbs up on to the bed kneeling, straps the other ankle restraint onto her other ankle. Both ankles are now locked together. Now Debbie starts to put one of her favorite hoods on. This is a full hood with an inflatable gag and also with nose tubes and no eye holes. Once she carefully installs the nose tubes she pulls the rest of the hood over her head and zips the back up. Debbie is now totally enclosed in latex and feeling like she is in heaven. Reaching around the bed she now finds the 5 inch collar and puts this on. It has a big roller buckle on it so she can pull it tight. This makes her head very ridged and can not move it much once this is on.

Debbie now has all of her latex and bondage equipment on that she got out and laid on the bed. Debbie takes her right hand and starts rubbing her crotch and with the left she inflates the gag with the pump .As the gag fills her mouth she is coming to a climax from the way she is feeling with all of the latex on. Her body is now starting to become hot and also wringing with sweat. After Debbie climaxes she unlocks the valve and deflates the gag and then locks the valve shut again.. she now is so anxious Debbie takes kneels on the bed and snaps the double snap from her ankles to her thigh restraints. This pulls her legs up against her thighs.

Now taking the snaps on the wrist restraints she takes and snaps both wrists behind her back to her ankles. As she falls forward on the bed she now was in a position of laying on her stomach with both ankles fastened to her thigh and both arms behind her back to her ankles. Basically in a hog tied position. Debbie used the snap fasteners because she could undo these with her fingers while being in this position. David would always put Debbie into this position thinking that Debbie would not be able to get out of it using the snaps. After David found out that Debbie could get out of the snaps he started using locks. That always held her!

So now Debbie being alone had all the time to enjoy this position. So what she would do is start rocking back and forth on the bed driving the dildo in and out of herself putting herself into a frenzy. Well the one time that this happened the gag was being inflated while she was rocking back and forth not thinking about it until it was too late. The gag was inflated so much that Debbie could not say anything and could feel her breathing beginning to be restricted. So now Debbie was beginning to panic, and at that same instance the doorbell rang. All Debbie thought about was being caught by David. Well low & behold it was Bonnie, their daughter coming to visit from collage. The bell rang again and Debbie was trying to get out of her situation but could not. Next she heard a voice yell mom are you home. Debbie had forgotten to lock the front door and Bonnie had walked in because her moms car was out front.

Thinking something was wrong Bonnie starts to walk through the house looking for her mom. Room to room Bonnie goes searching for her mom. Debbie now could hear Bonnie foot steps coming down the hall to Debbie's bedroom. Debbie still in her situation, knows she is going to get caught by her daughter. In walks Bonnie into the bedroom and she just can not believe what she is seeing. Someone laying in a hog tied position with all covered in black latex. Bonnie immediately says mom is that you. All Debbie can do is just move frantically because of the gag being over inflated. Bonnie starts to undo the snaps on her moms wrist and ankles. Once these are all unsnapped Debbie reaches up and deflates the gag and feels for the edge of the bed and then swings her leg's over the side and stands up. Bonnie starts to take collar off and once that's off she then unzips the hood Debbie has on. When Bonnie helps take the hood off she can not believe her eyes. This is her mom she is seeing in the latex and being bound like she was.

So now Debbie must tell Bonnie about her fetish with latex. So the both of them sit down on the bed and Debbie proceeds to Bonnie about how she got into the latex scene. Bonnie is sitting and listening so intensely to her mom talk about her latex fetish that Debbie is thinking that my daughter is thinking that I am a freak. Well Bonnie stops her mom from talking and asks.
"Mom what's it like to wear latex?"
Debbie asks if she would like to try some on? Bonnie says sure what do you have that I can wear?
Debbie can not believe what she is hearing from her 22 year old daughter. Now Debbie takes Bonnie over to her closet and tell her to pick some thing out and she would help her put it on. Being the same size as her mom Bonnie picks out a low cut dress with sleeves. So Debbie helps Bonnie in to the dress and she can not believe how this feels on herself.
Now Debbie tells Bonnie "see what I mean about the feeling of latex?" So now to this date Bonnie is hooked on latex .

Bonnies First Time


Since Bonnie got introduced to latex by her mom from the previous story she could not stop thinking about how it felt on her and the smell of it. When Bonnie left her moms house to go back to college her mom gave her one of her latex dresses. Debbie also told Bonnie where she first found out where to find the magazines to order the latex clothing from.

Most of the places Debbie started out were adult book stores that carried these magazines. So now Bonnies back and settled in at college start's to look for the adult book stores in the city she is in. This was about to be a new experience for Bonnie. She had never been in an adult book store before. Well one night she had a store picked out to go to so one of her girlfriends and her got up the courage after having a few drinks each.

Once in the went directly to the counter and asked if they carried any magazines about latex. Well there was a girl working behind the counter so this made it a lot easier to talk about. She told Bonnie where they were at, so over the two of them went and started to browse through them. Bonnie was surprised at what she was looking at. There were magazines that showed people in latex and also in bondage. Bonnie was starting to be interested in the ones of where they showed women in latex and bondage, wondering what it would be like to be in the same situation.

Her girlfriend could tell that Bonnie was getting really turned one by this and started kidding her about it. So Bonnie picked out a couple of magazines to buy that had a lot of companies to buy from and went back to the dorms. Over the next few days Bonnie sent out a lot of letters to different companies to get there catalogs to order latex from. Over the next few months she worked all the hours she could while not in classes at college to save up some money to buy her latex clothing. When the magazines came back Bonnie started buying dresses, tops and pants made out of latex. Bonnie acquired quite a selection of dresses and tops with the money she had saved.

One night some of her girlfriends called her up wanting to go out that night to a local club. She accepted and thought that this would be a perfect time to wear some of her latex. With the body that Bonnie had any latex she wore accentuated her curves that her body showed. That night Bonnie noticed she was the center of attention with all the guys within the club. As the night grew on she had one guy approach her and tell her how nice she looked in latex and what she must be feeling. Bonnie asked do you know how latex feels. Dan replied that he had been into latex for quite a while. This is all it took for Bonnie to start a conversation with Dan.

The two shared memories of their younger years and the experiences they had while growing up. They told each other about the feelings they had about latex and being tied up when they were younger. As the night grew on they both made a date to meet next week. Bonnie just could not wait for this night to come. Dan had asked her to wear something out of latex and he would pick her up at seven. He had told her that he had a night planned that she would never forget. The night finally arrived and she had decided to a pair of black latex pants that zipped up the back that hugged her like a second skin. The top she had on was a v-neck long sleeve that fit also like a glove. Bonnie liked the tight feeling that the latex gave her. She now picked out a 4 inch set of platform shoes followed by a long trench coat.

Dan finally arrived and could not believe what he was seeing when Bonnie opened the door. Dan immediately told Bonnie how she looked standing there gleaming under the light that highlighted the latex. Bonnie then asked Dan where they were going to go that night. He replied that he had to make one stop at his place first, at which she did not mind doing before they continued on for the night. Bonnie did not really know how much Dan was into latex.

When they finally arrived at his place, Dan asked Bonnie if she wanted to come in and see his collection of latex. Bonnie just could not wait to see what Dan had. So in the two of them went.
As a gentleman he was (uh)! He opened the front door for her and lets her go in first. Dan followed right behind her and locked the door behind them as they went in. The lights were off in the room except for over in the corner there was an over head light lit. Once in he turned up the lights a little. Bonnie could not believe her eyes at what she was seeing. Over in the corner were all different types of latex articles, some she had never seen before but was soon to find out what they were!

Dan had set this all up from talking to her the week before because he knew they had a lot in common when it comes to latex. He then told her that she was going to be his slave for the night. Immediately she thought back to her younger years and had visions going through her head. Bonnie just could not wait for what was going to happen tonight! Dan took off her coat and immediately puts her arms behind her back and then puts wrist restraints on her. He then bent down put ankle restraints on her and now Dan was in total control. Just what the two of them wanted! Bonnie now could feel a wetness coming in her pants from how she was bound. Dan then took a couple of steps back and took a look at her.

He then told her how he was going to be the master and she was going to be the slave. She acknowledged that this was ok to her. As Bonnie was continually becoming excited and was constantly talking. Dan told Bonnie to be quite! Bonnie would not stop talking so Dan got a ball gag with a head harness and started to put it on her. She said what is that! Dan then puts the ball into her mouth and tightened the straps up on her head. Now all she could do is just muffle a sound out.

She now was getting wetter and wetter in her pants. Dan then proceeded to put a hobble skirt on Bonnie. Slowly zipping it up Bonnie could feel a tightness starting to surround her legs and waist. Once on Dan had then taken off the ankle restraints he put on. He then told her to walk over to the full length mirror in the corner and look at how she looks now.

Bonnie found that walking was really restricted in the hobble skirt, but she liked the feeling. Dan now went over to a table where he had most of the articles laid out and picked up a armbinder. He then came back over to Bonnie which was looking confused at what Dan had picked up. Dan told Bonnie to turn around, thus putting her back to the mirror. He proceeded to take the wrist restraints off and put the armbinder on her. As Dan laced up the armbinder Bonnie could feel her arms becoming pulled together tighter and tighter. Dan told her to nod her head if at anytime she felt uncomfortably. If she understood this to make a sound. She did as she was told to. Now that Dan had finished putting on the armbinder he had her turn around and take a look into the mirror. Bonnies eyes got real big because she could not believe how she looked in the skirt and armbinder.

By now her crotch was just dripping wet with joy of being bound by the way she was and Dan being in total control. Dan now walked back over to the table and picked up a couple of different hoods. One was a pull on with an open face and the other was a full lace up hood with nose tubes and an inflatable gag. (Bonnie thought about this one because of her mom) Dan held them up one in each hand and asked Bonnie which one she wanted. Bonnie started to talk but only could muffle a sound. Dan then took the ball gag out and when he did she gasped for air. Her heart was starting to pound harder because of how she was feeling and the knowing of that Dan was going to put one of those hoods on her. She had always fantasized of being totally enclosed in latex since finding her mom like this and now knowing that it was about to come true to her made her heart just pound.

Once the ball gag was out Bonnie asked Dan what was that piece of latex that over in the corner was? It had a spreader bar and a pulley system attached to it, to hoist it up in the air. This was all set up under the light that was in the corner when she walked into the room. Dan replied that it was a body bag and you are going to be put into it. Bonnie was just feeling ecstatic about being put into the body bag. She was about to experience the feeling of being totally enclosed in latex. Bonnie immediately told Dan that she wanted the full lace up hood put on. Dan wanted to make sure she understood how these hoods worked. Bonnie told him that she had heard about them and seen one that her mom had but never had one on. Dan made sure that if she wanted to stop at anytime that she shakes her head back and forth, and if when he asked if everything was ok just nod her head. Bonnie said that she understood him fully and trusted him with her life.

He now started to insert ear plugs into her ears to block out the sound to heighten her natural senses. Once both ear plugs were in, he started to put the on the hood. First he put the gag in her mouth and then inserted the nose tubes in her nose making sure they felt ok.. She nodded her head. Dan then pulled the rest of the hood over her head and started to lace it up. Bonnie now had all the light blocked out of her sight and found that her senses were beginning to heighten as the hood was being laced up. All the time while he was lacing the hood up he kept asking her if everything was ok. Bonnie just kept nodding her head. She now could begin to feel herself sweat from the excitement and of being bound in latex. 

Once the hood was all laced up he helped her hobble over to the corner where the body bag was. Once there he asked her to pick up her right foot which he then pulled part of the bag under her then she raised the left foot up pulling the rest of the bag under her. He now pulled the rest of the bag up around her shoulders and zipped it up to her neck. Now he began to tighten the six straps that went from around her ankles to around her shoulders. All the time he kept asking her if everything was ok. She still just kept nodding her head.

The last piece he had to put on her was a neck collar. This kept her head ridged.(At first Bonnie could not believe what was happening because of how she found her mom with a collar on) Still asking her if she was ok. and still nodding away. (Actually Liking it) By now it was getting a little harder to nod because of the neck collar. Bonnie now was starting to feel all of her senses by being totally enclosed in latex. Now Dan began to pull on the ropes which began to raise Bonnie off the floor. Finally when she was about two feet of the floor he stopped and tied the rope off so she would just be hanging there in the body bag.

Bonnie was now starting to feel like she was going to climax. As she began to squirm and shake within the bag her rhythm began to increase Dan took and inflated the gag four or five pumps and this made her squirm more. Dan knew what was going on in her mind and that she was beginning to come to a climax and what a feeling she was experiencing. As Bonnies body began to shake ,twist and move frantically within her enclosed confines this continued on for minutes and what was happening was she was coming to a climax. Bonnie all of a sudden just stopped twisting and turning within the bag her body now was perfectly still within the bag which was just swing back and forth in a slow motion. Dan deflated the gag and asked Bonnie if she was ok. Bonnie just nodded slowly.

Bonnies body was now just wringing wet with sweat and her lovely juices flowing made her feel so relaxed. Dan now began to lower her down to the floor and once on it she could hardly stand because of being so drained. Dan helped steady Bonnie and began to take her binds off of her that he had put on. Slowly one piece at a time they came off. Once that they were all off Bonnie started to hug and embrace Dan because she knew that they were made for each other. This was just one of the many memories that Bonnie and Dan were going to have in the many years to come.

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