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Deadlier Than The Male

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/Fm; latex; D/s; bagged; nc/cons; XX

Deadlier Than The Male by Rbbral
Part Two
Chapter Four

Jo was content with all the clothes and gadgets on the bed, more than sufficient to dress and subdue Tom. She was beginning to enjoy herself and knew that Tom, as he had done in the videos, would do as she playing the role of Pat commanded. 

When she opened the door, Tom’s eyes nearly popped out as he took in this sleek black rubber apparition. He entered quickly and closed the door. She pointed at her feet and Tom knelt and crawled behind her into the bedroom. Nothing needed to be said as she pointed to the clothes and he stripped off and began to dress. 

With mixed feelings he noticed his big hard on, was that for the rubber or the rubber-clad Pat? She would find out soon enough. She didn’t want to see his face now so she tossed him the mask first. He looked at her quizzically and then pulled it over his head. It was a perfect replica of a beautiful woman’s face, ruby red lips, dark eyebrows and blue eyes and a lightly tanned skin. It fitted him very tightly but had small eyeholes, nostril holes and a small slit for a mouth. Jo felt more comfortable with him masked. 

Over his slim body he pulled on a garter belt with four suspenders to which he attached shiny dark grey stockings, pulling them up almost sensuously, and smoothing out the wrinkles. They had black seams at the back and he made sure that they were perfectly vertical. Jo did not know how many times he had done this; she had mixed feelings about a transvestite husband, never mind a rubber loving one. 

He pulled frilly panties up and over his cock, and in fact she was somewhat relieved to see it put away, right now she wanted him to be hard for her, and not the rubber. A flared short dress followed and he stepped into the flared skirt portion and pushed his arms through the tight sleeves. She zipped him up the back as he pulled on tight elbow length gloves over the sleeves of the dress. Then she wrapped round him a tight corselet with a padded bra section and which extended down to his hips. Clearly he had worn this before and he turned his back to her and she began to lace him up she laced him tight and pulled heavy straps over his shoulders. She could hardly believe what she was doing, dressing her husband as a rubber transvestite. Part of her was humiliated at this, yet part of her was excited!

She finished pulling in his waist, he really had a pretty good figure and the padded bra was quite lifelike. She turned him round. The beautiful, bald emotionless face stared back at her. She knelt in front of him and placed his feet into high heeled ankle boots and laced them up. He passed his hands over his own body and seemed to be in a bit of a trance. She was too. This was a body and a mind that she thought she loved, and still loved, so the next few days were going to be a test, for both of them. 

Acting out Pat’s role she surveyed him, inspected him, lifted his skirt and rubbed her hand over his bald rubber pate. Then she took cuffs from the bed and without any order from her he placed his hands behind his back and she cuffed him. This was so easy she thought. The two final pieces she picked up, the blindfold would keep until she was downstairs, but the large red rubber ball she forcefully stuffed between his red rubber lips and into his mouth. She pulled the two thick rubber straps over his head forcing the ball deeper, he grunted, was this too tight, well too bad she thought. 

Costumed, cuffed, masked, gagged and corseted, he stood silently, breathing through the narrow nostril tubes as she examined him. She passed her hands between his legs feeling his erection under the tight frilly panties. He moaned into his gag and swallowed hard. 

She was enjoying this power now; here was her husband and lover, now her rubber toy, her dolly, slave, compliant latex wench. She motioned him to follow her to the basement; he did so gingerly on his high heels. She noticed his fine rubber clad legs, they were really quite convincing; she would now enjoy beating them, and his tight rubber covered arse!

Before opening the door to the basement playroom she blindfolded him. Only when he was properly in bondage would she reveal herself to him, and the control she now had over Pat. She opened the door and led him in, turning the lights on. Pat sat up, an odd sight, constricted by the corset and the body bag, her head a bulbous rubber balloon. She watched silently as Jo leant Tom over to the padded bench. He seemed familiar with it and did not struggle as she passed straps over his body, at chest, waist and hips, pressing him into the padding. She strapped his legs to the wide legs of the bench. Then she released his cuffs, he didn’t resist as she strapped them to the legs of the bench. Slowly she tightened them all until she was satisfied that he was fully immobile. She lifted his skirt and folded it under his corset, then placed a hand on his rubber covered cheeks and admired their firmness under the frills. 

Sitting upright on the side of the bed Pat was a silent observer, saliva dripping out of her inflatable gag. Despite her immobility she was really quite excited at the thought of seeing Tom pounded by Jo. If she used the same venom as she used on Pat, it would be quite entertaining. 

Now Jo decided it was time for the exposing of who was who! Jo leaned over and removed Tom’s blindfold. There was no alarm until she moved aside and he saw – well who – a body encased in a black rubber body bag and inflatable helmet. He grunted behind the ball gag. Perhaps Pat had found an accomplice, or was it Pat in the bag? All was revealed when Jo slowly peeled off her tight mask. Tom screamed into his gag, in shock and horror. What was going on here? He was ashamed and embarrassed, Jo had clearly figured out their games together. And he quickly surmised, she was going to wreak her revenge. Jo placed a hand on his bald rubber dome.

“Hello Tom, loyal and faithful hubby. I expect you have figured this out pretty quickly. I rumbled as to what you and Pat were up to, oh and by the way this is Pat here.” She patted the inflated rubber head which shuddered under the severe air pressure. There was a faint moan from its occupant. 

“She’s had her punishment, or at least the first instalment, and didn’t like it much, right Pat?” Pat’s rear was still very sore and she nodded meekly. 

“She’ll get more in the next couple of days, and so will you Tom. I plan some serious retribution; cheating on me, the two of you. I know there was no “sex” but you were both on such a high there might as well have been. I saw all the tapes so I know what you got up to. I’m going to punish you both, and at the end of it I don’t know what I will do, divorce you maybe and take you to the cleaners. The next 48 hours will be entertaining, for me at least. Actually I’m getting to quite like wearing this rubber, very flattering and comfortable; I’m quite the dominatrix, Pat will vouch for that. Now Tom, I’m going to give you 100 strokes, just the same as Pat; she took it and so will you.” 

He mmmffed into his gag, but could do nothing else as Jo laid into him. Slowly, meticulously she picked her target, even moving to the tops of his thighs, bare between his panties and the tops of his stockings. Tom groaned and moaned into his gag, Pat watched in silence as Jo continued. Tom’s ass was on fire and so too were the tops of his thighs and he couldn’t even wriggle an inch. He looked across at Pat but all he could see were two perspex eye pieces and, possibly, two distant eyes. 

Pat on the other hand had had her punishment, for now, and was quite enjoying this. Jo was very good and Pat thought she looked fabulous in her tight black suit, sweat now appearing on her face. When she had finished she was panting slightly and she tossed the paddle on the bed, sitting down next to Pat. She looked at her amusedly. 

“Well, was I up to scratch? Do I get an A?” Pat nodded vigorously and Jo laughed. Tom didn’t, saliva was running down his woman’s facemask and onto the padding supporting his head and he was breathing heavily. The white part of his thighs between stocking tops and frilly panties was now bright red, with even a tinge of blue. 

But it was not over, for Jo had only just begun. Although she was a little out of breath with her exertions, she was also excited. She had thoroughly enjoyed dominating these two, controlling their movement, controlling their ability to talk – she really quite liked gagging them, silencing their protests to a quiet mmm. And the clothes? Well as each minute passed she became more comfortable in them, and they did flatter her figure, good though it already was. 

She glanced at Tom, his breathing had now stabilised, but she could see him glaring at her, possibly with mixed emotions, he liked to be paddled of course, but by his wife, and so hard? Maybe not, thought Jo. She had thrilled at the paddling, but was not so sure about the transvestism – it seemed pretty harmless though, and he did look so cute in the stockings and panties! They would have to talk about this some time, but not now, she had to take care of Pat. 

Chapter Five

As she sat next to Pat, she ran her hand over her thighs, held tightly within the rubber body bag.

“Just like a sleek seal, the muscle and bone just visible underneath but on the surface a nice smooth slick shine. What’s it like in there? Knowing you can never get out without my say so, sweating in your own juices. Are you frightened?” Pat did not move at first, but then slowly shook her head; she peered at Jo through her lenses. 

“Why not? Are you excited then?” Pat gave a nod, yes, she was excited, she almost chuckled at Jo’s quizzical look. No, she didn’t get it – yet!

“You like being tied up and vulnerable, at someone else’s mercy, not knowing what will happen next. You know I won’t kill you so you are actually finding this exciting.” It wasn’t a question any more; Jo was now getting to understand it.

“I won’t even try to understand the why of it. You were probably tied up as a child, some cowboy and Indian game and got some strange sexual rush, who knows? And Tom, how did he get the bug? Well I must think this through.” She pushed Pat back onto the bed and leant over her. Her body felt a strange frisson, laid out like a sacrificial lamb, Pat lay defenceless and despite the covering of rubber, her breasts were noticeable inside the bag. Their eyes met for a moment and as if talking to herself, Jo surveyed the subdued woman beneath her. 

“So vulnerable, I could do anything I wanted to you now.” She rested her rubber gloved hand on Pat’s breast and she heard Pat murmur and roll with it in pleasure. She continued to pass her hands over Pat’s imprisoned body.

“Are you a lesbian Pat? Do you enjoy what I am doing?” Pat tried to shake her head but her body was betraying her. And Jo didn’t stop; through two layers of rubber Jo sought out Pat’s nipple and squeezed it hard. Pat yelped into her gag and spittle dribbled down her chin. God, she thought, Jo was a vixen. 

“Pat, I need to talk to Tom for a while, out of your presence, so we’ll go upstairs. However I’ve thought of something to keep you busy while I am away.” She got up and returned from the closet with a 5 inch vibrator of white plastic with a wider flat base. On seeing this Pat groaned into her gag, and raised her knees. 

Jo, with a somewhat lascivious smile, firstly unzipped the front double zip of the body bag and pushed down on Pat’s raised knees, then eased her hands into the bag and unzipped the zip at Pat’s crotch. Pat mmmfed into her gag and rolled her head from side to side as Jo passed her finger over Pat’s shaven pudenda, wet with Pat’s juices and sweat. 

“Mmmm your body tells me my attentions haven’t all been unpleasant for you. This should keep you alert for a couple of hours while Tom and I have our chat.” She placed the vibrator at Pat’s lips, her legs were held together by the bag but there was enough room with the zip down for Jo to gently slide it up and into Pat. But writhed and rolled but she was well pinioned. Jo pushed it in, one inch, two inches, Pat squirmed and mmmfed. Jo continued to push, enjoying her power. Four inches and then five, and it was embedded in her to the wider flange. At the base Jo turned a dial and the vibrator started to hum. Pat groaned and rolled her head but Jo just zipped up her suit and then the bag.

The vibrator was embedded in her for as long as Jo wished it to be. In her rubber cocoon Pat was already almost bursting, two hours of this and she would be a wreck. Jo placed a comforting hand on her head and said.

“Have fun Pat, I’ll be back in a while. But first, my husband and I have some talking to do.” She left Pat on the bed – plugged, gagged, masked and bagged, and then began the release the straps holding Tom. She released his arms first and expertly cuffed them together, then released the other straps. Tom, still drooling from the gag in his mouth, and still a little in shock at seeing his wife covered in slick black latex, was strangely excited. Jo had taken to the “scene” like a duck to water and he knew that she did nothing by half measures. So he would be punished for his indiscretions – severely. She helped him stand, he was a bit groggy, and led him from the room and up to the living room. She unceremoniously pushed him into an armchair – God, his buttocks and thighs hurt. She sat in front of him and leaned over, staring at him.

“Now listen closely, dear husband of mine. I’ll only say this once; you answer my questions, every one, honestly; no whingeing, no embarrassment and no lying. Just tell me the truth, that’s all.” She withdrew the gag from his mouth pulling it past the tight lips of the rubber mask. He groaned as he swallowed and exercised his chin. Then surprisingly she replaced his blindfold! Tom nervously licked his lips, which pleased her. She needed him to understand her position, she was not to be fooled with any longer. Maybe he had surmised that, after his beating! She sat in front of him, pleased with his discomfort; his arms manacled behind him and his confusion about whether he should cross his legs demurely or show off his frilly panties, a difficult choice as he would lose both ways. 

“I’ve already interrogated Pat so you had better get your story straight or you will be in bigger trouble. She was the instigator; they were her clothes or rather her late husband’s.”

He nodded nervously.

“So how did you get hooked?” He smiled a little nervously again and stuttered. 

“Well, where to begin.” His voice was muffled by the tight female mask, it was odd hearing his voice come from a beautiful female face. “I’ve always liked bondage, the restraint, the power transfer; but I’ve really only ever wanted the submissive role. I’ve always felt you would laugh at this so I just…suppressed it, simple as that. I fantasised about being tied down by you and paddled. But the reality today was rather more than I could handle. You were very good at hurting me, you seemed to enjoy it.” 

“I did, I really did, because you had hurt me, by not trusting me. Obviously you think I’m some sort of prude, so you get your kicks elsewhere. Well, I’m not and you are going to find that out, both of you. You wanted the best of both worlds, me and a bit of rubber fetish on the side.” 

“True, I did, this is something I can’t control, I’m addicted and I can’t be satisfied with what you call normal sex.” Jo looked at him in horror.

“Who are you to say what is normal, and who are you to say what I like and what I don’t. You never even gave me a chance. We had a bit of bondage, which I may add I liked, but you didn’t take it any further. What am I to do, read your mind?”

“No, I’m sorry, but I thought you would reject the whole idea, better not to have brought it up. I realise that what I did was worse.”

“You’d better believe it, and you will pay for it, I can tell you. And women’s clothes, what the deal?”

“Not normal women’s clothes, I’ve never done that, but rubber clothes – corsets, stockings, gloves, heels. I don’t know why but I do enjoy it, yes. It’s just dress up playing but I thought you wouldn’t get into it.”

“Again, you never gave me a chance, did you? So you’ll pay for it over the weekend. You will be my rubber sex slave, my rubber dolly. I can’t wait to put you two through the ropes, you have some interesting clothes here.”

“Well I’m hardly in a position to complain, so do your worst. But I have to tell you that I still do love you.”

“You show it in a funny way. No, Tom, our relationship of old is dead; if we are to have a relationship in future then it will be different. I don’t know yet, we’ll see what transpires in the next two days. But the old husband and loving wife scene is over. How’s your arse by the way.” 

“Hurts like hell.” He said, looking for some sympathy perhaps. 

“Good, you’ll get more of that soon. It’s no good punishing someone who likes it, unless you make it really unpleasant. I have to go the extra yard here.”

“Yeah I understand that. Well, get on with it, when will you make your decision? I don’t want to be kept in limbo forever.”

“Don’t worry about that, by the end of the weekend you’ll know where you and I, and Pat stand. But rest assured it won’t be like the old days, you’re in for a lifestyle change.” She took the ball gag in her gloved hand and commanded.

“Open up, I’m tired after a very stressful day and I’ve heard enough, from both of you. I’m ready for bed, and I’ll get you ready downstairs. We won’t be sleeping together for now, and I can’t trust you with Pat, so you sleep downstairs and Pat and me up here. She’ll be suitably tied up of course. Open up!” The pretty female face moved slightly and the red lips opened and she took pleasure in stuffing the gag behind the mask and into his protesting mouth. She pulled the straps tight and he mmmffed but she ignored him and taking his blindfold off she led him back downstairs. 

Chapter Six

The sleek black cocoon that was Pat lay on the bed, a faint moaning coming from her gagged mouth as her helmeted head rolled slowly from side to side. Jo smiled at her predicament and led Tom to the overhead bar, lowered it behind him, attached each wrist separately at each end and winched it high. He gurgled into his gag as he was bent over, his short skirt riding up and exposing his panties and stocking tops and his scarred thighs.

“Maybe I should give you another thrashing. Perhaps I’ll save it for tomorrow.” She took pleasure in the power she now had over these two defenceless adults. I short order she had removed his boots and stockings, wet with sweat from his firm legs. Then the corselet and bra came off and, releasing one arm at a time she removed his gloves and pulled the dress off his arms, replacing the cuffs. He was glad he was masked for he felt a bit of a fool like this, but amazingly when she pulled his garter belt and panties down he had a large erection. 

“We’ll have to take care of that.” She said and remembered a pair of panties she had seen on one of the videos. They were a pair of white rubber panties with a bulbous fake vulva at the front and a dildo in the rear, perfect she thought. After a bit of rummaging she found them and showed them to him as he was bent over. He groaned through the gag. 

“Pretty girl like you must have a pretty pussy too, don’t you think? She pulled them up his thighs and, without lubricant, methodically eased the dildo up his rear. Bent over and tottering on his feet, supported only by his hands high behind his back he could do nothing as the hard rubber pressed into him. Lying in her cocoon, the vibrator still humming inside her, Pat could hardly believe her eyes as Tom was impaled by his wife. Jo pulled the sides of the panties up, smiled and slapped him noisily on his rear. 

Now she moved to Pat, and pulled her up to the standing position. Pat was groggy from the orgasms the vibrator had induced; and she was a little dizzy in the tight inflatable helmet. Air rasped as she breathed out of the inflatable gag. Jo slowly pulled down on the bag’s zip, then went behind and as Pat’s arms were released from the sleeves of the bag, gripped both of her wrists and cuffed her quickly. Pat had to admire the slick way this was done; it gave her not a second’s opportunity for escape. Jo, she thought ruefully, was fast becoming an expert at this. Pat stepped out of the bag and Jo placed it at Tom’s feet, gripping both sides.

“Here Tom, Pat has kept your sleeping bag nicely warm for you for the night.” She pulled it up to his waist and draped it over his back, then very smoothly released one cuff and rammed his arm down the sleeve. As he was still bent over he could offer little resistance as Jo repeated the move with the other arm. Before he could wriggle free Jo quickly pulled up the front zip to his chin. Like Pat before him, he was now utterly powerless in his wife’s hands, to be released only when she chose. 

“There, snug as a bug, now hop over to the bed, that’s where you will sleep tonight, on your own.” Pat glanced at Jo through the lenses of her helmet.

“Pat’s coming upstairs with me!” Tom lay back on the rubber sheets and pillows, imprisoned in the body bag, gurgling through his gag. He hoped she would remove it for the night. 

Pat stood like a silent ebony statue; mute in her full body catsuit with corset and steel belt round her waist. She was going nowhere fast. Round her ankles and behind her back she was thoroughly cuffed, round her throat under the inflatable helmet was the steel collar and of course humming away inside her pussy was the five inch vibrator. Jo pulled her over to the bar and leaned her over, attached her wrists and raised the bar a foot or so. Pat was now staring at the floor, her rubber covered rear sticking out, inviting all kinds of punishment. 

“Just to stop you wandering off while I shower and get ready for bed.” Pat thought she was just doing this for the fun of it, for she was very unlikely to get anywhere in the rig she was wearing. Sensuously, Jo undid the waspie corset and breathed a sigh as she removed it, although she had taken pleasure in its firm grip. She removed her boots and then slowly unzipped the catsuit. In the feet there was at least half a glass of sweat; her body glowed and she showed no embarrassment in being naked in front of them as they both watched her. Pat had difficulty in this as she was bent over, but what she saw did impress her. She really was beautiful and in the rubber quite stunning. Let me get at that! She thought lasciviously. And the vibrator continued to hum inside her.

When Jo returned after ten minutes she found Tom behind Pat, rubbing his rubber covered groin against her rear. 

“And I thought I could trust you.” She pushed Tom back to the bed and thrust him down onto it. She rolled him over and gave him ten very hard whacks with the paddle. Even with the bag and his panties on, he screamed into his gag. Then holding onto Pat’s inflatable helmet she paddled Pat ten times too, accompanied by a loud mmmmfffing from the helmet. 

“I can’t believe it, you’re like two rabbits. I’m going to have to change my plans a bit. Don’t you learn? I’m in charge now.” Feeling more malicious she leant over pat and pulled in the laces of her corset. Pat squeaked through her gag but Jo pulled harder and tied them off after pulling in another inch. Then she ratcheted in the steel belt another inch. Now Jo felt a bit better!

She was now getting used to the firm, warm grip of the rubber and she would dress in rubber for the night. This feeling surprised her, but then so had so many feelings during the day. Basically she realised she had thoroughly enjoyed herself punishing her husband and her friend. She was not feeling down any more, she was going to make the best of it. 

From the closet she pulled out a strange looking costume, which intrigued her. In skin-coloured almost transparent latex, it was a long sleeved, high necked leotard. But what interested her was the crotch, which was similar to the panties that Tom now wore. There was an open gap at the crotch but either side were exaggerated rubber labial lips between the lips there was a gap to pee through, or insert things! The rest was straightforward, breast cups with holes for her nipples, a two inch circle opposite her bum hole but with a latex covering attached to four stud fastenings – easy to remove or insert other things, she thought!

She chuckled and though this was quite fun, then stepped into it slowly pulling the cool rubber up her thighs and over her arse. She then slipped her arms into the tight sleeves; it was so tight she couldn’t pull up the back zip. She slapped Pat’s raised rear, all shiny and firm in the black latex and leant towards her raised wrists. 

“Do something useful Pat, and grip the zip and hold on.” Pat fumbled behind her and gripped the zip in her cuffed hands. Slowly Jo squatted down, drawing the zip up to her neck. Now she was nice and snug and it felt really good. Pat released the zip and Jo patted her firm, shiny cheeks. The enlarged lips were really quite bizarre, firm yet flexible and she could feel her own lips underneath, rubbing against them. From a short distance she looked like a naked, aroused woman with an enlarged shaven labia. Quite a sight, her rosy nipples were exposed through the holes in the breast cups. She noticed with a sly smile that they were erect. She felt very horny, was it all the domination that she had experienced over Tom and Pat, or was it the rubber and the strange sensations it was sending through her body? 

She released Pat from the bar and she straightened slowly, wheezing through her gag. 

“You’re sleeping with me tonight, Pat, I don’t trust you with Tom.” She leant over Tom and released his ball gag and he groaned. Jo looked down at the pretty female face staring up at her, and gently pecked the rubber cheek. 

“Sweet dreams Tom; gather your energy for tomorrow, you will need it.” She pushed Pat out of the room, turning off the lights and closing the door, leaving poor Tom in his rubber cocoon, contemplating his future. 

Chapter Seven

She pushed Pat upstairs and into her bedroom.

“Lie down.” She ordered and Pat lay on the bed; Jo looped a five feet chain round the headboard and clipped it to the ring on the front of Pat’s steel collar. 

“I’ve hidden the key so don’t get any ideas. Now I’ll remove the vibrator, you must be pretty wet down there.” Pat nodded vigorously as Jo unzipped her crotch and slowly remover the vibrator, which was still humming and was covered with Pat’s juices. Pat groaned with relief and Jo wiped her with a towel. Jo smiled.

“Pretty wet down there, you must have had quite a time.” Pat nodded as Jo zipped her up. 

“Now I’m going to release your wrists and ankles, you’re not going anywhere and I don’t want you to have any circulation problems. She did so and Pat rubbed her hands over the steel covered wrists. She grunted a thank you and pointed to her helmet, mmmffing a question.

“Oh, all right, better that you not suffocate, I suppose.” She said dryly and slowly deflated the helmet and then the gag. Pat pulled it off slowly; her hair was damp and matted to her skull. She moved her chin around and took in a large gulp of air.

“Here, dry your face, you have sweat and saliva all over it, and yes, you may talk, but be careful what you say.”

“Thanks, that was quite a ride that vibrator gave me….and the paddling, I’ll have bruises for days.” She didn’t seem to hold a grudge, quite the opposite, almost crediting Jo with a job well done. She looked at Jo, with a sly smile.

“By the way, you look fabulous in that leotard, just edible.” 

“Really? Well thanks, but don’t overdo the flattery, I’ve got two more days to get my revenge.” 

“Seems fair.” Pat said, wryly considering the consequences of her behaviour. 

“Time for sleep, and no silly games from you, you will need all your resources for tomorrow.” Pat thought, what did she mean by that? Does she expect me to make a lunge? Well, that’s a thought. 

In the dark, and now warm under the sheets, Pat began a plan of action. Maybe Jo was still a little naïve, although she had done some serious catching up over the last few hours! Still, she’d be happy to educate her. 

Pat lay in the dim light, wonderfully warm and damp in her suit, and well relaxed after being pleasured by the vibrator so many times. She listened to Jo’s measured breathing; Pat thought she looked so good in her transparent leotard and the accentuated pussy lips. Pat had worn it and found it highly arousing. She still felt so horny, and glanced across at the sleeping figure of Jo, lying to her left. Well, in for a penny, Pat thought. I’m going to be punished anyway, why not have some fun on the way. 

She slipped her arm under Jo’s sleeping form, her left hand firmly gripped Jo’s left wrist and she gently pulled Jo’s left arm under Jo’s body. Jo mumbled but stayed asleep. Pat now eased herself to Jo’s right side and snuggled her rubber masked face up to Jo’s. Jo’s right arm was now trapped under the right side of her body and her left arm was pulled behind and under her, and held firmly by Pat. Jo woke.

“What the….”

“Shush, Jo. Look, you’re going to give me a good beating, and more, tomorrow, so I thought, well, does it make any difference what I do now? No, so I thought we could have some fun.” 

“Let me go, God, you’re going to be in for it tomorrow.” And she realised Pat was right, if she was going to give her hell in the next two days, then Pat had nothing to lose! But she continued to wriggle, bemoaning the fact that she didn’t keep Pat tied up properly. 

Pat ignored her protests, and kissed her on the cheek, Jo tried to wriggle away but Pat held firmly onto her wrist and Pat’s weight on Jo’s right side meant she could only move her left leg. Then Pat laid her right leg over her and firmly placed her thigh between Jo’s legs and rubbed the false rubber pussy lips. Pat continued to kiss Jo, on the lips, on her ear and on her neck, jo tried to turn her head away.

“No, I’m not a lesbian…and neither are you, so what the hell are you doing?”

Pat giggled in the dark and nibbled Jo’s ear.

“Just a little fun, no guilt, remember?” She breathed in Jo’s aroma, sweat and rubber. 

“Just relax, close your eyes and relax, let me do what I do best.” She whispered in Jo’s ear. 

“No, I’m not a lesbian, but so what; can’t we just have some pleasure here? Well, I’m going to anyway, just feel free to join in when you are ready.” She giggled and massaged Jo’s breast with her right hand, which was free to do with as he wished! She rubbed her thigh against Jo’s pussy and rolled her exposed nipple between her gloved finger and thumb. Jo mumbled, no, no, but it was now a whisper, she tried to avert her face from Pat’s attentions but Pat moved on top of her more. 

Pat now kissed her nipple and rolled it between her teeth, then moved her hand to Jo’s crotch and slid a finger between the fake lips and up and down Jo’s labia. She continued for a minute or so, moving from one zone to the other, and now there was no resistance from Jo. She began to say, no, but her mouth opened and she responded with a gentle kiss on Pat’s rubber cheek and then her forehead and then her lips. Pat continued to hold her left wrist in a firm grip but the squirming from Jo was not through resistance but arousal. 

Pat stroked her cheek and kissed her eyelids gently and then moved her hand down to her rubber encased crotch again, this time easing two and then three fingers past the narrow entrance. Jo no longer tried to squeeze her thighs together, but Pat was pleased to feel her legs part.

“No, no, no, fu, fu, jeez.” Panted Jo as Pat licked her left nipple, gently rolling it between her teeth, while her gloved finger and thumb pressed and rubbed her clit. 

“God, you’ll pay for this, aaahhhh.” Passion and guilt were now mixed as one, as Jo groaned under Pat’s teasing. And passion was going to win. After another five minutes of Pat’s expert assault, Jo began to shudder, and with a series of grunts and pants yielded to her. Pat held her for a minute and then kissed her gently.

“There now, that wasn’t too bad was it?” She chuckled and released Jo’s wrist. Jo was now on her back, breathing hard and with her arms outstretched. Pat could make her outline in the dim light. This gave Pat another idea! In a flash Pat was sitting on her chest, her knees firmly holding down Jo’s arms. Again Jo couldn’t move, only her legs twisted but to no avail. Jo stared up at Pat’s rubber covered crotch, only inches from her face. 

Jo found this submissive, powerless position quite uncomfortable, she much preferred thrashing Pat, but she couldn’t move. Pat stared down at her, her eyes gleaming at her behind the tight black mask, white teeth smiling. She leaned over to the bedside table and withdrew a contraption of straps in reinforced black rubber. Calmly she showed it to Jo.

“I satisfied you Jo, it’s only fair that you should give me some pleasure, don’t you think, now open your mouth.” Jo shook her head, keeping her mouth closed but Pat just pinched her nostrils and waited, smiling coolly. Jo relented. 

“No, no way, argghh arrggg mmmfff.” Pat, in a nonchalant and practiced move, stuffed a thick rubber plug into Jo’s mouth. Jo grunted and twisted but the plug had a ridge at the base and Pat pushed on unerringly until Jo’s teeth slotted into the ridge. Jo thought she would gag on the thick pungent rubber as Pat expertly slipped the rubber straps either side of her nose and over her head, pulling them tight like a gas mask strap. The gag was now well embedded in Jo’s protesting mouth, with a thick curved base plate covering her from her nose to under her chin. She tried to breathe slowly through her nose, her mouth was so plugged. And in the dim light she stared down at the gag, and saw sticking out from the plate a thick five inch black rubber dildo. Pat looked down at her, very satisfied with herself. 

“There we are, nicely mute, rubbered up, nipples nice and firm, pussy nice and wet, well gagged and all ready to satisfy me.” Pat moved her hand to her crotch and lowered the zip. Jo mmmffed into the gag and shook her head, the dildo flapping obscenely, as she saw Pat’s vulva peek out from behind the zipper. Pat was already very wet from the attentions of the vibrator. 

She rose on her knees, still trapping Jo’s arms. She firmly gripped the dildo, stopping Jo’s shaking head and with a low moan aimed it at her pussy, then slowly began to sink down on it. All Jo could see was the black rubber covered body descending on her face, the wet shaved pussy eagerly eating the dildo. She couldn’t believe this, Pat was the one chained to the bed by her collar and chain, yet she was the prisoner – she was powerless as Pat began to head fuck her. Jo smelt Pat’s sweet juices and the warm rubber as Pat sank onto her face. She groaned and mmmffed and thought she would suffocate or even drown in the warm wetness of Pat’s crotch but then she raised herself. 

“Here Jo,” she chuckled, “you have to do some work here!” she cradled Jo’s head between her hands and then raised and lowered it, rhythmically pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of her. Jo could do nothing as she became nothing less than an extension of a dildo! She tried to relax as Pat abused her, breathing in slowly Pat’s aroma mixed with rubber, and gripping the plug gag firmly with her teeth. 

Pat’s juices now smeared the lower part of her face, she groaned quietly as Pat, now in another world came, at least three times before resting on the rubber penis. Jo groaned into the gag, almost suffocating, as Pat stared down at her, gently placed her gloved hand on her forehead and raised herself from the plug. 

“Thank you, that was great.” She unstrapped the dildo from Jo’s head, withdrawing the plug from her mouth, saliva dripping from it. Jo was about to give her an earful, when Pat, with a smile, said.

“Your turn.” And she pushed the dripping gag into her mouth, pulling the straps firmly behind her head. She rolled of Jo and lying on her back looked at her through her mask. Part of Jo wanted to thrash this woman red raw, but then she could do that later. The sight of Pat’s shiny black body, corseted and masked and with the shiny wet dildo sticking up was strangely inviting. Only Pat’s eyes were visible, well her wet pussy as well; she mmmfffed and pointed to the dildo, nodding.

Jo couldn’t believe it, just who was the boss here? But something inside her said, well, why not? She nodded back at Pat, who laid her arms out to her sides. Jo stepped over Pat and pinioned her arms with her calves. Now this is the scene she preferred! She looked back at Pat’s submissive form, in tight black suit, corset and metal collar, cuffs and belt. Pat’s eyes sparkled in anticipation, and the dildo still glistened with Pat’s own juices. 

Jo tentatively stretched the rubber lips of her suit sideways and found her own lips. She lowered herself until the dildo pressed onto her lips, and then sank very slowly, exhaling in spurts as it entered her. It was larger than tom was, and she took pleasure at the unfamiliar length and girth. She sank onto Pat’s face and, as Pat had done before, raised and lowered herself in a steady rhythm. Pat seemed to take pleasure in this too, and mmmed into the gag, her eyes staring up at Jo. 

Jo pinched her nipples, hard now, and was surprised at her own capacity for pain mixed with pleasure. She leant back and pressed her fingers into Pat’s vulva and rubbed her clit. Pat moaned with pleasure. After only about three minutes of this Jo came, shaking and shuddering and Pat laughed into her gag. 

Jo rather resented this, thinking Pat believed herself in control, and Jo suddenly had an idea. She didn’t know whether she would relish but it was worth a try and over the last few hours she had surprised herself with her boldness and how much she was delighting in this exposure to new experiences. She smiled wickedly as she raised herself from the wet dildo, and with her right hand undid the studs of the rubber covering over her anal passage. Then she moved forward a couple of inches, making sure that Pat was still well pinioned, and felt the glistening intruder at her sphincter. Pat could see what was going on and was not quite so compliant, and she began to wriggle but Jo held her shoulders immobile while her lower body and legs squirmed uselessly. 

Jo steadily lowered herself onto the dildo, her own juices providing ample lubrication. Despite its size, to Jo’s surprise it slid in without much resistance. Jo felt a huge sense of fullness, but she quite liked the sensation. She lowered herself to the hilt, with a final exhalation of air. Then looking down at Pat’s alarmed eyes she parted the rubber lips of the leotard and engulfed Pat’s nasal area!

Pat began to struggle, which pleased Jo all the more. Clearly Pat could not breathe - her mouth was squashed by Jo’s arse and her nose by the rubber pussy lips and Jo’s own pussy behind. Pat couldn’t believe it, her gagged mouth resting between Jo’s cheeks and her nose assaulted by the aroma of the rubber lips and Jo’s own juices. She was suffocating, she stared in alarm up at Jo and moaned. Jo looked down with a benign expression and stroked Pat’s head. 

She waited twenty seconds and then raised herself allowing Pat air, or at least air heavily tainted with rubber and her own aroma. Then she lowered herself for twenty more seconds. This went on for five minutes as Jo got used to the large intruder in her back passage and Pat got used to breathing in the heady smells around her face. Finally Jo looked down and said.

“Had enough, mmm? Blink twice for yes.” Pat blinked twice immediately and Jo giggled as she raised herself up. Pat, her mask covered in Jo’s secretions, made to move the dildo gag, but Jo commanded. 

“Leave that on. Don’t mess with me now Pat, you’ve seen what I’m capable of, anyway I may need to use you again during the night.” She replaced the rubber covering over her rear, pushing in the four studs. 

“Well thank you Pat, I liked that, and you’ve given me so many ideas for tomorrow.” She ran her tongue over her lips, leant over Pat and pecked her gently on the forehead, as Pat groaned in her gag. Then she turned over and without a word went to sleep.

Pat lay awake awhile, chomping on the gag. She was practiced at having a gag in her mouth and although perhaps she should have been, she was not concerned in having it in for an extended period of time. She wondered what was in store for her tomorrow. She was now perhaps a little worried, Jo was becoming a really tough domina, but then part of her was also quite excited at the idea. 

She rolled onto her side and could feel Jo’s warm body next to hers. She moved quietly towards her, making spoons with their bodies. She slipped her arm under Jo’s elbow and placed it over her breast, then rolled Jo’s exposed nipple between her finger and thumb. Jo, in semi slumber, moaned and Pat was not sure if Jo who knew her company was for then she turned over and faced her in the darkness. Pat in turn rolled onto her back; the cock gag sticking out of her mouth was really in the way for full frontal action. This allowed Jo to snuggle her head in the crook of Pat’s neck and move her hand to pat’s exposed vulva which she then rubbed affectionately. Pat did not know if Jo was half asleep and these was some sort of unconscious effort or whether she knew exactly what she was doing! Pat didn’t really dare for she took Jo in her arms, one around her head and shoulders and the other resting on her buttocks and drifted off to a dreamless sleep, Jo like a child, unmoving in her arms. 

Chapter Eight

Pat awoke after, oddly, a deep sleep, hardly interrupted by the gag, and the big dildo sticking out of it. Jo was standing over her, looking down. 

“Rise and shine, Pat. We have a big day ahead of us.” Pat blinked and pointed at her gag, mewing, her mask was a mess and all the juices and secretions had now dried, but Jo shook her head. Pat noticed she said nothing about Pat’s advances in the night.

“No, not yet, you can keep that on for a while longer.” Pat pouted but now knew better than to argue; then she examined Jo and really appreciated what she saw. She had already removed the leotard and changed into a new costume, and what a costume! She was dressed as the classic fetish schoolgirl. She wore black slingback shoes with high heels; brilliant white full length latex stockings, with suspenders; a short, black flared skirt which didn’t even cover her stocking tops; tight – very tight white latex panties accentuating her mons and cradling her buttocks; and a loose white long sleeved latex blouse with a red tie, tied very properly. The sleeves covered black latex gloves, probably to the shoulder and the bra she wore underneath her blouse pushed her breasts out provocatively. A wide red latex belt clinched her waist. Her make-up was superb, her hair pulled back in a pony tail, her lips ruby red and her eyebrows pronounced. Pat almost swooned and Jo could see in Pat’s eyes her reaction. Jo knew the power she had over Pat. 

“So you like what you see?” She twirled before her, the flared skirt rising and showing off her tight panties and stocking tops. Jo knew exactly what she was doing! Pat nodded her head vigorously.

“But down to business, down on your knees, slave.” She commanded and dumped a pile of rubber on the bed. Poor Pat felt very sorry for herself; kneeling on all fours on the bed, she felt very vulnerable and silly, and with a big black sticky dildo sticking out of her mouth. Jo now released her crotch zip from belly button to the small of her back and now she felt really exposed. She looked at the bundle of rubber on the bed beside her and groaned. It was a doggy suit! She’d only worn it once and it was a tight fir when she was naked in it but with a catsuit and corset underneath, it would feel like a vice. She felt Jo settle behind her. 

“Okay, doggy, or rather bitch,” she chuckled, “raise your rear right leg and bend it.” Pat did so; she was still chained by her collar to the bed, so she was going nowhere. Jo slid the tight legging with the reinforced rubber kneecap over her leg and pulled hard upwards, almost lifting Pat off the bed, Pat grunted as Jo pushed the sole of her foot into the tight tube. Once in, her leg was doubled over as if in a vice and her foot was trapped against her buttock. Jo then tapped her left leg and Pat, like an obedient dog, raised it and Jo repeated the action, stuffing it into the tight legging. Shortly her knee was snug against the pad and her foot tight against her rump. To the onlooker one would hardly know that she had any lower limbs as they were compressed so hard against her thighs and buttocks as to be almost undetectable. 

Grabbing both sides of the suit Jo pulled it over Pat’s hips and up to her waist. Opposite Pat’s exposed vulva were a pair of large rubber lips, just like Jo had worn the night before – easy for access by a third party. Pat had Tom originally in mind but no doubt Jo had someone else in mind, Pat thought. 

Her arse was exposed by a two inch diameter hole with four stud fastenings surrounding it. She knew what was going to be going in there, all right. She had after all bought this costume, but with Jo as mistress somehow it took on a whole new meaning. Jo came round to Pat’s side still kneeling on the bed, then roughly bent Pat’s left arm until her palm rested on her shoulder then with a grimace pulled the sleeve over the elbow. Pat grunted and pleaded with her eyes but she knew that was pointless and quickly her arm was held in a firm grip of rubber. Pat felt like a dumb store mannequin as Jo manhandled her other arm into the sleeve. 

Before zipping her in, to add insult to injury she released the laces of the corset – and then spent a couple of minutes pulling them tighter! She’d been in it for over twelve hours now and Jo was able to find another half inch to pull in. Pat thought she was being split in two but resigned herself to this; Jo was clearly on a mission now. Pat could hardly breathe through her nose, saliva trickling from the end of the dildo gag and onto the bed. Jo now released the chain from the steel collar and with difficulty pulled up the back zip to Pat’s neck. She sat back on her haunches, admiring her work. 

“Excellent, my little bitch, wonderfully trussed. But where is the bitch’s tail? Oh yes, here it is.” She picked up a thick rubber butt plug, three inches long with a narrower end. It had a wide base plate with studs, and a white spongy tail, just like a poodles! Pat grunted a loud no, as she looked back, her rear tunnel exposed and ready to be plugged. With a smile, Jo licked the butt plug, putting on plenty of saliva, then kneeling at Pat’s side and gripping her hips firmly, she slowly twisted and pushed the plug up Pat’s rear passage. Pat’s squealed and wriggled but in no time it was up to the wider flange as her sphincter gripped the narrower end. Then Jo studiously pushed in the press studs. Pat was now impaled on her own doggy tail. She tried to exercise her anal muscles to “frump” it out but all that did was wag the tail in an exaggerated way, which made Jo laugh out aloud. 

For a moment Pat had hoped that Jo had forgotten the helmet, but no, glancing back she saw it on the bed. Oh why had she co-operated in this crazy design with Tom? She’d thought it funny at the time, but she had not worn it yet. She thought Tom looked quite funny in it, and she enjoyed being the dominant bitch pulling him around on a leash – and now she was to be a different kind of bitch, on the end of the leash! Tom had worn the helmet for only a short time and pronounced it uncomfortable, a good idea on paper but almost torture to wear. It was tough to breathe and take in food, for she had forced him to eat some chocolate mousse out of a dog bowl. Well, now she was about to find out. 

“What imaginations you two have.” Jo said sarcastically, as she opened the helmet in front of Pat’s face. She quickly removed Pat’s dildo gag and Pat took a large lungful of air, spittle dripping onto the bed. 

“No, no Jo, please,” she implored, “I don’t like this mask at all, I’ll suffocate or gag, plea….uggghh, ggrrgg. Please Jo, please.” Jo pushed Pat’s resisting head into the helmet. Like a very unhappy dog, she shook her head violently, trying to shake it off. Jo laughed, having fun now, and straddled Pat’s body, as if trying to ride her, her legs wrapped around her torso. Pat almost collapsed under her weight but Jo now had both hands on the mask and was zipping it slowly down from the crown. As she did so, Pat’s cries became fainter and less intelligible. 

“No…mo…peaf….nnnkk…mmmmmm.” Then there was just laboured, rasping breathing, as Pat shook her head as if trying to toss it off, yet of course she knew this was pointless. 

“Phew, that’s better, quite the tiger you are! I can see why you don’t like it at all. A really nasty design, better on paper than on your head.” She chuckled as she patted Pat’s head like an affectionate owner. Pat shook her head from side to side and gave out a cross between a grunt and a wail. It was the only sound se was able to make now. Jo got off the bed and stared at the strange apparition, on all fours on the bed and no longer moving. 

The skin was taut, shiny and black; forearms and lower limbs were undetectable; firm breasts were held in exaggerated cradles; the tail, round and white wagged provocatively; and there were the bulbous pussy lips that were just screaming to be breached. And then there was the head. 

Yes, the head, it was a cross between a gas mask and the head of a boxer dog. Two perky, boxer ears in moulded rubber were on either side in moulded rubber and the eyes were two small tinted lenses. Jo leant over and saw Pat’s eyes behind, looking wide and alarmed. The nose was a small snub and she even breathed like a boxer, in a laboured way. The mouth was a strange rubbery grimace. Pat could open and close it, but the rubber mouthpiece, like a snorkel, extended well into her mouth and pushed out her cheeks, making it impossible to make any human sounds, just woof-like grunts or wails. She could move her tongue around inside her mouth and swallow but her cheeks felt as if they were full of rubber wadding. 

Whether she could eat or drink – like a dog – remained to be seen, Tom had managed to get some mousse inside him, but did not enjoy the experience at all. She did not know why she designed this! What a fool she felt – her ass plugged, her arms and legs folded out of sight and useless and her pussy just waiting to be forcibly entered!

Jo placed a thick rubber collar 5 inches wide around her neck, which at least would give her some support as her torso would be horizontal all day. She slipped a lead through the ring at the back of the collar and pulled on it. With a groan, Pat backed off the bed, very clumsily and rolled onto the floor. Jo pulled on the lead again and bent down to speak.

“Well, bitch, you’ll be my doggy all day today, an obedient one, or else. I’m your mistress and you won’t forget it. Come on, you can watch as I make Tom your doggy partner.’ She pulled on the lead and Pat, like an obedient dog followed her mistress, slowly moving along on her padded limbs. Jo lead her down the stairs slowly, and despite her ridiculous predicament, Pat looked ahead of her at Jo, in her saucy schoolgirls uniform of latex stockings, mini skirt and tight blouse and a hot flush came over her.

Pat descended slowly, acclimatising to being only two feet off the ground. Her breathing was laboured and Jo turned round and patted her head, and then with a sinister smile moved her hand to Pat’s groin and slipped it through the rubber lips to Pat’s love channel. She withdrew it to a groan from Pat and looked at her glove, now glistening, and then said. 

“You’re incorrigible, I’m going to find it hard to really punish you, I see.” But she really didn’t look as if she meant it, for she just seemed to be having such a good time! She fondled Pat’s rubber ear.

“Doing okay? You’ll get used to it. You’ll have to, and so will Tom.” She led her doggy into the rubber room and tied her lead to the whipping bench. Because of the plug up her rectum she could only sit on her side and found it difficult getting comfortable, but not as uncomfortable as Jo was about to make Tom. 

Pat noticed, and now began to appreciate, that Jo was becoming very efficient at subduing her captives. First she gagged him with a large red ball gag; she didn’t want to listen to any whining from her dear husband. She unzipped the upper half of the body bag and rolled him over, straddled him and before he could react with any force had cuffed his hands behind his back. Then she pulled the bag off followed by the dildo pants. 

Despite his protestations she noticed he still had a hard-on. She ignored this and ordered him onto his knees. Quickly she repeated the process she had earlier undertaken with Pat. In no time his legs were bent double and tightly encased in their thick rubber sleeves. She pulled up the gusset piece and noticed the same hole opposite his ass. His cock and balls however were held in a formed rubber penis and ball sac. At the end of the prosthesis there was a small hole, and his erection stretched the thin rubber to the limit while his balls wobbled obscenely in the thin sac. 

When she released one hand from the cuffs, as if in a daze he was not quick enough to react, and as she straddled him and stuffed his arm into the sleeve. As she was not wearing a second skin he slid in easier. He gurgled into his gag but was powerless to prevent her from repeating the process with the other arm. She smoothed it out, his hands almost undetectable now and she laughed aloud as she zipped him up to his neck.

“Oh Tom, I do so like doing this, my obedient little doggy. Where’s doggy’s tail? Here it is!” Pat looked on in silent appreciation as Jo licked the dildo and then, more viciously than she did Pat, crammed it into Tom’s rear. He shouted into his gag, and looked back but Jo inexorably pushed on, and then pressed in the studs. She cradled his balls, held firm between his “hind” legs.

“Mmmm, you’re a horny doggy, and so vulnerable; now we have to match you up with your bitch over there. I understand you don’t like the helmet, Pat certainly doesn’t, but then you gave up having rights last night.” She gave his ball sac a flick with her finger and he yelped. He still had his hard-on, seeing his beautiful wife all dressed up as a rubber schoolgirl meant he almost shot his load. This time she pulled his shortened arms to his body and he fell forward. Retaining her straddled position she removed his gag. He still had on his female mask but she left that on. Like Pat he tried to talk.

“Look Jo, please can we talk this out, please not th…..arrggh…..grrrhh.” She lifted his head and pushed his face inside, carefully zipping down the back. Shortly there was just laboured breathing and Tom waggled his head in futility. Pat had to admit Jo had done it all very efficiently and she looked down and found herself unconsciously rubbing her elbow over her rubber pussy. She didn’t even know she was doing it, so engrossed she was in seeing Tom made into a doggy so quickly. Jo slipped another 5 inch rubber collar around his neck, extending his head to a forced upright posture and then clipped a lead to it. She lifted him up to all fours and rubbed his ears, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Okay, doggy, behave now, do as you are ordered, these balls are very vulnerable to a beating so you had better be on your best behaviour. Okay?” He nodded his head frantically and grunted and Jo laughed as she led him off the bed.

The two dogs stared at each other, identical (except for Tom’s cock and balls) and mute, as Jo took their leads in each hand and led them out of the rubber room. She came to the stairs and ordered them ahead of her. As they slowly ascended, she almost swooned at the sight of their rubber covered arses gripping the wiggling tails and butt plugs, Tom’s cock and balls distended between his legs and Pat’s enlarged rubber pussy lips fully exposed. 

It was she, and she alone, that had reduced them both to this, in less than a day. And in that same time Jo had become addicted to dominance and dominating these two, particularly Tom. After a night with Pat, and the way she looked just now, she was feeling a bit of a soft spot for her. She was a minx and would have to be trained, but Jo felt she had the skills for that, and she thought Pat would learn to appreciate them. She wanted to punish them still, and gain sexual gratification – the night before with Pat had been incredible. That had clearly exposed something dormant within her and she was not about to suppress it now. 

continued in part three

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