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The Dark side of Jenny

by Jake

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© Copyright 2002 - Jake - Used by permission

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The Dark Side of Jenny by Jake
It was difficult for Jenny, growing up very shy and awkward.  She had been raised a good catholic girl and now to many who knew her, she was considered a prude.  She had been taught by the nuns at St. Vincent's school for girls that sex was something not to be taken lightly.  One should save oneself for marriage, and in the sacrament of holy marriage, sex should only be used for procreation. 

This was a difficult concept to instill in the girls of St. Vincent's as the free love generation of the late ‘60s and early 1970s threatened to put an end to all the moral lessons being taught within the old school walls.  There was much talk among the teenage girls about boys, penises and all kinds of variations of the two.  But through it all, Jenny remained faithful to her religion.  She has always been a devoted catholic and tried to be as good as she can...until lately that is. 

In her late 30s, Jenny was a modest, yet attractive girl.  But because she had always been so timid, she found herself without a mate.  It hadn't really bothered her as she had tried to concentrate on building her career.  She was now at a point where she was very comfortable.  She had a house, a nice car, a full (but plain) wardrobe and a nice nest-egg.  The last five years or so, she had taken to masturbating after reading numerous articles in magazines and books saying it really wasn't that evil. 

Although her sexual needs were being satisfied better than ever in her life, it was becoming more and more obvious to her that what she really wanted was companionship.  Jenny tried the bar scene for a while, but her rather plain appearance always left her alone at the end of the night. Her friends tried to set her up with a few people, but the guys would always find something about Jenny that they didn't like. 

Finally, being dumped by one man after going out with him on several dates, Jenny asked why was he doing this?  Had he not enjoyed her company?  Did he not find her attractive? 

Peter told her in the nicest way he could that she was just too plain for him.  He was looking for a woman who was exciting, a little flashy, a  Peter knew he had hurt Jenny's feelings, but he didn't want to carry on a relationship he wasn't interested in.  After all, he wasn't getting any younger, he needed someone to spice up his life. Deep down he thought his comments would help Jenny. 

Jenny was indeed shocked!  Why couldn't Peter just accept her for who she was? 

In front of her full-height mirrored sliding closet door, Jenny scrutinized herself.  She stood 5'7" tall -- she never wore heels, they just weren't practical!  She weighed 145 pounds -- she didn't have that bad a figure, but sports and exercise didn't appeal to her, so with her growing age came growing flabbiness.   She had shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes.  She wore little or no makeup and her clothes were, well, plain. 

Jenny talked to her best friend Amy at length about Peter's comments. Was he right?  Was she really that boring?  Amy had to agree that a little spark couldn't hurt. 

Jenny's attempts at beautification were in vain.  Her sense of color and make-up application were terrible!  The clothes she bought were only marginally less "plain".  The only thing she managed was to buy a pair of 5" black patent leather stilettos.  They hurt her feet when she wore them, but she was determined to make a go of it.  She wore those shoes around the house for weeks until she managed to balance and walk with grace. 

Her first date after Peter was a disaster!  The guy was a total jerk. She wondered how Amy could have set her up with such a goof.  She wore her heels and a dark purple pant suit that was down-right ugly.  But the guy was constantly all over her.  At the end of the night, Jenny told Jeff to go home and leave her alone.  Jeff, being very drunk, wondered out loud how she could cop such an attitude with the fuck-me heels she was wearing!  Jenny was stunned. She was just beginning to love her new shoes and now thought she could never be seen in public in them again.  Fuck-me shoes.  What kind of girl did he think she was?!?  A lonely one. 

The next day at the university where she worked, she overheard a couple of students discussing an amazing store in the mall called Spells-R-Us. It was run by a little old man who claimed he was a wizard.  The gossip was that several of the university students had gone to him looking for costumes and things.  Apparently, some really bizarre things had happened.  Changes.  People becoming who (or what) they always wanted to be! 

Jenny had heard enough.  That afternoon she went to the mall and looked for the little shop. 

After walking around for a bit, she decided to enter the odd-looking store.  It was crammed full of costumes, knick knacks, do-dads, and kitschy-looking articles.  The door had opened silently and closed behind her.  There didn't seem to be anyone there. Jenny browsed for a bit, then decided there wasn't anything there she really wanted.  As she turned to leave, there was a little "Whoosh" sound behind her.  She turned around, and there standing before her was the little old man. 

"My dear Jenny", the man said suddenly, "how could you leave without picking up the thing you most desire". 

Jenny was about to respond when the little man took her hand and lead her to a small box in the back of the store.  He handed it to her and patted her hand with a gentle smile. 

Jenny's head was spinning.  How did he know her name?  How did he know what she most desired when she didn't even know?  And even if he did, how could it fit into such a small flat box?  Jenny opened the box and inside she found a neatly folded, black, shinny item.  It appeared to be made of some type of rubber and it looked like it fit over the head like a hood.  She studied it further.  The hood was made from one piece of rubber (latex) and it had a very sensuous and erotic feel to it.  The lights from the store gleamed off it's brightly polished surface.  There were two holes for eyes, two nostril holes in the nose shape, a mouth opening and a hole/tube-like opening at the crown of the head. 

"That's for your hair", the little man said. 

Jenny spoke for the first time, "I...I don't understand?  How is this...this...thing supposed to be what I most desire?  I don't even know what it is?" 

"It's a latex hood.  People who have rubber fetishes and like SMBD sex often wear something like this when they play.", the old man replied calmly. 

"But I don't have a fetish, and I certainly don't like SDBM...or...or -- whatever you said.  I think I know what it is, and I want no part of it!"  Jenny was disgusted that the little man could even think she was into that kinky stuff and pushed the rubber hood back at the man. 

"I never said that you had to be into that sort of thing, I was merely responding to your question.  Jenny.  I know that you feel a little unsure of yourself sometimes.  This hood will help you to realize your other side.  Explore it.  Play with it.  It can do you no harm provided you follow my instructions." 

Jenny wondered how this little man could possibly know all this?  But she was indeed curious.  She understood that dressing up and role-playing often helped people overcome fears and realize some of their dreams...their...fantasies.  Hmmm, she thought to herself. 

"What instructions?", Jenny asked tentatively. 

"It's very simple really", the old man replied.  "First, put talcum powder on the inside of the hood before you pull it on.  It'll go on easier that way. 

"Second, for the greatest effect, pull some of your hair through the hole at the top to make a pony-tail. 

"Third, and most importantly, this is a very special hood.  You are going to confront any and all sexual things that enter your mind.  In essence, you are going to encounter your true sexual inner-self in it's most untamed state.  Be careful.  It's allure is stronger than you might think.  Never let the dark side take over you!  Do you understand?", the man's eyes widened into saucers as he said this. 

Jenny nodded her head.  She was still trying to fathom what he was saying to her.  And how did he know all this? 

"If you feel like you are losing the battle, remove the hood.", the man continued.  "Your dark side may try to trick you...may make it difficult for you to escape.  Take action while you can or your current self will be lost!" 

The man's expression suddenly changed from its severity to a very gentle smile, "On sale...25 bucks." 

Still stunned, Jenny routed through her purse for her wallet while the little man folded the hood and put it back in the box. 

After leaving the store, and not really knowing what just happened, Jenny walked through the mall, stopping at the drug store to buy some talc. Jenny arrived home very distracted by the little box.  She had been wet and excited on the drive and was happy to be able to change and relax. She got changed, made dinner for herself and settled in to watch some TV.  But she found herself constantly haunted by the box.  Jenny went up to her bedroom, took off all her clothes and opened the box.  She gently pulled out the hood and looked at it in the dim light of her room.  The latex was so light and cool to the touch.  It felt soft and ever-so-smooth.  She brought it up to her face and took in the aroma of the latex.  She was getting very excited!  Her heart raced as she powdered the inside of the hood as instructed.  She brushed her hair up into a ponytail on top of her head and fastened it with an elastic.  Her sex had become very hot and wet. 

Jenny opened the big mirrored door of her closet to get her 5" heels. She slid her feet into the shoes, gained her balance and reached for the rubber hood.  It was difficult to put on.  The latex was very tight as it molded to her face on the way down.  She pulled her pony tail through the top, adjusted the eye and mouth holes, then smoothed the wrinkles out of the material. It was amazing!  The sensuous pressure engulfing her head, the rubbery smell of the latex, the shinny light-lines that ran over her face, the loose fit of the rubber tickling and caressing her neck and then becoming tighter. 

Becoming tighter! 

Jenny slid the closet door closed.  She watched in awe as the already form-fitting hood sucked into every crevasse of her face, head and neck. Truly amazing!  She looked at her body in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. If only she had a tight, flat tummy. As soon as Jenny had thought this, her stomach flattened out to a wash board!  Incredible.  If only her breasts were larger and firmer.  Again, as soon as Jenny thought about the change to her body, her breasts inflated from a 34b to a 34d!  Her exaggerated figure was stunning. Jenny turned on the spot to examine her now firming buttocks, high rounded breasts and tiny firm waist -- all perched on top of stunning, black 5" heels. 

The black hood felt so wonderful, she ran her fingers over her face and felt wave after wave of pleasure flood through her body.  As she stroked her rubber head, Jenny experienced the most intense orgasm of her life! 

She was looking down at her dripping pussy when she heard a voice. "There's more where that came from." 

"Who said that!", Jenny bolted strait up turning 15 shades of red, embarrassed that someone might see her dressed like this.  But there was no one there. 

"In here stupid", the feminine voice said.  Jenny looked at her reflection in the mirror.  It had changed!  She was looking at a woman with her new figure but dressed completely in shinny black latex staring right back at her through the eye holes of the hood. 

"That's right", her reflection said, "You know who I am!" 

Jenny shook her head.  She wasn't dressed in a latex catsuit.  Jenny looked down at her naked body to make sure. 

"Maybe this will help."  Jenny was instantly covered in a thin, tight, black latex skin. 

Jenny looked at her black, rubber-encased hands.  She began getting very excited again!  Jenny looked at her reflection, looking at her hands. Her reflection said, "The little man told you about me.  I can make anything happen.  Look at your heels." 

Jenny looked down and instantly, her heels shot up another inch.  She somehow adapted perfectly to the new precarious height.  Her pathetic little pony tail perched on top of her head suddenly flowed down her back.  She felt a pushing and probing at her anus.  She looked at her reflection doubled over in the mirror.  The reflection was inserting a large butt plug into her ass. Jenny felt an incredible wave of pleasure and fullness flow through her as she watched her reflection seat the plug firmly in her ass.  Jenny's head was swimming with pleasure.  She could feel another orgasm rising within her. 

"You see undercover slut," her reflection informed her, "we feel everything together!  And, anything I want to do, you're going to do it with me...and I'm so baaad!" 

Jenny felt her mind starting to develop very strange, kinky and bizarre thoughts. 

"It's all right my dear", her reflection cooed, "Let your thoughts flow! Maybe your wish is for that catsuit we're wearing would feel better?" Jenny felt little rubber "warts" spring up around her nipples and clit.  As she moved and swayed, the warts massaged her to dizzying heights of ecstasy. Jenny sat down on the floor in front of the mirror, spread her legs wider than she thought possible and imagined her reflection crawling towards her ready to suck the growing orgasm from her body. 

"That's better", the reflection swooned as she got to her hands and knees.  "But what about thisss?"  Jenny's reflection stuck out a tongue that was easily 7" long!  It wiggled in the air like a snake.  The reflection reached through the mirror, grabbed Jenny's legs and pulled her legs and waist through the glass. 

The tongue felt so good on Jenny's rubber covered mound.  A small hole appeared in the crotch of the rubber suit and in went the tongue.  It was delicious!  Jenny stuck out her own tongue in response, and began licking her eyes and latex covered ears.  MY GOD!!  She had the tongue too! 

Jenny pinched her nipples through the rubber and ground her hips into her reflection's face.  She imagined that her orgasm was going to be a mind-blowing release...and it was! Jenny arched her back as the wave of another orgasm ripped through her. 
She felt an enormous amount of come flow out of her pussy.  Her reflection sucked and lapped up as much as she could, but even with that tongue, the floor became saturated with Jenny's ejaculate. 

"I didn't think women could come like that!", Jenny panted.  "They can't...but you can.", her reflection replied. 

Jenny felt another urge coming over her.  Her thoughts were flowing faster and more bizarre than ever.  Jenny found herself uncontrollably rolling onto her front, sticking her ass in the air and watched in disbelief as her arms became encased behind her back in a too-tight leather arm binder.  She felt her feet being forced into an even greater point as her shoes went from 6" stilettos to a 9" heel - ballet boot. 

"Oww, not so tight!!" 

"Shut up slut.  Your ass belongs to me now!!", her reflection laughed at the obvious pun. 

Jenny felt the butt plug being removed, lubricant being applied and a hard, rather sharp object forcing it's way into her anus.  Jenny's field of vision suddenly went black as she felt the rubber of the hood grow over her eyes. 

"Wait!  Mfmphglm!", Jenny's mouth was filled with a rubber ball gag that was now being tightened behind her head. 

"I said SHUT UP SLUT!!  Now take a look at what I see."  Suddenly, Jenny was looking at her  room from the other side of the mirror.  Jenny could see her body encased in beautiful latex and bound securely rocking slightly back and forth.  The heel of an incredibly sexy red ballet boot was again being pushed at her ass hole.  Jenny saw the sight but felt the pain at it entered her hole.  Her reflection pushed the heel in until the sole of the soot was resting on her tailbone.  Her reflection shifted her weight, reaming Jenny's insides with delicious pain, then began inserting two fingers in her pussy.  Jenny could feel both the 
fingers in her reflection's pussy and the heel of the boot in her own ass! 

The fingers continued to slide in and out -- the black latex of the glove shimmering in the dim light.  Jenny watched in amazement as the reflection's hand slipped totally inside her cunt.  Jenny felt full! 

Never in all her catholic school years would she have imagined that this could be happening to her.  Jenny's thoughts became wild and weird as another orgasm approached! 

"Yesss...goooood", the reflection hissed as she contorted to slide even more of her hand and arm inside her pussy. 

Jenny imagined herself free of the bonds, lying on her back with her reflection's hand deep inside her own pussy. Like a surreal dream where scenes change with as little as a blink, Jenny found herself in that exact position.  Only her reflection was fisting her with both hands! 

"How is this possible?", Jenny moaned.  She looked down, her eyes now free again, to see her pussy impossibly stretched by the arms!  "Yesss...fuck me like that!, Jenny sang out. 

Jenny's reflection pushed further inside her, both arms above her head. Jenny had a bit of trouble expanding to allow her reflection's head and shoulders to slip inside her, but once she did, Jenny felt a whole other feeling. Jenny could safely say she was addicted to the feeling of the latex that enveloped her.  Any of you who share the sensuous fetish for latex clothing can remember the first time you put on a catsuit, and how good and tight and wonderful it felt.  You felt like your body was finally 
being covered the way God intended it to be.  Jenny felt like she was slipping into the tightest second skin ever made. 

She could feel a gushing all around her as she slipped her arms down into the new suit.  She felt her head squeezing into a new helmet.  Once in place Jenny sat up and opened her eyes.  She looked in the mirror and saw two legs sticking out of her pussy, her own legs starting to envelop them. 

Jenny could remember the old man saying something about being taken over by her dark side.  All she had to do was remove the hood before it was too late??  Don't be tricked??  What did that matter now?  She felt so wonderful!  So complete!  Jenny fell asleep. 


When Jenny awoke the next morning, she sat up and looked at herself in the mirror.  She was stunning, dressed all in her black latex!  Her long flowing chestnut-brown pony tail made cool swishing caresses on her back.  She stood up and discovered walking on point in the ballet boots was simple!  And the red looked so wonderful against her firm, shinny black legs.  She walked into the bathroom nearly banging her head on the top of the door frame and noticed that the little warts at her crotch and nipples were teasing her slightly. 

After finishing her pee, Jenny looked for a zipper.  There wasn't one. Oh well. 

A few weeks later, Jenny had opened her own dungeon.  For some reason, she favored her female clientele over the males.  The men only wanted women dressed like whores -- so Jenny would schedule two male appointments at once and dress one of the men up like a slut and have them perform together for her amusement. 

Jenny gained quite a reputation for the male-male scenes she did.  The men loved dressing up and pleasing this rubber goddess.  If they were lucky, they could get her so excited, she would come all over them! Litres of girl-come would leave them surprised and sticky.  Mistress Jenny would make them lick it all off each other. 

But Mistress Jenny's specialty was with the women.  They were the Mistresses favorite.  She would bind them and do all kinds of kinky things to them. They especially loved what this rubber Mistress could do with her incredible tongue!!


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