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Cyber Slut 2

by SG

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Storycodes: Cyber/f; video; voy; outdoors; lake; naked; lovedoll; insert; tease; bond; college; mast; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Act two, scene one. All blown up

Sex was beginning to lose the simple excitement of what it used to be. Two years ago I would get butterflies in my stomach just from going online and looking at porn. The thought of someone walking in on me masturbating to something on the internet was always a fear of mine. Yet at the same time it was always a little exciting when someone would come looking for me while I was doing my dirty deed; having to quickly make up a lie to keep my dirty secret. But even then I only traveled onto the web when no one was around. Even with all my boyfriends I had gone through there wasn’t a single one I told about my love of things sexual and kinky. 

Now I was going onto campus with my peers dressed in outfits which shouted sexuality. It is amazing how quickly my life had changed. Going from a lifestyle where looking at porn seemed to be dirty and extreme to now. Now my life and livelihood rested on me not looking at porn but instead showing it to other people; more specifically showing other people my own homemade pornography. In order to keep people interested in my site I have to continually push the limits of my sexual escapades. And now with the house, school and credit card payments due my activities which started as a way to make a little extra cash had now become a full time job. A job I couldn’t just quit and walk away from. 

Monday had been one of the most embarrassing days of my life when I had realized the show I was giving my teachers but the day was done and over now it was time to move on. One of the things I wanted to do as soon as possible is start making movies. With the digital video recorder I could do scenes away from the house then post the digital video on my site in a format that people could buy and download. It was supposed to be warm this weekend so I decided it would be a good time to do an outdoor session for the camera.

Keeping with the tradition I came up with a couple different scenarios to do then posted them on my site letting people pick what they wanted to see. The more I give my viewers what they want the more money I make. With me being the star of the movie and no one to hold the camera coming up with scenarios that would work was difficult. The camera was going to have to be setup in a place where it could catch everything and not need some one operating it. I put the different options for scenes up on the site Tuesday and let the bidding go till Friday night.

Once I had posted the scenes on my site I went to my favorite online stores and put a couple of more purchases on my credit card. In order to do the scenes for the camera I was going to need a few more items. I ordered the stuff selecting the fastest shipping option adding seven hundred dollars to my credit card debt. I took Tuesday off from doing any sessions online and used the day to do my homework and get ahead on my reading. Wednesday went by with out much activity. My online session was normal spending the afternoon naked playing with myself in front of my web cam. I really started getting excited Thursday when a box with no descriptive markings was delivered to my house.

The weekend was now a go with the arrival of the newly ordered products. My excitement continued to grow from that point on thinking about this weekend. With the stuff I needed here I was now going to be spending part of my weekend naked outside in the middle of the day for the first time in my life. But my nakedness was possible going to be the very least of what I would be doing depending how the votes were cast. Before I went to bed my heart had sunk when I listened to the weather forecast. As usual whenever you want to do something outside things in the sky never cooperate. There was a new forecast predicting a storm to be rolling in tomorrow night with the possibility of lightning lasting till Sunday.

I was one happy school girl when classes finally finished on Friday. Classes were a waste; my mind was focused on thinking about the different scenes being voted on. While my teachers lectured my mind was running around round with the acts I would have been doing tomorrow had it not been for the weather. As I left from my last class the skies were clear. As soon as I got home I ran down to my computer to check the latest weather forecast. To my delight it had changed predicting the storm wouldn’t move in till late Saturday night and into Sunday. Once again I was brimming with excitement even oozing it a little bit. Tomorrow I was going to be doing something naughty, outside of all places. The best part of all was I didn’t even know what dirty, perverted and possibly even partially humiliating act I was going to do for a camera. 

My mind was wrapped with excitement. I could barely keep from checking out what scenario had the most votes but I refrained. I wanted it to be a surprise in the morning. I had to get rid of some of my lust and excitement though. My original plan was to just take today easy but there was no way I could relax right now. Instead I decided to logon to my site and let my viewers have some fun helping me with my sexed up state. I even lowered the prices on my various outfits. It was a lot of fun changing in and out of the clothes. With each change of clothes I would do a strip tease, the usual bids came in for me to play with myself as I did. 

About five I finally logged off and took a break. All afternoon I had stripped and teased my viewers and now I was even more sexed up than when I had started. People were bidding on things nonstop while they watched. I was constantly caressing my self, playing with my nipples and rolling my clit around between my fingers. Once I logged off I headed up stairs to get some food and cool off for a bit. I didn’t even bother taking off the stuff I was wearing. I had on pink rubber underwear with matching bra and some stiletto heels. It felt daring and exposing to be upstairs like this but it felt really good at the same time. I spend the rest of the night watching TV till I finally went to bed still wearing the underwear. 

When I got up in the morning I raced down to my computer and immediately looked to see what I would be doing. The votes were cast, the scene was picked so I set about getting everything I needed and tossed it all in a backpack. Of course my patrons had picked the naughtiest thing I had come up with. Normally this would be well beyond my realm of norm but it was the thing that was going to make me money. Once I had everything I went back up stairs and out to my car making a brief stop in the kitchen to grab food and to my bedroom to change. With food in one hand and a backpack in the other I got in my car and left my house. 

It took me about an hour to get out to the park from my house. The park was actually a huge national forest open for anyone to come and enjoy. The main feature of the park that brought most people there was the lake. The lake snaked its way between the hills and through out the park. The lake is man made via a dam on the entrance end of the park. There is also a recreation park on that side of the lake as well. Once I got to the park I turned off the main road and drove along a logging trail that followed the lakes bends and curves. I was headed for the other side of the lake to a more secluded spot I had heard about a while back. I found the area then drove my car down the trail a little further. About a half mile down the trail I found a turn off onto an even more deserted logging trail. Turning onto it I parked my car a little ways in, far enough that it would be hidden from view. Grabbing my backpack and locking my car I started walking back the way I had come. Before I left my car I tossed a small pen knife underneath it so that I would have it when I got back. 

Walking out in the open was enough to give me goose bumps from the excitement and I wasn’t even naked yet. I was wearing a yellow bikini and sandals so it was no different than any other day at the lake. But at the same time there was something different about it. The anticipation of what was about to come sent chills down my spine with every noise I heard. Half a mile later I found what I was looking for. The road crossed over a creek bed. There wasn’t much water running through it now but the handful of boulders sitting in the creek bed made it clearly apparent how much water did run through it at the right time of year. I got off the road and followed the creek down to the lake.

The creek wound its way down making one turn after another leaving me with only a glimpse of what was to come. Finally the creek opened up in to a large pool. The pool was crystal clear and fifty or sixty feet in diameter with the opposite side having the hills wrapped around a little ways leaving a narrow outlet to the rest of the lake ten or fifteen feet wide. The trees along the waters edge produced a canopy over the pool with there outstretched branches secluding the spot even more. Walking along the edge of the pool I followed the bank around to where the pool opened up into the lake. The opposite bank of the lake was only about three hundred feet away covered in trees. 

I set the backpack down on the dry bank then pulled the digital video camera out. Leaving my sandals and backpack behind I walked back to the creek bed with the camera. I set the camera up on a rock a little ways back from the pool and let it start recording. From that location the camera looked out across the pool towards the outlet of the cove and across the lake. With the camera rolling it was time to get started. 

The first order of business was to get wet. To do that I decided to make use of the rope swing someone had courteously left behind. The rope was hanging far over the water forcing me to first climb the tree in order to retrieve it. Once I had the rope, and found a good spot to launch myself from, I counted to three then leaped into the air. I let go of the rope as I flew over the water plunging into the pool. The water felt really cold at first. Once I got used to it I started to swim. Swimming out of the sheltered pool I headed out to the middle of the lake and to the other side. In no time I had made it half way across. I looked around the lake to see if I could spot any one. But there was no one down at this end of the lake. I continued across the lake till I made it to the other side.

The other side of the lake was scattered with debris. There were partially submerged logs all over the place. I swam to one of the fallen trees which were sticking the furthest into the lake. The roots of the tree were still on bank but the rest of it dove into the water. Taking one last look around I made sure that the lake was unpopulated. I undid my bikini standing on the lake bed but with my body still submerged in the water. First I undid the bottom which floated up next to me followed by my top. I neatly laid my top and bottom on the log high enough out of the water so that the bright yellow contrast was in view of the camera. I kept by body concealed in the water the entire time and once I was done setting up the bikini I swam back across the lake to the seclusion of the pool.

My heart was racing once I got back. I had only been skinny dipping once in my life and it was at night then. It was a whole new experience out here today. Once I got back to the pool I took a moment to catch my breath as well as model and play with myself for the camera. I swam out to the rope swing and pulled it back to the shore. Climbing into a tree I held on tight to the rope and swung out into the water in a big splash. I swam to shore then returned to the rope with a thick stick a few feet long. With a little effort I tied the rope around the center of the stick so that it was just above the water. Pulling the rope back to shore I again climbed a tree. Putting the rope between my legs with the stick behind me I swung out over the water sitting on the stick. Stretching my legs out straight and leaning back I flew across the water with my bum just skimming the surface. I swung back and forth across the water slowing down a little with each swing.

When my momentum stopped and I was hovering above the water I slid as far forward as I could till my pussy was pressed against the rope. With one hand I played with my breasts then slid it down across my stomach till I was fingering my clit. My clit was engorged with blood sticking out past my pussy lips rubbing on the rough rope. Moving past my clit I slid my finger down and into my pussy. Wiggling my finger around I pushed it as deep as I could reach. Fingering myself while completely naked outside was really starting to drive me wild.

Once I got my brain to come back down to earth I slid off the swing and swam over to the backpack sitting on the bank. From the backpack I pulled out the other main source of entertainment for the scene; the one that is going to go nicely with my nakedness. Still in his box was my male blowup doll. I pulled the doll out of the box and spent the next hour giving the longest blowjob of my life. By the time the doll was fully inflated my arms were dead. I was defiantly glad I had gotten the model with the small hand pump. With the aid of the pump I was able to fill the doll up with enough air pressure that it wouldn’t give much when you pushed on it. 

The thick rubber of the doll allowed it to be inflated to much greater pressures than a regular doll without popping. I could push hard on the doll and my hand would barely sink in. I also found the limbs of the doll were very rigid fighting to stay in their natural position. This doll was meant to be your lover with one arm across the dolls chest bent at the elbow with the hand hovering just above its face. The fingers were out stretched and curled slightly as though the doll was palming some invisible object. The other arm went down over its stomach across the penis. The hand and fingers positioned above the base of the penis curled down slightly. With the rigidity in the arms from the air pressure this doll would hold onto its lover pulling them in tight to its chest. I couldn’t help but check out and even play with the dolls now fully inflated cock. The cock stood stiff as a board straight up with the tip only a couple inches out from the cut abs of the doll’s stomach. It was bigger than I had expected. It had to be over an inch and a half in diameter and seven inches long. 

Once again I played up to the camera. I made a big show of how big the beautiful cock was and talked about how it might be too large fit in me. Making sure I was in full view of the camera I pulled out the next item from the backpack. Along with the doll I had also purchased a patch kit for it. I took the patch out and poured the glue around the edges. Then I placed my car key in the middle of the patch and placed the patch and key over the nozzle of the doll. Now everyone who watched the recording would see that there was no way for me to get back into my car without carrying a fully inflated sex doll with me. 

While I waited for the glue to dry I fantasized out loud for the camera about what might happen. What would I do if someone found me while I was naked with my inflatable lover? Someone could follow in my tracks down the creek or come floating in on a boat. Imagine what would happen if they played back the recording that showed me stripping down and setting everything up? With the recording as evidence for black mail they could make me do anything they wanted for their own amusement like fuck the doll to its full length will I give them all blow jobs. I would die. To be stuffed full of a doll’s inflated penis while I had real ones shooting loads of sperm down my throat as if I were the sex doll.

When the glue had dried I was completely wet and it had nothing to do with the water. I had spent half an hour fantasizing scenarios for the camera and the ideas, as humiliating as they were, I found completely arousing. I moved over to the waters edge with the doll. I was at the outlet where the pool met with the lake in perfect view of the camera and the rest of the lake. I set the doll up so that its right side was towards the camera with the doll’s upper half on the bank and lower half floating on the water. I walked out into the water till I was up to my neck. Then I slowly made my way back to the doll keeping everything below my head submerged. Crawling in the mud on my belly to keep my body submerged I made my way up between the doll’s split legs. Sliding my hands up between the legs and using both my hands to push its arm out of the way I positioned my mouth over the erect cock. 

Letting go of the dolls arm to slide my arms around doll’s waist its hand rested on the back of my head which was actually pushing me down towards the penis in front of my face. Letting the hand push me down I bent my head low and gave the very tip of the cock a kiss as if to say hello. With introduction done I opened my jaw and took its tool into my mouth. I pretended like it was a real penis in my mouth with a real person forcing me down on them. I moaned and suckled loudly so that the camera could hear. To anyone else on the lake it probably looked like I was one horny girl making some guy very happy. The thought that real people might be watching me right now was what made blowing a lifeless doll extremely exciting. I tried to take the entire cock in my mouth but didn’t even come close before I started to gag. 

Once I had spent a good amount of time sucking off the doll, I began to raise the rest of my body out of the water and over the doll. Straddling the doll’s waist with its one arm pushing against the side of my leg and with the cock pressed against my sex I moved my hips back and forth letting my pussy slide across it coving it with my juices. The moans I let out this time had very little to do with acting. Finally I raised my hips up and used one hand to pull the stiff phallic balloon backwards into a more vertical direction. Lowering myself onto it I moaned for real as it started to enter me. It was big and stretching me out. I moved my hips and fucked myself with the very tip of the cock letting my pussy slowly stretch out. At this point I didn’t care if someone was watching or about acting for the camera. I just wanted a penis inside of me. I slowly impaled myself on with the doll moaning the whole way down as first one inch, then two and three slid into me. I held there for a moment as my body made a home for the cock. I decided to try taking the rest all at once. I let my legs go limp and fell onto the doll driving the penis deep into me.

I moaned so loud that it echoed through the forest. From there I started sliding up and down on the cock. Suddenly I hit my limit. My legs turned to jello, I sat fully impaled on the doll and literally went into a screaming orgasm. Every animal in the forest must have left after the sounds I made. My whole body felt drained afterwards. When I finally got the strength to move I slid back away from the bank into the water with the doll still in me. I kicked off the ground propelling me and my love doll raft towards the center of the pool. Pushing the dolls upper arm out of the way as much as I could I managed to wiggle under it and lay across the doll’s chest.

My legs were still splayed around the doll’s waist into the water. I let go of the dolls arms and wrapped my arms around my lifeless lover. The doll immediately reciprocated my embrace as the arms sprung back in place. There was one arm wrapped around at my lower back leaving its hand digging into the center of my ass crack; its fingers pressing against my clenched butt hole. The other arm wrapped around with its hand on the back of my head pushing me into him. I gave into the arm and let it push me down till I was using the doll’s face as a pillow. I slowly bobbed across the pool towards the creek letting my camera get a dramatic close-up as I drifted towards it. I fell asleep with the sun on my back in the embrace of my inflated lover while the last orgasmic shudders made their way through my body and my stuffed sex.

I had just about made it back to my car with my doll under one arm when a truck rolled up behind me. Suddenly a bunch of guys jumped out and had me. In no time my bikini was stripped off. Before I could react to being stripped a roll of duct tape was being used to tape me to the doll. The doll was taped to my back with its hands on my front; its dry cock shoved up my rear. One hand was over my face the other over my waist with its fingers digging into my pussy. My legs were taped to the dolls legs holding them apart. My hands were taped behind me to the back of the dolls head. I was lifted with the doll onto the hood of the truck and taped in place like a hood ornament; my legs sticking out over the front. Somehow they produced a pen and in big letters wrote Super Slut on the inside of each leg. Then they were back in the truck and I was flying down the trail on the hood as they drove with excessive speed. 

With each bump I bounced up and down on the cock in my rear with the dolls fingers seeming to dig even deep in to my exposed cunt. Then we were off the trail and driving around the park. People of all ages laughed and called me names. I saw people I recognized from my classes standing around staring at me. With all that going on I couldn’t help but notice the heat of the engine. Even laying on the top of the doll the engine seemed to be radiating heat onto my back. My back felt like it was on fire but my arms and legs just felt numb. It felt like I’m was really dying from the embarrassment. The guys were doing laps in the parking lot showing me off. I felt like the doll was holding my pussy wide open for everyone to see emphasizing the tattooed message on my legs. I didn’t know how the lifeless hand could be holding my pussy so wide. Once the truck stopped a crowd formed around me. All the guys there had massive hard ons bulging in their pants. 

Every muscle in my body jumped; my arms and legs flailing freely in water. I had come back to reality and out of my dream. My heart was racing still but my inflated lover was still holding onto me in a soothing embrace. Its massive cock still stuffed inside of me holding my pussy wide open. With the sun still radiating heat onto my back I found the new afternoon breeze to feel very refreshing. The wind caressed my skin in places that had never been exposed before. My heart was returning to normal. The gentle waves slowly rocked me back to sleep while I enjoyed the sun and embrace of my lover.

I was really starting to enjoy being out here today. It was a whole new high for me today, one I had never come close to feeling before. I drifted in and out of dreams where I was being discovered by someone. I woke up when water splashed on my face. I was in the middle of a dream where I was a blowup doll on the desk in the front of my class. I pulled my legs up resting the tops of my feet on the dolls split legs then moved my hips back and forth sliding the penis around inside of me. As I moved my hips up and down on the doll under me my butt was also moving back of forth on the hand behind me. Each time I slid up and down on the cock the hand behind me would finger my rear. Some how it felt even more exciting to be fingered in my rear while I was humping a cock stuffed in my cunt. 

I thought about what it would be like if I was just a sex doll thrown into one of my classes. To be used by all the people I knew. I started moving my hips a little quicker thinking about doing all the guys in my class a couple at a single time. I kept rocking on the cock leaning back so the hand rubbed between my cheeks.

I was really getting worked up when I suddenly lost my balance flipping over into the water. What better way to cool me off than fall out of the arms of my lover and into the cold water. I quickly resurfaced next to the doll. Grabbing on I started to pull my self back up and on. That was when I started looking around. While I was asleep I had drifted out of the pool and onto the lake. I looked around for the opening for the creek but I couldn’t see it in any direction. I was out in the middle of the lake and I didn’t even know what direction I had come from. I didn’t even know how long I had been drifting for while I slept naked on my sex doll. I couldn’t see any land marks indicating where I should go. It all looked the same. My final decision was to head in the direction the wind was coming from. Since it was a lake with no current that seemed like it would be my best option. 

I started to swim up the lake heading towards the wind and immediately found it difficult to tow the doll while keeping my head above the water while I swam. The wind was beginning to make the water choppy which kept splashing over my head. I tried a couple different ways of swimming till finally I settled for keeping my upper body on the doll and my legs in the water to kick. Moving up between the dolls legs I pulled my upper body onto the doll leaving my lower body and legs in the water. I could feel the penis pressing into my stomach as I lay across the doll. I still had the urge to get on top of it and mount it once again but the embarrassment of being in the open and the need to get under cover was far exceeding any desires for lust I had. I made slow head way as I kick behind me but I was making progress. I angled towards shore as I made my way up the lake. I felt way too exposed out in the middle of a lake so just getting close to shore made me fell a little better. 

When I finally made it back to the creek a wave of relief spread over me. I paddled all the way into the pool till the doll’s head bumped into creek bed. I was back where I started hidden behind trees. My camera was still where I left it with the recorder light on. Swimming all the way over here had worn me out. I let my legs go limp dangling below me and took some time to relax and regain some energy. Once I stopped kicking the force of the creek entering the pool started pushing me backwards. At first I just moved a few feet away, and then I was in the middle of the pool and in short order at the mouth of the cove heading back into the lake. I couldn’t believe how quickly the creek could push me into the lake. But it also meant practically the entire time I was asleep I had been out on the lake. I had no way to tell how long I had been out in the lake completely exposed but it had to have been a decent amount of time. But that also meant that while I was out there exposing my self the camera wasn’t taping anything. 

I stayed on the doll as the current pushed me into the lake. I kept looking around expecting to see someone coming in a boat at any time. I had made it about five feet out when the wind started pushing me down the lake. I was filling with excitement again being so exposed while I rode the doll. I turned around and headed back to the safety of the pool after I had made it twenty feet or so out on the lake. I needed to get back in front of the camera to make up for the time I was gone. 

Starting back at the creek bed I climbed on to the doll in the water. I mounted it in the sixty-nine position with the doll’s arms wrapped around me. One hand pressed against my butt in a position to hold my crotch to the dolls face while its other hand pressed against the back of my head forcing me down. I had the doll’s cock in my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down pretending like I was trying but unable to pull away and being forced down by the hand on the back of the head. All though I could have pulled away if I tried the doll’s arm really did push pretty hard on the back of my head down onto itself. When I started getting pushed away from the creek I began making louder and louder noises for the camera. I did this till the currents had pushed me outside the protection of the cove and back onto the lake. Using my legs I kicked my way back into the cove and back to the creek sucking the cock the whole way. 

When I got back I repeated the routine but his time mounting the doll face to face with the cock inside of my pussy. I was back in my lovers embrace with a hand in my ass crack and a hand on my head. My knees were bent with the tops of my feet resting on the dolls thighs giving me the leverage I needed to hump the cock. Once again as I preformed for the camera the current pushed me back into the lake. When I returned to the creek I stayed in the same position but started at different angles to the camera. Each time I did it I would let the current take me a little further out into the lake. Each time I was a little more daring with the confidence gained from the previous times. 

Finally I decided to try something new. When I got back to the creek I got off the doll to stand in the shallow water of the creek. Standing in knee deep water facing the camera I positioned the doll between my legs. Lowering myself down till I was poised above the doll, moving its arm out away from its cock and resting it on my thigh, I took hold of the inflated penis and slid the tip of it inside of my pussy. With the cock partially inserted I lowered myself down the last inch or so till my butt was resting on the dolls stomach. Then I laid all the way back resting my head on the doll’s face. Arching my back I pulled the other arm out from under me. It quickly went back to as close to its original position as it could.

Placing my ankles in the crotch of the doll I was able to slide my body down into better position. As my body slid down the doll its penis slid further into me. Once I was comfortable I spread my legs out resting them on the split legs of the doll. The dolls arms were now resting with one going across my chest then up between my boobs with the hand covering my lower face. The other arm went across my waist with its hand placed on my stuffed pussy. I drifted back out into the water this time staring into the sky while I was being taken from behind. When I found myself out in the lake again I used my arms to paddle backwards into the pool. I spent a while playing with that set up letting the camera catch the action while I humped the doll behind me.

There was something about being taken from behind like that which made it more exciting. It might have just been because my face was exposed leaving me to look around at the trees which might be concealing someone. I had just made my way back to the creek and had started back out once again. Pulling my hands up and behind the dolls head I closed my eyes and fantasized about the dream I had earlier. I thought about what it would have been like to be tied the doll on the hood of a car. To be the Cyber Slut on top of the love doll. To be the Cyber Slut about to become a slut love doll for a bunch of strangers. 

Paddling back to the creek so that my legs were pointed towards the camera I put my feet on the shallow ground and lifted my hips up till the stiff cock slid out. I dipped a finger into my pussy till it was covered in juices, and then slid my finger into my ass. Grabbing the penis I bent it as much as I could till its tip was pressed against my puckered hole then lowered my self down. The cock pushed against my tight hole till finally my hole was parted and stretched open. Once the tip of the penis pushed its way in there was nothing to keep the rest from sliding in. It felt very filling as the first couple inches slid into me. I lowered my self back onto the doll taking another inch of the cock in as I did.

Once I mounted the cock and repositioned the doll’s hands I lifted my legs out of the water resting them on the dolls once again letting myself float into the pool. Drifting out to the rope swing I grabbed some of the extra rope submerged in the water and loosely tied it around my wrists behind the dolls head. Then I closed my eyes and let the current push me out towards the lake. I drifted out till the rope gentle pulled on my wrists keeping me in the pool and holding me in simple bondage. I clenched my ass muscles around the penis and felt it shrink in size slightly but once the muscles relaxed the cock expanded back out to its full girth keeping me stretched around it. I could almost picture myself on the hood of the truck now driving down the trail. 

As the sun began to set I knew it was time to wrap things up. After I untied the rope from my wrists I paddled around till I could look sideways and see the lake. Looking out I knew I had a dilemma. I had to cross the lake to get to my bikini but the wind was making the lake too choppy to swim across. My only option was to go all the way across the lake using the doll as a raft. The question was how I am supposed to ride the doll. I was still laying on my back with the cock up in my rear. If I was in the middle of the lake there was a lot better chance of being seen. Thinking about all the different ways to ride the doll across the lake I realized no matter how I was positioned if anyone showed up they were always going to find me naked in the middle of the lake with a sex doll. At that point I don’t think it would matter how I was riding the doll or what I was doing. I can’t think of any thing that could make things worse out there if I got found. With no better alterative in mind I simply started padding out across the lake the way I was. 

Before I had made it very far out of the cove I knew that swimming in this position was going to make for a very long trip. Reaching back and behind my arms could barely touch the water making my back stroke practically useless. When I dropped my legs into the water and started kicking my body started to slide down the doll forcing the ridged cock further into my ass. Each time I kicked my body would slide further down onto the cock. I had lain out in the sun long enough like this that the parts of the cock I hadn’t taken were now mostly dry. My ass really hurt as the dry penis slid in. It seemed even more humiliating to be naked on a doll in the middle of a lake when you are being painfully impaled by it. I was only a quarter of the way across the lake yet I was already having all these problems. I really wanted to find a different position now but the wind was so strong and the water so choppy I didn’t think I could reposition myself with out falling off the doll. 

Even facing up with my head resting on the doll’s face I was still having waves splash over me occasionally. The water that splashed across my body was a welcomed relief as it rewet the juices dried on to the cock. But that blessing was only a cruel joke in the end. The water kept splashing up rinsing any of the remaining juices off of it. I had gone from having the cock work its way into me with some lubrication that was mostly dried out to having all the lube completely cleansed away leaving a wet rubber cock. I kept kicking and tried clenching my ass as tightly as I could to hold the cock in place. But that only lasted a short while before my muscles tired giving even less resistance to the impaling cock than before. I kept sliding down till finally all the doll’s cock had been pushed up my butt. The cock held me in place keeping me from sliding any further. Each time I kicked I would wiggle around on the cock and could feel it pressing against my insides. My stretched hole had a continual aching pain as the cock continually moved around.

I had to paddle up the shore a little ways once I got to the other side. I had drifted down the lake from being blown by the wind. Since I had to paddle backwards my only way to orient myself was to lift my head and look back at the cove. I made my way up to the log where I left my bikini to find it wasn’t there any more. I leaned over the side of the doll looking in the water but I didn’t see my bikini. The wind must have blow it off the log and now it was floating somewhere on the lake. Searching for it seemed like a lost cause but driving home naked seemed unbearable. I looked all around before I accepted the reality of my fate. Empty handed and still naked I headed back without my clothes.

As badly as I wanted my clothes back I didn’t want to stay out on the lake completely exposed any longer than I had to. I knew the chances of not seeing any one on the lake all day were slim to none. By now every muscle in my body was tired and sore making a return trip seem far too strenuous a task. My arms and legs were sore from all the swimming today making me very glad I hadn’t tried to swim over here with out my love raft. My neck was so sore I couldn’t even lift my head any more. Every time I lifted my head to look backwards and orient myself I had to fight against the hand on my face holding me down. With no bikini in sight and the chances of running into someone growing I got the motivation I needed to get myself turned around and paddling back to the other side of the lake. 

I had to use all my will power to force myself to paddle. The thought that I was completely exposed to the world was the only thing giving me the strength I needed to keep swimming. I swam till I felt like my limbs would fall off. I took a break and tried to recover some energy. I strained my neck as much as could pushing against the hand on my face to get a glimpse of where I was on the lake before my head collapsed back down. I wanted to cry after what I saw. Turning my head to the left I could see the shore where I had come from. The distance between me and the shore wasn’t very far but the distance back to the log I had started from was much further.

Some how I had gotten turned while I was paddling and had ended up headed down the lake with the wind. Turning myself around so I was headed into the wind and towards shore I started to paddle again. I kept my head turned to the side making sure I was headed in the right direction. When I finally made it to the other side I was so tired I could barely swim against the wind. When I finally made it to the cove I paddled straight to the shore where my back pack was. 

I tried sitting up but didn’t have the energy to fight against the hold of the doll’s arms. Swinging both my legs over one side of the doll I managed to roll over so that I was on my hands and knees in the mud. The doll was still holding on keeping me in its arms not to mention fully impaled. At this point I didn’t have the strength to pull it off no matter how I was standing. But at least the camera was catching all of this. I felt a little better knowing my suffering would at least pay off at some point. I tried straightening up and standing on my knees but that caused the dolls legs to lower into the water forcing it up and pushing deeper inside of me. I finally managed to stand up in the water but had to stay bent over to keep the doll’s protruding legs out of the water.

I picked up the backpack, put my sandal on then made my way around the pool with the doll clung to my back. I got to the creek and grabbed the camera. Turning it off, I tossed it into the backpack then made my way up the creek. The doll’s legs were constantly hitting things as I went up the creek. Sometimes the legs wouldn’t clear a rock and the doll would be pulled backwards causing the penis inside of my rear to pull out a little. Then if I stumbled or suddenly stepped in deep water the doll would push up forcing the cock back into me and forcing me to bend over. The doll’s continual sliding motion in and out without any lubrication was rubbing my ass raw at this point. 

Once I got on the trail things were a lot better. I didn’t care any more if someone saw me. I just headed down the trail towards my car. Since the legs on the doll were split apart I was able to stand up straight with out them touching the ground. As long as I took short steps the doll’s legs wouldn’t touch the ground. My legs were so tired at this point though even small rocks seemed to trip me up. Those sucked because when I took a long stride to catch my self the legs of the doll would plant holding me up with its cock till I bend over or got my feet back under me. I was so happy when I finally arrived at my car. I got down on my hands and knees and looked under my car for the knife. I tried to reach under the car for it but with the doll on my back I couldn’t get far enough under to reach it. I had to get the doll off of me before I could leave. I had to rest there for a while to gather enough strength to dislodge myself from the doll.

There was no easy way to do it or fun way. Taking the camera out of the backpack I stood up and set it down a little ways off so that it could catch me removing my lover then I went back to the car in view of the camera. I had to use all the remaining strength in my arms to lift the arm across my chest up till I wiggled my upper body free. That was the hard part but I was still had one arm around my waist with its hand resting on my crotch and a penis stuffed up my rear. Leaning over onto the trunk of the car and spreading my legs wide I braced myself. Pulling the other arm off my sex and out of the way I let it slide behind my back so that I was only connected to the doll by its dick.

Reaching behind I grabbed the doll and pushed on it till the penis started pulling out my hole. The penis slowly and agonizingly slid its way out of my back passage. When it was all the way out I let the doll fall to the ground while I lay with my upper body on the trunk of my car panting. My ass hole was so incredibly sore right now. After being stretched for so long it wouldn’t even close up at first. I just stayed there letting my body recover and let the camera capture the slow closure of my ass. 

The sun had almost set, when I had finally recovered I retrieved the knife and cut off the patch on the back of the doll to retrieve the car key and deflate the doll. I tossed the doll, back pack and camera in the truck and got into the car. Sitting down became a very uncomfortable experience. I couldn’t see what my ass looked like but the bright red sun burnt skin on my boobs and crotch where the bikini lines used to be explained the feeling. The drive home was the most uncomfortable car ride of my life. As if having a sunburn on your butt isn’t a bad enough experience for a car ride, I got to do it while stark naked. I have never driven so carefully in my life. Every time a car would drive by I would sink as low as I could into my seat to try and hide my self.

Driving the speed limit so I wouldn’t get pulled over by the police was also having the down side of causing a lot of speeders to pass me. Somehow I managed to make it home without being caught by any one. I used the remote to open the garage as I pulled in and used it again to close the door before I got out of my car. Once I was out of my car I went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed. I didn’t even adjust my pillow before I my body went to sleep and my mind become enshrouded in dreams of contorted memories from my day. 


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